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  • Cartagena Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 19 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    First of all thank you all for an excellent site, which I have used countless times around the world. I have a number of times had brief visits to Cartagena, and as others have mentioned the place does not lack of beautiful woman. I am actually sure that one could easily pick up local woman without paying, but if you are in a hurry like me, this is not necessarily an option.


    I have arrived there by cruise ship 5-6 times and have only stayed in town for about 8 hours. Right outside the ship terminal there will be dozens of taxis, and the drivers all know where to take you. Remember to negotiate the price for the fare before getting in. You should not pay more than 20 USD. There are many whore houses close by and they are open 24-7. Just pick one that he recommends, I tried several different ones, and they are all ok. Some are better than others when it comes to facilities though.


    Within 5 minutes the driver will have you there, and if not advice otherwise he will wait for you. This is a nice option if you are in a hurry, or you are worried about return transportation. Inside you will very often find anywhere from 5 - 25 girls. They are all usually very nice. And some are gorgeous. The price will very often be around 75 USD. The room is extra ca 20 - 25 USD. The cleaning lady very often will ask for a buck or two as well. I know this comes across as quite expensive, but if you treat the girl right and get her mobile no. you will get away with fucking for near to free from then on. And usually only paying for some room in a motel or a hotel. Gifts or other treats are always good, and if you stay with her multiple times and you feel like it please give her some money. These girls will worship you given the chance, and you are up for excellent sex without any doubt. Remember you should always carry your own condoms. I have found that very often the ones they have tends to burst and I have cum inside several of the girls before I got around to carrying my own. Amateurish I know.

    (Review # 24528)
  • Medellin Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Aug 19 2008 Submitted by: Chi Chi

    Hello to all you horny guys out there. First of all I want to tell of you travelers thinking of heading to Colombia for some action " STAY AWAY FROM COLOMBIA" it is not a place for foreigners, there have been some recent kidnappings going on all over the country and believe me they know who the foreigners are!! It does not matter if your white , black or hispanic from other origin.


    Colombian men are very over protective of their women and they dont like foreigners fucking their women. Colombian women are even more dangeroues than the men and they will hustle and kill you if given the chance, dont let that sweet innocent tender look fool you, these girls are trained hustlers and many of them can use weapons and other means of artillery.


    Most Colombians have some sort of connection or ties with the mafia or guerrilla armies and they will use the resources to kidnap, drug , rob and kill you if given the chance. One of my friends was murdered in Medellin after coming of a hotel from banging a chic he met at regular night club, I believe the uncle or older brother of the girl he banged was responsible for the hit.


    Another hispanic male from Puerto Rico was drugged up , kidnapped and taken to a nearby motel just minutes from the party scene in Cali and he was brutally beatened and stabbed twice and left in the room to fend for himself, the cab drivers are very shady and work with the girls to set u up and drive u to an unknown location and u may never return, luckily he survived to tell the tale, he was a neighbors cousin, GUYS FOR YOUR SAFETY AND WELL BEING STAY AWAY FROM COLOMBIA IF YOUR IN SEARCH OF SEX!! ITS NO JOKE OUT THERE!!


    And the Colombians are not to be fucked with, dont listen to all these stories u hear in this site chances are these guys wont live to tell their next colombia sex tale, head over to Costa Rica or Dominican Republic if u want some action much safer and easier to deal with. As a Colombian American I can tell you ITS NOT SAFE! God bless all of you...

    (Review # 24524)
  • Bucaramanga Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Aug 11 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I am working here for a oil company.I discovered a very good "love club" where for about 30 USD for 1 hour,it is possible to receive a good "massage with sex"...The girls are young and very nice and VERY HOT!I went 4 time i had sex with two girls (one blonde and one black) for 60 USD...fantastic! They made me a very exciting massage and after we had a complete sex...any positions! For the anal you have to pay more. You can choose the girl/girls before to enter in the room. The place is very clean,  The girls too:before and after the sex they asked me to have a shower,the "chicas" had a shower,too.  The site is in the center of Bucaramanga on calle 20 #23.The city is safe.  (Review # 24467)
  • Cali Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 26 2008 Submitted by: Photocock

    Hi horny guy of the world. Just got back from Cali and I loved it. I hung out at the Chippeachope Mall in Cali with a guy who spoke Spanish. I also brought my Ectaco language translator with me just in case my friend was not there. Man,I could not believe how many chica willingly gave up there phone numbers to me. I'm talking about hard working chicks with good jobs(not hookers).You can go to any whorehouse and get that in Columbia 28US.

    I met this sweet looking 24 year old that worked in the mall who didn't speak any English. With the help of my translator, after she got off work,she can back to my hotel. At first,like many Columbian chic they want to bring there girlfriends along. Well,I took care of that.

    Back in my room,she gave me the hottest tongue kiss ever in my 45 years on the planet. I felt like I was back in High school. When I go away and and fuck chicks,I never eat pussy,but this girl I did. Yes,the though of AIDS came to me,but she was hot that I took the risk. We fuck and suck each other.

    In the end,she got on her knees and licks my balls while I jerked off. She then open her mouth and shot about five hard ropes of cum into her mouth. She swallowed my kids then smiled. At 45,I haven't shot like that since I was 21.

    Well fellas,there were more too in those 10 days in Cali. Sorry,I didn't make it to Peradia. I heard you don't have to pay for it. Just be nice,take a girl out to eat and you will get laid for sure. I promise you. Next stop Estonia.
    (Review # 24141)
  • Santa Marta Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Mar 25 2008 Submitted by: Franco2502

    Guys, another report from my recent trip to Colombia. After having spent a week in Cartagena, I went further east to Santa Marta to spend some days there in March, not really knowing what to expect.

    First of all, Santa Marta is a small beautiful, safe city with lovely people. There is a nice beach front promenade where you can eat something, have a cold beer and watch the beautiful girls walk by. Furthermore, there are some nice sites and locations nearby worth visiting, such as El Rodadero, Taganga, Tayrona and the like.

    As far as the action is concerned, it's small compared to Cartagena or Medellin, but there is some fun you should not miss while you are there.

    There is a small street scene on Parque Bolivar, close to the beach promenade, but I would not really recommend that. The girls on average are ugly by Colombian standards, but check it out yourself.

    In the center of Santa Marta, there is a recommendable night club named "Club Bananas", it's basically a strip club, many very beautiful girls there. You can take them out if you like, otherwise they have also rooms upstairs. Prices are average.

    Also, outside the center in El Rodadero, there are some night clubs, e.g. Club Flamingo, Club Los Angeles etc. Go and check it out, every taxi driver will know those places. Action there starts around 11pm.

    As far as regular girls in cafes, shops etc. are concerned, keep in mind that Santa Marta is not a top tourist destination, so people there are not yet spoiled. Just be treat them with respect, invite them for dinner, by them some drinks and they will treat you like a king.

    Enjoy life and have fun !
    (Review # 22779)
  • Cartagena Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 09 2008 Submitted by: Franco2502

    I'm a long term reader but first time contributor to this great forum.

    I've been to Colombia in Feb/Mar this year for the first time and have to say, that's still a great place for us. Lots of very beautiful women everywhere, in all shapes and colours. And - it's very easy to pick up these beautiful ladies wherever you are, on the beach, in restaurants, shops, basically everywhere. There's no need to rely on the services of working women, strip bars etc., there is plenty of talent available elsewhere.

    First week I spent in Cartagena. This city really rocks,guys. There are a whole lot of places where you should go and visit, just ask any cab driver, they will surely know where to go. Just to mention a view: in the old part, called El Centro, there's a good place called "Tu Candela", just behind el puerto reloj. It's basically a bar with great music, at around 11 pm this place fills with people. You'll find there regular girls, semi-pros and also some pros. Take a close look, you easily will be able to distinguish from one another. Just beside Tu Candela there are two other bars, but I haven't been there. Two other clubs in El Centro are Isis, more professional scene, but also good, and Club Electra. This place opens only at 2 am and only plays electronic music, not my cup of tea.

    Another really great place to go, especially Thu to Sat, is "Mister Babilla" in a part of the old town called Getsemani. This place rocks ! From 11pm onwards, loads of very beautiful young girls hanging around there, I'd say 80 % non pros. Just pick one, dance with her, buy her some drinks and the rest will come naturally. Guys, this place is a must, go there and check it out.

    There are some other options, more like night clubs with working girls in the harbor area, Play club, Playboy, Casa Rocio. No cover charge, just go in the check it out. If you want to take the girl out, you pay like 50 USD for the club and a negotiable amount for the girl. Some girls are also very sweet, but I didn't try it, it's not my cup of tea.

    Another good place to go is a Bar/Discotheque in a barrio called "la bomba de amparo". This club "chica linda" might not be the safest place on earth, especially when it's getting late and the guys get drunk. So better don't go there alone, best with a Colombian friend. But it's also great fun with a lot of available girls there.

    And as I said, go to the beach during daytime, make an appointment for the night with one of those beautiful Colombian chicks lying in the sun, that's all you have to do. The same with shops, restaurants etc. Hardly any girl will turn your offer down - just be brave and try. One thing worth mentioning is, that at least basic Spanish is a must, no one speaks English or any other language down there. Not being able to communicate in their language will limit your options dramatically.
    (Review # 22520)
  • Bogota Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 28 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Three weeks ago I came back from a vacation in Bogota, Colombia. I spent two weeks in Bogota, and although I spent three weeks in Colombia ten years ago, it was my first time in Bogota. I liked Bogota a lot. Many of the areas in the city are nicely developed. The city has good restaurants and nightlife. More important, I found the city safe, and its people, in general, anxious to please.


    The women in Bogota, as elsewhere in Colombia, are very attractive, and it isn't difficult for a foreign man wherever he might be to pick-up a woman casually, in a store or on the street etc., and hopefully fuck her brains out - without resorting to nightclubs with working women. All the man needs is a bit of skill. But such it is all around the world, as we all know that women in general are sluts, whores, and fuckers at heart, and thank God for them being at least sluts and fuckers. Yet, there are bars and nightclubs in Bogota with working women. They are located in a number of areas: from the upscale 'Zona Rosa' to the old city central area of Santa Fe and south Bogota. The bar that I liked the best is called 'Go Go Video Bar' in South Bogota. Each evening it has about thirty women, 25-35 years old, usually eager to please either in house, or in your hotel. A good hotel to stay at is the 'Dann Hotel' on Avenida 19 in the old central area. Another hotel in the area is the 'Hotel del Parque.' The rooms and suites in the hotels go for $60-80 a night.

    (Review # 20328)
  • Santa Marta Street Action Dated Added: Tue Feb 13 2007 Submitted by: Specialone8

    I had the pleasure of being on the first Cruise Ship to make port in Santa Marta back in December. What an experience! Me, a life-long buddy and a tag-a-long card-shark we met at the ship's casino the night before decided to head into Santa Marta. We waited until after our families got back on board from the lack of things they were seeing. Once we hooked back up with our "guides" we were off to the races. They escorted us to a somewhat run-down hotel right in front of the City Beach that was filled with vendors and plenty of young talent; all looking at the gringos scoping for Sea, Sand and sex!

    As we walked past the stable on the steps of the beach-front hotel, we were greeted by a group of very "friendly" young ladies who loved touching, feeling and groping every inch of you they could get their hands on. Most were 6's and 7's, with a few 8's thrown in for good measure. I got a petite Indian girl with incredible bright green eyes, long curly hair down to waist.

    My buddy got the tallest of the three with the alluring eyes, and our card-shark buddy ended up with the best of the bunch. She had beautiful lilly-white skin with reddish-brown hair and a body that I still fantasize about.

    Anyway once we all had our share of beer in the hotel lobby, we, the girls, and our Mafioso guides led us to a small, clean, but barren hot-sheet motel for our personal romps. We sinc'd signals just in case the worst happened, and we had gotten set up. (Which we didn't) My girl was a dynamo. She loved Americans! She was about 23, and the three kids she had popped out over her short life had very little effect on her tight figure.

    She treated me to a cool shower, and then had me lather her up too. We had plenty of foreplay pretending to be in the movie Flashdance lol! Once from there, there were things to explore. We took our time, each seeking new caverns of the human form, and exploiting them. Before I knew it, they were banging on my door saying. Let’s go 60-minute man!!! I kissed my senorita deeply one last time and said adios.

    (Review # 17423)
  • Medellin Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2006 Submitted by: DocNasty

    Hey guys, report number two (on Medellin) from recent trip to Columbia. Ignore negative reports and go for the natural beauty and tons of (cheap) pussy at your fingertips. I stayed in Medillin for three days after a great weekend in Cartagena and week surfing Caribbean before heading to surf Pacific. Medellin is a big but beautiful city with women everywhere.

    The first night I went out, went on the recommendation of my hotel guy to a place called the San Diego club (just tell your taxi guy, he will know.) The is basically a strip club where you watch the girls dance, then they make their way around to you and ask if you want 'sexo' The girls were OK, but not great, and it was kind of cheasy with a bunch of guys hanging around with hard-ons.

    I mean, I don't want to watch some girl that I'm interested in walk back with some fat, sweaty bald dude, knowing that I'm next. Not really my place, plus the girls were pricey and very little negotiating. I left and told my taxi to take me around the corner to a bar, and bingo, normal Columbian chicks everywhere. Found one I liked, bought her and her friends drinks all night, and presto, you are getting laid.

    One of the best thing about Medellin, is that you can sight see during the day, and get fuck as much different pussy as you want for about $20 US a pop during the day when you get tired walking around.

    Here's how. Go to the Parque Simon Bolivar and walk down the pedestrian street toward downtown. There will be guys on every corner handing out small flyer which advertise small massage parlors, with hours and address. Most are only open from 11 am to 6pm. Go to one! There is a price list in the 'waiting room' for services, ranging from $15 to $40 US.

    Then, all the girls working there will come out and introduce themselves, turn around for you to see the merchandise (in g-strings) and you pick the one you want. There is always at least one 7-8 and being an addict, I went to 4 in one day and found an amazing 9.

    Anyway, you basically pay for time, as you fuck and suck even if only for 30 minutes. I got the hottest one's phone number, and took here out for dinner, then banged her out all night for free. I suggest you try all the places during the day, find a date or two for the night, and have fun.
    (Review # 16293)
  • Cartagena Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 08 2006 Submitted by: DocNasty

    Hey to all, just got back from great surfing and pussy hunting trip in Columbia. Have two reports, this one if from Cartagena and the other is from Medellin. First off, I had high expectations of the seeing amazing women in Columbia, but was a little disappointed, as in general not as hot as Brazilians and some others. Lot more fat chubbies down there like here in USA than I expected. Anyway, regardless of hot or not, they are all very friendly, and know what you want and like.

    I Spent first weekend in Cartagena before surf the Caribbean Coast. Go to any bar, but an especially good place where lots of local girls hang out is Plaza San Antonio in the center of old town. Ask any bartender where Club Tripleterra (sp?) is and they will tell you or send you with a guide. This place doesn't start to get really cranked until 11 at the earliest, so relax and eat and drink well before going.

    Anyway, tons of girls there hanging out just waiting for you. You just grab a beer, look them over and choose the one you want. If u picky like me, have to wait but your make and model will eventually show. Big PS - your Spanish need to be fairly good as none of the girls I met spoke any English. Important, because after initially chit chat, will need to negotiate. Anyway, found a perfect blond hottie with a body, real tits and great personality.

    Drank for a while there, then decided to go to techno bar and dance some. To leave this club, with a girl, you pay the bouncer $4 us. She wanted $70 us initially, but got here down to $50 as she was getting drunk and having good time. Anyway, we went to other club and met her hottie friends, one of whom decided to join us back at hotel.

    Both of them proceed to blow me and I did everything to both (went Greek on one) for next couple of hours (they even had the condoms) and gave the other girl $50 too. They even stuck around for the morning so got to fuck both again. That was all in all a great night. Very easy and did not get ripped off Good thing about Columbia, if girl like you, she will fuck for free next night, just get here number, take her out and treat her well. They love it.
    (Review # 16283)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 14 2006 Submitted by: The flyer

    Dear friends I just get back from Columbia it was nice weather and beautiful sightseeing, but my friends the people are motherfucker. Men and women in Columbia everything about business they rip off your money they smile on your smile and they acting very nice most of them work for the mafia. Columbia is shithole I had my friend was killed last week next to me, because he was talking with girl at the bar and the husband show her he walk in and shot my friend. I was upstairs with puta I heard the gunshot I came down I see my friend lay down dead. We are American I never expect something like that to happen. So I met a girl we went to her apartment I got smug. They beat me up with stick in my face they took my passport and my money. I traveled more than 50 countries I have been in worst places like in Cuba is even better than Columbia. Women charge more money they want to buy a drink and her friends pretend you getting laid. They are motherfucker. I just wanna tell you guys be careful where u put your feet the women can lie that they aren't having kids or husband. The Columbians are macho if he see you with his wife even they divorce. He gonna get your ass I never see country like in Columbia. They have so many guns in the street stay away from Columbia. The woman just wanna green card to come in our great country. Soon she get the paper she will disappear it happen to me so guys be aware. Look behind you whose is follow you and make sure not to go girls apartment. May someone pop up on the way take your money beat you up you lucky if they won't kill you. Not safe anymore Columbia. Most of the women work for the mafia that how they survive is your life. I go to massage parlor in state better than fucking Columbia fuck them (Review # 15334)
  • Buena Ventura Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jan 06 2006 Submitted by: Loco Diablo

    hola pussy lovers, Colombian babes R the best fuckers of them all.I´m a mariner & have been tasting pussy from all around the world for the past 5 yrs. The service that these girls give u is too good.

    Buena ventura is a shady town, with lot of mafioso mother fuckers. So I would suggest taking along a local pilot/guide if u r going after dark. Don't carry too much cash or flashy jewellery. There are plenty of bars near the port , which caters to seamen. The girls range from 7 to 10.

    The AMERICAN NIGHTS bar is the most famous.drinks r cheap (beer / ladies drink -$ 1.5 ). Most of the girls can be found here. If u don't find any ,ask any one about the upstairs bar. There u can find a good crowd. Same prices for the drinks + good thing is Girls don't rip u off.You can pick up a nice babe 8-9 rating for $ 50 S.T or $ 100 F.N. They will take u to their nearby flats. Make sure that u have ID cards with u cos Colombian Army does rapid searches at these joints.

    I picked up a nice babe : an 8 rating ,didn't fix the price , just went to her flat & had a nice time.Went for s.t but she wouldn't let go , so spent entire night with her. I got the best service in a long time. Paid her $ 100 & she was more than happy. Screwed her next day too,but she wouldn't take money. I think Buena ventura is better than Guyaquil . bye & nice fucking.......... loco diablo
    (Review # 13620)
  • Medellin Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 16 2005 Submitted by: Jose

    To all the men who enjoy the fruits of Latin America, I highly recomend Colombia - especially Medellin... the most beautiful women in the World are here! At Club La Isla [by the Hotel Intercontinental], I enjoyed the strip show for 3 hours and never saw the same girl twice! A little half swinging door leads to the back room where you can enjoy the girl for about 169,000.00 Pesos[Negotiate with the drink-server if you see one you like] - includes the girl, the room, but not the tip to the Condom girl at the door! They are the best... do not be nervous about the pat-down before you enter... it's for your safety too! (Review # 13119)
  • Barranquilla Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 13 2002 Submitted by: luvy duvy

    I was just down in Barranquilla, Colombia, a beautiful city in the northern part of the country, warm weather, beaches, and tropical music galore....I went to ZONA ROSA (Rose Zone) the best strip join in is located in a safe area of the city, do not worry aboout security reasons, they have bouncers and security personnel.

    The girls are usually from other towns of colombia, but they are nice and you can get laid with ANYONE of them..the cost is about $100 US, but is worth can go with them to Juan Mina, a Motel Strip on the outskirts of the city..very clean and safe environment..everyone in the city goes have fun..I did. (Review # 6136)

  • Cartegena Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 25 2002 Submitted by: suavejohn

    Dec. 28 - Jan. 13 - ~~~~Philadelphia to Bogota, Columbia: -$500 roundtrip.;~~~~I was scared at first to visit Columbia, but took a chance because my friend was invited by his friends who lived in New Jersey for two years to learn English. ~~~~My friend was in Bogotá for two weeks before I arrived, he told me that fs is $50/hr. And it was extremely beneficial to have a Colombian friend negotiate the price for you, for the girls will rip off us gringos! However, I had no intention of paying for sex, lol.~~

    ~~~~I arrived late at night, and the next morning we all caught a plane for a poor town called Santa Marta, $200 roundtrip. I stayed at a place about 20 minutes from the tourist area, its very cheap to eat and drink. The owners wife fixed us up in no time with her friends, at no cost. ($100 for hotel, breakfast, dinner/7 days, however no hot water) ~~~~The woman hate the Columbian men, so it's extremely easy for Gringos to pick up a girls in Columbia. But I was a disappointment, very few beautiful woman there, I was expecting heaven.~~~~After a week I visited Cartegena, $160,000 pesos-&80/nite in an apartment complex. I met this 20 year old, petite, 34C, long black hair, she was very romantic and genuine, and didn't mind that I'm 40 years of age. I met her on the way to the beach. On the beach I bought her a soda and we talked for an hour. ~~

    ~~~~The next night I took her to Old Cartegena (romantic city, restaurants, horse carriage ride, ect), then after we arrived near my hotel we walked the rest the way on the beach, then gave her a surprised goodnite kiss and sent her home in a taxi.~~~~Next day, she was all over me. Just romance them and there is no need to negotiate prices.~~~~She even sat on my lap for 4 hours in a packed car all the way back to Santa Marta, and that nite after dancing we went at it all night.~~~~Then I flew her with me back to Bogotá $200 roundtrip, and I didn't mind buying a few clothes for her. We were like newlyweds. Night and day, anything and everything, and she even cooked and cleaned for me.~~~~I plan to go back, but to Cartegena and Cali in the next few months. Interesting historical sites to see. ~~

    ~~~~I never once felt threatened while there, in fact I didn't see one police car or ambulance ring their sirens. But I took a few precautions: I wore sandals most of the time, of course shoes for the clubs, but no jewelry. And took the son with me to the discotechs, he would tell me which girl was dating a drug dealer.~~~~Now, if you meet a girl and she invites you to go to a club with her friends, be on guard when she says everyone is putting their money together for drinks, lol. I told this girls that I was broke, gave her $20,000 pesos/ $U.S.10., which by the way bought everyone drinks all night long, lol. These type of girls are called vampires, they will suck your wallet dry, lol, off course dressing sexy to let you think you going to get laid. Lay em first before you spend any real money on them, lol. -~~~~suavejohn~~
    (Review # 4957)
  • Cartagena Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 13 2001 Submitted by: Maxi

    Be very careful while trying to pick up girls in Colombia and specially in Cartagena. Around summer time you will find lots of Europeans there for the girls and the drugs. There are many good looking girls around in the clubs and bars. They tend to be very friendly but many of them belong to the mafia and/or drug lords. If they find out that you are fooling around with one these girls chances are that you won’t be coming back home in one piece. Each years many of those Europeans have been seriously injured trying to have a good time, and the police won’t do anything. A good friend of ours was almost killed after being shot six times, so please guys be careful. (Review # 4145)
  • Cartagena Travel Report Dated Added: Fri May 04 2001 Submitted by: Jim

    Was in Cartagena about 2 yrs. ago on business. I was staying in the Hyatt in the Lagito zone so that may account for the good treatment. On the first night, I picked up a streetwalker in the coastal avenue. Very nice looking, dark skin and large tits, although slightly overweight. Had a very good night. This girl allowed BBBJs, although she did not swallow and insisted on using condom both for vaginal and for anal intercourse. Cost was about $75.

    However, the second night convinced me never to get a hooker again in Cartagena. I met this girl (30 something), not very good looking but with very nice tits and ass. Invited her for a drink and then to spend the night. It was the best sex I have had in a very long time. She gave me an around-the-world BBBJ which I think has been the best in my life. She swallowed and insisted in my coming inside her in sex (NO CONDOM). Again, the best thing I can recommend when in Cartagena, is to forget about whores. Pick up a regular citizen. Do not be overly critical of looks or physique, you may be missing some of the greatest action in the Americas by being too picky.
    (Review # 3468)
  • Bogota/Bucaramanga Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 18 2000 Submitted by: Juno

    Bogota: Colombian women are beautiful, IMHO. They walk a great deal and exercise, so their bodies tend to be fit and trim. I did not have any sex in Bogota, but any hotel desk clerk can show you the newspaper with the ads, and call a girl on your behalf to come to the hotel or you can go to where she is. A good clerk will tell you whether the neighborhood where she is happens to be safe, and how much the taxi driver should charge you. Many Colombian women are quite romantic, even the hookers, so your date may go 200% better if you have a gift for her. If you plan it ahead of time, bring something from the US as a gift: a watch, a nice pen, some perfume, something that might not be available there. Or buy her some flowers. Many Colombian women are attracted by foreign men, so you might be able to stir up non-hooker action. In Bogota, you might be able to find English speaking women.

    Bucaramanga: In the "City of the Parks" the women are even better looking than Bogota's ladies. One place you might go is called Bar Stop Show. Ask any cab driver, and if he does not know, it is next door to the Cine Rivera. On the same block is another decent place, the Champagne Club. These two places have doormen and security, so they do not let drunken, brawling idiots get in the door. It's safe for gringos. You do have to be very picky at the Stop Bar. I felt personally that Bucaramanga had tons of gorgeous women walking around on the sidewalks, and the women at the club were rather ordinary. They tend to be quite young and energetic. They will charge about 60,000 pesos (about 30 dollars) for you to take the girl to a nearby house or your hotel room for a tryst. They also will include in the bill alcohol and food. They take VISA, but one of the girls told me that the barman is in cahoots with the female cashier and they will put stuff on your bill that you did not order. From what I heard, the Champagne Club has classier girls, but I did not go. Be careful what neighborhood you wander into when visiting either Bucaramanga or Bogota. Some places can be hazardous. It is unlikely that the women will speak English at all. Buena suerte! (Good luck!)
    (Review # 2192)

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