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  • Baku Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 06 2008 Submitted by: Mrcxb

    I have been in Baku last last year, And now :) If you want to sex with cheap and cuties girls you need to visit INFINITY Club... (Ex name is : KEY club ) There are a lot azerian and russian girls. 30-40 manats for 1 hour. 1 hour (40 Manats) + taxi (20 Manats)+ sauna (15 Manats) TOTAL: 75 Manats :)

    If you have got a house, you are very lucky in Baku. and If you stay more then one week I think you have to rent house for 1 month. Finally If your target is just sex. You can go UNIVERSAL club. There are alot of cheap and normal girls. 50 Manats for one night :) goood luck...
    (Review # 24842)
  • Baku Other Dated Added: Wed Sep 10 2008 Submitted by: hmm...

    I have been in Baku for couple of years and here is my advice: if you are in Baku for a short stay, then I can recommend "Le Chevalier" night club (formerly "Tunnel") located in Europa Hotel. Action starts around after midnight, but advise you to go around midnight just to take a seat, as soon this place gets crowded and there would be no place to sit.


    There are 25-30 girls in average on weekends sitting at the bar. Usually, girls are local Azeri, but there are some Russian or Ukrainian, who arrived to Baku to make some money. You can easily approach them and negotiate the price. Most of them do not speak English, but understand basic words. Price greatly varies from girl to girl.


    Expect that a pretty Ukrainian blond baby can ask for $120 (or equivalent in local currency - 100 manat) for a night (if it's is already 2 o'clock in the morning, she can lower it to $80). So, if you wait for an hour or more price can drop. Often such girls have their own cars parked near the club, so there would not be a need to take a taxi. "1033" night club, mentioned in previous reports, is closed, as, by rumors, it was close to Prime-Minister's house and making a lot of noise.


    Do not recommend "Coral" or "Black Jack" night clubs, as there is no basic services, girls are ugly and rip off foreigners.


    Avoid discos and night clubs located in small basements, as there is a big chance to be robbed.


    Street action: Some street action existed in Tbilisi Avenue, close to Europa Hotel, but they were mainly homosexuals and transvestites. At the end of the last year they were busted by the police and did not reappear there.


    If you are staying for a long time in Baku, I would recommend to make Azeri friends, who would organize you some action. This is a lot cheaper and I had a pretty Russian girl coming to my apartment for $40 a night. They can also take you to the saunas, where you can find some action for $30 for an hour. I had a lovely Azeri babe with big boobs, white and soft skin, who gave me a BJ and classic for $30 an hour.


    I will also advise you to ask for massage saloons (not those that are advertised in expat newspapers!) from Azeri or other colleagues.


    One of them was on Karl Marx Street, in an apartment block between 2 newly constructed bridges. In front of it there was a pile of brand-new Russian cars, as car sales office was nearby. Saloon did not have any sign. The entrance was covered with brown tiles. So, you go inside and pay at the reception 20 manats (around $24) for a massage.


    Then the receptionist (she will give you a receipt!) takes you to the room with around 20 girls inside, but brow where you can choose a girl. I visited this place twice and only first time had a nice girl.


    Second time they all were ugly. Room, where they were sitting was always full of smoke, and massage cabinets did not have anything except massage table. Then girl would tell that she is paid for massage only and if you want something extra, you have to pay her. BJ and classic would cost you another $24 for an hour. So, good luck with hunting! ;)

    (Review # 24724)
  • Baku Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 18 2005 Submitted by: Segj

    Visited the Coral Club. There were about 50 chicks for any taste. Medium price is about $50. But you should know that you'll be charged more for expensive drinks, cloakroom tips, taxi, etc. In total you will loose about $100-120. Taxi is the most expensive part. Because girls use their "special taxi," it's much more expensive than usual. They will ask you to pay about $20 one way, and then the same price back again. (Review # 12892)
  • Baku Other Dated Added: Mon Jul 25 2005 Submitted by: Baku Boy

    I have been living in Baku for many years. Although I always prefer decent relations, I appreciate this site and wanted to share my knowledge of the city with those who may need it.  It is not so hard to have sex in Baku. Try any of these:

    1.  If you have a lot of money, go to 1033 at Hyatt.  All girls are alone... If they are looking around, sitting at the bar... for sure they are prostitutes. You can agree with them for 100$/night, or less if you bargain.  Go there around midnight.

    2. If you want cheaper girls, try Black Jack, Koral, or any underground (basement) discos.  There are so many of them in the city center. Baku is generally safe, but it is advised to be with a friend when entering the basement discos.

    3. Ask the taxi drivers, especially the young ones, to find you girls. They will find a girl for about 50$.

    4. Get a free local English newspaper from the restaurants (Anadolu, Intergrand, etc.) in downtown. There are usually telephone numbers of massage saloons or masseuses. Normally they offer a range of services from handjob to full act when you go there.  Beware that some of these saloons cannot even offer normal massage service, and are intended for sex only.

    5. With some luck and attention, you can of course get local friends for free, but always make sure that you just want to have fun without long-term relations. If they accept, that's good. If not, it is again good that you don't leave broken hearts and dreams behind. You don't usually see normal girls out at night having fun unless they have a decent and high-profile job.  If you still can't find anything after trying 1,2,3,4; I think no one can help you.
    (Review # 12165)
  • Baku Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 09 2005 Submitted by: Stoop

    Ok here is what you need to know about Baku because all of the stuff here is outdated. I go to Baku alot because one of my friends lives there. He is an Azeri guy so never get ripped off and know where to go. Le Chavalier (used to be called Turnal Club) at Grand Hotel Europe and 1033 at the Hyatt are good places to pick up girls and they are all usually at the bar. Just offer to buy one a drink and she'll more than likely become very forward. Don't settle for tourist prices either. Never pay more that $50 (250,000 manats) as it damages the market. Neon bar near fountain square sometimes has nice girls but usually quite quiet. MGS Carting (the go cart track just outside the centre of Baku) also has nice girls on a Friday and Saturday. Capitol Club has now shut down. This was the best place to go but it is going to re-open this summer as a different club because Hilton bought the hotel next door. Coral Club and Black Jack are a waste of time because you get skanky looking diseased girls who are usually on drugs!! Bar at the top of SAS Radisson also usually has nice chicks. So that's the places to go for girls. If you're looking for a serious girlfriend, wanna relax or meet locals and other expats, go to chill out bar. (Review # 11724)
  • Baku Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 03 2005 Submitted by: Pedro

    Been staying in Baku for a year and a half now, and can honestly say that if you cannot find a brass in this town then heaven help you. Most of the women who parade around fountain square are quite respectable and not hookers. Though from a western eye they certainly do look like brasses. If you want to meet a girl for long term or just for the night then any bar or club, restaurant will point you in the right direction.

    There are some definite hooker haunts : Blackjacks, Corral, Rig bar, Capital club, 1033 & any underground club that picks your fancy. But on the whole, be they of Russian or Azeri background, it is difficult to ascertain whether or not they are on the game or just friendly as you like!

    I get confused as a simple thing like having a passport photo taken can lead you into a woman. They are so intrigued with who you are, where you have been and what you know that after a while it makes it hard to define pure slut from friendly locals.

    All things said Baku is a must for a discerning traveller of the world. I have travelled well and can honestly say Baku comes into the top three. I have worked in the Emirates, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia etc. so you can appreciate if it comes in the top three it must be some good!! As for cost the average local can count on less than $200 a month to survive so common sense prevails. There is no point being downright mean but $25 to a max of $100 at the top end of the scale is the going rate. Viva Baku and thank GOD for oil!!!!!!!!!!

    (Review # 10794)
  • Baku Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 29 2004 Submitted by: Vic

    In August 2004 I was in Baku and, and after reading the last comments on this site, I went to Black Jack.

    It was about 10:00pm and I was the only client there. There were two girls and, after half an hour I invited the girl with the big breasts to my table. She asked for some expensive beer twice and I asked if I could get some girl in Baku to go to my hotel or other place. She said to me that this was not possible. At 11:00 pm they closed the place and I was put out. So, I think that Black Jack is not anymore a good place to get some girl.

    I also asked for Capitol, but no one knew where it was, maybe it don't exists anymore now, or it was not in that area.

    But, on the second day, I was in the the Fountain Square and a girl on her's 30 came and tried to talk to me in Azeri language. I answered in english and it was impossible to talk to her. But she sat beside me and, after some 20 minutes trying to understand something, I ask her how much with my fingers. She understood that and said what I thought was 15$ (it was 50$ as I discovered later). I could also explain that I wanted two hours of sex, and she agreed. I could also understand that we would go to her house.

    We picked a taxi and were going to the surroundings (very poor place, ancient buildings). I was worried about this, but we went to a second floor and were received by an old woman that I understood was her mother. This woman asked me for 20$ more for the room. The girl was a little bit fat in the legs, but it was very nice and the sex was good. I asked for anal sex, she agreed but I understood that it was not normal to ask that. When we tried, she screamed and I couldn't do it. By the end she gave me her phone number So, it was an interesting experience, but I think it's a little bit dangerous to go with someone you don't know to a place you also don't know where is in the city. I was for 10 days in Baku and this situation never happened again. Almost every night I went to the same square and I saw only a few women alone.


    So, Baku is not an easy place to find someone to bring to your hotel. Neverless, in the same hotel where I was, in certain floors (each floor is explored by a different company), the women that where in the reception offered girls to some of my colleagues. I was not in the list to receive these kind of proposals.

    (Review # 10722)
  • Baku Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 05 2004 Submitted by: Victor

    I was in Baku in August 2004 and I was in Black Jack, because I saw the reports on this site. I arrived by 10 pm and there were 2 girls seated on a table. After the first beer, I invited one of them, with big boobies, to my table and she came. I began to pay for her some expensive bottles of beer, one after another and finally I asked if I could have some girl to go with me to the Hotel. She said to me that that was not possible in Baku and, a little after, she told me that the disco would close. It were 11 pm. So I don't understand, but it seems to me that Black Jack is not a good place to find someone to go to bed with. Another aspect was that the girl only spoke a little bit of English, it was very dificult to understand her.


    I also asked for Capitol, that another person refers on his review on this site, and nobody knew where it was. Maybe it is not working now. Neverless, I was in Baku for 10 days and, on the second day, following one recommendation that I also saw in your site, I was seated on the Fountain Square looking for the gorgeous girls that were passing and one girl came and spoke something in their language that I didn´t understand. I answered in English and she couldn't speak anything, but she seated side by side with me. After some time trying to talk with her, without much success, I made her a sign of how much money and she understood.

    She talked what I thought was 15 $USD but later she asked me for 50, so I had a wrong understanding of the quantity of money involved. I discussed with my hands and clock about the hours and we agreed on 2 hours. She was not really too much good looking, about 30 years and with good breasts, but with a little bit of fat in her legs. But she was very nice.


    We went to her house. It was in a strange degraded place. I was a bit afraid of the situation, I was presented to her mother and she asked me for 20 $USD more for the room. The sex was very good, she was very very kind, but it was so dificult to make clear what I wanted. She sucked and we fucked once and after she asked me some money to buy two juices, she was going outside.

    (I was again worried by the strange situation, alone in a house with some old woman, and asking myself if the father would come), but she arrived, we drank and after that we had sex again.


    This time I ask for anal sex, she made me understand that this was not normal to her, but she agreed. During the first instant she screamed and said to me that it was impossible to her, so I returned to normal sex.


    After it was over, she gave me her phone number to call her again. Because I thought it was too expensive compared to Azerbaijan, I never called her again. I was there almost every night in Square Fountain and I entered other bars and discos, but never could I find another girl. Really, it's not easy to have sex in Baku, you must be very patient and wait for your opportunity. As it was a diferent culture, I was a little bit afraid to aproach some lonely women (not too many of them here) that were on Fountain Square or in the garden seaside. .

    (Review # 10551)
  • Baku Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Sep 14 2004 Submitted by: fusi

    Thought I would update the scene, as all your info is out of date.

    Firstly, Capitol night club has now closed (boo hoo) because the Hilton group have purchased the adjoining hotel. Will open next summer as a new club. Black Jack is still running but I would not advise going there. The women are pretty skank and so is the bar. Only good thing is that it's cheap so if that's your thing, then go nuts!!!

    There are three good places to get girls... NeoN (a new bar near fountain square), 1033 (located at the Hyatt hotel) and Le Chevalier (located at the Grand hotel Europe). Le chavalier used to be called the Turnal club but it closed for refurbishment and they renamed it. English guys say the girls will try and charge you $100 for the night but you can haggle them down. Better if you have Azeri friends with you cos then you will pay $30-50 for the whole night!! The girls hang out by the bar so pick one you like and buy her a drink... sort out a price, then have fun. Be careful of some of the girls you find in these clubs as some are ex-needle-junkies so you might wanna wrap up. Have a good time in Baku!!

    (Review # 10125)
  • Baku Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Aug 09 2003 Submitted by: Rusty

    Review the past experiance from the last guide. Black Jack is coming to the end. Not much of happening in that place. I arrived at about 11.30pm could not find much of a girl over there. About 15 girls and 30 over men around. Not much to choose from.

    Later I go to a Disco nearby call the Capitol. There is a lot of girls dancing on the stage need to pickup one of them. Most of this girls here will charge you around US$60 and below. Don't ever give them more you will damage the market. The country is safe not to worry at all. I've pick up one of this girl. My god they know their job. Need to lay down and relex. Enjoy yourself. (Review # 7319)

  • Baku Other Dated Added: Thu Jul 26 2001 Submitted by: John

    The best places to get some action is one of the following nightclubs: 1033 at the Hyatt Hotel, Tural at the Grand Hotel Europe or BlackJack which is on May Street - about 10 minute walk from Fountain Square.
    ~~The Hyatt and Hotel Europe are out of town so I found that Blackjack is the most convenient. They are open 7 days a week and its best to go after 11:00pm. There is no cover charge, except on Saturday when they charge $4.50 but you get back half in a voucher when you buy a drink. There are plenty of gorgeous women, both Russian and Azeri women. Many of them are students or work in poor paying jobs and come here to make some extra cash. They are not aggressive. Just find a lady you wish to talk to and then offer to buy her a drink. Normally they just want a beer which costs around $2-$3. If you want them to come back to your hotel/apartment just ask them and if they say yes ask them a price. Blackjack is normally quite cheap - for 2hrs you should pay about $30 or for the whole night $50 maximum. Their are taxis outside which cost about $2 which will take you anywhere in the city.
    ~~Be warned though, that many of the women just give straight sex - no oral or anal. Many of them work on their own - no "boyfriend" hanging about so you won't be hassled. I picked up a great Russian lady for $50 for the whole night. She gave good oral but no anal. You can have sex as many times with them as you want during the night - if you can keep up! Normally they will give you their mobile number afterwards so just call them next time and they will meet you somewhere.
    (Review # 4037)
  • Baku Other Dated Added: Fri Jun 08 2001 Submitted by: Steve

    I visited a club/bar called Blackjacks. I don't know the exact street address but it is~~just a few minutes walk from Fountain Square. The club is popular among the expat~~community. Almost all the girls in the club are prostitutes. Get yourself a drink and walk~~around and if you see someone you like buy her a drink. I met a very attractive girl and~~bought her a drink . In fact she didn't want alcohol, just a coke. After chatting her up~~for a while she asked where I was staying and if they would like for her to come back with~~me. She asked for $100 for the whole night but accepted $70 - a real bargain !!!
    ~~Needless to say she was a great fuck and she enjoyed oral and anal sex just as much. In~~the morning I gave her a few dollars for a taxi. She gave me her number and said just to~~call her next time.
    ~~The club is very safe and no one trying to rip you off. Drinks are reasonably priced as~~well. You may have to tip the doorman 10,000 Manat ($2) which is cheap when you leave with~~the girl. Most of the girls are from Azerbaijan and usually have darker hair but very~~attractive. There are a few Russian girls as well.
    ~~I was told of another very good club in the Hyatt Hotel called "1033". This is~~much more exclusive and obviously a lot more expensive. I will try it next time I am in~~Baku.
    (Review # 3706)
  • Baku Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Apr 30 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    Stayed at the one of the former communist state hotels since the new western hotels were full. Like many of these places , there is a "floor lady" who manages and cleans each floor and gives you your key and breakfast. When I came in for the evening she asked me in broken English if I wanted coffee, tea, or a girl (I'm serious!). I said yes, and she brought one that was not very attractive to the door. I said no, and she brought another, a cute blonde about 20. I asked the price and she said $25 for one "fuk-fuk" or $50 for two, plus $10 for the floor lady. I took one only one. The girl was great looking but a very cold fish. Oh well. (Review # 3458)

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