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  Buenos Aires (40)
  • Buenos Aires Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Dec 17 2005 Submitted by:

    November 2005:  I just spent 8 weeks in Argentina. The scene in Buenos Aires was worthwhile. I first started out in the previously reported area near the Sheraton Retiro. The bars were Cutty Sark, etc. These places in this area were a little low budget, but you could find a few good-looking women in there. The cost was 200 ARS, or about $65, for an hour or so back at your hotel. Most of the places had a VIP section where you could get off.

    I don't recommend this area. The area I recommend is in Recoleta. I visited a few places here. The most expensive and well known is called Black. It's $20 to enter, and sex is like, $200-$500 USD. Too much. But the girls are the best-looking women I have ever seen... and I have travelled extensively. The place I recommend is Shampoo. It's $10 to enter and $100+ for sex. The girls here are from all over S.A. These girls are close to models level. All in all, go to Recoleta and there are about 6-12 places to pick from.
    (Review # 13328)
  • Mar Del Plata Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 10 2005 Submitted by: Brokenpenis

    Last year was a trip to remember - specifically my trip with my friends to Mar del Plata. We checked out some 'cabarets' on the east(?) side, but the location in town was bad, and three shady-looking guys followed us from one disappointing brothel to another, all within a block of each other. So we escaped in a taxi, and asked the driver (taxi drivers can find you anything). He took us to "El Posada" - only a few minutes from the casino downtown. This place was the best... 20 or so good-looking to beautiful girls from Paraguay. They told me that they do three months in Mar, then return to Paraguay, so you probably won't find Nancy (she told me she loved me and invited me to her apartment), or Gaby (beautiful face, 19, body to kill for). But I'm sure this place will be well-stocked if I ever return as a single man.

    Nancy inspired me to write this rap... I was going to name it, "I fell in love with a prostitute from Paraguay" - but never finished it: "Down in Mar del Plata at a cabaret named El Posada, ten pesos at the door, and a wall of beautiful whores, for fifty pesos one will be yours, with bitches like this how could you ask for more? Oh wait, I just thought how I goin to el bano with my straw right now, cuz I never leave capitale without my white delight, gonna hit the height, feel a'hight this may be Argentina, but it's snowing tonight, went to the bar to get a cola, she said Ola, I said Como Sta, didn't talk much, jumped straight to the touch, wanna get to that room, so I dropped the clutch, she shut the door, clothes hit the floor, I'm on her titties like a kid in a candy store, now I'm ready to penetrate, rubber on pussy ready, no time to waste, she took it from behind like a champ, her juice run thru me like a hundred amp..."

    My personal recommendation is to treat these women nicely, and with respect. I was often told I was a gentleman, as though these women don't run into too many.
    (Review # 13068)
  • Other Dated Added: Wed Jul 20 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Early July, 2005. Buenos Aires - An Argentine court has ruled that prostitution is a private act that does not constitute a crime, judicial sources said on Monday. The Crime Chamber, a Buenos Aires court, threw out a police investigation into alleged sexual exploitation at a Buenos Aires apartment. The investigation was launched following a newspaper advertisement offering "sexual services". "It must be recalled that the practice of prostitution is a private act devoid of penal importance," the Crime Chamber said, affirming a lower court judge's ruling. The newspaper ad showed no evidence that a third party would profit from the sexual favours being offered, wrote one of the Chamber judges, Jorge Rimondi. "Consequently, the police investigation lacks formal validity," he said. The new Buenos Aires penal code punishes soliciting and offering street prostitution within 200 metres of houses, religious buildings and schools. (Review # 12108)
  • Mendoza Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jul 19 2005 Submitted by: headsouth

    As of this writing, this is the first report on the city of Mendoza listed. This city, famous for it`s wine tours and it`s high mountain tour to see the highest mountain (at 22,000 ft) in all the Americas, does have some action -- although not quite like Buenos Aires. The best club in town is called Eros. It is a $3 cab ride outside of town to a quieter area. The entry fee is 20 pesos ($7) which includes one drink. Drinks afterwards cost the same.

    They spent a lot of money on the place. It has a long bar, seats on the sides, looking at a large stage, with good sound system playing dance music. This was July - winter time - so the action wasn`t as much as normal. There were 6 girls there, all dressed in skimpy outfits. One spoke English. The girls are basically 8 on the 10 scale. The asking price is 200 pesos ($70). They have 2 small rooms, each with a hard couch, and they charge $17 for either... or you can take the girl to a nearby hotel, or back to yours.

    In town, there is one other place. It's called Tiffany`s, and it's right downtown on Espana St., just off Sargimento St. - the predestrian shopping street. It opens late, about 12 am and it´s small. It has a small stage, and also 6 girls dressed in street clothes. Not quite as good as Eros, but there was a looker there. But no English. Price of drinks is the same - $7. It`s more of a place for the locals, as anywhere else the girls will come up to have you buy them a drink. Speaking of that, just say no, maybe later, and you won`t get hit with any big bar-bill.

    Enjoy Mendoza. Its food and wine (one restaurant has a 60-page wine list!) are excellent, and it also has available women as stated.
    (Review # 12087)
  • BA Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 11 2004 Submitted by:

    Hi Guys… These are some notes I have of a visit to Argentina on 4th August 2004.

    I arrived from London. Mayra had arranged an airport pickup for me. While I was there, I stayed at Loi Suites in Recolate. Mayra arranged the accommodation. While staying there I had no trouble with the girls coming up to my room. Reception would just phone the room when my guests arrived, I would ask them to send my guest up, and away we go.

    One day I went to Café Orleans. I picked up Sandra. Cost was 200 peso for one hour and a bit more. (I think I could have got her for 150 if I had tried harder). Went to the hotel round the corner for a great one hour of fun (she is no clock watcher). She allowed me to take photos and a short video. Oral was without condom, but not to completion. Offered to get together with her sister the following day but I could not make it.

    (Review # 10101)
  • Mar Del Platta Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 02 2004 Submitted by: Head South

    This city is 250 miles south of Buenos Aires, the southern most beach city in the world. A city of 650,000 people in their summer (our winter) and 200.000 in their winter. It is a big city spread out over many miles with many cove beaches and zillions of summer apartment houses.

    Downtown there is a sex club just off the predestrian walking street of San Martin one block from where it begins at the ocean (near casino). The name is Aristoy at 1660 Entre Rios Street. It has Sex Cafe about the name. You can´t miss it. Opens at 11:30 PM and has about 8 ladies in winter.

    I found a nice bleach blond who speaks great english by the name of Maria. There is a small room in the club where you can have sex for asking price of $50. The DJ will play any music you want to hear and they have strip shows in summer. The absolute best place in town for girls is Madaho, right next to the Sheraton hotel which is severals miles from downtown - a $3 cab ride away. Also opens at 11:30. It´s a man´s candy store with over 40 girls all dressed in sexy outfits - and this is in winter!

    If you can´t find someone here to your liking you are a sick man. They have strip shows as the night progresses. The drinks are about $7, just slow down. The girls ask $50 for sex - half the price of their sister night club in Buenos Aires in Recoleta. You can take them back to your hotel or use a hotel down the street for $15. Ask for Valeria. Speaks some English, is a great strip dancer, and great in bed.
    (Review # 9493)
  • mar del plata Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Feb 18 2003 Submitted by: mr travbug

    Thought I would give people my lowdown on mar del plata.its a very cheap and cheerful seaside resort for the working class. There are apparently 600 hotels here, but in season expect to pay around 50% more than in BA. For you hobbyists there is very little street action. the red light district is nothing compared to say Flores in BA.I have seen the odd 2 or 3 mostly in the 5 category. the area to look is la perla, on the street of 3rd of febrero.around the 2600 mark. They ask about 30 pesos for an hour. Personally I prefer the bar pick up type place but ive heard that these places charge around 20 pesos for a beer so ive decided to forego that scene. ~~

    ~~Gee I was getting hot sex in BA for that price. See my review of BA. I looked in la capital the local newspaper and found adverts for no less than 350 hookers, and most of these numbers have at least 3 hookers in their places. so youíre looking at at least 1000 women for sale. On the streets you will get the odd eyeing up from a really old chick but donít expect to do better than you would in your home town for a freeby pick up. I tried 4 of the numbers in la capital, they were all supposed to be a chick on her own waiting for a call. in reality they were little cat houses with 3-4 girls floating around. They were all in their forties despite anything else the ad said. The best option i had was with a 38 year old woman from north Argentina with big tits on a reasonable body and a passable face.her name is sol ~~

    ~~As with most places there is an "old maid" who takes the calls etc.actually in one place the old maid was about the same age as the women there. Anyways back to the chick good thing about sol is that her place is a proper apartment with nice surroundings. The other places were just divided up apartments with room for a bed and nothing else and seedy looking. The going rate seems to be 30 pesos for an hour and 20 for half and do what you want. Iím sure anything young and sexy would want at least double that as there seems to be a shortage of those kinds of women here. Even down on the beaches I found the women much uglier than the average in BA.~~

    ~~Anyways the chick I was with gave me an excellent massage and first class come in mouth bbbj, and didnít seemed bothered about the time. I was there at least 1 and half hours. I havenít seen any women hanging about in cafes like on Cordoba in in I guess if your Spanish isnít up to the job you can find some sex clubs like madahos to go to.(reviewed elsewhere)its on av alem next to the Sheraton. Otherwise there much more going on in BA to warrant a special visit. Whatís more it gets bloody cold at night here, and now its the middle of summer, god help anyone out of season! Have travbug~~ (Review # 6869)

  • Buenos Aires Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 29 2002 Submitted by: head south

    Latest report on Buenos Aires. There is still nothing better. Iíve been to over 100 countries and this is it. My first trip was in July, and since then Iíve come back twice more itís so good. The dollar was one to one with the peso, now itís 3.5 to one which means everything is almost 4 times cheaper, including the women. The city rivals any European city, with cheap everything now and no tourists, and the finest women you will ever see. a mix of Italian and Spanish, with no other diversity. itís safer than most places, even with demonstrations, cause nobody kills anybody.~~

    ~~To begin, cutty sark on reconquita is the basic place, a bit away from the rest,canned music, but about 10-15 girls some about 8-9īs, average price $50, not all girls from Argentina.~~

    ~~On Suipacha (I stay in this area as itís central and has 4 clubs around - el conquistador hotel right in it at $50 a night 4 star) ness, sister club to cutty sark, has canned music, a singer who comes in to get people dancing, 10-15 girls, some 8-9īs. down the street is banana pub, a new place, with a disco dance floor, some shows, girls dressed skimpily, some 8-9īs. across from ness is cattoīs, and piper pub, all ok, might find a match. But the best in my opinion, is hook. Something really sexual about the place. Girls with tight hot pants or underwear showing. dance music playing, girls dancing, and their dance girls do put on quite a show. Average price is $50-60. They can arrange a cheap hotel also.~~

    ~~the next area is Recoleta, more up scale. a $3 cab ride (cabs all over all night)from downtown. Black is the top club. The girls will blow your mind and your wad. Almost too perfect. Girls a minimum of $100 plus drinks. All dressed to the nines. They give no eye contact or flirting and you must call them over, unlike other places. But just for the eye candy you got to see this place. I never hooked up here cause it just seems too baby doll and no fun but you will find at least one 10 that you can get. The best lookers anywhere. ~~

    ~~Dance music playing on disco floor, some great shows, especially Fridays. Saturday slower cause married men stay home with their wives and canít get out. ~~Password on Guido, up the street, around the corner, is now called closer, canned music, some ok girls. next to it is AffaireÖ. this is where I seemed to hook up most. disco floor playing Latin dance, girls dancing around having a lot of fun, come up to you and talk, some speak English. average 8-9, cost in most of these places is $50-60 negotiated.~~

    ~~Around the cemetery wall is a new club Mundogo®s, large disco floor, girlīs 7-8īs, next door is solid gold, a stripper club, girls 7-8īs, and then next to them, is play girl, probably the best value for the best looking girls around. Girls as nice as black, average price $50, small, with disco floor playing dance and the women dancing around. Any girl you hook up with can take you to a hotel just down the street thatís $10 per room, mirrored ceilings, porn movies on tv.~~This city has to been seen and used at least once in your life. Get here as soon as you can and enjoy.~~ (Review # 6612)

  • Mar del Plata Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 24 2002 Submitted by:

    Most of the strip joints that I visited were within walking distance of the main Casino next to the beach. One I visited, Moonlight, had a couple of girls that I give an 8 for bodywise, 10 arsewise, 4 facewise. Had a great time with one of them for 60 pesos for 1 hour downstairs in a box room. The rest of the women I saw in that and other joints rated 2-3 so I guess I was lucky to find this place and these girls. (Review # 4947)
  • buenos aires Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jan 02 2002 Submitted by: ezy

    I spent a month in Buenos Aires, mid-November to Mid-December 2001. Lots of action available, and prices are falling due to the terrible state of the economy. Girls are the most beautiful and passionate in the world. Fair skinned but hot blooded! ~~~~Clubs where you can pick up chicas to take to your hotel are located in the downtown area and in Recoleta, a well-to-do residential area not far from downtown. 4 clubs are adjacent to each other in the 900 block of Suichapa. Hook and Ness were my favorites. A drink for you and a the girl of your choice will cost $30 to $35, so if you want to spend the evening drinking...take her to your hotel first...which should cost you $100-125 as of December. They may ask for more, but most will accept $100..some will stay an hour, others all night depending upon how much they like you. ~~

    ~~~~Stay away from Cutty Sark in the downtown area on Reconquista. Some of the girls here will rob you if given a chance. This is one of the oldest pick up clubs in BA, but it has gone down hill! The clubs on Suichapa are a far better choice.~~~~Slightly more expensive, are the clubs in Recoleta. Password and Affaire are next door to each other on Guido and Play Women and Solid Gold are near each other on Azcuenaga. Other clubs in the area include Sodoma, Brut and Black. Black is the most expensive club in town, near the Alvear Palace Hotel. ~~

    ~~~~In Black, expect to pay $350 plus for drinks and a girl to take home. You will spend half this amount in most of the other clubs and if you are careful in your selection the girl will be just as beautiful!~~~~There are a number of web sites that advertise escorts. is reputable. The girl you see on the screen is the girl who will arrive at your door. Cost is about $150 for an hour to two hour session.~~
    (Review # 4854)
  • Buenos Aires Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 04 2001 Submitted by: Rick

    Went to B. Aires last month and visited many girls from the Platynum web site.~~Conclusion it is a rip off, most girls do not look like the one in the pictures. ~~It is very unsafe, in one case I wanted to leave as a 50 year woman wanted money~~from me for visiting, she pulled a guy with a dog who did not let me go for 1 hour~~until I paid $50 dollars.

    ~~Then I visited the bars in Recoleta neighborhood (junin street and something else)~~ in most of those bars you can find Argentineans, Brazilian, Russians from 6 to 10. They really among the best looking whores in the world.~~Cost between $100 to $200 plus drinks and $20 for the house. Went to B. Aires last month and visited many girls from the Platynum web site.~~Conclusion it is a rip off, most girls do not look like the one in the pictures. ~~It is very unsafe, in one case I wanted to live as a 50 year woman wanted money~~from me for visiting, she pulled a guy with a dog who did not let me go for 1 hour~~until I paid $50 dolars.~~Then I visited the bars in Recoleta neighborhood (junin street and something else)~~ in most of those bars you can find Argentinians, Brazilian, Russians from 6 to 10. They really among the best looking whores in the world.~~Cost between $100 to $200 plus drinks and $20 for the house.

    ~~Conclusion: do not waist time with web sites like Platynum and go to the Recoleta bars.~~ ~~
    (Review # 4562)
  • Buenos Aires Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 05 2001 Submitted by: tangoman

    I spent a week in Buenos Aires in Aug., 2001. Sex is somewhat expensive, but worth every penny. Girl Friend Experiences (GFEs) are the rule not the exception.
    ~~There are pick up bars in both the downtown and Recoleta areas that have some incredible women, whose rates are $100-300 depending upon length of time desired, their appearance, how busy the night is, and how skilled you are as a negotiator.
    ~~Thereís Cutty Sark, which is downtown of Reconquista, near Cordoba. On Tuesday evening there were 10 beautiful women and 15 or so dogs. I paid $200 for the night with one of the former on top of a $30 bar bill for my chica and I.
    ~~ is an escort web site. The pix are of the real girls, except for those with an * beside the description. * signifies fake. Rates are $100-$300. I paid 200 for Cinthia, a cute blonde who speaks some English. Contracted for 3 hours, she stayed over 4.
    ~~There are many other clubs. In Recoleta you can find Affaire & Password, on Guido, near Junin. Black is across from Alvear Palace hotel and upstairs. Playwomen, Solid Gold & Sodoma are also in the Recoleta area, on the opposite side of the cemetery. Rates are about the same in all clubs except Black, which is more expensive. Hourly rates are not a real bargain in Buenos Aires, but the rate por la noche is a fraction of what it would cost in the US.
    ~~Latinas in Argentina differ from Latinas elsewhere. The early settlers from Europe killed or drove off the native population, so Argentines are light skinned mixes of Italian, Spanish & German immigrants. Donít let the white skin fool you, because the girls here are hot blooded Latinas. I spent 7 nights with a total of 5 women. Not one disappointment. The girls love sex! ~~
    (Review # 4280)
  • Buenos Aires Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jul 31 2001 Submitted by: Rad Rod

    Having returned from Argentina for a third time in three years, I wanted to share some experiences about the unbelievable (that should be bold and underlined) escort situation in BA. I just read Harry's description of the general courtesan scene in BA and I must say, there is not much I could possibly add.
    ~~Basically, take whatever vision you have of the situation in BA and double it. The girls, if treated like first-class ladies on a date, will give you the ultimate GFE imaginable. I tried Cutty Sark, Platynum and also Black. Hands down, if you have the money to burn, Black is the most impressive location of all the venues. The quality and quantity of women is fantastic.
    ~~Enough said - re-read Harry's description Ė itís dead on accurate. Thanks Harry for summing it up.~~
    (Review # 4077)
  • Bahia Blanca Street Action Dated Added: Mon Sep 04 2000 Submitted by: Johnny Rotten

    Downtown Bahia Blanca. I asked the doorman if there~~were any girls around. He asked me my room number.~~15 minutes later he arrived with a portfolio full~~of beautiful Argentinian women. I looked thru the~~portfolio to find a set of twins with beautiful long~~hair green eyes soft milky white skin. They enjoyed~~cheering each other on as they took turns giving~~me a BJ.It cost around $100 dollars US for both.~~It was such a pleasure having them and they seemed to~~take great pleasure in servicing me so much they called me for a repeat performance 2 days later which~~I accepted gladly.~~ (Review # 2285)

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