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Home : Russia and Central Asia : Kyrgyzstan
  • Bishkek Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 18 2005 Submitted by: JW

    Spent a week in Bishkek in November 2005. Stayed at the Hyatt for 4 days and the Golden Dragon for 2 days. Hyatt is very nice, but too expensive. Golden Dragon is very good for the price. Hyatt bartenders will arrange chicks to come to your room through a pimp, but it's expensive: $100 per hour, or $200 all night... negotiable.

    The saunas are a much better deal. You can rent an entire house for $10-20 per hour, and 10-15 girls will come by. You pick the one or two you want. I hired a driver that knew all the places for $50 a day, and I reserved the Golden Pheasant for 2 hours, after a bad experience at a cheaper sauna. This place was a big 2-storey house with sauna, small pool, 2 big livingrooms, and 2-3 bedrooms. The girls cost $20 per hour, and you can get them for all night and bring them back to your hotel for another $80.

    You can get this just by yourself, or if there are more than 2 of you, I would recommend reserving it for the whole night and getting the owners to prepare you a feast... alcohol is available at good prices too.  Go with the oriental girls... they fuck better, and are friendlier than the Russians.  Enjoy!
    (Review # 13331)
  • Bishkek Street Action Dated Added: Sat Oct 12 2002 Submitted by: Jim

    If you travel to Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan you make sure you check out some street actions by the SUM (the only and largest department store in Bishkek.It will cost you anywhere between $10 to $15 for one hour. (Review # 6276)
  • Bishkek Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Mar 02 2002 Submitted by:

    I thought there should be at least one post for dear old Bishkek. Bishkek is a Russian city, everyone speaks Russian and knowing Russian is a big help. Although the Kyrgyz people are Muslim, in the city things change. The girls look for rich ex pats or just a fun time, and are generally poor and in a desperate situation. Kyrgyz women are Asian and very beautiful, as are the Russian and the few Tatars you’ll find. ~~

    ~~For a sure thing, go the American Pub on Chui. It is full of prostitutes ready for unenthusiastic sex at 50 dollars, you can bargain. Go to any big Communist hotel ,Issy Kol, Semetai..., and you find tons more. Either sitting in the lobby or they’ll come up to your room and knock on your door. There are plenty on the streets, near the opera house was the best place a last summer, and while in general those girls are a 1 to 3, I ran into a cute 8 that blew me away and stayed with me all night. But...~~

    ~~Watch out for the cops. You wont go to jail but they follow you and ask for 50 to 100 dollars if they see you pick up a girl on the street. It is their scam, and if they are even real cops, which they probably aren’t, it can be worse. Money talks though in the former USSR, so keep a 50 in your shoe or something.~~

    ~~The best bet is to go to a discos, there are two under the philharmonia, Carousel in the park is also good, and talk to the girls. Young girls in Kyrgyzstan are beautiful. Wow. Many are poor, or students, or from the villages, and if you make friends with them you can have them show you the town the next day, arrange a date or dinner, and then see what happens on the second night, usually with super results. Sorry, no mobile phones here, or newspapers with names of girls, and these girls are shy and not professionals. But Jesus, I walked into Red Fox and found 5 guys and 50 lonely beautiful girls, including 8 or 10 sexy blonde Russians. Paradise. ~~
    (Review # 5116)
  • Bishkek Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 01 2002 Submitted by: Chasindaddy

    Well folks. being the pussy addict that I am I had to go to Bishkek a few weeks after the 9/11 attack to this far away place that is near nothing but still beautiful. I went to meet a girl I met on Yahoo and stayed with her so I did not partake of any of the local action that was for sale. However for those of you who might be interested, there is action in this country.

    ~~~~I stayed at the Dostuk Hotel and the girls are in the bar at night. I think that they are about $40.00 USD but I did not try to pick any up. The house dick will shake you down too so be prepared but with money anything is OK in this Hotel. The hotel has lots of cabs outside and Alexi was my driver. He has a Mercedes and I am sure that he knows his way around. Just ask . Hope this helps take care and I am looking forward to my next trip but not Bishkek. Its a three day town.~~ (Review # 4849)


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