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  • Rio Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 24 2007 Submitted by: Oscardog

    My second trip to Rio -decided to stay in Lido hotel, which is a cheap place a couple of blocks back from Balcony bar. It's really a short-time sex hotel for girls to take their clients, but having been there before in that capacity I knew the location was good and there's surely be no problems with taking girls back!

    The price was about $35 per night for the room which is pretty good for Central Copa. Having checked out the talent at Balcony and elsewhere I reckoned one of the hottest girls I'd seen was a street-walker standing on the pavement outside the Copacabana hotel. She was tall, slim but with great, definitely enhanced tits. I later found her name was Marilyn, she came from Argentina originally. Virtually no English spoken but I managed to communicate with some Italian (which she knew) and Spanish -and of course they know what you're talking about anyway. She asked me if I wanted sex, I said maybe, she gave me an incredibly low price around $30, I thought there may be a catch.

    Now I really wanted to fuck a Rio girl in the ass, so I asked several times for 'anale', 'completa'? etc, told her I wanted her for 2 hours and to have sex twice, and she kept saying 'no problema'. So we walked back to Lido along the main road one block back from the beach. She was reasonably friendly but walking fast, to her it's a business deal and I guess she wanted to do the deed, get her cash and get back on the street.

    Once in the room she undressed and as well as her pretty face she had a stunning body, really slim but with these perfect (artificial) round breasts which I enjoyed holding -so firm! She sucked me with condom (disappointing), then took me by surprise by giving me a rim-job and fingering my asshole with a condom-covered finger -well, when I asked for anal this wasn't what I had in mind but it was fun. I then did her from behind (in her pussy), now I really wanted her ass and started to prepare her anus by rubbing some saliva on it. She didn't like that, rubbed off my spit with a sheet.

    By now I could feel the sap rising, thought I'd save the anal for round 2, so kept fucking her pussy from behind until I came -still a good fuck. From here on it went downhill. Unlike the last Rio girl I'd had (and paid $50 for), she was in a hurry, didn't want to relax at all before round 2 although she didn't try to leave either. So -my dick had hardly gone soft before she was getting it hard again, I wasn't complaining although I'd have preferred a bit more of a rest.

    Next she went back to work on my asshole, again fun but by now I was realizing that her trick was to use up all my condoms on my ass rather than hers. We still had one left, I was fucking her pussy again and getting ready for her ass -she insisted on a clean condom for the anal and we were out. I'd been tricked, I could have called to reception for more rubbers but was getting fed up by now, she started rubbing my cock but I'd had enough and let her go. So -a fun hour or so with a gorgeous young  (22) girl and great value for money -but I've had paid more to do her ass. If I'd been more experienced/ruthless I shouldn't have been diverted from my goal, I should have gone straight to her ass and no excuses! Learn by my lesson and always have lots of condoms so they don't have a reason to back out of what's been agreed!
    (Review # 17508)
  • St. Petersburg Travel Report Dated Added: Fri May 19 2006 Submitted by: Nearxos

    I staid in St. Petersburg for a week. Girls are very beautiful, polite and sweet. There are some clubs (they call them saloons) that you can find girls stripping and you can take them to a private room or to your hotel. There are many brothels (some of them in the central Nevskji prospect street) with 8-10 beautiful girls each, witch cost approximately 2000r (65 euros) for 1 hour. There is a list of all these girls from all the brothels. In this list you can find only real photos of each girl and the phone number to call her. Donít hesitate to ask to the taxi driver, he only speaks Russian, but he will understand immediately what you are looking for. All girls are doing the same service, oral and straight with condom, no anal, no CIF-CIM. They are doing it really well and you will remain satisfied. Russians are the sweetest girls I have ever met in a business trip in a foreign country. They offer real GFE, treat them well and tip them at the end. (Review # 14760)

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