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  • Playa del Carmen Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 27 2008 Submitted by: Ganji

    This month, I visited Playa del Carmen in search of pussy. Playa is a very clean and attractive city about 30-minutes south of Cancun. Climax strip club has hot ladies 8 through 10's but is expensive compared to U.S. $30 cover, $20 for a beer for a lady, but with private table dances $15 which is ok.

    Visited Pleasure Palace a in-call whorehouse on calle 2, 1/2-block off of Playa's main public paseo of 5th avenue. Hot 8 and 9's to chose from. They paraded 8 into the room one at a time and was happy to see fine latinas. Place is very clean and has expensively decorated rooms. Prices were $250 U.S. for 30-minutes or $300 U.S. for 1-hour. Includes shower, massage, and full service with no anal. Credit cards accepted guys. Had a fun time with a 9+ Colombian who had lovely curves and a hungry mouth for cock. Best of luck when visiting Playa De Carmen!!
    (Review # 25260)
  • Larado Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 08 2008 Submitted by: Larry

    I went to Boys town today is was great!!!! Although it was early (before 10am) I was walking through the streets of Larado Mexico and this guy came up aking me if i wanted to buy some necklaces (silver). after we negotiated the price down. He asked me if i was looking for something else. ie pills, dental work, girls.

    Well my ears kinda perked p on that one. I did not go there for that, but screwing a whore in boys town was on my bucket list. So I asked him if it was to early for that. He said no boys town is always open. he said that he would take me. I asked him how much. I knew a taxi would be about 30 dollars american from prior resaerch.

    He said that he would take me and wait on me and take me back for 20 dollars. A 40 dollar savings over a taxi, I accepted. Apparently the police have some kind of agreement with the taxi company. They will search any mexican and american trying to get into boys town. So Frank dropped me off a little passed the gate and I walked in and he came in a few minutes latter.

    While i was waiting on Frank to get back I went into this chinese looking place. Thinking that I could kill two birds with one stone because screwing a chinese girl is on my bucket list as well. Well I went in and the place looked closed I inquired about girls. He said oh yea i will get them. But all he produced was a 35 to 40 year old mexican. She did not look bad but if I am going to pay for sex it is going to be 18 to 20 and look damn good.

    So by now Frank was back. I told him I wanted a young girl not an old wore out one, But not under 18.(I have heard that they do women younger than that over there and that is just wrong) He told me to go to the end of the street and turn left at the end of the block turn left again and there were some small doors there and the girl would be what I was looking for. By the way the old whore wanted 40 dollars plus 20 dollars for the room.

    Well I went were Frank sent me. He wasn't stitting that girl was AWESOME she was 19 to 20 and slim and firm with a nice set of tits. So I went in and I asked her how much. She said 25 dollars and she did not ask for any for the room. I liked have shit. I was smiling from ear to ear!!! So I gave her a 50 dollar bill and told her I did not want to be rushed. She did not either I fucked her for an hour and a half. Until I could not take it any more. She cleaned me up helped me get dressed. And I went back to the street and started walking then here came frank he took me back to the border and I went work.
    (Review # 24857)
  • Tuxla Gutiérrez, Chiapas Street Action Dated Added: Mon Sep 29 2008 Submitted by: gingoguapo3

    Monday 9-29 - After walking around touring the massage parlors in Tuxla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mèxico, I decide to go check out the "Zona roza or zona de tolerencia or zona galactica", all of which refer to the same place - an area the city has built outside of the city for prostitution.

    The taxi driver told me it would be $8 each way but the taxi driver I met yesterday told me that if I go to the taxi stop at 2 da Pon between 8 y 9 Sur that I could go each way for $1. He was right and when there were 3 of us in the taxi the driver asked if we wanted to pay $1.30 each to go now and we agreed.

    Off we went, it`s about 20 minutes right outside the city to the south. We turn off on a dirt road and go about anothe mile down a dirt road until it opens up into a parking area. There is an entrance where we pay $.60 each to get in and then two cops give us a cursory pat down for ???? (drugs, guns, knives, etc??).

    There are bathrooms off to the right, an office for the police and another for medical services. Then there is a road (for walking only) through buildings in a U shape. In the middle of the U, there are metal doors of which some are open and the men are all walking around peering into the doors. I make a complete round just to get an idea of what`s going on and there are a few restaurants and about 10 of these buildings with about 10 or 12 doors apiece.

    I see a lot more cute girls than I figured after visiting the same tolerence zone a few hours away in Comitàn. The second round I start checking out each door. Some are only open a foot or so, so I have to get pretty close to see the girl inside. Some of the girls are standing in their doorways while others are stretched out on their beds watching TV. Each room has a bed, bathroom and a TV. I see a knockout slender girl but as I approach her she goes into her room with another guy.

    In the next building, I see another beauty. I approach her door and ask her how much she`ll charge me. She asks where I`m from and I tell her the US. She then tells me that the price here is $100 for 2 hours. I can`t believe this so I thank her and leave. A few seconds later I ask a couple of mexican men (and I`m the only gringo I see all night!), how much I should pay and they tell me $3 to 5$! I make sure I hear them correctly, it`s not $30 to $50 is it? They reply no, no, no .... $3 to $5! I`m laughing pretty hard right now because of the tremendous difference and I offer to buy them a beer since they just saved me $95!!!

    We have a beer and then I set out again to make the rounds. There are 3 or 4 candidates that are 8`s (and a whole lot of fat 2`s and 3`s and more than few in between) and then I get back to where the one I first saw was. She`s not outside but I peek in her door and she`s alone. There are 3 more men standing in the doorway behind me but I ask her how much and she says $5 for 15 minutes.

    I have a big smile when she says this because she is a 9 and by far the best looking girl I have seen in 3 days of looking at girls here. I quickly agree and ask her if we should shut the door or invite the other men that are still in the doorway. She smiles and shuts the door. By this time I know that the $5 covers only fucking her and I tell her that I would like to caress her body too and she tells me that full service, naked, oral and regular sex in whatever positions I want would be $25 for a half hour.

    I agree and after awile I`m having so much fun that I ask her how much more time would cost and she tells me $5 for 15 minutes. I quickly calculate 4x5 and ask her if $20 an hour is OK. She is very happy to do that and we continue. Her name is Karin and she is slender with really smooth,soft skin and a great smile! She is 23 and wears a size 3 - the first girl I have met here without a stomach! We have a great time and when we are done I ask her if she is available outside of the zone and she tells me she lives in the centro and gives me her phone number and tells me that she`s free after 8PM! All in all the best place and the best prices I have found so far in Mèxico!
    (Review # 24808)
  • Tuxtla Guiterrez, Chiapas Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 29 2008 Submitted by: gringoguapo3

    I`m in Tuxla Guiterrez, Chiapas, Mèxico. I went out for a walking tour of "Massage parlors". There are about 10 or 11 of them listed in the local paper "Cuarto Poder". It was a Sunday afternoon about 2PM and the first one I went to had 4 girls available. I knocked on the door and an older woman opened the barred window on the door and told me about the services. She said that it would cost $30 for a massage, oral sex and then regular sex. If I looked at the girls and didn´t choose one, I would have to pay $5.  I thought that was fair so I went in and sat down on a couch and the woman brought out the women and presented them to me.

    They were all decent and probably 5´s or 6´s with the exception of a young, cute one called Carla. I asked how old she was and the woman told me I couldn´t ask questions like that....OK... well she looked about 18 so I just said OK. I decided to leave since it was the first place I had checked out. (A decision that I regreted all day!). This house was at 15 Ort. Sur, Num. 360, between 2da and 3ra Sur. There was another one a block away but after I rang the bell, I heard someone yell, "No service". So I went off on my walking tour. The next one didn´t answer the door at all so I went to another one a block away at 2da Pon. Norte, Num. 905, at the corner of 8va Norte. A very nice gal answered the door and told that there was just her and another gal there and the other one came out.

    When I explained that I was looking for a slender, younger gal, she told me that the "Chavas" come between 11 and 4 weekdays. I will come back then (and there was no charge to talk to them or see the other gal). They too were $30 for the same service.

    Then I went on the the fifth and final stop on my tour. I rang the bell and was let in to sit down on the sofa where two mexican men were already sitting. She explained the service - same deal except $35 and the same $5 to look at the gals. When I told her what I wanted she brought out one slender gal that was a bit too old for me. When I declined and paid the $5 she told me that she had another one that she thought I´d like, Daniela, but that she was busy and if I wanted I could come back in a half hour or so and check her out. This would be free she said, I wouldn´t have to pay the $5 again. So I left and was on my way down the street when I passed a carwash with 2 mexican men drinking beer. I asked directions to where I was going and they invited me to have a beer with them.

    Victor, a taxi driver and Norbert. Well, 4 quarts of beer later I was still there and I decided to go back and check out Daniela since I was only a block away and it wouldn´t cost me anything. Bad decision, I was half drunk! Anyway, I go back to the house and she shows me three girls, the famous Daniela and two new ones that had arrived since I had left.

    I selected Mariana, a 23 yr old, slender mexican gal with 2 daughters. We had the back massage the she gave me a blow job until it was time to get on top. She was doing quite well until she got a little impatient and while she was fucking me, she said, "You have to hurry, this is for time", meaning that there was a time limit. OK, we finished and I gave her a $10 tip and I got dressed and left. (I should have just gone back and visited Carla but I wasn´t thinking too clearly at this point!) This was at 7 Nor. Ort, Num. 492, with 4ta Ort.

    The next afternoon I`m off on my walking tour of "Massage parlors" once again. I first go back to see the "chavas" (girls in Spanish). There are two she tells me but they are both busy and she tells me to come back in half an hour. I go have a beer a block away and return in a while and she shows me one that is probably a 7. She tells me the other one is actually too fat to show me so I thank her and leave. I then go to the place a block away 1 Pte Nor. Num 904-A with the 8 Nor. They have 4 girls available and it`s the same deal. $35 for the massage, oral and then regular sex. I turn down the 4 girls and pay her the $5 for looking and she says wait a minute please.... she goes back and brings out a slender, pretty good looking girl named Isabela. She`s not exactly what I`m looking for so I get ready to go and again she says "esperàme tantito" (just a sec) and disappears.

    Three of the first 4 girls then come out from behind the curtain to talk to me and try to convince me to stay. By this point I`ve gotten a little better at saying no but we have a good time talking and the girls have great smiles and personalities! As I walk out the door the lady hands me a business card for another establishment a couple of kilometros away.

    I head there and an hour or so later I arrive (Clinica de Masajes y Educanes, 11 Sur Ort, No. 939, Frente a plaza de Toros San Roque)  Same deal; $35 for the massage, oral and sex and $5 to see the girls. This time I tell her what I want (slender) and she says that the girl I want is named Rebecca and will be there after 8 PM. I say OK and thus avoid paying the $5! I leave and go take a nap and get ready to go to the "Zona Rosa or Zona de tolerencia" tonite.
    (Review # 24807)
  • Comitán Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 27 2008 Submitted by: GringoGuapo3

    Last night I went to the local ¨Zona Rosa¨ to check out the girls. I got a taxi driver to take me (in a Volkswagen bug!). $4 each way .. We get there and it`s a few miles out of town - all of the sudden a dirt road appears on the right with bars on both sides and cars and girls and people everywhere - it`s not real busy since it`s only 9:30 PM but the taxi driver fills me in on how there are some girls that I can take back to the hotel and others that won`t and that I might have to pay $30 for a quicky there and up to $150 to take one to my hotel for the whole night.

    Well, I go looking and visit all the bars - there is only one girl that I consider halfway decent so the taxi driver tells me we can go across the street. There is a huge gate that a guard opens when the driver tells him I`m there to look for a girl. We go in and it`s a dance bar with music and 9-10 girls. There are 2 really good looking ones - I ask one that`s turns out to be 18 how much it would cost to take her home and she tells me $280!

    My god! I reply that I can get 2 in the US for that price and we leave. I ask her how much for an hour there and although I try 3 times (including asking a waiter for help!) but I can`t understand what she`s saying but it doesn`t appear that it`s within my price range! (I speak Spanish but the music is really loud!

    So we go back to the street of bars and I go into one called ¨Chicago bar¨ and ask the one that I had seen before how much it would cost to take her back to my hotel. She`s sittting with two other girls and they stand up and leave and the one I`m talking to just covers her mouth with a cloth.

    After a while I ask her if that`s a yes or no or what and she still doesn`t say anything! Finally I ask her if she wants to go with me and she shakes her head no and I leave. As I get into the taxi, I see another one that looks good looking and I hop out to talk to her.

    Well she won`t leave either but she is available to take upstairs for 15 minutes for $15. OK, I say, I guess if I want longer I can just buy more 15 minutes at a time... she says sure! We go upstairs to where there about 50 metal doors (there are only 2 girls so I ask if there are more later or what and she says no!) anyway we go into the room that has a bed and nothing else and she takes off her pants.

    OK, I undress and she starts to put a condom on me. Since I`m only about half hard I ask her to give me a blow job and she says no I don`t do that. OK how about a hand job? She says no I don`t do that either, my clients come in all ready to go and just put it in!

    I`m laughing at this point since it`s pretty funny and I ask her to take off her shirt since her tits were the best feature anyway.. she says that will cost $5 more. OK - I give her $5 more and she takes off her shirt ... good thing since after she took off her pants she looked pretty bad - in fact I now have no desire at all to fuck her ... she`s 19 but has stretch marks and a pussy thats not very attractive! So I cum quickly and we dress and leave. I am still chuckling because it was so funny! I`ve learned a lot - I need to come ready for action! (And she looked really good with clothes on and not so great naked!) We head back to town and I pay the taxi driver $20 - 8$ for the round trip and the rest for his time waiting for me and showing me around!
    (Review # 24795)
  • Tuxla Gutiérrez Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Sep 27 2008 Submitted by: Gringoguapo

    I get to Tuxla Gutiérrez, Chiapas and go to the hotel I was at a week ago, Hotel Palenque en la 5a Sur. Oriente, No 538, it´s only $25 a night and they have nice rooms and free coffee and I don´t think they´ll hassle me about bringing in girls. (I´m right about this - I just mentioned that I had a friend coming to visit me when I checked in!).


    The local paper, Cuarto Poder has several pages of ads for girls that will come to my hotel, home or wherever as well as ads for so-called massage parlors where I can go to choose from an assortment of girls. The prices in the paper start at $40 for 1 hour, $60 for 2 hours and $70 for 3 hours. I have picked out my first 5 choices and I start to call them.


    On the third call I get Brenda who says she is 18, 1.53 m tall and weighs between 30 and 40 kilos. She will charge $50, $70 and $80 for 1, 2 and 3 hours respectivally so I ask her to come over after I take a shower. She tells me to call back when I´m ready and I do. She says she´ll be over in a half hour.


    OK, it´s 7PM - I wait until 8:15 and no girl. Finally I call and she says 10 minutes. In about 15 minutes this short really, really fat girl shows up at my door. I say´re Brenda? She says no I´m Moní, Brenda couldn´t come because we got in a car accident on the way here and she had to stay with the car. I tell her that I really wanted a girl that was as Brenda had described herself and she says that she can bring Brenda later and would I like her now. I say no, I will wait for Brenda and she replies that I should try her and that I won´t regret it.


    OK, well besides being incredibly obese, she does have nice tits, so I give her $50 for an hour and she takes off her pants and gets out a rubber. I start playing with her tits and start to touch her pussy and she says no, no you can´t do that.


    OK, I´m frankly not real excited about fucking her so she gives me a hand job while I play with her tits and then she is on her way out the door. (Thankfully!) She asks me if I want her to bring Brenda by later and I say yes. I kinda doubt she´ll show up so I go to sleep.


    I´m awaked at 11PM by the phone ringing and it´s Moní asking if they should come over. I say OK although I´ve just woken up and I´m a bit tired. Not more than 5 minutes later they knock on the door and I see Brenda. She looks pretty good except that she isn´t 30 or 40 kilos. She has a pretty good bulge in the stomach but she is cute and I agree to an hour and I pay Moní (Brenda tells me later that she is in charge) and she leaves Brenda and I alone.


    Brenda undresses and she has a big cesarean scar on the stomach bulge which together are pretty unsightly but she does have cute little tits and really smooth skin and she is much more agreeable about letting me touch her pussy and body. We caress each other for a while and then she climbs on top and fucks me until we both cum. In the meantime she asks me if I would like her to call another girl (it turns out that there are 3 of them working the phone number that I´ve called).


    The other is a taller "guerra" (sort of white chick). I decline since I´m happy with Brenda. We actually have a pretty good time! She has a nice personality and smile! After we´re done we compare music on our cellular phones and we try to transfer some of my oldies to her phone (without sucess) and she tells me that she has a 3 yr old son that´s with her aunt. As she´s leaving she asks me for a tip and I give her $10 (although I´m obviously not real happy about not having gotten her at first!) and she asks me if I´m going to call her tomorrow.

    (Review # 24794)
  • Acuna Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 11 2008 Submitted by:

    Haven't been to "the hill" just outside of Acuna for three years, but decided to check it out a few weeks ago. Only checked out the first clubs, Hunters and Rio. Prices are up a little $30 for room and $100 for the girl before negotiations.


    Evidently the trouble on the border has really affected business cause the one girl I remembered said most nights only 5 ot 6 customers. Both clubs used to rock after 9pm. You can still find some action, although 2 thru 4's only at Jessies billiards on the tourist strip downtown. Good Hotels are Los Alpes, San Antonio and Best Western. All are girl friendly.


    Oh, if you go to Jessies downtown it is a great place for some locals and tourists and very safe, but watch the club across the street unless you like chicks with d**cks. Acuna seems to be a safe place to go even with the other crap happening on the border.

    (Review # 24464)
  • Zihuantenejo Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jul 04 2008 Submitted by: Horny in Mexico

    Am staying for a few days in the Ixtapa/Zihuantenejo area and just had a great experience I wanted to pass along. I took a taxi for a ride to do some shopping and casually mentioned to the driver that it would be nice to find some "chicas bonitas". He picked up on the hint immediately and asked if I'd like him to take me to a good place. Why, yes, of course!

    He drove me to place in Zihuantenejo (don't ask me to tell you where, because I couldn't describe how we got there, but it wasn't too far from the center of town". There was a sign out front that said "masaje" (massage). My driver took me in and there was a nice little outdoor bar area with drinks, bar tables, and a hammock. I was told to take a seat while they showed me who was available.

    I was quite pleased with the first option I was shown - she was probably 19-20, a solid 9, and just my type - petite, warm, and friendly. She led me into a little room and suggested I take a shower. She spoke no English, so we had to negotiate in my poor Spanish, but we did OK.

    Massage was $30 (basically a cover charge, since there was no actual massage), and "sexo" was an additional $120. I told her I just wanted a BJ, and we settled on $70 for that. She then took off her clothes (great tits) and went to work at the task at hand. (or in mouth, as the case may be). I must say, it's hard to imagine a better blowjob. No condom, and she had just the perfect technique - she'd take me deep into her throat, then back out again, with lots of nice contact with every part of her mouth except the teeth. Absolutely perfect. She varied the pace and technique, picking up on my verbal cues perfectly. I'd been on the bed so far, but then I stood up and wanted her to get down on her knees and continue to suck me (my favorite bj position). I loved looking down and watching my cock go in and out of that beautiful little mouth. Finally I was ready, and she swallowed every single drop and licked me clean. Really a very, very nice experience. My driver then took me back. I sort of assumed that he got a commission from the establishment, so I didn't give him a huge tip - I hope I handled that correctly. Anyway, that's my report for the day.
    (Review # 24193)
  • Torreon Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 18 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I ran across helpful reviews here so thought that I would contribute from a trip to Torreon/Gomez Palacio.

    After reading the reviews, I went to what apparently used to be Boomerang. I think it has chnaged ownership and names and was all but closed. Only the B was glowing from the Boomerang sign, and a different sign was up inside. Don't remember the name, but it started with a B and was not Boomerang. At 11-ish on a week night there were only two other customers there. One dancer (a 3-4) finished a dance and no one came out. The helper saw I was about to leave and brought out a 5ish to say hello. He was nice, and she was ok, just not what I was looking for. I left.

    I headed to Qero's (across the street from Sam's Club) and loved it. I speak virtually no Spanish, but one of the bouncer/manager types spoke a little English and was quite friendly and helpful. There were around 10-15 girls there, a few 4-5's, a few 6-7's, a few 8-9's, and a couple of 10's. It wasn't cheap, but it was very nice. The girls apparently make money when you buy them over-priced drinks. A nice, but non-sexy lap dance was 100 pesos. There were a few different tiers of private dances ( I don't recall the details of those). Twenty minutes alone in a fairly nice, private room, sex and condoms included, was 2300 pesos. It was more than I expected, but Josie/Josephine was supermodel gorgeous, was sweet, was absolutely unbelievable, and would have been a bargain at two or three times that amount.

    Long story short, Boomerang was a major disappointment, and Qeros was a bit more expensive than I expected but was very laid back, comfortable, and had one or two drop-dead gorgeous girls that were more than worth the higher than expected prices.
    (Review # 22646)
  • Playa del Carmen Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Mar 17 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Headed to Chilly Willys outside of Playa del Carmen. $10 cab ride from anywhere in the area. The club is located in a shithole compound. We had to pay $25 each to get in the door. Scuzzy shithole inside too. Very dark. The girls were average. Dances were short and the girls danced until they were topless and then about 10 seconds of tugging down their bottoms. No good stage shows. Too dark to see anything. Full service if you want to pay big tourist dollars.

    Lots of alcohol thought it was included in the 25 surcharge. However, when we tried to leave, the door man required a receipt. We ended up having to pay for the beer. Then grab a taxi for $10 and got out of there. This place is a big scam. Come to Canada where you can walk in for free, get a good show and only spend a few dollars.
    (Review # 22633)
  • Irapuato Guanajuato Other Dated Added: Sat Jan 19 2008 Submitted by: Chavez

    Well every year I go to Mexico to visit my grandmother and other relatives but I also have to think about satisfying my pleasures so every time I am on this great city, I like to go to the Colonia Catolica. Every taxi driver knows where this great place is located and for two dollars and fifty cents they will happily drive u there. Heck even some of the taxi drivers been to this great place, and we exchange stories about our great experience. Well let’s begin with my experiences. Well I’ve been there a total of three times.

    The First time I went there was on July of 2005. A family friend took me out to find some fine cunt. So he took me to the famous colony. When we got there I was amazed so many women and ladies standing on the sidewalk waiting for horny men. Well I got off the taxi and walked checking out the ladies. I noticed this cute girl around 4'11 light skin wearing a short skirt she had nice tities. And I asked her how much for her services. She told me it was 150 pesos which is 15 bucks so I agreed to the price. She let me to her room and I paid her and she spread her legs and I began to fuck her.

    It was nice then I tried to fuck her doggystyled and suck on her titties and she said it would cost me 10 dollars extra so I said OK .she took of her top and I began to suck on those nice tits and turned her around and began fucking her doggystyled 7 minutes later I nutted. I was satisfied. My second time I went there was on April (spring break) 2007. I took a cab here again. I walked down the street and checking the ladies and noticed this dark skinned hottie about a 7.By the way the last girl was an 8.

    Anyways this girl had dark skinned big tits and big ass. she was 5'6. I told her what I wanted which was two cums in 30 minutes she gave the price which was 40 dollars good bargain cant beat that price. So she let me to her assigned room. And she got fully naked she was standing in front of me I grab bed her huge ass. I began fucking her missionary position then I turned her for doggystyled and I nutted. On the second fuck I fucked her 10 minutes and she finished me with a hand job. She was 25. My last experience was the best of them all. It was on October 2007.

    Once Again I was in the city and I took a cab for some action. I got there and quickly noticed a solid 9 pretty ass hell she was blonde huge tits Pretty Faced. So I told her how much and she said 60 bucks which included fully naked all positions no anal and some oral sex. She took of her top and got naked those were the nicest titties I ever seen I told her that. They were huge. So she sucked my dick for 5 minutes then placed a condom in my dick and she rode me for another 5 minutes. Then I fucked her doggystyled for another 5 minutes then, all that time I was sucking and licking her nipples/titties. She was 19 years old and from Acapulco. She was worth every dollar.

    (Review # 22299)
  • Leon, GTO. Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 17 2007 Submitted by: Auto guy

    Took some time last week to "check out" the city of Leon, GTO. in Central Mexico. I had lived in the area about 10 years ago (I speak fairly good Spanish) and wanted to see if the women were as hot as they used to be! The standard tour of the town with the taxi driver was poor as he did not know where the girls were on a Monday night. I told him to go to The Flamingo, a high class place on the west side of town. $2.00 cover and beer was $2.50 a bottle. They had about 12 girls working the place, mostly 8's and 9's with one young 10 strutting her stuff. Most of the girls were very friendly (only 1 had that hard eyed, I've been fucked by everybody, look!) and didn't push the drink thing (this was good as drinks for the chica's were $10.00 to $30.00 dollars!).

    Inflation or the falling value of the dollar has definitely struck here as all the girls were asking $200.00 to $250.00 U.S. to leave for the night (the 18 year old young chica wanted $350.00 U.S.). I finally settled on this 5ft.9 inch, 24 year old "work out" girl that had an ass like a young boy, natural 36 "C" tits and a hard body from the gym time she spent during the day. I got her 3 straight whiskeys for $10.00 U.S. each as I told her I like my women a little drunk and with no inhibitions!

    She said she could understand that 3 drinks were enough for her to get real loose! I probably could have negotiated a better price but it was getting late, and I was suffering from an extended Johnson from all the rubbing and attention see was giving me, so I agreed to the $250.00 U.S. because I wanted her for the whole night, and she said I was her first Gringo and she promised to "eat me up" with anything I wanted, gave $50.00 U.S. to the bar so she could leave (it was 1 a.m.). So, we go to my hotel and she was worth every cent!

    Great BBBJ with attention to every little detail that I wanted for as long as I wanted and finally CIM! We took a little shower together and then back to the bed for round 2! This girl was very nice, really toned and not in a hurry about anything! Played with her pussy and got her off on the "G" spot and climbed on for a thoroughly good ride! I stuck it in without a rubber just to see if she'd let me but I back out after a couple of minutes as you need to keep that bad boy wrapped all the times. Had about 20 minutes of straight pounding from the front, then "rolled her over" for another 10 minutes of doggy before letting go with a good one! Then back to the shower for a little more soapy fun and tried for round 3!

    She was willing and I wanted some back door action but she was very tight and couldn't take more than a few thrusts before begging for me to get off! As I had penned to the bed in the "lordly ass fucking" position, I asked her want I would get if I let her up! She said she would do anything but take it in the ass, so back to the shower and then back to the bed for more BBBJ with special attention to the balls and a great RIM job with her appealing a rubber with her mouth to my bad boy and her riding me like she was on a rodeo bull!

    I finally slowed her down enough to get the rubber off and my dick back it her mouth for the CIM finish, then another little soapy soapy action in the shower with her and finally settling down beside me in bed for the rest of the night. About 10 a.m. the next morning she woke me up and said she had to go and wanted to know if I wanted another little round of sucky, fucky so I ask her for more oral and she gave me the works one last time!

    This girl was from Guadalajara and was about the best I've had since I was last in Slovakia! Just remember, Don't get stupid drunk, Pick a good one, Treat her like a human being and don't drive too hard a bargain and usually the Mexican girls in the strip clubs that are away from the border are worth the trouble! And keep that bad boy wrapped!

    (Review # 22153)
  • Nogales Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 11 2007 Submitted by: Mike D

    I haven ever had a bad trip to Nogales, ever. For all you rookies, listen up. Park at Burger King for $4/ 24 hours. If you want to avoid all the BS & have yourself the finest time available here, without reading all the BS below - the best bet is Club Obsession. Very close to the border and this club always have the hottest women. I have had girls here that had fake tits, one that looked exactly like Ashlynn Brooke, and even saw one that looked 100% Japanese (her dad was Japanese, her mom Spanish).


    Beware all Mexican waiters/bartenders try to pull this trick- you order a beer for your buddy & yourself & they bring out four beers. They act stupid like you wanted to have two beers each. Tell them when you order not to do this and they'll think you're wiser than the average gringo. Grab a Dos Equis and just wait for one that melts your butter to appear. Avoid the private dances for $22, those are lame and you can get that crap in America anyways.


    Private dances will just eat your money, & then when you want to bang some exciting things you'll be broke. OK, the blow jobs in the back rooms are amazing. Likely you'll find a supermodel looking girl here to blow you for between $50-$70 dollars. If you need more adventure, read on. Across the railroad tracks you'll find the "red light district". There is also a 4 star restaurant back here called La Roca. It is okay, but for great, bargain priced food-go to the taco stand next to the railroad tracks (across from massage parlor).


    Don't be a wuss, you won't get sick and the food is great. Lots of gringo train conductors eat here when the train is going through customs. So, once in Nogales you might as well check out all the clubs before leaving. Avoid cover charges by befriending street guys that have cards to get you in. Just buy a beer & scope the women in each club. The massage parlor usually has a couple hotties, but the prices will drain you. It's like $40 just to get on a table, and then you start paying up for bases from there. Club 69- overpriced and might have one cute girl.


    This place is remodeled and you can tell they are trying to use the glamour to pump money out of you. Come on we're in Mexico, seedy dive bars are the funniest. This place can piss off. Boilero's - mediocre, you go downstairs to their basement for private dances. Women here are decent, but it is usually crowded with male pricks working there asking for tips at every turn. Cherry's - haha, on the lower corner of the street.


    Seedy as hell but a great place to just kick back after those tacos. women here are usually bottom of the barrel. If you buy action you go upstairs to a room that is a dump. The bonus here is that they will usually just let you chill & enjoy your drink, no pressure. What did we learn? For the sexiest women of Nogales, head straight to Club Obsession. Never a let down and close to home. Cap your night of debauchery off with some .99 whoppers or $1.49 Big Macs when you get back to the US side.

    (Review # 22097)
  • Nuevo Laredo Street Action Dated Added: Sat Sep 08 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Gentlemen, it's time for me to give back to WSG with my post. The reviews on WSG were right on target for my trip into Mexico. They prepared me for what to expect and do considering I took the trip alone. I drove down from San Antonio to Nuevo Laredo which was a 2 hour drive. It was a simple trip down 35 South right into Laredo and follow the parking signs. Parking signs led me to an area with two parking places on the left and right. I selected the one on the right for $4 per day. This was around 4:30 pm on a Tuesday. Parking attendant said he was working until midnight but access to your car is 24 hours. It's in a fence area but not secured.


    I paid, parked and begin my walk toward Bridge #1. You can see the bridge from the parking area. Once at the bridge entrance, I purchased my ticket for 50 cents to cross the bridge. I think you can buy a ticket from the machine but I used the attendant behind the window. After making the 100 yard walk, I was in Mexico just like that. No problem so far. I walked by a taxi and the driver asked did I need a ride and of course I said yes to Boystown and how much. It was $10 just like advertised on WSG. It took about 15 mins and I saw the pink compound wall and I knew I was at Boystown. Thanks again WSG.


    The taxi stopped at the entrance where two Mexican Police stood with guns, looked into the car from a distance and nodded for the taxi to proceed. He asked where I wanted to go and I said Papaguyos. It was right in front of the entrance. You can get out at the entrance and walk to Papaguyos. As the taxi pulled up to Papaguyos, there were two females in the doorway. They looked old. My guess 40-45. Not what I wanted for my first Mexician experience. So I took the advice from one WSG review, I decided to walk around to get familiar with the lay of the land and look for a cheap door girl to bang my first one on.


    The first girl asked for $25 which is not much compared to US prices but I kept on moving. It was about 5pm, hot as hell, with very few people moving except the Mexican Police riding through the compound. As I walked the compound, I saw the next door girl who looked about 23-26 yrs, short, nice skin and hair. She wanted all of $10 for a quick fuck. Who could turn this down. $10 bucks! I gladly accepted, went into her hot as room with a fan blowing.

    I brought my own protection. She removed her panties, put my condom on, laid on the bed with her legs wide open. Her bush was very, very hairy. Not to my liking but $10 pussy is $10 pussy. As I bang away, she only looks at me with a cold ass stare, no moving at all just like she's dead. This would have scared the shit out of me but again I read this would happen on WSG reviews so I was prepared. I felt bad but what the hell I would have paid more if she asked.


    She set the price not me. I jacked her legs up in the air and bang until I shot my load. Washed up in a sink, paid $10 buck and left. I went to Tamiyko to grab a cold beer and relax before going back out. It was dead in the club only management playing cards. So I drunk my beer slowly then left back into the streets to walk around more. As it began to cool off, more and more door girls began to come out. During this time, some guy tried to show me around the compound but I insisted I did not need his help. He walked with me pointing out girls telling me which ones were good fucks. Bottom line, I gave him $3 to go away. By this time, I was gearing up for round two. I walked around for awhile looking at the girls so I could pick my next lay. Most of the door girls were nice looking but not all. You will find some fat ones and not so good looking ones too. For my second one, I settled on a pretty little cutie about 5'4, long black hair, fair skin and hairy as hell. It was $20 buck for a fuck. I did her doggie-style for awhile, turned her over with legs up in the air and told her to move her hips which she did. It lasted a good while until I blew my load. I cleaned up but no sink this time. All in all, I did a total of 4 Mexicans in about 5 hours spending about $300. The last one at Tamiykos was $120 for the night and bar fine/room $45. I had a blast. I will definitely go back to Boystown in the near future. It's worth the trip and every man should experience Mexico. Happy Hunting!

    (Review # 20687)
  • Tijuana Street Action Dated Added: Mon Aug 27 2007 Submitted by: Rory

    So asking not expecting any answer has anyone that’s been to Tijuana had problems with the bar girls asking for dollars and getting demanding then trying to hit you when you refuse to give them a dollar? Well Friday I was at Hong Kong bar and this somewhat fat dancer was just wondering around half drunk asking for tips, I told her politely I did not have any dollars and move on she became rude then went to hit me I block her attempt told her get her fat ass down the ramp and don’t fuckin' try to hit me.

    Well she picked some limes up off the next table and threw them at me yell fuck you to me. Well I threw some of my beer on her which really pissed her dumb ass off so she starts threw more limes and napkins at me which got her more beer.


    Then she pick up salt shaker, shaking salt at me that a witchy thing any how more beer for the bitch she storms off gets a waiter to come over tells me to leave he thinks its funny told me okay then leaves laughing. The bitch is inflames now though the salt shaker at me from some 15 feet away get 3 more waiters to tell me to leave I told them when I finish my beer, they try to hand me a plastic cup which is ignored 2 left one stands next to my table as I finish the beer he goes to grab my arm as if to escort me to door, "hey do not fucking touch me” he looks at me so dumbfounded.


    Damn to many bars I end up at peanut pretty girl and they treated me very nice. so the moral is don’t take crap from the girls there are to many just though some beer on them and leave change is a long slow process but maybe they will realize there are to many bars and whore Tj is not a one horse town.


    Though Hong Kong bar is in general a good place most the girls have beer bellies and are just average I have seen others having problems with this fat girls but each to his own. If you like kinky go to Bambi’s on Reve but peanuts is good place most the girls are even tempered and don’t really pressure you to buy them drinks. Handler seem to pressure customer more.

    (Review # 20567)
  • Tijuana Street Action Dated Added: Thu Aug 23 2007 Submitted by: Rrory

    Seems like every day some one goes to TJ that has never been there. And too there are those that go there and never venture off Reve. Well relatively safe the north end of constitution will get you in an area where girls work the streets about two block square, lot of talk about Adelita’s not a good place .try Hong Kong bar lesbian show and attractive girls. I like to get girls off the street, and have a bed to lay her in.

    Before you go up stairs make sure you have you deal and be exact in want you want. Other wish they start asking for Mas Dinero. Todo nudo suckie fuckie. Some want extra just say there are too many girls here and more than one will take your offer. I am seasoned and some of the girls know me so know what I want and don’t argue, secret is get a regular girl and after a while she will give you an awesome fuck. Planning on this week end to be there if you like kinky Bambi club on Reve is transsexuals[hot]Club Vibs upstairs is tranny also but be careful they steal and bull shit allot

    (Review # 20537)
  • Ixtapa/ Zihuantinejo Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 12 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to Ixtapa with family for a wedding in May 2007. Had read previous reviews which mentioned the Strip Club Jaguars, which is actually in Zihuantinejo (a $5/ 10 min cab ride from Ixtapa). First night went to Jaguars with my extremely intox brother. We paid $10/ US to get in. We were immediately met by Danny, a security guard who speaks decent English. He set us up with a table. We were the only white guys there. Everyone else was a local. Danny told us right away we could negotiate with the girls and go in the back room for a massage and "suckie/ fuckie" The house get a $30 fee. The girls were very good mostly 7.5-8.5.


    My brother fell in love with one immediately and negotiated $150 plus the $30/ fee. He went to the back room and was gone for a while, I actually went back to get him after about an hour, at which point he was laying naked on the bed in one of the rooms. He said she gave a covered blow job then fucked him. He was quite satisfied. I tipped Danny an extra $10 and told him we'd be back. Next night I came back with my friend and who do we see at the bar? My brother back for night #2.


    I immediately tipped Danny $10. My friend picked out a girl and wanted to take her home. Danny did the negotiation for us. It was supposed to be $150+$30 house fee. But he told my buddy just to give the girl $100. We took the cab back to our hotel. Security didn’t give us trouble. He got full service and fucked her for three hours then she left. Extremely satisfied.


    Went back on night three. Danny was not working. We got seated by another guy who didn’t speak very good English. I got a very good lap dance but that’s it. The girls were not as good this night. If you go here ask for Danny. He speaks English and will set you up/ negotiate for you. Never accept the first offer (like my brother did) you can usually do better. Back rooms consist of a bed and that’s about it. It seemed fairly easy to get the girls to come with you to your hotel but if security at the Ixtapa hotels catch you they probably wont let the locals in, so be aware.


    The second night one of the locals who was drunk kept giving us dirty looks but he got a little loud and security kicked him out. Other then that no problem from the locals. The girls love to see Americans (and their $$). I think tipping Danny and being friendly with him helped our cause.

    (Review # 20151)
  • Toluca Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jul 06 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    This is a great site and reference for us travelers of the world. I have been here in Toluca, Mexico for the past year and have found good looking girls hard to find! Toluca is an industrial town of over a million people located about 70 miles west of Mexico City at an elevation of about 8,000 feet with weather similar to high Colorado. The local saying is that the Aztecs sacrificed all the pretty girls and the Spanish never made it this high which explains why most of the girls have an Indio look. There are some strip clubs such as Travares, El Eden, Cars Bar, Flamingo and Safari where you can find 5 to 8 caliber women but the best and most expensive is the Dow Jones. This club imports girls from Europe and South America!

    Most girls are 9 or 10 but the prices are very expensive for Mexico. You can easily drop $500.00 or $600.00 U.S. on drinks, table dances and lap dances without getting laid!! These girls are not cheap and want as much a $300.00 U.S. To go home with you after they stop working at 4 a.m. Much better is to go to the local Mexican Dance clubs where you can find women of all ages, shapes and sizes. You need a good taxi driver, exercise all the normal caution of a Gringo out in a strange land at night and must speak some elementary Spanish But you can find some decent pussy at reasonable prices!

    Los Arcos on the west side of town is my favorite as you get some young, amateur girls, 6 and 7 with an occasional 8, from the surrounding small towns, looking to make a little extra money. The beer is cheap and the girls will leave the bar with you at any time you like. The usual cost is $20.00 U.S. to the bar and $75.00 to $100.00 U.S. to the girl for four hours in the local hot sheet motel. You must negotiate what you want the girl to do(blow job with or without, anal, exc.) before you pay your money and leave the bar as the girl will just try to give you straight sex, in the missionary position with double rubbers unless you have been specific during your discussions.

    As always, you need to wrap that little devil to stay safe as HID is getting to be a real problem in Mexico (but not as bad as Brazil) along with other STD's. There are definitely better places in Mexico! I would recommend the Leon (fifth largest city in Mexico) area as somewhere away from most of the tourists where you can find some beautiful women at reasonable prices!! 

    (Review # 20016)
  • Agua Pierta Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jun 22 2007 Submitted by: GoodOldMonger

    I read some of the older reviews and I thought I would update for those of you who are still interested in Las Couplas in Agua Pierta, Mexico. I parked my trailer in Douglas for $12 a night. I headed to the border and parked my car in a public lot located on the very last street before the border (turn left 1/2 block). I then walked across the border and caught a cab about a block up the main road. I told the cab driver to take me to Los Couplas. It only took about 5 minutes to get there and I paid him $5 bucks for the ride. On the way there I told him I was going there for some action with the ladies and when we arrived, he told the gate keeper to get me a lady. I paid the gate keeper $25 for the room and he took me to the bar to wait until the lady showed up. I talked to the bar tender who was very friendly and made me feel at ease.

    About 15 minutes later a very pretty young lady showed up and we went into a room through an open garage door. Very nice room and very clean with a king size bed. We talked price ($120 for 1 hour) and I could not get her to come down or give me more time for the money. So I gave her the money and we took off our clothes. She was around a 7 and was about 23 years old. Very nice smooth body with a pussy that looked like it had a Mohawk haircut. She really wasn't very warm as I tried to get her into the action by playing with her pussy and sucking on her nipples.

    I tried to get a BBBJ, but she wouldn't do it without a rubber in place. Probably a good idea, but my dick was doing the thinking at the time. So I put on the rubber and she started to give me some good head indeed. It was so good in fact that I blew my load and never ended up fucking her.

    All in all, it was worth the experience and the price you pay. After all, it is legal in Mexico and it would cost you much more in the states for an hour with a young pretty. I've spent more in a strip club and never even got my rocks off. So, I would also recommend this place to anyone who wants a safe place to monger that has young women at reasonable prices. Enjoy it men, and remember to treat them right.

    (Review # 19679)
  • Nuevo Progreso Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 14 2007 Submitted by: Prowater

    I went down April 0f 2006, I kept meaning to put this review on, but anyway. Boys Town is easy to find. Once you cross the bridge into N.Progreso, just keep following the main road south out of town. As you cross the overpass headed out of town, take an immediate left, almost as if you were going to take a U-Turn. There is a walled compound in a field with lights, etc. As you approach the gate (I was there on a Thursday night.) the guard asks if you have any beer with you, I showed him my two bottles and he waved it away, I paid the $5 entry and pulled around. It was very, very slow. I had a choice of two bars one on each side and simply picked one randomly.

    Inside, I had a seat, the waiter was right over, the girls started eyeballing me and there other two or three guys in the place were already drunk. I was the only Gringo, but felt completely safe and at ease. I speak pretty fair Spanish and after a short time, the bartender lined the girls up and asked who I was interested in. I picked on, and we went to the bar, paid the fee to him ($50 for room, girl and condom.) and headed back. The girl was a 5/6 on a 10 scale. There was really only one girl that night in the 8/9 level range and she was drinking and dancing with the 2 drunk Mexican men who were there, I left them alone.

    This girl was real comfortable. She undressed, helped me undress and proceeded to suck me off. After a bit, we lay down and I began to kiss her neck and suck her tits. I even ate some pussy. It was trimmed, but nice and hairy like I like. She asked what position I wanted and I did her first doggy style, then missionary. She was unhurried, very skilled and very enjoyable even if she was not real pretty. I would guess she was about 30, some stretch marks from babies.

    After the sex, we went back out and I bought her and her girlfriend a beer, we talked a bit, the one I fucked told her girlfriend that I even sucked her pussy. They laughed. After a while they wandered away. I was propositioned another time by the girlfriend, but I am older and it takes me a bit to recharge. So, after about another 2 beers and 45 minutes of watching the sexy one dance, I caught the eye of another and went through the same routine. This girl was shyer and gentler and much more like making love than just fucking. We talked some and she was new, not from around those parts and trying to raise money to bring her kids to live with her. Nice girl, a 6/7 and I would go back anytime.

    Now, be nice to the girls, smile and tip the bartender and you can get a lot more for a lot less. I talked the girls down from their original asking price of $70. DON'T spoil this girls, keep the price reasonable. Have fun.
    (Review # 18847)
  • Acuña Other Dated Added: Tue Jan 02 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to Acuña on December 29th, 2006. Hunters was full of some very fine señoritas. Going rate was 30.00 for the room and 100.00 for the girl. Some of them were worth it, but you can talk them down to 100.00 total for both.

    Started talking to one beauty from Monterey. Her name is Bonnie. She slid next to me at my table. I bought her a drink of course, 10.00 for my drink and hers. She started to rub my dick and asked me immediately to go to the room for the 130.00 I mentioned. I said it was too much, but I gave her 100.00 for the whole deal.

    We sat and talked for about 20 - 30 more minutes and had another drink. She was wearing a long flowing skirt and tight top. Her tits were not very big, just big enough for my mouth to fit over. Her legs were long and very smooth. I started to rub on her legs and she said not unless we go to the room together. I said we would and she let me slide my finger under her panties and into her wet hairless pussy. I pulled it out and she started sucking on it. She then slid her finger in her pussy, pulled it out and stuck that sweet thing in my mouth. I was hooked we went to her room and I proceeded to fuck her in every position I could think of. Quite a dick sucker she was.

    Acuña is the place to go. If you want to stay in Acuña for the night, stay at the hotel San Antonio. That is where I stay. Ask any desk clerk that is working if they will get you a woman and send her to your room. They will for a small price. Mexico pussy is the best!

    (Review # 16873)
  • Guadalajara Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Nov 13 2006 Submitted by: Crimson King

    Went to some of the cheaper strip clubs in Guadalajara (there are several on the way to the city from the airport on the Periferico -- Black Jack, El Peaje Table Dance). Don't waste your time unless you are into fatties. They are pretty cheap. 400 pesos (about 35 USD) to have a girl for 30 minutes of whatever in these places. I couldn't do it and my standards aren't the highest!!! Mostly 3's, 4's, and 5's. Drinks are about 50 pesos. (4.50 USD). If you want a hottie --- unfortunately at a strip club --- you're going to have to pay top dollar or negotiate something afterhours. Went to Kaoz and they wanted 2000 pesos for full sex (that's about $180). That's a little steep for me in this friggin' third world country. No wonder there was no one in the place. Private Dances are $200 peso (about 18 USD) and you're generally rushed. The doorman will ask you for a type. The waiter, too. The bathroom attendant, too. And the guy that guards the private dances. (Review # 16309)
  • Guadalajara Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Nov 02 2006 Submitted by: Crimsonking

    Monsieur--Estetica Masculina. I went to Monsieur for a massage and sex. (Located on Lopez Mateos 1 block south of Glorieta Minerva, east side of street). Price was $900 Pesos. ($82 USD). I was there a little early on a Monday (1 PM) so there was little to select from. 4 Girls, all with wide asses. I chose the one with the least wide-ass because I didn't want to go home empty handed. Her face was an 7, natural breasts were a 9. Ass was a 4 (too fat for me).

    She Didn't look like she had any kids. Pretty standard, she asked me to undress and lay face down. She massaged my legs only--per my request, then turned me over, next asked me what I wanted. I left it up to her. She put a condom on me and gave me a blowjob--rate it a 9 very nice.

    I was so horny, just after a few minutes I asked her to get on top of me. We did it with her on top, missionary, on the couch, doggie (del perrito). I asked her to finish me off with a blowjob. She agreed, put on a new condom and blew me. I didn't think I would be able to get off until she started rubbing my asshole. 30 seconds later I was done.

    All in all, great sex, just a poor selection in my opinion. Clean facilities. We showered after the sex. Turns out she lives right around the corner from me. I have her number, I'm hoping for a freebie (for the price of a nice dinner). Oh yeah, I live here in Guadalajara and my Spanish is very good. No Spanish is spoken in Monseiur, but I think you'll be able to get by. I'll probably go there on another day--later to see if the selection gets any better.
    (Review # 16236)
  • Matamoros Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 30 2006 Submitted by: Buythatfora$

    Lay of the land report. I go through Matamoros every so often and make my way to Eclipse, my friends in the area tell me I should try Envidia too, but I haven't gotten around to it. Anyways eclipse is down on 6th street across the street from a Bennigans of all things.

    The only restaurant in Matamoros with equal pricing as the American side is this joint = expensive. I don't remember the exact prices as they change depending on the day. But i think cover is either 10 or 5 usd. Once inside you go past a large fish tank and downstairs. one of the waiters will seat you. The first thing that hits you is the selection of girls.

    Obviously it is very dark as is typical of strip clubs. As far as the light allows they are anywhere from 6 to 8's. A mix of girls from the Matamoros area, Hermosillo, and Monterey. So once seated, they sometimes have two-fers beers night, which is a good deal. Drinks are 3 bucks and hard stuff is somewhere around 4. Boobs and butts are a plenty ( I love a good butt) so if you want a girl to sit down with you it will cost you a Caribe Wine Cooler for $12.00.

    If she likes you she will drink it slowly, otherwise gulp and she is gone. Light touching is allowed and she may show you a boob or let you rub, or she rubs you. Of course, there is the upstairs where you get $5-$7 per song for a private room lap dance. A lot can be done in there, depending on the girl you can stick your fingers in holes or play with her lips.

    There are certain girls that will give you VIP service. So usually if you get into the 6 song area BJ with condom is possible, but you have to check. If the girl doesn't do VIP service she will help you locate the one and you can do it with her. Fucking usually gets into about 8-10 songs, but you gonna confirm that it is to you doing the map of Hawaii. Anyway back to the wine cooler.

    It is a better deal. A wine cooler of $12.00 will take you through 3 or 4 songs. While the same upstairs is only $7 x 4 = $28.00. If you are gonna be there a while, and you will be get the drink instead for her. If she really digs you can arrange for something after work and it will be more worth your while, because there girls of 20 or so are REALLY good at what they do.

    Throughout the night there will be a presentation, where you buy monopoly dollar bills for a buck which entitles you to a one minute lap dance. You can get this from any girl. Those butts sure are tasty though. So for anyone who is jaded from the American clubs, once you go over to Mexico, nothing is the same. Have a good time.

    Quick note. Most Monterrey girls are taller, green eyes and black hair. Hermosillo girls more like Dominicans with Nice Butts!!! Matamoros girls are the ones you see on the street hehe. If you like this report I will post more, let me know!
    (Review # 16213)
  • Guadalajara Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Oct 09 2006 Submitted by: Cj

    Eduardo’s Estetica Masculina. I went to Select (mentioned on my last post) on a Friday at 5 PM and was told by the manager that all 7 girls were busy. I asked him for a recommendation of another Estetica Masculina with full service. He recommended Eduardo’s. It is located on Golfo de Cortez, just one block from Glorieta Minerva. I went in with my brother who speaks no Spanish. My Spanish is very good. Pretty standard, the girl tells you to lay on the table and she strips down to bra and panties. Once again, I was comforted that we were in agreement with what was going to happen. My brother went off with Vannessa and got a massage, bare back blowjob and full sex. I got the same, minus the bareback blowjob. My whore Judith insisted on a condom for the BJ—no problem! The selection was very good 7’s and 8’s. Cost was 900 pesos each, (about $81 USD). All the massage rooms were standard massage rooms, very clean and neat. I highly recommend this place. I’m going back soon. (Review # 15889)
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