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  • Tashkent Escort Review Dated Added: Wed May 21 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I've visited Tashkent recently and after reading through here before, I wasn't too optimistic. I was booked into the Dedeman Silk Road Hotel, and as I didn'tīt feel too comfortable about going somewhere after reading here, I checked with the concierge the last night I was there. He said, I should check out the nightclub attached to the Hotel.

    The nightclub can be reached directly from within the Hotel and when I came down there, there were about 20 girls hanging around at a couple of tables close to the Bar. Besides me, two or three other visitors were present and after having a drink and watching the scene for a while, two girls came over and asked very politely if I wish to have some company. One of the two was blond and rather tall, the other one about 1.60 and dark haired.

    After having a drink together, they became quite cuddly and so I asked the dark haired one about going to the room. She quickly agreed and despite the price (200US$) being quite high considering the normal local salaries I agreed. She checked in with the reception (another 20US$) and up we went to the room. What I then experienced, was a very positive surprise. GFE of the nicest sort, except that most GFs donīt go along for virtually anything you ask for.

    We went on until 4:30 when I had to leave to the airport. Overall, a very positive surprise given what I have read here and definitely worth the investment.
    (Review # 23823)
  • Tashkent Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 05 2005 Submitted by: toobatoo

    When you are in Uzbekistan, I stongly advise to forget about the sex. First of all, not much is going on in Juliano, as this is a very local place - and you as a foriegner, if you cannot speak Uzbek or Russian, could not find a single girl. The better place is Sky Club. But remember, all the girls have mobile phones and almost all the girls are in contact with police. So as soon as you take the girl, and you are in the taxi to your place or her place, they will call the police, and the unpleasant story starts:  Police stop the car, asks you to come to the police station for having a prostitute with you, and you should pay at least between 500 to 1000 $ to get rid of them. This is the story... happend twice to me in my visits to Uzbekistan, and has happened to many of my freinds. (Review # 13017)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Aug 24 2005 Submitted by:

    This year I had 5 visits to Tashkent, therfore I can really tell you the situation. First of all, forget about all places such as Juliano and Dutch Club and others. Especially in Juliano, you cannot find anything. 99% of girls coming to Juliano are not hookers (professional prostitue), or they will not go with you if you cannot speak Russian or Uzbek. All these girls are coming just to dance with their frieinds. The Juliano Disco is simply a disco, not a place for prostitution.

    Second, the only place you may have a slim chance of finding a hooker is Sky Club. However, even here, if you cannot speak Russian or Uzbek, it is difficult to find a girl who will go with you. The prices start from 100$ per night.

    After being very lucky and finding a girl in Sky Club, the major problem remains, and that is to take the girl safely to your place. Most of the girls in the business of prostitution have links with local police. Usually when in the taxi, they call the police and give the address and usually the police will catch you in front of your place or on the way to your place. The only way to get rid of the police is to pay 500 to 1000$. This has happened to many of my freinds. Therfore if you are in Tashkent for a short time, try to forget about the sex. If you cannot, take extra precautions!
    (Review # 12535)
  • Fergana Street Action Dated Added: Sun Aug 07 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Uzbekistan: Police and Prostitutes in Unholy Alliance - In order to survive, some prostitutes in the Fergana valley have joined in the fight against crime. A preponderance of headscarves signals the strong presence of Islam across the Fergana valley - but this densely populated bastion of tradition has also become a centre for prostitution in Uzbekistan. Official figures are said to underestimate the true number of women selling their bodies in the valley - there thought to be about 1000 - as only a minority have ended up in court. In the city of Fergana, police records show that 86 women have been charged with prostitution, but an additional 200 were discharged as “women of easy virtue”, which means they were not convicted of any crime. This apparent laxity in such a conservative society may be explained by the claim of some Uzbek “working girls” that they are locked in a kind of unholy alliance with the police. Dilfuza Juraeva, a prostitute living in the Altyaryk district of Fergana, claims that local prostitutes not only pay protection money to police, but are also deployed to defame wealthy, high-ranking or "troublesome" people. "Like all prostitutes who work unhindered in the village of Khamza, every Monday I hand over [some] of my earnings to the Altyaryk police department," she said. These allegations were laid out in a written statement to the provincial prosecutor's office, which also included claims that police officers used prostitutes to plant drugs on officials or wealthy people that they wanted set up. Her statement elicited no official response, but Juraeva claims that a campaign of harassment soon ensued. "The police won't leave me in peace," she said. "I have been beaten up and warned to leave the area, or I will be 'dealt with'." Certainly, if the police were looking for ways to target high-ranking members of the urban elite, prostitution would be a good way. Guzal’s customer list contains numerous well-known local figures. "My clients are members of the regional and district governments, the prosecutor's office and the military. They pay to have a good time on the side with a young woman like me," she said. Human rights activist Tukhtasyn Alijanov agrees that prostitutes working in the Fergana region have become a tool in the hands of law-enforcement agencies. "It has become quite commonplace for prostitutes to be used in acts of provocation," he told IWPR. "One good example is the meeting of opposition parties held in Fergana, where members of the Erk party were beaten up by prostitutes." Some prostitutes, however, say that they have voluntarily joined the fight against crime as part of an unwritten contract with the police who leave them alone in exchange for valuable information. "Yes, we help the police. If we are suspicious of any of our clients, then we inform the police immediately. In return, we can work in peace, without worrying that we will be arrested and have criminal charges pressed against us," said Naima. "The police see us as reliable informants," added a Fergana madam. "We tell them who our clients are, how much money they have and when they came to us. Criminal clients tell us everything when they get drunk, and we pass this on to the district police officer." A law enforcement source confirmed that prostitutes have proven useful in detective work. "We caught a serial child killer in Fergana with the assistance of prostitutes, so it is clear that we do use their help," he told IWPR on the condition of anonymity. Even if prostitutes have established some sort of compromise with the police, the shame and ostracism associated with prostitution continues unabated. Indeed, many women choose to work far away from home - travelling to Fergana from neighbouring provinces, or in the case of Fergana women, working in Andijan and Namangan provinces. "The reason for this phenomenon is clear," said Arabbai Kadyrov, a human rights activist from Namangan. "Prostitution is on the increase, but the shame it brings has in no way diminished.” Some lead complicated double lives. For two months, Barno has been working as a prostitute in Fergana, while her husband cares for their two children in Kuvusai. "My husband thinks I found a job in Fergana, he has no idea I am earning money through prostitution," she said. Shakhida has become the sole breadwinner for her child and other members of her family, "I visit the bar every day. By selling my body, I provide for my family and ensure our financial security". Whether her family are aware of how she puts food on their table, she did not say. Unlike many western countries where prostitution is often the result of social problems such as drug addiction, in traditional, conservative Uzbekistan it appears to be a direct consequence of poverty and unemployment. "How can I condemn my fellow countrywomen for working as prostitutes, when it is very difficult to find work or to earn a living wage from one job?" asked Ismail Mallabaev from the Kirgul region. "Even for a job as a cleaner, you need to raise money for a bribe. This is why women sell their bodies." Once they begin earning an estimated 10,000 to 25,000 sums a day (18-22 US dollars), many women find it difficult to imagine returning to subsistence wages. "I would be happy to find a good job, but there are none around. And I don't want to work for a monthly salary of 20,000 sums. That is no use for anything. So I continue like this, with no idea whose arms I will be in tomorrow, in whose arms I may die. God knows," said Shokhsanam Abdukhalilova from Andijan. Others insist that their predicament is only temporary. "I still feel that everything lies ahead of me. I will set my daughter on her own two feet, then as soon as I find a decent man I will get married. I believe that my future will be good," said Manzura from the Kuvin district. Such optimism is not totally misplaced, if Bonu, a madam from Fergana, is to be believed. She currently has two girls working for her, who give her 1,000 sums from every encounter and keep the remaining 1,000-4000 sums for themselves. But she says their predecessors have all enjoyed a life beyond prostitution. "I have helped nine girls to get married. They made good money working as prostitutes and I helped them to establish their own families," she said. (Review # 12367)
  • Tashkent Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 03 2005 Submitted by: toobatoo

    I visited Uzbekistan two times this year. The majority of the girls in night clubs and discos, such as Sky Club or Papillon, or Juliano, or any other club are not working (are not hookers). If you could not speak Russian or Uzbek language it is extremely difficult to find a girl, as they will not trust you, and you could find rarely a beautiful girl who could speak English. Those who you may find speaking English are professional prostitutes, and maybe not the type you are looking after, as this type of professional girls you could find anywhere.

    The prices are asound 50 USD, but remember the girls will ask you for 50 USD more when they are at your apratment or hotel. I do not recommond to rent an apartment, as girls are in connection with the police, and they will give your address to the police; police will enter your apartment and demand bribe money in great amount. Then this money is divided between the police and girl who gave the address. The biggest problem in Tashkent after finding the girl in one of the clubs is taking her to your place. As police stop many cars in the street, and if they find out you are a foreigner with a girl in the car, you will be indeed in a real problem, as it happend to one of my freinds. The police took him to police station and after keeping for 24 hours and getting 1000 USD let him go. Also remember that you may go to a night club in Tashkent and even after spening many hours and a lot of efforts could not find or convince a girl to come with you. I have visited many countries, and all in all Uzbekistan is one of the worst countries if you are looking for some sex.
    (Review # 11910)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jun 08 2005 Submitted by: toobatoo

    I was in Tashkent recently. The majority of the girls in all clubs including: Dutch club, Julianos, Sky Club, and others are not prostitute. Actually you need to speak Uzbek or Russian if you want to find a girl. Take care of the police, as they are patroling the streets and if they find you with gril they will bribe you up to 1000 $! Tashkent is not a safe city and not a city for sex. If you are looking after sex go to other countirs. (Review # 11717)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 09 2005 Submitted by: MUA

    On the end of Apri-2005 I have visited Tashkent for 6 days. This was a plain sex trip. I can't say it was super but it was an average. I meet there girls almost every day. They were whore and with them you may even have group sex.

    I spent time with two girls and just spent only US$45. For a single sex scene US$10 is enough. You can find the girls in street like former Tata building area or the park Ali Timur. If you are able to spend like US$30 you may find the girls from any night club or Discos for a night. In the night clubs the girls would ask to stay or to be used in the club rooms. But be careful of that. It might be dangerous. Taking the girls to your place is safe. If you are in apartment or mini hotels, there are no problem with the security peoples, even I have never been paid anybody for the girls. 

    (Review # 11413)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 19 2005 Submitted by: CAlover

    Well last week, Juliano's was certainly happening. Going rates always started at 100. Managed to get a fabulous duo.

    Natasha, slim and blond and Yulia, slim and busty blond for 70 dollars for two hours. Very good sex and Yulia is a superb fuck, BBBJ, titfuck. Had one of them sitting on my face and another on the dick - woooaaah!

    Another night a superb local beauty for 30 dollars for several hours. An exciting adventure was a chap called Ravshan at Uzbekistan hotel, he will set you you up with a room for about 60USD.

    (Review # 10873)
  • Other Dated Added: Wed Dec 29 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    [This detailed and socially valuable report comes from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty which, I believe, is still paid for, in part, by US tax dollars? So I think that would make this a public document? In any case, posting it here seems a socially useful and very defendable act since it is a valuable, thought-provoking, and well-written article. Though it is a bit bleak at times, I must say] Central Asia: HIV Infections Mount In Uzbekistan As Prostitution Rises (Part 2) By Gulnoza Saidazimova There are an estimated 32,000 Central Asians between the ages of 15 and 49 infected with HIV and AIDS. In Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan, nearly one-third of them are women, many of them prostitutes. The spread of HIV through the sex trade has been especially acute in Uzbekistan, the most populous state in the region. In the second of a four-part series on AIDS in Central Asia, RFE/RL reports on the rapid spread of the deadly virus among Uzbek prostitutes. Prague, 30 November 2004 (RFE/RL) -- The 30-year-old prostitute refuses to give her name. She says she discovered she was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, roughly two years ago. She doesn't know when she contracted the disease, or from whom. But she says she has no one to blame but herself: "There were some clients who didn't want to use condoms. They were drunk. Men usually buy [sexual services] when they're drunk."As the most populous country in Central Asia -- and a transit point for truckdrivers from throughout the region, as well as Turkey and Iran -- Uzbekistan has more prostitutes, and more risk of an AIDS epidemic, than any of its neighbors. The woman says it is difficult to convince drunk clients to wear condoms. She believes she contracted HIV by having unprotected sex with one of these men. The 30-year-old divorcee turned to prostitution in order to make a living and raise her 10-year-old son. But once she found out she was infected with HIV, she stopped her work and lost her livelihood. Her family now refuses to have contact with her. But the worst part, she says, is knowing that she is dying: "The immune system doesn't work, and a person dies gradually from this illness." The woman says she takes vitamins and some medicine to keep herself healthy. But it is expensive and she can't continue it for long. Some 11,000 people in Uzbekistan are believed to be infected with HIV or AIDS. According to official data, 20 percent of those are sex workers. Prostitution has been on rise since Uzbekistan obtained independence just over a decade ago. Many blame high unemployment, especially among women, for the growth in prostitution. As the most populous country in Central Asia -- and a transit point for truckdrivers from throughout the region, as well as Turkey and Iran -- Uzbekistan has more prostitutes, and more risk of an AIDS epidemic, than any of its neighbors. In the capital of Tashkent alone, an estimated 6,000 women offer sexual services. One woman, Gulya, says she has been infected several times with curable sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like trichomoniasis. But she has not contracted HIV, and describes what she and her co-workers do in order to avoid being infected: "Usually we use condoms. Some clients say they don't want to use them. That is also possible. If we don't use condoms, we ask a man to [ejaculate] outside of us. Then disease can't be transmitted. We are very experienced. It's enough for us to look at a man once and say whether he is sick or not." Safe-sex advocates face a challenge in Uzbekistan, where the average monthly salary is $15. A pack of three condoms costs $1 -- a purchase few people can afford to make. The Washington-based organization Population Service International (PSI) works with HIV/AIDS sufferers in all of the Central Asian states but Turkmenistan. Artur Niyazov heads PSI's work in Uzbekistan, and says the group is working to promote safe sex and condom use among the country's young people. It distributes information and sells low-priced condoms in areas where prostitution and drug use among young people is known to be high. Niyazov says PSI volunteers also work with prostitutes directly at the sites where sex services are provided: "They go directly to the field -- meaning to streets, to highways, to apartments, anywhere where [prostitutes] gather. We collaborate with 'Mama Rozas' (eds: women who find clients for prostitutes). The collaboration is also between peers, because we have Mama Rozas among our outreach workers. Sixty percent of our outreach workers are former commercial sex workers and Mama Rozas." PSI sells condoms at a price of 220 Uzbek soms for a three-pack of condoms -- nearly three times cheaper than the regular price. Niyazov says the group also offers additional incentives to prostitutes to convince them to buy condoms: "We started a campaign to motivate them to buy condoms. If they buy 10 packs, they get a medical test for free. As you may know, such tests are quite complicated for these types of women [in Uzbekistan]. If a woman is diagnosed with an STD, she is registered and sent to a venereal disease center for compulsory treatment. Therefore, they hide their diseases. We give them the chance to have an anonymous test in a friendly clinic. We choose the clinic and we pay the doctors." Government officials in Uzbekistan say they are fighting the battle against HIV/AIDS as well. Bakhtiyor Madaminov is deputy head of the Health Ministry's AIDS center. He says in 1999 the country passed a law on preventing HIV infection that aims to protect the rights of those diagnosed with HIV and AIDS and provide them with free medical services. To that end, the Health Ministry has opened AIDS centers in different regions of the country, as well as what Madaminov calls anonymous "trust rooms." "Their major task is to provide drug addicts with new syringes and [a] chemical substance to disinfect used needles as well as with condoms," Madaminov said. "It's all financed by the government, from a state budget." A number of nongovernmental organizations are also involved in the battle against the disease. One, "Ishonch va hayot" -- or "Trust and Life" -- holds special classes for people living with HIV/AIDS. Sergei Pyatayev, the deputy head of the NGO, says many of the group's psychologists, lawyers, and health counselors are themselves HIV-positive. It is one way, he says, of fighting the stigma attached to those living with the deadly disease. (Review # 10708)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 29 2004 Submitted by:

    Dudes, the epicenter of working girls in Tashkent is now Sky Slub, on the top floor of the Bumi hotel, which a lot of the locals call the Tata hotel. The hottest ones in the city are there, and they ask for 100 bucks upfront, but you can talk all of them down to 50 for the night. Don't go payin 150 bucks and wreckin the market, that's all I got to say. There are also girls on the street around the hotel, but you gotta speak uzbek and know people, otherwise the girls are scared of cops and wont let on that their workin. Also the top floor of the Uzbekistan hotel has a club with a few workin girls. You'll know who they are cause their the ones who want to dance with you. 50 bucks for the night.

    Julianos (in Bobur park) has some okay girls, mostly Uzbek. Stand around the bar, and if a girl walks up to you and talks to you, guess what. She's workin. Dutch club was totally dead the last time I was there, nothin goin on at all. Security guys at any hotel will hook you up with some poon, but expect to pay a lot more. Another option is to go to any club, dance like a fool, and speak English. A lot of girls will go home with you for free, or at least give you their number and do you on the second date. They want a ticket out of that hell hole.
    (Review # 9199)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Mar 18 2004 Submitted by: Michael

    Stayed in Sheraton for 10 days. While girls cost usually $40-$50 per night, hotel security guys (don't be surprised!) sell them for $250 -$400 per night or $80 per hour. If you trying to bring some girl with you, they will not just let her in. So think twice before deciding to stay in Sheraton Hotel In Tashkent!! (Review # 8631)
  • Tashkent Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 07 2003 Submitted by:

    Finding a girl is easy in Tashkent, but not if you need it to be private (from hotel staff, business coleagues etc). If you are staying for a short time go for it, $50 for a short visit, $100 for all night plus the usual $20 for hotel security. If staying for a while try to get to or use of an apartment and develop a phone list. (Review # 7310)
  • Tashkent Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 01 2002 Submitted by: houit

    Ok guys. Here is the scoop. I have lived in Uzbekistan for the last several months. I been to Tashkent 3 times for a total of about 12 days. If you can't find a hooker in Tashkent then you have some major issues. Go to any club and there will be hookers. Go to Julianos and on most nights 3 out of 4 girls are hookers. It is easy to find out. Ask them to dance and if they are all over your stick then they are probably a hooker. I have been to other clubs but there is no reason to go anywhere else because the hottest ones are at Julianos.

    I have talked to several hookers and they all like Julianos best. Don't pay more than $50 for the whole night unless you like throwing your money away. They all start at $100 but some can be talked down to $30 and all can be talked down to $50. As far as hotels go... don't stay at the Intercon if you want to take a chick to your room. Everyone in Uzbekistan can be bribed but at the intercon they make it hard on you. Just stay somewhere else and plan on paying $20 per girl to the security gaurd. That is how things are done it is just part of the system. The women are beautiful here and I tend to believe that many are just normal girls that go out once or twice a week to make a few bucks rather than full fledged professionals.

    ~~~~See you in Tashkent.~~ (Review # 6065)

  • Tashkent Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Feb 26 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    The Dutch Club has been mentioned, but the rates there are from about $40 for two. One girl will cost $50 but can be negotiated down. The Dutch Club is one of the more famous places but there are plenty more available. Club Papillion is better. Girls there very from $0 to $200, but still most can be obtained for $50 or less.

    There are other clubs, but some have younger girls and/or drugs. Both of these can mean serious trouble with the police, so I cannot recommend them.

    Knowledge of Russian is an advantage but even if you don't know any, you will be able to get by. Normally let your girlfriend negotiate the cab home though for a cheaper rate.

    Condoms are recommended but the local girls do not insist on them. You may want to, just in case. I have never been ripped off by a local girl, but there are plenty of stories. Best have your valuables safe when inviting a new guest.
    (Review # 3216)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Feb 15 2000 Submitted by: Tex

    When I first came to Uzbekistan, I thought there would be prostitutes all over since the average income is so low, but surprisingly there was not much going on. I stayed at Intercontinental Hotel, no action in the lobby nor in the bars. Same in the streets, I stayed out in the main street where people go out at night, but no girls standing there. I guess this is because police is present everywhere, so you really have to try hard to find a girl.

    There are two types of women: Russians and Uzbek - the latter are Muslims and look like a combination of Asian and European, very attractive.

    People are very friendly and open-minded, I met a Russian girl (no whore) who showed me her city, when I wanted to take her to my hotel room she said "Next time" (unfortunately this was my last day). I recommend to find a girl in a club, invite her for dinner the next day and when you see she likes you, try to sleep with her, maybe even for free or for a tip, and maybe without rubber as Uzbeks do not like condoms.
    (Review # 1592)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Feb 11 2000 Submitted by: anon2

    Just had to respond to the misleading previous Uzbekistan post. That post is an order of magnitude off. In reality, $10 is plenty for an hour with a girl walking the streets in Chilanzar and $10-15 for a better girl (6-8) at the bus stop across from the Tata Hotel. At the Dutch Club almost ALL the girls are hooking, not only a few, but they expect to rip their clients off. Even there, $100 would get you 24 hours, not just one hour. (Review # 1544)
  • Tashkent Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jan 22 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Staying in the Intercontinental in Tashkent, I went in a night-club named "The Dutch Club". Plenty of girls there most of them are not prostitutes but you can find a good girl for 100 USD or less. Many problem with the security of the hotel so it is better to go the place of the girl. Security also provided me one night two girls (150 USD each). One was superb. (Review # 1360)

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