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  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 09 2002 Submitted by: American Oppa

    Awright fells. I just spent my first three days in Tijuana and I'm going to post a nice long report on various bars/clubs for y'all's benefit. Peanuts and Beer, recommended by a previous posting, really was the best strip bar we went to. Lap dances are $20 for two songs, but you can negotiate extras depending on how much the girls like you. You can and are expected to rub them all over including the raw kitty. ~~

    ~~Our second night there, I ended up getting a free 15 minute lap dance right at the table where I was from a hottie who insisted on giving me a lap dance (sorry, I forgot most of these girls' names). She wrapped her legs around me and rode and ground on my lap forever. I just wanted to drink my beer so I kep saying no, then I said that I would get a lap dance from her if she French kissed me for the whole time. Damned if she didn't say OK! So I ended up making out with this hottie for three songs and jerking her sweet wet pussy off for three songs for $25. Not bad. I'm not sure if they usually like to do it, and none of the other girls would French kiss, but all of the other lap dances I got they agreed to let me kiss them. I figured I wanted to since I was doing everything else besides stick my dick in them. I'm pretty sure some if not all of these girls will let you bang them, but some won't. ~~

    ~~~~There was one amazing ten the last night we were there, in thigh high leather boots and a white lacy negligee who wouldn't even give lap dances, so I imagine she wouldn't be selling. All of the other strip clubs were kinda disappointing. It might have been because we were there from Monday to Wednesday, but at Peanuts and Beer you really get as close to flat out sex without penetration than at any of the other places. The girls here were hotter and more enthusiastic. The last night, there was a chica who was masturbating on stage with the most beautiful wicked smile on her face. Then, while another honey was dancing, this dude jumped on stage and ripped his shirt off and started to feel her up. She made him get on his back, undid his zipper, and literally tore his underwear off (it was in shreds). I think she would have started to suck his cock right there, but he chickened out and jumped off stage. Pussy! ~~~~

    ~~For other clubs, avoid Madonna's. This place actually charges a cover, unlike any of the other places we went to, and charged us over $4US for a beer! The standard is $3 for a beer, and at Peanuts and Beer you can negotiate (don't pay more than $2 per beer here). (Note: Watch out for these dudes who are out there promoting the place. They will try to pretend that you gave them a $1 when you hand them a $20. Call them on this BS. They'll try to tell you they know you gave them a $20 and they were holding out a $1 so you could give it to the girl but it's BS. They're trying to sucker you into thinking you only gave them a $1 by mistake). Pussycat's was pretty crappy too. One ugly chick with all things braces there. ~~

    ~~El Tigre was OK, but the girls don't let you feel em up like at Peanuts and Beer. The girls at none of these other places were as friendly. Don't get me wrong, there are some heifers at Peanuts and Beer too. Girls who'll let you kiss their twat, etc. ~~We also went to the two big places, Adelita's and Chicago's. Adelita's is way more fun. It's darker, raunchier, more of a selection of fine women and the waiters are friendlier. We only went to Chicago's once, and it was kinda dead, so maybe it was just the nights that we went, but the atmosphere at Aedlita's was a lot more fun. ~~

    ~~At Adelita's on the first night, I had a sweetie with a nice voluptuous body by the name of Alexis, who had the warmest pussy. She is the only chica whose name I actually remember. I saw her dancing on stage and knew I had to have her. OK sex, but whatever. I negotiated to $50, gave her a $10 tip at the end. Motel room was $11 for 1/2 hour or whatever it was. And you do have to give one of the guys who clean the room a $1 tip when you leave. Alexis was about a 7

    ~~~~The second night, I had a girl whose name I don't remember who was about a 6. I took a Viagra pill before I boned this one, what the hell and maybe it was the pill but I just couldn't nut, so I had her jerk me off with no condom at the end so I could get off. She did a great job of that^^. I also got her for $50, but I gave her a $10 tip too, since I jizzed all over her hand and the cold water faucet wasn't working in the sink (I washed my hands too, damn it was hot!). On a slow night, I'm sure you could negotiate some of these girls down to $40, maybe not the 9's and 10's, but don't pay the $60 they'll quote you, especially if you intend on giving them a tip anyways. I only had two girls this time, but will have more next time. ~~

    ~~On our way out of TJ the last night, we met this guy named Paul who said Chicago's was the place to go, so maybe I will give that place another try. My buddy actually got a crappy massage from one of the girls at La Tropa. You pay $40 to the madam for the massage, but the girls themselves make money by extra services (all negotiable) so do these poor girls a favor and get something extra (not like my buddy who of all things wanted just a massage). (By the way, there is a pharmacy right next to the Revolucion arch where they will sell you a 100milli Viagra for $10, not the $20 I've seen other guys say they paid here). I've rambled on long enough, so a few closing words: Taxis-always $5, Girls-everything is negotiable, some guys here have said that a lot of these girls are bitchy. Almost every single one was sweet to me. ~~

    ~~Look good, smell good, treat them with respect (they are human beings after all) and they will treat you nicely too. Don't eat the street "pussy tacos" or anything else from one of those street vendors. I've heard horror stories about food poisoning from that BS. No experience with street girls. For some reason, they just sketch me out. Going to a strip bar in the US is a waste. Go to TJ!~~I will definitely be going back.~~ (Review # 6517)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Nov 03 2002 Submitted by: Big Baldy

    Took a trip to TJ last Friday. This wasn't my 1st time, and with the aid of the Net, I knew what I wanted to do. Got to the border just after midnight, took the cab ride to Adelita's ($6) in the Zona. Went in, grabbed a beer and started looking around. It was PACKED! Even with all of the people, there is a method to the madness.

    ~~When you walk in the door, there is a bar to the right along the wall, a dance floor in the middle, and an oval bar off to the right. The busiest girls are straight back between the bar and the booths in the middle next to the dance floor. All the way to the right at the back is another small dance stage, with booths ringing the wall. I decided to cruise around the place for a couple of reasons. One because I wanted to spot one or two possibilities, two because I love to touch and feel and get groped by the chicas! To me, it's like advertising. I spotted a couple to my liking, found out how much ($50 plus $11 for room) them, and then went across the street to the Chicago Club. CC is a lot brighter inside, which can be a good or bad thing.

    Women on the average were smaller and younger than Adelitas, but not by much. Took a walk around, and right away noticed that the women here aren't nearly as aggresive as at Adelitas. Prices were higher too. $80 plus $11 for room. I prefered the girls back at AB, so that's where I stayed. The girl of my choice, Mariel, was built just right for me: 5'4", long dark hair, 38D chest natural, thick ass. And what she suggested by he way she stroked me through my pants downstairs, she proved once we got in the room. Great BJ to start, then she rode me like an expert jockey.

    Then I flipped her over and we went at it! Before I knew it there was the knock on the door (time flies!) so she gave me a HJ to finish me off. I went back down with a huge smile on my face. I look forward to my next trip to TJ. The massage parlors in LA are OK, but sometimes it's hit or miss. TJ is a guarantee. Pick your girl and you WILL get laid. The quality of sex is up to you. (Review # 6381)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Sep 30 2002 Submitted by: Jackson

    Hi guys, I finally made it down to TJ from San Diego and man, it was an eye-opener. No more wasting time driving up and down El Cajon Blvd! I have been to TJ before, though never to get laid, so I was pretty confident.

    It was a saturday and I drove to the border, parked and walked across. I even walked to the Zona Rio which is only about 10 minutes and contrary to other reports, I felt quite safe. Lots of police around, especially near the bridge. When I finally got the the area, it was unbelievable...tons of women standing on the streets showing off their stuff. I wanted to spend only $20 so I was thinking about a streetwalker, but most of them were chunky and I was looking for a nice, slim and pretty young thing...

    Suddenly I was in front of Adelita's and thought I should at least go in and check it out. I was in heaven. They weren't all beautiful, but there were a lot of hot babes all over the place, and any one of them ready to fuck your brains out. Immediately I decided to expand my budget and get one of these girls and after walking around for about 15 minutes, I spotted this girl, Jacquelin, who caught my eye as well as my hand and asked me if I wanted to go upstairs. I looked at her exposed stomach; not an ounce of extra flab and her ass was perfect. She said 60 and I said 40. She laughed and I said 50 and off we went.

    Upstairs she got undressed and so did I. I was watching her from the bed and she came over and offered me her beasts. I licked those nipples and sucked her titties for a couple of minutes before she laid down and told me to start fucking. I was surprised because she didn't blow me first, and she wanted more money. She was sweet and even though she was hustling me, I didn't mind too much. I didn't give her any more, but instead started fucking her nice and slow. She seemed to enjoy it and told me to come closer and go deeper. Then she offered doggie style, and I have to say her ass was soft and sweet and I wished I could assfuck her, but I knew she wouldn't do it. After a couple of minutes, I thought about getting her to get on top, but next thing I knew I was cumming. So I started fucking her harder and she moaned a little and just like that it was over.

    I definitely could have gone for another round, but the finances did not permit. I'll be back in TJ soon, though, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet had a taste. Only thing is, if you want head, or anything else, make sure she knows before you go upstairs. Total cost was 7 parking, 50 girl, 11 room, 1 tip for room cleaner=$69! (Review # 6219)

  • TJ Street Action Dated Added: Sat Sep 14 2002 Submitted by: Dog13

    Just was in Tijuana today and the women on the streets were great. Many to choose from, mostly about 6'. A really cute one grabbed my hand and asked me to go with her. I asked how much... $20 for everything.

    ~~~~I followed her to a motel, paid $5 for the room and condom. She started off getting fully undressed and then undressed me. Before doing anything, she washed my undercarriage and proceeded with the condom. Nice, but short, bj. She started on her back, then doggy style, then on top. She was very nice.

    ~~~~I finished the job, then she and I washed up together. All this at 1 in the afternoon. The street was Coalinga, it was a side street off Revolution. (Review # 6140)

  • Tijuana Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 02 2002 Submitted by: Mico

    I like reading your reviews and just found about this site a little too late. I previously visited Singapore and if I would have known this site, I might have saved some money. ~~

    ~~In this review I would like to write about a nice experience I had in Tijuana. I spent a few days in San-Diego with a friend from work. We both crossed the road to Tijuana. I was quite horny but wasn't sure how to pursuade my friend to join me. I hinted to him and he quite agreed (he was quite young and unexperienced in having sex with whores.~~After visiting a few night clubs we found a little massage (barber shop) parlor .~~The address is at Av Revolucion #1143 . The name of the institution is "Paris De Noche" .~~There were 3 girls there and I put my eyes on a smiling nice girl. She was real cute and friendly. We had to pay about 30$ for a basic topless massage and then negotiate with the girl in the room. ~~

    ~~I chose Alchandra, a dark girl (looked Indian). She was very cheerful and happy. We agreed on 60$ special for an hour.~~~~We got naked and I laid on my tummy and got a fantastic massage for over 15 minutes. Then I asked her if she would like a massage and she agreed. She lay on her tummy too and I massaged her for 10 minutes. When I got to her ass she started getting horny. She knew no English but the sex language is obvious. I stuck my finger in her pussy and it was wet, so I turned her over and started licking her pussy. She really got wild. I moved over her and we did a 69. She was so wild she could not concentrate on my dick. She came with real strong vibrations and I climbed over her and fucked her for another 5 minutes until I came. There were another 15 minutes to go but she didn't understand I wanted another go. Never mind. Maybe next time she will be there.~~ (Review # 6069)

  • Tijuana Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 01 2002 Submitted by: TheCreeper

    Newbie to the guides, first experience in Tijuana.~~

    ~~First off this guide has alot of helpful information, i suggest any other newbies pay close attention to other postings....I should have payed more myself.~~

    ~~Allright, Zona Norte enough said this place is heaven. Only dirty and it smells bad. First I went to street behind Adelitas , I think it's called Coulitas and was ripped of by one of these street pimps. Avoid them they will promise to get you good deals and full service with very good girls,not. It's a scam. Get the girl yourself, Be cautious make the deal before you get to the room. Time runs out fast. ~~

    ~~Next i went to Chicago , ok not for me, check it decide for yourself. Now to ADELITAS The women are amazing ,I loved this place, some girls are very very busy but if you go you will see why. I have no plans to worry about any other locations from now on. Reminded me of thailand, and thats a good thing. ~~

    ~~Good luck and keep it capped. (Review # 6066)

  • Tijuana Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 23 2002 Submitted by: Mr. Int'l

    Adelitas is tight ta' death! I have been going to Adelita's for a year now and I must say I have narrowed the hoes I mess with down to 3! I do not mess with the real good-lookings with the fake breast because they are a real problem!!! Most of the mexican whores in there are real LAZY, but there are 3 that treat me like I'm their man! I won't divulge their names because as you know that would be stupid on my part!!! One chica in particular is about 25 and has the most beautiful brown body! I make her cum every time I hit it! She says noone can make her cum like me! Ha, ha! Wish you had like me! Take your time and pick out the girl you think will do the most for the least amount of money! Don't screw the first chica that approaches you! Next week, I'm trying out Costa Rica! I'll holla! (Review # 5996)
  • Tijuana Street Action Dated Added: Sun Aug 11 2002 Submitted by: Mike

    I recommend TJ for anyone who likes cheap sex. I had been there many times when I was a kid, so it was quite easy finding my way around. Most people like taking a taxi straight to zona rosa, but not me. I like to get a bite to eat and a couple of beers on Revolucion and then walk. I don't know, I just like the experience of walking through the side streets and then suddenly coming upon the huge selection of girls. ,br>
    Anyway, the first time I came across a hot ass 23 year old. She quoted me $20. You pay $3 for the room upstairs. Once I got in the room it was another $10 for her clothes off and then $10 for a BJ. I declined the BJ. We started off missionary and then switched to doggie. Damm, I don't remember ever hitting an ass that nice. I finished in missionary again. The only drawback is she was kinda rushing it and didn't have the tightest cooch and kept asking if I was finished. But I can't complain, where else can you fuck young, beautiful bitches for $30?
    (Review # 5924)
  • Tijuana Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 27 2002 Submitted by: Sailorinportcall

    Went down to TJ last week after two years absence. After reading these reviews I went searching for Adelitas. Finally found it. Quite easy actually. To my surprise these reviews didn't even come close to how good some of these girls looked. I went and ordered a drink to see what was there and there were the most beautiful women I have seen in my life. I only had 20 dollars on me so I got up and went and picked up a street girl. Be careful with them, The one I picked up was about a 6. She let me do most anything. ~~~~

    ~~The problem was when I was done I noticed that she was bleeding. I am glad I wore a condom but still am freaked out. Any way the next day I went to Chicago Club about 2pm. There was only one chica and she was butt ugly. So I strolled over to Adelitas, didn't feel like fucking yet so went to check out other clubs. I ended up in Tropical which was a hole at first until Marylynn (??) walked in. She was about 18-19 and a definite 10. She didn't speak a word of English but in broken Spanish I negotiated to $40. ~~

    ~~NO Girlfriend treatment but that is ok with that body. She had the tightest pussy I have had in a long time. After that went back to Adelitas and picked up a lady with huge tits. She did give me the girlfriend treatment for $50. All in all it was a great time and will be going back on my next vacation. So to all the newcomers, believe the reports about Adelitas being the best!~~
    (Review # 5825)
  • Tijuana Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jul 14 2002 Submitted by: Buster

    I just got back from a trip to T.J. during the week of July fourth, and I would like to share an experience that is a little different than most of the posts that only seem to mention Adelitas, and Chicago club. ~~

    ~~~~ I as most people do, asked the taxi driver to take me to Adelitas. He suggested a massage parlor called DejaVu. I agreed, hoping for something better than the rushed so called 30 min. of fun with Miss. bad attitude I got last time at Adelitas.~~ At DejaVu you walk in and are met by at least 15 young ladies, all were at least 7s I couldnít believe I had a hard time deciding. For $40 you get a 1 hour massage, which took about 30 min. and anything else is negotiable "extras" to do in the other 30 min.~~

    ~~~~ I picked a girl named Anna, about 20y.o., nice body C cup. beautiful face. She took me to a clean room with a padded massage table, took of my clothes (she took off all but her thong. I was expecting a half assed massage but it was one of the best I've had. Afterward I asked about the extras. She quoted ~~40 for hand, 80 for oral, and 120 for everything. my counter offer was 55 for everything, and she agreed.~~

    ~~~~She started with rolling condom on with her mouth, and gave a good warm up BJ. Like most woman she was a little lazy about getting on top, but we hit the other basic positions before I finished. She wasn't in a rush, and she was definitely more enthusiastic and cheaper than my ex-wife.~~ Overall it was a little pricey but worth it for the laid back atmosphere. ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~
    (Review # 5755)
  • Tijuana Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 08 2002 Submitted by:

    Well my friends let me tell you about the best strip club in Tijuana, Mexico. Peanuts and Beer is what its called. I've been going there for about 10yrs now and I wouldnít want to go anywhere else. There is no cover so you get to spend that money on beer, which is a requirement, it'll cost you about 4 dollars a beer. Second, there is a huge stage where you can sit right up front and watch these beautiful girls dance like it should be done. They dance so good you'll have a constant hard-on through out the night. Third, the almighty dollar will go a long way in Peanuts and Beer. With one dollar you can summons the dancer over to you and have your choice of which breast to grab, suck, get whipped with, or which part of her butt you will be smacking or have shoved in your face. ~~

    ~~I mostly prefer to pet the kitty and then send her off with a good smack on her butt. And fourthly, the lap dances are the best. The girls are eager to please meaning you can grab everything there is to grab and most of the time have your dick jerked off. The lap dances are 20 dollars for one song and 30 dollars for 2 songs. The songs are always the long version so there is always plenty of time to do your thing. The only thing you can't do is put anything up the girls kitty, although some do go to the hotel. There are always new girls to keep the clientele coming. The last couple times I have gone there have been lesbian shows with the stripper and some white girls looking for some fun. The best. All my friends that I have taken to Peanuts and Beer donít go anywhere else. No cover, Beautiful girls, large stage, and more for your buck. Peanuts and Beer is the place to be.~~

    ~~Located on Revolucion between 3rd and 4th street with a green tarp announcing its name.~~~~p.s. ask for Brenda she is the best ~~
    (Review # 5577)
  • TIJUANA Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu May 30 2002 Submitted by: SPEED

    Tijuana~~Well I thought I might check out Tijuana when it's near Memorial Day maybe there might be more girls working. Well to my surprise not really it's about the same the drive to Tijuana was about 130 min no traffic really. GUY IMPORTANT DON"T DRIVE BACK DRUNK THEY NOW HAVE DUI CHECK POINT WHERE THEY SEARCH THE CAR AND CHECK IF YOUR DRUNK THE PLACE IS AROUND 30 MIN AFTER U LEAVE TJ. My friend almost got screwed over at the checkpoint. He got a big mouth so he talked his way out of it. Well When I got to TJ it like the same o same o bunch of police more tonight donít know why and about 20 4 wheel dirt bike just incase there might be a suicide bomber or something. If you are in a gang or somewhat related to one warning there are gang patrol and probation officer there too so watch out. ~~

    ~~Well took a taxi normal fee 5 dollars screw the tips short budget. Went to safari club first nothing new then walk around toward Adelita's. There were a lot of people inside and outside. Don't worried it's pretty safe to go there on foot they have police patrol with M-16 real on so if you scream some one will aid you. Well back to Adelita's there were a lot of the girls there is only about 5 girls I would fuck with my dick, others I would not even fuck with ur dick. Those girls I wanted were so busy I didn't really feel like to wait so I left, There is a girl that is so freaken hot, I would do her any day well I'll be back to check her out. No action there. After I went to Chicago, same old sht not as crowded, not really no decent looking girl there mainly old and drunk one. No action there~~

    ~~~~While I was walking back on Centro street well I kinda stopped and turn toward a closed shop to look for more money in my wallet, Guess what the hell happened 2 freaken Mexican police stopped me. I had a bottle of unopened tequila and a cigar they took it out like if I was some crack addict, they had my wallet, cell, and other misc hand sup and spread not a good sight. Well I told them that I was from this ----- P- dep---- in LA they kidna just backed off from me like little dogs and promptly gave my stuff back. I didnít really feel like to be in Mexico jail that night. ~~

    ~~Well I head up Centro street toward PLANTA BAJA ZONA I think the street toward the massage parlor. The massage parlor is the one on the ground nice looking neon sign one not the upper floor one. It's called 5th avenues Spa form Men. Really clean place nice. Didn't have money so I told the guy if I can just get a massage, he said yaw. 30 bikinis and 35 topless and 40 nudes. I got topless. It's the same shit as bikini well first you can't really grab their tits or play with their puffy so it doesnít really matter. I tried. They opened up a gated door and they took the elevator up stair got in a room got butt naked and got my massage after half way done she asked me extra service she asked me once. She gave a good message overall for the price that I paid compare to LA yes. She didnít play with my nut of anything took a shower after ward that was good. Gave 10-dollar tip that was it. And left the girls there were average not butt ugly not really any young one about 20 the youngest maybe 1 and up to 30. ~~

    ~~At the boarder for me anyway They didnít ask really any question they just ask me where I was from and am I a citizen of what country and American soil I come. It was fun I know ill be back within in a month or sooner because of the hell a good message, which is 35 for an hr straight message not bad. So you guys out there happy hunting. ~~
    (Review # 5558)
  • Tijuana Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat May 25 2002 Submitted by: SPEED

    ~~ Took a taxi normal fee 5 dollars screw the tips short budget. Went to safari club first nothing new then walk around toward Adelita's. There were a lot of people inside and outside. Don't worry it's pretty safe to go there on foot they have police patrol with M-16 real on so if you scream some one will aid you. Well back to Adelita's there were a lot of the girls there is only about 5 girls I would fuck with my dick, others I would not even fuck with ur dick. Those girls I wanted were so busy I didn't really feel like to wait so I left, There is a girl that is so freaking hot, I would do her any day well I'll be back to check her out. no action there. After I went to Chicago, same old shit not as crowded, not really no decent looking girl there mainly old and drunk one. no action there~~~~

    ~~ ~~~~Well I head up Centro street toward PLANTA BAJA ZONA I think the street toward the message parlor. The massage parlor is the one on the ground nice looking neon sign one not the upper floor one. It's called 5th avenues Spa form Men . Really clean place nice. Didn't have money so I told the guy if I can just get a massage , he said yeah. 30 bikini and 35 topless and 40 nude . I got topless. It's the same shit as bikini well first you can't really grab their tits or play with their puffy so it doesnít really matter . I tried . They opened up a gated door and they took the elevator up stair got in a room got butt naked and got my massage after half way done she asked me extra service she asked me once. She gave a good message overall for the price that I paid compare to LA yes. She didnít play with my nut of anything took a shower after ward that was good. Gave 10 dollar tip that was it. and left the girls there were average not butt ugly not really any young one, about 20 and up to 30. ~~~~ ~~
    (Review # 5530)
  • Tijuana Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 11 2002 Submitted by: Mr. Int'l

    Went to Adelita's two Saturday's ago. Stay away from Sophie! She says she's from around Mexico City or something! She is lame as hell! Don't want you to nut! Diana, on the other hand, was a dream! She was beautiful! Let me take my time! Look for her! Does anybody have any info on some other honies? I'm out! (Review # 5275)
  • Tijuana Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Mar 31 2002 Submitted by: james64

    I visited TJ for the first time and chose Adelita-Bar. Even in the daytime the place is crowded and at least 20 girls working. Music is very loud, a beer is ß2,50. Most of the girls stand around, some are very young and good looking, but mostly big-assed. sometimes (rather ugly ones) will come towards you and ask you to go "upstairs" (room charge $11 for 30 min) to "suck and fuck" (about $50 for the girl). In the afternoon there are strip shows (lasting 2 songs).

    ~~~~I saw this blond girl, about 25y with fake DD breasts who is a really good dancer with a thrilling show. Her face is nice, her ass o.k.. During the show another guest told me, he had her upstairs for a blow-job for $40. After the show I talked to her and proposed her a drink. Her name is Jessica and we had an nice small-talk, but she didnít talk about sex. After a couple of drinks I asked if she would go "upstairs" with me. To me surprise, she said "whenever you want". I agreed for $60 and we went upstairs. The room ($11) is rather simple but well-lighted with a shower and clean. She undressed and took a shower.

    ~~~~I was already rock-hard and she moved me to the bed and gave me a very nice deep-throat-blow job (+ rubber). After a while she sat on top of my throbbing dick and we fucked for a while. We changed positions and I did her missionary and doggy style. I told her to finish with a hand job without the condom. She smiled and told me to come on her huge tits. After some strokes I shot am massive load mostly on her left chest, but some shots reached her hair, the wall the cushions and my own forearm. She was surprised and asked me, if I "was sellinī it?". we cleaned up, took both a shower (she took the money afterwards) and went apart after a kiss and hug. ~~All in all a very pleasant fuck and canít wait to come back. ~~
    (Review # 5227)
  • Tijuana Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Feb 19 2002 Submitted by: indurate

    I've been reading the reviews on this site for years, and it has definitely assisted me in MANY successful adventures to the Chicago Club and Adelitas. I thought I'd finally post a detailed (and damn long) review that would help the first-timer who may be a bit nervous about taking the plunge to TJ. So... here is my 2 cents worth:~~

    ~~Definitely, park on the US side of the border at the last US exit. From there, walk to the border and through the two sets of turnstiles into Mexico. As soon as you go through the last set of turnstiles, you will find a host of taxi's waiting to take you to your destination. Don't worry about having to ask for a taxi, before you take ten steps, one of the cabbies will approach you and ask if you need a taxi. They all charge about the same (around $5 or $6 to go to the zona norte), so don't worry about negotiating here. If your by yourself, sit in the front seat with the cabbie, it's considered polite. If your with a friend, go ahead and park it in the back. Tell the cabbie where you want to go (i.e. Chicago Club or Adelita's). He will drop you off right in front of the door to either one.~~

    ~~The Chicago Club and Adelita's are very different environments, but both can provide the same results. :) The Chicago Club tends to be a bit more sterile (if you can use that word describing TJ). It's brighter, and much calmer an atmosphere than Adelita's. Sometimes, they put on a strip show later in the evening that may end up topless (I've yet to see a full nude strip). The Chicago Club tends to be pretty dead before 9:00pm on a Friday or Saturday night. It is, however, easier at Chicago Club to sit at a table and be able to check out all the girls in the club. Once the club gets hopping, try not to sit at the bar, as that is where the girls like to sit (sort of reserved for them). The girls will tend to also stand at the front by the entrance in a small bench cutout, and at the back of the club against the wall by the bathroom doors. If your the shy type, this club is a bit harder to walk up to a girl you want to get with and ask her to go to the hotel without everyone seeing (not that anyone really cares, that's what everyone is there for!). You can, however, point out a girl you like to a bartender, and he will bring her over to you (be sure to tip the bartender a buck or two for his kindness). But, nevertheless, if your the type that doesn't like to be seen, then Chicago Club can be a bit intimidating.

    ~~~~ The one thing to watch for with the Chicago Club is that if you are sitting in a booth for too long, a girl, most likely not of your liking, will come and plant herself right next to you, suck down a drink on you, rub your dick through your pants and try to get you to go to the hotel. That kinda sucks if you've got your eye on someone else. Anyhow, once you've found the girl you want, simply whisper "Want to go to the hotel" in her ear, and your gone! If you want to negotiate, do it then, before you go up. If not, you'll probably pay the average of $60 for her services. I'll get to the specifics of the hotel excursion after describing Adelita's, as the hotel experience is the same for both.~~

    ~~In contrast to the Chicago Club, Adelita's is a dark, hot, chaotic party. It's definitely more of a locals bar, with the TJ look and feel on the inside. The place is usually going pretty good early on, and is down-right PACKED after about 10:00pm on a Friday or Saturday. By packed, I mean you are literally working up a sweat just to get to the back of the club. I've spent a lot of time at Adelitas, and I've found that the club has definitely different "zones" that contain different moods. Let me try to summarize: When you walk in the door through the curtain, the dance floor, surrounded by booth seating will be directly in front of you. You can go right or left from there. To the left, up a few stairs is the island bar. It tends to be a calmer hangout for the patrons. I would also say fewer good looking girls hang out at this bar. Behind the bar (far left wall) is some bench seating lining the walls. I've pretty much concluded that this is where the girls go to rest and get off their feet. Not too great a place to go shopping.

    ~~~~Moving on, you have the back wall of the club. A whole host of different types park it against that wall. Lots of girls (I think the skankier ones) line the wall next to the menís bathroom entrance here. I can't tell you how many times my dick or ass has been grabbed while passing down along that back wall corridor. Now I'll describe what I think is the best area in the club. The right-hand, back corner of the club. In the very far corner, there is a small stage, usually not used for show purposes, and bench seating lining the walls. Directly in-between that small dance floor and the main dance floor in the center of the club is a fairly large standing area. It is here that the hottest girls tend to hang out. This is where you want to stand if you are looking to take a hot one up to the hotel! I've also noticed that the hotter ones tend to group together and stand in the middle of the smaller dance floor described earlier.~~

    ~~Since Adelita's is so dark, hot and noisy... and due to the fact that almost everyone is standing in this club, you can easily blend in and pick up the girl you want without anyone noticing (again, not that anyone cares). Here, the waiters are not the effective means for getting the girl you want. In Adelita's you simply pick her out, worm your way through the crowd over to her, make eye contact, and say the magic words "Do you want to go to the hotel". I've sat down and bought them a drink first a few times and tried to make light conversation, but my Spanish absolutely sucks and their English usually does too. So just be polite and get to the point. If you want to narrow the possibility of having a bad time in the hotel, pick a girl who has returned eye contact and has cracked a smile back at you (which, for the slow, means that she wants you to come over and ask her to go to the hotel). ~~

    ~~The hotel: In either club, once you've asked the girl to "go to the hotel", and whatever price negotiation you do is done, she will take off walking for the door. This may sound silly, but it is right here where you will know if you are going to have a GREAT time, or it will be mechanical. The majority of the time the girl grabs my hand and leads me out of the club, the experience is been very good to down right awesome. The ones that do not grab my hand and just take off walking for the door (with you following behind), have a tendency to either completely suck or are way too business like with the act.

    ~~~~Obviously, what I'm saying here is that if she grabs your hand, she at least mildly likes something about you, which goes along way upstairs. Continuing on, you will walk outside, go down the sidewalk about 10 feet, and in to the entrance of a hotel. From there you will go up a flight of stairs to the front desk counter. Simply go to the clerk behind the desk and hand him $11. He will give the girl a small bag (condoms, creams and such) and off you go again. She will then lead you to an available room somewhere in the hotel. Once inside the room, the girl will usually ask for the money up front. I've read a lot of reviews about not paying up front, and honestly, I've paid up front every single time and have never had a problem. Once the money issue is out of the way, go ahead and strip. You can shower if you want to first, but I would recommend showering afterward as the clock is ticking with the "room guy" lurking the hallways outside. She will strip as well and then do what she does best. Usually that entails a BJ with condom, then sex in various positions until you pop. If you take longer than 20-25 minutes, the "room guy" will start knocking on the door (I have yet to figure out how the heck he keeps track of all those rooms in use!).

    ~~~~Once your done, feel free to take a shower to rinse off, and, if you liked her (meaning she wasn't a total bitch to you, of which I've had only a few), go ahead and give her a tip. I usually give a $10 tip, and occasionally a $20 if she rocked my world! After your both dressed and leave the room, the "room guy" will either be standing or sitting somewhere by the stairwell. Give him a dollar on your way out. If you don't, he will stop you and ask for it anyhow. He not only knocks on the door for you with ultimate penis control, but he also is the one who cleans the rooms for the next patron. I personally think his jobs SUCKS for $1, so I happily pay it. From there it's back down stairs and back into the club for more fun!~~

    ~~Regarding safety, I would say walking between Adelita's and the Chicago Club is generally safe and pretty well lit. I would recommend against walking anywhere else (especially alone). Although I've never experienced it, I've read many reviews over the years of guys who have been mugged by the locals on the side streets. Bottom line, take a cab. It's cheap and safe. If you MUST walk, then walk in the street along side the parked cars. It's much more difficult for someone to jump out of an alley at you when your ten feet away.~~

    ~~In order to help put an end as to which club (CC or Adelita's) has the overall best looking women, I will say this. It completely varies. Some nights, the Chicago Club has a bunch a DAMN FINE women, and others their at Adelita's. I've been down so many times, that I'm here to tell ya, it's the luck of the draw.~~~~I will say, however, that I (as most who have written here) favor Adelita's. It seems to have a larger selection, is easier to approach the girls, and is easier to fend off the ones you don't want. Oh, and drinks are cheaper at Adelita's as well.~~

    ~~How many times have I been down, and with how many girls, you ask? Well, I'm not the most frequent visitor (Brockton :), but I usually always get with two to three girls per trip, and I've completely lost count of the number of trips. Let's just say it's been enough to feel completely comfortable with the environment (is that bad?)Ö~~~~Happy hunting guys! Remember, be safe and be polite!~~~~~~
    (Review # 5058)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sat Feb 09 2002 Submitted by:

    Went to San Diego in Sept 2000. Had just been to Vegas and got some great street action there. Got to Tijuana by Greyhound and arranged to spend a few hours there. Got advice from this site. Went to Adelita's but too expensive and not my scene. Found girls lining some side streets around there and had at least 2 or 3 and they were all great times. I enjoyed it so much I went again the next day with similar results! Thanks for the help. (Review # 5023)
  • Tijuana Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 06 2002 Submitted by: Victim

    Gentlemen! I go to Tijuana often and have had some great encounters there. Believe it or not, usually with the street girls. STAY AWAY FROM A CLUB CALLED THE HONG KONG. This club is a rip off and the owner is involved. This last weekend I took a girl out of there named ANDREA. She was a lovely lady with a hot body. I paid her $120. for two hours. When we got to the room she wouldn't have sex without more money. When I refused she tried to leave. I took her back to the club and told the owner what happened. He said it was just a misunderstanding and told me to leave. He said the $120. was just to get her out of the bar. I said that I was very clear that the $120 was for everything and both Andrea and the bouncer knew this before we left. ~~

    ~~Since I was obviously out of luck, I went back to my room. Here is the CRAZY part! I called the police and told them what happened. They picked me up at my room, took me to the club and made the owner give back my money or go to jail! KEEP IN MIND GUY, that is very unusual for the police to help you there. Usually you will end up in jail yourself or have to pay them some money. JUST STAY AWAY FROM THE HONK KONG CLUB!~~~~Also watch out for a street hustler that stands out front named SANTANA. HE will take your money! ~~ (Review # 4875)

  • Other Dated Added: Wed Oct 03 2001 Submitted by: Betoland

    Having been a frequent flyer to Mexico especially Tijuana, the clubs have changed over the years with the major influence of the internet. The zona rio in Tijuana is certainly an adult playland for males and my clubs of choice being consistent with other readers,.., Chicago at night and Adelitas in the afternoons evenings and early mornings.~~~~My comments regarding this area are simple,... keep it simple not the sex but the financial transactions.... for those long term patrons we have seen the Asian influence which translates to higher prices for the rest of us. As an example,.. in Chicago or Adelitas,.. hot,.. Miss Universe types were at $60 for the short time with straight sex... current quotes are toward $80 for the hotties.... I have seen this paid.~~~~Of course, with the recent events ( World Trade center) traveling across the border has translated to long waits into the hours so this has drowned this foreign influx of funds into Zona Rio,... so temporally,.. a reduced rate can be obtained, ~~~~Best rates can be obtained on slow days being Mondays through Wednesdays and of course in the afternoons.~~~~Some worth while bars are the TROPICAL,..... new talent arriving daily ( Helps if you can speak Spanish) LA TROPA, Spanish a plus.... I have seen for the small size of this bar a good selection of ladies... can not compare with Adelitas but is a non pressure place,... drinks for the ladies are currently at $5. Valentina ( Spanish a plus) ladies dance Salsa and if you can this is a non crowded bar which one can practice ones moves but the downfall is the high price of the drinks ( 7 u.s. for a lady drink in a small bar)~~~~The list is to long,..Revolution... stay away. Mexico Lindo was the hot spot years ago,.. the ladies have not changed... if you are older and a Spanish speaker with some bucks,.. maybe this is the place for you,.. for you younger guys not a wise place to spend your time or money.~~~~My comments of Banbi and San Souchi,... have you had your first gay experience yet..? if you do not desire one,.. stay away... I have seen our boys, armed forces, with a shemale in arms exchanging saliva,.... I wonder if he ever knew... sure wanted to ask afterwards how the first gay experience was... ~~~~Many new clubs in zona rio, fair... the street walkers,.... unless you have experienced a 15 min short time or like a rushed time in a dirty room with sheets from the Nixon era,... maybe it is not the place for you,... often the extra 20 to 30 bucks for a lady out of a Name Brand club will leave the less experienced being satisfied.~~~~Negotiate up front,... don't be shy,... believe me it is not fun being up stairs naked and the lady will not perform any oral favors.... think about it... they certainly will not be shy to say no. Ask for a lot jokingly,... these ladies know whatís going on.~~~~Waiters.... be care ful... unless you are a regular,... they may try to give you a lot of change in coins or mix and match coins and Mexican money to trick you into leaving a larger tip. Please break all large currency before you get to TJ... safer.~~~~Food,... most of us can eat at the Taco stands outside of the major clubs..... but be careful of the sea food. Many chicken places... be careful of the fried stuff,... it may be the original batch of oil from years ago.~~~~Taxi..... better be safe than sorry. What is five bucks when you are getting laid... pay the money so you can save your energy for other things....Real sad to return home beaten up,.... how do you explain this to your co workers on Monday or to your wife?~~~~~~Currency,... use U.S. dollars,.. easier to keep track..... additionally,... don't want any evidence.~~~~Hotels..... many around,....... from 25 and up.... Stay close to the main roads for first timers. Many have tried to save a few bucks foolishly.~~~~Driving..... avoid like the plague.... third world countries are not known for their friendly police officers or for the poor locals only admiring the inside of ones car.~~~~Clothing.... be comfortable,.... nothing fancy..... if you are married or have a significant other,.... do not wear anything light colored... the ladies do use make up. Possible disposable clothing for some married males.~~~~Gifts...... don't ruin it for yourself or others.~~~~Drugs.... don't. The penalty is high in a third world country... plus what will you say to the officials there and your family here if you are detained or need money?~~~~Viagra... many do it. If you are young this may be something to look forward to... who knows what the future side effects are..... impotent?~~~~Falling in love.... good luck.... Gee mom,.. I met her in the Adelita Market,... she has great hand and oral skills. I have not seen one success story,... many, including my self have fallen into this trap,.... these ladies have a lot of emotional baggage... what about your baggage,..... who has more.... They are all in love until the money runs out.....~~~~Some thoughts for the rookies....... for those with a lot of experience in these areas.... have you tried Asia,...Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, China,...... An interesting change.... have fun ~~~~Beto~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Review # 4395)
  • Tijuana Street Action Dated Added: Tue Sep 11 2001 Submitted by: tigre

    Went to Adelita's on Monday - Labor day, at about 4 pm. Not impressed. It was too dark, too crowded and I couldn't even get to the bar. Quite a few girls there, but most were 4ís with a couple of 8ís. I went outside and watched the action. Much like the other posters said, but be advised - this place is not a classy joint. It is low rent. The entire area around here stinks. It is only about 5 blocks or so from Revolucion Blvd. I took a cab over but walked back since it wasn't dark. Personally, I agree with the most recent poster, and decided to check out the street action. We seem to have similar tastes, and besides, I like to see what I'm getting into. Probably 45 or so girls situated all around the block. They will not harass you (this was daytime) although one or two will pluck at your sleeve as you go by. I determined that about 5 or 6 were fuckable. I picked one out and basically followed the same script as the CA native. Thanks for the post, fellow. Things were almost exactly as he described. She quoted $20 and the room was $4. I paid more for total nudity, etc. and tipped her very well. This girl was great... she was petite and 19. Great body - small round breasts and pretty legs. Twice the price would be a bargain. Oh, I did the Viagra bit as well. A single pill costs $20, but you can cut the 100mg tab in half. That stuff works wonders, fellows. Give it a try. I have lady friends at home, but let's face it, 19 year old girls don't go around screwing 50 year old men without financial incentive. I had a great time and I'm going back soon. Cheers. (Review # 4318)
  • Tijuana Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Aug 20 2001 Submitted by: Big_M1

    I went to Adelita's Bar and saw two ladies on a Thursday evening. The first girl was Sophie and I would not recommend her. First she charges $60 just for a fuck, an extra $40 for her to strip naked, suck you covered member and a massage. While I was stripping, she was counting the wad of $20 bills. Lastly, her pussy was so loose, that I lied to her so that I could stop. Don't get me wrong, she was fine, D+ titties, and I loved the way she sucked on me. We tried in many different positions, but eventually stopped. The second girl was Mida. Now this girl is slim and all-naturally stacked. She must be a EE+. She spoke decent English (in comparison to others there) and she really got into it. The normal $60 but tight pussy, big fat titties and multiple positions. She even gave me a quick titty massage that I thoroughly enjoyed. She's a definite keeper. Until my next business trip to San Diego... (Review # 4181)
  • Tijauna Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Aug 18 2001 Submitted by: Mr. Int'l

    Whao! Adelitas is the bomb diggity! I have been there 3 times and I have not been disappointed yet! Alejandra and Jacqueline gave me a great time! Alejandra was tight as a glove and Jacqueline performed like a pro! There are a few "snobs" that try to be picky as to what guys they will deal with! But that's ok-there are always other girls at Adelitas that look just as good! When I return, I will approach a couple of girls that I could not afford on the other visits! I do suggest men of all colors to check out Adelitas! I have never had any problems! (Review # 4173)
  • Tijuana Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 08 2001 Submitted by: lvman

    Last weekend (8/3-4/01) I took my first trip to TJ. Actually, I was staying in San Diego, and just crossed over for an evening's fun. Once crossing the border, I jumped into a taxi and had the driver take me to Club Chicago, since I couldn't remember the name of the other club I'd read about here (Adelita's). Club Chicago is a 10 minute ride costing $6.00.~~The Club is similar to lots of strip clubs in the US. It's a good sized place with lots of tables, booths bar seating. Beer is $4.00 with a pretty fair selection for a strip club.~~This particular Friday afternoon (around 5:30) had about 25 girls with a few guys hanging around looking over the talent. Most of the girls were a 3 on a scale of 10, with a couple of 8s. One girl in particular was very pretty (easy 9.5) but a real space cadet. She was more interested in drinking than working. She seemed to enjoy talking to herself, no matter who was sitting next to her. Too bad.
    ~~I decided to check out the other club, Adelita's which happens to be across the street (how convenient). It was a totally different world. The place was packed. At least 150 people, over half were women. Many here were also 3s, but there were several 7s and one or two 9s. I spoke with one of the 9s. She wanted $60.00 for a half hour. This didn't include the $11.00 for the hotel. She was really very pretty with a great body, but I declined, considering how early it was. Adelita's is more of a Mexican hangout. It is a local's joint as well as a bunch of touristas. Little English spoken here, but you can communicate to the bartenders and girls with little problem. Beer here is $2.00. Very safe, no problems. By 10:00 pm both places were packed. Lots of new girls, many much more attractive than the day shift. I'm glad I waited. I found another 9 who was willing to go for $40.00. Lots of fun. The only problem is that compared to say, Costa Rica, these girls tend to be all business. A bit of small talk, then back to work. It was fun, but I suppose I'm spoiled.
    (Review # 4123)
  • Other Dated Added: Thu Jul 26 2001 Submitted by:

    Went to TJ this week and wanted to share my experiences with the board. The first night that I went I followed the advise on these boards. I parked the rental car at the Mexico/US boarder, and walked in. Then I took a taxi to Adaletas. I couldn't remember the name of the place so I just told the cabbie "mucho senioritas" which is about all the Spanish I know. He dropped me off right in front of Adaletas! It was a Saturday night so all of the Navy guys were there from San Diego getting laid -- it was very crowded. I could hardly get in the door, but still, there were more girls than guys. When I got in, I walked around the place about 4 times. I had no intentions on getting a drink and sitting to chat. I just wanted to find a girl and get a piece. Well, I didnít have to try. The first girl that came up to me and whispered "sucky fucky" in my ear was a bit too heavy for me so I turned her down. The next was "good enough" Iíd say about a 7. I kind of wished I had talked to one of the many tight hot blondes, but this chick was sexy, so I took her offer of $60 for as she also called it "sucky fucky". We went upstairs to the "hotel" for an additional $11. She gave me a 5 minute BJ with condom, and 15 minutes of sex in about 3 positions. I couldn't quite get myself over the hump to cum so I asked her to finish with her hand without a condom, and she was willing. I don't think I was too happy when I came on her hand though. Anyway, not the best experience Iíve ever had, but not the worst.
    ~~Three nights later I went back. I had to check it out again and I had my mind dead set on finding the tiniest chick that I could find. (I like them small). But, this time, I decided to park at the boarder and walk into TJ. I was paying attention to what the cabbie did a few nights before, and planned on walking the same route. Unfortunately when you walk through TJ and your a white guy, you can't take more than 20 steps without someone trying to get you a pharmacy, get you a taxi, get you laid, or just plain begging for money (mostly 4-10 year old kids). Finally, when I walked past one of the strip clubs, a guy talked me in to going in. What a mistake. First of all I sat down and some guy comes up to me and asks me if I want a drink. I say ďsureĒ and he comes back with the drink. I hand the guy a bill from my pocket thinking it's a $20, and 3 seconds later he's holding it in his hand saying I only gave him $1. Not thinking I quickly gave him a $20 and took the $1 back. I knew how much money I had when I went in, and should have counted it, because the fucking dick ripped me off (I didn't realize it until later). A girl quickly came up to me and sat on my lap. The bartender asks me if I want to buy her a drink. I agree, and he comes back and says her drink is $8. What the heckÖ I gave it to him with no tip. The girl had very sexy eyes and they just killed me. She told me $80 for sucky fucky and I said no way. I told her $50 and she said OK. She waived at the bartender and he escorted us into the unsavory back room. What a dive. Old furniture, no doors, ugly orange couch was all we had to work with. The guy says $25 for the room. I said no way $10. He said $15 so I agreed. I give the ass hole a $20 and he does the same thing. He's got a freakin dollar bill in his hand and he says I only gave him $1. I knew I gave him a $20 so I said, ďNO, I gave you a $20Ē. He didn't even try to fight it. The next words out of his mouth were "You got a condom" I said no and the scum bag said "$5 for condom." I asked for my money back and said I changed my mind. The girl (I hadn't given her any money yet) jumped up and said no, you give him $5 and I'll take $40. Her math wasnít too good because that put me ahead $5, so I said OK. He left, and we proceeded to do the deed. She had me throw the used condom behind an old dresser, and it was gone. I WOULD NOT want to see what is behind that dresser.
    ~~While walking back to the US I finally realized that Mr. Scum bag tried the same trick twice. Only I fell for it and he got an extra $19 out of me. It was too late to go back and talk to him about it, but what would I do anyway.. There was a door man and a bunch of other drunk Mexicans standing around that would have killed me. I'm still kind of miffed my the whole situation and I can either sit here and hope bad things happen to the jerk, or just write something here letting you all know when you go to Adaletas, stay away from the dirty strip clubs.
    (Review # 4035)
  • Tijuana Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 01 2001 Submitted by: Eight was more than enough!!

    First I want to say that this site is fantastic! I recently visited Tijuana for the first time and prior to doing so, I read all the reviews on this site. Without having this inside knowledge I would have been lost. I did exactly as this site suggested and parked at the last exit on the U.S. side and walked over. From there, I took a cab ($7.00) and asked the cab driver to take me to "la zona norte". Specifically, Adelitas. In my book Adelitas is definitely the place to be. I arrived about 5:00 p.m. and stayed until about 2:00 a.m. I was amazed by the quality of the women. These girls were hot!! I paid $50-$70 for 30 minutes plus $11 for the room. I also bought each girl a drink which ran about $6.00 with tip. I was more than glad to spend this much money as the same quality girl in the States would have been about $300-400. Downside was oral sex was always with a condom and some girls were robot-like. Nevertheless, I got my load off quite nicely. I went two days in a row and saw eight beautiful Mexican girls. I can't wait to go back! In my book, you don't even have to venture to any other clubs. One last thing, try not to make too much conversation with Mexican nationals in the club, some are just bums that came in (no cover) to ask you for $. Have fun and do some for me fellas!! (Review # 3898)
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