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Merida, Nuevo Laredo,
Tijuana Vera Cruz


Mazatlan Massage Service Submitted on 7/7/98 by MF DAVE
Well, just returned from Mazatlan, and it was great as before.... Check out the Red Dragon and Dos Gordos these are Brothels or Strip clubs and for $ 30.00 plus $ 10.00 for the room it is all FULL SERVICE.... Also try La-Chia a brothel that your cabbie will take you to and pick a girl out of a las vegas brothel line up and she will take you across the street $ 25.00 plus $ 10.00 for room.. good luck

Nuevo Laredo Brothel Submitted on 7/8/98 by Terryray
I've been to boys town in Nuevo Laredo several times now. This is a full report of those trips with driving directions and food suggestions.
First trip was 3 in the afternoon on Saturday. It was pretty dead. The place, the huge walled-in compound they call boys town, really gets
hopping 9pm-2am. Seven nights a week. The first big place, "Papagayo's", the fancy gringo bar, had no girls. But it was open and we got a drink.

My friend (John) and I then strolled around and some of the girls working out of these tiny rooms were up and about. These rooms are all in a row along two long walls. These are the cheap places. Gals are usually older, but not always, they range from 2-5 in looks. First one John spoke to offered fuck and suck for $10 and he jumped on that! I went into "Tamyko" club, a nice place and only oriental theme joint in boys town, for a few drinks and waited. I wanted to find one excellent girl, but John wanted to try several. Tamyko had a few girls, but nothing great. John returned, took 30 minutes, he requested anal and the gal charged $20 more. No change of condom, and she didn't do any dick inspection (which I've only gotten once).

Back to Papagayo (Spanish for parrot, they have a neon sign of one). A very fine gal walked in speaking to some guy. We figured he wasn't a
customer. John had the bartender tell the gal to join us. She did. A 8.5 in looks, typical fine Hispanic features, and wanted $60. John jumped on that too. Room cost additional $7, and a towel, $2. John went at it for over an hour, fucking her twice, with usual $20 surcharge for anal.
Second trip I went alone, on a Tues. evening. I saw no gal that excited my loins the first trip. I sure did the second! I was there 11pm and it
was pretty busy. Papagayo's had about 40 whores ("puta" in Spanish, more polite is "prostituta"). Caught one lady with those typical sad and deep Mexican eyes, fine face and tits with a superb ass. A Bit older, maybe 35. Cost $60 plus room and towel. She was fun and experienced, knew how to laugh and fuck hard. I loved to grab her ass and screw her doggie style.

A few months later (May 98) went with my friend Hoover. We were there for the big weekend night and it was filled with girls! They range 4-8 in looks, a few nines in the face but not body and vice-versa. You see better Hispanic gals at the dicos in NL or at the malls in Laredo. Anyway, Hoover hunted for hours, hanging out and enjoying the scene. He's also looking for a Hispanic wife, though I hope he understands boys town isn't a good place for that!

Hoover found a stunning gal at the donkey bar. This is where you'll see the famous whore-fucking-a-donkey act. Hoover saw it as he spoke to Corrina. When I was in there, I saw this short and ugly pig-like whore, who does the donkey, offer to take on someone live onstage. She did take some drunk and fat Texan. Lots of hootin and hollerin', it was fine and sleazy and degrading! Anyway, by 3AM the prices were dropping, Corrina and her fine Spanish blonde friend offered $50 for the both of them!  Myself, I found a young beauty at Papagayo's. Like most of the best ones there on a busy night, she wanted $80 and turned down $60. I tried the $60 on her at 230AM and she took it. There was a long wait for a room to open up, I guess the usual thing this time at night when everyone gets in their last and first. My whore, Xochil ("soy-chee") Ortiz, has those gorgeous sad Mexican eyes (again) nice face and a fine body. Maybe a 7.5 overall, but young--about 19. We showered together (nice thing about the rooms at Papagayo's) and screwed like bunnies for 40 minutes. She let me take of picture of here in the room, dressed. Once an old whore let me take a few pics of us going at it naked! So this is not hard to pull off.

Across from Tamyko is "Marabu" with a sign advertising "The Best Place". It has a nice walled-in green courtyard, with the rooms arrayed along the edges. They have a fine old naugahyde bar right out of the 50s America, clean and spacious with a dance floor. Behind Papagayo's up a street in the compound few go, is the cheapest bar, "Kinka's". Mainly Mexicans in there, but stay cool and it's no problem. There is a police station in the compound around the corner...All for now, this is getting long! Nuevo Laredo is across the border from Laredo, Texas. The drive from Dallas is 6.5 hrs, Austin: 3.5hrs, San Antonio: 2hrs. You drive straight down I35, which ends in Laredo. Sign sez "freeway ends" and you get in righthand lane. Turn right (west) here, or at next light, Houston street. Either way, continue west seven blocks to Santa Maria street (greyhound bus station here). Then turn left seven blocks (south) until the road ends as it T intersects with Water Street at River Drive Mall. Park on the street right here, it's safe, well lit, and pretty secure. The bridge you see ahead is the pedestrian (and car) bridge you'll take. 25 cents to get into MX. You should bring some ID, if asked for to get back in (I've never been asked) Technically,you should have proof of citizenship, but all most guys carry is their driver's license.

The bridge (Intl Bridge #1) takes you onto Guerro St. This is the main shopping drag. Generally, the further you get from it and the bridge, the
cheaper stuff becomes. From here you grab a taxi to boys town, standard price is $10 and you can't usually negotiate that one down. The drive takes ten minutes. To get a fantastic Ramos Gin Fizz in a celebrated old bar, started by the fellow who invented the drink, continue south on
Guerro 3 blocks from the bridge to Belden. Turn left (east)on Belden two blocks to the bar, "El Dorado". You can see it and the disco club "Senor Frog" from the main drag, Guerro. The food here is pretty bland, though. My  favorite place to eat along Guerro is "Reforma
E Ole" 7.25 blocks south from the bridge on the main drag. It's in the "Hotel Reforma". Nice little bar, very clean, menu in Spanish and English,
Waiters with uniforms, but casual and a mix of locals and gringo tourists. My favorite dish, stuffed green pepper combo with taco, etc is $4.50. It is very finely made, such a dish would cost much more in US. The homemadetortillas are excellent, and so is the salsa. Down a block is "Mexico Tipico" with a nice patio and mariachi music on weekend eves. One of my favorite restaurants in Laredo is "Marisco's El Pescador", a seafood place, exit 3A off I35, go under it, and place is on the east access road (San Diego St.) up a few blocks with a big sign.

Nuevo Laredo Brothel Submitted on 6/25/98 by rolexprince
Nuevo Laredo has a walled compound which is a huge brothel called boystown.I took a cab from the Laredo ( US ) side although there is parking at the clubs.The best place to go is Pappagayo's club.On a Friday or Saturday night you may have as many as 80 women to choose from.The price is from 50 -80 $ depending on her looks,your looks and how slow the night is. I have had some really beautiful women there and some not so great looking ones there. I have made the mistake of going early in the evenings or on a week night when there wasn't much happening.Midnight is a good time to go. There are independent women who stand outside their own rooms in boystown. These women are not as good looking but are considerably cheaper.I'm in to quality so I've never tried them. There is a substantial police presence at the gates of Boystown and I think it's pretty safe there if you stick to the main clubs.All of the women I hired gave head,some without a condom and would fuck you with a condom. A great place to eat in nuevo laredo is El Rancho.There is a leather shop in the 1300 block of Guerrero street where I bought a genuine alligator wallet for 10.00. Dental work and eyeglasses are 1/3 of U.S. prices. I have been there several times for dental work. I don't know if the readers are interested in this kind of information, all I'm saying is while you are in nuevo laredo take advantage of some of the other things the town offers.Rolexprince Austin,Tx

Tijuana Travel Report Submitted on 8/31/98 by Sniffer
TJ action is great. I live in San Diego and go there often. The best bars are in the Zona Roja. If you park on the US side, walk through the gates to the taxi stands. Taxi usually quotes $5.00, but  often you can bargain them down to $4.00 or even $3.00. You can even walk
to the zona, but be careful and don't walk there alone. Street muggings are pandemic. The zona begins on Ave Constitution, which is one block
west and runs parallel to Revolution Ave., and one block north of the tourist area. If you walk downtown, just keep going straight one block past revolution and you will be there. Two blocks to the right will be the Chicago Club and the Adelita Bar. These two are the best. Chicago costs $60.00 for the girl plus $10.00 for the room and $1.00 for the room cleaning tip. Adelita costs $40.00 for girl plus hotel. Both clubs have foxes, averages and uglies. Chicago chicks tend to be better looking. All clubs require condoms, and girls get checked weekly. Showers are available in all clubs.

There are a bunch of other clubs of lesser quality and/or popularity in the area. Remember, be careful. There are many hustlers, muggers and
thiefs and they are getting bolder of late. There are also a lot of street whores in the zona. They line up next to the buildings. Some are young and cute. Most can be had for $20.00 or less plus 3 to 5 dollars for the room. You get a very quick 15 minute fuck, unless  you first negotiate otherwise. The rooms are very bad and no shower is available.

Tijuana Action Submitted on 6/30/98 by Anon
Tijuana is the place to go in Mexico. Me and some friends found this great girl who had to be new at the job. She gave a blow with a condom and basically let you do whatever you wanted to as long as you wanted. She moaned, which made you feel food, and couldn't have been any older than 18. Check it out!

Tijuana Bambi Club Submitted on 5/16/98 by Anon
I live in San Diego and know something about Tijuana. The Bambi club was famous once for featuring very convincing female impersonators and full TVs.Some guys would take unsuspecting victims there and arrange some time with a TV,and later laugh at the chagrined doop. I don't know what they do there these days,but visitors to your web site should be warned........

Tijuana Brothel/bar Submitted on 4/13/98 by El Indio
Tijuana is still alive and well! I lived in San Diego for 9 years until moving a few years ago. I went back in February 98 to visit again. The two bars that I went to are on Reveloution Ave, called the Bambi Club and San Souci. Both bars have dancers on stage, who are also available to go with you to a cheap hotel nearby($15). The dances get progressivly nastier as the night goes on, and the really fine looking women come out afte about 9 pm. At the Bambi club I started early, and took a nice looking women about 25 years old.

She had big tits and a nice figure, and went to the hotel. I paid her $40 and got great full service, including head without a condom. I also went down on her and she was clean and tasty. The sex is with a condom, and they will do it any position. The rooms are not the greatest,but they are safe with a lock on the door. They are located upstairst about 1/2 blocks from the bar.
At the San Souci Club, I took went with a women who had HUGE tits, at least 38 DD, what a body. I ate her also(not so responsive as the last one) and she gave me head with no condom, finishing up with intercourse(with condom)
Tijuana is still a great place to get laid!

Vera Cruz Travel Report Submitted on 8/31/98 by Anican
The Fantassy Adult Strip: 
The Fantassy Adult strip club in Vera Cruz has visited 8/25/98. The women there were from 8 to 10. There were about 15 or so. The club itself had a state of the art sound and light system. There are video monitors around the walls with the show on them. The dancers danced to 2 songs and on the second they stripped nude. They even put their own fingers in their pussies. This place is as nice as any of the nicest places in the United States. The drinks were about US$1.00 each at the exchange rate of 9.95. I was offered a lap dance for 50 pesos or (US$5.00). This dance was generally ok. There was a lot of touching and she did a lot of rubbing.

They also had a private lap dance for 50 pesos (US$5.00) for 5 minutes. There she offered me oral ex for 200 pesos (US$20.00) and straight sex  for 500 pesos (US$50.00). The idea is to buy 3 private lap dance for 150 peso (US$15) this gives you 15 minutes and 500 pesos (US$50) for the sex. That is 650 pesos (US$65) for some great sex from a woman that is a 9 or 10. That is not a bad deal. They would also come to your room for 1000 pesos (US$100) to the "house" and 1000 pesos (US$100) to the girl. Also a pretty good deal. All in all, when I am in Vera Cruz, they will see me at the Fantassy again.



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