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  • Northeast Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Oct 12 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Go to the Four Season on Two Notch every now and then. Girls are not all that cute, but $60 gets you in and $40 of a HJ, $100 for a BJ and $120 for everything. If you need to blow off and relax, they will get it done. You can drive around back and use the back door, so you don't have to park out front.

    Also been to a new place just down the road. Nearby the pharmacy on the corner. I forget the name. They charge more for a shower and only have cutains for rooms. This pretty much tells you that all you'll get is a HJ. Older ladies there too like Four Seasons. Really been looking for places with younger girls, but cannot be found in Columbia. 
    (Review # 24869)
  • Columbia, SC Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jul 27 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Went by 4 Seasons for the first time last weekend. I have been to a few AMPs in the Myrtle Beach area, back in the late 1990s. This was definitely a step down from Tokyo Spa, or the VIP across from Waccamaw Pottery, which was amazing. RIP. Walked in the door into a tiny antechamber with a small window. A handwritten sign declared "No Massage".

    This was discouraging, as a good massage is kind of part of the whole package. An older lady came to the window, and I assumed she was the Mamasan. She told me they don't take credit cards, cash only. That's probably for the best. Turns out Mamasan was also my "therapist." Kind of a bummer, but she had my $60 entry fee, so what are you gonna do. She did the body shampoo quickly and efficiently. No massage. Long story short, hand action from a 45+ woman for $40. Left feeling relaxed, yet somehow deeply ashamed. I won't be back.

    (Review # 20313)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Oct 03 2006 Submitted by: Jethro

    Visited the Four Seasons based on previous postings to this site. Pd. $60 to enter for Sauna and bath. The kind lady who took my money explained to me that she was the only one there and asked that if she would be okay. She was not exactly what I had hoped for, but for what I was after she would do just fine. After the initial service, I was taken back to the room where I originally undressed, and that's where the negotiation for the additional service began. She explained that she was the manager and that after some discussion the best she could do was with her mouth. I was not a fierce negotiator and agreed to an extra $100. She left the room and was gone a few minutes only to explain to me that a younger gal would be taking care of me. Sounding better! Then, she came in the room. Wow. She was a beautiful young Japanese girl. I would easily say an 8 or 9. Beautiful skin and a very nice body. One of the best oral performances I've ever had. I didn't even notice she had put a condom on me at first. I became very stimulated and asked her if I could have additional services, and she gave me the added cost. At this point, I would've given her the keys to my car. The sex was incredible. fter, she gave me a really nice neck massage, was very gentle and gave me lots of kisses and spoke to my johnson repeatedly which was kind of strange in a good way. Even dressed me when it was time to go. I only wish I would've had more endurance....or more money. (Review # 15814)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Dec 22 2005 Submitted by: tony

    Visited this place about 3 weeks ago. $60 entrance fee for sauna and shower. Told at the door:  "No massage." 10 minute sauna followed by 10 minute shower from a nice-looking Asian woman - 40ish with a very nice chest and legs. After the shower, we went into one of the rooms where I was told to lie down on one of the tables. The woman proceeded to give me a pretty nice rub down and was very friendly. She asked what else I liked, and I asked for a little more "touching." She asked how much, and I told her I would give a $20 tip. She asked for $60 and we settled on $40. Very nice slow "massage" with some oil, and I tipped her the $40. I will definitely visit this place again. (Review # 13394)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jan 02 2005 Submitted by: GD / Bugg

    Hey fellow "cat" chasers. I just had my 2 nd visit at 4 Seasons Massage Parlor passing through to Fla. Right off Too Notch Road.

    Sorry to say, but Yumi is no longer there. $60.00 door fee and when we got in the room I paid $120.00, & I never said anything for the "No Haggle" full service plan with a new girl named Myia. She is a slim Korean with a great body (enhanced boobs). She does not say very much at all. Myia does not spend a lot of time with your ass as Yumi did, she is a 5-6 with the massage & about a 6 with the sex. All in all 4 Seasons is a little better than average, very clean, good experience but the "right" girl makes all the difference in the world. Whatever AMP Yumi ends up at, you will have a GREAT time!

    (Review # 10791)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue May 06 2003 Submitted by:

    Went to VIP Center on Broad River Road. Nice place, cute girls. $80 to get in. Good massage although I think the girl was a little new, the walking-on-my-back massage was nice but a little rough. The rubbing massage was excellent. When "mamma-san" was getting the payment from me she asked if I'd been to any places in town. I said I'd been to 4 Seasons on Two Notch. She said, "Oh, bad place. None of that stuff go on here." I knew from that point that the massage was all I'd get. No doors on the rooms and Mamma comes and goes to check up on things. Had the table shower to rinse off the oil used in the massage. Looking for anything besides massage, wrong place. Need JUST a massage? Nice place. (Review # 7200)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Feb 16 2003 Submitted by: Giarc

    I visited the 4 Seasons last week on a Tuesday evening and had Connie give me a table bath, which was very stimulating. After soaping me up real good she massaged my soapy balls and rectum with her delicate touch. I was ready and waiting for a hand job which I assumed would be as stimulating. ~~

    ~~Wrong, when we go to the room she started off with a massage and then went to the hand job. Everything had been very gentle until we got to the handjob and then she turned into a rapid paced jacking with no sensuality to it at all. ~~

    ~~To say the least, I was not impressed and did not cum as rapidly as she would have preferred so she stopped and said we were done. I would not recommend her unless you like to be jack hammered like a machine. I may try the place again and try the other girl who was there.~~ (Review # 6849)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Nov 25 2002 Submitted by:

    Four Seasons off of Two Notch is the diamond in the rough. Clean, friendly, glad to see you and enthusiastic. The basic $60 gets you through the door, a sauna, table shower and massage (possible HJ). A little more $$ for more. Well worth the price! ~~

    ~~Beautiful oriental girls, Tight bodies and great asses. The only drawback is that both of the girls I saw there had some ripples under their breasts from the implants. Not a major thing, but noticable. Check it out guys, you will not be sorry. (Review # 6464)

  • Columbia Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 02 2002 Submitted by:

    I used Britney’s escort service in Columbia. They described the woman as 25 years-age, 5'6"-height and 135pounds-weight. But the woman looked like 35 to 40 years and was fat. She would be 5'4" in height. I am not satisfied with the descriptions they gave and I would not use their escort service in future. (Review # 5373)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Mar 17 2002 Submitted by:

    Four Seasons Health Spa. I went here a few weeks ago. I was greeted by a young woman named Monica. She was older but had a great body. She was probably a 7. She gave me an extremely thorough table shower and showed me to my room. Here she massaged my back. She offered to give me oral for a $100. I accepted. She put a condom on me and went at it. While she worked she straddled my face. After a few minutes of fingering her, she demanded that I put it in her. She came twice. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can't wait to return. (Review # 5176)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Sep 06 2001 Submitted by: Tiny

    Our Place, Inc. located on St. Andrews Rd. has a new staff and management. They offer good massages, but they do not offer sex or sexual pleasures now. (Review # 4289)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu May 31 2001 Submitted by: Seebee50

    The Four Seasons Health Spa, next to the Subway sandwich shop, on Two Notch Road. Paid $60.00 for brief sauna where I read dirty Asian magazine, then had table shower which was great, then massage which was OK. I asked for full service, she said no, she didn't do that. I asked for KOKO, the name mentioned in earlier review, she said KOKO was fired for giving full service. She said she could only do hand job which was included in price. I said OK. She did give a great hand job. I tipped her $60.00, which I now think was a mistake. Her name was Sue. I made her undress while I was getting the handjob so I could fondle her tits. She had a great body and nice full tits with big nipples. I'll go there again. Maybe next time, I'll get full service. (Review # 3651)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Feb 26 2001 Submitted by: long dick

    I went to the massage parlor called golden health spa it has been the worst place I could have gone. girls are in a rush. they don't pride in their work. and girls rank between 5-6. do not waist your time in going there.~~~~ (Review # 3214)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jan 06 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    Another Asian massage parlor to check out is Our Place, Inc. on St. Andrews Rd. right before you get to Broad River Rd. The price is $40 for 30 mins or $60 for an hour. Nice women there, but they do not seem to offer full service. They'll give you a hand job for a small tip ($10 or $20) and the massages are pretty good. If you're looking for some quick stress relief on that side of town, check it out. You may even get one of them to give you a blow job if the money is right, but I think fucking is probably not likely. Never hurts to ask, though! :) (Review # 2944)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jan 06 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    The place is called Four Seasons Health Sauna now. It used to be called the Golden Dragon, I think. Anyway, it's right next to a Subway store located on Two Notch Road. All Asian massage with table shower and if you like, you can have a steam bath or sit in the sauna. The price is $60 for the massage/shower. For an additional $120 or $140, you get full service.

    I have been there about 5 or 6 times and had 3 different women (ask for Koko). All 3 gave great massages and had fairly toned bodies. They unroll the condom on your dick with their tongue and give you a blow job for as long as you like. Then, you can choose the position. They will usually start by getting on top of you, but I usually request doggy style and they always accommodate. Nice, tight pussies on those Asian girls! Although I haven't requested it, I imagine they'll let you put it in their ass for an additional $20. Good luck!
    (Review # 2943)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Aug 16 2000 Submitted by:

    Try the VIP massage, very nice shower, sauna, handjob for $60. (Review # 2178)
  • Columbia Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Feb 16 2000 Submitted by: Mr. Good Dick

    Next time in columbia, it would be well worth your time to visit a strip club on two notch rd called pure passion. The establishment though small has very open-minded girls, if you talk to them right and are willing to spend a little money ($100 at least).When you go there ask for a private dance. When back there casually hint at additional services. At first you may not succeed because SLED has set up sting operations in there before, but after they get to know you, sex will come(these women are hustlers and need to make extra money).Best time to go there is around 11pm and any time after. I have personally fucked several times in the in the private dance room or gotten a dancer to go home with me. When you go be sure to ask for a dancer named Mercedes! Good Luck! (Review # 1599)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Feb 07 2000 Submitted by: Player

    The place is called the China Spa located on two notch road. All Asian massage with table shower or sauna. $60 for massage and choice of table shower or sauna. Paid $100 additional for full service. Not rush service is good and place is very clean. (Review # 1506)
  • Columbia Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 29 2000 Submitted by: JD

    Beware of an escort service called Allure in Columbia. They charge $200 for a full hour and the best you can hope for is a back-rub. Don't get ripped off like I did. JD (Review # 1412)
  • Sydney Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jan 16 2000 Submitted by: HB

    Harris Park Body Works: This place has a very laid back atmosphere. Although not all the girls are stunners, they are all attractive and very pleasant to talk to. You enter the front and are led straight to a room by the Manager, all but 1 room has a spa. If you require, the girls will introduce themselves and the Manager will come back for your choise. Although listed as a Massage Palour, the girls here will (if comfortable with you) offer additional services (some require extra - others just do it for enjoyment). But you have to wait to be asked, if you do the asking, you'll be out the door.

    The best girls there are Diane, Denise and Jenny. All 25+, great bodies and all 3 give great BJ (without). Sex is of course always with. Diane is probably the sexiest of the 3, as she likes to do what she can any way she can (hand, BJ, 69, sex, anal) either in the spa, on the floor or on the massage table. Prices are reasonable $115 per hour (spa inclusive)
    (Review # 1347)
  • Columbia Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jan 08 2000 Submitted by: WhiteTruck

    Two places to find a few girls. 1) US 21/N. Main Street south of I-20. Seems like a desolate part of town, but there are a few girls there. A trip or two up or down the street and they will seem to appear. Twenty will get you a handjob and sometimes even a blowjob. Seventy percent black girls. None are too much to look at, but are friendly and give good hand. 2) US 1/Two Notch Road between Taylor Street and Fontaine. Same as other location -- more girls around though. They are looking for us. Both locales want your money (but give you the service) so they can go get their hit(s). One girl offered full at sleazy hotel for $100. Just took hand/blow for $40. Good luck! (Review # 1270)
  • Columbia Incall Dated Added: Wed Dec 30 1998 Submitted by: john

    I've used escorts that are advertised in the yellow pages of the phone book twice. The ads in the yellow pages for escorts have decreased since last year. The costs are $150 for 30 min., $175 for 45 min., and $200 for 1 Hr.. The escort agencies that I've called give you a choice of women, and they are pretty reliable as far as being on time. When they arrived they collect the money and then call their agency to report to them that they have arrived and received payment. After the sex they call again to let the agency know that everything went all right, and they are meticulous about the time. The first woman I had was about a 7.5 out of 10, and the second one was barely a 6 out of 10, but she was younger and felt better. The girls give head and then sex, but they are impersonal about it, which is reasonable I guess since we really don't know each other, but it's still a turn off to me. I have called some agencies from the yellow pages and they refused to come to my residence and insisted that they visit me in a hotel or motel. I didn't go for it because the previous two women I had no problem visiting me at my residence and they were definitely legitimate escorts-so be wary if the agency insist on meeting at a hotel it might be one of the periodic stings. (Review # 607)
  • Columbia Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Dec 23 1999 Submitted by: Footman

    The name of the place is "Silk Stockings." There is a drop dead looking girl from Columbia. She is one hot looking babe with huge tits and a pussy as clean as the day she was born. She does not rush you and she is really nice. If you love feet, well, this is the girl. I was the first to have a foot job from her and she let me cum all over her feet. I do not remember her "Show" name. I do not want to give her real one. However, the place is just outside the old Navy base and down the street from Diamonds (a topless bar.) There are a few girls working there. The prices are pretty good. They are listed in the phone book. Tell her David (from the Coast Guard) sent you. Or just tell her the guy who loved her feet. (Review # 415)

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