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  • asuncion Street Action Dated Added: Fri Nov 10 2006 Submitted by: Head South

    Latest report on Asuncion, Paraguay. Most of the action is not in the bars or clubs. It is mainly street action. It starts about 11pm on the main drag Palma Street, corner of 14 De Mayo. Goes down to Colon (where all the bars & clubs are - try Toc Toc bar), over one block and the up Estrella St again to 14 De Mayo.

    The girls just hang around. They will ask $10! Most are just average but lookers can be found. I had a beautiful blonde for $20.(Paraguay girls are some of the best lookers and movers anywhere but a lot are in Buenos Aires to make money)

    One block over from Palma and 14 De Mayo on Pote Franco St is a hotel for sex. They charge $2 for a very basic room. I think the name is Embarcojor. For a country way off the radar screen there is steady action and really cheap prices.
    (Review # 16298)
  • asuncion/ciudad del este Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 07 2001 Submitted by: THE PONY

    Anyone thinking that Paraguay is behind and a no fun country is totally wrong. I have gone there twice and each time for about 2 weeks, 1 week for work and then 1 week for pleasure hung at the end. My work brings me to the grand chaco, 8 hrs. bus ride direction Bolivia. OK, I agree on the chaco there is not much of nightlife to be found in the small towns, mainly because they are colonies run by the Mennonites.

    ~~~~~~On my return to Asuncion after a long bus trip I arrived at 9 in the nite and went to my usual hotel which is hotel Manduvira. A simple place but it has all you need and very friendly staff with little knowledge of English, last time $4o per nite. Ask the staff to direct you to some very good bars within walking distance of the hotel, there are some but not to many.

    ~~~~The streets are very safe to walk in so any talk of danger in this city is a load of BS. On your walk to any of these near by bars you will find young girls standing at corners, usually in groups of 3 or 4, and they will call over to you when you walk by. Believe me there are lots of these girls and all around 20 to 25 yrs old and very sexy looking and friendly. Make your choice and agree on a price. they will start at 100$ but it can be brought down to 50$ easily a quickie or the nite.

    ~~~~~~They seem to enjoy going for a drink first and try to chat to you even though their English is basic if any. But all PY people will do their best to communicate even though their English is zero. I had a dictionary and had we had an amusing time trying to communicate using this little book. Taking a girl back to your hotel seem is no problem at all and you can walk straight up to your room and all the staff do is give you a smile of approval. Offer them a drink from the mini bar and things will just happen from there. I wonít go into details but it was a very nice night, well worth the money.

    ~~~~When she left she asked if she should come again the next night and I said yes and at spot on 8 oíclock she was banging at my room door. We had some drinks on the balcony and a chat. She was eager to repeat the doings of the nite before so thatís what happened. I did not see her again after that nite. 2 days later I hired a taxi and a translator to drive me to Ciudad del este which is a 7 hr drive from Asuncion. This trip. driver and translator and hotel across the boarder in Brazil cost me 200$ or 800,000 guaranie and was worth it too.

    ~~~~I was treated like a king, especially as Irish tourists are virtually unknown in PY and it made them proud to show me their country. After the sightseeing and lots of eating the taxi driver wanted to cross the boarder into PY to show me Ciudad del este at nite. The main street which is bustling with rip off traders during the day is bustling with lovely young girls during the nite. Price and quality the same as in Asuncion. Just take your pick! But be warned with the traders at day, they are selling the biggest rubbish and all is as fake as can be.

    ~~~~~~All in all, PY is a great country and you can do as you please, just try to stay out of trouble as its easy to get into it for no reason at all. Be ready to bribe a police man and you will have a body guard after that if you paid the required fee of 100$.

    ~~~~~~This happened to me at the airport on my arrival and I got the cell number of the head of police who told me to call him if I should ever have any problems and he would assist me. All people are very friendly and you should always be friendly back even though things are not quite to your liking.

    ~~~~Remember you are in a country virtually untouched by tourism that even big brother like Brazilians donít know where PY really is. Enjoy your visit, and explore the girls and the sight seeing. There is plenty for everyone.~~
    (Review # 4578)
  • Asuncion Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 31 2001 Submitted by: Wolf

    I arrived Paraguay thinking that there will be no sex this time for me in this trip. I~~settled down in the Excelsior Hotel and have a walk at the shopping mall next to him and I~~realized that the girls are quite cute: small, very sexy dressed; the weather was hot and~~I was horny. I bought a newspaper and look at the classified were I found several adds~~about massages.
    ~~My luck was that I found a girl named Paola in the same street of the Hotel. I walk to her~~place. She was an 8. Small, strong and patient. Very good looking. She was a professional~~massagist, so her massage was wonderful. Then I ask for a bj without condom that was the~~longest, and the best I ever have; so easy and patient. She ate my balls and dick~~extremely slow and asked to let her know when I want to come in order to be ready to~~swallow every drop.She was great and when I told her that I was just about to come, she~~put my dick very deep in her throat and sucked until I was clean. She charged $20 dollars~~and I gave her tip that she thanked. She wanted to came to my hotel later the same night~~but I preferred to say good bye.I recommend very warmly that you will try a Paraguayan~~girl. There are very very good service-givers.
    (Review # 3642)

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