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Havana, Playa del Este

Havana -- Travel Report Submitted on 7/16/98 by El Primo
Cuba is by far the most exotic and inexpensive sex vacation spot around. There are very few Americans because of the embargo and most of the other tourists go about getting girls the wrong way. I'll try to keep this travel report brief and concise, but there is so much information that it will be hard.

Americans who wish to travel to Cuba generally will need to do so through a third country. If you speak Spanish, I recommend Cancun or Mexico City obviously via Mexico. Cancun is the fastest way, but some prefer the vastness of the airport in Mexico City to cover their tracks. If you don't speak Spanish, you can fly to Havana from Toronto, Nassau (Bahamas), or Montego Bay (Jamaica.) Americans do not need a special visa to enter Cuba and you can get your tourist card at the airport before you board your flight to Cuba.

Unlike other countries, there are no titty bars, massage parlors or brothels in Cuba (yet.) Nonetheless, the "jineteras" are easy to spot either on the Malecon or in the nightclubs. As a rule of thumb, the girls in the top notch discos are more expensive than the girls in medium-run clubs who are more expensive than the girls on the street. The Comodorro in Miramar on the outskirts of Havana is generally considered to be the "best" disco in Cuba costs $10.00 cover. The girls in there have to recover the $10.00 shelled out plus will figure any tourist in there to be especially wealthy and charge accordingly. Usual prices range from $80.00 to $120.00 for the night and this doesn't count the drinks and food she'll consume (and her friends) before you leave. The Copacabana is a more moderately priced disco ($5.00 cover) and the girls ask less (around $60.00 and up.) Girls on the streets will charge $40.00 and up.

The trick though is not to compete with the other tourists. On each of my trips, I've befriended locals. Twenty or thirty dollars will get you a large feast if the Cubans are handling the negotiations. I also supply the beer and rum and as the party in my new friend's house gets going all sorts of neighbors drop by to partake of the festivities. Needless to say, there is always some cute twenty year old who's never been with a tourist before and decides now the time to start. It helps if you speak Spanish, but I didn't my first couple of times and had no problems.


Havana -- Travel Report Submitted on 6/26/98 by Anon
Here's my report of my recent 3-day stay in Havana, Cuba. I'm French speaking, so please excuse my English. Since I'm Canadian, I can easily get to Cuba from Toronto. You fellow Americans have to get whether there or travel through Cancun or Mexico City. Please don't support the embargo, even if you hate Castro. Believe me, Cubans had suffered enough and don't deserve it. They are incredibly friendly people. You can find working girls everywhere in Havana. Just walk on the Malecon (sea shore drive) and you'll see a lot of tropic beauties. Best time is after 10pm but not later 12pm (the best will be taken), you can also be approached during daytime. Best places are around Melia Cohiba and Riviera hotels. Prices are around $40 for all night. Little presents are very appreciated. Remember that you might have a problem taking a girl to your hotel room; you'll have to bribe the guard (minimum $20) and the girl should leave early in the morning to avoid trouble. Any girl knows a "casa particular", a private flat where she can take you. Expect to pay $10/hour for a room, $30 for all night. The best bet is not to stay in a hotel but to rent a "casa particular" yourself. A very nice room is $20/night for short stay. Girls are incredibly sexy and behave really like girlfriends. They enjoy extended foreplay and french kissing. Be nice to them and you'll have the time of your life!

Playa del Este (Guanbo) -- Travel Report Submitted on 7/9/98 by Box Munch
I traveled from the U.S. to Cuba Five times now within five years. My favorite place is a little beach town 45 minute's from Havana. With the
police pushing the women out of Varodero, there winding up here. Your in a close distance to go to the Habana Disco's, find someone and take her back to your beach house. Here is the information of where I stay in Habana. The lady owners name is Caridad Lopez Alvarez (telephone spanish only(06873268) address 9 na. B No. 47212, e/ 472 y 474, Playa Hermosa, Guanbo.

The place is fantastic 3 blocks from the beach. The rooms have air conditioning. $20 a night per bedroom in the house. She and staff cooked
and cleaned and didn't steal our stuff. Another plus was the staff made sure our favorite beverage's were stocked in the fridge at all time's,
for an additional fee. All so cheap. There's one disco in the area but the beach side bars have enough action going on that you'll need no more.

There's a inclusive hotel near by called something like hotel co-co something like that. The taxi cost me and my five buddies $1.00. The place
has a lot of action, going on. I couldn't believe all the women on the beach. The lunch at the outside restaurant was quite good. May I suggest bringing a beer couzie to keep your beer from going warm in the hot sun, we were glad we all had one. Also remember to bring your cigar
cutter, with the best cigars in the world on hand for like a buck a cigar. I didn't see anyone selling cigar cutters. People constantly asked me
to borrow mine and it was a good way to meet others.

Another thing I noticed chicks used to break the ice with "can I have a cigarette" and I noticed the newer updated line was can I have some of your bottled water. So stock up on your favorite cigs, and bottled water.

I have a translator friend, that can provide her service's for you. Her name is Marie Ellena(99-03-02) thats the neighbor Mercedes # she tell
you to call back at a certain time then redial and arrange for Marie to grab your house. She is 100% trustworthy. She used to be a english
professor at a college in Cuba but she realized the 40 a month the job payed was not enough. She now try's to work with tourist. She watched me and the girls I picked up. Her husband drive's a motor taxi in the town and he's a lot of fun. He loves the women so much him and his wife are seperated because of his women fondling. Bring plenty of U.S. small change single's and five's in a big knot is a lot of money down there, so be careful. Women at the roadside bars were actually moving there table closer to us so they can grab our legs under the table. I felt like the only chick in the room full of drunken men. I was loving every minute of it. Remember if you can brind back a couple of box's of Cubans you can pay for your whole trip. I've been to Costa-Rica, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Cuba is it for me. Beer's and broads for like a buck rule.




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