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  • Honolulu Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 19 2008 Submitted by: Big Dan

    Visited Honolulu last month and had a great time. Visited Saigon Nights to check out the dancers. I love asian women and was hoping to relive some memories of the philipines - and did. The dancers were hot but the ladies walking around to keep you company were even hotter. We enjoyed alot of mutual under the table touching and feeling and she talked me into going into the back room with her. It was $200. and I was hesitant but her stroking my dick won me over.

    The room is beside the dance floor with one way big glass so we could see the dancers but no one could see us. Ecxept for the occassional waitress coming in so I could buy her more drinks we we could do anything we wanted. ND WE DID. She quickly stripped nude for me then proceeded to strip me. She slipped on a condom while she sucked me, then into a 69 for a great time. She then climbed on top and rode me hard and I finished in doggy while watching the dancers and other customers walking back and forth outside the window. Will deffinately go back.
    (Review # 25216)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Sep 09 2008 Submitted by: THOR

    Apple @ Lavender Went there today about 1130am and only had 2 girls working. I had a nice slim Korean girl named Apple. She is taller and then most with real B size tits. I never had this happen at a AMP, but when she came in, she had me lay down. I asked about the shower and she said because I dont know you yet, the shower will be last. then with out anymore talking, she striped down and gave me a CBJ and ended with a good fuck. Asked if I could cum on her tits, she said yes, so I did. After our romp, she gave me a table showed that was outstanding and took me back to the room and ended with a massage. The massage was just ok but everything else was great. Face: 8 Body: 8 Service 9 (Review # 24719)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jul 28 2008 Submitted by: Don Juan

    Honolulu is always a lot of fun. Here is an update of two parlor. VIP is has great selection. The girl is Latino. Double D I guess, gave great bj, but rush me a bit. Ginger is cozy and quite. A good time. Since, it was the first time I went to these two places, I did not get a "friendly" treatmen, yet. Next time should be great (Review # 24356)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jan 08 2007 Submitted by: Satan

    Fellow friends, I just finished dumping my load into some cute Korean girl at Venus. Her name (or the one she gave me anyway) was Sarah. Very cute and petite (just the way I like my Asian whores). Anyway, I am easily amused when fucking whores because it is what it is. However, for the sake of this review I must say that the sex was sub par. Sarah proclaimed that my dick was too big and that she would just give me a blowjob instead (after I paid her, of course). Although she did offer to give me $50 back, I told her I wanted to fuck her.

    To make a long story short, I did fuck her. But she cried and left the room a few times (to consult with the ever wise Mama San, perhaps?) She kept trying to talk me into getting just a blowjob, but I refused and kept fucking her. I fucked her slow at first, taking some mercy on her young, tight pussy but finished her off with a good hard pounding. Judging from her tears, I'd say she was not impressed.

    Ahhh, the curse of having a big dick. So sorry "Sarah", but I am giving you a bad review because of your lack of enthusiasm... Amatures.
    (Review # 16929)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Dec 25 2006 Submitted by: Tiger

    There are about 30 - 40 massage parlors in Honolulu... I would recommend VIP, Golden Queen, and Rosemarri. They've got the youngest and prettiest girls. Pretty good service too but depends on the girl.

    From VIP, I would recommend Gina... about a 6 but excellent service. One of the best sex I've ever had, Golden Queen. A girl named June who is about a 9, tall slender body with big tits... service is above average.

    2 new girls named Julie and Gio... I would recommend them. Julie is about a 6 but good service... Gio is about an 8. Both of them has big tits.
    (Review # 16767)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Dec 08 2006 Submitted by: James

    Went to a nice little place called "Gingers" at 1694 Kalakaua, #211 upstairs. Had only 4 rooms and a great shower bathing room. The mama is a pretty Korean woman but I do not think she works the rooms. I only saw a couple of girls there --- one Korean and one younger Thai girl.

    I took the Korean girl a little older but very pretty and sweet disposition. Gave a great bath and took her time getting me excited. Gave good head and seemed to enjoy the fucking quite a bit, maybe cause I am so good. Ha! It was well worth the $ $150. Oh yeah, military gets a discount.
    (Review # 16557)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jun 04 2006 Submitted by: That_tx_guy

    I've been living on Oahu for about a year and am moving back to Texas soon. I'll be looking for amps in the Dallas area when I get back. As to Honolulu mp action, it's absolutely great. The best two places on the island to me are golden queen, and the one right beside it (to the left if your facing the building), on ward ave. The most beautiful women I've ever had in my life have come from these two locations. One looked like a supermodel, about 5'11'', body like Tyra banks, white girl with shoulder length blonde hair and another, who's still there who's name is "pinky" who's about 5'3" with a cheer leader body, Korean. And "Lisa" Chinese about 5'5" straight business but a really beautiful and nice woman. The action is best with the Koreans in general. They usually like what they are doing and are skilled, for the most part, in various pleasures. White girls I'm sad to say aren't very skilled and generally give mediocre service. I think the Asians just think about sex differently than we do here in the west. To them it's like eating or breathing, just part of life. There doesn't seem to be so many stigmas and taboos associated like the baggage we put on it here. I never saw one black girl during any of my excursions. For the best service to be had I'm going to give you advice that's hard to follow right when you walk in and your blood starts pumping when moma tells the girls to turn around an show off their goods for you. Don't necessarily go for the most beautiful girl you see there! That's hard advice but hear me out. Look at the girls' faces. Are they genuinely smiling at you? Are they looking you up and down? Are they not looking at you at all or watching the TV? If you see a girl who really looks like she wants to be with you that makes a huge difference! It doesn't matter if the girls' a 10 if she is disinterested and half hearted in you. You might as well be masturbating yourself for all the fire you're going to produce. It took me a long time to learn this. At first when I hit the island, I was all about getting the most attractive girls I could find. Some were excited to be with me and some were not. I find that remembering back over the 20 something I've been with here, the most memorable ones were the ones who loved being with me. The only bad experiences I've had on the island have been at china spa, on Keeamoku and Sophia’s on Young Street. At china I had good service for the first several times I went and then I started to get disrespected by the mama and the girls. I figure they mistook my kindness for weakness. At Sophia’s I guess they never get white guys. I went in one night and this fine young thing answered the door. She was about 19 and gorgeous with a voice like an elf. She got scared when she saw me and ran and hid. The moma escorted me in and to a room. She then started undressing. She was very unappetizing to say the least. It was obvious she was just trying to get rid of me, so I left. They must have thought I was a cop. One more was an amp behind Rocza on Kopeolani. The women were all old and unappetizing so I left. Street action Behind Long's drug on Pali, stay away from Waikiki. Best advise on street action... Don't do it! Stick to the mp's. Strip bars Hands down, club Fem Nu and Rocza both on Kapeolani are the best and have the most beautiful women. Don't go to the back for a private dance and don't buy the girls a drink. They are both rip offs. If the girl really likes taling to you and being with you she won't ask for a drink. Well that's been my experience with the skin biz. “on da island". Happy hunting and don't just pop the first one you see. There are plenty of girls viewing for your money in Honolulu aloha! (Review # 14894)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Apr 11 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Well lets just start off by saying that I used this site to steer me in the right direction when I came here to Hawaii. This site helped out alot so I figured I better give back. I'll just give a real quick breakdown of my experiences here so far. First off I'm really surprised that there are as many massage parlours as there are. I was worried that I would have to do some kind of investigating and "dry runs" in order to find these places. But it really is just as easy as everyone else says. Pic up a penny saver to point you in the right direction, try out a few places, and feel free to look around because there are tons of places to go here. So far I have been to 3 places and all have been different but good. First I went to Imperial. Not alot of girls but it wasn't a bad experience. Got away with paying 50 + 100. Not alot of parking either. Didn't feel rushed. Then I went to China spa. A lot of girls good selection. Paid the regular 50 + 150. Felt very rushed. If not for that I would go back still might. Also the shower was an option but I had to do it myself it was crap. Pine tree I have been to 2 times. Parking at the McDonalds. ATM nearby. A lot of girls to choose from on a weekend at least 10 out in the lobby so probably 15 girls at least to choose from. First time I was with a hotter girl than the second but she questioned me for almost the whole first half about if I was a cop or not. Said she wanted to trust me but she wasn't sure and made it a really big deal. It all wored out though. Second time didn't have any problems with that probably because they give you a discount card. Really I couldn't beleive it myself. So they know whos really been there before instead of whos just saying so. The girl this time was not as hot but she was tiny and gave me a real massage that lasted so long I alsmost turned over to make sure she knew I was there for more. Then we fucked for a long time and I didn't feel rushed at all. So to sum up Pine tree is my fav right now. I like to shop around though. Showers rock adds a little more intimacy to the whole deal if you are into that. Side note: Treat the girls nice and they will treat you nice. We all like the whole sinful aspect of the whole deal but remember that sometimes these girls have to put up with alot more than a rude customer who doesn't lie to tip. I have been very nice to all of them and I've gotten some excellent service beacause of it. (Review # 14441)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jan 26 2006 Submitted by: Dave

    I was in town on business and decided to check out a place called Tokyo, which claimed to have “The most beautiful Asian girl in Hawaii.” I paid $50.00 to the woman who met me at the door and she took me to a room and shortly after, a very attractive and young looking Korean entered and asked if I would like a shower to which I said yes. She then watched me get undressed then she wrapped me in a towel and led me to the shower which has a massage table with a hand held shower hose next to it. She had me lay on the table and then she washed me from head to toe, not missing any body parts. She dried me off and led me back to the room where she told me that it would be $150.00 for sexual service. I told her that $150 is too much and I offered her $60.00. She said that would get me a hand job with her close off. I told her I would like the massage too, which she agrees to. The massage was not very good, but then again, that was not the primary reason for being there. So we go down to business. She took off the beach dress that she was wearing and she laid next to me and began playing with my dick. She let me touch her everywhere so I played with her breast for a while and then I worked my way down to her pussy and found her clit swollen, which surprised me because usually, the girls who work in massage parlors don’t get aroused very easily. I started tickling it and this really got her going. Her whole pussy got really wet and every now and then her entire body would tremble. The next thing I knew she was sucking my dick. I didn’t go down on her too, because that is not usually a good idea when your having sex with a prostitute. But I was tempted because her pussy looked perfect and I didn’t notice any foul odor. However, I refrain. I don’t think she was very experienced because there was no strong enough pressure on my dick to really get me off and she didn’t seem to know where all the really sensitive spots where unlike most of the experienced girls do. So I had to guide her hand to help out, but overall she wasn’t bad. Her beauty and apparent young age (barely legal) really turned me on so I guess I will have to go and pay her a visit again soon. (Review # 13833)
  • Honolulu Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 31 2005 Submitted by:

    I vistited 3 different parlors recently. The first was Tengoku... I saw their ad in the Pennysaver and it said you could choose your own girl. I thought it was a good idea so I went down. I got good service from a petite Korean girl. She did everything, massage, blow, rimjob and fuck.

    The next was China Spa... there were about 2 or 3 decent-looking girls there, but I got an older woman named, "Miki" ...please, whatever you do, refuse her. Very bad attitude and pretty disgusting.

    The next was Golden Queen... I got to choose there. I chose a hot Korean there named, "Jenny" - very hot body and great service. The other girls there were good-looking too, and there was a variety. I saw 3 Koreans, 1 local and 1 Caucasian. Pretty much any flavor you want.
    (Review # 13526)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Dec 15 2005 Submitted by:

    Just got back from Pink massage parlor on Ward Ave. (located next to Golden Queen).  It was my first time experiencing anything like this before.  I walked in and immediately was rushed to a nice clean doctor's office setup... room very clean.  I paid mamasan upfront $50, and asked if I could choose. She politely agreed, and 6 wonderful Asians sat there staring at me. I felt like Chris Tucker in R.H. 2.

    Anyways, I went with the hottest one to me... she was around 30 and had an all-natural body. Her name was Angie.  I highy recommend this girl.  She doesn't rush you and was very articulate and polite. After massage, she tells me FS costs 150. I said yes, and she started to blow me. I asked her to stop after about a minute or two and start fucking me. Multiple positions and no rushing... I loved it!! My only quark was, no shower.  I asked after she was done, and there was! I should've asked!! Oh well, next time. FUN TIME... girls are nice.
    (Review # 13307)
  • Honolulu Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 20 2005 Submitted by: jim

    I had to leave a review, considering all the valuable information I have received on this site for numerous cities and countries. Just came back from Honolulu Oct 5 - 10 - fantastic trip - just so many options. As soon as you get off the plane, before you even go to the bathroom and wash your hands, BUY A PENNYSAVER - all the info you need - massage parlors, escort services, maps, adult video shops, etc.  As soon as you go down Kuhio street, you're seeing chicks (8-10's), Whites, Asians, Polynesian, Blacks - most of them pretty firm w/ $200 - some might budge to $150, depending on time of day and situation - cops are looking and talking to them like regular pedestrians - I love it.

    Not really a strip-club man, but figured, what the hell - it's Hawaii! - best thing I could've done for myself - Kume Fu Fu - something like that - off of Atkinson Dr. and Kapiolani - premier Asian and exotic, and white bunny's - I couldn't believe it - and I'm a real picky guy - they walk around with these pillows, and if chosen, set up shop on their pillow and do this little dance - my 20 minute goal of hanging out turned into 2 hours - if I didn't leave, I would've been broke.

    Intermission - prime time bunny's/locals/tourists on the beach, very approachable - it just seemed like everyone wanted to have a good time doing something. I got winks, stares, and even flagged down by numerous girls - it was surreal.

    Massage Parlors - now I have to say I expected better - but I'm VERY PICKY - went to Rainbow 9, Imperial (Old Milky Way), and a couple others - they are all in the PENNY SAVER, if you don't have a map, call and they'll guide you. I can't remember the exact name of the two I prospered in, but they're in this plaza off of Atkinson Dr., right behind the 7-11.  If they ask you if you've been here before, say yes. If they ask you who you were with, say anything - the girls come and go. They'll put you in a room. Me, being so picky, asked to see the girls. This is what I didn't like... they come 1 by 1 while you're waiting in this room. MamaSan usually has your $50 by then, but if you don't pick any girls, you get the $ back.

    First time in this plaza, had this chick from Thailand - 7/9 - nice tits, complexion, legs. Second time this chick from Korea - yes - higher 8 on the scale - she had fun. After the $150, I took her back to my hotel, we smoked Hawaii's finest homegrown and went at it again. Dropped her off at 7:00 am - picked her up the next night - smoked again and went Salsa dancing. The next night, picked her up, and she was in my hotel for 6 hours for the marathon. She stood up 2 appointments and MamaSan had to personally call her and ask her to come back to the massage parlor. $150 for 3 days and she even bought me a meal on the 2nd night. I only had 5 days and I couldn't spend all 5 with her, so I didn't call her back the next two days, but you know she called me.......

    Third time at massage parlor - very rude Korean, but I loved it. Slim with tattoos - talked a lot of shit - fucked her until she couldn't talk anymore shit. So MamaSan gets $50 - then the chick is going to ask you what you want. I'm assuming normal price is $150 - $200 for everything. All 3 occasions I told the girl I only have $100 - they all enjoyed themselves thoroughly. The rude Korean said I fucked her too long for little $ but she'll be alright.

    Then you have the bars and clubs - geez - you really just can't loose. I was at the Zan Za Bar 4 nights in a row - Scottie Pippen was there on one night - Black-Eyed Peas were there on another. More of the same - beautiful women. Checked out some other clubs on off nights. Didn't do bars, but Hard Rock Cafe had a line longer than welfare every time I passed by it. Believe it or not, I was actually on a family-oriented trip - spent time with family in the afternoon, then the night-time deeds. Averaged 2 hours of sleep. If I could do it all again, I wouldn't sleep at all. Hope this helps anybody. I'm going back for 9 days without the family. They'll probably have to deport me.
    (Review # 12902)
  • Waikiki Street Action Dated Added: Mon Sep 26 2005 Submitted by:

    Avoid hookers on Kuhio. Very hot, but very deceitful. I went with two girls and they quoted me 200 for both. When I got to the room the rate went up to 300. Then after we were finished, suddenly they had to go and escorted me out of the building. I looked in my wallet and they had taken the rest of my money - $1,200!  A truly devastating experience. The police wouldn't do anything about it and threatened to arrest ME!  If you GO with them ...BE CAREFUL GUYS! (Review # 12753)
  • WaiKiKi Beach Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Sep 15 2005 Submitted by:

    Went to HI in May of 2005... sorry for the late post. Not too much action except for the girls on the side streets of the main drag, about 10 to choose from.  $100 just to get her up to her apartment and then another $100 for a bj with condom, and $100-200 for a 20-30 minute fuck with condom. Certainly not worth the price, but little options on a small island. (Review # 12664)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 12 2005 Submitted by:

    Went to Hula Relaxation in Honolulu near Waikiki. It's open 24/7 and the girls are young and cute. $50 for the house, $150 FS. It's a good deal. Anyone know anything on the Big Island? (Review # 12654)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Sep 09 2005 Submitted by:

    Things in Hawaii are awesome. I'm a little cautious of naming specific names, but hop in a cab and go to any Relaxation bar. Been to 3, and the prices are the same. $50 to get in - 200 for full service. Most of the girls are Asian - some American. You'll get a table shower, full massage, head, and sex. Great thing about it is, if the girl has some skills, she'll have the condom in her pussy already - had me thinking I was getting some without a condom. Blew my mind.   (Review # 12639)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Aug 10 2005 Submitted by: nikoli

    Been to a few massage parlors in Hawaii and there are some Hot women there!! The place I believe is called Oriental Relaxation on Kapiolani.  Man, what an experience I had.  A nice looking Asian girl w/ fake breasts and a curvy backside.  I immediately did her doggy and stuck my thumb in her ass... I asked her for anal but she said maybe another time... I would love to do this; anyone know where I can get some good anal sex down in Hawaii, please post!! as I travel there frequently. (Review # 12408)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jul 20 2005 Submitted by: big chagi

    This parlor is actually an older house located behind Club Roxza behind Hawaiian Brian's Billiards (Kalauokalani Way) w/five private rooms and table bath shower room. It is very clean. The mama is exceptionally sweet and pretty, but does not work in the rooms. The girls mostly are a little older w/ one younger local girl. I have seen two of the girls: Tammy and Suzy, a few times each. Both were very sweet, nice and pretty - and open for mostly anything non-kinky (normal sex activities). They did not rush me and the conversation was nice. I highly recommend Mika Relaxation.

    (Review # 12091)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jul 01 2005 Submitted by:

    China Spa in Hono is awesome. I go there about once a month. $50 an hour to get in but if you rip out a coupon in the "Penny Saver" paper (a free paper in stands near the place) you get 10 bucks off. Yup! A coupon for a whorehouse in the local ad papers. Full service is about $140 more and up. Great looking Korean girls. First the scrub you down, make you comfortable in a room, and come back and massage or just rub you. Blow job and fuck comes next. Hot washcloth after and away you go. Clean safe place, nice people. (Review # 11886)
  • Waikiki Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jun 14 2005 Submitted by:

    Massage parlor action in Waikiki is good. Have visited Golden Queen on Ward St three times last week. Continue to get good service there. Last visit opted for two girl special. Very good service. Nice shower and erotic two girl massage followed by a long session. I was able to enjoy both girls full range of talents. These girls seem very happy to please and eager to see you again. Looks are consitantly good and good attitudes. Remember when they ask you " you been here before?" the answer is always yes. "you want shower?" yes. Then just lay back and enjoy. Prices are still $50 to mama san, $150 to girl. I typically tip $20 to $50 depending on service. Still a great bargain IMHO. Have fun and be safe. (Review # 11756)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Apr 04 2005 Submitted by: BestAdultEntertainment

    Went to a discreet massage parlor near Keeaumoku Walmart called Orchid. The individual rooms, shower stalls, and the overall interior were the best that I have seen on this island. The girls are extremely attrative and friendly. In particular, an Asian girl named Cathy made my experience there especially enjoyable and memorable. She gave me the most unbelieveable erotic massage as well as a stimulating conversion. My experience at this parlor was unique to say the very least.

    My ratings

    for design & decor= 9,

    cleaniness & safety= 10,

    attractiveness & friendliness= 10,

    and most importantly

    quality of service= 10.

    Orchid is not listed in any phonebook directory or websites and do not advertise on local papers making it the best kept secret in honolulu. Interested individuals should check out Sheridan St. behind the HMSA building near Keeaumoku Walmart. You won't be disappointed.  

    (Review # 11195)
  • Honolulu Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 12 2004 Submitted by: grip_uh

    I went to several trip clubs in Honolulu. This was not the first time I got off in these joints. However, this was the first time I did get a bit of head and more.

    I walked in to the Sandy's bar and sat at the bar for a while. After a couple of drinks, this stripper sat down next to me, I think she was from Phillipines. I asked for a couple of songs in the back room and she didn't hesitate. I think she had had a crush on me, as I had been there a couple times before and suggested to me that we go out after she finished work.

    While we were in the back room, I started to feel her up and she didn't react negatively. I stuck my finger in her pussy and ass. She then said she was going to blow me. After acouple of light sucks, she then positioned herself and guided my dick in her pussy, bareback, I shouldn't have done it, but hey I was drunk and horny. We did it doggy for about thirty minutes and then I came in her. She gave me a nasty look and said I was a bad boy for cumming in her. She then said that she wasn't on birth control and that she might get pregnant. She claimed to have never done this sort of thing before. It was like a whole new high, like fucking in public. 

    (Review # 10281)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Sep 14 2004 Submitted by: Nom de Plume

    I recently went to a new relaxation parlor called "Orchid". It's a few blocks away from Ala Moana shopping center and on a side street, away from curious folks.

    I went in and paid the usual $50, I was inside the room waiting and in comes Jenny: a nice looking Korean about 29 years old, 5'5" and d-cup fake tits. She asks right away if I was a cop, which seems to be a standard quesstion since a few places have been shut down recently. Once the price was negotiatied and the BS small talk was done, we went to the shower room. Once done, we came back to the room. Jenny put in some effort into our time together. She knew how to suck a cock and even let me tit-fuck her for a short time. I walked out of there with a large smile on my face. I don't have a "regular" place that I like to spend my time, but after spending time with Jenny, I am re-thinking that idea.  

    (Review # 10129)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 24 2004 Submitted by: Saku

    Just got back from Honolulu. New Yorker is indeed closed but like weeds, others have sprung up. Here's the rundown:

    Yoko's (behind Rock Za) has a new name. Same deal as before (50 to enter, 150 for FS), except I didn't get to choose or see any of the girls. I got an old Japanese gal named Lisa. Nice personality but service was below average. I can't recommend this place. I'm guessing the girls are all old.

    Next is Young's Spa near Club Sandy. I only saw two old Koreans. I had Miko (Korean in her late 30'-mid 40's). She has a nice body and the service was excellent. She gives an actual massage. I would have gone back except I discovered my next place.

    Next was Smile Spa. This is within walking distance of Exotic Nights and Club Sundance (strip clubs). I actually found an ad in the sports section of the local paper. Nicole is a young, local Thai girl with below average service. I talked to her for a while because we finished kind of early (she rushed me). She may well be the dumbest chick I ever met. Still, she was very sweet, just don't expect an actual massage (or conversation).

    Then there is Lili, a sweet Vietnamese girl with big natural boobs. I suppose she could have been Filipino, these girls often lie about their heritage. Her service was above average. Her massage is weak but the rest was all good. A real cutie.

    The best was Michelle, a 30 year old Korean. Great bod, all natural. She gave an excellent massage and the FS was pretty awesome: different positions, no rushing, spent a long time on the BJ, cuddling afterwards etc. Again, same deal: 50 in the door, 150 tip. Some will ask for 200 tip but forget it, you can negotiate. If you're an ugly guy, you may not be able to negotiate - sorry but I heard this from some of the girls. You may be able to go for under 150 but I've never tried - I've been going to Honolulu every year for six years and it's always been the same.

    Now here's a tip for tourists: I mentioned strip clubs in this review. If you take a cab, have them drop you off at the strip club then walk to the parlor. Otherwise, you'll have to pay an extra 50 to mamasan which she pays to the cab driver. In fact, cabbies will try to get you to go to massage parlors because of the 50 commission. One final tip; I heard from several of the girls that the new hot place is The Milky Way. I didn't get a chance to check it out but I think it's on Keeaumoku and Young St. If you go there, please leave a review. 

    (Review # 9962)
  • Honolulu Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Apr 28 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Try PearlCity Relaxation, has the best girls who will give you a b/j and if you want anal you will have to pay more. It's $50 to get it and about $150 for a tip. Great Place. (Review # 8960)
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