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  • Peabody Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 03 2007 Submitted by: Ponce

    I spent several hours at Cabaret Lounge and have little good to report. The facility is mid-level quality and so are the girls. The atmosphere is a total downer, though. There was absolutely no mingling of the girls with the patrons. When I asked one of the dancers why not, she said "We're too lazy." That laziness shows itself in the way the girls move on stage.

    I've never been in a club where the dancers did less most of the time they just walked aimlessly around the stage. The rest of the time they made some pathetic efforts to be sexy. At no time did they actually dance sexily to the music. The girls were nude but the scene seemed more like a gyno exam than a strip club. There were plenty of patrons in the club to make it worthwhile for the chicks to put out some effort, but they had no motivation. Cover: $10. Beer: $6. Experience: Worthless
    (Review # 19420)
  • Boston Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jan 07 2006 Submitted by: Newfie

    ... downstairs at 22 Tyler Street in Boston's Chinatown. Walk into the salon at that location weekday afternoons/eves., for a massage from Tina. Very adequate and reasonably priced. Get a haircut first or tell them a friend told you about her and you're in. (Review # 13629)
  • Quincy Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 07 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Selling SEX in the suburbs: Underground prostitution network thrives on South Shore

    In many ways, Maria is a typical 39-year-old. She rents an apartment in Quincy, regularly says ‘‘hello’’ to her neighbors and has a decent-paying job. There’s one big difference. Maria is a prostitute who sells herself to South Shore men for $175 an hour.

    ‘‘They’re mostly married,’’ she says of her clients. ‘‘They’re happily married. Well, I don’t know how happily married they are if they’re seeing me.’’

    Maria, who asked that her name be changed to shield her identity, is part of a thriving underground prostitution network on the South Shore that goes largely unnoticed by most suburbanites.

    Rather than walk the streets, the prostitutes sell their services online or in newspapers, sometimes under the guise of escorts or masseuses. And they are sought out by johns living everywhere from Quincy to Plymouth.

    While the world’s oldest profession has always been practiced on the South Shore, modern technology is serving to facilitate the sale of sex in the suburbs, police say.

    ‘‘The Internet makes it more accessible,’’ said Braintree Deputy Police Chief Russell Jenkins, whose department busted five alleged prostitutes last fall when undercover cops soliciting them on the Internet. ‘‘I think it’s very common.’’

    The Braintree sting notwithstanding, there are typically a handful or fewer arrests for prostitution on the South Shore in an given year. But those small numbers belie the extent of the underground sex market.

    On, the popular online classified site, there were 180 postings in the ‘‘erotic’’ section from Dec. 26 to Jan. 5 by people who identified themselves as living on the South Shore or willing to visit. While not all of them involve the sale of sex (some are just offering free, kinky fun), the majority include hourly rates or request financial ‘‘donations.’’

    Some include very graphic pictures of women in suggestive poses. Even those without images are enough to make nearly anyone blush.

    [Did the writer grow up living behind a barn door out in the sticks? What a rube. Get out of Boston and go write for a paper in the Midwest, you fucking rube]

    Take the 49-year-old man in the Braintree/Weymouth area who posted this message: ‘‘Any girls over 20 looking for fast $$$. I am ready now. Car date or otherwise. You know when you just have to have it. That’s me right now.’’

    Then there’s Nancy, from the Weymouth area, who promises to help clients ‘‘take a trip to heaven.’’ For convenience, she offers rates for both an hour or half-hour session.

    One ‘‘voluptuous college coed’’ from the South Shore claims to need help with the rent this month. She was offering an hour of full-service fantasy fulfillment for ‘‘a donation of 300.’’

    Many johns are looking for one-time satisfaction. Others, like the Hanover man, want something more long-term. He wrote: ‘‘MM (married man) seeks redhead 18 to 40 (no dye jobs girls) for a regular thing $$$$$$$ non pro would be nice, we can help each other out and have fun too.’’

    Prostitutes both travel to their clients and make their johns come to them. Some rendezvous at local motels.

    Maria, the Quincy prostitute who turned her first trick at 20, does all of her business out of her apartment. She advertises on craigslist and in the Boston Phoenix, though neither ad explicitly says she will have sex for money.

    When guys call, she makes sure she is comfortable with them before giving out her address. Unlike some hookers, there are limits to what she’ll do.

    ‘‘You only get a massage and sex,’’ she said. ‘‘You won’t get to touch me. No, you can’t touch me. You cannot.’’

    Maria said she isn’t too worried about the police. ‘‘They’re looking for hookers who do drugs’’ - and she doesn’t.

    In fact, the odds of a prostitute landing a work-related criminal record appear slim.

    Massachusetts Sentencing Commission records show that 369 people were convicted of prostitution from July 1, 2003, to June 30, 2004. Some others were not counted if they were convicted of a more serious offense at the same time.

    In recent years on the South Shore, only a few busts have made headlines.

    State Police arrested a Duxbury woman in October after she engaged in a sex act with an elderly man in a Plymouth parking lot for $20.

    In 2004, Quincy police broke up an alleged brothel masquerading as a massage parlor across from Quincy High School.

    In general, police said it’s hard to make arrests. Since johns are unlikely to snitch on hookers, the best bet is to send in undercover cops, a labor-intensive proposition.

    In Braintree, officers launched last fall’s sting to send the message that prostitutes aren’t welcome, Deputy Chief Jenkins said.

    Quincy Police Chief Robert Crowley said his department chases down whatever tips it gets. Police recently shut down a location where prostitution was taking place but didn’t press charges because they obtained ‘‘considerable intelligence information regarding other crimes,’’ Crowley said.

    ‘‘If we do get information on any location we will actively pursue it,’’ he said. ‘‘We don’t want prostitution in the city, we don’t want massage parlors that aren’t licensed that may front for prostitution.’’

    Police in some towns said they don’t perceive prostitution as a problem.

    Whitman Acting Police Chief Raymond Nelson said some hookers used to do business in town, but that problem disappeared a few years ago when condominiums replaced a motel on Route 18 that was frequented by prostitutes and johns.

    Plymouth police Capt. Michael Botieri said his town has seen ‘‘sporadic’’ prostitution problems but ‘‘nothing major.’’ He did not, however, know about craigslist. As for Maria, she said most people couldn’t begin to imagine what can be bought and sold on the South Shore.

    [This breathless and sensationalist article is deserving of our scorn]
    (Review # 13622)
  • Saugus Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Dec 04 2005 Submitted by:

    Chois Health Spa... I went there today, no appointment made. I walked in and was greeted by an older lady at the desk... paid 150 for 1.5 hrs.. She told me to go to a certain room where I met my masseuse... She was appox. 35-40 yrs old... She told me to undress and put on a robe, then we went to a room with a table massage setup... She washed me, which felt good... but no real "rubbing"...

    We went back to the original room where she gave me a very good massage... got me hard as a rock... because she was massaging everywhere, including between my legs, and brushing up on my balls... great massage... then we went back to the table wash where she washed me again... just rinsed all the lotion off... and that was that. Great massage and that was it... Hopefully, next time a choice of girls? More action?
    (Review # 13223)
  • Boston Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Nov 06 2005 Submitted by:

    Beware of some independent escorts! I found this ad on and the escort's name was Shelly (ph: 617-423-4777) and there was a pic. She charged $350/hr for GFE service. The one who came was not the one in the pic, but was a beautiful blonde.

    She started with hj, then a bj, but did not allow to have sex, demanding more money. She stepped out saying she needed to tell her driver it's going to take more time, then came back. I paid $80 more and she just stepped out again with the money, wanting to talk to the driver again -- but the fucking whore (did not fuck, though!) never came back!
    (Review # 13022)
  • Boston Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 16 2005 Submitted by:

    5 accused of prostitution in Brighton Sex-for-hire ring said to operate in two-family house - By Suzanne Smalley, Globe Staff | August 16, 2005 - Boston police have arrested at least 15 pimps and prostitutes in the Allston-Brighton area since April as part of a large-scale operation to eradicate a thriving prostitution underworld, District Captain William B. Evans said yesterday.

    In the latest in a series of eight raids, police Saturday arrested five people in a large, two-family house on Quint Street in Brighton. ''About six to eight weeks ago, we started getting complaints . . . and based upon that, it kept growing and growing," Evans said of the investigation. He said more arrests are expected. Evans said neighbors complained to police about unusual traffic in the area. A search warrant affidavit shows that officers also targeted the operation because of Internet postings. Evans said most of the cases involve Asian women who are in the country illegally. Evans declined to elaborate on how the arrests are related. However, he said, he believes the women arrested in the most recent raid are ''part of a ring operating in the Allston-Brighton area."

    The women arrested in Saturday's raid were arraigned in Brighton District Court yesterday on charges of sexual conduct for a fee and unlicensed practice of massage. Shurongwu Keliholokai, 39, of Long Beach, Calif., and Funzkwan Man, 38, of Flushing, N.Y., both posted $100 bail. However, they are being held because they are in the country illegally and face deportation proceedings, said David Procopio, a spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley. Procopio said condoms, lubricants, and cellphones were seized from the house the women were arrested in. Three men arrested at the house were charged yesterday as their pimps. Richard Winston, 50, of Brookline; Hueng Tam, 52, of Quincy; and Gyaltsen Gylatsen, 54, of Allston, were charged with deriving support from prostitution, operating an unlicensed massage business, and maintaining a house of prostitution. Each was released after posting $250 bail.

    Court records show that police arrested the five after a four-month investigation into activities at the house at 58 Quint St., on a leafy street that intersects Brighton Avenue. A search warrant affidavit filed in Brighton District Court says the investigation was spurred by several postings offering female masseuses on Craig'sList, a free Internet website where people buy and sell goods and services. After detectives determined the house was not a licensed massage business, they began an undercover operation, court records show. A detective called telephone numbers found on the Craig'sList posting and spoke with a man who offered him what he understood to be sex with one of the advertised women for $160, records show. The advertisements promise men three women to choose from and a selection of women that changes weekly.

    In some ads, pictures are posted, along with biographical and anatomical information. The women are referred to as squaws in one ad that promises: ''You arrive, we line them up, you choose." Evans said the Internet has made brazen solicitation fairly common. ''It's a big problem everywhere now with the access in the Internet," he said. ''Prostitution is moving from the street corner and into houses and apartments." Suzanne Smalley can be reached at
    (Review # 12461)
  • Boston Street Action Dated Added: Mon Aug 08 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Church group aims for lasting presence in Codman Square, early August, 2005, as follows. At the end of a peaceful, weeklong occupation of a trouble-plagued Dorchester neighborhood, the pastor and parishioners from Global Ministries Christian Church announced a plan for their next, more permanent occupation. The Rev. Bruce Wall wants his church to buy and redevelop a Dorchester apartment building where, he and his supporters say, much of the Codman Square's troubles brew. He announced plans for the $1.5 million purchase yesterday afternoon, at the end of his 11 a.m. service. Several city leaders stood next to Wall as he made the announcement. Larry Mays, the city's chief of Human Services, was there to represent Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. ''The mayor definitely wants to help," Mays said after the service. The city doesn't have money to give the church, Mays said, but it does have lots of contacts in the philanthropic world. Building owner Chris Duffy of Boston said the property is not officially for sale, but for the right price he would sell. The eight-unit, red-brick apartment building at 4-6 Lyndhurst St. sits on the corner of Washington Street. Wall and his supporters say that at this building, and the one next to it, drug dealers have been openly selling their wares and prostitutes have been boldly doing business. The street has been plagued with violence; on July 4, a man was shot and killed in front of the buildings. Last Sunday night, Wall and his supporters told the drug dealers and prostitutes they had had enough; they moved into an apartment around the corner from the half-block span they call ''the hell zone." They stayed for a week, walking the streets, talking to residents, bringing national attention to the neighborhood and their reclamation efforts. Politicians, police officers, and television crews came to visit. Some residents embraced them; others scoffed at the idea that a one-week stint could make a lasting difference. Yesterday morning, Wall and his roommates left Washington Street and strolled to their church. They said their weeklong presence had been effective but they wanted to do more. Buying the building and establishing an anchor in that block is a logical next step, Mays said. ''This effort really answers the question, 'What's the point of it all?' " he said. Still, Wall said he needs about $1.5 million to purchase 4-6 Lyndhurst St. The church doesn't believe in accruing debt, so a mortgage is not an option, he said. Wall is hoping that the national publicity garnered during the occupation will help, and he has his eye on sports celebrities, including New England's football team. ''I know one of the Patriots is a Christian, and I hear that one of the Red Sox players is too," he told his delighted congregation at yesterday's service. ''I'm not thinking that I have to raise it. I think there's someone out there who wants to give it to us," he said. If the church buys the building, Wall said that he would provide low-cost housing for area residents and free living space for missionaries who volunteer in the area. He wants to move his office there, too. Duffy, meanwhile, said he's frustrated by perception that his building is a breeding ground for criminals. ''It's been demonized all week," he said. Duffy said he doesn't condone drug dealing or prostitution but can't evict people based on rumors. If people have proof of drug dealing and prostitution in his building, he said, he wants to know about it. ''Anybody can make accusations. I need proof," he said. (Review # 12376)
  • worcester Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jul 02 2005 Submitted by: johnykin

    Today I picked up a nice looker (redish hair, thin, and clean looking) on Main St. her name is Lisa Marie, great blow and spit for reasonable. Also last week I found a blond, about thirty or so, great rack, but she was a little on the "street side" if you know what i mean. But she gave deep head and took her time and let me get a good feel. I cant remmember the name though, but does it matter ? (Review # 11901)
  • East Boston Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jun 12 2005 Submitted by:

    Street work hasn't disappeared entirely, Briceno said. It is still the way most prostitutes get started and develop client lists allowing them to transition to off-street work. But today, she said, they operate in a way to draw less police attention. ''They are out there, but they are not walking around in the stiletto heels and miniskirts," Briceno said. 'They usually look like they just got out of class." When Lynn Police arrested East Boston resident Nicolas Bonilla on charges of deriving support from prostitution and keeping a house of ill fame this spring, police found business cards depicting scantily clad women and the Spanish phrase ''We have appetizers." Bonilla allegedly used the cards to market the illicit business. police say online escort services and personal ads are still the most commonly used marketing tools, as so-called street-walking has declined in recent years. But they say prostitution rings catering to less technologically savvy groups, such as newly arrived immigrants, are using other approaches culled from the business arena, according to law enforcement officials and others. ''Girls hanging on the street corner -- it's not as pervasive as it once was," said Boston Police spokesman Sergeant Thomas Sexton. ''It's all changed. It's definitely taken a new track in the way they advertise their wares." (Review # 11748)
  • Boston, Worcester Street Action Dated Added: Wed Dec 29 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of late September, 2004. Police in Worcester arrested 20 people in sting operations early in the morning during a sting in the Main South area of the city, both johns and prostitutes. Seven prostitutes arrested by the Boston police in the Bay Village area. Sorry, don't have more specific streets. Be careful, guys. (Review # 10732)
  • Chelsea, South Everett Street Action Dated Added: Wed Dec 29 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of mid-November, 2004. A police crackdown of stings in Chelsea has pushed prostitution into South Everett, which is an industrial area. The produce market area attracts many truckers and is on the Everett-Chelsea line. Chelsea has been putting pressure on the drugs and prostitution in the produce area, Beacham Street, Route 99, Broadway. Half a dozen prostitutes stand by King Arthur's lounge, which is a strip joint, and the adult video store called Stardust Video. (Review # 10729)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Apr 23 2004 Submitted by: Boston George

    5 Star Massage/Kiss My Face/Bella advertises in the Phoenix. Don't bother. $160 for a rush job, even though she does give a hell of a bj. Works out of a hotel room, and you are on the same bedspread as everybody else. Ewwwww. She is cute, though big in the ass, and wants to fuck. (Review # 8928)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 25 2003 Submitted by: Boston George

    Boston Phoenix ad says "Asian Playmate", and has her name as Kai-ly.~~

    ~~Positives:~~Very pleasant on the phone, and very helpful. ~~She describes her "central location" as "near Symphony Hall", and that is true. I asked her how parking was, she said it was available, and she was correct and/or telling the truth!~~She is an absolute knock-out! 9.5 out of 10! I would rate her a 10, but I know some of you out there do not like perfectly shaped firm enhanced tits, and she is definitely past 30, and some of you out there like 'em younger. She has a pic posted on the Phoenix Adult ads, and she is MUCH more beautiful than that!~~

    ~~Negatives:~~ Very rushed session. I was out of there in half an hour. And that even though I gave her $160 as a good faith gesture when she had quoted $150 on the phone. No change given, and still rushed, with the implication, of course, that more $$ would get more... of everything.~~

    ~~She was just too weird. As soon as I walked in, she asked what kind of fun I wanted to have (that's fine), but immediately told me if I wanted to smoke pot or do coke, that was OK. WHOA! Talk about red flags! Was she trying to get me to buy? Yikes! Luckily I was stoned already. *S* She also had a riding crop in her hand and wanted to do a little light whipping. I am not into that, or at least was not that night. ~~~~She danced around a little, ran the crop in her crotch, and put on a little show, but again she seemed like she was on something. I asked her about oral but she said "Not this time honey", pointing out a bruised lower lip, claiming her husband/boyfriend hit her. Yikes again! And was that guy in the apt while I was there??? (She also showed me her C-section scar, saying she had a 5 yr old child. Major props to her ob/gyn on that scar! A beautiful job!) ~~

    ~~So, if you want a relatively short erotic session with a woman who could be a porn star, and/or if you have more $$ to spare, go for it. Maybe she behaves differently at other times. Not the best session I ever had, but not the worst either.~~ (Review # 6900)

  • New Bedford Street Action Dated Added: Sun Feb 09 2003 Submitted by: stiffboner

    Weld Sq. area - Quite a bit of action as of late some girls are less to be desired and some are good looking best times are 8:00 till $25 get's you a bj,$30 gets you sex..Good Luck!! (Review # 6834)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jan 16 2003 Submitted by: Panama Red

    A Touch of Asia" advertises in a small print ad in the Phoenix. This place is a REAL find! Operating out of an apartment in a very safe area, basic massage price is $80. Clean, simple, spacious room. Had a FANTASTIC, masterful massage from "L", who was probably early 30s, about 7 in looks and 9 in attitude, even though she spoke almost no English. Did not ask if f/s is available. Not sure how many women work there; I did hear at least 1 other female voice. A guy answers the phone and takes appt info. After the massage I was offered a shower, but none offered before.~~

    ~~A couple guidelines:

    ~~* The street is directly "in back of" a place they tell you, but they are more kitty-corner from it. (You will understand, don't worry. I'm just being cagey to make John Law work a teensy bit harder.)

    ~~* Do not attempt to park on their street. Not many spaces, and let's keep it good for their neighbors by not having cars pulling in and out all the time and taking up residential spaces. It is a residential street, and the less attention drawn to this place, the better for all.

    ~~* Another place advertises in a display ad under the the name "Asian Touch". Make sure you call the right one.

    ~~~~This beats driving to Providence any day, unless you have a real desire for a sauna and table shower.~~ ~~ (Review # 6704)

  • Arrest Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 01 2003 Submitted by: Chronicler

    More information on the Boston situation. Around 11 P.M, prostitutes descend on Chinatown in force, but as of 2000 the police had made 600 prostitution related arrests. A typical month in Chinatown sees about a dozen prostitution related arrests, including 7 in Chinatown during October of 2000, three on Kneeland Street, and one each on Tyler, Essex, and Chauncy Steets. Five of the seven arrests occurred between 12:05 and 7:16 AM. The pimps reportedly communicate with each other about police activity with Nextel phones and the girls are shipped in from different areas of the country every 3 or 4 months. Students at the medical school complain about being woke up in the middle of the night by the sounds of working girls on Tyler Street. Campus police are reportedly deputized to make arrests beyond the University Property. (Review # 6642)
  • China Town Street Action Dated Added: Sun May 12 2002 Submitted by: Younghornybastard

    and Sat nights are busy with cars cruising, there are some really hot girls, at least an 8, but watch for a really hot blonde in a white Lexus, she will pull up next to you, if you make eye contact she will ask you if you want a date, say no, she’s 5.0. The girls tend to be about $50 for a blow job, and $100 to fuck. ~~

    ~~There is also I have found that Boston is warming up again, and the street action is good. Friday night an awesome combo, a hot black girl & a hot white girl, they go together, what a fuck. The girls tend to have so many cars that its hard to get the girl you want, pull over, park and wait, they will walk by. I am looking for a hot Chinese or Japanese hooker, please let me know by posting please. ALSO as a note, 5.0 tends to start cruising when the clubs let out, 1AM ish, that’s a good time for discounts and to call it a night, no one needs to go to jail. Thanx guys.~~
    (Review # 5442)
  • Somerville Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Apr 22 2002 Submitted by: Panama Red

    Let me add to the warnings others have posted.~~~~French Fantasies = New England Escorts = a waste of your time and money. On top of that, look carefully at the Phoenix ads. Any ads for individuals with the phone number 781-458-xxxx are actually French Fantasies ads. Cross-check the names against their big ad and it will be clear.~~

    ~~Went once, and will not bother again. Disgusting facility, low-grade women, rushed sessions, and too much money.~~~~Of course, with so many negative ads posted, they will probably change their name... again.~~~~Oh how I miss the Royal, the Ultimate, and even the Olde English! Why can't Boston grow up? (Review # 5330)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Apr 22 2002 Submitted by: Panama Red

    Look for a very simple ad in the Boston Phoenix: "Massage - Black Female Masseuse".~~~~The session was wonderful and unhurried. She is very pleasant and intelligent. I will not post any details out of respect for her and what she is doing. No full service or oral, and limited touching. Very safe location. Definitely worth a first visit; you'll decide whether it is worth a 2nd. (Review # 5329)
  • Brookline Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Apr 18 2002 Submitted by: Panama Red

    There is a 1-woman place open on Beacon Street in Brookline, just east of Washington Street. Look for the sign that says "Acupressure Massage" next to the Korean barbershop. She is a lovely woman in her late 30s, and gives one of the best massages ever. Try the $120 special with a hot towel wrap, during which she massages you. Blissful!~~~~She is definitely worth at least 1 visit; you will decide for yourself about later ones. ~~ (Review # 5310)
  • Boston Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Apr 18 2002 Submitted by: Panama Red

    There is a Matrix in Quincy. It seemed promising when I went in; my masseuse was a slim very pretty olive-skinned (Latina?) woman no older than 29, wearing hospital scrubs.~~~~She gave a decent "Swedish"-style massage, but it is funny that for a place that posts a massage diploma, she did not know the names of certain major muscles that I talked about.~~

    ~~At one point she asked if I had ever had a massage before, and I said yes, all over the place. But that was the end of the discussion. At the end of the massage, I asked if there were any other services available, but she said "I'm a massage therapist, and the price you paid was for a massage." Same response even when I offered more $.~~~~Maybe things loosen up if you are a regular. Signs all over that the 10th massage is free.~~~~Of course, the Radio Shack intercom unit on the floor next to the small sofa was a weird touch to the decor. *S*~~~~ (Review # 5309)

  • Boston Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Apr 08 2002 Submitted by:

    I phoned an ad in the Phoenix that talked of two girls, but only one answered when I called. Her name is Vita. Nice girl, pretty face, light skinned black, a little large but shapely. $250 for a forty minute hour, all inclusive.

    Two big problems, one is that she has a cell phone that beaps every five minutes, the other is that she'll show up and hour late to everything. Also, I asked how much she'd want to spend the night and she replied $700. I paid it and she stayed for a dinner and then another hour or so, then she left saying she'd be right back. Of course she never came back. (Review # 5267)

  • Boston Street Action Dated Added: Mon Mar 04 2002 Submitted by: The Boston Seeker

    Street Walker information. There are activities on Oak St, Washington Ave, and Harrison, in the Boston Chinatown. For Sunday the best time to search for them is 10:45pm to 11:55pm. For Saturday the best time to search for them is 10:00pm to 12:00.

    ~~~~The street walkers come out earlier in Saturday night. I have no idea what time you can find them on weekdays. Saturday and Sunday is the days I went to search for them most of the time. Trust me, you will find one or more, if you go Saturday or Sunday, I am not sure about Friday. Oh, the girls on Saturday and Sunday night are mostly GOOD LOOKING. on Saturday I saw around 9 to 11 walking around, and on Sunday I saw 6 to 9 walking around. Also on Sunday, I saw one looks just like a TV star and young. I think that's all I can help! Good Luck Guys! Posted on March of 2002.~~ (Review # 5132)

  • Dorchester Street Action Dated Added: Thu Feb 07 2002 Submitted by: suckitbitty

    Street action can be had on Dorchester Ave after around 2ish in the summer time. Also cruise Roxbury for some fine hispanic and black whores. Most are crack-heads, and most will suck it without a condom for $20 bucks. All and all though, street action sucks on Boston! It use to be much better up until say l998. Cops really cracked down on that stuff! (Review # 5010)
  • Cambridge Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Nov 01 2001 Submitted by:

    With Royal Sauna, Broadway Spa and the English all gone from Cambridge I was looking around for a new place that offered a massage and a little more.~~

    ~~I found a place called Oriental Massage on 15 Boston Street in Cambridge. ~~~~The woman running this place is a TOTAL nut case. The massage was very poor. She used this electric leg shaker and electric vibrator which both felt mechanical and unrelaxing. This was definitely the worse massage that I ever had.~~

    ~~To make matters even worse she started preaching to me about how the WTC bombing was caused by immoral sexual acts. This woman is a TOTAL wacko. Stay away at all costs.~~
    (Review # 4549)
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