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Indonesia-  Travel Report  Submitted on 7/23/98 by Memek
I recently arrived in Indonesia for the summer. In walking around the shopping malls I noticed that many of the female sales clerks speak English fairly good. They are very friendly and flirtatious with foreigners. The country now is in an economic crisis, and for every dollar you get 14,000 rupiah. That goes a long way. Since I like romancing, rather than just slamming a prostitute, I asked a sales clerk out to dinner. She told me that she makes about $20 a month, and I offered to pay her $25 if she accompanied me all week to the tourist sites around the city. I also offered that she could stay in one of the two bedrooms of the luxury furnished apartment I rented for $600 monthly. Needless to say, we slept in the same bed that first night. She stated that she was a 22-year-old virgin and therefore said I could not penetrate her. Well, for a week we did everything else but penetration. When I sucked her pussy, I noticed that she did not have a clitoris. She said that according to Muslim tradition, when she was a baby, she had been "sunat," or circumcised. She quivered wildly trying to achieve an orgasm for the first time. I then licked her anus, which she really enjoyed. She would later smile and say, "Anus, anus," indicating that she wanted me to lick her anus again. When I sucked her pussy (memek) I tasted the pre-cum discharge that only virgins have. I kept insisting that I just wanted to touch her hymen to convince myself that she was a virgin. After I gave her a lesson about sex and indicated that my finger would not tear her hymen, she finally let me touch the little membrane with the tip of my finger. It was fantastic. After staying with me an entire romantic week, she finally relented and gave me her virginity. I broke her hymen on the third thrust. It was a wonderful sensation to feel her membrane stretch and snap. Unfortunately, she tensed up and cried, but I kept whispering sweet things in her ear. She later bled a few drops on a tissue and gave it to me with a loving note. A dinner for two in a luxury restaurant in Jakarta is less than $5. A taxi ride across town, about one dollar. She also did not mind that I am 45 years old. I have seen many older men going around with young Indonesian women. The Jakarta Post, in articles about child prostitution in Yogyakarta indicated that a child prostitute goes for about $10. Virgins can also be bought for a little more. Since I like to romance them, I haven't tried any whores. Indonesian women are the most beautiful in Asia. I will continue going around the malls, talking to sales girls, and inviting them out for a romantic evening. As I said, some are very flirtatious and they really come on to white foreigners. One told me: "Long nose, beautiful," "White skin, beautiful," as she pressed her forearm against mine to contrast skin colors. I already have my eye on the next virgin to deflower. Cheers!

Bali  Travel Report  Submitted on 6/29/98 by Jay
Working and living in Indonesia, l have had a chance to experience some of the delights this country has to offer and the women are something all should take the opportunity to experience! I have just returned from a one week holiday in Bali and thought l would share with you 2 of my experiences. Prior to leaving for Bali, l was given the address of a hotel and definately told to make a visit. The name of the hotel is Baroek'ak Betngandang in Sanur about 20 minutes drive from the airport (any good taxi driver will know).

After driving through some dark alleys we arrived, as soon as l stepped out of the cab these huge spot lights came on and girls started coming out from everywhere, there must have been between 50 to 60 girls to choose from. Basically all tastes were catered for. I narrowed my selection down to about 4 girls and in my books they were between 8 and 9's out of 10 standard. I made my selection and asked if l could see one of the rooms first. To my surprise they were excellent, clean, roomy and had a bathroom as well. Now to get down to price and was told 150, at first l thought they meant US$ but to my relief no 150,000 Rupiah (about US$11)for 1 hour, pretty good value for l thought! So l decided 2 hours would be fine. Off l go with my selection in hand to our room. Fistly we both stripped off and showered, she washed my whole body and definately gave my every growing penis some extra attention. Back to the bedroom and layed on the bed and asked what l would like? Instantly the thought of a blow job came into mind, but from previous experience in Indonesia, l thought this may not be on the menu. What the hell, l asked anyway and she immediately went to work! Well it wasn't the best blow job l had ever had, but it was definately in the top 10 and when l came it was just one big swallow and gone! Now was time for a massage and to regain my thoughts and strength. After about a 40 minute massage, l was ready for action. I asked if we needed to wear a condom and was told that is up to me, let's take no chances here we will wear a condom. I gave her the condom, but she ignored it and decided she wanted to go down for another mouthful.

After about 5 minutes, l decide this was enough and l wanted some pussy! She slipped the condom on and we went to work, boy was it tight and sweet, we did in about 5 different positions and finally doggy style until l came. This was indeed a very nice experience. Finally we showered again the same as at the start of the 2 hour session and departed the room. I was asked if l would like a drink (definately) and we sat on the veranda and talked for about 30 minutes before l departed in my taxi. I visited here again later in the week and although l was tempted to try another sweet thing, l took the same girl and was not disappointed.

The other experience was in Kuta at a bar called LIPS on Jalan Legian. Sat at the bar and noticed a number of attractive girls sitting in the stalls. I started giving the eye to one and received positive feed back. I wandered over to her seat that she was sharing with another girl and asked if they would like a drink and ordered 2 Cokes. We started to chat and soon the subject of would you like a friend or 2 for the night. The price was negotiated 400,000 (US$30) ruphia for both girls for the whole night. A word of warning: if you are staying at Nusa Dua area the girls will be reluctant to come to your hotel as they get badly hassled by security and the police when they leave. Stay in Kuta, Tuban or Legian and you will have no problems.

Back to my hotel the 3 of us went and a pleasant evening was had by all, well l certainly enjoyed myself! Neither of the girls were prepared to give head, but didn't mind the other sex games that l suggested. In the morning we all had breakfast in the room and they departed at 9am, in time for me to get some well earned sleep.

Next month l am off to the Philippines, visiting Manila and various islands for 2 weeks. Will submit my report when return, till then think about Bali for that next holiday it is not all temples as the travel brochures show!

Jakarta  Travel Report  Submitted on 7/9/98 by traveler
Went to Jakarta March 98 - maybe changed now but recommend Hotel Melawei in Blok M - all taxi drivers know it. Bar on 6th floor. Go in about 8 western men and 30 indonesain girls. Have a beer, its cheap and girls come up to you. If you like her, sit down and feel her a bit. Negotiate price - going rate Rp150,000, probably can negotiate but since only abut $10, why piss them off? Go to small room, girl showers you and gives a quick suck. Then on the bed, girls sucks (no condom), licks balls and anywhere else. You can feel her, finger her, lick - whatever you want. You cum in her mouth or fuck her (with condom. No rush. Girls variable - but for $10 you can go again!





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