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  • Lima Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 11 2008 Submitted by: f100pilot

    Hi friends of this great and usefull comunity, I'm on vacations in Lima, and I recomendo u this place: it's a night club called SCARLET´S, it's the best one in Peru, just tell the taxidriver to take u there, he will know where itis. the girls: girls from, colombia, Rep dominicana, argentina, and of course peru, all of them are gorgeus, like runwaymodels, only for executives and tourists. the price: $1 dollar= $3.7soles, entrance $2 soles, beer 10 soles a jar, drink for a girl 30 soles, local girls fuck from 150 soles upto 250 soles + room, foreign girls fuck 400soles upto 800soles + room, room 50soles the place:


    It's very nice decorated it have two areas, one is like a theatre, whit a stage where girls make a strip dance performance, very luxury and elegance, the othe area is like a disco, full o the girls, u can dance and chat whit the girls like in a normal disco, it gets crawded, but don't worry its full of working girls, at least 60girls in a lazy day and up to 120 girls on weekends, the place has a 2nd floor where the rooms are located, itsvery safe and creew is very friendly so dont forget to go to scarlets on your next stop in lima,peru, I'm from mexico, and I have travel for all america, canada usa mexico cuba rep dominicana venezuela argentina y colombia, and this club is one of the top ten on my list. u will thank me

    (Review # 24867)
  • La Victoria, Lima Street Action Dated Added: Mon Aug 04 2008 Submitted by: Midnight Hacker

    There is quite a red light district in A suburb of Lima called La Victoria. It is a bit dodgey but for 20 Soles you can get some action including a room. Most girls are from 18-22 years old. The place is close to the Sheraton, the two main streets you will notice the most action is Iquitos Avenue and Jiron Antonio Raimondi (Cuadra 2)


    For those of you kerb crawlers here is a precise Google map location (A).,+peru&ie=UTF8&ll=-12.061627,-77.03182&spn=0.010156,0.01354&z=16&pw=2

    (Review # 24415)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 14 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Latest on Lima. After reading through some of the old posts here, I thought I'd write some of the ideas down, and see what I could come up with in Lima. After a few drinks in Miaflores I decided to find some action. I suppose I got lazy, but flagged down a cab, and asked him about 'chicas'. He immediately pulled out to ragged old adverts with naked 'chicas' all over them. I thought what the hell .and pointed to one. He ended up taking me to 'Emanuelles" about 10 minutes from Miaflores. I walked in after paying a fee, saw a room full of mostly naked chicas and a bunch of older dudes trying to pick up. I wasn't in the mood for much of a party, but was swarmed by girls. I took interest by two, and told them straight up how much for both of you? They said 100 us each. I got them down to 70 us each for 3 hours. They said OK. I also said I didn't have a hotel, they said no problem. They took me to a cheap hotel, and in we went. One went to the bathroom, and they other one started kissing me. To make a long story short, I fucked them both quite a lot. They didn't interact with each other much however which was a bit of a drag, but whatever, if the other one wants to watch TV six inches away from me fucking her best friend. I don't really care at all. After we were done, they were quite interested in getting back to the club you know to get another gringo for the night.

    The next day I decided to Check out Ave de Los Heroes, in San Juan. Number 469. The cab driver eventually found it quite a ways from Miaflores. I went in the daytime also. I would feel nervous about being there at night. There was a guy standing down by the door of the building. I had to bullshit with him a fair amount before he eventually caught on that i wanted some pussy. He then led me upstairs to a room with about 7 chicas. I picked one and went to a very dirty old room with her. Seems like a locals place. She charged me 100 sol (35 us) for a fuck. I was a very clinical experience. Her looks were about 6/10, not really worth all the effort at the end of the day.

    I figure if you want some good looking girls in Lima go to the Nightclubs, and barter the over priced girls down a little bit. Shit, drag 4 of them back to your hotel, and have them wait for you. The dirty brothels didn't seem worth it. Good hunting in Lima!
    (Review # 24072)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 10 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    OK guys, I have found the perfect place in Lima. Imagine the best type of brothel in the world, and its here in Lima. It is called Las Cucardas (Ricardo Treneman 877, Lima).Ask any taxi driver and he will know what it is. Tonight I went there and it was popping with ladies. Here in Peru all the good whore houses and nightclubs are the best on Fridays and Saturdays, and this place is no exception.

    It is located in a somewhat sketchy part of Lima in the Centro de Lima (downtown). I am American that has lived here for 6 months so for me it wasn't that bad.If you feel sketch about it, maybe come with a friend and you will be fine. This is mainly a locals only whore house, so don't be surprised if your the only gringo in the place. I arrived there around 12 am and had to pay a cover charge of 20 soles, which included a condom. Inside its very clean and safe.

    When you walk in, there is two long hallways with about 10 doors on each side. Each door is the entrance to a small private room with a bed and a bathroom included. Standing outside each door is a whore wearing nothing but a thong just waiting for her next man. These girls range from 6-8's, but definitely fuckable. Each girl is 50 soles ($16) for 30 mins. Remember that there are two hallways, so take a walk along both until you make up your mind. Remember that the girls are constantly changing so wait about 10-15 mins to make your next rounds.

    At the end of each hallway, there is a set of 15 couches with a small bar and a stage with 3 stripper poles. Every 20 mins a different girl goes on stage and strips. Sometimes they will go into the crowd and dance up close in your face. There is a small bar located next to the stage if you want a drink. I didn't order a drink so I don't know how much they are.

    When I went, I was there for about 30 mins and saw about 30 girls. I hooked up with one girl and saw about 3 girls dance on stage. My friend I went with did not feel comfortable,so I left relatively quickly, but I would have loved to stay to fuck another girl.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this place. I am an American who have been to a good amount of brothels around the world, and this by far has been the best experience I have ever had. Highly recommended!
    (Review # 22389)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Feb 05 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Around midnight, I decided to find some action. Today, being a Monday, I knew there wasn’t going to be too much action but I decided what the hell and tried to find some. Here is my story. First, I went to a little bar/whore house called Golden Peppers ( It is located on the edge of Javier Prado and La Victoria. When I walked in (no cover charge), I noticed it was a very small place with the bar occupying most of the space. There were two small stripper poles but no one using them. There were only 2 working girls and 3 bartenders.

    I went up to one of the girls who was an 8 in the face and a 10 in the body, and she wanted 150 soles ($50) for full service not including a hotel room. Overall not a good place for a Monday night next I went down the street to Club Madonna. The doorman wanted a cover charge of 30 soles ($10) which includes a drink. I told him that I didn’t want to drink and that I was not going to be long. He waived the entrance fee, so I tipped him 10 soles ($4) and he introduced me to the manager of the place. I told the manager I was just looking for women.

    He then brought out 4 women. All of them were 6-7s in the faces and 7-8 in the bodies. Now I realized I was the only person in the club so I figured I was going to get a bargain. But I did not. I asked one of the girls what her rates were and she told me 200 soles ($67) for full service and an additional 100 soles ($35) for the private room in the back of the club. After being there for only 10 minutes I left. I was not happy with the service or the ladies. So I would not recommend this place to anyone. From here, this is where I met the nice driver. I told him to take me to see the transsexual hookers one of you guys reported on below.

    Most of them were really good looking and all of them were willing to flash you their ass or their tits. I asked one tranny what her rates were and she told me 50 soles (%17) for 45 mins full service or 20 soles ($7) for a CBJ in the taxi. After talking with my taxi driver, I declined the offer. After this, I told my taxi driver to go to Ave. Arequipa to find some of the street hookers. We arrived around 1am there were about 20 working girls ranging from 5-7s. There were also 3 or 4 trannys. However, I didn’t find any girls worth talking to so I don’t know how much they are. Overall, Monday night’s around midnight are not a good night to find whores.

    (Review # 22366)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 18 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I recently went to Club Madonna located in Lima. It is located just off the popular Javier Prado Street on the border of La Victoria and San Borja. Overall, it was not a good experience. When I arrived, I was told there was a 20 sole cover charge in which you include a free Rum and Coke or Beer. I tried to haggle them (I do speak Spanish) but they were quite firm in not letting me in without paying the cover charge (I don’t think I tried hard enough). As soon as I walked in the DJ put on the music and I soon realized I was the only person in the entire club.

    I was greeted nicely from a server who led me to a couch right in front of the stripper poles. Inside the club is nice looking. There are about 20 red and black couches, one bar, and a medium size stage with 3 stripper poles. There were about 10 different girls ranging from 6-8s. Half of them were very young looking and I actually questioned 3 of the 5 girls on their age. I was probably there for about 40 minutes and only one girl went on stage and danced.

    I asked 3 girls what the rates were and this is what they all said; its 80 soles to enter a private room in the back (this money goes directly to the club owners). Once inside the girls wanted 100 soles ($35 dollars) for full service which would last for an hour. Overall, if you like to hook up with young Latinas and have a good amount of money, this is a good place. Unfortunately for me, I did not like the fact that I was the only person in there, but yet they would not offer me any room to negotiate the prices. Feel free to check this place out, but don’t expect anything too impressive. 

    (Review # 22297)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 26 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Here in Lima there is quite a selection of good-looking Transsexuals. I am a straight man however I have been impressed with the action I have been receiving from these shemales. Anytime after 10pm, there are about 15-20 transsexual street hookers working in the area of La Victoria.

    Generally this is a really bad neighborhood however these girls are always on a street on the very edge of La Victoria (right along the busy street of Javier Prado.) So it’s pretty safe. Anytime after 10pm, ask a taxi driver to take you to "las putas de La Victoria." They will know what you are talking about. From Mira Flores it will cost around 12-15 soles ($4-$5) It’s very easy to see all them because all of the transsexual hookers are standing on the same street.

    I suggest you get your taxi driver to drive down the street 2 or 3 times so that you can be sure which girl you want to fuck. Trust me you will never see street action like this. Almost all of them are wearing nothing but sexy lingerie and they are more than happy to flash you their tits or anything you want. Most of these girls range from about 6-8's and cost about 50-60 soles for an hour.

    This includes a quick massage, covered BJ, and sex. Most of them will want to go to a local hotel to fuck. Most of the hotels cost about 30-50 soles for the hour, and some of the hotels have free porn on the television, so you can watch porn while your fucking. Overall, for a great experience with a good looking transsexual, you’re looking to pay around 120 soles ($40 dollars), including the room and the taxi. One last note ask your taxi driver to stay at the hotel because sometimes there are not too many taxis around these hotels. Pay him half upfront and half afterwards to guarantee he will stay for you. Enjoy!

    (Review # 22185)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 19 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I am an American studying abroad here in Lima for some time now, and I have been learning about the best places to find prostitutes. For anyone planning to visit Lima who wants to find some women, I believe I can offer some good advice. First off, there are plenty of hookers in the touristy areas of Lima, such as Miraflores. But they are on the pricey side. Unless you have a hotel room right in the area where you find the women, you are likely to spend about $100 for a girl if you factor in the cost of the sex and a room. Generally in these touristy areas, the girls are cute (about the 6-8 range).

    However most of them only do a satisfactory job and mainly just want to get out making some more money. If you are looking for a quick suck and fuck without spending a lot of money, I would suggest going to "La ciudad de Dios" in San Juan. This area is in a somewhat poor and crowded area of Lima, but they are dozens of whore houses discretely located in this area. Any taxi can get you to this area for about 12-15 soles. I would recommend the busy street called "Ave. de los Heroes." Along this street are a lot of little markets and liquor stores.

    However, most of the buildings are 3 or 4 stories tall, and most of the whore houses are located on the top floors. Now even though it is in a poor part of town, it is generally pretty safe. Since I am traveling alone, I have always visited this area during the day; however I don’t know how safe it is at night. Now if you’re planning to go with another person or a group, I would suggest just walking up and down the street and checking out the different whore houses. There are plenty of guys who give out little flyers promoting their places, and I would recommend checking them all out. The one I have visited a couple times is located at 469 Ave. de los Heroes.

    On the first two floors of the building is a child care clinic, but if you walk up to the top floor there is a room full of about 10 girls, all of them ranging about 5-7 in looks. You just choose a girl and you must pay the fee right away. These girls only cost 30 soles (about $10 dollars) for 20 minutes. Bring a condom or they will charge you 2 soles for one. The girl will also charge you 1 sole for her lube. These girls do a good job in the quick amount of time. They are pretty nice and will want to carry a conversation with you before and after the sex. If you want more time, just ask the girl and she will let the front now. This place splits the cost 50/50, so there is really no room to negotiate prices.

    (Review # 21322)
  • Lima Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Jul 23 2007 Submitted by: Konkhra

    A friend and I found out about a "3 in 1" club called "Eclipse" in the San Isidro district of Lima. The reason why I call it 3 in 1 is that there's stripping, lap dancing and a brothel all in one. We found out about it by walking along the very touristy pedestrianised Calle de las Pizzas in Miraflores when one guy named Christian, proposed the offer to us. He agreed to take us there and pick us up for about $2-3US.

    He was very friendly and trustworthy, so much so we tipped him! The club has an entrance fee of 80 soles (25US) which comes with 3 beers and a pisco sour (Peru’s national cocktail). There were about 15 women in the club ranging in looks from 7's to 8's with for the most two 9's. I'm generally very picky, but these girls were really nice with very slender flawless bodies, no cellulite or stretch marks to be seen sweet!

    They all take turns stripping till completely nude. When you've checked out who you like the best, you can then "buy her drink" for 42 soles (12US) and get a lap dance for 5 songs or so in another room. You are also allowed to touch and grope while getting the lap dance. If the girl notices you're turned on, she will urge you to have sex with her in another room. My friend went and he said it cost around 130soles which is about 40US. He said having sex with her was like having sex with a girlfriend.

    It was very personalized and intimate and it didn’t feel like just business as usual. She even went on above the 1 hour limit! It’s the usual affair of condoms but however, I’ve noticed they're cool with you kissing them open mouth. Afterwards, the girl would give you her number if she likes you so you can render her services privately at a hotel whenever you wish.

    As a skeptic to these establishments in South America, I was very pleased at the level of comfort and ease at everything. Everyone working there including the girls were very friendly and professional and you wouldn’t be ripped off with anything. It was all legit and straightforward, hence I’m highly recommending this place! If you are there ask for Estella or Nikita (speaks English) - fantastic!!! Exotic Incan Spanish looking babes! Amazing!

    (Review # 20269)
  • Lima Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jan 06 2007 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    I've never posted about Lima before or for that matter, Peru. I'm just so damned excited to provide some Lima information that I almost forgot... it's actually bad news. If anybody knows about these brothels opening up again after the crackdown, please provide an update.

    Peruvian police sting nets 300 robbers, drug dealers, prostitutes, & counterfeiters

    Police nabbed Flilberto Tacsa Rodriguez (25) with counterfeited U.S. notes valued at US$96,000. (LIP-jl) -- A major police sting conducted throughout Lima last night captured more than 300 criminals ranging from robbers to counterfeiters informed General Octavio Salazar, Chief of the Peruvian National Police's (PNP) 7th Region.

    The sting included the participation of many of the PNP resources and manpower, such as the Aguilas Negras Unit (Black Eagles), Escuadron de Emergencias (Emergency Squadron), SUAT (SWAT), Radio Patrulla (Radio Patrol), and the Escuadron Verde (Green Squadron).

    23 clandestine brothels, 21 bars where drugs consumption was permitted, and a counterfeiting ring were shutdown thanks to the special operation commanded by General Salazar.

    Large quantities of illegal drugs, fire arms, and knives were confiscated

    Additionally, counterfeited U.S Dollars equaling US$96,000 were seized when Carlos Flilberto Tacsa Rodriguez (25) was caught carrying the false notes in a cardboard box near the Parque Universitaria in downtown Lima.

    General Salazar commented that operations of this magnitude will be carried out more frequently in an attempt to curb growing criminal activity in the Peruvian capital.
    (Review # 16903)
  • Peru Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 21 2006 Submitted by: Tomasb

    I went to Peru in May 2006 and spent a few days in the capitol city of Lima. There are a few nice sections of the city that are safe and easy to walk about. One rather infamous area is called the street of the Pizza's in the Miraflores neighborhood. There are some quite skanky looking hookers at the entrance to this street, which contains several restaurants and bars. Also, as a single guy walking through the small park to access this street, you can count on getting handed various cards for strip joints and the like from touts. None of this seemed my style so I walked to another area in Miraflores above the beach, which contains an outdoor mall of very high standards, even by US style. There was an upscale night club there but the women were upper-class Peruvian and young and did not show any interest in a guy in his mid-50's.

    I decided to call it an evening and while walking through a small park across from the Marriot, I was propositioned by two youngish Peruvian girls who made an enticing offer of $35 for the both of them, or so I sort. By the time we had returned to my small but reasonable pension, I discovered that the actual price was $35 each but no matter as it was still reasonable for a threesome.

    It was not quite as exceptional experience as I would have hoped, as one of the girls spent an inordinate amount of time in the bathroom. Maybe it was her first time, not sure, but after complaining about her disappearance she came out and gave me an enthusiastic cbj, then road me reverse cowgirl style while the other stroked and wet my nipples and asked me if I wanted to fuck her in the ass.

    I really didn't, but used it as an effective erotic word play image to eventually explode in her friends' mouth while telling her how much I would like to pound her ass. The reticent one than proceeded to examine the contents of the condom, which seems to be an odd characteristic of girls in SA.

    If you are interested in my other exploits and tales of debauchery, check out my recent Granada, Nicaragua story. Next tale will be Panama...
    (Review # 16081)
  • Lima Other Dated Added: Thu Mar 16 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    This is for people who seek new experiences that can really turn on, with action, danger, sex in gothic places and much much andrenaline. So, people who just like clasic and clean sex, this is not for you. If you like The place is located in the downtown Lima, its an abandoned concrete building which was 10 years ago some kind of bank or association. You can enter by a little door, a fee of about 3 soles (less than 1 american dollar) will be required. You will be taken by little stairs (big stairs in the first floor only take to a abandoned billard so take the narrow ones). In the second floor take the wide stairs and then you will find a place which was in the past some kind of cinema or theater. Inside you will find a projector setted on a seat showing etxreme hard core porn films (some of them underground or brazilian). Also you will see walking during the projection, to some trannys (transgender) girls and female prostitutes. Sometimes they invite you for sex sometimes you need to talk them. They are dressed with very sex clothes. The womens bathroom is not working, all the bathroom fittings have been taken off the wall or the ground. Inside all can happened, so you will need to believe your eyes: tranny + man + woman orgies, tranny + tranny + man, etc. Fees are very small, each tranny or prostitute ask just for about 10 or 20 soles (3 to 6 american dollars). Most of the girls and trannys have cell phones so you can also call them later and take them to your hotel. They are very femenine trannys. BEWARE: The mens bathroom is very dirty, rats can be also found, fliying bats can be found sometimes on the curtains. Outside and inside is unsecure, recomended to go in group or with a security agent. (Review # 14254)
  • San Juan de Miraflores Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Dec 01 2005 Submitted by:

    I've lived in Peru for almost two years now, so I know the scene pretty well. Sure, you can run around Petit Thouars and find a nice-looking girl at a nightclub and nail her. Prices aren't cheap, however. Not only will you have to pay to get in, buy a drink, buy the girl a drink, pay to leave, pay for a hotel, but you'll also have to pay for the girl to give you a good time. If you're a tourist, fine. But there are other options and you won't find them in the nice, touristy places like Larco or Miraflores.

    Ask a taxi driver to take you to La Ciudad de Dios in San Juan. From Larco and Benavides the fare should run you around 6-8 sols. You can also take any of a number of buses, but the trip will take you an hour by bus. You'll find yourself at the corner of Los Heroes Avenue and San Juan Avenue. You will notice that you are the only white guy around and, if you make eye contact with any of the many girls on the street selling pre-paid phone cards, you will become an instant hit and they will attempt to communicate with you, in Spanish. But I digress.

    There are a number of in-call places around the area, which you will quickly find out because there are a number of youths on the street corners that will hand you small slips of paper advertizing the various brothels around. Av. Los Heroes 469 is a reasonable place, and I must confess that I'm fond of a lady by the name of Fiorella that works there in the mornings and studies to be a secretary in the afternoons. I can tell you that she gives the very best BJ I've ever had. The price is 20 sols per 15 minutes, but the girl will ask you to either supply a condom or buy her one. You'll also be asked to pay for her lube. The women don't generally like to get naked, perhaps just hiking up their shirt so you can see their breasts. They normally provide you with a BJ to get started (through the condom) then lube themselves up and you hop on and go.

    They are all poor but many are good-looking. If you're looking to cum and go, there isn't anything cheaper in the Lima area. You'll be asked to pay a sol before they'll let you in. You'll find yourself in a room full of women in various states of undress and/or wearing lingerie. Just pick one and she'll lead you to a private room. She'll ask you for the fee up front and leave for about five minutes. Get naked before she gets back. There'll be a mattress in the room with you and they change the sheets every person.

    As a side note, the house takes half of what they make, so they get ten sols and the madam gets the other ten. If you like one, you should have a pre-prepared card or sheet of paper to invite her to visit you at your place (or hotel) where you can enjoy her more fully at your leisure. As another side note, it doesn't always happen that they come to visit you, because some of them have boyfriends and can't take you up on your offer. (Needless to say, the bf doesn't know what she does for a living.) Others may be single mothers without many career opportunities. By way of reference, most of the girls working in the shops in San Juan make 200 sols a month and work 12 hours a day.
    (Review # 13209)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 16 2005 Submitted by:

    In my last visit to Lima, I wondered... because girls now also advertise in the newspaper, referring to their web page. There I can see hundreds of girls, just to select and call.

    Beware, some of the pictures are taken from other sites, but most are original.

    Recommended sites:

    I can also recommend to you Gatubelas, since they can provide you 24 hour girls, customized according to your specific needs. That's why it's the favorite of European VIP people.
    (Review # 13114)
  • Lima Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 09 2005 Submitted by: Tim

    Check it out:  It was awesome... I called these guys because I was going on business to Lima, and I had a great time. Never had a 3-some before. They can get you anything you can possibly desire, and the prices are great. (Review # 13064)
  • Lima Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jun 03 2005 Submitted by:

    Just came back from a vacation in Peru. I didn't get to have any sex down there but I made a few experiences that I just want to pass on here. In Lima, street action can be found in Miraflores near the Park of Miraflores at Avenida Diagonal at the corner of la Avenida de las Pizzas. At night there are guys hanging out there that can bring you in contact with girls for a small tip (10-25 nuevo soles). If you walk from Avenida Diagonal to the other end of Avenida de las Pizzas you can find girls standing at the street. I was in contact with one of them and the regular price for them to come with you seems to be 100 to 120 nuevo soles (between $30-40). But I am not sure how the quality is. I think girls are between 4 and 7. Some taxi drivers told me about night clubs. They claimed that these clubs are very safe and clean. Flipside, they seem to be pricey. Expect a $10-15 cover charge and $5-8 for a drink. The cover charge sometimes includes 1-2 drinks. They also said the girls there are nice and good quality but they may ask for some money to accompany a guy. Otherwise it was hard to find a massage parlor. I looked into several papers and found only a few ads. Overall, sex does not seem to come as easy as in other places of the world. (Review # 11669)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Feb 18 2002 Submitted by: Leo

    Just back from Emmanuelle. I got in for free, as it was a slow week day. The shows were good (but definitely not Las Vegas), and girls were friendly and great looking (7-10). I found out that at least 7 girls had been working at Eclipse, but left because "they were not well treated by management". Got three hours of the best lap dances in the world (even better than Rio), for a US$20 tip. Drinks were expensive at US$10 each !!~~

    ~~I didn't leave with a girl, because I was playing it safe, and spent a lot of money at the bar, ... However, I'll be back in two weeks, and plan to ask a girl out early on. I was told FS for two hours is US$100 (possibly down to US$80). Exit fee is US$20, and if you don't want to go back to your hotel, they have an agreement with a nearby hotel, for S/.90 (about US$25). Sounds reasonable, safe and dark enough to ensure your privacy.~~~~Check out their new web site (Spanish only), at (Review # 5055)

  • Lima Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 08 2001 Submitted by: horny bastard

    Just got back, this is the second time Iíve gone to Peru, and itís the best. Anything you want you can get. The sex houses (a.k.a chongos) are the best. They run anywhere from $7 to $20 usd. Strip bars are also nice. You can bang for hours with these girls and sometimes you donít have to pay (your mileage may vary!) (Review # 4303)
  • Lima Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 01 2001 Submitted by: Checa

    Tequila Rock is a dance club with a lot of hookers looking for action. It is located at Diez Canseco street, Miraflores. Entrance fee is S/. 10 (US$3.00) It pretends to be a "normal" disco, where you can go with your wife or girlfriend (in fact, many "regular" couples go there to dance). But as soon as you walk in, you do not have to use your whole brain to realize that those girls sitting around the bar are "working girls". In many cases, as this is not an "official" massage parlor nor a strip club, it is possible for you to pick up a girl for nothing, although this is not common, as the girl will always request for some money (they claim they need some money for a cab). There is no exit fee (a huge advantage over other similar places), and sometimes you can find a strip show. The beer is under $5, the girls are 7-9, you can pick up a girl for $50-100, depending on how gorgeous she is and how much time you want her. There are many hotels nearby. The girl usually leads you to the right place. Around $10 a room (all night). On Fridays and Saturdays, the place is full of beautiful girls, ready for a ride. (Review # 4083)
  • Lima Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Dec 16 1999 Submitted by: Mike

    I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed by the reviews I have seen on the web for the action in Lima. There is so much more action than what you might believe!

    In fact, I would have to say that Lima is one of my favorite places to meet women, both "working" girls and "regular" girls...

    There are basically three types of places: strip clubs, massage parlors, and street action. By far the best values are to be found in the massage parlors.

    1) Strip clubs
    Suites of Barranco, Eclipse, and Emmanuel are good places to start, but there are certainly more (and better options). My personal favorite is a strip club in Surco called "Moonlight". It's a bit hidden, you may have to grab the ad out of the yellow pages for the taxistas to find it, but it is indeed worth it. I think the girls there are among the prettiest I have ever seen and certainly some of the classiest working girls.

    Entrance is 25 soles and this includes a drink. Most of the girls will dance on the main stage, which is directly behind the bar. In other words, you can preview how all the girls look from a distance of oh, 2 feet, max. Nice.

    The exit fees are negotiable, like everywhere else in Lima, but you should be able to get away with minimal expense. Girls are in the $100 range for a few hours to all night, depending on how they like you.

    Eclipse is the only place in Lima I've had a bad experience, a girl ripped me off by playing to my sympathies. Just don't be a sap and you should be OK.

    Also of special note are the set of 3 clubs in San Isidro right by the Paseo de Republica. Peppers is one of them, and they are all the smallest strip clubs I have ever seen. Met one girl there, a 7 or so, and had the best sex of my life. She ended up not charging me anything! Of course, YMMV.

    There are also similar clubs in Centro, but you can't even get a taxista to take you to them, they're so dangerous. The suburbs are so much safer at night, Miraflores is downright tranquil....

    There's also a big place called Platinum's right on the Paseo de Republica between Miraflores and San Isidro... I could go on all day, Lima has that many choices!

    2) Massage places.
    These places are generally above board saunas and the like. You can easily go to one and use the showers or saunas or take a swim and not even meet a girl if you wish. But if you do wish, oh my...

    What to look for: ask a taxista for a "Banos Turcos" (or Turkish Baths) or casa de masajistas... They'll understand what you're looking for. Also, there are 100 or so places listed under Banos Turcos in the yellow pages, try some of them.

    What to expect: In Miraflores, which is the most exclusive district in town and therefore the most expensive, there are several choices. You enter a Bano Turco, usually put your valuables in a safe for your protection, and change into either a towel or robe (depending on place). You can then relax or do whatever you like for as long as you want. Entrance fee is usually around 35-40 soles ($10-12) which entitles you to relax as long as you want. Most places even have a restaurant and bar where you can chat and watch TV.

    The girls: most give really good straight up massages and offer extra services more discreetly. The charge for a massage is about 40 soles for 1 hour. The girl will usually offer hj for about 100 soles, 150 for bj, 200 for fs. Roughly 55-60 USD. The sex, IMHO, is supreme, never even a mediocre time. Wow. And the girls are gorgeous early to mid 20 year olds...

    You can pick your masajista, also, there's usually 10 or so, even during the day mid week.

    There are other banos turcos in other parts of the city, and most of them are cheaper. On of them on Jiron Lampa in Centro charges 25 soles for massage and entry (~$7), and the girl will charge $25 for fs.... Great, great value. There's no point in listing the names, everyone I tried was great.

    A few words of caution: there are a few places that cater to a homosexual crowd, so you might want to ask ahead of time if the masajes are by mujer or hombre... And some of the places are in less than savory parts of town. I wouldn't recommend anything in Callao, for example. Quite dangerous.~~

    3) Street.
    Never picked anyone up, but certainly seen a lot of it. Near the moonlight was offered fs "sin de atras" for 60 soles... And there's certainly a bunch of action in San Isidro...

    So I would say there's all kind of options for the single male in Lima. English is spoken only on a limited basis, but don't let that spoil your good time. If you had a year in high school, you can get by. The accents (to my ears) are easy to decipher. Of course, being more fluent is a definite advantage! Good luck!~~
    (Review # 1002)
  • Lima Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Apr 22 1999 Submitted by: Big Poppa

    Another post from BP:

    In Lima, you have three locals:
    Emmanuel in San Isidro
    Suites de Barranco in Barranco
    Eclipse in San Isidro

    Emmanuel - Upscale spot. Basically, they have several shows cost $15-20 US for entrance. You can leave with the girl for another $100 US. This price gets you about two hours. Definitely had a variety of selections all very good talent. Would not had been upset with any of them. Had a very lovely, Indian/Japanese mixture. Did a great job of FS. Spent about 2 hours in the middle of day. (Came over before work. Had arranged it.)

    Suites de Barranco - went impressive. It is a hotel with multiple rooms for rent (for the discreet gentlemen). I have to say that aside from the rooms (some very small) it was pretty close to the talent in Emmanuel. Maybe a little better. But it had a lot of silicon walking around. Not my style.

    Eclipse - while it is not on the frequent business travelers list, it is definitely a stop worth having. Went there left with two women for $150 total. Had women of different varieties from 6-10s. Left with a 9 & 10. The 10 had better action. Definitely mixed Indian/Negro.

    Some issues of concern: The women in Peru do not all have round asses like I like. Had to do some adjustments. Second, the clubs will try to charge you an exit fee. Tell them to take a hike. Let the girl pay it out of her charge. Basically, it is sometimes half of what the girls want. Emmanuel / Eclipse it is only about $20 US. Definitely not always worth arguing.

    That is it for now.
    (Review # 394)

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