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  • Nuevo Laredo Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 17 2008 Submitted by: MacDaddy

     Hi everybody. Last long weekend, I drove from San Antonio to Laredo. My goal, to get to NL. After done the reconnosainse trip during the daytime and buying some cialys, just in case, I crossed the border about 22 hrs.

    Took the taxi to boystown for $10. Got the inspection from the police at the entrance of the what seemed to be a old western city. Asked the taxi driver to take to the best place, and he took me to the first place at the right side, forgot the name but it was kind of upscale, big tv screen. Saw some girls but nothing that convinced me. Until this girl came to talk to me.

    Eventually, we went to one of the rooms and had just missionary and normal sex. Nothing out of this world. Was not that conviced. Besides, I was hungry, so went to get me some tacos right outside and talk to the taco men and advised me to visit Danash at the end of the street. Which I did.

    Let me tell you. This place was way better. Actually, is a strip bar. I sat down and a couple of girls came to talk, but they were not my type. Finally, I saw this nice short and white skin girl sitting in the corner. She was the kind of those who look very shy and don't say much. But I just kept watching the other girls dancing. I think one of the waiters realized that I was looking at the shy girl from time to time.

    So he went to get for me, without me telling him anything, I was impressed. Anyway, she came to sit on my lap and was gorgeous seeing her from a close view. She was very friendly and laughed of my jokes. I had to buy some drinks for her. Eventually, my power, thanks to the cialys came back and I asked her to go to a private place and talk. She took me to one of the private trip rooms and let me grab and touch her. We even kissed. So that was it.

    At the end of the song it was time to go upstairs. I think was $80 for 1/2 hour. But it was well spent. She treated me like her boyfriend. We kissed. I couldn't help it, but I had to go downstairs. I think she fell in love with me, because she came twice. After that, it was my turn. I was like a rock, so had amazing sex. I came as she was riding me. She told me I was an amazing pussy sucker; well she was so good. It was an awesome experience. Hopefully, I will go back next week. By the way, her name is Gabriela.
    (Review # 24898)
  • Nuevo Laredo Other Dated Added: Sun Jun 01 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Made my first ever visit to Boystown in Nuevo Laredo in April this year. Was definitely worth the trip across the border. The simplified way is the $10 taxi ride from the border. Just by pass the guys on the street asking question. The taxi drives may not speak much English but when you say boys town they know what you mean. There are pricey so called up-scale bars on one side then there are the regular places. If you are looking to fall in love the girls in the up-scale places are prettier.

    If you are looking for some nice release with a female that won't try and squeeze you for more money the regular places are better. Many of the ladies look really young. Not being into young girls,under 20, stopped this one that looked more mature and turned out to be 24 and had a couple of kids. Here English was not great but we were able to communicate. She asked for $25, but feeling generous gave her $40. Think that it help her loosen up and really get into it.

    The room was small and only had a bed and wash basin. She helped em get undressed and got a condom. She gave a decent blow job with the condom on and proceeded to get on top. We did it in ever position. She never tried to rush and let me take my time and was affectionate. After finishing she cleaned me up and asked me to remember her next time. Since it was early, 11:00 PM or so,went a had a couple of beer and a shot of tequila at one of the bars. Walked around and saw some other nice looking ladies but ended up back at the one before. After giving her another $40 she was even more aggressive than the first time and worked me over. Even went thru a 2nd condom and she didn't ask for more money. Will have to make it back there again. The taxi ride back to the border was all smiles.
    (Review # 23973)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 29 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Went last Tuesday over to boystown. This was the first time I've been over, but went with a friend who had been before, and another of his buddies, so I wasn't worried. The cab ride over was pretty expensive (30$) but since we split it wasn't so bad (important safety tip, remember that it will cost about the same from boystown back across the border, so save enough of your money to get back, it's a long walk back to the bridge). The cab took us directly to papaguayos (the cab drivers have an "arrangement" with the club), and we went in to get started for the evening. A little note, I didn't bring that much cash with me, and as you will note from my story, it came into play, always bring enough cash to do what you want to, without bringing enough to become a target. We sat down, and got drinks (2 dollars for either a beer or coke) and soon three girls walked up to the table, sat down and began to work their magic. My friend was pretty much instantly under the spell of his and soon left to go back to the rooms. Mine was named Rosita, dark hair and eyes, and looked like a well kept thirtyish. She was giving me a somewhat high pressure sales tactic, but I was interested enough (read horny) to fall for it, we negotiated what we would do and the price ($40 for everything for an hour, $15 for the room, and $4 for towels and condoms (bring you own wrappers guys, it's much cheaper and ultimately safer). Since this is pretty cheap for what I've heard of at papaguayos I said yes and I followed her out to the rooms. I should point out the papas looks like it is in the middle of a remodel, with exposed drywall and light fixtures, plus it was dim as hell in there. We get to the room, she asks for her and the room money which I pay her for, and she leaves to go pay for the room, and to get her goodie bag (condoms, baby oil, towels and paper towels. She came back and turned the overhead light on, which is when I got my first real good look. She was not nearly as well preserved as I thought in the club, in fact she looked like she was in her forties easily. Now, I didn’t have anything against women of my age or older (in fact, some of my best encounters have been with women significantly older than me), but Rosita was not very attractive with the lights on, and I began to have reservations. But, since I had already given her the money, I said what the hell. She had me clean my tool at the sink in the bathroom, strip and get on the bed. She then stripped herself, which is when I got my next bad news. She was flabby and had bruises all over her body! Now, I do like voluptuous women, and chubby doesn't bother me at all, but she looked like she had been heavier and lost weight, since her boobs and belly sagged badly. Not attractive at all, but her body really didn't come into play anyway, since she started on a rather bad blowjob, which since she kept her body between my eyes and my crotch, I think was mostly faked anyway. She also played "hand wrangler” ways too much with me, not letting me touch her hardly at all. When I wanted to start with the actual sex (getting tired of the bad bj) she started arguing with me about what I had and had not paid for. After getting nowhere with her, I finally gave up and let her finish me off with her oral skills (badly!). Afterwards she took me into the shower, and washed the baby oil off my cock and balls (evidence of the fake bj). After getting dressed, I started to leave, and she gets all lovey dovey, saying how much she liked me, and wanted to spend the rest of the night with me. We went back into the club, where my friends buddy was still sitting there, with a different girl next to him. He was like I was, with a minor cash shortage, so since I was planning to go to the atm down the street, he gave me his card and told me to get him some cash as well. After finding out where the atm was (about a block down the street from the gate to boystown), and walking down there I find that it is broken, so I go back to the club. Rosita tells me she knows where one is and offers to go with me there. Since I don't know Nuevo Laredo at all I accept, and we hop into a cab to get cash. This whole time she's keeping up the "I really, really like you!" routine, to the point of getting annoying. After getting the cash (in pesos only at atms in Mexico) we went back to the club. The cab ride to and from was 200pesos. Rosita began begging for more money, saying I hadn't paid her enough, and that I owed her more. After hearing her whine for about 16 minutes I broke down and gave her a 200 peso bill and told her to go away, which thankfully she did. My advice, be very careful in picking out your girl, and avoid hard sellers like the plague! After my friend and his buddy were done with their girls, we went out to walk around, since my buddy wanted to see if he could find the cute street girl he had had the last time he was there. He didn't, but found another girl he wanted, so we sat in this bar (ta-bu I think it was). There was almost no one in boystown by this time (3am) and the bar was deserted. We sat and made small talk with some locals until my friend was done. The only thing you could see on the streets was a couple of pickups of Mexican police with m-16s rolling down the streets on a regular basis. I later found out that 2 local cops had been shot earlier that day, and police presence was up all over the city. We finally made it back about 4am, and after stopping for a burger, I went and got some much needed sleep. Lessons learned, be very selective, take more than a hundred or so, go a little earlier (we got to boystown after 11), bring my own condoms, negotiate much better, and watch the club girls, they're as likely to rip you off as any street girls would. I will be going back, but with a much more informed outlook. (Review # 14586)
  • Nuevo Laredo Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 06 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Early July, 2005. Tourism dries up after police chief shot in city caught in drug lords' war. NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico - Bubba Littrell sidled up to his favorite bar stool to sip a chilly margarita at a place he calls his second home: the Cadillac Bar. To get to the storied watering hole of Texas hunters and shoppers in this city on the Rio Grande, the 69-year-old nudged past federal police, soldiers and a few olive-green Hummers. He wondered: How did it come to this? Now, many, like Littrell, fear that the Cadillac Bar may be drawing its last breath -- like many tourist-dependent businesses in this city under the siege of warring drug cartels. Shortly after the police chief here was gunned down June 8, the Mexican federal government placed the city under martial law and the entire police department under house arrest as a corruption investigation spread. A new police chief was sworn in Wednesday. Inside the air-conditioned bar and restaurant, Littrell and his business partner, Alan Stafford, both salesmen of pool supplies, tend to their thirst. ``There are times when we come here, and it is really sad because we're the only two souls around,'' Littrell says. Then Littrell cuts to the heart of the matter. ``It's the boys up north who just can't say no to drugs,'' he mutters through a handlebar mustache that spreads across his face like mini-antlers. Drug cartels are fighting for control of a chief artery of commerce, the land port through Laredo, Texas, and Interstate 35. The turf war has shriveled tourism in Nuevo Laredo, a city created 157 years ago when Mexicans decided to split allegiances to the flags and leave the Spanish colonial settlement of Laredo on the north banks of the river after a bitter war ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In recent decades, Texans flowed into Nuevo Laredo, too. Downtown, shoppers found jewelry, goblets and pottery. On the outskirts, hunters found dove, deer and quail. And in between, others found brothels, collectively known as Boys' Town. As the sun would set in a persimmon glow, many ended up at the Cadillac Bar. Gin fizzes and fajitas could be enjoyed, as glass-eyed deer looked out from their wall mounts. Customers would find bartenders and waiters in white jackets and black bow ties solicitous to every whim. Waiter Vicente Santos pines for the old days, especially Decembers, when Christmas shopping and whitetail deer season kicked up tips. Now, with the bloodshed, ``It's like a live movie, a Schwarzenegger movie,'' says Santos, referring to the action-movie actor who now is the governor of California. He fears for his job. Across the street, the Victoria 3020 restaurant, with its distinctive periwinkle blue walls, is shuttered. An entire building on the once-busy Belden plaza is for sale. Señor Frog's restaurant and bar closed at the end of June. Ramón Salido Longoria, the Cadillac Bar's 75-year-old owner, says he can't bear to close it. Four months ago, it was painful enough to close his restaurant, the Victoria. It's located in the house he grew up in, a few blocks from his grandfather's bank. Salido Longoria is the grandson of Octaviano ``Chito'' Longoria, the patriarch of one of northern Mexico's most famous business dynasties. Now, Salido Longoria can only cover payroll for his Cadillac Bar two days a week. ``I can't close it,'' he says. ``It is something that represents such history. ``When you talk about San Antonio, you talk about the Alamo. When you talk about Nuevo Laredo, you talk about the Cadillac Bar.'' (Review # 12334)
  • Nuevo Laredo Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 06 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Late July, 2005. Drug cartels battle it out in Nuevo Laredo. Rival drug cartel gunmen fired bazookas, tossed hand grenades and raked each other with machine gun fire in a battle at a home near the U.S. border, police said today. The battle erupted late Thursday when a squad of about 30 masked men opened fire on a suspected drug cartel safe house on a residential street in Nuevo Laredo, across the Rio Grande from Laredo, blasting off its doors and strafing the facade with bullets. Police and witnesses said six men trapped in the house returned fire in a gun battle that raged for 20 minutes, littering the street with spent cartridges and sending neighbors diving for cover, although no one was killed. Witnesses said at least three bazooka rounds were fired. "I grabbed my daughter tight ... and we hid under the bed until the explosions stopped," one neighbor, who identified himself as Carlos, told Reuters as he gazed at the blasted facade of the single-story house. Nuevo Laredo is a key hub for trade in goods and illegal drugs bound for Texas. It is currently in the grip of a war between powerful drug cartels seeking control of lucrative cocaine, marijuana and amphetamine smuggling routes. At least 79 people, including 18 police officers, have been shot to death in the city this year in the battle between powerful and well-armed gangs from the western state of Sinaloa and the local Gulf cartel. The U.S. State Department issued two warnings to American citizens traveling to Mexico this year. The caution was repeated this week by U.S. ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza, who singled out Nuevo Laredo as a crime black spot. The sun-blasted city of 330,000 people has long been notorious for drug crime and kidnappings and last month suspected cartel hitmen killed the city's new police chief just hours after he was sworn in. The government sent troops and federal police to take over Nuevo Laredo in the following days, although more than 20 people have since been shot dead. The city's entire police force was suspended for investigations into the links between local police and the drug gangs. Officers from the purged municipal force only returned to duty this week, decked out in new black-and-white uniforms to distance them from their graft-tainted predecessors. (Review # 12333)
  • Nuevo Laredo Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 06 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Early August, 2005. Two men found beaten, shot to death in Nuevo Laredo. NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico - Police in this violence-wracked city on the Mexico-U.S. border found the bodies of two men who had been savagely beaten and shot to death, authorities said Tuesday. The men, who have not been identified, were found late Monday along a desolate road leading to an international bridge, said Jose Gaznares, a police commander for Tamaulipas state, which includes Nuevo Laredo. One of the men had his head covered in tape and the other was blindfolded. Both men were brutally beaten and shot in the back, Gaznares said. Since January, more than 100 people have been slain in Nuevo Laredo, a city of about 350,000 people across U.S. border from Laredo, Texas. Authorities say the violence stems from a war between two of Mexico's most powerful drug cartels for control of key smuggling routes into the United States. On June 8, the Nuevo Laredo police chief was gunned down within hours of taking office, prompting President Vicente Fox to send hundreds of soldiers and federal agents in to restore order. Killings have continued, however, despite the President's order. (Review # 12332)
  • Nuevo Laredo Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 06 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Early August, 2005. Entire Nuevo Laredo police force to return to streets - NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico - The entire, newly vetted Nuevo Laredo police force will be back on the streets of this violent border city this week, city officials said Tuesday. Mayor Daniel Pena said the Mexican army has returned the police department's weapons, allowing all 460 officers to begin patrolling the city streets Wednesday. The officers will wear new black-and-white uniforms, replacing their blue outfits, and some will get new patrol cars, the mayor said. "All police officers will be wearing their new uniforms and carrying the weapons recently returned by the (Mexican) army," Pena said. Last week, about a fourth of the police force was sent to patrol the city's downtown area after receiving 40 guns, but the lack of weapons prevented officers from patrolling the whole city. In June, the city's police chief was gunned down hours after taking office, and municipal police opened fire on a group of federal agents sent in to restore order, forcing President Vicente Fox's government to launch a purge of local officers. All city police officers were stripped of their guns and pulled off their beats for drug testing and background checks. Nuevo Laredo, across from Laredo, Texas, had more than 700 police officers, but nearly a third of the force was fired during an effort to weed out corruption and links to drug traffickers. "They are renewing operations with a new mentality," said Omar Pimentel, who was sworn in as police chief last month. "We will give them everything they need, and they will have to always keep a clean image." Since January, more than 100 people have been killed here, including 15 police officers. Authorities say the violence stems from a turf battle between two powerful drug gangs vying for control of key drug smuggling corridors around Nuevo Laredo. (Review # 12331)
  • Nuevo Laredo Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 06 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Nuevo Laredo councilman gunned down. U.S. to reopen consulate despite cartel turf war. Early August, 2005. Only an hour after a city councilman was gunned down in Nuevo Laredo yesterday, the U.S. ambassador announced that the U.S. consulate – which was closed after a wave of violence – will reopen Monday morning. Ambassador Tony Garza ordered the consulate shut last week because of the unrelenting killings that have made the border city a symbol of the lawlessness incited by Mexican drug cartels. The latest victim was Councilman Leopoldo Ramos, 44, who headed Nuevo Laredo's Public Security Commission. He and a police bodyguard died instantly when gunmen armed with AK-47s opened fire on Ramos' pickup in a residential neighborhood near his home. His personal secretary, who was also in the truck, remains in critical condition. Garza fielded a barrage of questions throughout the day about the impact of Ramos' murder, but the ambassador stood by his decision to reopen the consulate. "This morning's tragic event highlights the need for Mexico to stand resolute in its effort to rescue Nuevo Laredo from the hands of the kingpins and the capos that are actively undermining the fabric of life in both our countries," Garza said in a statement. In the past week, the U.S. government has taken steps to protect its employees as well as the daily stream of Mexicans who apply for visas at the consulate. Details about the new security measures will not be released, but one U.S. official said people "are going to be much safer than they were in the past. We can't have long lines of people outside the consulate when we're having these public gunbattles erupting during the day around the city." Relatives of Nuevo Laredo City Councilman Leopoldo Ramos grieved near the site where he and his bodyguard were shot to death yesterday. Diplomatic security experts flew in from Washington, D.C., to advise the consulate. And the Mexican government promised to increase protection for the one-story brick building, which is surrounded by a grassy lawn in a tony section of Nuevo Laredo. President Vicente Fox's government announced that today it will launch the second phase of a program known as "Mexico Seguro," or "Safe Mexico," which was initiated in June when Nuevo Laredo's police chief was shot to death hours after taking office. The government said it will expand and strengthen the program, which has sent hundreds of federal agents and soldiers to Nuevo Laredo in an effort to curb drug trafficking, which it branded "a cancer that affects the population." For nearly three years, the border city of 350,000 has been caught in a deadly war between two drug cartels trying to control the lucrative corridor between Nuevo Laredo and its U.S. sister city, Laredo, Texas. One of the cartels is led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán, who escaped from a maximum-security prison in 2001 by hiding in a laundry cart. The other is headed by Osiel Cárdenas, who is locked in a maximum-security prison near Mexico City, but whose reach still extends to the border. In recent weeks, the violence has escalated as a third cartel, headed by imprisoned drug kingpin Armando Valencia, joined forces with Guzmán to defeat Cárdenas and his squad of hit men known as the "Zetas," according to U.S. law enforcement officials. Valencia, who was arrested two years ago, had close ties to traffickers in Medellin, Colombia, and was once a crucial go-between for the Colombians and distributors in northern Mexico, Mexican authorities said. Fox's government was stung by Garza's decision to close the consulate. The United States has not closed an American installation in Mexico since 1986, when the U.S. Embassy was shut down for four months after the Guadalajara slaying of U.S. drug agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena. A spokesman for Mexican Attorney General Daniel Cabeza de Vaca criticized the closing, saying such actions should only be taken "by countries in a situation of war." But drug-fighting experts said the Fox government can't control the border. Ironically, part of problem can be traced to the government's success in rounding up kingpins such as Valencia, Cárdenas and Tijuana cartel leader Benjamín Arellano Félix. Those arrests prompted a "shift from large cartels to boutique cartels, smaller organizations which have proliferated the border states and who are locked in an internecine battle for control over turf and routes and profits," said Bruce Bagley, a professor of international studies at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla. "Fox hammered the Arellano Félix brothers and the Tijuana cartel, he nailed Osiel Cárdenas, and he's been harassing the inheritors of the Juarez cartel," Bagley said. "What we are seeing are the consequences, unintended, of course, of these earlier successes which were so highly applauded in Washington." The drug war in Nuevo Laredo began two years ago, when Guzmán moved 200 hit men to the border city to confront Cardenas and his Zetas, according to testimony given in January by a protected witness in a Mexican court. The witness testified that he was ordered to rent 15 or 20 houses in Nuevo Laredo, each furnished with 15 mattresses. On Aug. 20, 2003, one of Guzmán's top lieutenants proclaimed, "the war for Nuevo Laredo has begun." As the cartels fought for territory, the bodies began to pile up. At first, little attention was paid to Nuevo Laredo. But 101 people have been killed so far this year – including nine police commanders and the police chief. Valencia's cartel apparently has joined forces with Guzmán to push Cárdenas out of Nuevo Laredo. At the time of his arrest, Valencia, who once ran a successful produce packaging business, was said to be responsible for smuggling 30 percent of the cocaine, heroin and marijuana sold in the United States. "These guys are fighting it out, but not just for control of the business, but in Hatfield and McCoy-style feuds. It is a very complex struggle where you don't know who's on whose side," Bagley said. "Much of the violence comes from the efforts of Chapo Guzmán to seize control of this chaotic situation." Bagley says Fox and his top officials haven't responded quickly enough to the increasing violence. "They reacted slowly and defensively," he said. "They have militarized part of the border area, then immediately demilitarized it. They don't provide continuous patrols or protection for local-level authorities. This is affecting the tourist trade. It's slowing down commerce, and it's giving Mexico a major black eye." The Fox administration contends that part of the blame rests with the United States, which is the source of many of the weapons used in Mexican crimes. "The paradox is that if an American dies in a Mexican border state, the gun that killed him probably came from the U.S.," said Jorge Chabat, an expert on organized crime at the Center for Economic Research in Mexico City. One U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the weapons question "is a completely separate issue than bringing the border under control." But the official said the United States has "agencies actively working to interdict the exportation of illegal weapons." With the violence now reaching a crescendo, "the Fox administration has no alternative but to send federal-level authorities to the border and station them there permanently in order to control this violence," Bagley said. "It's going to require some kind of state of emergency and a thorough purging of institutions and their rebuilding," he said. "You can't do that in a matter of days or a matter of weeks. This is going to take years." (Review # 12330)
  • Nuevo Laredo Street Action Dated Added: Sat Aug 06 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Kidnapping, Murder Sweep Nuevo Laredo Friday, August 05, 2005 • Blood and Glass Everywhere • Drug Lords Overrun Mexican Border Town • Lawless Nuevo Laredo NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico — A city official in charge of public security was gunned down along with another man in the downtown area of the embattled city of Nuevo Laredo on Friday. According to reports, it appeared to be an organized hit involving two cars. Nuevo Laredo, just across the border from the United States, has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Rival drug cartels have turned the city into a war zone as they battle for control of the lucrative illegal drug market in the U.S. Gun battles in broad daylight are common, and the U.S. Consulate has shut down, at least temporarily. The drug gangs have killed the city's last two police chiefs, the second of whom lasted only six hours on the job. Widespread police corruption has compounded the problem. The entire 700-officer force was fired for corruption this summer, though many were hired back. In addition to the killings, there has been an epidemic of kidnappings. There have been over 400 in the past year, including dozens of Americans. FOX News’ Steve Harrigan talked to the families of one of the kidnapping victims. “You could be walking down the street with your daughter and somebody comes up with an AK-47 and says, ‘I am taking your daughter, what are you going to do?'” said one man whose daughter was kidnapped 11 months ago. Often, there are no ransom demands. Both of Rosita Gonzalez' sons were kidnapped, and she has no idea why. "It's a pain that you can't have no appeal for it," said Gonzalez. The Nuevo Laredo story that has gone largely unreported, as many journalists say the drug wars in there are too dangerous to cover, especially after a number of their colleagues have been gunned down. U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, says it's time Americans became aware of what's going on just south of the border. "We need to let the American public know about this particular situation," Cuellar said. "Forty-one missing Americans is just too much." (Review # 12318)
  • Nuevo Laredo Other Dated Added: Tue May 31 2005 Submitted by: andering

    I guess I am new at this whole thing. So I am trying to gain the same experieces as you all. I really need help regarding the scene in Nuevo Laredo. I have read al the reviews about Boys Town but I'm still kind of wary. I want to meet women outside this area. I have only heard one person talk about the places down I-35. Can anyone expound on the scene outside Boys Town? Thanks all. (Review # 11635)
  • Nuevo Laredo Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 06 2004 Submitted by: Canuckster

    I was down working in Laredo for the week..and decided to check out what was up in boys-town. 1st Night (Monday)...Parked down in the lot near Bridge#1 with the 24hr person in the booth. It's now $1/hr with a max $8 for a 24hr period. Walked to the bridge and paid my 50 cents to go across..As soon as I got into Mexico I had a guy offer me the usual...girls/medicine/drinks etc...He followed me for a few minutes until I made it clear I wasn't interested in any help. Got the taxi to Boystown for $10...and when we got there it was pretty much what I expected. Now my mistake on going on Monday, it gets over at 7 PM...Pretty dead on both the streets and bars...and it didn't help that the weather this past week was 100+ each day...


    I was smarter the next two nights and went just when the sun had set. I had a few guys try to get me to use them as guides...but I was pretty persistent in telling them no..(As a side note, I did meet a black guy who seems to work as a guide who was pretty cool with me and never asked me for $$$. I talked to him each of the 3 nights I went over.)


    First Stop was Shamrock just to get out of the heat. A few girls..nothing much...ordered a coke and sat at the bar...eventually had a few girls come over to try and get me to buy them drinks..but I wasn't interested at that point...Headed out to check out the street girls, and picked up some bottled water. The girls on the street ranged from 2's to 8's. The middle street had about 20 girls working....including I would say at least 5 or 6 8's. I walked all around and came to the conclusion that the steet furthest to the left from the entrance has all the crack-head girls and the grandma's...All were pretty old/hideous..Along the back row, across from Western, Danash and Alice's there were quite a few more street girls , one of whom I finally settled on.


    Now here's where I began to learn how to best prepare for Boystown..I just wanted a BJ...and asked how much..$20 (Every street girl was 20...) My problem was that I had drunk so much water/coke/juice to avoid dehydrating from the heat that afternoon evening....that though the BJ was good..after 20 minutes I knew i wasn't going to finish I explained as best as I could....that we were done. (I know about 5 words of Spanish...something to improve on).

    Afterwards, I met some truck drivers, chatted with them..and we headed over to Tamyko's. I hung with them for a bit, until they headed out...and then met up with my 2nd woman for the night. She was a small girl, probably 32A-22-30...very petite...cute face..probably a 7.5. Price was 60 + 10 for the room and another 3 for condom/towel. The sex was ok...but I was afflicted with the same problem from before....I wasn't going to finish the job that night no matter what it seemed. After about 1/2 of BJ, me on top, her on top, doggie and an initial massage I said goodbye.. That was it for the 1st night...and gave me a better understanding of what to do/not to do for the next night...


    Got over a bit later...9 pm...Went and picked up a viagra for $14 at one of the pharmacies before heading to Boystown...Figured I'd get a quickie to start..and found a nice girl on the middle street...Same price $20...but again..I just wanted a BJ...She was very good and let me finger her as she did her work....

    I made sure not to drink litres of water/coke beforehand..and after about 15 minutes I was finally satisfied.. After leaving I made the rounds a few times around the streets and headed back to Tamyko's..I had 4/5 girls approach me in there..but there wasn't anyone who completely stunned me..


    So after about an hr I went across the street to Maribu's. I found my lady there...She was probably mid 30's..short hair...medium build..but just was very appealing..The bar wasn't too busy..maybe 8/9 girls...but she stood out...Bought her a drink..eventually went to a more secluded booth where she would kiss me and grope me...Her English was so so..but enough for me to understand...We agreed on 50 total (well another $1 for the towel) and went to the room. The heat that night was rough..and even with the AC it was still hot. She was spectacular in the sack though...starting out with some BBBJ..then continuing it with the comdom...Fucking had me on top, her on top and finally finishing it out doggie style. She was letting me fondle and suck on her tits completely..and we were probably in there about 45 minutes..Afterwards we showered up and I headed back across the border.


    3rd Night: While parking my car I met two guys who were doing the same and were about to cross..We started talking and decided to share a cab once over in NL. I made the obligatory pharmacy stop for the Viagra (This was the first time I'd ever taken the stuff...and it made a big difference that 2nd night...No more 1hr recuperation period after the BJ..Ready to go 20 minutes later...good stuff).

    We all headed to Papaguyos to start..A lot of girls...30 or so..but everyone was too damn agressive. I chatted with a few of them..but they all wanted closer to 70/80 in total (their cut plus room) so I held off since it was still early. Then we took the walk around to look at the street ladies, when one of the guys I was with picked up a young thing that looked so petite I thought he would rip her apart..While he was in there a group of truckers passed by and we all started shooting the shit..


    When he was done...we all went over to Danash...This place had a ton of hot girls...and basically was more like an American Strip Club...It had a girl who would do 2 topless dances. Some of the guys asked the girls how much to go to the rooms..but they all wanted too much i.e....$100 range...and wouldn't seem to go below $80...Forget that...while there were some stunners in there...they weren't that far and above most in other bars.. Most of the others then decided to head elsewhere and I headed over with the 1st two guys I'd come over with and we went to Tamiyko's.. About 10 girls..but it was slow...and I had an older one get really agressive with me...and I wasn't feeling it. So I headed over to Maribu again..and said good night to the fellows...I saw my girl from the night before..but was interested in something new...After about 10 minutes, I had another nice cutie approach..We talked and I bought her a drink...then settled on $50...We actually had the same room from the night before..but since the weather was cooler that evening it was more pleasant...Similar to the other girl..she was very accommodating...BJ, 3 positions...cuddling kissing etc...Not as good sex as Tuesday..but close...very enjoyable..


    After I finished we showered up together and I headed to the taxis...On the way there I met up with 2 of the truck drivers I'd hung with earlier and we agree to split the cab. We were walking across the bridge and going through the American customs....when they stopped me. Now the first two nights I'd gone through there was no issue..I'd show my green card (I'm Canadian but a US permanent resident) and they'd look at it for a second and say "go through".

     But tonight I got a guard that was in a pissy mood..and he wrote me up for an inspection...So I had to stand in line with the border jumpers, eventually getting to the counter and handing the slip and my green card to another guard...He then had me sit down, and a little while later I had to go get my fingerprints scanned to see if I had any criminal activity going on...The whole process took about 1hr till I got out...Very annoying since I live in the US...and I could probably just flash my drivers license and never worry...but I guess once in a while this will happend randomly..


    Thoughts: Well after some initial feeling out ...I got to enjoy my time down there. I have to go back to Laredo in a few weeks, so I'm going to hit Boystown again for sure. The Viagra pickups were definitely a good choice...easier to allow multiple screws in a shorter period of time. I found that early in the week is a better time generally for prices...less men around and a deader scene...So it's much more a buyers market. I think next time a few girls from Papaguyos are in order if I can get the prices down a bit...


    Seems Maribu is my 1st selection based on quality/price...and there are a few street girls who I'll take for a test run I'm sure... No hassles from police..and really none from the guys local on the scene..I'm a pretty big guy (6'5 and about 250) so not generally someone who'd be picked on anyways..and I think that helped. Even though I know no spanish it didn't really cause major problems...Some tougher times with small talk...but other than was pretty cool. 

    (Review # 9791)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 13 2004 Submitted by:

    Part 3

    After strolling the rows around Boy’s Town I settled on Maribu as my base of attack for the evening. The first time you enter the gate along the road you think you must have taken a wrong turn. You see a grass square with rooms all along the sides and what appears to be a lodge across the way. There is a sidewalk that crosses the grass leading to the lodge area. Take the walk and head to the lodge.

    Once inside you see a more or less western theme with stuffed animals behind the bar. Maribu is always fairly quite. They have juke box but often it is not being played. Some people don’t like this, but personally I prefer a fairly quite place to being ran out with noise.

    This trip when I entered there were about 20 girls scattered around the place. There were only four other customers in the place at the time. Again some guys would say that this was way to slow and leave but I personally like this set up.

    I selected a table that I could see most of the ladys around the room and ordered a beer. The waiter tried hard to get me to select a lady at once. I said that I was just thirsty at the moment and didn’t know what I wanted yet. He left and pretty much left me alone.

    I looked around and saw that of the 20 or so girls in the place that night about half of them were what I consider to old for me (I prefer company no older than mid 20’s). The other half all showed promise. There was a group of three girls sitting on a bench by the front door. They all were young and looked amazing. I kept looking at them, and they noticed that I was watching. Each of them made gestures to see which of them I was interested in, I motioned for all three to join me. I bought lady’s drinks for all three (I think ladys drinks cost about $3.30 each). All three joined me.

    I noticed that one of the three didn’t speak any English and was very very shy (I crossed her off my list). The other two were both fairly friendly and spoke passable English. I took my time and enjoyed laughing with these three ladys. Finally, I decided that I liked a specific one of them (sorry no name listed for her privacy). She said that she was 19 (and looked it). She was about 5’4”, very thin with long black hair. She was wearing a short skirt and tight sweater that revealed that she had smallish tits. What I like most about her is that she appeared to really be trying to make sure that I was enjoying myself. She would touch my hand, smile at me, continued to make great eye contact. All of these were good signs to me.

    Somebody put some money in the juke box and a Mexican tune started to play. I decided it was time to make my move. I asked her if she would like to dance. She said yes with a huge smile. The song was a slow song which liked. We went to the dance floor and danced slow and close. She played with my hair during the song and looked into my eyes the whole time. My mind was made up, this was the lady for me. After the song I led her back to a different table (to have some privacy). She again smiled at this.

    I said that I would really like to spend some time with her that evening. She asked if I would like to go to the room. I said no. She got a sad look on her face when I told her that no I did not want to go to the room with her. (in general the way things work there is that you pay between $60-$80US to spend an hour in their room with them, plus $10 to the cleaning lady). When she frowned as I said I didn’t want to go to the room with her I said that I would like her to come to my hotel with me for the night. She smiled really big at this. She said that all night in my hotel would cost me $150.

    I know that I could have probably gotten her to come down on that a bit, but I wanted to have a great night and I didn’t want her to start off by thinking that I was going to be a cheap Charlie. I agreed upon the $150 for the night. She then told me that there was a $35 fee to the club for her to leave. I was a bit frustrated with this, because I knew that she could have negotiated this in the agreement, but again I didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot so I agreed.

    I paid the club fee, she excused herself for a bit to get her stuff. She came back in about 20 minutes with a small bag and a coat. We grabbed a taxi back to town. Generally I like to play things cool in the taxi (most girls hate it if you start groping them while you are riding), but this girl was all over me. She kissed me on the lips, she put my hands on her breasts. I could tell I was in for a great night.

    We got back to where my hotel was, I asked her if she was hungry she said that she was a little. We stopped off at the little restaurant that I had eaten at earlier. She had a small dinner and I had a tamale. We got a six pack of beer to go and headed to the room.

    In the room she was amazing. When she took her clothes off I could see that she had a small scar where she had had a C section. Her tits were small A-cups. She had a very thin build and great ass. The only thing that I did not like was that she had the most hairy snatch I have seen in years. I mean this thing was a forest.

    I was lightly playing with her hairy bush when she asked me if I liked hairy pussy. I said that she had a pretty pussy, but I personally preferred shaved pussys. She frowned a little, I said it was ok, she looked great. We continued to enjoy kissing and touching on the bed.

    She then asked if she could take a shower before we did more. I said great and asked her if I could join her. She said no, which I was a little but frustrated with but accepted. She then trotted off to the shower and closed the door. She was in there a damn long time (about half an hour). I knocked on the door. She said she would be out soon. The water was running all the time. I was beginning to think I may have made a bad choice after all. I went back to the bed and waited (and hoping that this was not a bad sign).

    After about a half an hour the bathroom door opened and she stood there naked as she could be (no towel wrapped around her). And it was then I noticed that she has shaved her pussy completely bald while she was in the shower (that is what must have taken her so long). I have no idea how she mowed down that furry forest with only the one razor I had on the sink, but she did it. I was very happy and very impressed. I hadn’t asked her to do that at all, she just did it because I had said that I liked shaved pussy.

    All I can say about the rest of the night was that it was like I was spending the night with a college girl friend. She happily sucked me without a condom, she even allowed me to cum in her mouth. I fucked her in every possible position (with condom). At about 4:00am we both fell asleep exhausted (in spite of the horribly noisy street outside).

    The next morning I woke to find her happily sucking my dick. Nothing like being woken up by a pretty young thing giving you a great hummer!!!! We fucked again a couple of times and relaxed as we watched TV.

    At about 9:30 she said the she needed to leave to go home to see her baby. I was completely happy with the night we had spent together. I asked her if I could see her again that evening, she smiled really big and said yes and gave me a huge hug and kiss. She went into the shower and got cleaned up. While she was in the shower put $200 on top of her purse.

    When she came out of the shower she got dressed and saw the money. She looked at it and said that I she didn’t have change. I laughed and said that it was all for her (I know some will hate me for this, but damn this lady had been well worth it). I walked her out to the lobby and got her a taxi. As she was leaving she gave me her cell phone number and told me to call her that afternoon. (Review # 8355)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 13 2004 Submitted by:

    Part 2 This continues my report on Nuevo Laredo.

    After my hour long adventure with the bar girl from downtown I decided to grab dinner and head to Boy’s Town. Grabbed some pretty good food from a small restaurant that was around the corner from my hotel. Had the standard Mexican food fare at good prices. I think dinner cost something like $5.

    For those who have never been to Boy’s Town in Nuevo Laredo. It is a walled compound that is several miles to the south and west of downtown. No problem getting there, in fact any single male walking the street will be endlessly asked if you want to go to Boy’s Town. Standard taxi to Boy’s Town is $10 each way. Here’s a hint if you want to save a few dollars tell the taxi that you will go but that you want to share a ride. Most taxi’s will gladly put you in the car and then find a second guy heading that way to split the $10 fare. Personally, I figure $10 is nothing for a quick ride so I always just pay the whole $10.

    As I said Boy’s Town is a walled area whose sole purpose is sex!. Boys Town is laid out with four long rows running parallel with the entry and a road at both ends to form more or less a grid pattern. Most of the main houses (brothels) are on the row that you enter on (the second one from the right). Everybody who visits boys town has their favorite places. Papa G’s is the most famous place it is just inside the gate and to the right. Across the street is Shamrock. Next to Shamrock is Tamikos. Across the street from Tamikos is Maribu’s. There are several others but the ones listed are the largest.

    Along the back row are several other places. One is called Cowboys or Western or something like that. These places historically have had lots of lady boys so they haven’t been my favorite prowls. However, on this trip I stopped in a couple of the places along the back row and found that they had real ladys and that they had fair stage shows. There was one I can’t remember the name that looked newly remodeled that had some amazingly pretty women and offered a completely nude stage show. The only draw back to this place was that the tables close to the stage were all “reserved” and required $50 to have a seat.

    As I was saying along the main row there are several well known bars. First is Papa G’s. This place is famous and has been here for years. It is always crowded and rather dark. Plus from my experience Papa G’s costs more for the same quality of girls.

    Shamrock is smaller and for some reason really hasn’t done much for me anytime I have visited. They do have some fairly pretty girls on occasion.

    Tamiko’s is next. This place has a gaudy Chinese theme (well at least they try to have a Chinese theme). In the past it has been a place I visited and enjoyed but on this trip when I walked in it was as hot as hell in the place and so smoky I couldn’t breath.

    Next place up the row is a place that has a unique feature. First off this place has all the lights on. You can clearly see the ladys (unlike some places that it is so dark that you can’t see what you have sitting on your lap). Secondly, they offer a topless stage show that isn’t anything to write home about, but the ladys are very pretty. Third and this is something I do enjoy.

    If you buy a $10 lady’s drink the lady of your choice will sit on your lap for a good 20 minutes and during this time pretty much anything goes. I know that public groping is just about as base as you can get. But I must admit that there is something pretty exciting about being in a room full of 20 or so sexy young ladys who are all getting groped. I had an amazingly pretty 18 year old sit on my lap. She unbuttoned her top and let me enjoy her very firm and very large tits. She also lifted her skirt and showed me that whe wore no panties. She was completely fine with allowing me to touch her pussy (outside only).

    Had a second lady join me later who was built in the small package style. Small tits small body, she was very nice as well. I am sure that all of the ladys in this place are available for take out service, but it appears that there is very little of this going on, mainly just endless public groping.

    Next place is a place that promotes “Donkey shows” I didn’t visit this place this trip. But have made a visit in the past and all I can say is that they do delver what they promote. It is a close race between this place and that place in Pattaya that had the girl shooting gold fish out of her at to which place is the most base thing I have ever seen.

    I will continue my trip report in part three. (Review # 8353)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 13 2004 Submitted by:

    Part 1

    Just got back from a four day trip to Nuevo Laredo (Feb 2004) and thought I would add my two peso worth to the guide. I had been to Nuevo Laredo several years ago and found that little has changed over the past few years.

    Because I was in a rental car I couldn’t drive it across the border so I parked in the city lot that is down by the river just to the west of bridge number 1. Cost for parking is $1 an hour or $8 all day. I like this lot because it has attendants 24 hours a day, appears to be fairly safe, and is extremely close to the bridge. Chose a spot close to the attendants booth (so they could see if anybody tried to break in my car) grabbed a small suit case and walked across the bridge.

    Once across the bridge immediately turn left go one block and then turn right. Walked about five blocks and found the Fiesta Hotel. This place had been recommended to me as a fairly clean and safe place to stay. Got a room on the street side of the hotel for $32 US a day. The room was basic had a king size bed small TV and bath. A word about the hotel. It does appear safe and fairly clean. The hotel is guest friendly, you can bring all the girls you want back to your room no additional charge. Only bad thing I have to say about this place is that it is damn noisy. The street outside is very busy and you can hear large trucks and cars with loud stereos all night long (not to good when you finally need to sleep).

    I was told about another hotel that is downtown called El Centro hotel this is supposed to be better and costs about the same. Sorry, I have no personal experience about that hotel.

    Anyway, after checking in at the Fiesta I went to a down lady bar that is across the street one block back toward the bridge. Since it was still really early (about 6:00pm) and Boy’s Town doesn’t really get going till later I had stopped in this place. Beers cost $2 in this place for pony bottles. Had a few beers and started checking out the talent. The bar has hard core porn playing on TVs scattered around the bar (ok to watch but not really my thing to watch porn at a bar). Had several ladys ask if I wanted any company. Most of the ladys were average looking, some sort of heavy set, but some really good looking ones as well. The girls for the most part dress in tight tops and skirts or other sexy type street clothes.

    The bar didn’t have a stage show, but it did have a dance floor and several of the working girls were dancing with the men who had bought them drinks. One thing I really enjoy in with Mexican women is how well most of them dance. These women really know how to move, I’m not talking about nasty dancing here, I mean just plain old salsa type Latin dancing. I love watching sexy young women dance.

    After a bit I decided to invite an attractive young lady over to join me for a drink. She said her name was Lupe and that she was 22 years old. She was about 5’5” short hair thin with what appeared to be firm large boobs. I bought her a few of drinks (I think lady’s drinks run about $3.50). She spoke great English and was fairly friendly. We chatted for almost an hour. At first she didn’t say anything about sex or going to the room or anything like that. I was beginning to wonder if I had selected poorly (there are some girls who don’t go to the rooms, they simply make money off of lady’s drinks).

    When a guy and a girl who had been talking with us from the next table got up and left together I decided it was time to make a move. So I played dumb and asked the girl I was with where they had gone, she said “room”. I repeated the word “room” and gave her my best dumb tourist look. She smiled and said that they had gone to the room for some “fuckie suckie”. I asked her if she went to the room, she smiled and said yes. At this point I got a huge smile on my face. I am sure that she knew that I had just been playing dumb, but it was still a good way to approach the subject and still have an out.

    I asked her how much to go to the room. She said $60 for an hour. I laughed and said, to high. She then said, ok for you $40, plus $10 for the hotel. I asked her if she would to suck with no condom (I always use one for fuck, but prefer bareback for blowjobs), she agreed. I knew that this was about right for an hour with a lady. So I said, that sounds great, but that I already had a hotel so we didn’t another room. She asked which hotel, I said fiesta and she agreed.

    We left the bar and walked the short block back to my hotel. When we entered the lobby the guy behind the desk smiled and said good evening (this was my first test of the hotels guest friendly policy).

    In the room she asked if we could take a shower together first to get cleaned off. I happily agreed. When she took off her clothes I found that I had chosen fairly well. Her boobs were nice and firm with no sag. She had a flat stomach with just a few stretch marks from having a baby. Her pussy was completely shaved.

    We jumped in the shower. She washed me off paying special attention to making sure that my privates were clean. While she was doing this I enjoyed myself playing with her boobs and exploring her pussy (she didn’t mind me playing outside, but would not allow Me to stick my finger in her).

    After the shower we got on the bed and she allowed me some quality tit sucking and more touching of her pussy (outside only). I told her I would like her to give me that “suckie” now. She reached for a condom and started to put it on. I reminded her that she had agreed to do no condom suckie. She got a bit upset and said, no suckie without condom. I reminded her what she had said, but she refused. I was frustrated with this but couldn’t do anything about it at this point. So I allowed her to give me a so so covered blow job.

    After about ten minutes of an average blow job I decided that since I wasn’t going to get a good job with a blow job I might as well get my money’s worth out of the “fuckie” part. So I asked her to fuckie. She quickly climbed on top in the cow girl position and started riding away. She was very good at this. She was surprisingly tight and I loved watching those big boob sway and bounce as I played with them.

    Changed to doggie after a bit and really went at it. I am probably a pig, but like I said since I had not gotten the bare back blow that I had requested I wanted to make sure and make up for it in other ways. She didn’t seem to have any problem at all with me taking her fairly hard this way, in fact she made lots of porn star type grunts statements (half in English half in Spanish). I had held out about as long as I could and finally let go with a well earned salute.

    After I had cum she excused herself and went to the restroom. She brought back a washcloth removed the condom and cleaned me off. She then went back to the restroom and cleaned herself off.

    We got dressed and she sat on the bed and asked for the money. I gave her the $40 that we had agreed to and then told her that I had planned on giving her a great tip if she had only been honest with me from the start about not doing uncovered blowjob. I told her that I would have been ok with it if she had only been honest when we had first talked. She got a bit huffy and said that she had not understood and didn’t speak English (of course she said this in perfect English).

    After we were all done I walked her back to the bar and then proceeded with the rest of my adventure. (Review # 8352)

  • Street Action Dated Added: Thu Feb 05 2004 Submitted by: gringo

    I've probably been to Nuevo Laredo a dozen times, with the last being in July of '04. The locals have always been friendly and I've never had any kind of problem there. The clubs on the strip, just across the border, are fun and women are available in the evening. There's a motel at the south end of the strip which has a pool and a reasonably priced restaurant where I normally stay for around $40.00.

    There are a couple of clubs/bars one block east of the strip, with one being a "dance" club and the women willing and ready to go to a room for $50.00. You don't have to buy any dances, just invite a pretty, young one to sit down. I haven't seen anyone in any of the bars who would be under 18. Some of the women are extremely pretty and built like a brick shit house and some are rejects from a witch factory.

    The bar across the street to the east is a "he-she" bar, so beware. In the past, I have driven to boys town several times with no problems. When you exit the Mexican border check station at the end of I-35, turn right. After you pass the first Pemex gas station, take the first right, go under the railroad overpass and up the hill, then take the right at the Pemex gas station. The entrance to the walled boys town is on the left, just a few hundred feet down the street.

    A little further past the entrance and on the right is a small motel with a walled parking lot, but I have not stayed there yet. There is a police sub station just inside the entrance to boys town to keep things within reason and the police don't bother you, except to collect $2.00 for parking. I've walked these streets alone several times with no problems and I've never seen any violence.

    There is a street vendor to the right and just a little inside the entrance who cooks food on a grille as you order it and he usualy has a pot of beans cooking, also. I've eaten his food a few times and it's good and fresh and he keeps perishables in an ice chest while he works. The women in the little rooms run the gamut from 1 to 10 and the going rate is $30.00 if you want them naked and participating.

    The clubs are safe and fun and the women in them are about the same as in the little rooms, although they expect you to buy "drinks" for them. There's no place else on earth where a cowboy can have so much fun and I'll probably return at least once a year to party for a week or so. (Review # 8292)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Jan 02 2004 Submitted by: Burro

    I have read reviews from several others who have been to Boys Town and were either shocked, humiliated or just pissed off at seeing transexuals in some of the clubs. Some of the best sex I have had has been with a ts--or maybe two at a time--and have never been cheated or poorly treated. These girls are usually beautiful, have had tremendous implants in both tits and ass and are very feminen.

    I am selectivly bi-sexual and can be turned off by some gross, straight males but these ladies are always exciting, enjoy the sex and make sure that I get my satisfaction even if it means calling in another girl at no charge. This is truly the very best of both worlds. (Review # 8119)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 17 2003 Submitted by: austin kid

    Well, finally made the trip from Austin to see Boystown. Read the reviews, did some research, and made the trip. Went on a Monday and figured the action would be less crowded. Had a lot of trouble finding the bridge #2 due to the construction in town. Found the mall to park at and walked across the border. Got a taxi and took the 10 minute drive for $10.

    Boystown is a giant walled in compound of bars and clubs, kinda dark but not as dangerous feeling as I thought it would be. Got there at 8:30 and as soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I got swarmed by guys trying to get me to go to their clubs or show me around. Politely refused and walked away. Decided to walk around and see what the street action was like first. Went up about three streets and decided to go ahead and bust the first nut.

    Found a nice young one around 20 or so and settled on a $25 price no clothes. The other reports were right about the street girls not being very enthusiastic. But it was my first girl, and I just needed to get the first shot outta the way so I'd have more staying power later.

    Walked around to recharge, and was stopped by the police who were cruising in a pickup. To be honest, I think they were bored and just needed something to do. Anyway, I convinced them I didn't have any guns or knives and they said good evening. Decided to hit the club and get out of the street.

    Walked into Tamyko's but wasn't really impressed with the girls there, so I went to Papa G's. It's a nice looking club on the inside, lots of tables, dim lights. Ordered a coke and sat down. Was immediately hounded by a couple of older chicks-passed politely and worked on my drink. I looked around and found a real cutie named Anna. She had HUGE boobs, a 9 face, dyed blonde hair, and a slightly curvy petite body with great legs. We had a nice talk and agreed on $60 plus $13 for the room and $2 for the towel and cond.

    We went to a room with two beds and a table or two. A bathroom w/shower was there as well. We undressed and she gave me an amazing bbbj and let me play with her huge handfuls. She had a great body and we were soon going at it with her on top. Almost came but asked her to slow down and she asked for us to switched positions. I got on top and took my time. Lots of moaning, kissing and great attitude. Only lasted about 15 minutes all together, but it was great. I ended when I wanted to cum, not when she wanted me to. Try and get that in the US. After we cleaned up in the shower and got dressed.

    I walked around the streets again for a while, grabbed a seat on a bench outside of a small store. No one bothered me and I had a chance to recharge. Decided to see another street girl and picked a girl that could not have been more than 18 ...Tight body and dressed like a little rave schoolgirl with vinnyl thigh high boots, pigtails, bright multicolored eye makeup, and a short plaid skirt and britney styled tied up white shirt. She offered $15 all nude. We went inside her room, and she had a tight body, nice perky tits, firm ass, and hard stomach. She wasn't real enthusiastic, but had a great body and a beautiful smile. I gave her $25 because she had originally offered $10.

    Decided that was enough for the evening. It was kinda cold and I was tired of walking around the gravel streets. I'm not a drinker, so I'm not into wasting my money at the bar. All in all Boystown wasn't exactly what I expected but I got off three times and didn't spend a lot of money. I don't like driving in Laredo, lots of traffic, one way streets, and just busy. Would I go back to Boystown? Not sure, the street girls were kind of depressing, but the club girls seem cool. It's a lot cheaper than the modeling studios in Houston, the girls are pretty enough and it was interesting.

    Don't expect a lot of contact and affection from the street girls-I have had better attitude and contact at strip clubs-of course I didn't get to do them, but it's still fun. The street girls of boystown are there for one thing, money. (Review # 8037)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Apr 05 2003 Submitted by: Limpdick

    Last month I made one of my intermittent trips to NL. This time I decided to go to Tamikos and was not disappointed. The place was loaded with girls all pretty average. I talked and drank with several and received many propositions including I could do it in her ass. Finally I went with two gals to a room and fucked them both. Great fun and the next day decided to go back in the morning as I was horny again at about 11:00am. ~~

    ~~Boystown is not real alive at that time as you might imagine but back to Tamikos I went anyway. They found me a girl who turned out to be very exciting. This gal wanted $60 and I paid it. After undressing, she washed and then proceeded to give me oil to rub on her ass and pussy. While I am fingering her she goes down on my asshole which drives me wild. She then gives an excellent slow long covered blowjob. I am going nuts now. Finally she mounts me scissors style, plays with my balls and fingers me while I blow a huge load. ~~ (Review # 7041)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 17 2003 Submitted by: cecil

    Boys Town, what can I say:~~$10 by cab each way. ~~Street girls will ask for $20 for 20 minutes most will take $10 one even said $1 yes one dollar (she wasn't worth it.) if you don't mind the fact that most just lay there and don't remove there shirts. ~~

    ~~SHAMROCK had the best girls $30-50 for 45 mins.~~PapaG's was dead only 3 girls and street girls looked better.~~WESTERN had about 15 girls also had a lesbian show.~~~~A couple of places offered donkey shows.~~

    ~~Bottom line-~~cab 20-~~3 street girls 31-~~Shamrock 30-~~Drinks 28-~~Total $108 not bad for a night on the town a 4 different girls.~~ (Review # 6710)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 15 2002 Submitted by:

    Took a taxi from No.1 Bridge ($10.00) and arrived Boys Town about 8.00 PM. I had not been here a little more than a year. I went to Papagayo and found several girls in the room but I knew most girls would show up later. So I decided to wait until 9.30 PM before choosing a girl. I did not want to hurry up choosing a girl too early and finding better girls later. ~~I waited until 9.30PM but I had not seen real attractive girls I really wanted. But shortly after, I noticed a young cute girl talking with her friend at an old jukebox. I invited her to my table and asked her a few questions in Spanish. ~~

    ~~She said she was 17 years old and came from Acapulco. I was very excited about her young age. She was only a high school age girl! I had had some 18, 19 and 20 years old girls here but never had or even met a 17 years old girl here before. She said she was $60 and I said OK. As we got in the room, she took off her clothing and exposed her still premature body. She was little small but her naked body looked very attractive and naive. Then she sat on the bed. She never asked me money upfront even though almost all girls do. Also, unlike other girls she did not dim the room light either. I like having sex under the light rather than in dark also. As I also sat naked on the bed next to her, she moved in front of me, squatting between my legs. Then she put a condom on me and started sucking my penis. My cock almost immediately responded to it. ~~

    ~~As I became completely erect, I stood up and had her lay on the bed and held her legs wide open with my hands exposing her pussy wide open. Her pussy’s lips appeared to be small but they looked very attractive and clean. At the lower part of her pussy, I could see the entrance to the vagina as being a little shaded slit. I had a strong temptation of sucking her pussy but I had to control it as I heard there was new type of VD that could be transmitted by sucking a pussy. She extended her hand near her pussy to hold my penis and guide it into her. I gently slapped her hand indicating I did not want to be guided. She took her hand off, so I aimed my penis to her vagina without holding it and slowly penetrated into her while holding her legs wide open. I felt the tightness of her vagina as soon as my penis started entering into her and all the way deep inside her vagina. I immediately knew I had chosen the best girl. ~~

    ~~I stroked my hip about a dozen times in this position and had tremendous feeling coming through my penis each and every stroke. Then I lay on top of her and pushed my penis into her as hard as I could. Then, I gently touched her hair and face and said “Tu eres muy bonita” (You are very beautiful). She smiled and said “Gracias” (Thank you). I sucked her nipples gently but sometimes it went too hard as she asked me to do it more gently. I was hoping she might moan with the feeling of her nipple being sucked and of the feeling of her vagina being tightly engaged with my penis at the same time. However. No moan came out from her mouth. ~~

    ~~Then, I asked her to sit on front part of a desk. With her legs wide open, I penetrated into her with upward hip motion and gave several strokes. Then, I held her both thighs with my hands and removed her from the desk and carried her slowly towards the bed. While she was hanging on me, she kept doing up and down motions with her hips. Then, we both sat on the bed hugging each other while being connected through the penis penetration. ~~

    ~~Then, I lay down on the bed belly up. Now she was sitting on me upright. She gave me a few up and down strokes with this sit up position, then she laid herself half way over me and started horizontal strokes. After about a dozen strokes, I reached the climax and was no longer able to hold the ejaculation. I finally exploded myself deep in her vagina. She asked me “Come?” right after my ejaculation. But I said “No” hoping she would continue her horizontal hip motions. My penis stood up strongly even after the ejaculation, so she continued her horizontal hip strokes several more times, but she was suspicious about my “No” answer. ~~

    ~~So she stopped stroking and pulled herself out of me and confirmed the ejaculation, and said “(You have) Come!” Obviously, she felt my ejaculation while she was stroking her hip and knew my explosion. ~~

    ~~After the sex was over, she invited me to the shower and we both cleaned genital area with soap. I asked her “Te gusta esta sexso?” (Did you enjoy the sex?) She said “Si” (Yes). I believed her answer was honest and was very satisfied. Even after we put clothes on, she did not asked me for money. So, I took money out of my wallet and gave it to her. Then we went outside and said “Adios” (Good bye”) to each other. ~~

    ~~ ~~I have been Boys Town about 20 times over the last five years. I have never been disappointed with the girls there. The chances of meeting girls with tight vagina are very high here for some reasons. Do Mexican girls have tight pussy? May be. I like this place since I can choose girls of my liking by observing them, comparing them and talking to them. The thrill and agony of choosing the right girl is an excitement I never miss here.~~ (Review # 6552)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Dec 10 2002 Submitted by: kneedeeprecords

    Let me start off by saying that I'm a 23year old Mexican-American who speaks very limited Spanish. Took a bus from Houston to Laredo (6hrs). I walked across the border. It was my first time in Mexico and I was alone, so I was somewhat overwhelmed by the whole environment, especially the cops with ak47's standing at every street corner. I was starting to get nervous as I was having a hard time finding a hotel. Some guy approached me and told me he was going to be my tour guide(don't fall for this). I followed him to a Hotel Fiesta a couple blocks past the plaza, decent place, but I was relieved just to get off the street. He then told me to meet him in some bar across the street in 40 mins. He left and I went inside my room. Chilled for about 20 mins and worked up the nerve to go back outside. ~~

    ~~ I walked around downtown for a while then asked a taxi driver to take me to boys town(10$). He dropped me off in front of Papagayo's. Walked in the door and saw the place was completely empty, no other guys only about 5 girls. I'm the type that likes to blend into a crowd and not stand out as the only guy there so I immediately walked back out. I then walked across the street to some bar that was selling corona for a buck. I drank a couple beers, this helped immensely in losing my nervousness. I then walked back to papagayo's and sat down. I ordered a beer (2$ for a little corona)and a not so good looking chick came and sat next to me. She rubbed my leg and chatted for a minute then told me how she would suck me and fuck me real good. I was brave enough to tell her maybe later. It was only about 9pm so it was kinda dead. There was 5 more girls sitting across the club but they didn't approach me. After a couple more beers people started showing up and some very sexy ladies started showing up. ~~

    ~~This is when I finally started feeling glad I came to Mexico. A really really hot blond came and sat on my lap and asked if I wanted to go to the room with her for 60$ for 40 mins plus 11$ for the room. I immediately agreed. She was extremely friendly and nice. We got in the room and got down to business. She gave head then got on top then mish then doggy style. I was in heaven. After 40 mins I was nowhere near cumming, since I wasn't 100% comfortable with the whole situation, but I still loved every minute. Around 10pm I took a cab back to downtown and went to my room. I wasn't sleepy so I decided to check if there was anything going on at the two clubs that were right by the hotel. I went into one and saw some damn sexy ass girls but I had no idea that they might be working girls. I drank about 3 coronas and left to the other club, sorry I can't remember the names but I was one block east of guerrero st.. The second club was packed and had at least 15 girls at least 7's. I still had no idea that these girls might be prostitutes so I just sat and drank. ~~

    ~~Then a beautiful brown skinned girl started flirting with me at about the same time I bumped back into my "tourgide". He told me " do u wanna fuck this girl or what?" and I said hell yea. So they talk in Spanish and she tells me 50$ for one hour. I ask how much for the whole night and she says 100$. By this time, thanks to all the beer I had drank, I had lost almost all my fears and inhibitions I had when I first crossed the border. We went up to my room with no problem and realized that we had no condoms so we walked to the farmacia. This whole time we were talking and having a good time,(she knew no English at all) I almost forgot that she was a hooker. ~~

    ~~We then made it back to the room and had amazing sex all night (I definitely fell in love). So, the moral of the story is if you're nervous about being in Mexico your best bet is to go straight to boys town, you may not even want to get a hotel in Mexico. But if you're somewhat adventurous and know Spanish get a room downtown and go inside the clubs, either way you should have an unforgettable time. ~~ (Review # 6524)

  • Nuevo Laredo Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 05 2002 Submitted by: RRHOBO

    Went south for labor day. Met a guide named Jimmy who showed me the town for $20. He's good if you don't know your way around, but he takes you to all the rip off joints first, so watch out, and never ever run a tab. Always pay up front!

    He took me to a bar down the street from Carlos & Charlie's that has a big local crowd. The girls there had an attitude and not the best looking. Don't waste your time.

    ~~We went to boys town and first place was the New Shamrok- Rip Off big time $4 for a small corona, girls are fat and dirty. Stay away. It was early and Papagueos had a few old timers-nothing interesting. The donkey show was not for me, so I went to Marabu and saw some nice young girls, clean and friendly. I don't like quickies so I got Maricella for all night $200 for her and the house. She was worth every penny.We stopped for condoms on the way.

    ~~We stayed at Ceaser Palace on main road (2)$40, King bed and clean. No hassle.~~Be smart and have fun. Don't settle! Beautiful young girls are there, you just have to look!~~ (Review # 6085)

  • nueve laredo Other Dated Added: Mon Aug 05 2002 Submitted by: 55 year old kid

    Went to boys town 1st of July. Went to Papagayos. Got a real ugly one to sit at a table with me. Finally ran her off gave her ten bucks. What a waste. Thin blond from Monterey sits down at table..About a 7.5...go to room cost 100 u.s. should have only paid 60,anyway not disappointed though. She licked my ass for at least 1 hour straight. And may I add really did a great job, best I ever had. fuck and blow job after. (Review # 5891)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 16 2002 Submitted by: Beavis

    OK here is my latest adventure in Nuevo Laredo.~~~~ I left around noon and was in NL by 3:30. There is a lot of road construction so traffic is slow in NL right now. I checked into the Pedregal and went to the Herradura around 5:00. There were a few girls so I found one decent looking girl named Alejandra and took her to test drive the room I had rented for the evening. She wasn’t bad, nothing special but worth a look.~~

    ~~After this I took her back to the Herradura and drove over to Boy’s Town. There were a few girls but it was 105 fucking degrees so I cant blame them for not wanting to stand out there in that. I rode around a few times and finally decided to cross back over my picket line of Papagayos and went in. It was only about 7:30 so it was pretty much dead. One of the milk bone gang hooked up quick and it took a while to shake her but I finally did when I saw Rosarita who was the 1st girl I ever did in Boys Town. I bought her a drink and we went to the room. She gives a good BBBJ and kisses and is very much into her work. Also when it is early a $2 tip will prevent the knock on the door. After about a half hour with a good massage I had finished with # 2 for the evening about 8:15.~~

    ~~From here I went to my hotel showered and returned. I went to Marabu around 9:15 and it was pretty dead but a few girls were in there. I left and went to Tamykos and a very pretty girl wearing very little clothes that looked as if they came out of a Victoria’s secret catalog came over. Her name was Anna and I had never seen her there before. After a quick drink and some heavy petting I was off to the room with her. Likewise she was ok but with a fine body and a couple of 36 D hooters this one also was done after about a half an hour. Yes that is 3 times and it is around 10:00. I don’t know where I kept finding the energy but it was rolling so I wasn’t going to complain.~~

    ~~At 10:00 I went back to Marabu as I was supposed to meet Borderjumper there. He showed and we talked for a while. While I was waiting for BJ to show Perla from Monterrey came over so I started talking with her. I have never really liked the attitude that she seems to have but this night she seemed different not to mention the fact that she is very pretty. We all sat and drank for a while then Borderjumper and GF left so I took Perla for a test drive. I know I will be leaving soon so I want to check off all of the girls with question marks beside their names. Perla is a good find. She has a fine body as she works out a lot. She is a pro but it was like fucking a porn star. She is very loud and has everything choreographed but she is good in the sack. Also after having been 3 times already tonight I got more than my money’s worth out of her.~~

    ~~After finishing with Perla I went walking around then settled in at the New Shamrock Club. By now I have switched from beer to high test and am starting to feel pretty good. After a little while there a girl named Issella came over and started playing feel me up. I sat with her for a while and was playing with her tits and fingering her right there at the bar and felt the familiar urge coming back yes again. I took Issella to her room and got almost done again but finally had to get her to finish me off by hand. Yes that is # 5 for the night and by now I feel empty as an Enron trust fund. I said goodbye and went to Papagayos.~~

    ~~By now I am not looking for any more pussy but I wasn’t ready to call it a night yet so I went over and stood at the bar and started talking to a guy from Houston. Shortly afterwards my friend “Rookie” from the CH board showed up and it’s like “O.K. where do we go now”. Rookie and I both speak Spanish fluently so we commenced to go to every bar in BT. The 8 ball was dead, Bar Brisas had some girls that seemed too tall even though these are the 2 bars that normally have the girls on the last street, from here to Pimp Daddy’s and it also is pretty slow so then back to Tamykos. It is now around 2:00 am. I had told my buddy Rookie of my exploits for the evening and he kept telling me “come on I know you got one more in you”. He finally left with Carla from Tamykos and while he was in the room with her I went walking around again.~~

    ~~After a while I finally found Jessica from one of my previous post. It is 3 in the morning. I have been laid 5 times and have been drinking rum all night but she finally talked me into her room. She is 18 and very pretty and she had to work very hard but she finally made # 6 happen. She told me $20 and I gave her a $20 tip as it took her a long time and it was hot in the little room. I never did find Rookie again and made another pass or 2 looking then finally settled by leaving a “Beavis” business card on the windshield of his truck.~~

    ~~I went to Marabu and had a couple of more drinks then to one of the taco stands and to my room for some much needed rest. I awoke around 10:30, showered and made one more pass by BT. I found Miriam on the back side of the street behind Tamykos and took her for $20 this morning. It took a while again but I finished and gave her a 50 peso tip that I had gotten back as my key deposit. If you stay at the Pedregal ask for room # 9. It has a king size bed and is the largest room they have and no problem with guests.~~

    ~~All in all it was a magical night for Beavis. I have never had that much sex in that short of a period of time. I won’t sit here and tell you that it was cheap but it was fun. I had 7 girls in 18 hours, 4 new ones and 3 repeats. I spent with girls, drinks, food, hotel probably $500 but IMHO worth it all. $60 was the top price for any girl but the drinks will get you if you stay a long time. I will go again next Saturday and then maybe one or two times before I leave for Brazil.~~

    ~~Report Card For the Evenings Chicas~~

    ~~1) Alejandra from the Herradurra, pretty a 7, good attitude, O.K. sex, worth a look but not a special trip.~~

    ~~2) Rosarita from Papagayos, another 7, great sex, very good attitude, if your there in the daytime look for her.~~

    ~~3) Anna from Tamykos, Body 9.5, face 7.5, friendly, decent attitude, worth a look~~

    ~~4) Perla (from Monterrey) from Marabu, Body 9, Face 7.5, good attitude last night, sex like with a porn star, great BJ but covered, a no brainer if she is there go.

    ~~5) Issela from The New Shamrock, Body 6.5, Face 7, great attitude, very good unhurried sex, I’d do her again.~~

    ~~6) Jessica from one of the rooms near The New Shamrock, Body 7, Face 8 (very cute), attitude of a sweetheart,good sex for a room girl. If your on a budget she’s very good.~~

    ~~7) Miriam from one of the rooms across from the Western Bar, Body 7.5, Face 7, great attitude for a room girl. A good warm up or cool down. I’ve done her 4 times now.~~
    (Review # 5765)
  • Nuevo Laredo Other Dated Added: Sat Feb 23 2002 Submitted by:

    I have been to Nuevo Laredo 2 times, I live 3 hours away in Austin. I have heard so many stories about boys town but there is no need for it. I-35 runs into the border and the street continues in Mexico but I don't know the name. You can find the most beautiful clean girls you ever saw for $20. One option is on that street there will be many guys offering to find you some pussy, they will want $10 and will save some time, but it is not needed. There is a bar on every corner. If you go in they will have lines of chairs on one wall. Those are for the girls. You negotiate yourself, I have paid $20 and $25 for the most beautiful there!!!! Buy them a drink to negotiate. After they agree they will want the money, but tell them its at the hotel. I have stayed at the Hotel Reforma about 3/4 mile from the border on the Mexican version of I-35. I room cost $30 a night. The hotels they will recommend will charge you that much for an hour. When they first get in the room, put the money on the table. Then do what you want.~~

    ~~The first time was $20 I got a girl about 18 about 5'8" and 100 pounds. She had fair skin, big brown eyes, and long dark brown hair. She was so beautiful I felt a little embarrassed to look at her. My god!!!!!!!! She was beautiful. Not talented though, she just laid there and let me do it all. I got about 1 1/2 hours for my money.~~

    ~~The second time I tried another bar even closer to I-35. That girl was almost as beautiful, still a 10 out of 10 though. She was about 5'5" and 100 pounds. Her skin was darker, but not really dark and shorter hair. She had a scar on her stomach looked like a kid was taken out, no kid ever came out of that pussy though!!!!!!!!! I came 3 times over about 1 hour all for $25. She had some style though, did about 4-5 positions I think. Note, I had jacked off a few times earlier in the day so I wouldn't come soon. IT was great! She even seemed hesitant to leave. Now, I think I should have done her more.~~

    ~~Don't make the same mistake as me though and bring a dictionary for them to find words to say. They can't read.~~~~No need to spend extra time and money though to go to boys town.~~
    (Review # 5080)
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