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  • Waterville Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Dec 24 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Waterville woman arrested on charges of prostitution--late December, 2005

    WATERVILLE -- A woman who allegedly was running a prostitution business at a College Avenue apartment was arrested Thursday on a warrant for engaging in prostitution and promotion of prostitution.

    Marcia xxxx was supposed to have come to the police station to get a summons for the charges, but when she failed to do so, she was arrested at 8:36 p.m. Thursday, according to Detective William Bonney.

    [Marcia] is the mother of Rachel xxxx, 24, who was arrested on prostitution charges Oct. 11 with Charles xxxx, 36, after police raided their King Street apartment. The couple had made an appointment with an undercover police officer for sex acts at a cost of $300 for one hour, Bonney said at the time. [...]

    Bonney said Friday that police raided Marcia xxx apartment at 159 College Ave. on Nov. 16 and interviewed her, finding enough evidence to summons her on prostitution charges.

    She is scheduled to appear in Waterville District Court on those charges March 8, he said. Bail conditions bar her from committing any new crimes and if she moves to a new location, she must notify the court.

    The arrest is one of several in the last few weeks resulting from a police crackdown on rubdown parlors and individuals billing themselves as escort services.

    Police Chief [Little] John[ny] E. Morris has said the recent focus on prostitution resulted from complaints police received after Gentleman's Choice, a rubdown parlor, moved a few weeks ago from College Avenue to a visible spot downtown on Main Street.

    Marcia xxx owns a home at xxx. but has been living with her husband, who has an apartment at 159 College Avenue, Bonney said. He said she also was renting the apartment next door, and that was where the prostitution business was located. She and another woman were working there, he said.

    "She'd just walk to the apartment next door to go to work," he said.

    He said Marcia xxx billed her operation as "ANJEL-N-SHASHA."

    "She was advertising in the Morning Sentinel," he said.

    He declined to comment on whether the second woman working at the business is being investigated.
    He said he had known about Marcia xxx for a while and received information that corroborated what he already had been told, prompting him to draw up a search warrant for the apartment.

    He said he thinks recent arrests by police are causing people to come out and report other cases involving prostitution.

    "One thing leads to another," he said. "I definitely think it helps."
    (Review # 13439)
  • Portland Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 15 2005 Submitted by: DT

    I highly recommend Erotic Encounters (used to be listed in the Portland Phoenix). Had two fantastic sessions with the charming and unbelievably hot Cheyenne - huge breasts, beautiful thighs and ass, very athletic. After letting me cover her butt with kisses, she rolled over for a little light kissing, moving on to me kissing her breasts and tonguing her nipples while she gave the cutest little porno moans. I masturbated her a little, then she rolled me onto my back to return the nipple tonguing. Then she slowly dragged those magnificent breasts across my chest, down my stomach, over my hips, and down onto my bare cock. I pressed them together around it and briefly tit-fucked her, but the sensation of her satiny flesh around my skin was too intense - I had to stop or I would have shot all over her breasts. She took that as a sign to move on to the oral, applied a condom and gave me some great head. A few minutes of that and it was time for the main event. We fucked missionary until we were both moaning, our grinding and pounding increasing in speed until I came in her so hard I thought I would faint. Their ad isn't in the latest issue. If Cheyenne is still in business, she's worth every penny and more. (Review # 12455)
  • Waterville Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jan 27 2005 Submitted by: Nicholas Richard

     I know the Relaxalon pretty well since my father owns it. Sure some of the girls he has there may offer fs and do get jiggy with thier customers, but that doesn't mean that they are all whores or cheap girls. My father, Arthur "Buddy" Richard is a decent fellow if you get to know him and he has tried to get his life on the legal side before, but the grand state of Maine keeps shitting on his business, making him go bad again.

    He owned The Relaxalon in Lewiston and LPD shut him down, he then opened a night club there and LPD banned raves and put him out of buisiness. Lewiston sucks ass and the cops need to find a new thrill than busting honest people trying to make an honest living

    (Review # 10901)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Dec 29 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of late November, 2004. Like a previous poster reports, the Danish Health Club in Kittery went down, and it went down so hard it will probably never get up again. This post will be its fond last ode, and may also serve as a useful shopping list if you want to start your own MP! Danish went down June 9. That's 6/9, heh heh. It was an FBI raid, baby, not just some local yokel or state police shit. A total of 61 items were seized as evidence. The items were found in numerous areas throughout the club as well as inside female employees’ purses. On the day of the raid, the club at 19 Bridge St. was swarming with FBI agents, Internal Revenue Service criminal investigators and Maine State Police officers which the FBI agents kept busy by telling them to search a mattress with a magnifying glass for crabs. OK, so I made that last part up. No arrests have been made since the raid, but the doors have remained locked and town residents are still questioning what exactly happened that day and how the club remained in operation for nearly 20 years. Following is a partial list of the items seized in the Danish Health Club raid: Baby wipes container containing condoms, "jelly," etc. Five pages of e-mails from "Teen Flood - Real Teenage Girls." Astroglide gel and other lubricants. Cell phones. Paychecks. A list of employees with their "stage" names and shift schedules. Copies of photographs in a FedEx envelope. Massage certificates. A box containing copies of Xtreme Magazine. Business cards with men’s names on them. Agents also seized gift certificate ledgers as well as a letter to a local lawyer about a disgruntled customer. Also seized were at least five cell phones belonging to women whose names either matched or closely resembled the names of women employed by the club. Those women had obtained their massage licenses from the Kittery Police Department. Under town ordinances, the Kittery Police Department is solely responsible for licensing the massage therapists who work at the Danish Health Club and other massage parlors in town. At the time the club was raided, 25 females were licensed as massage therapists at the Danish Health Club. Anybody know where the honey bunnies went? Speak up, gentlemen! The club was found to be advertised on a variety of Internet sites and publications as more than a traditional massage parlor. (Say it isn't so, and see below) At, an advertisement shows a photograph of 10 women wearing only baseball jerseys, caps and sunglasses. It reads: "Don’t play with your bat alone in the pub, come hear the music play, come for a relaxing rub, old chum, come to the Danish and play." The Kittery Police Department reportedly sent undercovers into the spa. Unknown how much the "old chums" were allowed to "play" and get a "relaxing rub." On the same day the club was raided, 11 bank accounts belonging to two people associated with the Danish Health Club and accounts in the club’s name were seized under allegations of money laundering. Now sigh, gentlemen, and raise a glass. Yea, raise a glass to the Danish in Kittery. Ah, Danish, we knew and loved you well! This was not the end, oh no, but the shuddering climax. Oh, where have your twenty mistresses of massage fled, oh dear Danish? Each a seed from which a new and glorious Danish Kittery may yet spring! Now clink the glasses, gentlemen, and give the girl to your left a draught. Drink every drop, missy, drink every blooming drop! Ah, there, then...there. (Review # 10707)
  • Saco Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 23 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Information current as of late August, 2004. Police in Saco, Maine busted a prostitution service after a bizarre set of circumstances. An escort known by the name of "Devon" from a service called Studio9x accused a man of [sexually] assaulting her and provided his alleged first name and also a description of his vehicle to police. Police tracked him down. The man admitted having sex with Devon and not paying her. Wearing a wire and with marked bills, the man paid the owner of the escort service, Studio9x. The man was then busted by police. The cell phone in his car rang continuously with men trying to contact the escort service. Detailed client and business records seized. Studio9x had a website and there was a picture of Devon there. Police have charged her with making a false report and prostitution. But they have accomplished so much more than a bust. Saco, Maine has just seen its first cherry popping post and put itself on the World Sex Map. (Review # 9948)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Aug 05 2004 Submitted by:

    Danish in Kittery got busted.. Don't know of the reasons yet.

    But FBI and CIA were all over the place back in June

    (Review # 9788)
  • Lisbon Falls Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Aug 04 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Information current as of early August, 2004. A massage parlor in Lisbon Falls, Maine, (not too far from Portland) had its 39-year-old Korean manager arrested, and three other Korean women face deportation. The Asia Acupressure Therapy Center was linked to sex rings in Vermont, New Jersey, and New York City in federal indictments. And so we have the first cherry-popping post for Lisbon Falls. Maine is underreported, so chip in guys. If I take a trip to Maine, will I come back with CRABS? (Review # 9782)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jun 10 2004 Submitted by: Harry

    Danish Health Club was Raided on Weds, June 9. I knew it was going to happen when I started to see them advertise in a local "adult magazine".. I guess its off to Rhode Island. (Review # 9296)
  • Portland Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 24 2004 Submitted by: Ronald

    Called a place earlier called Studio9x today, and paid 200 for an appointment with a chick that looked like she hadn't slept in days and was on crack. Judging by the pics on the site most of the talent which needs lots of improvements is in the same condition, so beware. If you want a sketchy fs agency call them. Other than that find other options. (Review # 8225)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jan 24 2004 Submitted by: Dino

    Got to the Danish Health Club in Kittery and chose Zoey. She is nice and gives a great massage for the 70 dollars. Not rushed. Paid 200 extra for a bj and fs. Overall a good experience. Than again at the Danish you never know what you'll get so when you get a good one its awesome. (Review # 8224)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Dec 06 2003 Submitted by: The Perv

    I must support the 2002 report on Stacy. She ripped me off! She took my money ($150.00), and after offering a bbbj she gave me a hj so fast and with an insulting attitude to the extent that I almost stopped her to walk out mid yank. I wish I had. She made me feel like an asshole, and I am a decent guy. Totally unacceptable behavior.

    I used Falon before her. She is older and gives a real massage before going to it. She gave great oral sex, sort of the girlfriend experience, only not quite that intimate. Thanks falon. Classy act. (Review # 7980)

  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Oct 13 2003 Submitted by: Sam

    Went to the Danish over the weekend and chose a Rachel. Don't choose her she'll rip you off. She promised FS and came back and said she couldn't because her period had just started minutes earlier. What a lame rip off. Ive never had a problem at the Danish until than. So I wont be going back for a while. Ill try elsewhere. (Review # 7712)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 10 2003 Submitted by: Dennis

    I went to the Danish Health Club in Kittery, Maine. They wanted 70 at the door for 45 minutes. An older women. It was my first time so they had one of the girls come out and take me to the locker room. I had to change, shower, and put on a robe. After you go out to the lounge area which has a fish tank, big screen TV, and sofas. That's where the girls were sitting. I think there were six of them. One black one and 5 white ones. No asians.

    I chose one named Carrie. She gave me a massage, then we negotiated fs for 200. She left the room to get the condom i guess and came back a little while later and took off her clothes. Her chest didn't look good, small ones, maybe she wears a pushup bra underneath her tank top. She gave me head and said she could only take it doggy style, which I didn't mind, but I wanted to try different positions. So I did her doggy and that was it. She was alright, if I go back i'll choose someone different, the price tag seemed steep, a guy has to eat, too... (Review # 7693)

  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 10 2003 Submitted by: Manny

    I went to the Danish recently and chose an older lady named 'Alicia' I think she said she was 48. She's got a great body and is a good conversation as well. She is good at what she does, seem to give me longer than usual oral, so I wouldn't last as long with the fs but that's ok I guess. She said its now a mandatory 200 for all girls and the fee at the door is now 70 so were talking 270 total. If you have a spare 300 bucks to blow go to the Danish.

    It's for 45 minutes with a massage and fs with most girls but they leave the room for what seems to be anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. If not check out other options that are much cheaper. The good thing with the Danish is you get to choose whatever girl you want. Sometimes theres only three in the lounge and sometimes theres as many as 12. I guess it depends on how busy it is. (Review # 7692)

  • Portland Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Sep 24 2003 Submitted by: Chris

    The Asian Therapy Center got busted this week. So beware the cops are keeping an eye on it. I went there and didnt get fs so they must of thought I was a cop when i wanted some!! So fuck them, I wont go back. (Review # 7603)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 12 2003 Submitted by: Kenny

    Went to the Danish again and chose Carrie. She was ok, she would only let me do her doggie style. I like a variety myself and i never got to sucks on the breasts. They looked perky with her shirt on but not as good naked. She was friendly though.

    She made weird sounds while i did her. Kind of like she wasn't enjoying, hey i'm paying close to 300 dollars, at least act like it! Shes someone that I wouldnt choose again. Next time Im going with Tammy and those new implants of hers! (Review # 7348)

  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 12 2003 Submitted by: Kenny

    Went to the Danish again and its now 70 for the lowest cover fee, it was 60 and they have new robes instead of wraps. Did the usual shower then went in and chose my girl, Abby. Very friendly and good conversation. She played with my ass to. She let me touch her and suck on her tits to. Which i like.

    Some of the girls at the Danish seem too good to let you do that and you spend 270 total for not even really getting to touch them. She was great and had her nipples pierced and had a tounge ring. She gave an awesome BJ. And rode me. It was an intense session sex wise. Which felt so good. One of my better visits there. Id rather go to Providence and the Midori but the drive is so long from Maine. (Review # 7347)

  • Portland Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 12 2003 Submitted by: Dennis

    I went to a new place in Portland called the Asian massage parlor, I didn't get anything and I don't know why, it seemed like your average asian fs place. Maybe they thought i was a cop because i had someone drop me off. I paid 60 for an hour massage she breathed in my ear and kind of rode me while i was laying on my stomach. So i thought i would get some, she couldnt speak good Engish and kept telling me to shhhhhh. So i don't know. If anyone else has had luck there please post about it, either that or im back to taking a trip to Spa Midori in Providence and three hour drive but worth it.. (Review # 7346)
  • KITTERY Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Apr 09 2003 Submitted by: THEBIGONE

    If you are in town go to the Dansih for beautiful women. My first time there I got a tour around the place by a girl, then I went into the lounge and had a choice of about 10 girls who were all attractive. After I picked one, she took me to a room, where I got an erotic massage then down to business. She told me it was 150 for sex but I could be a little nicer which I was because I had a great time. (Review # 7058)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Mar 19 2003 Submitted by: METALHEAD

    I took a trip to the Danish Health Club today. First off, let me say that if you dont want to spend the money, then don’t bother going here. It cost $60.00 just to get in the place. After you enter you are told to shower in the locker room (Mandatory). After that you proceed to the lounge area and pick out a girl of your choice. There were 6 or 7 girls there. Most were 4 or 5s with a couple of 9 or 10s.I picked Stacy and she is definitely a 10.~~

    ~~She told me to make myself comfortable and left the room for 5 or 6 minutes. She came back and asked me what I was looking for. I told her that I wanted full body massage with a BJ and sex. She said that I couldn’t "fuck" her today because she had her period. But then she assured me that "We don’t have to fuck to have fun”. And she was right!!!! She massaged my whole body for about 15-20 minutes. Then she left the room for about 10 more minutes. Next she jerked me off for a few minutes while talkin dirty to me. Then she slipped a rubber on my dick and started blowing me.~~

    ~~She definitely had the "jack-hammer wrist" thing going. She also got naked and let me play with her tits and ass. I want to point out that this "hottie" is definitely worth the price. I ended up giving here $160.00. I don’t know if Stacy was lying when she said she had her period, but who knows? Anyways, the experience wasn’t cheap, but it was a blast.~~ (Review # 6973)

  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Sep 29 2002 Submitted by: Ted

    Danish Health Spa - I tried this place twice, not thinking that it could really be as bad as I found it the first time, but it was. I have a hard time believing the few good reviews (maybe from employees?) here because my experience was just like the bad reviews.

    The girls were not very attractive and each of the two that I saw tried to rip me off. The first one asked for 100 "to make me happy" (plus the room fee already paid) and then did nothing but rub my back. She said that if I wanted more than a massage I had to pay her more - about 200 more. At that point I didn't trust her to follow through and I left.~~

    ~~The next time I was a bit more desperate so I decided to just pay 200 to start, after confirming that I would get full service (from another girl.) Instead, I just got a back massage and when I asked for more she said that it was illegal.~~~~What a ripoff! (Review # 6208)

  • South Portland Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Feb 27 2002 Submitted by: vsexcite

    Gee-Gee's Health Spa. I visited this place today and it was an OK time (5 out of 10), nothing great to praise them about. Don't go through the side door, ring bell at front door. The "Spa" if it can even be called that is upstairs. I was greeted by some lady in her 40's, nothing much to look at. ~~

    ~~She lead me to the shower, which was totally disgusting. I told her I had just showered at home, it did not matter. I let the water run and wet my hair and came right out. I was led into a room where Dee-Dee came in. Funny how Gee-gee's name is on the place and someone named Dee-Dee works there. Dee-Dee looked around 42 and was a 4 out of 10 or maybe that's too generous. She started massaging my feet and then for a negotiated price she gave me a hand job, which I will say was very good. The thing that I did not like was her druggy or sleepy looking face. She wore an overcoat which she eventually took off. Under that was some lingerie. Her butt was saggy yet flat. However, her breasts had the nicest looking nipples. ~~~~

    ~~The neighbourhood this place is in is right near the water facing downtown Portland. According to Dee-Dee, cops don't show up because of some negotiation where they make a donation. It is a pretty run down neighbourhood and Gee-Gee's is at 35 Mosher Rd. This is opposite a some sort of government house/office. I would not recommend going there at all, however, if you do, call first and make an appointment. Maine is certainly a difficult place to find anything.~~
    (Review # 5103)
  • beddeford . Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jan 16 2002 Submitted by: R.T.L.

    I was in town and picked up this free news paper called the Phoenix, saw this eye catching ad, said full body rub downs 207-286-xxxx. called the # and got location ,went in and saw 5 beautiful girls!! all very personable. I would have to say I had the best pleasureable time ever!!! check it out .I give it a 10. (Review # 4910)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Nov 22 2001 Submitted by: anon.

    Tried the Danish Health Club. Girls ranged from 5-9 mostly 7's & 8's. The girls seemed friendly~~but were more interested in the television than the customers. Prices are high 150 for oral, 200 for full service. Chose the girl I wanted and went to the room, got an oil massage and was asked if I knew how the service worked. Opted for the full service for 200. She left the room to get "her things" came back about 5-7 minutes later (time killer). She finally stripped and settled down to the business at hand (no pun intended). She said she would start with a little oral, but it was mostly a hand job, told her to slow down as I was to close for comfort. Didn't bother to stop just milked me by hand and said I didn't think you'd go than fast, after I had said to ease up. Offered to do me by hand as I already got off and wouldn't do full service as she had got me off. Offered to play with herself if I wanted to continue doing myself until time ran out. Wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Prices are too high and girls are only interested in doing a hit and run if possible instead of what's negotiated.~~ (Review # 4667)
  • Kittery Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Sep 25 2001 Submitted by: Mr.Happy

    I visit the Danish in Kittery from time to time, it is the only place within a reasonable distance from the armpit of America, Boston, MA. Danish is a well run place. The ladies can seem a bit cool and standoffish when you first visit, but once they have seen you a couple of times they are generally friendly. Most of the ladies are attractive and cooperative (at the right level of course). There are no bargains at Danish (given the virtual monopoly that they have, they would be fools to work cheap), but if you are an average Joe I think a $160 tip will do it for you. If you are a chump you will pay more anywhere (niceness counts). Once you get in the room new guys need to be absolutely clear about what you are hoping to do, if you beat around the bush they'll think you are a cop. One thing I particularly like about Danish is that none of the ladies have that hunted/desperate look about them that you sometimes see in places where the girls do a lot of drugs. The ladies here seem pretty much in control. Again, just be nice to them and you’ll be rewarded. (Review # 4361)
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