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  • Bridgeport Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 01 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Yo fellas, let me tell you, if you are looking for action in Bridgeport, Teddys' club in BPT has the finest girls in town. Most of the girls are Brazilian, Dominican or Puerto Rican. If you love a great ass and tight body, this your place because the girls here rotate regularly out of New York this one girl told me and they are probably all 7-10's no cracked out rejects, only delicious Latina flavor. There are some pretty fine black girls in here most of the women are like 5'2-5-6 and have gorgeous asses that’s why I love it.

    You can get some good private lap dances here for $20, but you will quickly be diggin for more. A BJ is $40 and sex is like $80, but if the girl digs you and you are getting her wet with your lap dance game just tell the girls, " I only got $50 left mami" just like that and they will say okay. They ride your dick right in this little room with a fake leather love seat, the sex is good from these girls, some of them look about 20 or 21 tight and in amazing shape come at different times so you can see the variety.

    The best time is like between 2-5 when they are fresh and not all tired from stage dancing all afternoon. I had this one chick, forget her name, she was mouth kissing me, let me lick her pussy and ass and sucked my nipples, this was only off the $20 lap dance, so by the time we fucked, I felt like we were engaged (lol) Any how the experience is very classy...they treat you nice, some speak little English but who cares what the hell they are saying when they are saying "mmmmmmm!!!! papi!" In your ear love this spot.
    (Review # 21632)

  • Fort worth, Texas Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jun 10 2007 Submitted by: Jizzgo

    I have been frequenting prostitutes in Fort Worth since 1982. While the street action is almost dead now along the once coveted Rosedale, Lancaster, And Riverside Drive areas, a good survey will still find one or two prospective girls. While there are quite a few scags out there, I have found two very good hookers. Both are white, about 32 and not bad to look at. Amanda is the smallest of the two and will do 1/2 and 1/2 for $20.00 if you get a room. Marcie is an Iowa farm girl about 5' 7" I found her walking along Rosedale this past New Years Eve. She had just gotten off of work at a nursing home and was waiting on a bus.

    As I drove by, she stuck out her thumb and I let her in. She was clean and weak spoken, said she needed money for the weekend, her job only paid every other week and she wanted money to go out. I had already gotten a room for the night off of Beach and I-30, because I was playing later that night at the 4 Star Coffee Bar in West 7th, near downtown. I took her to the room where we both showered together. She was a solid, but not fat 140# of hot pussy.

    She started with 1/2 and 1/2 in the shower and let me finger her twat and clit as we had preemptive sex. By the time we dried each other off, we were both ready to shoot our wads. As I released my week’s worth of cumm deep in her belly, she arched her back and shuddered and gasped as her flooding orgasm almost flushed my withering weenie out of her gasping gash. We still see each other and she is worth the $40.00 she charges.

    (Review # 19512)
  • Portland Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jul 31 2006 Submitted by: Casper

    Guys, being an avid traveler and using this site I had to give back. Yesterday, I found a real gem on Flavin & SE 82nd Avenue. At first, I thought she was not interested since we briefly made eye contact. I turned my car around and she smiled and hopped in. Wow, did I win the lottery. She was 5'9", long black hair (curly), nice lips and b cup perky breasts. She wanted $50, yet gave her $60 for an incredible head in lap show. She kept the change and wow I was impressed. Yet, to find a girl like her you must search 1-2 hours. Interesting enough, she worked at a pink house down the road called "Passionate dreams." I picked her up late in the afternoon, and wow what a knock out! Overall, Portland is okay in terms of the street scene yet one must look. My key advice is you know she is a cop when she asks how much for a date. And, she does not move around on the street. When she gets in the car let her do all the talking and feel her breasts (fingers do the walking). Yet, I felt bad since my girlfriend was waiting for me in the hotel. Oh well. I must say, still my favorite place is san jose, Costa Rica which has an excellent selection. Happy searching! Casper :) (Review # 15245)
  • Paterson Street Action Dated Added: Tue Jun 27 2006 Submitted by: AJ

    Found new faces (walkers) on Market Street last week. Lots of supply and demand with cops bzzing all over the place. There are two unmarked police cars (large, dark, without hubcabs), beware. I was stopped by officer Willis Luzo while picking up a new face, she was 7 on a 10 scale, but officer Luzo poped out of no where. His lack of experience saved me as he asked from his patrol car: what the hell are you doing? I said: she just asked for a ride. The chick said: officer, it is my fault, I asked him for a ride. I stuck to my gun and she stuck to hers and officer Luzo had to let us both go. Other than that .... been getting really lucky on Market Street .... I have been paying $20 for a BJ .... mostly blacks and Hispanics (Review # 15034)
  • Sarasota Street Action Dated Added: Tue May 10 2005 Submitted by:

    Driving up Tamiami trail from the Subway all the way up to Bradenton, you will find a great number of 5-6s...all $20 for BJ and 40 for antyhing goes. Watch out for police stings...Daytime has more girls than night time..amazing. Keep it wrapped. (Review # 11424)
  • rockford, illinois Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 27 2005 Submitted by: Rockford visitor

    All massage parlors have been raided and shut down in early May of 2005. (Review # 11177)
  • Escondido Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Oct 10 2004 Submitted by: bigdogg

    Escondido is making a great name for itself as the AMP palace of San Diego county. Been to a lot of AMP's in San Diego, and most of the girls are older (30's), with crappy attitudes, and want too much money for a medicore boom boom session that leaves you unsatisified afterwards. I have been driving the 35 miles up to Escondido for the last few months, and have been glad everytime. The AMP's there have younger girls (20's), and most of them have great attitudes, as long as you treat them with respect and kindness. The AMP's are always clean, and staff friendly. The vast majority of the girls are happy with a 100 $ tip for FS, and most of them earn every penny of it with enthusiasm and prettiness. They don't rush like the older girls in San Diego do, and it is ALWAYS a sound decision by you to take a shower there before you go into the room. No one likes a stinky body, especially when you work 10 hours a day. Remember, if you want a great experience, take a shower there, treat the girls with kindness and respect, and they will give you all the attention that you desire to keep a smile on your face. Good luck (Review # 10271)

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