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  Argentina (54)
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  Brazil (169)
  Chile (22)
  Colombia (29)
  Ecuador (23)
  Guyana (3)
  Paraguay (3)
  Peru (39)
  Suriname (2)
  Uruguay (6)
  Venezuela (20)
  • Buenos Aires Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 08 2007 Submitted by: Crimsonking

    I discovered in a local newspaper in English called “The Buenos Aires Herald” various Classifieds for In/Call Out call.  I responded to one (Anna, $100 USD).  I called her up and discussed lunch plans—she stated that to accompany me to lunch would be $50 USD.


    I walked from the Marriott Hotel to her apartment a few blocks away—lo and behold as I was entering her building a near 10 walks out and gets into a cab whilst receiving many catcalls from nearby construction workers.  Obviously a working girl.  


    I buzzed Anna, and down came a 6 ½.  Would have been cute, but had some messed up teeth.  Where are we, London?!?!  I was disappointed but figured that “bird in hand . . .” and made clear my deal:  We walk to my hotel, $300 Argentine Pesos (about $90 USD) for full service.  She spoke very little English, but my Spanish is very good.  She agreed.


    We walked several blocks back to my Hotel (Marriott).  She was discreetly dressed, so it was easy enough to walk through the lobby at 2 PM in the afternoon.


    She started off with DFK and started to take her clothes off while giving me more DFK.  Next comes a fair BBBJ.  Sex was good as her twat was tight.  She was agreeable to various positions.  I never asked about rear entry.  I got off pretty easily, she seemed to enjoy the sex—never watching the clock.


    She hung out for a while—seemingly providing GFE, and then led herself out after I paid.  Overall, a good experience because it was hassle free, no negotiation, no pressure, no embarrassing walk through the lobby.


    I went out later the same night on a Wednesday in the Retiro area.  Lots of street action considering it was not a weekend.  I hung out with a Street girl at a bar—she was about a 6 ½, but very friendly.  She hung out with me for a couple of hours nursing a soft drink, then I wanted to go back to my room—I offered her $200 Pesos ($66 USD) for full sex.  She said ok.  Best damn blowjob I ever rec’d for the money.  Even rivals some of the dirty little whore girlfriends I’ve had over the years.  If you want really cheap sex—Buenos Aires is the place at the moment due to the economic conditions.  I probably could have had some better looking girls—but opted for hassle free experience.

    (Review # 21721)
  • Other Dated Added: Thu Aug 18 2005 Submitted by: maverick

    If you're paying more than these amounts, you're paying too much! I've listed country and price for each South American country. These prices ought to cover standard suck 'n fuck, and anal to boot. All I can say is learn to negotiate. See how much lower you can get 'em. All listed in USD as of 2005. Argentina $93; Bolivia $19.50; Brazil $60.75; Chile $80.25; Colombia $49.50; Ecuador $27.75; Guyana $28.50; Paraguay $36; Peru $42; Suriname $32.25; Uruguay $108.75; Venezuela $43.50. (Review # 12479)

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