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  • Duluth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Sep 01 2006 Submitted by: Done With Dinkytown

    Visited Yoshiko in Duluth, saw Lacy and turned down Isabella, my word. More on that in a sec, first driving instructions so you can find it. How often our reviews neglect this important item. I mean, come on, street addresses, people. Driving instructions. So, yeah, it's located at 18 N. 21st Avenue West and in the phone book so you can call ahead. You can go along I-35 and get off on the exit for 21st Avenue West which, by the way, is the same as Highway 53. I'm telling you this stuff because it's in a bad neighborhood. Don't go up the hill, because it's at the bottom. It's a monster hill, steep like hills in San Francisco, and dealers pretty much openly deal there. Yoshiko is a short blue building, with the number "18" on the side, near a scuba diving place. It also has a red neon sign that says Yoshiko's Sauna. Whole neighborhood is shitty and looks dangerous. Luckily, meters right across the street but, well, do you want to park there. I did, though, and had no problems. Lacy is a white girl, brunette, a little on the heavy side but only a little, and huge tits. Wanted to fuck her the minute I saw her, so that was good. I walked into the sauna and ahhhh...fresh, soapy, clean girl smell. The sauna smell! You know what I mean, guys. The other girl offered to me was Isabella, who looks to be a 40-year-old crackhead with fake red hair, addiction makes her look closer to 60. I would need a large amount of money paid to me if I would have sex with this woman. If Isabella is there, don't have her come to the window. I'm not even kidding. I was told Yoko wasn't there, yet, and I was sorry to hear that, but Lacy was fine. Got everything I wanted, but I want to keep that between me and Lacy. 60 at the door and now the mandatory minimum mentioned was 140, if you can believe it. I really wanted anal with Lacy but couldn't afford it, didn't ask. Anybody knows if she does anal then please provide the info, help a brother. Oh, I should mention.I actually got off a small pleasure boat, rented a car, drove around with some guys. I spent a lot of money in Duluth, and not just on whores. The only reason we got off the boat in Duluth instead of going straight to Canada was because of what we read about Yoshiko's right here. Duluth powers that be are smart to let at least one place like this exist, for the greater economic good. Why can't Minneapolis/St. Paul have something good like this? (Review # 15466)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jan 02 2006 Submitted by: Taub

    Visited Yoshiko Sauna two times recently ... both times very well satisfied. Yoko was my attendant the first visit and Sunny my attendant the second visit. Sunny provides a very stimulating "body shampoo", which is one of my favorite services. Both were very good at massage ... obviously trained and experienced in authentic massage. For $2C I received all the services I could ask for and as much as I could handle. Recommend calling before you go ... ask to see if Yoko or Sunny are working ... they are older and experienced and well worth the wait. (Review # 13573)
  • Duluth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Nov 17 2004 Submitted by: brad jamesson

    The Yoshiko Sauna in Duluth MN, is a good place to unload. For 60 dollars at the door and from 100 - 200 dollars you get what you need. From pussy eating and fucking... to titty sucking and great blowjobs (sometimes bareback.) It's worth the cash. I have been with seven different girls from there and only ran into one disappointment (not terrible odds) Give it a try if you are ever in Duluth. (hmm.. I wonder if any of these girls wanna do some porn.) ;-) (Review # 10479)
  • Duluth Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 13 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Yoshiko Sauna I stopped by here this weekend, for a first time visit it was a let down. Yes there were several girls there, 3 were sleeping on the couches and the only available, awake girl, was complaining on how slow it was. It is still the standard $60 to get in, but now there is or at lest with that girl, a minimum $100 donation. She was not forthwith about what was available with for the donation. So I got to play a game of 20 questions. Also she bounced in and out of the massage room 4 or 5 times and had me switch rooms once.

    The basic FS still ran for about $200. Altogether, a less than stellar performance I won't be return there anytime soon. Well as said in prior reviews, the outside of the sauna is a bit rundown. The only parking available is metered. Daytime visits may have less of a wait. I recomend a late afternoon visit or a night visit. At least then you have a selection of awake girls awake to choose from.
    (Review # 9322)
  • Duluth Street Action Dated Added: Fri May 21 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    The pattern of periodic police stings near the Kozy Bar continues. Approximately May 20, 2004, police did a sting operation with both male and female decoys. They only managed to get four arrests, including an unfortunate young pizza deliveryman with hot pizzas in the back of his car. The operation focused on the intersection of 1st Avenue East and First Street. Police continue to complain about prostitution activity near the Kozy Bar and the Wabash. (Review # 9130)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Feb 27 2004 Submitted by:

    Lots of action in the areas between 2nd Ave - 1st Ave W on 1st St., and 20th Ave W - 21st Ave W on W Superior St...however, a lot of new women around, be'd be suprised how many have HIV...BE CAREFUL! Most are drug addicts and their black boyfriends supply them with whatever they want and who knows who they've been with. (Review # 8449)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Tue Feb 03 2004 Submitted by: Redneck

    I also frequent the Kozy Bar area. A previous message was right about the stings but that hasn't changed anything. I've had 3 black chicks and one really cute little Indian girl. If you can get past the area you're ok. Go in, have a drink, and float it around that you are looking for company. Usually it's not hard to find. (Review # 8279)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Feb 03 2004 Submitted by: Redneck

    Thought I'd give an update on Yoshiko Sauna. I recently dtarted going there and find it to be excellent. Still a $60 entry fee and once you're inside it can differ.

    The first time I went the girl said $50 for a handjob, $100 for a blowjob, $150 for sex. She was a gorgous little asian with huge tits. The 7-8 times I've been since, with different girls, it's been $200 when you get in for everything.

    The last time was with an incredible black chick named Eva. Great tits and ass and very tight pussy. She was very friendly and her pussy tasted fantastic. I would reccomend her to anyone!
    (Review # 8278)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jan 02 2004 Submitted by:

    It is true about action near the Kozy Bar (note correct spelling) but the police have done stings in that area as well. It happened in early August, 2003. The male officers were picking up women with offers of, like, $30. The busts were concentrated on First Street, mostly outside the Kozy bar.

    Three sting operations were done as of August 2003. Fifty people arrested, half hobbyists and half SW's. Oh, and it appears that, unfortunately, the police may have gotten the lead on the Kozy bar action right off the internet. Reportedly, no sex act on First Street costs more than $50. (Review # 8106)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 18 2002 Submitted by:

    Yoshiko in West Duluth is very nice. I've nothing to compare it to, as it was my first time paying for sex, but it was worth it. $60 to get in the door, then I paid another $100 to get it on with Eve. I selected her over the other woman as she was very cute and black - always wanted some of that. The other woman was cute and white. Eve has the sexiest body and perfect tits. I sucked on her nipples after the massage, then she got on top and screwed me....but I needed to get on top to come. She was very tight - says to call Yoshiko to see if she is available next time. Yummmmm. (Review # 5626)
  • Duluth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jan 20 2002 Submitted by:

    Went to Yoshiko's Dec. 2001. Saw Tasha, a petite girl with darker skin, I think she may be from India? she had an accent. 60.00 entry fee. Went into back room (the smaller of the two) and had a great time. She gave me a massage, not the best Iíve ever had, but one of the best one's at Yoshiko's. Then she let me massage her. Next, she had me lay on my back and gave me a frontal massage, and "accidentally" started to massage my cock. After it hardened, she asked what I wanted to do and stated her prices. They are a little high, but I think they're worth it. She let's you finger her pussy while she blows you. She even let me eat her cunt. She has most of it shaved except for a little tuft above her pussy. She really got into that.

    After about 5-7 min of that, She pulled me away from her pussy, and guided me into her. She acted the part of enjoying it. Definitely doesn't rush. She's very conversational before, during, and after, and acted like she was very into her job and giving pleasure. I would definitely recommend her. She works there about once a month. (Review # 4930)

  • Duluth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 07 2001 Submitted by: Minnesota Mike

    Yoshiko's is about all there is in Duluth as far as sex providers. It's located in West Duluth in a safe but rundown neighborhood. The facility is rather shabby but clean. The rooms contain only a bed, a shower, and a TV with adult videos. Door fee is $50. The old woman on the door is Asian but all the girls are white with 1 or 2 black ladies. Only 2 girls work each shift and you can choose which one you want. Usually they are fairly young and good looking but not exceptional. I really appreciate the way they will quote prices for sexual services without games and equivocation. Rates are about $60 for manual release, $80 for oral and $100 for sex. I recommend Laura, a brunette of about 30, thin with small breasts. Her sessions are unhurried and friendly. For $80 she gives you plenty of time to play with her breasts and stroke her body before finishing with GREAT head. One to 10, I'll give Yoshiko's a 4 for facilities, a 6 for it's girls and a 8 for friendliness and attitude. But like I said, it's the only place in town. (Review # 4120)
  • Duluth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Aug 04 2001 Submitted by:

    I went to Yoshiko's this week left entirely satisfied and wrung-out! I admit, the place is more-or-less a dive, but it is quite possible to have a very nice time and still afford dinner, for what it's worth. (Review # 4101)
  • Duluth Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jul 07 2001 Submitted by: anon

    1st Street between 2nd Ave. East & 2nd Ave. West -- look for a few girls working near the cozy bar, $15 - $20 for a BJ in the car, $30-40 for full service. Also check by the casino. (Review # 3937)
  • Duluth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jun 03 2001 Submitted by: Turkey Tim

    I had a good experience at Yoshiko's Massage in Duluth,Minnesota last October. The~~parlor is a little rundown but clean and the area is safe. The door fee was $60.00. Two~~girls were available at 7 a. m. Sunday - there may be more at busier times. I chose Laura,~~about 25, brunette with small breasts. .Because I had never used a massage parlor before,~~I appreciated the way Laura didn't play games about what she offered. She quoted her rates~~in a straightforward way. It was $60.00 for a handjob, $80.00 for a blowjob, and $100.00~~for straight sex. We agreed on $100.00 for head plus I wanted a lot of foreplay.
    ~~I declined her offer of adult videos and a massage.After a quick shower I joined Laura on~~a very hard, musty smelling bed. That is my only complaint about Yoshiko's, the bed was~~bad. Laura allowed me plenty of time to play with her little breasts and trim body. She~~never hurried me at all. She let me tittyfuck her and explore her for maybe 30 minutes~~until I said I was ready. Of course I had to wear a condom. I'd never worn a rubber during~~oral sex before so I was concerned that a middle aged guy like me might not be able to~~orgasm in that raincoat. No problem. Laura felt great on my penis and I came in maybe 2~~minutes. Then she gently washed me off with a warm cloth.   From 1 to 10 I'll~~give Yoshiko's a 5 for ambiance and a 8 for attitude and friendliness. Laura gets a 9 from~~me.
    (Review # 3668)
  • Duluth Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Yoshiko's sauna is still up and running. If you catch them on a good weekend there are some 7-8's there or there could be some 4-5's. All depends on who gets shipped up from the cities. Still the same format. $60 to get in the door. I always take some time to see who is sitting on the couch. Some are better than others. Experience is there that the ones who aren't the best looking give the best full service. Variety of women to choose from black, white, Hispanic, and oriental. Last time I was there I had a white girl about a 5 on the scale. She was pleasant to talk to. When we settled on a price, she left the room and told me to get undressed. She came back with a condom and stripped down herself. Nice body, ok face, and a nice ass. Lacking a little in the tit dept. but that's ok. She proceeded to give me an oil handjob, and then asked if I was ready. With a big grin I said you bet! Condom on she began to blow me, and blow me she did. I was ready to go, but rule here is that once you blow you're done. So hold OUT! She then told me to get on top and start fucking her. She moaned and seemed pretty into it. I could hear the girl next door getting reamed pretty good. Not very thick walls. She then got on top, and went doggy until I came. Clean showers and fresh towels are provided afterwards. Good stop if you have some extra money to spend. Total cost about $200 with entry fee. Call ahead to see who's working. I recommend Karen or Becky. (Review # 2698)
  • Duluth Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 23 2000 Submitted by:

    I also visited Yoshiko and found that the previous ad was pretty much accurate. The girl I saw was rather attractive, perhaps a 7-8, but lacked any enthusiasm. She was rather paranoid and probably a crack head. We settled on half and half for $120, in addition to the $60 admission charge. That is reasonable if the place were nice and the girl more attentive to my needs. After all, I am the customer.~~~~After the customary kiss on her pussy to insure I wasn't a cop, we got down to business. She asked me to massage her nude body, which of course I did. It was nice and they had an adult movie showing in the room, which I find a nice touch. After I had given her a good back massage and licked her ass, much to her enjoyment, she placed a condom on my cock and gave me a lifeless blowjob for about 3 minutes and then placed a second condom over the first one and told me to fuck her. One good condom is fine, and if the inside is lubricated properly, makes for a very enjoyable fuck. But two dry ones, she wouldn't let me use the KY I had brought, makes me go limp.~~~~I penetrated her, but after about a minute went limp. That almost NEVER happens to me and I attribute it to the double condom treatment. To redeems the event, I suggested she give me a well-lubricated hand job. These can be great if done with skill and enthusiasm, however she was again lifeless and after about two minutes asked me to show her how. So, you guessed it, I paid a total of $180 to jack myself off. A disappointing event.~~~~I've been to dozens of such places and this was one of the worse.~~ (Review # 1995)
  • Duluth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Feb 14 1999 Submitted by: loran

    Visited the Yoshiko Sauna in Duluth recently, used to be a regular at this place. Any way, the place is a dump, it smells like cum. The place used have ok girls, but now they are all fat cows with BIG bellies and bad attitudes. The girl I saw looked like she was 5 or 6 months pregnant, and she was the best of the 3 girls there! They want a $60 entrance fee, then lead you to one of two rooms. You are asked if you want a shower ( the shower is gross!) and then you wait while finish their smoke or watching a TV show. The girl came in, gave me a brief rub, asked if I had been there before and demanded $200 for full service. I said no, and that I would only give her $75. She whined and said no, I told her fine, I'll leave. She then said OK, flopped on her back and spread her legs. It was lifeless. After I finished she restated that it was $200 next time. I will not go back.

    Duluth had a really nice massage parlor a block a way, with good girls and it was inexpensive! only $100 total would get you laid! But it closed down a few years ago. Since then, the Yosiko hasn't had any competition, so the owner let the place go down hill in a hurry.

    I don't recommend this place to anyone. Rather, check the Duluth Paper classified ads under Business Personals for independents. Sometime a quartet of girls from a Wisconsin Indian tribe come to town, and rent a couple of rooms in a local motel, and place an ad to announce their being in town.

    A last alternative is to check in the phone book for Kady's. Kady operates from her home in Superior Wis. She is in her 50s, and will give you a massage and a handjob for $40. But nothing else. Kady will also come to your motel room.
    (Review # 664)

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