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  • Tajikistan Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jun 19 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    It's hard to believe that a hotbed of prostitution like Tajikistan has never had a report written about it, but perhaps this information will encourage further reports. The US State Department reports that prostitution is illegal in this nation, but in practice prostitutes are not tried in court but are given a cursory fine. Prostitutes operate openly at night in urban areas. Tajikistan is a smuggling point for Afghan opium. Drugs and prostitution are reportedly "rife."

    In fact, a Russian journalist had her credentials yanked by Tajik authorities for an article that said prostitution was the most widespread profession in Tajikistan. One issue that comes up over and over is the fact that Tajik women are being smuggled to the UAE (United Arab Emirates) to work in brothels, there, with lots of publicity about various rings being busted. One report out of Tajikistan says that the "Railway District of Dushanbe" has about ten brothels operating. Officials blame the media for publicizing the money being made by prostitutes. Others who have more sense blame unemployment and the living standard of the population. 
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