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  • Puerto Penasco Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 23 2007 Submitted by: True Confessions

    Puerto Penasco is most definitely not Tijuana. It is smaller, fewer clubs, and the sex in those clubs costs lots more. In TJ, average sex with BJ is $60 mid week in the summer sucks. There were 6 girls in Guai Guai, most girls were quite good looking but at $185 quoted, I passed Went to Dunas. 5 girls there. 1 was decent (8) and for $20 got a great private dance complete with hand down my pants and biting my sausage through the shorts.

    She wanted to suck my dick, I said how much. $85 was quoted. I offered $50 and she passed. Went then to Happy Face massage. Paid lady at counter $60 and picked a little hottie named Abbie who was a gorgeous fuck for $40 more. Blew my load in her doggie style.

    Went back the next night and fucked a Paula. Best bang for the buck these two nights. I think tonight I will go visit Club 13. Could not find this El Combo whorehouse in Lukeville's border that a previous post had described. Asked several Mexicans at the border and they also did not let on that they knew of this place.

    (Review # 19704)
  • Rocky Point Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 20 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I frequently went to Rocky Point - Puerto Penasco, about 3.5 hours from Phoenix in Sonora, Mexico.There are several strip clubs on Calle 13. I think the best strip club is still Guau Guau (sounds like WOW WOW). They charged $3 per person but you can get free coupons from the people on the street, just tip him a $1 for the coupons. Most beer is $3.50. Place is good enough size.

    Guau Guau has the most beautiful gals in Penasco. They have some resident dancers and some that go around from one club to another club in Mexico. So don't surprise you see some gals no longer there the following months. They normally close at 3 AM on the weekend.

    Another place that have decent gals is Duna's. Duna's have some mix decent gals. Some are pure ugly but some are pretty good looking. I like Duna's private dance because you can haggle with the gals. Normally $22 for 7 minutes dance. But I was always able to get minimum 10 minutes for $22 and a few times all the way to 15 minutes for $22. I think it was suppose to be $20 but gave her $22 so the dancer will tip the time keeper $2 and make the minutes loose. I also like Dunas since the gal is not too pushy. But, some days nothing pretty to look. I was told you can take home the gal for $100 at their end of the shift. So don't hesitate to ask the gal.

    Lastly I also like Routa 13 on the same street. It is true very small place but the table dance is only $5. You most likely see only 4 to 5 working gals and only 1 that is skinny and good looking. Not too much choice here but their table dance or private dance is cheaper and again loose on the minutes. I was able to get 3 dances for a price of 1. Again, haggle with the dancer first. Tell her you tip her more instead of giving the money away to the owner of the bar. Some of the gals here are loose. They will take off all the way and not bad at all.

    I only know 1 whore house in Penasco, that whore house is on the room from Benito Juarez (first traffic light coming into Rocky Point) to Sandy Beach Resort. The whore house is on the right side several roads before the rail road. Find the radio tower on the left side, and go directly look at the right and you will see a long white color house. That's the whore house. It is pretty bad but hey if you want it then that's the place.

    (Review # 16065)
  • Nogales Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun May 28 2006 Submitted by: Z999000

    Me and my buddy went for some weekend action across Arizona border. All the strip clubs and massage parlors are right next to each other on the same street. So donít worry about getting lost. They are all one stone throw away from the international border. There werenít any good girls in many of the places except studio69 and boleros. We went to studio69 after checking out all clubs. Studio69 is very expensive. It costs same as American joints or more but the girls seemed to range from 6 to 8. After getting a private dance each for 24$ we went to the near by massage parlor Eros Spa. It had one nice girl around 7 and another 6. Its 40$ for a room and 40 minute session. But once inside the private room girls start asking for more depending on what you want. The girl a 6 I took in asked for 120 for a full session and half that for a bj. I managed to negotiate her into a full session for 75$. But the action was crappy. The girl was cold and I felt less motivated after few swings. They just have never figured what arousal or seduction is all about. Unless you are horny and donít give fuck about the girl reciprocating you should avoid this place. After about 30minutes I came and she was like gracias and bye. That was the lamest fuck I had in years. She doesnít know English and I donít know Spanish. Anyway we are headed to Rocky Point next and will post if there is anything worth while. Avoid nogales as much as possible. Pricey and cold shit. (Review # 14843)
  • Puerto Pensasco Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jan 21 2006 Submitted by: Phx Fella

    I went to Rocky Point this weekend and all I can say is woohoo! Luckily, I read the post from the previous contributor and this helped a great deal! All of the clubs we visited opened at 7 P.M.. We started Friday night off at a club called Babes. It was a fairly nice club but there were only about 5 girls working. I found that most of the clubs charge a cover of around $2.00 but if you talk to one of the street guides, they will be happy to throw you as many entrance passes as you need. He will generally ask for a tip. Throw a couple bucks to him and he will be happy.

    The first club of the evening was a place called Babes. It was located upstairs and was a fairly comfortable place. They only had 5 girls working that evening. They ranged from 6 - 8. Drinks seemed reasonable - 2 beers and a coke for $8.00.

    The next place on our tour was Duna's. I have mixed feelings about this club. It was fairly busy and filled with patrons. I counted somewhere around 10 to 12 girls working. They were mostly 7's or 8's. I was offered a Private Dance and BJ for $50. I turned her down as I was trying to scope out the best girls and clubs. Try to avoid the bathroom at all costs in this joint! I wished I had a biohazard suit on when I entered. The floors were covered in urine and there were shit skid marks all over the walls in the stall. I was bad even for Mexico.

    The next club of the evening was Club 13. This was highly recommended by our guide/ambassador of fun for the evening. It was a very small club. This place was easily the smallest club I've ever been in. The stage was only about 10 feet long with something like a bird cage at one end. Again, there were only 5 or 6 girls working here but they were very beautiful. Unfortunately the hottest chica in the club was not willing to remove all of her clothes while she danced on stage. She teased everything and seemed to be spending all of her time with one gringo all evening.

    The next club we visited was called Mamacitas. We took a cab even though the club was only 7 or 8 blocks away. Damn Rocky Point gets cold at night! Anyway, we went into this club and it was filled with mostly locals. There were a few gringos but not many. The girls were all good looking and seemed to be into everything. The agent came by and quoted the prices for everything. Unfortunately, it was very loud and difficult to hear. The one thing I did pick up on was $160 to take a girl back to a room for sex. That was enough for me to hear and decided against it.

    Before we left, we're able to witness a very hot blonde American girl with her boyfriend get willingly pulled up onto the stage by a very hot Latina dancer. She laid the blonde on her back and pulled up her shirt and bra and began sucking on her tits. The place went crazy with applause and carrying on. The dancer then straddled her in a 69-type position and unbuttoned her pants and slid them down to her knees. When she tried to pull the blonde's thong down, she became uncomfortable and pushed her hands away. The dancer grabbed her hands and put them down to her side and tried removing her thong again. This time the blonde said something to the dancer and punched her hands away aggressively.

    It looked like words were exchanged and thus begins seeing my first Mexican catfight. The blond pulled the dancer's hair and the dancer started trying to bitch slap the other. Within seconds, 3 bouncers were on the stage and the boyfriend was trying to pull his girlfriend off as well. This continued for a couple of minutes until the couple was asked to leave. The dancer was visibly upset but was told to continue on by the bouncers. Needless to say, she was not happy but continued her performance with tears in her eyes.

    After chuckling with my friend about what just happened, we came to the realization that we were the only gringos left in the place and decided to leave. We went back to Club 13 and both I and my friend received a private dance that seems way overpriced in hind sight. She only danced for 1 song and asked for another $25 to continue. When I asked for a BJ, she requested $50 plus the cost of 2 more private dances which would total $100.

    I passed and called it a night. Hopefully Saturday will bring some better results!
    (Review # 13785)
  • Nogales Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 24 2005 Submitted by: nogaleskid

    Greetings mongers. First, I parked at the 4 dollar parking spot across from the border. As soon as I crossed over, and I mean like the first 2 seconds of being in Mexico, a guy showed me the way to Obsessions. I heard a lot about Obsessions, so I went for it. Tipped the guy 2 bucks, and to enter Obsessions cost me 6 bucks. Once inside, I was pretty surprised about the customer service. Within 10 seconds I got an offer for a beer and a lap dance, or whatever I wanted. The Pimps (or whatever they're called) hooked me up with what I would call a 7. She started grinding on me, touching me, grabing my hands and putting them all over her body. She wanted to go private but I didn't want a 7, so I told her to scram.

    I stayed put and watched the stage for 10 minutes trying to find the right one. A hottie with an awesome ass and legs and not bad tits came on the stage. She was a 9 body and a 7 face looks. I asked the pimp dudes if I could go private with her. They brought her over in less than a minute and we went to the back room area. I talked over rates with the pimp dude, and he spoke pretty darn good English too. He said the room with bed, full service for 40 minutes (fucking, sucking, etc. included) was 220 dollars. The booths for full service for 20 minutes (fucking, sucking, etc. included)was 170 dollars. Blowjob for 10 minutes, 120 dollars. So, I told him I would think about it after my 22 dollar private dance in the booth.

    Once in the booth, the chick started taking her clothes off and giving me a damn fine nude lap dance. I touched her pussy, ass, licked her tits, and etc. After about 6 or 7 minutes time was up, I asked for the full service booth for 170 bucks. We went to the back booth and I took my pants off. She put my condom on with her mouth and lubed it with her saliva. We fucked doggy most of the time while I fingered her ass. For the finale, she sucked my cock till I came, about a 5 minute blowjob. After that, time was up and she got dressed and left. Pimp dude came up to me and asked if I wanted anything else. I said no and then he asked for a tip. All I had left on me was a 5 dollar bill and I gave that to him. Not having any cash on me, I decided to go home and not check out the other strip clubs, plus it was like 1:00 in the morning.

    Drove home feeling dirty, took a shower to try and scrub all traces of possible STD's off my body and that was the end of my trip to Nogales. I've never been to Mexico or had sex with a hooker, so I thought I would give it a try. I would say it was a pretty good expierence, although condom-fucking sucks due to the fact you can't feel what real pussy feels like. But it would definitely not be a good idea to have bareback sex with Mexi chicks because odds are they could very likely have an STD. Later dudes, Dec.24 2005
    (Review # 13444)
  • Rocky Point Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Sep 27 2005 Submitted by:

    I just got back from Rocky Point and wanted to update this site with current info. I found the posts below helpful, but certainly outdated. Especially when it came to the prices.

    I was hornier than a three-peckered billy goat and checked out damn near each "Table Dance" strip club on Calle 13. The first thing to do is go to a club, or taco stand with a bar, and ask the bartender for admission passes to the strip bars. They will either have them or get someone nearby that has them. It's $2 to $3 to get into each bar without passes, so get a bunch of passes for all the clubs and tip the guy a couple bucks.

    Guau Guau - Fine selection of girls, but they are EXPENSIVE! Too damn expensive for what you get, compared to other places. $25 for a two-song Private Dance (which is fairly typical at any place), but if you want a Hand Job, you have to fork out an additional $75! Gettting blown costs $110! and sex for $180!!! FUCK THAT! I say walk on by.

    Route 13 - Right across the street from a big taco stand with a bar. This is the bartender I got all my passes from. Pablo speaks good English, and by God they have the best God damn tacos in Rocky Point. I recommend the pork tacos. As for Route 13, it's the smallest of them all with the least number of girls. I received a private dance for $25 from a hotty, and she offered a BJ for another $60, or sex for $100. I passed, and you'll see why.

    Babe's - This is one of the biggest places with LOTS of hot girls. I had a private dance here too for $25 and was offered a BJ for $60, or sex for $100. I passed, but was very tempted. It's worth a visit.

    Duna's - As far as Table Dance Clubs go, this one was the best value. A large place with a good selection of girls. I had several private dances for $20 each, and BJ's are only $40! Sex was still $100, which seems the going rate at every place except for Guau Guau ($180).

    But for the absolute BEST VALUE when it comes to bang (pun intended) for your buck, go to the Happy Face Massage. It's right behind Dunas and is open from 3:00pm to Midnight. For $60 you get a 1/2 hour massage and a BJ. For $100 you get a massage and sex. Don't expect them to give a great job on the massage, but it is relaxing.

    MORE ADVICE:  Be sure to tip the girls if you have them do anything for you. From $5 or $10 for the Private Dances, to $20 or more if you get blown or fucked. Nothing was as inexpensive as I was expecting after reading the reviews below, but it sure as hell is cheaper than anything in the U.S., and you don't have to worry about getting arrested! Take advantage of the Private Dances! They last between two and three songs (around 8 minutes?).  Fondle them all over! Squeeze their asses and tits all you want! Stroke their soft skin and tell them how "sexy" and "beautiful" they are. We all know it's just talk, but they do seem to appreciate it, so what the hell.

    Contrary to what you'll read below, a little less than half the girls let me finger them. Make a slow move with your hand to their pussy, and if they aren't into fingering they will let you know by pulling your hand away. Take the hint and respect their wish. Funny, but I found the more petite the girl was, the less likely she was going to let me finger her. The bigger girls seemed much more willing to let you do ANYTHING you wanted. HA! I don't know why, but that cracks me up.

    Also, don't expect the girl you like the most to come offer you a Private Dance. Some do, but most don't. Don't be afraid to approach her, or let one of the house "Agents" know who you want. You are usually greeted by an Agent as you walk in. Everywhere I had a Private Dance, they stick you in a dark cubicle about 3'-0" by 5'-0" at most. It's cramped as hell, and don't expect anything better. That's the same place you get blown or fucked too. The massage place was actually pretty nice. A private room and massage table for the action.

    The Agents can get pushy. It's their job, but don't feel rushed. If you aren't ready or if you want to enjoy a beer and watch the girls dance on stage for awhile, just keep telling them "not yet", or "uno momento" - or whatever. Take your time and enjoy yourself. Except for the massage place, I think the clubs start opening around dark, but they all stay open until 3:00am! Every single place will provide a condom and insist on using it, which is FINE WITH ME! So don't worry about having to bring your own rubbers. That's all I can think of, so enjoy yourselves! I hope this review has been helpful. Adios Amigos! You horny bastards!
    (Review # 12760)
  • Sonoyta (Lukeville) Mexico Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jul 10 2005 Submitted by: az32coyote

    I just spent the last three HOT days in Mexico. The first day was in Sonoyta, better known as Lukeville, and the following 2 days in Rocky Point. I wish I would have stayed in Sonoyta the whole time and I will explain why in my report, but first let me tell you about day 1.

    We arived in Sonoyta around 10:00am Monday morning July 5th/05. When I say "we," I mean my buddy and I. I will call him John for privacy purposes. Anyway, back to my report... This is probably my fifth time to Sonoyta, but the last three times have been great, especially this last time. John and I found this little Brothel just next to the Border called ElCombo. It is a bar full of really decent looking ladies between 22 and 28 years old, and as far as I can tell they live there on the premises. When you walk into the bar it is not the nicest place I have been, and usually pretty empty as far as customers go. Anyway, that is what's so great about it, because the girls spend a lot of time talking to you and they all like to party and have a good time.

    One thing I don't particularly care for though is that when they play the Juke Box, it is so loud you can't hear the girls, and if you don't speak very good spanish (like me), it's real annoying while trying to work a deal with a girl. But I obviously found my way past that part of the evening and worked out a deal with a very beautiful woman around 24 years old with shoulder length dark brown hair and a very nice body and pretty face. Unfotunately, I can't remember her name.

    Her and I came to an agreement, which was $80.00 for sex. (You can expect the price to be around $70.00 to $120.00 American curency.) I haven't found much better in the States (unless I go and pick up a street whore and they are usually strung out on something). These girls are into this for better reasons and claim not to use drugs (a plus in my book). So I payed the girl $100.00 anyway because that is all I had with me. I didn't have to buy any drinks cause I had a soda when I came in. So I just drank that, but the drinks are about $2.50 or $3.50. Not too bad, and they serve Dosequise xx, or Bud Light and various mixed drinks.

    When I paid the girl, she went behind the bar and gave the bartender the $100.00. She in turn received a red poker chip. She then came back around the bar and took me by the hand and we went outside to another door with a bouncer and she handed him the chip. He gave her the key to her room and we walked through the door. We passed many doors, then got to the one that was apparently hers as all of her stuff was in the room. Her clothes were in the dresser and there was a very large bed. She procceded to get undressed and have her way with me on this bed for the better part of an hour.

    When I was finished, she got up and got in the shower and told me that when I was finished getting dressed to let my self out. So I did, and with a very big smile on my face, returned to the bar to retrieve my friend, John.

    I had also met up with a girl earlier that day and had a very good time in my motel room for about the same price. But I won't go into detail other then I had met her the last time I was at the El Combo.

    The following day when John and I checked out of our rooms, we headed to Rocky Point. Once there, we first went to the Plaza Las Glorious, which during the off season is fairly reasonable at around $60.00 plus a $50.00 deposit -- but they didn't have any clean rooms available so we decided to hit a bar nearby called Kinos. It is small but very clean. The owner is American and was very friendly. He told us of a few rooms upstairs for rent. I decided to rent one because they were $50.00 plus $20.00 deposit, and very new and clean. I was very pleased, except for the 3 flights of stairs I had to climb to get to my room.

    John decided to rent a room over at the Playa Azul because it was right in front of where all the street hookers hang out. The stay in Rocky Point was great, but the local street cons try everything they can to get you to spend your money with them for every reason you could imagine. Because of that, I wish I had stayed in Sonoyta.

    Neither of us had any time to just go and explore Mexico because of the constant banter of these guys trying to con us. Later that evening, we finally gave in to one of these guys and he took us to these 4 girls in an apt. building, walking distance from both hotels where we proceeded to make deals with the ladies.

    Right off the bat, I gave the guy that brought us there 20.00 for beer and smokes. I made a deal for two of the ladies. My friend got one and we all proceeded to walk down the main drag to our individual rooms, accompanied by our dates and our male street guide. It ended up that I had to pay that guy another 30.00 just to get rid of him. The two girls and I would finally be alone.

    The girls were about 7 or 8's on the beauty scale -- both being blonde and around 25. They did their job for a combined $180.00 USD, showered and left. My friend tried everything including Viagra they sell down there, only to waste $120 on a pretty girl that just ended up walking out on him because of his obvious erection problem.

    So to sum it all up, Rocky Point kinda sucked. Next time I am just going to Sonoyta.
    (Review # 11981)
  • Puerto Penasco Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Nov 08 2004 Submitted by:

    Went to Rocky Point this last weekend. On a tip from some guys we met at lunch, we went to Dunas on Friday night. Girls range from 7-9. All are friendly, but some are really pushy and can become a little bitchy if you turn them down. Lap dance - clothed but you will see tits and pussy and you are free to touch all you want. $5 Special dance - fully nude in a back partitioned area, you can touch and finger them. $20 BJ - in the same partitioned area, although this is somewhat negotiable depending on the girl and how well you have treated her earlier with drinks, etc. We brought in a digital camera, and the girls flocked to our table, running around the bar taking pictures of each other and us in "compromising" positions. A good time, definitely not an American strip club by any means. (Review # 10410)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 27 2004 Submitted by: Dirty Hairy

    My last visit to Guau Guau's was the best, although I have had a great time on all my trips. I have only been to Guau Guau's and the Dunes but always have the best time at Guau's. I have been there when the customers get into the action.

    The last time, two very sweet looking ladies got on the stage, shook their asses and showed their panties to everyone. One of the dancers tried to get them to do a lesbian show but they were too shy. She then asked another customer to come on stage and this lady agreed. Earlier I had noticed this lady and her date had both gone back-room for a private dance. It was wild, at first they were just rubbing on each other but soon the clothes came off. Everyone there was next to the stage and knew this was going to be special. They kissed each other's bodies, but of course never inserted anything but it was great.

    I have been to the back room a few times with the girls and always have a great time. My MO is to sit close to the stage and try to hang around until all the dancers have been on stage. I don't go for the prettiest usually, but look for a real nasty girl and ask her to the back room. I am never disappointed.


    The prices change every time I go there, but usually between $17.00 and $20.00 for three songs in the back. I got this girl Ella (Ellya) to go in the back room on my last visit and she was nasty. The first thing she did was take off my shirt and start kissing my nipples and started taking off her clothes. She got down and was playfully biting my dick through my pants and eventually stuck her hand up my shorts and gave me some hand action. Lets just say I left satisfied. I stayed for 6 songs and didn't really have enough for a great tip for her afterwards but she has something coming if she ever dances for me again.

    (Review # 10200)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Apr 24 2003 Submitted by: hunter

    I went to rocky point the weekend of 04/18/2003 the city was pack with visitors. I went to Guau Guau pronounce Wow Wow the place simple but nice the girls were real hot. I took a private dance with a girl and it cost $28 dollars. there are cheaper lap dances in front of everybody but a private dance you can really enjoy the girl you can finger her in the ass and pussy just do it if she doesnít like she will let you know. They fuck after hours and the charge 100 dollars which is real good ~~~~

    ~~Donít pay more than that. Later I went to the dunes the place is nicer and the private dances are $ 25 dollars girls are better there and is similar they let you know hand job $ 20 / blowjob $ 40 / Fuck they want $ 100 but wait there is a catch that is for 6 minutes or tow song so be careful / well I took one girl that I really like I bight two tickets for 14 minutes and / pay the girl 20 for a hand job she like it and so do I she really did a good job and I finger her all the way it was good I came around \d the minute 10 it was real good I grab her and suck her nipples .~~

    ~~The next night I went to mamacitas which was better yet, they charge $ 14 for a private dance with the girl almost naked and $ 25 full naked I took $ 14 which it was good I finger her and suck her nipples of this girl she was milking I like it. ~~Next night I went to the Cristal palace it was sad the girl were all ugly and fat I leave quickly I donít like it ~~

    ~~~~Well the street scene was death there are none/ ~~Overall the experience was good but this place is not like TJ, which is my favorite place in the world.~~~~ ~~~~ (Review # 7132)

  • Rocky Point (aka Puerto Penasco) Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 11 2001 Submitted by: Chester T. M.

    ***General Comments***~~

    ~~The Dancers: All most all the dancers come from Hermosillo, Mexico (the capital of Sonora). You will not find a girl from Penasco that dances in the clubs. I guess no one wants to dance in their hometown. All the girls are paid a flat fee to work each night (about $60). Tips, dances and drinks are a bonus. All the girls stay in hotels or rented houses and often go home during the slow part of the week. Most of the dancers seem to be pretty normal girls. None of them are US quality strippers with silicon tits and a sugar daddy. In the US it seems that most of the girls dance because they have expensive habits (fast cars, drugs, unemployed boyfriends). In Mexico most of the girls do it just to get by. Many are single mothers and still live at home with their parents. Almost none of them have a car. Some of them are the "typical US" stripper who is doing it because they like to spend a lot of money.~~

    ~~Drinks: It's a bit different than in the US. The girls don't come and proposition you for a dance. That is done by guys who "broker" the dances. The girls are not even allowed to speak to you for any length of time. If you want to chat with a girl, you are required to buy $6 drink for the girl (It's soda water, don't expect her to get drunk). Most of the girls speak a little bit of English, but not really enough to carry on a conversation. You really need to speak Spanish to talk to most of the girls. ~~

    ~~~~Table Dance: Get your money's worth -- this is Mexico -- go for it. Grab the girls and get away with as much as they will let you. The establishment won't enforce any rules unless you get violent. If the girl doesn't like it, she will tell you not to touch her. If you keep doing it, she will walk away. But hey, they are all competing for the table dances. The dance is fully clothed, but there is a lot of bumping and grinding. The girls will often take your shirt off and/or grab your crotch. The girl only keeps a portion of the table dance cost. I think at Gua Guas, the broker gets $2, the house gets $2, and the girl gets $4. It's a similar break down for the other clubs.~~

    ~~~~Special Dance: This is where you go into a private 3'x3' room in the back with a girl for about 7 minutes (2 songs). What happens back there is up to the individual girls. It will definitely include fully nude. But, depending on the girl, it can also include a partial hand job, tit sucking, or she will let you finger her. Yes, you will see the janitor run back there with a mop every now and then. At Gua Gua's the girls cut is $10, house $10, broker $8. It's a similar break down for the other clubs.~~

    ~~~~Fucking: At all the strip clubs, some of the girls are available for fucking. Not all, but some (maybe 50%). The cost $150 and they all have a back room where you can go. Sometimes, if you hotel is within walking distance you can take her to your hotel room for that price. The girls cut is $100, the rest goes to the house. You can proposition the girl for sex after working hours, but often she will wants a yet hirer rate of $200/hr. Hey, you are dealing with strippers and the stripper mentality. If you want to fuck a stripper, expect it to be a business deal. Your best bet is to find a local girl who works on the side (I'll write a review about that later).~~~~

    ~~~~***Specific Clubs***~~

    ~~~~Gua Gua: Gua Gua's (pronounced "Wa Wa") is the premier strip club in Puerto Penasco. It is located just off Calle Trece. It has been recently remodeled. Cover is $4.50 which includes a free drink or table dance. A table dance is $8 and the special (private) dance is $28. During the weekdays things get a little slow. Dunas will open, but then often close early. Temptations sometimes doesn't open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I forgot his name, but the old white haired guy is a good guy is very friendly and brokers the table dances. Gua Gua's is the only place that will accept credit card.~~

    ~~~~Temptations: Temptations is owned by the same guy who owns Gua Gua's. It is located on Calle Trece. Many of the girls dance at both clubs. Some dance at only one. There is a $2 or $3 cover, but often you can get out of paying the cover. A table dance is $6 and $22 for the special dance. The action is a bit slower and sometimes there isn't a girl on stage dancing. Sergio is the manager. Juan is a friend of mine and one of the guys who brokers the table dances. Personally there is no need to have both Gua Guas and Temptations open. I think they will close Temptations once the lease runs out.~~

    ~~~~Dunas: Dunas is located just off Calle Trece after the Sombrero taco stand. Dunas has the nicest interior of all the clubs, but the girls are a bit more low key. The action there can be slow at times too. Often you can get free cover if you enter before 10pm. I have a friend, Norverto, who works there (usually at the door). Table dance is $6, and I think the special dance is $22. Most of the dancers live in the hotel rooms behind Dunas or if they have an over-flow, they stay at the Hotel El Faro across the street with is owned by the same guy.~~
    (Review # 4769)

  • Puerto Penasco Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 02 2001 Submitted by: Wrdwillie

    This is my second review in less than a year. Here goes. My friends and I went down for a "quickie" good-time weekend of suds & sun. My buddy, Ron, wanted some action. So, I acted as tour guide. We took a taxi to the Crystal Palace, the local whorehouse. The problem is this, Ron is a born and raised midwest Republican. What that means is he has to be done with his business and in bed early. Needless to say, we got there at 10:00 (way too early), and that is before the good-looking women are there. He immediately hooked up with a moderately attractive lady (probably a 5 or 6), and made a deal. Needless to say, I was left with a lady in her eighties (maybe a little stretch, but maybe not). Of course, I lied my ass off, and told her that I couldn't that night because of too many cervezas. Fortunately, Ron was quick, and we left. I left him at the Pink Cadillac and went in search of Virginia, a lady whom I made the acquaintance of on my last trip to Rocky Point. I found her in a bar, across from the Internet Cafe. We played pool, then went dancing. I truly enjoyed the three hours that I spent in her company. I may be in love. (Review # 3663)
  • Puerto Penasco Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 21 2001 Submitted by: gg

    Visited Rocky Point in the Summer of 2000. Boy was it hot. The ladies are available at Mau Mau (pronounced wow wow), which is a strip joint. The private dances are great. They take you into a private booth and give you a great private dance for $27. Most of them will let you touch whatever you want and they'll jerk you off for a while. If you want take a chick home ask the old guy, who is the owner. He will let you know who will go with you to your room. I took a beautiful babe home for the whole night $150. The fuck was good. (Review # 3027)
  • Puerto Penasco Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 09 2000 Submitted by: wrdwillie

    I went to a bar on the main strip in Rocky Point. It was connected to a pool hall, which is what attracted me to begin with. It was a very dead time of year, summer, and humid as hell. I ended up spending three nights in this bar playing dominoes with the bartender, Luz, and a very attractive "LADY" by the name of Virginia. On the second night, I broached the proposition to Virginia about an exchange of favors in my room. To be blunt, in Mexico, you have to be the one who asks. The ladies are very laid back. To get to the meat of this review, I had a very enjoyable time with Virginia, she was 34 years old, and claimed to have two children, ages 14 & 17, but you would never have guessed it. She is about 5'2", slender, very beautiful, at least an 8 or 9. She was fun to be with, and not in any hurry. It cost me $50 and well worth it. (Review # 2831)
  • Rocky Point Other Dated Added: Wed Dec 30 1998 Submitted by: tonyd

    I think this is a great site. Wanted to talk about some of my travels to
    rocky point, located about an hour from the border of Lukeville, Arizona.
    Known for its Spring Break parties, Rocky Point also has night life. One
    main strip bar is called MAU MAU (pronounced wow wows) Ask a cab to take
    you threre. Its located in the center of the city. Anyway, there is a three
    dollar cover. You go in and you have a selection of many hot latina babes.
    Table dances are $7, and you get quite a show, lots of touching all over.
    Most of the ladies range from 7 to 10. For $14, you get a private show,
    and you can suck on their tits and lick them all over. They usually kiss
    your neck and chest. Some of the girls will allow you to finger fuck them
    and other girls will jerk you off during the dance. usually they don't ask
    for extra tips, but i give them an extra 5 or 10 bucks. Jessie and Elizabeth
    are the regular dancers there, and they will treat you right. There may be
    this incredible woman that goes by the name of Andrea. About 5 feet tall,
    brown hair, brown eyes, perfect ass and tits. She is wild, One time she
    took my cock and placed it in her pussy and started fucking me for free.
    I gave her a $20 tip for her service. She is an exception to the rule.
    Most of the girls won't fuck, but if you give them enough, probably $100,
    who knows.
    If you really want to get laid just head over to the Crystal Palace bar,
    located in the outskirts of town. Ask the cab driver you want to go to the
    crystal palace and he will take you there. Action starts around 9pm.
    There are lots of average to ugly woman, all latina, but there are a few
    gems there. One of them is danielle around 20, brown hair and brown eyes
    a knockout. If you don't see any hot woman, ask the bartender Donde esta
    las bonitas senoritas? After a while some of the attractive woman will come
    out. the going rate is $40 bucks for a fuck. This includes the room plus
    condom. Pretty good deal. Most of the women won't perform oral sex. you can
    get two girls for 80 bucks, but don't expect them to dike out and kiss
    each other. That is a nogo. One of the girls name is patti, i offered her
    40 for a fuck and 40 for anal sex and she went for it. Also, don't worry
    if you see mexican police there. They know whats going on and wont bother you
    unless you start acting like an asshole. Good luck in Rocky Point.
    (Review # 525)

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