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Tokyo Massage Parlor  Submitted on 6/30/98 by Geordi
Up until six months ago, I had been in the Navy, as an officer assigned to a destroyer in Yokosuka, Japan (near Tokyo). I've fucked girls in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Korea, Philippines, every place but Japan. In Japan, everything was much more expensive. A fuck here could pay for a dozen Thai full body massages and a few bar girls afterwards.

Just before I left, I got to experience the best sex I've ever had. All U.S. ships in Japan have a sister ship in the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force. I'd been good friends with Jomo, an engineer on a Japanese destroyer. He was the son of a rich banker and was only doing time in the service to help him mature to take over his father's business. When he heard I was leaving the Navy, he invited out to the Ginza, Tokyo's fashion district.

He took me to Soapland. For those who don't know, Soapland is an orgiastic brothel. There are about five levels. The highest level has super model quality babes so expensive they only cater to the rich and elite. The low end girls are not as good looking and they usually fuck with protection. Foreigners have a hard time getting in because they don't know the language and they tend to act like, well, Americans. I only got in because of Jomo.

We went in and were promptly greeted by a young girl who looked like the Geisha you see in movies. I knew enough Japanese to make small talk with her, which surprised her and made her feel more comfortable. Jomo and I went into a shower area, put our clothes in lockers and washed. Then, we were given towels and led to a larger room. I immediately knew we were at one of the lower end soaplands because there were girls openly fucking with guys in one large gym-like room. No condoms, no shame apparently.

I will admit my erection died immediately upon seeing this. It's one thing to watch it on tape, it's another to actually be there. I don't like other guys looking at me when I'm doing the deed. Then, the hostess took Jomo off to the side. Before I could say anything, another girl -- a rather tall, thin and big-breasted girl took my arm and led my to a small room off from the main room. These rooms are for special clients who don't want to be out in the open. She explained that Jomo had arranged for it.

She spoke some English, good enough to help me lay down on a rather comfortable futon. She made small talk, all the while rubbing my thighs. I responded quickly, my huge erection moving my towel aside. In Japan, the women tend to be small and tight and think Americans are too big for them. I can disprove that. In fact, the girl I had -- her named with Tomiko -- seemed excited to see I was big. As we talked, the curtain parted and two more girls came in. One was a very short girl named Tati; the other, average height named Kim. Kim was Korean. They had all been purchased by Jomo. Glad for me. Even at the low end soapland, expect to pay about 15,000 yen (for estimate, assume about 100 yen to the dollar).

They each took turns sucking me. Tomiko let me go down on her (be careful since they use no protection) before I fucked each in turn. Trust me, they took it all. I finally came inside Tomiko. I still had time left, so they sucked me back to life and we did it again. I was able to unload in each girl once before I was done for the night.

Overall, it was a grand time. And unusual. I gave Tomiko my number and she visited me several times outside the club. Even today, I get calls from her (she's supposed to visit here next month). If you're ever in Japan and have lots of money, try the soapland. Foreigners usually only get in if they are with Japanese.


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