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Maine Reports


Augusta MASSAGE PARLOR Submitted on 10/25/98 by Scott
I checked out the Fantasy Connection in Augusta about a month ago,and was very disappointed. It's a dive, they only offer handjobs, and they are are too pricey for those (~$100) total). The two girls I saw were in their mid-30's and about 4-5 on a 10 scale. I don't recommend it.

Go to the Relaxalon in Waterville (still a dive, but better service) or South Portland (attractive young ladies and full service). BTW, the previous report about the Fantasy Connection on this board sounded to me a bit like an advertisement, and it is. When I was there I met the chick who owns the place, and calls herself "Harley".

Augusta MASSAGE PARLOR Submitted on 7/1/98 by Harley
The Fantasy Connection is located right past AMHI on the Randolf Road in Augusta. When I was there I had a choice of 3 ladies who were between a 7-9 . The one I choose was pregnant for about 7 months , her name is Savana. Whe let me suck milk from her large tits and do a little doggie style. The phone number for this great service is 207 621 1999

Portland TRAVEL REPORT Submitted on 10/15/98 by Anonymous
Portland, ME - Expecting to visit Portland, ME, I accordingly did some research by calling some of the areas Outcall Services. After contacting
several business' I decided to hire the services of an outfit called Northern Exposure. After several conversations with the owner, Gina, she convinced me that her business was "Full Service" and that I "Would Not Be Disappointed". Unfortunately when arrived in Portland and
contacted the service and had one of their Dancers over I was first charged $50.00 just to discuss the fee structure. After handing over
my $50.00 I saw informed that for another $250.00 I could spend an hour watching, caressing and fondling the "Dancer", although touching
the dancer between the legs was prohibited. I was also informed that, for no extra charge, I could relieve myself manually. Thanks! I sent the Dancer away gratefully having been screwed out of only $50.00. When I tried to salvage the evening by contacting other agencies. Some
of the other business listings seemed to dial into Northern Exposure under the guise of some other name. My advice would be to shop
carefully in Portland. to check carefully before using any of Portland's Outcall Services.

S. Portland MASSAGE PARLOR Submitted on 7/27/98 by Al
Went to a Place called Bubbles & Cuddles on Main St. Their number is in the local paper. About 8 girls work there with usually a choice of about 5 at a time. I went there a few times and find them to be very friendly and accomidating. A $30.00 dollar cover to get in then for about $140 to $160 you can get whatever you like. My last visit I had a beautiful blonde who took me in the room, gave me a hot bath while washing me and chatting. Then onto the table where she rubs you with oils and teased my prick to a roaring hard on. Then she climbed on top for a while and I finally came fucking her as she lay on the table and I was standing. Scale of 1-10 I give this place a 9 and the women an 8. Service is a 10 plus. You get a whole hour and are not rushed at all. There were a few other great places in Maine but were all closed recently with a major crackdown.

Waterville MASSAGE PARLOR Submitted on 10/11/98 by The Scoop
Another World is located at 105 Main St. on the second floor.The rate are $25/1/2hr.$40/hr. The girls work on tips in the room.Tips listed on a wall Chart say Topless $40 to Nude $80. but don't be fooled. These girls will talk. I have seen a few different girls here: Monique: a very friendly slim girl in her early 20's with great 36C tits on alittle body. Rating Looks: 8 Additude: 8 Service: 7 not expect many extras. Ashley: Tall
slim,with a poor additude but gave a good BBBJ. this is about all she has going for her. Tina: very tiny asian with a nice ass not to friendly but
very talented hands.Attitude: 6 Looks: 6 Service: 7 Lacy: Blond with a body builders firmness. Great 36D tits and very friendly a must see if
you go here. Looks: 8 Attitude: 9 Service 9







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