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  • Bogota Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 03 2005 Submitted by: Andy Thomas

    Hi friends, I visited Bogotá DC recently and found this great Web Site for contact with the most beautiful Colombian Women: Check it out!!!! (Review # 12787)
  • Bogota Street Action Dated Added: Sat Oct 01 2005 Submitted by: Muisca

    I am travelling regularly to Colombia because of my job. I just want to post some actual statements concerning the Redlight district situation in Bogota. First, the experience I had when I was visiting Bogota for the first time:

    I was living in the Hotel Tequendama (nice hotel, downtown Bogota). This hotel is very nice, one of the better hotels in Bogota. It is situated very close to a Redlight destrict (calle 24 - 19 with Avenida Caracas). On my first days, I was looking there by day for some good-looking girls and shemales. And even in this very poor region of Bogota, you can find a lot of incredibly great-looking girls and shemales. I had sex there 4 times in these days. The approximate amount I had to pay was more or less 25,000 Pesos (what is about 9 Euro), including everything (including as well, the rent for the room - that was not one of the nicest I have ever seen, but anyway, it was always very clean).

    In this district, you can find hundreds of good-looking girls - but DON'T go there after 7pm when it is dark outside. Because in the 3rd week of my first stay there, I was going out at night to find a girl, and I was nearly killed by 4 people. It happened directly in the Avenida Caracas where the Transmilenio (a public bus, a bit like a Metro) is crossing. They attacked me in front of 3 policemen and a crowd of people, trying to get my money. And guess what - nobody tried to help me! The 4 guys had knives and stabbed me directly in my thigh. I don't know how I managed to reach the next taxi in the street without giving them 1 Peso. Inside the taxi, I realised that I was bleeding very strongly. Because of that, I had to stay 2 days in hospital... So, don't go to this area, especially not by night. It is much too dangerous!!!

    After this incident, I visited this region around Av. Caracas not any more. But I found out some nice places where nice girls are hanging around. It is in the north of Bogota (where it is very, very safe) between the cra. 15 - 18 with calle 86 - 100. Of course, here it is a bit more expensive, but you will not be killed. The price is about 80,000 - 100,000 Pesos for the girl and 50,000 - 80,000 Pesos for the room. And the girls are fantastic! It is the same for the shemales. They are extremely feminine, with great breasts and big cocks. Sometimes they offer you sex without condoms - but don't assume.

    Well, my general opinion about Bogota is:  Here you can find the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, but you have to know where to look for them, otherwise you are taking a very high risk.
    (Review # 12779)
  • Norwich Cheap Hotels Dated Added: Wed Jun 08 2005 Submitted by: Harry

    Find cheap hotels anywhere in the World. (Review # 11714)
  • Bogota Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 12 2002 Submitted by: Bogota Spank

    Bogota Colombia is the escort girl friend experience of the world. Colombian women are extremely hot and horny and if approached properly, this is the best place in the world for escort sex. Just follow a few simple rules.~~

    ~~1. Avoid strip clubs all together. They are dirty, dangerous and expensive. Drugs are rampant as are disease and this is not the place to find the babes.~~
    ~~2. For cheap in-house romp, go to web page and they have several clean, decent massage parlors in the city. Full service is about US$50.00 for an hour.~~
    ~~3. For the true gentleman who is not at tightwad and wants the best experience, I recommend the following: Get a good room in one of the best hotels in the city. Dann Carlton has a chain that are great. The Calle 94 with 19th is great as it has a pool and steam room. ~~

    ~~Finding the babe: The best chicks are not in the strip clubs and work on occasion. They are found on several web sites that are very discreet. The best is These girls are tens without a doubt and are usually university girls looking to make good money. They are very hot but expensive. 100 dollars an hour. Once they arrive you can negotiate the night for about 400 dollars. Expensive but way better than a quickie for 50 dollars. Others:,

    ~~Call the number and request one girl. If you like two, wait until the first one arrives and find out who her preferred friend may be. This will make the experience all the better.~~
    ~~Set the scene: Have champaign, whisky or whatever your choice of beverage may be. Offer her dinner or whatever she wants. Be sure to negotiate the night so you can put her in the mood.~~
    ~~Take your time with these girls and don't prove to be a youth with a hot stick, these girls will heat up like nothing you have ever seen. Total girlfriend experience. They are so hot. Protection is a must for their sake, not yours. Don't be a sicko. Have baby oil and give them massage. They will let you do anything. BJ, But, V, Titts.~~

    ~~For the cheap fucker:~~You can get laid in Bogota for 5 dollars picking up skank downtown Ave. Caracas. Good chance of getting killed.
    ~~Look in the paper, El Tiempo, for 15-20 dollars places throughout the city. Usually fairly safe if you are experienced in South America and speak the language. Don't go at night.
    ~~Massage parlors are the best. Hand job for 30 dollars. BJ for 40 and everything for 50. There are a couple in the north near Unicentro. Look in the paper.~~

    ~~For the partier:~~Strip clubs are all up and down the 15th avenue between Calle 85 and 100. Booze and girls are expensive and some are pretty hot. Careful of the transvestites. They are hard to distinguish after a couple whiskeys. Blow is cheap about 5 dollars . Not a lot of danger in buying as the police are paid off but keep in mind that your are supporting the guerrillas if you use that shit. The best route for the partier would be a club on the Calle 116 below the 19th ave about three block just before you get to the autopista. I'm not sure the place has a name but it is a fancy house on the north side of the street. You will see activity on the street when you arrive. Doorman outside. This is the hottest whore house in town. Private. No strip. Pool table, couches and lots of babes. ~~

    ~~The best party is with the internet university babes in the hotel. Also the safest. This city has become too fucked up to be running around to clubs at night. Go the safe route with a clean babe and take precautions as always so the rest of us don't pay the consequences.~~
    ~~Bogota Spank~~
    (Review # 5153)
  • Bogota Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jan 09 2002 Submitted by:

    Was in BogotŠ on business a few weeks ago and went to two places. one was called Estasis and was on calle 84 just above cra 15. drinks are 15,000 pesos, room was 60,000 for an hour and the girl was 100,000, although she wanted 150,000 in the beginning. I had asked the doorman what their rates where before entering so I knew 150,000 was high. The girl was very great looking around 19 with a nice body and very firm breasts. In the room she was a bit cold. I also noticed that she had some type of wart or cold sore on her lips which I had not noticed before so I only did some heavy nude petting and did not have sex. Great looking but not too fun.

    ~~~~Next I went to a video bar around cra 15 and calle 75. Beers are 9,000 each and room was 40,000 for 20 minutes including the girlís fee. The girls where less attractive but there was one very pretty girl who had a relatively nice body. She gave me a great blow job (with condom) and then we fucked. She got into it and we really enjoyed ourselves. She was a small and I am larger than average. She yelped but did not ask me to pull out. I did pull out anyway because I didnít want to hurt her. She thanked me afterwards and I ended up giving her a tip anyway~~ (Review # 4887)

  • Bogota Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Apr 20 2001 Submitted by:

    Avoid Av. 15 at all costs: it's way too expensive! A lot of girls who work in the expensive places on Av. 15 work during the day at private houses in middle-class neighborhoods. Look in the classified section of EL TIEMPO newspaper. Under "Solo para Adultos" "For adults only". They advertise many places. Try to stay within the northeast part of the city and to visit these places during the day...namely north of calle (street) 45 and east of carrera (avenue) 25. Expect to pay between U$ 20 and US$ 40 for very good service. Some of the girls are amateurs but willing and able to give you excellent service. (Review # 3410)
  • Bogota Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 22 2000 Submitted by: Latin Lover

    There are street hookers on 15th street or "avenida" 15 from calles 80 through 100, but they tend to be shorter and less attractive. They run about $20-30, and a room rental for an hour should be no more than $10 bucks. Some donít use condoms.~~1 US Dollar = $2,000 Pesos on 7/1/2000.~~~~I suggest your try the several strip clubs or massage parlors on or adjacent to the avenida 15 in the north part of the city. There are Beautiful girls of all types, such as White, Black from the "Costa", and some typical brown Hispanic girls. No cover charge, but they make up for it with the expensive drinks they sell at the bar. Full service was around $40-60.The room at the same place or at a motel next-door runs from 10 to $20 USD. The girls gladly take US dollars, and most have a nice attitude and great bodies. All the girls make you use a condom or they donít play. ~~If you are a gringo, and you are staying at one of the Hotels in "el norte", just take a taxi ask them to drive you to one of these places on "Avenida Quince" as it is known there.(Avenue fifteen). ~~Be nice to the girls and they will reciprocate. Some are college educated, but had to resort to working in these places as the economy there has been in a recession for three years, and many cant find a "regular" job as a secretary or whatever.~~~~Like Tijuana or any other Latin American city, stay out of Unsafe, dark, or suspicious looking parts of the city as there is a lot of petty theft and street crime. ~~ (Review # 1990)

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