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  • Guadalajara Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 18 2006 Submitted by: Cj

    Select Estetica Masculina located at Ave La Paz #2246, near the Centro Magna Plaza. I have lived in Mexico for 2 years now, but I have never gone to a massage parlor. I have done a little bit of mongering in Tijuana but never here in Guadalajara until my buddy visited me last week. We went to the popular businessmenís club Kaos and were pressured to death by all the staff wanting tips. We ran out of there frustrated. The next day we went to select and experienced a hassle free massage sex session. We arrived at 12 noon on a Friday afternoon and there were only 2 girls available. One of the girls served as the manager on duty apparently. I asked if servicio complete was available and she told me that complete service was $950 pesos (about $86 USD) ówe were told that more girls would arrive at 1:00 PM, so we decided to come back an hour later. We received a tour of the place and there were clean massage rooms with private bathrooms (standard doctors/massage table). No one spoke English, my Spanish is very good but not perfect. We came back 1 hour later and there were 2 additional girls, Iíd rate them all 7ís. I took a girl named Andrea. She was rather tall, with a pretty nice body. She was about 28 years old. She took me into a massage room and I told her that I donít have much experience with this sort of thing. She said donít worry I have lots of experience. I paid her for my buddy and I both as I was handling my buddyís money because he doesnít speak Spanish. Next, she asked me to take my clothes off and get on the table face first. She stripped down to bra and panties (very comforting because I immediately felt that she understood what I wanted). She began to give me a massage with lotion starting from my legs working her way up to my back. Iím not real big on massage, so I canít begin to rate the massageóbut who cares!?!? She asked me to flip over and she began the routine on the front of my legs. When she got up to my penis area, the massage ended and she began working on my penisóI wasnít hard at the time. After she got me hard, she asked me if I would like her to put it in her mouth. I said yes, she got a condom from a nearby table and proceeded to blow me. She gave me a very nice blow job for about 5 minutes. I asked her to get on top of me which she did then started the sex. She was agreeable to every position that a suggestedódel perrito (doggie), missionary and her on top. There was never a suggestion that we were on a time limit, nor her asking me if Iím done yetóvery nice service. We fucked for about 34-40 minutes. I couldnít get off inside of her, as I whacked off the night before and am quite accustomed to condomless sex with my Mexican girlfriend. I asked her to get me off with her hand. She took off the condomólubed me up with the lotion and gave me a sweet handjob for about 5 minutes to make me explode. Lastly, we showered together. I gave here a $100 ($9 USD) peso tip. Outside the room, my buddy was waiting for me. Since I was handling his money, I asked him if his girl was worthy of a tip, and he said ďabsolutely,Ē and gave his girl a $100 peso tip also. I recommend this hassle free place. (Review # 15585)
  • Agua Pierta Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 08 2006 Submitted by: Wxavierg

    I've been using the World Sex Guide for about 2 years now. Thanks to all the fellas for submitting reviews. These reviews have kept me out a lot of trouble (especially in the States) Now, on to my review. The review for Agua Pierta, Mexico is dead on for The LasCoupolas. While on a recent trip to southern Arizona, I just could not resist going down to Mexico to sample some south of the border pussy. I drove down to Douglas, AZ and walked across the border. (There is a parking lot at the last intersection in Douglas that stays open until 4:00 a.m. for a minimal fee.) Within 30 yards of crossing the border, there is a taxi stand at a four-way intersection. I told the drive "The LasCoupolas" and I was there within 10 minutes. I pulled out a $5.00 and the driver was okay with it. I don't speak Spanish but it in not matter since the hotel attendant spoke so-so English. When I said I wanted the $40.00 room, he got the key right away. I did have to give a name for the room (of course I used a false one) but he did not ask for ID. I was then escorted to my room. The $40.00 room was great. Let me tell you, it is better looking than most Holiday Inns. After freshening up a bit, I called the front desk and asked for a "chikka" and within 20 minutes there was a knock on the door. Now, I've been down there twice so far. The first time, I had two girls. On a scale of 1 to 10, the first girl was about a 8 and the other was a 7. Being a bit egocentric at the time, I decided to have both. Now, I'm a bit big and when I pulled it out they were kind of shocked to see my meat. (Obviously they don't get 'em my size very often.) No fear, I always come prepared with a little astroglide to work things out and I have a firm policy of easing it into the ladies. I'm out for a good time, not to hurt women (we all got to make a living, right.) Anyhow, the 8 was good. She had a little more meat on her bones and some nice tits. After a few uncomfortable moments as her pussy stretched out a bit, she really got into it. Her friend waited on the side until it was her turn. I busted my nut and she was still holding tight. Now the 7 was a different matter. She was way too small. Even with the lube, I couldn't get her to relax and have a good time, so I gave up and had her suck me off until I came. All and all, not a bad first time. As for the price, they initially wanted $120 a piece. I eventually worked then down to $100 a piece. I know some of you are saying that that is probably way too much, but considering that I would spend that much in a strip club in Tucson and still have to jack off alone in my hotel room later on that night, I'll pay. A couple of weeks later, I went back down. A little more experienced this time. When I got The LasCoupolas, I got Silvia (this time I remembered to ask for a name.) Silvia was about an 8 1/2. She was 33, had nice dark hair and a beautiful ass. I tried to talk her down from $120 but she would not budge. So, I whipped out the meat and said that if she can handle it, I'd pay, no problem. Silvia had the same reaction as 8 & 7, but was willing to try me on for size. Now with Silvia, I decided to go "Don Juan". Instead of just jumping on her bones right away, I gave her a hug and caressed her for a while. Then I picked her up and gently laid her on the bed. I then slowly removed her clothes until she was naked and I laid her on her front. I then gave her a 10 minute back rub with baby oil. Gentleman, Silvia was creaming before I even got to the pussy. (Guys, my policy is, make a woman feel good and she will return the favor. Boy did she return the favor!) By the time I got undressed myself and turned her over she was ready for me. I broke out the lube and slid into her pussy a little at a time until I felt her hips thrusting up asking for more. She got really into it. Within minutes she was cumming. Ten minutes later, I had her cumming again. I "made love" to her for who knows how long. She was so excited that she changed positions on me several time until we ended up in the "doggy" position. Finally I came. Whew! Silvia was exhauted and so was I. She kept looking at my dick as if it was a magical dildo or something. In fact, she was so impressed with it, she took several pictures of it with her camera phone of posperity (no bullshit). Anyhow, I paid her the $120, no problem. Since I've only go a couple of more weeks left in this part of the country, I'll be back down there tonight. Happy hunting fellas. (Review # 15516)
  • Guadalajara Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 11 2006 Submitted by: Stickytrouble

    I work near Guadalajara. I'm from San Diego and do a lit of world traveling. I love that town. 7 women for every guy! A great strip club is the lipstick club. Sixteenth of September street, just down below the theater Degollado. Big place opens at 9pm. 30 girls. Always order your drinks and pay with exact change. never expect the drink runners to return with your change. Ask a captain to bring you the girl you want, then take her to the back, nude lap dance, like $12, Hj, or jerk off - 15extra, bbbj 25, donít fuck, they rush you to much. There is a cheep whore house / hotel right next door, by the bridge. I picked up a young, HOT girl right outside there that could have been a Vegas dancer, 5'3", long hair, exquisite face, 105lbs, great ass, b cups, maybe 18. She was high as hell but I had a handful of rubbers. (double jimmy) Room for an hour $10 (real shithole), she was $20 US for the hour, best deal I ever had, - what a fuck toy. Great to watch work, flexible and tight. Funny thing was, she could not understand why I wanted to cum on her face. She smile and seemed to enjoy it. I gave her a $40 tip for her wonderful service. She was speechless. (Review # 15113)
  • Mexicali Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jun 05 2006 Submitted by: Zorro

    I decided not to mess with the strip clubs in Mexicali, MX (I can do that in Nevada) so I put my money where the mouth was so to speak; That would be Bar San Diego and thank you all for the recommending it. What a relief this place was (in more ways than one). No hustling, inexpensive drinks, very nice people and the whole enchilada for about 75 bucks. Very laid back, a medium size open bar, make your move and take your pick. The girls are average or better, all ages, a couple 8's. Hey, what do you want for 800 Pesos, lol. On another note, a nice place to stay in Mexicali for about 45 bucks is at the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the main drag toward San Felipe. Itís been remodeled with completely tiled Baths and a small but new pool. Free full Breakfast Mexican style included. Across the street the best Taco al fresco Restaurant in town, fantastic asada or pollo plates as well as steak at prices you will not see in the states. The Street is Siera or Sierra something two words, anyway you can't miss it, as you cross the boarder bear left and go toward the airport. Take a right (onto Siera) when you see the sign for San Felipe; maybe a mile down on the left is The Cosmopolitan. Bar SD is about 10 minute cab from this area, 8 bucks or so. Enjoy Mexicali amigos, be good, and the people will treat you well. I loved the place, Peace! (Review # 14896)
  • Agua Prieta Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 28 2006 Submitted by: TheBorderSnake

    I have been crossing over the border into Mexico for years mainly for sex. I wrote a review about my travels to sonoita last year but I don't see it. I hope this review doesnít get lost as well. This year I decided to take my "package" to Auga Prieta for a couple of visits. It's just south of Douglas,AZ. and across the border of course. I can't tell you exact directions on how to get to these places but I will tell you this as with any border town you will find a cab stand almost immediately after you cross over. Now you can get in any of theses cabs and tell the driver the name of the place and the driver will almost always know exactly where to go. Now keep in mind that I hardly speak a word of Spanish. Anyway the first place I am going to tell you about is the Flamingo, it is in an area with about three other places and they all offer the came thing, Beer, ear piercing music that is so loud you will be begging the first girl that walks up to you to take you with them, sex and drugs just like most of the places in Mexico the girls are ok a little run down but ok. Plenty of girls to choose from even on the weekends. First you pic your lady and she tells you what she wants as far as cash goes and you can bargain with her if you want but I just stood firm at 50 peso's and she took it. She then took me to a doorway outside of the bar and we went through it and paid of the man on the other side he then gave her the key to one of the rooms across(the courtyard, nothing fancy mind you, just your typical Mexican dive).We entered on of the rooms it was freezing in there but it was cold outside so it was understandable the room had a dirty old bathroom and a king size bed with a leopard patterned blanket a dresser beside the bed with a mirror and the floor was concrete no tile or carpet just a nasty site not very hommie. We both strip and take care of business as quickly as possible as I am afraid a cockroach is going to crawl on the bed , not that I had seen any but that is how dirty it seemed. After I got done I could not get out of there fast enough. When I came out there was a fight going on between one of the girls and some guy, she apparently beat the shit out of this guy for harassing her and the policia were arresting him, lol. I don't recommend that hole or any of the others in that area. The place I do highly recommend is "The LasCoupolas" it is one of the nicest places I have been period and I have been to a lot of places in Mexico! It is a motel but you would never find it unless you know it's there. But you can tell the driver to take you to The LasCoupolas and he will take you there and from the border. It will cost you $5.oo for you cab fair no tip required, and he will take you directly to the door of your room. When you pull up to the motel. There is a entry gate hidden by a wall from the road with a gate person there and he will ask you or the driver what you need and then you will be required to give him either $40 or $70 dollars depending on the room you want. You can choose from a single room or a suite, I have not stayed in the suites but I have heard they are nice. Once you pay the security guard walks up and unlocks your room, don't worry he is pretty cool. Meanwhile you pull up in the cab to a garage that is just for that room pay the driver and he leaves you go in through the garage and press a button and your garage door shuts sealing you off from the outside and you go into the room through another door of course the first thing you see is a huge dome in the ceiling with a chandelier hanging from it over a bed. You want to pay a deposit later for a remote because on channel "75" you get free porn 24 hrs a day but they wonít tell you. I found out from one of the girls there. But thatís all FYI I thought you might like to know. Now you can either pick up the phone or walk down to the gate and ask for a muchacha and the guy will ask you what you want and usually they will bring you two to choose from in about 5 to 20 minutes to your room. I recommend leaving the garage door up until after the girls arrive. Now when they get there you make your deal with whom ever you choose and I always try and get two hours for $120.oo and always get it after you decide on this you pay the man ten bucks for the ladyís cab that covers her trip home or whatever and then you go about your business order dinks from the bar or food or just get busy like I always do now every time that I have gotten a girl here I have gotten the crap fucked out of me and was ready to crash hard afterwards and wanted the girl to leave so I could of course I didn't ask her to go I just let her go when she was ready. They are always friendly and clean but always wear a rubber because you are in Mexico for god sake! Not that you shouldn't any other time. The place is clean and fresh the grounds are nice and there is a restaurant and bar on the premises. Not to mention you can get the room cheaper than you can get a blow job on the street in America. On my travel experiences on a scale of 1 to 10 itís definitely a 10. The town of Auga Prieta is kinda dumpy like most border towns. Have fun I know I have. (Review # 14575)
  • Los Algodones Other Dated Added: Sun Feb 12 2006 Submitted by: Indomitus

     If you want a safe, satisfying sexual encounter across our southern border, I can suggest no place better than Los Algodones, which is a short drive from Yuma, Arizona. I have been there three times, and my first encounter was entirely accidental.

    I had gone there for dental work, and while I was in between treatments, I stopped at a bar called "El Olimpico." It turns out it is a popular destination for American tourists, and a wide range of hookers are available. Some will approach you, others wait to be selected, and the staff will be more than happy to help you out if you have a few drinks and throw a few dollars their way. The cost is $70 for a half-hour, plus $15 dollars for the room rental, which is just outside and upstairs. Condoms are always used, and the girls are both enthusiastic and lovely. It is far more relaxed and safer than anything in Juarez or Laredo. However, few of the girls speak any English, so brush up on your Spanish phrases before dropping down. Buena Suerte!
    (Review # 13983)
  • PIEDRAS NEGRAS Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Feb 05 2006 Submitted by: buck nekkid

    Been working in South Texas and not much action so I decided to take a trip across the border to Piedras Negras Mexico. I parked at the chamber of commerce in eagle pass and walked across the bridge(.25 cents,about 1/2 mile)as soon as you get across there will be taxis that will take you to boystown for $10.00. 

    I saw alot of hot girls between the bridge and boystown but dont speak to much spanish and did'nt know how to ask the cabbie what was up. Besides I knew what was up in boystown! although I arrived early (5pm) I walked into the first bar that was open on the right side of the street and was propositioned immediately. I declined, and ordered a beer for $1. Another girl walked in and tried to get me to buy her a drink, she was kinda hot but I was still just relaxing and had another beer.

     I walked to the next bar and had another beer and in came a petite senorita who was looking sweet and offered fucky sucky for $20 plus $1 for a condom and $5 for the room. I said what the hell and paid the bartender the $5 for the room and followed her to the back to a room where she sucked my cock till it was good and stiff then let me fuck the hell outta her. 

    I finished and walked down the street and hit a few more bars, had a few more beers and fucked 2 more girls. I met an american who said it was slow till around 10:30pm, but I could not stay that late cause I had to work the next morning, but I would like to go back. 

    I was also worried because of all the trouble there has been in Nuevo Larado lately, but he assured me it was ok there, I never felt threatened. The girls averaged from 4-7, but like I said it was kindof a ghost town this early and one bartender even offered to go wake up some girls if I wanted. I declined, not wanting to feel obligated to pay them if I wasnt interested. Overall I had a good experience and will be back. If anyone else has had any experiences in this part of Mexico/Texas please share. happy hunting!
    (Review # 13916)
  • Obregon Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jan 10 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    The place I'm writing about is located in the city of Obregon in the state of Sonora which is the state that is just across the border from Arizona. Obregon is located about a 6 or 7 hour drive from the border in Nogales. The place is called Geminis and I've been visiting it for a couple of years now since I'm a local to the city of Obregon. It's quite easy to get to and if you ask around I'm sure you'll find someone to give you directions. Sometimes they even advertise in the local newspaper in the classified ads under "Services" or "Various". The locale is very low-key and quiet, basically just a small house with three rooms and a waiting area. It's open from around 10 am to 9 pm and closed on Sundays. Upon entering a girl will greet you and ask you if you've come for a massage and take you into one of the rooms. The rooms have a sofa but the massage is given on a cushioned mat on the floor upon which a clean sheet is placed. The girl will ask you what kind of massage you want and will tell you the menu. As of this writing the cost was 300 pesos for body massage and hand job, 450 for massage and blow job and 700 for a "full massage" which means the blow job and sex. The girls are fair looking and there is usually 2 or 3 of them on duty, it is a small place, and you can take your pick. Sometimes there is only one there or the others are busy so you take what you can get unless you want to wait. One of the things I like about the place is the relaxed atmosphere and pleasant attitude of the ladies who are eager to please and leave you feeling satisfied. (Review # 13666)
  • Veracruz Street Action Dated Added: Sat Dec 24 2005 Submitted by: bueno70

    I was just turned on to this site as me and my hooker girlfriend were looking for n. Laredo boystown. Awesome reviews. She is from Veracruz and currently works at Papagayos in La Zona (but that is a whole nother story). Veracruz is a beautiful city with plenty of hot women. There are many different forms of prostitution there...

    1st you have the houses where the younger girls work (18- 25 y.o.) - just ask a taxi driver to take you there - from the bus station, about 3.00 u.s. dollars, no more. From the airport, about 5 at max.  The houses are run by mamasans and are situated in the neighborhoods, hence the taxi, and unlike many places, they do not have rooms there in the back of the houses. You can take them back to your hotel. I suggest being nice, having drinks, laughing, etc. and you may get some extras, if they like you. This will cost you around 50.00 u.s.

    2nd option... the best value is when you get your hotel (may I suggest the Oriental Hotel in Los Portales, or in the city square, or any hotel right in that area). Dolly up and hit the courtyard... many women will be out and sitting at the tables. Simply scope, choose, and buy her a drink. You should get an all-nighter for 50.00 u.s.  Awesome deal... I know first hand as my g.f. worked there all her life. Gotta love it.

    Third... if you like, go across the street to Transelvania Disco. Lots of chics in there as well. I never got one from there... let me know would ya, for future reference? Veracruz is a friendly city, and the women are hot... have fun!!
    (Review # 13448)
  • Guadalajara Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Dec 19 2005 Submitted by: Psycho

    I was unable to find any recent information about Guadalajara, so I was running blind. Hopefully, this will start a new stream of information-flow. I recently was in Guadalajara and visited a Estetica called Casa Nova on Lopez Mateo Sur. It is a small place, but in a safe area. Guad is a nice city with lots of gorgeous girls. Anyway, I walked in and was immediately escorted to the back room by a very nice girl by the name of Jessica. They never even asked what I wanted. I guess I looked desperate.

    Anyway, she told me it was 500 pesos for a massage and sex. I agreed, but did not ask how long of a massage. So, I got naked and she stripped down to a g-string. Nice body. She started the massage on my back and worked down, not working any part of my body more than long enough to get it oily. Then she had me roll over, and she oiled the front side. She only allowed light touching during the massage.

    Massage was a 2 out of 10. After she finished oiling the front side, she worked my dick, getting it hard. She then slipped on a condom and gave me a decent blow job. The BJ rated a 5 out of 10. She then jumped on and we screwed for awhile until the load was shot. I would have to rate the screw a 5 out of 10, for her body and sound-effects. The total experience was maybe a 4 out of 10. Pretty low, considering she was very attractive. There are several places listed in the yellow-pages under Esteticas. Good hunting, and please add your experiences.

    (Review # 13342)
  • Matamoros Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Nov 19 2005 Submitted by:

    Time for an update! Imperios is now closed because they opened a nicer club across the street. From the U.S., take Veteran's Bridge straight to Soriana. Make a right, and stay on the Frontage Road until you come to the club.  It is a two-storey strip club with neon lights. The girls will run you around $100-$150; it is worth it, because they are clean and have nice bodies, and fuck real good.

    Another place you can go is with the advertisements they have for Massages: ** When you are in Mexico, buy one of their local city newspapers (they have very graphic pictures of accidents, killings, etc.) Many of the street people sell them; you can also buy them at any store. Anyways, they are a lot of massage advertisements that you can call, and they will come to your hotel room. They bring anywhere from 3-10 girls for you to choose from. It costs around $80-$100 U.S. Dollars.

    Now, the fun part... you fuck them like there was no tomorrow!  My suggestion... first get a hotel room, that will run you around $20 for four hours (some are real nice), and THEN make the call. Many of those hotels already have those services... you can also just ask them. A good hotel is opposite the strip club. Make a left, where Soriana is, and go down until you see "Hotel Paris" on the left side. It is like, a quarter of a mile down.  Have fun!!
    (Review # 13130)
  • Nogales Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 24 2005 Submitted by: mixnmichael

    Recently I went to Nogales for a fun-filled evening. Since all the reviews are outdated, I thought I would drop a quick review. I walked across the border and a street hustler wouldn't leave me alone, so I jumped in a cab and went to La Conga. It was Saturday night about 6:pm, and it was kind of dead. About 5 women to chose from. I quickly started talking to the ladies and found a nice lady that gave me a massage in the bar, so I asked how much? It was $65 and worth it. She was very good and patient with me. She had nice full C cups. When I was done, she gave me a hug and cuddled, then I got dressed and hugged her again. It's $6 dollars for the cab-fare.

    On the way back, I crossed the tracks and went in the club Bolerio that's in the middle on the first street. I hadn't been in it for soooo long! It's nice inside, like an American strip club. The dances were $22 for a private. The private, though, didn't have a door. I could see the couple across from me and it made it a little more interesting.

    Whatever you want can be negotiated by the men that speak English. I gave the one guy a tip and he hooked me up with a 2 for 1! Take lots of ones, fives and tens. They don't give change well. The club I went to had lots of hotties, and it was open during the daytime. I wasn't sure what would be open. Someone on the street will only be tooo happy to tell you and walk you there. I was approached by a woman on the street, but passed. I'm not that brave. They don't give change well. Have a good time.
    (Review # 12935)
  • Hermosillo Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 10 2005 Submitted by: The Cino

    Hermosillo is the largest city in the state of Sonora. To the north, it borders on Arizona and the city itself is approximately 3 hours casual drive from Nogales, AZ. When in Hermosillo, don't forget to stop by the club, La Habana. Tickets for a dance is 150 (peso) for about 8 miniutes. The girls will take you for a private dance in the back. Most girls can be bought at the club for 1500 pesos. I recommend if you are are staying long to negotiate with the girls & most girls will be willing to go to your hotel/casa on their day off. Pay no more than 1000 (pesos) if that's the case. There are also a lot of massage houses in the cities, and they range from 800-950 (pesos) for 1 hour (full service). Use a rubber. You can also ask taxis if they know of girls who work for extra money. A few taxis even operate as a front for providing female companionship. (Review # 12848)
  • Zihuatanejo Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 23 2005 Submitted by:

    There's a new club in Zihua called the CopaCabana. Excellent place, very clean. Skinniest girls in town, all good. They have two rooms on site for fun. (Review # 12734)
  • Cozumel Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Sep 22 2005 Submitted by: Rich

    Went to Cozumel for scuba diving and "action". Based on the reviews on this forum, I went to Caribbean Queen and Salsa Club. Any cabbie will know where they are. At Salsa, had a very nice young girl (about an 8). $40 for sex and BBBJ. Rooms were nice and clean, and the girl was very good.

    Caribbean Queen wasn't as good (much better last time). Negotiated with 4 different girls and couldn't get any of them down to my limit ($40), so paid $20 for a private dance. Private dances are done in a private room and the girl should be willing to get naked and let you touch all you want. This particular time, the girl didn't want to let me do all I wanted, so I think I won't be back to Caribbean Queen. (Thought on previous trips, CQ was as good or better than Salsa.)
    (Review # 12729)
  • Oaxaca, Oaxaca Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 30 2005 Submitted by: shadow

    Never seen a thing on Oaxaca, Mexico, so I thought I'd tell you where the action is. These plases run ads in the newspapers under Sauna & Massage. The girls are playboy material and for $30.00, you get a 1/2 hour of full service, massage-bj-screwing, anyway you like. Different ways. Will not rush you. The taxi drivers know these places.

    There's a town called Thlacalula that's out of Oaxaca that I love. There are a few clubs there with rooms that the girls stay in. The girls are from other countries like El Salvador, Honduras and so on. The women are very cheap in price and they're young, most of them 18 and up and some very beautiful ones. I've had from $10.00 up to not over $20.00.

    I've never seen any other Americans there in the clubs. There are a few tourists with their wifes but just looking around the town. Safe places, never been bothered by anyone there. I've always gone in the mornings or afternoons. Better on the weekdays because it's more slower for the girls. Don't be shy with these girls. Before you hit the room, tell them you want them butt naked or some will try to get extra money from you when you're in the room to get them naked. Bring your own American condoms.

    Also, there are a couple of clubs near the airport that I'm told there are good table dances, nude for about $4.00. One club is La Cueva. They say the customers get nude and have a good time. I'm going to check it out.

    Been going to Oaxaca City for over 20 years. I go for about 2 weeks and bang about 6 to 7 girls each trip. You can get Viagra in any drug store if you need it. I speak Spanish, it's a +.

    Hope I've done a good deed. lol.
    (Review # 12214)
  • Morelia Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Jul 11 2005 Submitted by: maui8824

    Just came back from a trip to Morelia. I had my bachelor party there and it was great. Action was ok. At first, we went to a club next to Manhattan where the girls were ok (7-8). After a while we got bored and moved to Excess (I believe) which is across the street from Manhattan. Once at Excess we got there and saw lots of girls that were mostly 9-10 although not as friendly initially. Once they found out that my cousin was friends with the owner of the club, they were great. Kept coming to our VIP room and became pretty "into" us (or our money as we spent quite a bit there). The funny thing is that they have a "menu": One side has drinks, the other side the "services" offered by these gorgeous women.

    Up front they offered 3 services: 1. "Sexy" which is a 3 minute table dance right where you are for US$5; 2. "Sexy Private" where they take you to a private booth for an entire song and dance for you. You can grab everything but pussy and asshole, US$17; 3. "VIP Sexy" 15 minutes in a separate room alone with her where "everyhing goes" short of fucking her, $70.

    They also have women that "go out". Some of them are willing to spend time outside the club after they close for extra money, which you'll arrange prior to leaving. All you have to ask is "ella sale?" (does she go out?) and the waiter taking care of you will set it up. GREAT TIME....
    (Review # 11998)
  • Nuevo Progreso Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jul 05 2005 Submitted by:

    There is a new Boystown in Nuevo Progreso across from Weslaco, Texas. Directions:  Cross bridge into Nuevo Progreso. Take the main road out of town. You will go over a bridge, then immediately take a left. Across the road in a field, you should see some buildings and neon lights in the middle of a field. This is the Boystown. Follow the dirt road to the entrance. The charge is 5 dollars American to enter. Inside there will be about 5 clubs. In the clubs, the girls are sitting against a wall for choosing. You can dance with them if you pay them. If they sit with you, you will pay about 10 dollars for their drink. Your drink will cost about 5 dollars. The girls will charge about 60 dollars for sex in a back room. They will charge you for the room rental and a condom. This will usually cost about 15 dollars extra. They will give you about 30 minutes anyway you like it (the girls are open to your requests as long as they are not extreme). To return, take the same dirt road back to the main road. Look for the entrance to get back on the bridge and follow the road into town towards the international bridge. Nuevo Progreso is almost a one street town, so use the main road only. It is safer. (Review # 11936)
  • Algodones (10 miles west of Yuma, Arizona) Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 04 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Early June, 2005-A great article in USA TODAY yesterday about Algodones entitled "Elderly, town help each other," summarized as follows: Seniors are crossing the border to find prescription drugs 30 to 50% cheaper than in the US. At one time, Algodones was a dusty little town with one dentist. Now the city gets 10 to 12,000 visitors a day who dump a million dollars a day on health care including some things not available in the US like chelation therapy. There are, unfortunately, no hotels in Algodones so visitors park at the port of entry and walk over. The summer heat cuts down on the crowds to some degree. One example cited in the article was $3,000 worth of dental work which cost $900 in Algodones, and patients express satisfaction with the quality of the Mexican health professionals. Sounds like a great excuse to cross the border. "Honey, I can save a couple grand by getting my dentures made in Mexico." (Review # 11681)
  • Nogales Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Jun 03 2005 Submitted by: marelobo

    2005, night one- My goals for the trips were to spend three nights visit six clubs and feel up a bunch of different girls tits and pussies. Hopefully sucking on a hot chicas breasts. I understood I might be able to negotiate a blowjob for a low price. I crossed the border to Mexico just after midnight. Several guys were harassing me about going to clubs with them, so I ducked into Bolerios. A ticket seller named Christian came over to my table and asked me what I liked. I told him I like girls with small breasts. He said he did also. This made me smile. He was a great guy. He kept coming over to see if there was any thing else I wanted. He explained to me how the club worked. He certainly seemed to be trying to make sure I had a good time and I appreciated it. He asked me if I wanted sex or a blow job, I said maybe. He said it cost over a 100 dollars. I told him I would do it if he could get the price down to 60 dollars. He said he could not. I said that was fine, just to let me know if he changed his mind. There were an abundance of hot girls hanging out. He first brought Amy over to me. She had a really hot body. I would say a nine. So I got a table dance with her. It was not good. She never took her top off, and she only barely grinded me. She asked if I wanted a privado and I declined. I did see her do better dances it seemed for some other guys later in the night, so I guess your mileage may vary. She also came over later and asked if I wanted another dance but I said no. She said it was because I did not like her. I said I liked her fine but I liked some other dancers more. She suggested I give her tip and she would leave. I said no way. She can stay as long as she wants. She is not bothering me but I wasnít going to spend any money on her so she moved along all on her own. I told Christian that I wanted to see and feel the girls tits and that didnít happen with Amy. So he left and returned with an awesome looking girl named Anahi. She was a 10 for certain. She gave a good dance, with lots of feeling her breasts and grinding her pussy on me. She had a totally hard body and no fat. I had a big time erection going. She sat with me for a few minutes, and told me she was 24 years old. I didnít really believe her as she looked much younger. I would have guessed 20. She asked for a privado and I said yes but I wanted to wait a bit. So Christian returned with Marian. Another hot girl but not as good looking as the first two. I would say she was a 7. Christian said there was a two for one special going on if I did a privado with her and he recommended it. I was a little concerned that she might be a bad dancer but decided to take his recommendation. When I went to take my pants off she said it is not allowed. That surprised me. She did do a good job on the dance and had a lot of grinding which my cock enjoyed. Her breasts were small but flabby, especially compared to Anahi. She also didnít seem to want to talk like Anahi did, she just grinded. I relaxed and let her stimulate me. I am not sure I got two for one but I returned upstairs when the time was up. Christian came back over, and told him I was ready for my privado with Anahi, but I wasnít the only guy in the club who noticed her perfect body and she was dancing for another guy. He said while I was waiting how about this girl at the bar, but she looked a little big breasted to me until he realized I was confused about which girl he meant. Once he cleared that up I noticed this was the girl who was dancing on stage when Amy was giving me my lap dance. She had a long thin body and breasts just the way I like them. She was an 8 as she was so much taller than Anahi, that although her breasts where the same size, they appeared smaller. Since I like them small anyway, no problem. Her name is Bebe and she had a confidence and erotic way about her that just seemed to ooze sexuality. She gave a raunchy dance with lots of contact but also lots of teasing. She would do something like pinch her nipples to make the ends stick out and then she had this habit after everything raunchy to smile and grab my dick to see how hard it was. When I grabbed her breasts she seemed to enjoy it and be happy about it. Instead of asking me for a privado when we were done, she told me she does a really good privado dance and wanted to do one for me. It was just her whole approach was sexy. I told her I would do one with her but wanted to wait. I asked her age and she said 19, she also had braces on which reminded me of some girlfriends from my high school days and played into the whole teenager fantasy. I still planned on Anahi but added Bebe as a second one and decided I would let which ever girl did a better privado get me off. Christian came back and I told him Bebe was raunchy. He told me Anahi was going up to dance on stage and after she would do my privado. He brought another girl over who he said was a lot raunchier than Bebe but I passed as I thought she was only a six and I wanted to watch Anahi dance on stage. If I turned down a 6, then I must be having a pretty good time. Anahi had an amazing body and lot of guys where tipping her. It came time for my privado with her and I asked her if she was working tomorrow and she said no. I immediately went for sucking her tits. After a while she broke away and positioned herself against my hard cock. Pressed back into me so I could have one hand squeeze her breasts and the other was inside her panties rubbing her pussy. I almost came several times. However when the dance was over she did not ask me if I wanted another one as I had expected. I figured she wanted to dance for all the other guys in the bar and get their money also. I did want a dance from Bebe. I saw Anahi go right back downstairs with another guy. Bebe came over to me with a huge smile again, the way she walked was just intoxicating. She told me she does a very good privado and we headed down. Since she is so much taller than Anahi, I could not easily grope her while she grinded but she either let me fondle her or grinded against me. I started with her breast and her stomach and her neck. I basically just sucked her whole body. She was acting like she enjoyed i, and I was having an amazing time. Then she said she wanted to give me a blowjob. However she said it would cost 110 dollars I said I would pay 70. She said she could not go that low. She told me she gives a really good blowjob and that she really likes giving blowjobs. I decided it was too much money, so I turned her around sat her on my dick and let her just grind away while I squeezed her ass. She continued until she felt the wet cum on my shorts and then she jumped up. Again she gave me a big smile and asked if I finished. I said yes and she said not to tell anyone that she made me cum. I thought that was odd but I said ok. I asked her if she was working tomorrow and she said yes. I left very happy that I had two totally hot girls who let me touch every inch of their bodies and one got me so horned up that I was able to ejaculate some sperm. 2005, night two- I got down to Nogales much earlier than the previous night. I thought I would start at Rios. So I went there first and it was unpleasant. There were police with guns in the club. There were only a few girls and the smallest one was at least triple the size of Bebe. One immediately came over to my table and I declined her. The ticket seller came over and I told him I like girls with small breasts and hers where large and fat. He told me to wait and more girls would be coming later. After about 15 minutes I could no longer watch these fatties in underwear parade around so I got up and left. If I stayed any longer I was going to be sick. I had already started getting nauseous just from looking at them. I considered trying another club but decided I need to purge these moo-girl images from my mind as fast as possible and headed back to Bolerio. Christian wasnít working tonight and Tony was my ticket seller but he was not as nice or a friendly as Christian was. I asked if Bebe was there and he said questioningly you want the skinny girl. I said yeah, get her over here. This time she was happy to see me and had that killer smile again. Over the next two hours she did several table dances for me. And we talked. She told me she was from Obregon and had only been dancing for two months. I tried to catch her in some lies like when she told me a story about her first cigarette and she said it was three years ago. I said when you were 16 and she just said yes right away. She seemed like she was just rolling with life. She told me she loves to dance, likes working in the club and likes sex a lot. When she was on the stage lots of guys were trying to tip her, but she seemed just into dancing sexy. She actually didnít strip until near the end of her routine, but watching her dance made me horny. So I told her it was time for the privado. She said she thought her breasts were too small but I said they were perfect. She said she liked it when I sucked on them. That was about all the encouragement I needed to latch onto those and just suck them off. She kept stroking my dick during that time and she also kept putting my hand on her bare pussy. I could feel it was warm and moist. I continued to touch it and I could smell the scent of an aroused pussy. I was breathing slowly and rhythmically trying to stretch out my arousal as I didnít want to cum too fast. When I looked at her she was also breathing slowly and rhythmically like her arousal was matching mine. I think something like that is difficult to fake. As one point in time she played with her pussy and when I told her I like watching that, see turned around sat on my lap spread her legs wide open and masturbated her pussy for about two or three minutes. It was awesome to watch. Looking at a 19 year old pussy is great, looking at a 19 year old masturbating her pussy is unbelievable. When she stopped rubbing herself she told me she really likes sex and then she stood up with her ass facing me, bent over so her pussy was exposed to me and reached up between her legs and inserted her finger slowly into her pussy until she had the whole finger in there. I could hear her breathing and I could see the moisture on her finger as she slowly rocked it in her pussy. When she pulled it out I could see it was covered in her pussy juice. She went to sit down on my dick but I grabbed her hand that had just been inside here pussy and put her finger up to my nose and inhaled to smell her fresh scent. The other awesome thing about her is she kept eye contact and smiling the whole time. When I told her I like the smell, she turned around and had her pussy facing me and put my finger against it and slowly sat down on my finger as she pressed her pussy down until my whole finger was inside her. She was soaking wet but I am sure she did not orgasm because her pussy was super tight. I forgot what a 19 year old pussy feels like. I could feel her whole pussy gripping my finger and pulsing against it. I could feel my resistance to spending more than 100 dollars on sex weakening. When she finally stood up letting my finger slide out I put my hand to my nose and smelled her juice again. She leaned over and said she wants to give me a blow job. She took my finger that had been up her pussy a few seconds ago and put it into her mouth and simulated giving a blowjob on my finger. I could tell she would give a good blowjob. It was easy to imagine her doing that same thing to my cock. After that she took my dick in her hand and bunched my shorts up around my dick so three or four inches of my hard on was sticking out. Then she put those inches and the short into her mouth. Feeling her hot breath on my dick was just too much to handle. I know she was trying to get me horny but she succeed way more than I imagined possible. At that moment I probably would have paid anything for a blowjob. So I said ok blowjob. I gave her the money and she returned with a condom, pulled my shorts halfway down and put the condom on and started sucking. It was amazing. I clearly had not had an awesome blowjob in a long time. This was an awesome blowjob. Without really thinking I positioned her head so my dick got maximum stimulation and she was looking at me the whole time she sucked. She just gave the impression she really wanted me to cum. I came much faster than I wanted to but since she had been turning me on for the past two hours I wasnít disappointed. She cleaned me up but instead of getting dressed like I expected her to, she climbed back up on my lap and placed her pussy only an inch from my mouth. Then she put her hands on my head and gently pushed my lips against her clit. I know some guys cannot even get off if they do not do some dining at the Y. I like eating out a girl although I never considered it with a Nogales girl because I think about how many dicks have been up inside their pussies even if not tonight but just in the last month. It was like she wasnít doing this for my pleasure I didnít ask her to do it. It was like she was doing it for her pleasure. She remained in that position lightly humping against my mouth until they called time was up. I went back upstairs but was in a daze. She came and joined me and I gave her a tip for the service. It was a totally hot experience. Having just came, I knew it would be at least and hour before I could cum again. So asked her if she would do more dances for me later. She said sure but seemed surprised and asked if I could do it twice. I smiled and said no problem. She seemed content to sit and talk with me. At one point she told me no one was dancing with her friend and asked if I would buy a dance from her friend. I said sure. Her friend was hot probably a 7. She did some decent grinding but I just needed some more time before I could fully enjoy it. The bar had gotten quite crowded and when Bebe danced on stage, a lot of guys seemed interested in her. Watching her dance seemed very sexy to me. I decided to let her make some money from some of the other guys while I went to check out another club. I walked into Placers.It had a lower class atmosphere of a slutty, kind of dirty sort of bar. Most of the girls caked on the make up and had piercings and tattoos and were doing lots of raunchy things during the dance. A ticket taker came up to me and asked if I wanted a girl. I said yes, a girl with small breasts. I had to repeat it like 10 times before he understood. He pointed to the girl on stage and said she had small breasts but she was kind of chunky and I would rate her a four. I said no. He came over with a girl who was a five and pierced everywhere. She never took off her top so I declined the privado offer. The second girl was a six. She said she was 26 but looked like 30. She was a much more high mileage girl but spent a lot of time stimulating my cock. I did the privado with her and sucked her breasts. They were fine, but could not compare to Bebeís. I returned downstairs and tried another girl named Brenda. She said she was 25 but I would guess over 30. Again a very stimulating dance but one of the guys came over and told me I wasnít supposed to squeeze her breasts and I should do a privado for that. I thought what was up with that but I decided to take her for a privado and suck those tits. She wanted over a 100 for a blowjob or sex and I said no way. I fondled her and let her grind my hard on. After these two girls had gotten me hard again, I was feeling like having another cum. I thought why have a girl in her late 20ís get me off when I could have a girl in her late teens. So I decide to head back to Bolieros. When I left Placer, three guys asked me for tips. I know it is part of the problem but I gave them each a dollar as didnít want to have any delay in returning to Bolieros. Bebe saw me right away and asked if I went to another club. I said yes and she said how were the dances. I said I came back didnít I? She said they werenít very good and I said not as good as you. I bought her some tequila shots and lightly stroked her breast while she sat next to me and basically just stared at her tits and her stomach for a couple of songs before I had her dance for me. She seemed pleased that I was hard again and after a few dances, we returned for more privados. She stipped and I used the first song to lick and suck as mush of her flesh as I could reach. I squeezed her ass, thighs and breasts. I just touched her wherever I wanted to while pulling her face or skin against my face to feel her breath, and smell her scent. To touch a hot, sexy 19 year old girl like that and have her react like she is horny and enjoying it was way better than I imagined. For the second privado, I backed off and let her do what she wanted which was mostly pressing her bare pussy against my hard on pushing up through my shorts. I know she was simulating fucking hoping I would go for sex with her. Instead, I just relaxed and let her stimulate me. She used numerous positions and techniques and during most of them, I was able to fondle her breasts or her pussy. Finally when she was grinding particularly pleasurably, I grabber her ass and guided her to give me maximum pleasure and just came right there. Instead of jumping off like last night, it took her a moment of feeling the moisture before she moved to clean up. Maybe she is so smart and manipulative that she played me for all I was worth but I think she was just a kid experimenting with life and having some fun. She came to sit with me as I bought more tequila for her. I asked her if she was working tomorrow night and she said no. She asked if I was coming back and I said only if she was working. So she said ok she would work tomorrow night. I still had visions of the blowjob running through my mind, and the thought of spending a few more hours with her breasts down my throat seemed like pure heaven to me. 2005 night three- I had considered trying out another bar before going into Boleiros. But after Rios and Placers last night, I figured every place would be dead on Sunday. I kept thinking that my Nogales plan had been to fondle and suck on several girls breast while getting off a few times. So far I have sucked the tits of four different girls and had three orgasms. Bebe is much younger and sexier than I had ever imagined she would be. She does not have a perfect body but is an 8. The fact that she is 19 plus her highly erotic and raunchy sex drive exceeds any fantasy I had about a Nogales strip club girl. I enter Boleiros and Tony comes over and tells me Bebe isnít working tonight. I say ok, I just have a beer and wait for a bit. In about Ĺ and hour Bebe enters the bar looks directly at me and there is her big smile. I love watching her walk. It is very feminine and I start to get hard just looking at her. We talk for a bit and she puts her hand right on my dick, gives it a squeeze and again that killer smile. Her eyes are sparkling and she rests her head on my shoulder like a girlfriend. I take the opportunity to smell her hair. I am really getting turned on just sitting next to her and she hasnít even started to dance yet. I expose more of her top while we are talking so I can look at her breasts and stomach. I place my hand on her pussy. She gets called up on stage to dance. She is totally acting like she is at any regular dance club for most of her songs and doesnít strip until the end. After watching her dance I decide it is time for some lap dances. She tells me she was thinking about me last night. Awww, not sure I believer her but it was a nice thing to say. These dances are far more aggressive than the previous lap dances she gave me the other two nights. She is pressing her breasts into my mouth for much of the song. She did not do that until we were in the privados before but she spent lots of time with her nipple between my lips. I can not just sit there like that, I had to suck on them. Also her grinding is very deliberate, it is almost like she is trying to make me come with out the privado. I would actually be happy with that but I really want to just grope her body like I did last night. So we go down for a privado. I spend the first one exploring every inch of her, licking and sucking and squeezing and just generally using her to get turned on and turned on I am. For the second dance, I again back off and let her just grind how she likes. She asks if I want a blowjob and I tell her later but for now just grind me off. I donít want to cum as fast as last night but I am really turned on by her body so I eventually just relax into an ejaculation. She again lingers in the wetness for a moment before she goes to get us cleaned up. We go back upstairs and talk some more. She asks questioningly if I want more dances and I say I need to wait for an hour and then I will be ready again. I buy her a Bailey to drink and we talk. I ask her if she is working tomorrow and she says no. She asks if I am coming back tomorrow and I say not if she isnít working. She says, ok, she will work tomorrow. I tell her no I am not coming back so donít bother. She wants to know when I coming back and I tell her two years and she doesnít believe me. Although writing this now makes me wish I was back in her arms or her lips. I remark to her that one of the girls on stage has a hot body. I would rate her a 9. She calls her over to do a dance for me but she was a bad dancer and didnít even take her top off. But she did a decent grind a I start to feel the blood going back into my penis. It is Bebeís turn to dance on the stage and again I am getting hard just watching her. It seems that it is taking less and less stimulation from her to turn me on. When she returns to the table she say 1 hour is up. I say I am ready for some dances so she does one at the table and we head down for the privado. I usually use the first privado to lustfully fondle and her and give her tits a good hard sucking. Having come not that long ago and knowing this will be the last time she gets me off, I do not feel the lust, so much as the passion and allow her much more control of the dance. She again chooses to keep her breasts in my mouth and I passionately, almost tenderly, suck them. Every few minutes, she strokes my dick to be sure it is still hard but there is not much risk of it getting soft on its own. During the second dance again she grinds against me but I slow her grinding down this time. Instead of trying to get me off, I take a much more passionate approach and spend a lot of the dance fingering the entrance to her pussy. She did not insert my finger inside it again like she did last night. As the song ends I tell her I am ready for the blowjob. Again there is that smile and she tells me she gives a really good blowjob. I tell her I know. This time I am determined to enjoy it for a while because I donít know when I will have another awesome blowjob again. I feel her sucking like last night and it is awesome but this time I donít touch her head nor did I guid her to the spot for maximum sensation. I donít even look at her. I just lean my head back and close my eyes and try my hardest not to cum. I am struggling with it and she is in a good rhythm and I am feeling lots of pressure but after a few minutes she seems to have gotten tired and slowed the rhythm down. I open my eyes and look down at her red hair and as I watch this incredibly hot 19 year old girl, naked, kneeling on the floor, sucking my dick, I think there are some things in life that are just perfect. It is like this is how life is supposed to be. I watch her for a while and she is looking right into my eyes with a very sexy look. Finally I can tell I donít have much more time before she makes me cum. So I put my hands on her head, guide her to the most sensitive part and just fire away. That felt great. She cleans me up, but again instead of getting dressed she climbs back up onto the chair and presses her pussy against my face and her clit against my lips. So I lick away at it. Although she was super wet last night, I am pretty sure she did not have an orgasm. Tonight, I think she did. She was rocking her whole pussy against my face in slow and steady rhythm and then as one point she stopped and sort of froze for a moment before grabbing my head and holding it tightly against her pussy as it seemed to quivering in a series of spasms and then there was a really strong smell of pussy juice. Afterwards, she took some napkins and wiped her pussy which she didnít do last night. Whether she orgasmed or not, she is one hot girl. I donít know why she would fake something like that. I had already come twice, so if she wasnít doing it for my pleasure than I assume it was for her pleasure. I spent about 20 more minutes with her and gave her too generous of a tip. I know I will likely never see her again and even if I do she wonít be 19 or as hot as she is now. I mostly held her and stared at her body, trying to commit as much of it as could to my memory. I wish I had a picture of her. I asked her about school but she said she doesnít like school. I told she should think about it. She will not always be young and beautiful. Only minutes earlier I reveled in the thought of those 19 year old lips wrapped around my dick in blowjob heaven. While I looked at her now I thought that pretty face has to be good for something else besides just giving head. It is really none of my business. I had totally enjoyed her sexy body and her sexuality. I would love to see her one more time. Although I spent too much money in Nogales, I had a great time and one that exceeded my expectations. Bebe asked me when I was coming back and I said never. I donít think she believed me. But we gave each other a kiss good bye, I walked to the door turned and took one last look at her and then left. I am almost afraid to go back to Nogales, as I doubt the next girl will be as young, sexy or fun as this trip. (Review # 11659)
  • Other Dated Added: Sun May 29 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    A warning regarding unsafe bootleg condoms in Mexico. Bootlegging reaches new levels in Mexico, late May, 2005. MEXICO CITY - It's easy to get lost at the Tepito marketplace, Mexico's largest collection of pirated goods and illegal merchandise. Semipermanent booths form tight alleyways that stretch for what seems like miles, and thousands of vendors hawk everything from Adidas sneakers to the latest Nicole Kidman thriller The Interpreter. You can find nearly anything you can imagine in Tepito and at prices that are fractions of the originals: knockoff Calvin Klein jeans, dubbed copies of Eminem's new record, versions of the latest PlayStation 2 videogames, Microsoft Windows and Photoshop software, and DVDs by the thousands, including new releases that haven't left theaters yet. Mexicans buy more illegal music, software and DVDs than legal versions, according to industry estimates, a trend that has accelerated in recent years with new dubbing technologies. advertisement The buying and selling of counterfeit goods is a way of life in Mexico City, where an estimated 300,000 residents make their living selling fake and illegal CDs and movies. But the piracy epidemic reached new heights - even by Mexico City standards - earlier this month when officials warned of bootleg condoms and unlicensed mariachi bands. The pirated condoms, with names like "El Cameleon" and "Vive," pose an alarming health risk, authorities said, because they haven't undergone testing and aren't certified. They've turned up in massage parlors, nightclubs and even a few pharmacies, according health workers. The fake mariachis are only slightly less dangerous. Instead of playing a tune, some of these fake musicians are mugging and pickpocketing tourists, officials say. (Review # 11616)
  • Nogales Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu May 05 2005 Submitted by:

    Visited Cherries in the afternoon. Cross the border, walk left across train tracks, walk left down the street and you'll find several strip clubs. The stated deal is $40 for a room upstairs plus variable cost for the girl depending on service desired. They asked for $100 total ($40 + $60) for full sex, I responded with $80 total and they took it. I'm sure they would have taken $75, probably even $60.


    Go up in a small room, strip down, and go at it on some padded benches and chairs. There's no cover to enter, at least in the afternoon. There were only a few girls dancing. They'd come by and sit on your lap, let you feel their pussy, and kiss their tits. Already better than Tucson strip clubs. My only regret is I didn't wait to see the third girl. The one I went upstairs with was nice, but the girl dancing when I came down was a real hotty. Long thin legs, nice ass, flat belly. Next time I'll wait a bit longer to check out all the women. Enjoy Nogales!

    (Review # 11391)
  • Mexico Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Feb 23 2005 Submitted by: LOKIN4SEX

    Alright guys, I am about to give you some unbelievable information. There is a place called RAPE in Guadalajara near to all of the HOTELS. It is one of the greatest places. It is a massage parlor where you can go and they will let you pick from a lineup of 27 girls. The girls are all unbelievable and you will love it. It costs 100 dollars for full service you know what i mean by that. When you are done you get 1 hour of massages, jacuzzi, and vapor and steam rooms. UNBELIEVABLE!!! (Review # 11045)
  • Torreon, Coahuila Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 05 2005 Submitted by: SalsaRey

    I was in Torreon to film a documentary and decided to check out the girl scene. As soon as I got into town, I asked taxi drivers for the best locations to pick up girls either on the street, strip clubs, massage parlors, or whore houses.... and the best place I found after a week of scouting around was a Strip club called Ay Nanitas! across from the WalMart and "El Mercado de Abastos".


    The strip club is on the third floor of a five story building... for which reason for climbing all those stairs become apparent later on that night. A bucket of 5 beers of the local brew (Indio) costs about M$120 (US$12). I got to the nightclub as it opened but was very disappointed by the first arrivals... I was almost about to leave the club when the first string girls arrived (7-9's)... was worth the wait!


    I picked a young soft supple 18 year old... she was very friendly and very easy to talk to... unfortunately the private room areas were basically a concrete stall with a cloth curtain separating the hallway. The only contents in these stalls were some very cold plastic lawn tecate chairs. Being a big guy and not wanting to break any chairs I had to do it doggy style standing up.... It was cold and drafty but the experience seemed so animalistic... it was still worth it considering it was a good deal for the A quality merchandise. After completing my mission, I sat down for a couple of cold beers and to enjoy the floor show.


    All of a sudden the management turned on all the lights and the bouncers scurried away the female dancers to a "secure" location, and the bartenders hid in secret compartments some clandestine "Merchandise" when the the AFI (Mexican President Fox's FBI) raided the club.... they checked ID's and checked for contraband...

    If you are not wanted by Mexican Police or carry contraband you should be Okay. The first time it happened it was a pretty startling experience... because they all wore black uniforms and carried submachine guns. Since the club is on the 3rd floor, the bouncer on the first floor entrance radioed the management on the third floor giving us precious seconds to "ACT" normal.


    The Low Down: Doorman Tips M$2-5 pesos(US$0.20-0.50) Insist on the Taxi Meter when on the Taxi Never pay more than M$150 (US$15) for one way trips across the Tri-city area of Torreon-Gomez Palacio-Lerdo Most Trips are about M$35-70 (US$3.50-7.00) Condoms Extra ~M$10 (US$1) Provide by private dance rea guy BJ's M$350 (~US$35) Full Service M$550-M$750 (~US$55-$75) 

    (Review # 10943)
  • Nogales Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 26 2004 Submitted by: WildWind

    PROLOGUE: Our hobby is great because every hobbyist can freely indulge his own personal mongering preferences, and change them whenever the mood strikes him. Because no matter what you like, there are always willing girls if you hunt.

    My current favorite high mileage scenario with TD's starts with DFK and unrestricted FOB, and ends with BBBJTCIM. In terms of girls I look for the prettiest possible face and a warm and friendly attitude with a willingness to please. Beyond that I am pretty open to body type, just not REAL skinny, not totally O-freakin'-BESE, and no bellies or boobs that sag badly - those are my only deal killer turn-offs.

    In my Mexican TD club experience (Nogi and TJ) a lot of the chicks will do FK, FOB and will give some BBBJ, but getting one to do all three and go all the way TCIM for a reasonable price is the challenging part of my search, especially keeping within my desired chick-type - no ugly fat old skanks, nasty bony crack-heads, or baby-ravaged saggers. But the more challenging the hunt, the more satisfying the find, right? And of course the colorful characters we all come across in the journey are a vital part of the whole mongering experience.

    I hit Nogi on a recent Thursday evening and since I only get to Nogi about once a year I wanted to maximize this trip by having a plan. My goal was to get at least 2 pops in my favorite way and to apply some of the bargaining wisdom picked up here on the forum. I figured I'd get one pop right away in a familiar place to take the edge off, then take my time getting the other one in some way I've never done before. Any other interesting filler adventures that came along with the quest would be a bonus. I'm happy to report that I succeeded. Details below.


    ACT I - Cherry's After a couple large cans of brew en route from my Tucson hotel I pulled into Nogales AZ about 6 PM. Parked my rental car, as usual, on the uphill street outside the back end of the Burger King parking lot, and used the free and very clean BK bathroom. Cut through the UETA lot to the border crossing, blew past the cluster of touts, and having never had a good time at Rio's, I headed right to Cherry's where I have had success on other trips. Medium crowd, about 20 girls. I asked Benjamin (the older ticket guy with curly receding hair) for Abby who I knew would gladly meet my needs, but she was off that night. I sat down and started on a $3 beer and Benjamin reappeared with a slender pretty young thing with long dark hair and big doe eyes. Nice stuff! With Benjamin translating we determined that she'd do CBJ, but not BBBJTCIM. Was tempting to settle for less but I had a plan, so adios to her.

    Benjamin's English is pretty good so I told him I was looking for 30 minutes upstairs, FOB and BBBJTCIM for $65 total. He said that’s not possible because the upstairs room by itself is $44 (two tickets @ $22 each). Bolstered by forum negotiation war stories, I stuck to my performance specifications and my price and asked him to go looking. A good ticket guy always knows his stable, and Benjamin came back a few minutes later saying a chick named Cassandra was willing. So I walked over to where she was sitting to see if she was acceptable quality. She's young, decent face, nice smile, taller and lighter coloring than usual Mexicans, long curly hair, heavier than ideal but firm, with what looked to be nice firm B cups. To my taste she's a 7, and certainly no skank in anybody's book. I was feeling hopeful. They're talking in Spanish as I make my assessment, then Benjamin says she wants $75, plus I have to pay $10 to the guy upstairs. I remembered the good advice found here that you must always be prepared to walk away from a deal, so I said "$65 is the total price and I'll be over there if she wants to do it" and walked back to my seat. Benjamin talks to her some more then to some guy behind the bar and returns to say ok at $65 but I have to buy a $5 condom from the guy upstairs, even though I was getting BBBJTCIM.

    I probably could've kept insisting on $65 all-in but figured WTF, close enough, lets go, the stupid condom will be a souvenir and maybe I'd find a productive use for it later. The upstairs at Cherry's has bigger closets than the doorless hovels on the main floor so we were actually pretty comfortable and were the only ones up there. Cassandra gave me all that I wanted in a nice, unhurried session. She was sweet, playful, friendly and eager to please, and stayed on the job all the way through the download, not one of those prissy lightweights who pull off the instant the eruption starts. So I was fully satisfied. Although Abby is my Cherry's favorite I'd definitely do Cassandra again. I tipped Benjamin $5, so I was out $75 total with a condom in my pocket and was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Hope you other Nogi lovers don't think I contributed to the inflationary spiral while getting my particular freak on this time at Cherry's. I'm open to your comments.


    BTW, after Cassandra I got a $10 table dance in the back with the doe-eyed sweetie just to play with her cute B cups and check out her attitude. I enjoyed it, although I could tell she wouldn't be very passionate in a room session. Hung around till 7:30 drinking $3 beers and watching the dancers, then figured it was time to eat and hit the night time places: Placers, Ferni, etc.


    So I stepped outside, and that’s where I met George.


    ACT II - George is about 50 and looks like a leftover SFO-style hippie. Kind of like Country Joe MacDonald of Country Joe and the Fish if you're ever looking to find him. English features and bright blue eyes. Good english learned on the job, selling donkey tourist pictures by day, touting at night. George is bright, reads a lot and is a great conversationalist. Did 7 years in Mexican jail for a 2 ton pot bust. Has some stories about that. Been out almost 10 years and stayed clean. Married for 17 years with 3 kids. One conceived during weekly conjugal visits.

    Feeling comfortable with him, I invited him to have dinner with me so I could learn more about the Nogi scene and enlist his help in figuring out an innovative way to get my 2nd pop. He took me to Leo's on a corner in the tourist area. Clean, reasonable, bi-lingual and tasty. He only wanted coffee so while I ate a $4 plateful of chicken tacos I learned about the owners of the various TD clubs, the local hotel scene, and the extremely corrupt cops.

    Seems that the latest TD club shakedown was from a new Lieutenant in town. George told me that when a bank in town was robbed the staff locked it up afterwards and wouldn't let the cops in, because they'd steal whatever money was left. Along the way he mentioned that some cab drivers know local girls who are not professionals but are willing to do it every now and then for the extra cash. I said that sounded interesting. True local flavor. Chick-next-door thing. Different experience than with the typical TD, many of whom are pros from all over Mexico according to George. He said the non-pro girls usually want $100. I said I'm looking for the $60-$80 range and asked him to find a cabbie who could get me a nice-looking non-professional that would do my trilogy: DFK, FOB and BBBJTCIM. Off we went into the Nogi night.


    ACT III - Pedro

    As we reached the cabbie area by the border George sees Pedro, a friend who has just gotten a cabbie job (it's his 3rd day). Pedro's a little heavy with short curly hair, looks about 30 and has a lot of energy. The kind of guy you like right away. He was born in Nogi but raised in Oakland so his English is perfect. He got busted for pot and was deported. Now he has a Nogi wife and 4 kids to feed. Hearing what I wanted and my budget he asked if I'd been to La Conga. "$65 'til you cum, Man".

    I said I heard the pickings were slim there and anyway I wanted to try a non-professional tonight. Pedro said he knew a girl named Fabiola that might be willing. Sister of one of his wife's friends, or something like that. Cleans houses and does laundry for people. She had told him she'd be interested in some action with an ok guy. Pedro has no cell phone so I gave him a few bucks for a phone card and he, George and I piled into his taxi and headed South. He stopped to call her and came back saying she is willing to meet me. We can go pick her up and if we are both ok with each other then he'll take us to a hotel that rents a decent room for $10 for a few hours. If not, then we can try to find someone else, no problem.

    Thus began my excursion into the backstreets of Nogi. The cab went further out of town, well past the Titanic TD club. Eventually we turned left and headed up into the hills where the narrow roads immediately turn to dirt with foot-deep flood ruts up the middle. Skinny dirty dogs skulking around. Tiny huddled structures crammed together. Old cars parked every which way. Small groups hanging out on stoops checking us out. A few streetlights here and there but mostly dark. Didn't feel dangerous, just reminds you that Mexico's a poor, 3rd world country.

    Pedro can't find the house so we twist and turn all over the place, up hills and down hills, u-turning in impossible spots, stopping, getting out, walking around, asking people. He gives up and calls Fabiola again, and we finally arrive at the pickup spot about 9:15.


    ACT IV - Fabiola

    Pedro had been low-keying Fabiola's physical attractiveness, probably so as not to over-sell and under-deliver. So frankly I feared the worst as she slid into the back seat next to me, and was wondering "How the hell will I get out of this gracefully?". But I was pleasantly surprised. Late 20's, medium height and slightly meaty build, dark Mexican complexion, long black hair pulled back. Pleasant face. Clean and well dressed in tight jeans and T-shirt that showed off her good set of C cups and decent ass. And definitely not hooker-looking. Someone that you'd admire passing on the downtown street, but not really dwell on. Pedro asked me what I thought. I smiled approvingly and, nearly exhausting my Spanish vocabulary said "Hermosa chica".

    She and Pedro spoke in Spanish and he said "She wants $80". Again I figured WTF, I'm here, she's here, we've got a ride to a cheap hotel with a couple of bi-lingual guides, and she supposedly knows what I want to do when we get there. I said "Lets do it".


    She was clearly very nervous as we drove to the hotel. I liked this because it reinforced the non-professional experience I was looking for that night. Pedro and George were making small talk in the front seat. I held her hand and she looked straight ahead. When we got to the hotel George said goodbye. I gave him $10 and he was happy. Pedro did the deal at the desk and I paid the $10 there.


    Then Pedro took the key and led Fabiola and me upstairs to the small room with the double bed and private bathroom with shower. Low-end for sure but good enough. It was now 9:30. Out in the hall Pedro and I settled on $25 for his finder/driver fee and he said he'd be back at 11:00. Now Fabiola and I were alone. We each used the bathroom then I switched off the single overhead bulb and left the bathroom light on with the door slightly open to provide a soft glow in the room. I stepped to her and hugged her. She said something as I held her and I picked out a word that sounded like "nervous" might sound in Spanish. So I repeated it and we both laughed. Neither of us spoke ANY of the other's language so we would have to improvise communication.


    Amazing where this hobby takes you. Here I was in a Mexican sex hotel with a good-looking, well-built chick who I couldn't talk to, but who someone else had recently explained his interpretation of my deepest sexual yearnings to, over a pay phone, and she had agreed to satisfy them, at least I think so. There was only one way to verify this, so I sat her on the bed and we started kissing. The room was warm (no AC) so as I visually urged her to disrobe; she was happy to get her clothes off pretty quickly. She was somewhat modest about it and this enhanced my enjoyment in watching.


    My traditional mongering outfit of sandals, loose shorts/no boxers and T-shirt was off in a flash. I smiled broadly as she turned her naked body toward mine, and she began kissing me warmly. Through the next hour I enjoyed LFK (she wouldn't do DFK), unrestricted FOB (nice ones with wonderful nips), and a long strong wet 'n noisy BBBJTCIM. To borrow an old phrase, this girl could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. I had put the Cherry's condom on the nightstand just in case, and she reached over and picked it up a few times during the session with a look that asked if I wanted to go to FS. But I would just point down, smile and say "chupa, por favor".


    At the end she pulled off before the download was finished but not enough to take away from an otherwise heroic performance of duty. We dressed and I put the appropriate papers in her purse. Then she started asking questions in Spanish, pointing to her mouth and my crotch. I guessed she wanted to know my satisfaction so I said "muy bueno" which I hope was the right thing to say.

    Then we sat on the bed and made out for another 20 minutes. I kissed her very hard and squeezed her chest as hard as I could for a very long time and she seemed to enjoy it. Made me think she might like it rough. Got me hard again but I passed on going for a two-er. It was time to go.


    We went downstairs into the cool night air and held each other comfortably till Pedro showed up about 11:15. Dropped her off with a kiss and Pedro took me back to the border. I gave him another $5 and told him I'd write about him on here so Dear Readers, be sure to ask for Pedro down at the cabbie area if you want a great guy to help you.


    The 2nd pop had run me about $130 all-in. I know that's almost 2 La Conga's, but I had really enjoyed it and it was a helluva foreign urban adventure. So it was almost midnight, I'd had my two pops as planned, I was a short walk from my car, and I'd had some adventure. But is there ever enough adventure?


    Of course not, so I started off for Fernis to see if I could have a little more nasty fun.


    ACT V - Ferni's

    Ferni's is funky. That’s all there is to it. The slum end of the TD club social scale. But I love it for that. As many others here attest, I never pay attention to the dancers there, it’s the waitresses that provide the sporting action. And it never takes long to get one going. I always sit at one of the small tables along the long wall and do the same drill. I start overtly flirting with whichever waitress catches my eye (never matters if it’s the one serving you or not). She will quickly sit with me and another will immediately pounce to ask if I want to buy her a drink ($10 nowadays). If she's cuddly and frisky in the first few moments she's probably a good investment. So after that for 5-15 minutes (YMMV depending on the girl) I make out with her like crazy. I kiss her everywhere she'll let me, squeeze her chest, try to get inside her clothes as much as possible while she actively rubs my equipment, sometimes opening my shorts to get skin-on-skin (that’s where the tablecloths at Ferni's come in handy to keep that HJ action out of sight). Its wicked fun, either as a way to start the evening or after you've had a couple pops elsewhere and are just looking for some outrageous behavior. If you're having fun, keep buying her drinks.

    If it cools off, let her go and try another one. Of course eventually any of them will want you to buy a privado and that’s your call. I did it on one trip and enjoyed it ok. But often the Ferni's waitresses are not your top-shelf honeys, and they can be more fun to play with semi-clothed than to see and have sex with fully naked, if you know what I mean. Again, it's your call and the talent varies from night to night. Others swear by it.

    This visit was true to form for me. Ordered a $4 beer (including tip) and got it going with a well made-up, heavy-ish mid 30's Mexican gal with a good face, big lips and high-riding D cups. Pretty frisky, although not as free-wheeling as many have been. But it was fun to neck, fondle and be fondled for one drink, about 10 minutes. TIP: If you enjoy kissing them, its better because it keeps them from finishing their drink quite as fast. So I'm up and out after having had some fun with only $15 invested (incl $1 tip for the waitress' drink) and I'm off for a talent check at Placers and Boleiros.


     ACT VI - Placers

    Placers used to be my favorite b/c of the pretty young chicks and the mileage they gave me in a $22 privado. The girls are still cute, but now they're all trying to limit you and upsell you and its not as much fun. But I met Frederick, a personable young ticket guy who spent time in US and speaks good English. He showed me the upstairs bedroom and quoted $230 including the girl. A particularly aggressive one of those had tagged along with us for the tour and was now kneeling on the bed gnawing my equipment through my shorts. As Fred and I talked, I nonchalantly slid her hands up my shorts legs and she fondled me madly skin-on-skin in hopes of getting me to spring for the honeymoon suite right then and there. Not tonight, my little vixen. Certainly not at that price.


    Went back downstairs and drank 2 more $4 beers while chatting with Frederick about his background and asking more about the TD club business. Being totally honest with him I explained I was already 2 pops into a late evening and only wanted a table dance where I could FOB freely the whole time. He found me the right girl, I paid the $10 and enjoyed it thoroughly for all 3 minutes of the song. I liked this chica's chest and attitude enough to spring for a privado and took her upstairs for a $22 session. In the old days I always immediately dropped my shorts before sitting down in the (then-curtained) cubicle. This almost always led to interesting skin-on-skin activities for the basic privado price.

    But when I tried it this time the chica made it clear it wasn't allowed, so she fondled me through my shorts occasionally while I FOB and played a little with her shaved pussy for 6 minutes and longed for the good old days. Near the end she offered BJ for $40 to get me to also buy another privado, but I passed. My gut told me she probably wouldn't do the BBBJTCIM anyway. Back down for another beer at ringside. The Placers cover had been free with a hand stamp that also let me in to their new place, Boleiros. I'd read here that the décor is upscale and talent is good so I wanted to check it out. Up and out after $32 invested in 9 minutes of pretty good FOB. Not a great bargain but a highly focused experience and a better price/value ratio than available most places stateside (possible exception of Houston).


    ACT VII - Boleiros

    Boleiros was a disappointment. Kinda' bright lighting, sorta' snazzy looking, overall feeling of what Holiday Inn would do in the TD club business. Felt like your basic mid-range stateside "gentleman's-club-near-the-airport" kind of place that we've all been bored to death in too many times. I go to Nogi for high mileage in dark corners with exceptionally frisky women. This didn't appear to have ANY of those attributes. May be some guys' cup of TD, but not mine, at least not in Nogi.


    So I did a 180 out the door and headed towards the tracks figuring my interesting night was over. Of course another tout immediately flagged me down and wanted to know why I was leaving so early (a little after 1:00AM). He was a large guy with good English. Another drug bust veteran who now makes his living touting for gringos. Fairly beer-buzzed by now I cut right to the chase and told him I wanted to s*ck on t*tties and he said he knew just the girl. (Don't they always?)


    ACT VIII - Obsessions

    We walked fast to Obsessions where he blew past the doormen with no cover. Moments later we were at a ringside table, each drinking bottled water (I knew I was at the tipping point where another cerveza would make me empty my wallet on the next chick). He has a cute little honey come over and I pull her onto my lap and begin free-roaming to see how frisky she is. She's reasonably responsive and the tout says something like "She's the one I was telling you about, Senor", and a waitress starts asking me if I want to buy her a drink. I figure a drink is $10 more than I need to spend to get my FOB freak on with this pre-qualified chick and announce I'm ready for a privado.


    Off to the back where we wait to be assigned to a room. The privado guy shows up, takes my $22, and then asks me for a tip. I look him in the eye, smiling, and ask, politely: "What for?". Fortunately he smiles and disengages. She leads me to a dark little booth with no door and a suddenly a little green light comes on inside the booth above the door opening. Ghastly glow lighting up what you want to be an in-the-dark experience. Turns out it’s the timer and you leave when it shuts off. Exactly opposite to the way it should work! I don't know if it would have been different if I had tipped the guy. Somehow I don't think so. I can't remember her name, but she's got a nice tight petite bod with firm B cups and taut nips, willingly gives me all the FOB I want and fondles me appropriately through my shorts although won't let me slide her hands up the legs. She watches herself a lot in the mirror on the side of the booth.

    When we finish she asks for a tip (what is it with this place?) and I give her $2. I rejoin my friend and say its time to leave. He accompanies me out and keeps trying to get me to stay, saying he knows more great ladies whose t*ts I can s*ck as long as I want. I'm sure he does but now its 1:30AM and I'm ready to call it a night while I still have a few bucks left and a smile on my face.


    AFTERWORD So I got my 2 pops the way I like them, had several interesting filler activities, met some colorful new characters, and expanded my horizons into the realm of cabbies, Nogi backstreets, non-professional nookies and the local sex hotel scene. All in all a good way to have spent 7 hours in Nogi. Although I always seem to spend more than I intend to in Nogi, and I sometimes have mixed feelings afterwards about the overall value received for certain parts of the experience, it still beats any stateside location I know of for dense-packing variety and color at reasonable prices. And I always want to go back.

    (Review # 9982)
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