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  • Juarez Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 11 2007 Submitted by: Mike D

    Juarez what to say? I have been here three times just because it was on the way to Nogales. My advice would be to simply avoid Juarez, it makes Nogales seem first class. Very depressing place & does not seem very safe. If you must go, here is my review: As soon as you cross every guy will be trying to get you in to his cab to take you to the Pink Bunny. Driving deep in to Juarez at night is shady, and this club did not have any impressive girls, none. Best bet is to just walk a few blocks south, then one block north.

    There are two-three clubs all within a stones throw of each other. No need for a taxi, and you might find a hot one. Maybe if you partake in some nookie expect to pay the bartender/whatever guy and walk outside to a hotel type room. Juarez sucks though, the poverty/desperation here is just too much, even for Mexico. Get you butt to Nogales & have a great time instead. Only benefit here is that it is cheap, but this is due to the risk/reward factor.

    (Review # 22096)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Sat Sep 22 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Took a short walk over the bridge, took a two block stroll south after getting there, and a right It was 730pm, and just getting dark ignore the taxi drivers answer in German or something it keeps them away. I saw a bunch of cuties (1820 yrs, all 89's) in a doorway. I went in and they were obviously slow, as they all wanted something. I ended up with two for 80.00 for an hour funky room, locked the door, took three condoms from the senora who gets 5.00 tip.


    We stripped and I was glad to see great tits and ass on both. The tall dark one (about 130 lbs, 38c tits, long hair and a pretty, innocent face) started sucking my bare cock. I pulled the redhead (about 120 34b's) onto my mouth and sucked her clit till she came about two minutes later. I put a condom on and the redhead asked to put it in her ass no shit, she didn't even ask for a tip. The other got under me and licked my balls and the redhead's pussy. I pulled out, yanked the rubber off and the dark haired on sucked my cock till I come in her mouth.


    Then, she kept going I didn't go limp, just got harder. "now me" she said as she pushed me down and mounted me, ass to my face. she pumped as the other one got on my face again she came in about three minutes this time, and started sucking my shaft as it emerged from her friend. She pulled me out of her friend’s hole, and pulled the rubber off, and started blowing me hard. I came soon, and that was it. they asked if I could do it again, and said I was spent.


    We lay together for about five minutes and then got up, dressed, kissed goodbye (open mouth, lips, tongue and a little love bite from each.) $85 bucks for the girls, 5 for the room and rubber, and 5 bucks to park. I was over there for two hours, fucked all three holes on the redhead, came twice great fun. I Will be back next month! Check out the Psuedo Brothels in the Red Light Area you'll be surprised and find an economy 1st class fuck experience.

    (Review # 20822)
  • Juarez Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Sep 15 2007 Submitted by: Jim

    I am really quite amazed to read posts here recommending the Pink Lady. It's quite out of the way, and always the favorite of the taxistas, for they get a big kickback. What used to be called Faustos is now called Alice & Charleys. The owner, Alicia, has brought in the best looking strippers in Juarez. (General Price is $70 plus $10 for the room.) Mondays & Tuesdays are not the greatest, but on Wednesday they get some hot young chicas.


    Alice and Charley’s are very close to the Kentucky club, the oldest bar in Juarez (built by gringos during prohibition). The elegance of the roaring 20's is gone, but the Kentucky Club is a great place to eat, and they will give directions to Alice and Charley’s. (It's a block south and to the right.) If you really want to go off the beaten path, you can get a taxi and pay $200 for a piece of ass at Amadeus. Very pretty girls. I sometimes go to watch the strippers there, but the sexiest I've seen recently are now at Alice & Charley's. 

    (Review # 20735)
  • Juarez Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 16 2007 Submitted by: TCdvs9

    I was in Juarez for a few nights Feb. 5-8. My last night there, my Mexican friends took me to Club Amadeus. The place looked very nice, almost like an American strip club. There was no cover (Wednesday night) and the girls sitting at the bar looked pretty damn good. I would say between about 6-9. I hooked up with a cutie (a seven) named Xipadly she was funny as hell, spoke little to no English but gave a great dance. But she did have the thing going with the waiter.

    When I say "thing" I mean the drink and dance arrangement. The waiter was double charging me for drinks, she couldn't make a move on my lap without him coming up and saying that I owed him the money for a dance. In short, he was an asshole!

    On the other hand she made it clear that everything was pure business, but I would be pleased with the results. I could have taken her back to my hotel for the bargain price of $200, but the waiter had already ripped me off for over that, so I declined. Word of advice: Some of the bars are cool and all, but this drink for the dancer gimmick is a rip-off. I tasted one of the shots she had ordered and it was 90% soda water and 10% tequila. And I was charged double the normal shot price. Buyer beware!

    (Review # 17444)
  • Juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jan 25 2007 Submitted by: TravelTallGuy

    Mon night I got into Juarez and stayed by the airport. I read the reviews on this site and I was thinking about getting some dinner then getting a cab to the Santa Fe Bridge and walking the strip. The only thing that stopped me was the beautiful girl that sat next to me at the bar. 21 year old recent grad, 5’5”, 119 lbs, perfect face, b cups and collegiate wrestler that was into martial arts since the age of 8 and was going to basic in the air force basic the next day, she was a solid 9! Yes I said wrestler, apparently women have wrestling and apparently it is an Olympic sport.

    Three hours of smooth talking and we were bumping monkeys. I almost lost the deal because after several tall beers and 4 gin gimlets I let the “my wife” phrase slip out. She played high and mighty after that so I had to do a lot of ego stroking to do to seal the deal but it was worth it! She had the sweetest pussy I can ever remember!!! I shit you negative!

    The sex was one sided and I blew my wad when she got on top but man did she go to town when she got up there. I almost got her off by I hadn’t had sex in over a month and I have newborn twins at home so it has been really sparse these last 14 months. Eating that pussy for a good 10 minutes, enjoying her rock hard body and watching her pounding away for a few minutes was worth the 3.5 hours of bs and ego stroking… anyway I had to share because I can’t share such a great story with anyone I know and risk a divorce.

    Wed night I called a cab from the front desk at my hotel and they said about $18 to the free bridge (Santa Fe). Cabbie came and when I told him to drop me off at the free bridge, he knew what was up and offered to take me across the boarded and bring me back, he didn’t start the meter. We stopped at a gas station and I picked up some high quality condoms and off we went. I told him to take me to Luxxor, Casa Colorado, El Elcanto and he said that these places close at 5:00 or 6:00 pm so he would take me to some nice places like Sarina or Pink Lady. He said that the red light district was only busy on the weekends and was slow tonight (wed at 9:00 pm) I knew it was bullshit. I told him that I know he would get a commission from the places he was taking me and I would give him a commission if he took me to Luxxor.

    He played dumb and he said we’d check out his places first then if I didn’t like them we’d go somewhere else. Fair I thought. I asked how much for the full service and he said it depends on the girl and was about $80. I told him $80 was where I would start and he half heartily chuckled. First place was Sarina. It was shit. One girl, fat 5’3” tramp. I wouldn’t let her suck my dick if she paid me, a 4 at best. I said one word, “adios.” Next was venus and I was skeptical but 4 chicks to choose from all pretty good 6.5 - 8. Cabbie said $90 including a bj for 45 minutes and I chose Stephanie.

    I though about haggling for $20-$30 lower but what the fuck, I liked her and they could use the money more than me. Stephanie was 5’7”, 110 lb, b cups, 21 years old (maybe 22 or 23 at most), light skinned Mexican with bleached white hair, a solid 8.5. If she had had a perfect complexion and a 6 pack, fuller tits and slightly smaller nipples and I would have given her a 9 or higher. Place was reasonably clean but open ceilings so sounds (moans) traveled. I gave her $100 (she brought $10 back), I got naked and laid face down on the table at 9:00 sharp.

    She stripped down to a g-string and rubbed my back with oil for 4 minutes and had me flip over at 9:05. She rubbed my chest for about 3 minutes while I started caressing her (I like the girlfriend thing). This massage was a pathetic excuse to get to the point where she was going to get me off and so she could go relax.

    At 9:07 I was hard and she was just getting warmed up to me and she said $20 more for sex, fuck it I didn’t haggle. She stared with a blow job for about 3-4 minutes which was ok but a bit too much teeth. I didn’t mind because I sometimes I can come really fast so a little pain at first can get me over that first instinct to come. She got on top and I started my typical get the girl to orgasm routine, I absolutely love getting hookers off! Who am I kidding, I like getting all women off, makes me feel good about myself.

    As soon as she started getting excited, she’d pull away, close her legs to get her clit off my pelvis, etc. Everything I did to get her off she pushed away! I would rub her nipples, she wouldn’t let me do that at all after that. I would start slowly getting her off then I would breath in her ear, breath on her neck or nibble her ear and she’d push my head away. Everything that gets women hot she resisted and pulled away and said, “no, just customer.” She was on top for 5 minutes then she flipped around when she was getting hot and I did her backwards on top for about 4-5 minutes (this position never gets a chick off and she knew that).

    She and I were getting nowhere in that position and I subtly let her know that I would never get off in this position and she knew it would take too long so she let me get on top. Now she couldn’t keep her clit away from me and I had her good. She was getting really close but when she would start to come she would push my head away and try to arch her back to get her clit free and she would never look at me. She hated when I got close to her neck, it was her soft spot.

    Finally she knew she was going to come if I stayed on top much longer so she pushed me off and said “no no so hot,” yeah right. I had been on top for a total of 5 minutes. She got on top again and this time I arched my back and forced her clit on my pelvis and she was sort of getting there but I was getting a leg cramp so I said fuck it, and fucked for my pleasure until I got off about 3-4 minutes later, I came at 9:27. She gave me a second massage which was really nice. She took her time and did a good job.

    About 9:32 we started to shower and she gave me a bottle of water after we got dressed. I told her I knew she had a boyfriend but she should “have little fun.” She played dumb and denied it a couple of times, whatever. I walked out at 9:37. Cabbie toke me across the boarder, I walked through us customs, he picked me up on the other side and started his meter.

    When we got to the hotel the meter said $13.47, he turned it off and said “$80 for round trip.” What the fuck. “Not a fucking chance” I said. “No way in hell I’m paying you $80.” “I asked to be dropped off at the Santa Fe Bridge for $18 and you said you’d show me a good place and I know you get a commission from them.” He said “into Mexico more,” yadda yadda yadda. No way in hell I’m paying $80 I said. He called someone on his cell to try to convince me. He pleaded and argued but no fucking way. He came down to $50 but I offered $40, he wouldn’t budge so I dropped $40 on the dash and I got out.

    I offered my hand in good faith to test the negotiating waters but he refused to shake it. Fuck it, $18 x 2 = $36, with a $4 tip plus the kickback, he did just fine on that ride. $150 for a very safe night and a good looking, decent lay, not too bad. In hindsight, I would have agreed on the cab price when I got in and I would at least have haggled the $110 lay down to $70 or $80. Maybe I’ll try the red light district tomorrow.

    (Review # 17113)
  • Juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Nov 12 2006 Submitted by: Bareback

    I'm in Juarez now and want to thank all others who posted helpful info especially about the street girls with the mouth sores... yech!!!) One note of clarification (regarding a previous post) because I had trouble finding a particular place: The massage parlor that's across from Sirena's is not on 16th de September, but rather on Hermano Escobar [east - towards Mateo Lopez] in the green building that houses the bar called "Club Papagaya". The massage parlor is upstairs and is not (or no longer) called "Genesis" but rather "El Elcanto"...and is open from 10am to 8pm. All else seemed very satisfyingly accurate! (Review # 16303)
  • Juarez Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 18 2006 Submitted by: Crazed

    Hello Everyone: I got back from Juarez a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd provide an update on the local scene there for potential travelers. I had used this site to get the names of a couple of places. so here I am returning the favor. The first night got into a cab and asked the cabbie to take me to a club. He took me to Pink Lady. I took a peek inside and decided to go else where. The cabbie then took me to Jokers. Went inside to find the club deserted (Monday night). well almost. only a few customers. But the girl dancing on the stage was 8/10. A waiter who spoke some English came to ask me for a drink. I had an orange juice and inquired about the services offered. He told me about the rates for lap dance etc. Standard stuff in the US. I was interested in FS, but he never brought it up. So I sat there for a while and then left. The previous reviews that state that the girls are very pretty are quite accurate. They really are but I couldn't get full service there so I was disappointed. BTW right under the club there is a message parlor with a couple of girls working there. You can get FS there. they are mostly 4/10 to 6/10.Not quite like the girls in Jokers. Anyway, my cabbie took me to a girl which was like street action. She and her pimp were a real rippoff. That was some of the most unfulfilling sex I have ever had. I was foolish. you shouldn't be. so stay away from street action in Juarez. There is plenty of good stuff to be had. Day two I decided to go to Pink Lady. I Went inside there were around 15 ladies ranging from 4/10 - 6/10 nothing spectacular. Anyhow, sat at the bar trying to find a lead in and get to talk to a lady. It was a very strange situation since the ladies were quite standoffish. They sat in groups together chatting away with little or no attention to customers. Moreover, with the exception of the bar tender no body seemed to speak any English. So after trying unsuccessfully for a couple of hours to land a FS, I left quite disapointed. Second straight day of disapointment! The third day I decided to go to Luxxor after reading all the great ratings. The cabbie lost his way and went around in circles and circles. Finally found the place and went it. There were around 5 girls sitting in a small lounge. They seemed really disinterested. The patron came to talk to me. he is nice young guy with good English. I asked for a girl with some English. He pointed towards this one who was around 4/10. So we went into the room. The room was not great but clean enough with a message table. She jumped in the shower. When she came out she had me lay on the table and started giving me a message. The message was fairly ordinary. Then we got to business. I put on the condom and she went on to give me a BJ. The BJ was OK. No real vigor in it. I picked her up and took her from the front. She lay there like a statue. it was probably the most mechanical sex I have ever had. Overall the quality was very poor. The quality of girls in Luxxor is also very average, contrary to what the previous reviewers suggested. The fourth day the cabbie from the hotel took me to Amadeus. Finally, I had come to place that rocked. The environment was live, clean and classy. The girls were friendly, nice, pretty sexy and many (30). I sat down to watch the dance while a girl came up to me & sat down. She started chatting. She was around 6/10 but I didn't want to take her. When the waiter came around I asked him what was available. He said anything I wanted. Nice guy. talk to him if you are there. his name is Manuel. Anyhow, he scoped around and got me this stunner. She had a body to die for, a nice face and a great personality. We decided on $200. She was well worth every cent of it. In addition $30 went to the house. At that time I decided to take her back to my hotel. She went into her locker room, changed and was ready to go. I let the cabbie go and instead jumped in her car to drive to the hotel. Once at the hotel, the staff asked me who she was (it was around 1:00 AM). I told them none of their concern and they shut up. Took her upstairs to my room. she showered and came out in a towel. After that was all business and she was the best I have ever had. Perfect body and open to pretty much everything. We went at it for almost 2 hours. Then sat around and chatted for another 1. I suggested to her to stay the night but she wanted to go home. Anyhow, she promised to come back the following afternoon which she did. Her jeans and tank top with the breasts oozing out just knocked me down. We had lunch together in the hotel and went to business again. This time was even more intense then last night. She really got into it and sucked me bare back. I gave her clit a good lick. it was clean and very tasty. Then took her from behind and we went at it for around an hour. Different positions. She was great at all of them. Also let me play with her back hole. I came all on top of her. it was by far the greatest sex I have ever had. If I go back, she is the one for me now :-) Anyhow, this was quick report on Juarez. If you do happen to go, I would strongly suggest Amadeus over any other. Caio' (Review # 16030)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Sep 14 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Why is it that taxis always want to take you to Casa Colorado? Well, I went there, and immediately went upstairs with a red head for $60. She was nice and articulate, did not look Mexican at all. Having not done it in a month or so, I came in 5 minutes, but was very intense. We did not agree on an hour, so she was undressed in no time. Went downstairs, and ordered a beer, I looked in front of me and there she is dancing with a dude, she looked so fine. I just waited 20 minutes until I got hard again, but by then she was with another customer upstairs. There was a half-black chick who had an excellent figure, I called her and she wanted $60, so we headed upstairs, this chick had the smoothest skin ever, but a real loose pussy. So I bang her until I broke a sweat, doggie style, until I could smell her ass, which turned me off, but I needed a rest anyway. She was considerate to ask if I wanted her to finish me off. But I would rather do the red head again, so I went downstairs. At that time, I guess the place was humming. There were only the ugly ones around, so I headed out and got directions to another pace, where the girls stood by the door, just inside, there were like 40 of them. Among the girls was a tall one with flat chest, a flat ass, but a beautiful face, and beautiful legs. I immediately asked her and we agreed on $60, again. She took me to a place which, after 4 beers, felt like a mile away. Once inside she said I can do anal for $40 more, but I choose not to. So she starts screaming even before I put it in, this chick made the most noises to the point I thought the whole town is going to laugh at us once we walk out of the door. Ok, so I did 4 or 4 positions, broke a sweat again, drooled all over her ass, checked the rubber about 50 times to make sure it did not break (she was tight and it felt natural), did the same positions over, looked at my watch, thought about asking her to shut up, but continued. 20 minutes into it I decided to unleash and make few noises, she thought I was about to come and started working it real hard. I mean her butt and my legs were making slapping sounds with each stroke. Five minutes with that and I was dripping with sweat, she too, and just fell on the bed when I came. We both laid there for 10 minutes, and we both needed a shower bad. I tipped her $20, and went and got another beer before heading back. In all, it was like $240 for everything, including parking on the US side, and the taxi. Not bad, I just wish the girls new little English. (Review # 15557)
  • Juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Jul 27 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Me and a friend were bored the other day and decided to take a drive from NM to Juarez and visit a massage parlor. Upon arrival we stopped to get a quick bite to eat, then off we go. First we go by a place called Four Queens (it's located under Jokers). The girl who opened the door was a knockout! Turns out she was just only a cashier or owner not doing massages. She called the girls out one by one. 1st girl a 2, 2nd girl a 2, 3rd girl a 2. All were ugly we just said thank you and walked out. Next on our way to Sirena's. Walk in, 2 girls waiting, both overwheight. Next Now we are off to find Luxor. After getting a little lost we actually stumble past it. When we walk in we immediately notice attractive girls all sitting on couches. My friend picks, then I pick. I don't remember her name but she was about a 7(All the girls were a 5-7). Looked really nice all dressed up in the clothes she was wearing. We walk in and shes all business. She said $40, motioning me to give her the money. I do so, she walks out and tells me to undress. When she returns she could tell I was little nervous, as I don't do this often. She kinda was giggling about that. She didn't speak any English so communication was bad. She starts a bad massage. It lasted maybe 5 mins. At this point she warmed up a lot and was smiling and what not. She then flips me around and starts a hand job in which I am almost ready. She grabs the condom and puts it on (these condoms suck! more on that later). She then asks vaginal or oral. I go for vaginal. She proceeds to mount me and start going at it. At some point she was saying something in Spanish and tried in broken English (who are you) something of that fashion. She seemed to be enjoying herself. Next I turn her around and I'm on top. The position we chose was rather awkward because the way the table sits but it was fun. We go at that for about 10 more mins when she asks in Spanish for doggy style. I flip her over and start nailing her pretty hard as she moans. After going at this for awhile I bring her off the table for her to lean on it and hit doggy that way. I check the condom, still good. Continue going. Next she goes to sit on the table as I am standing. I start hitting it that way hard. I'm pounding this girl like crazy. I'm getting close and getting more into as is she. As I'm about ready to bust I pull out anyway even though condom is on. And to my suprise it shoots all over her! I was like Oh Shit. Now since she doesn't speak English I can't tell her it broke. She probably thinks at some point I took it off. She didn't seem too happy about it and neither did I. Now with her laying there she motions me to grab some paper towels. She wipes off and hops in the shower. Then I shower, we dress and I give her a tip and we are on our way. This is my story in Juarez. This is also the 2nd time one of the shotty condoms has broke on me. The first time it ripped during insertion and I noticed it the second it happened. This time, however, no such luck. Here's to hoping the girl is clean. On the up note the sex was great. I will return but will be checking that condom every minute and suggest you do the same. (Review # 15222)
  • Juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Jul 22 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I can't believe that some of you have paid over 60.00 and up to 500.00 U.S. for action in any massage escort or strip club. That just hikes up the price for everyone . First of all the cab drivers if you negotiate will take you to 3 or 4 places for 10.00 to 15.00 dollars. Talk to Coco. 2nd block after the old bridge. I have lived in El paso for several years but I do not live there now but visit often. I have never paid more then 60.00 and that is rare usually 40.00 tops and many times 25.00. For a 8 or better. Pink lady. I have never saw a decent looking girl there. But I am very particular. There is a place that you can have 2 girls at a massage parlor for only $50.00 for an hour. Cant remember the name right now but is is across the steet from sirenas on 16th de September, and is upstairs in a green building. The other reviews about Luxor is correct $40.00 for an hour and you get one or the other. They are good people and the part owner is a Gringo. Great guy and the Manager is a great women and very sweet. So negotiate when you go to a strip club or parlor and of course the street is much cheaper but always as usual be carefull . Some sleezy and drug addicts. (Review # 15184)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed May 10 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I've been to the Genesis massage parlor in Juarez 3 times. I saw an ad in the local (El Paso) paper for Cadillac Mexico Tours where they offer "40 lovely ladies, a free 6-pack and 2 shots". The cost was $15 and I never got the advertised free alcohol. The first time was great, though! The girl was very attractive (looked like Daisy Fuentes with a little bit of a gut) and she gave me a great massage (which is what I really wanted, honestly). The sex was great, too. I was able to try all sorts of different positions and the girl even let me eat her out (something most girls in Juarez would not let me do). It was definitely worth the $60. The next two times were not as good. The second time I took a cab from the bridge (which cost $20) and I chose a very petite girl (something I’ve always wanted to try). It was very disappointing. The massage lasted only about five minutes and wasn't very good. The sex wasn't any better. For some reason I couldn't come in any of the positions I tried. Finally the girl gave me a hand job and I came, but it wasn't what I wanted. The third time I took the $20 cab ride again and (for some reason I can't begin to fathom) I chose the same (petite) girl again. Maybe I figured my first time with her was a fluke and this time would be much better. It wasn't. The massage was lousy and the sex was unfulfilling. That was over a year ago and I haven't been back since. So if you're considering going to Genesis, I'm not saying don't go there. But consider your other options. I recently stumbled upon the website for Luxxor Masajes and it looks awesome. Only $40, plus they have a Jacuzzi and you can play pool for free. And they'll give you a free ride from the bridge only $40. That's half of what I would pay for a massage at Genesis (including the $20 cab ride). Sounds like a good deal to me. I can't wait to go. (Review # 14685)
  • Juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 23 2005 Submitted by: Larry

    Went to Luxxor after some referals and found it to be the best in Mexico. I used to go to Serina's and Pink Lady but not anymore. Had the choice of 15 girls, 14 were better than other places. Played pool first and was not rushed. Got to know one I liked and she did everything, and I was not hit up for more money. Check there web site: They pick me up at the bridge free, Serina's srewed me with a charge. (Review # 12523)
  • Juarez Other Dated Added: Sat Jul 02 2005 Submitted by:

    I went to Juarez on a Sunday. This is the second time I did this. The first time I had a good time, but the second time I didn't. The reports that are recorded on this site are accurate, I am going to put my comments on my experience there. I went to a bar called Edwardo's. They have some pretty nice girls working there, the drinks was two for one and I was buying a nice looking girl some drinks and was tipping the waiter. The fourth round the waiter was trying to give me pesos for change and the six round he ripped me off $10.00. After that I left. So if you go to Edwardo's watch your money. Oh the girl I was buying drinks for said that she was there for drinks only and no sex. Then I went to Hollywood and paid for a girl, but when we got to the room it was business only. She just laid there. Then I went to Milla Van Port hotel. $30 a night. The bed was like sleeping on a piece of plywood, but beside that it was a nice place. The desk clerk asked if I would like a girl and I said yes. $60 for the girl and her cell phone kept ringing. Then she got up and left. On Monday I went to Massage Sirena. Don't let the outside fool you, inside is pretty nice. They had three girls working and they kinda rush you to pick one. $60 for 1 hour. I enjoyed myself. The best time that I had was at Massage Luxxor. They don't rush you and the girls will treat you right. I had two girls and had a wonderful time. Sirena and Luxxor have websites. My suggestion is to watch your money, the change you are given back, and go to a massage parlor. Don't forget that you are in a different country with different laws than the U.S. (Review # 11903)
  • juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 13 2004 Submitted by: Joseph

    I was taken by a plant manager I was working with, to a new place called Luxxor on 16th of September. He told me it was the best place and was owned by a "gringo" who did things the way Americans like. This place was different, we sat on the patio, talked with the girls instead of being rushed. There were about 9 girls to choose from and I picked Vanesa.

    She took me to the room and showed me the video TV's in the massage tables, really nice. Vanesa was unbelievable, she was that good. I go back every week and they pick me up at the bridge so I do not have to drive. I give Luxxor 5 stars.

    (Review # 10120)
  • Ciudad Juarez Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 03 2004 Submitted by: Easy Bill

    I have been visiting Juarez on business regularly and had been using a local taxi driver to take to different places each time I came to Juarez. If your new to the area, then I highly recommend this method. The cabbies just inside the border all know the deal and I have not been ripped off. But some are better than others (Marcos, a young aspiring boxer, is really reliable and gives good advice). Agree to have the taxi driver hang around and buy him some drinks. It will cost you 60 or 80 bucks for the evening but you are completely free to think about the girls and not worry about security or finding a safe ride when its time to go.

    I have settled on the Pink Lady as the best bang for the buck. Places like Jokers are very nice and the girls are stunning, but you will drop 300 to 500 for one time for one girl and I really don't like being hustled for drinks. The Pink Lady has 2 dollar beers and shots for 3 to 5 dollars and no rush. The gals range from 4 to 7 and there are at least 15 or more to choose from. The day shift goes home at 4:30 and a fresh batch filters in by 6:00 PM. They recently upgraded their rooms and the Mama-san who checks your dick is really a hoot. She speaks more English than she admits to and if you start cracking jokes she plays along. The format is the head man takes you and your seniorita to a small office and he lays out the price and the rules. If he asks for more than 60 bucks, refuse and tell him you only paid 50 last time. They are good natured and will give in with a smile. I give the guy a 5 dollar tip. Last time I was in, I didn't get out till very late and he ended up taking me back to my hotel for free.

    Once you are in the room its up to you and the girl. There is a wide range of what they will do. I have had some offer everything with or without a condom (Bad idea) and others offer only mechanical sex reminiscent of a typical AMP back home. On a personal note I have observed that if the girl is into deep mouth kissing while you are still out in the bar she will be willing to do just about anything in the room. Also the girls in the day shift are much friendlier than the night shift. Get there about 3:00 PM and the girls knows you are the last one for the day. She will attend to your every need and hang around and joke with you after sex. Then if you feel like round two you can make a deal for her to come to your room (side note: I stay at the Hilton on the Mexico side, 60 bucks a night for a very nice room and no problem with bringing girls through the lobby). After your first visit you can drive yourself because they do have a guarded parking lot inside a fenced area next to the bar. But if you are into drinking then the taxi is a better idea.

    One last comment. They will send a runner out to get food for you. Anything from street food to lobster. I went with a friend one night and we ordered food, had two girls apiece, drank to oblivion and kept the taxi driver all evening. Total for the two of us was less than 500 dollars. 250 apiece for 6 hours of eating, fucking and drinking with your own personal driver isn't bad. I also recommend to stay loose and have a good time. The more you relax then the more the girls open up and help you have a good time. Enjoy! 
    (Review # 9225)
  • Juarez Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Apr 10 2004 Submitted by: Mr. Int'l

    I just returned from Juarez and it was my first time! The taxi driver took me to the 'Pink Lady'! I got 2 ladies and both sucked my dick raw, bare back! Pussy tasted good and was clean! Both girls had tight pussies and big round asses! trust me, you'll enjoy yourselves!!! Yum yum, give me some! Can't wait to go back! (Review # 8827)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 29 2004 Submitted by:

    Juarez is a great place to go. Don't waste your time and money in El Paso. It is too much work.

    I was there two nights in February 2004. Cross the Santa Fe bridge and any taxi driver will bring you to the Pink Lady. That is the best place that I've ever been to, and I've been to a lot of place. Lots of girls inside. Some attractive, some average. 60 dollars will get any girl in the place for a half hour. They don't watch the clock very closely, so you might get more. They ask for 100 dollars, I offered 60 and they agreed immediately. May have went lower, I don't know.

    The other place is Masejes Roma. Again 60 dollars, no rush. Only two girls there when I went on Sunday, but both good looking.

    There is plenty of street action, but you may or may not get what you pay for. That is one or two blocks west of Juarez ave. running north and south.

    Big warning: Watch out for the guys dressed up as girls. There are a lot of them, and until you get closer to them, it is hard to tell. One of the best looking "women" that I saw was a guy. When they talk, the voice isn't right...the hands are big. Don't think that you can't be fooled if you aren't careful. (Review # 8464)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun May 04 2003 Submitted by:

    Went to the Genisis massage parlor. There was 5 nice looking young ladies in the front room waiting for us. Its $35 for an hour but you donít ever get the full hour. For the money you get a massage and a full service any way you want but the women really do treat this like a business. Once you finish the session is over. The massage I got was of poor quality and lasted less than 5 minutes. Then the condom and a fairly decent blow job!!!! ~~

    ~~Then the sex, her on top, doggie style, then me on top. She really was trying to get it over fast. Unfortunately I am not into the bigger women and when we picked thatís all there was. Not fat really but big tummies. Once I was finished which was about 1/2 hour total I took my shower and went back to the front and there was 4 more different girls. These were the ones I would have picked to begin with. They were really nice and really hot looking! But for $35 I got a really great deal I think. Judge for yourself.~~ (Review # 7185)

  • Juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jan 02 2002 Submitted by: El Gallo Negro

    Went through Highway 54 off I-10 into Juarez via the "free-bridge" to go get some prescription drugs within the Chamizal national memorial park. I noticed there was a 2 hours wait on the bridge to get back to El Paso so I decided to visit a massage pallor a friend of mine once took me to check out. The first time I went there, there were approx 7 to 10 Mexican girls ranging from a 5 to 8 and 18 to 26 years. What got my attention that time was that they were all dressed up pretty nice with short dresses or mini-skirts and high heels and had nice makeup on.

    ~~~~On this visit, it was a weekday night and it was very cold outside. I first stopped at the pharmacy and then headed to the massage pallor located near the "electric Q" night club called Massages Pariso on the 2nd floor(paradise massage pallor). I tried to open the door and it was locked. As I started to head back a woman opened the door and asked me to come in. I asked her in Spanish if the business was closed and she said that they lock the door for security reasons. As I entered there were only 2 girls visible an older 36ish and 18 year old girl, both wearing jeans and heels and a jacket. The older gal asked me if I had been there before and I said yes. She took me into this room and told me that the price for her service was $40 US dollars. I said that was fine.

    ~~~~She took payment up front. She then asked me to take my clothes off and then to get on the massage table. I did as instructed, since this was my first "real" time I decided to just go with the flow with their older experienced gal, who is dark skinned, 5 ft 5 inc, straight brown-reddish hair, average body with nice tits, face was ok, but very friendly and professional. She told me I could request the younger girl if it pleased me, I declined and told her that I wanted her - which made her more enthusiastic about giving me service. She started by massaging my full body with lotion, boy it felt really good, if I didn't get anything else after that I still would have been happy. She took away all the stress of the day. Then she put a condom on me and asked me if I wanted oral sex and said she'd be more than happy to do for an extra price, I declined since I didn't exactly understand what that price was in Pesos (next time I'll learn the exact money exchange rates before going to MX). She then got on top of me and gave me the best fuck I'd had in years. She then finished, cleaned me up, and then took a shower and invited me in. I declined since I didn't want to come home showered, it would have been too suspicious ;-).

    ~~~~I thanked her and then tried to get some change to give her a $ 5 or $10 dollar tip, since I had nothing but twenties, but they didn't have any change. I went a head and gave her a $20 dollar tip, since it was so close to X-Mas. If I could do it all over again, I would have planned on have both girls for $80 and asked for the oral service. I would have taken about $120 dollars to make sure I had enough. Also, I should have gone on a Thur, Fri, or Sat since they have more selection on girls. They were slow that day and that was why on 2 girls were working. It took me about 1.5 hours to get back to the US border, but since I had a great massage and fuck, who was I to complain?~~----El Gallo Negro "The Black Rooster"~~
    (Review # 4856)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Oct 23 2001 Submitted by: Chilly Dawg

    I live in El Paso and just wanted to confirm some of the things that have been posted on this website and let others know some great places that exist where you can get laid and find some good pussy in Juarez.~~

    ~~You can get a good fuck at a place called Masajes Petite. There are usually 3-5 girls there and the cost is $35 bucks for a massage and sex. Oral and anything else is 20 bucks extra so that part is a rip-off, but some of the girls are really decent. Ask for Laura and you won't be disappointed.~~

    ~~Masajes Venus is also thirty-five bucks but the girls are hit or miss although sometimes there are a lot of girls to choose from and that is great. The girls will do oral and some will do anal sex for a tip. Sara is the best and will make it worth your while to check it out. It's also close to the free bridge on Ave Lincoln on the same side of the street as Tacos Orientales (which is a good place to eat as well).~~

    ~~Sirenas is a decent place. The rooms are clean and for sixty bucks you can get a Jacuzzi. Most of the girls there are only decent (5-6) but there is usually one of three girls there who are very hot. The prettiest are Claudia and Carina. Both will take excellent care of you. The good thing about this place is that there is always a large selection of girls so you can find what you like. It' costs forty-five bucks. Also, there is a massage parlor across and down the street, but avoid it unless you like fucking fat chicks.~~

    ~~Masajes Leo is ok, thirty-five bucks gets you anything you want. I have seen ok girls there and one tall girl named Angela is hot but a little chunky.~~

    ~~Masajes Felinas has some decent girls but they want to fuck on the floor after giving you a massage. Not my cup of tea, but I have had a good lay there. There's one hot blonde and one hot brunette there. It's 45 bucks.~~

    ~~The cream of the massage parlor crop that I have seen is called Masajes Roma. It's on Avenida Lopez Mateos and is right behind the Church's Chicken in a small plaza. Always 4 nice looking girls there and you can have two of them for seventy dollars. Not a bad deal. The girls are slim and one of the ones who works at night (I forgot her name) has legs like a model. This is the best place to go for a massage and fuck. It's also 45 bucks.~~

    ~~As for the red-light district just opposite the bridge downtown, it's a little scary and I wouldn't recommend walking through it alone but here are some tips. I have driven through and picked up girls for as little as $25 and received full service. Check closely though because there are a lot of she-males out there advertising as well.

    ~~~~Good places to go downtown right now are Sans Souci (aka The Casa Colorada) where you can sometimes find terrific looking girls. Fifty bucks gets you a room upstairs and thirty minutes with the girl of your choice. Most use condoms but some will give bareback bjs. Just ask for what you want and sometimes you will get it. The best looking girl there is Melissa, she's 19, hot and will ride you like crazy. Other good girls there are Letty and Rosa.

    ~~~~Girls change there a lot so it's worth checking from time to time because some stunners come and go. The next best place is the Pink Lady where there are some good looking girls at times and the cost is also 50 bucks. At Club Panama it is hit or miss and the girls charge more, however, there are sometimes some really hot women there. I have to tell you about Becky who works at the Panama. She looks like Angel Veil the adult model except that Becky has fake blonde hair. If you go there you will see her because she definitely stands out. She looks like she stepped right out of Penthouse Magazine and she almost always wears white lingerie. She's a hundred bucks but if you want to fuck a girl with the face of an angel and the body of a model, she's your girl. I think she's worth it. There is another fake blonde there who is almost as hot who I haven't tried yet, but will give a scoop on shortly.

    ~~~~ The other girls charge from sixty-eighty dollars depending on the girl. Large selection and some stunners but some slag as well.~~~~Finally, there are some stellar strip clubs in Juarez as well where the girls will leave and spend the night with you. The first is the Phantom where I have seen some knockouts and the girls will spend the night with you for $200. Maybe worth it if you see something there that you like. Girls range from 7-9+ on the hotness scale. Just down the road from there is Amadeus strip club where the girls are better looking. I have seen some hotties in there who could be J-Lo's little sisters. Very hot, more expensive as your $200 bucks will get you anywhere from an hour to 2 hours depending on the girl. Some won't leave the club with you which sucks, but there is plenty of pussy to be had in there and all of it is prime.

    ~~~~ Finally, the best club in Juarez is The Joker where most of the women are fine 8+ and some are insanely gorgeous. They will ask for $300 but take $200 to go to a hotel room with you. Always negotiate and never take their first request seriously. I'm telling you I have seen some girls here who belong in Playboy and if you've got the bucks to spend you can fuck the best looking girl in your life for two hours. Money well spent!!!~~

    ~~OK, that's the scoop on some of the best places in Juarez. Happy hunting and enjoy yourselves.~~~~~~~~
    (Review # 4490)
  • Juarez Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Sep 05 2001 Submitted by: Nat

    I agree with some of the reports that Juarez is not Tijuana. Tijuana has far more good-looking babes (prostitutes) than most cities in Mexico. I guess there's something about that California attitude--and that is--look beautiful and always remain young brother, because that's the secret to getting laid. Anyway, I went to Juarez and decided to visit some of the joints listed in this site. It took awhile before I saw someone that was "sort" of attractive (most were ugly and fat). It was around 6:00 pm and there were perhaps 50 ladies working in around 12 establishments. I was disappointed in the lack of quality, so I decided to have a drink at a local bar (not a brothel). In that bar, I met up with some boys from the military installation in El Paso and had a good time conversing with them. We played some pool, quaffed a godly amount of beer, and swapped lots of lies. Obviously, we were having a good time. It was around 9:30 pm. I convinced the boys to take a last stroll in the red light district with me.
    ~~So as we traversed the streets, I noticed a definite increase in the number of women walking around. Hmmm! I thought, though I wasnít too sure whether they were selling. So we entered one joint named Virginia's. It had a pretty good selection of women. There were about 20-25 of which half were pretty damn good (big tits, small waist, young, and good ass). One of my soldier friends decided to solicit a vixenís services. He paid $40, was taken to a room in the next building (he obviously knew the procedures)and returned about 40 minutes later with a large, goofy grin on his face. So I decided to try my luck with one. She was from Chihuahua and cute--blondish, thin and big tits. She charged me $45 for everything. We made the deal with me trying to speak Spanish and she trying to speak English. It must have been a terrible sight but we nevertheless communicated. Anyway, we negotiated and I followed her outside the bar.
    ~~We turned the corner and proceeded to walk towards a dark, backstreet. The scent of stale beer, urine, and who-knows-what was profound. I began to worry. We finally entered a house, or something similar to one (it had a kitchen, dining area and a television with people sitting in it), and walked toward a room. As we entered, I told her I did not want anyone coming in to inspect my dick. She giggled and looked at me with approval. She briefly walked out and came back with a roll of toilet paper and a condom. She then unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and began sucking it lightly, while gently caressing my balls. After a minute or so, she stood up, shed her clothes, opened the condom, inserted it into her mouth, and put it on my dick. I then tried to pin her onto the bed. Surprisingly she resisted. She turned around, bent over, spread her cheeks and motioned me to stick my dick into her ass. She seemed to enjoy the whole thing even more than I did because she was moaning and grinding with great intensity. I fucked her in the ass for about ten minutes until I was ready to come. She turned herself around, removed my condom and allowed me to come into her mouth fully, drinking every drop of it. Once again she gave me head, which kind of hurt since my dick was tender after a full ejaculation. We then proceeded to put our clothes and went back to the bar. By then, we were all tired and decided to leave.
    ~~My trip to Juarez was OK, to say the least. I found that the quality of women is not as good as Tijuana's, but it was good enough. If you make an attempt to look thoroughly, you will find good looking women, but it's not that easy. So, for you guys looking for an adventure in Juarez, my advice to you is go ahead and go, it's worth it. ~~
    (Review # 4283)
  • Juarez Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 22 2001 Submitted by:

    I have found the best place to go in Juarez, Mexico. First of all, you can cross the border at the downtown bridge in El Paso to get into the red-light district. A smart thing to do if you are not walking alone is to park on the U.S. side and walk across. It costs a quarter to walk the bridge and $1.80 to drive it. Anyway, as soon as you have crossed into Juarez, the Red Light district is about 3 blocks on the right from the bridge if you drive, one block if you walk. There are numerous bars, but be careful since some are TV bars and I don't mean television. Fausto's is a decent place to watch girls strip and drink cheap beer, but the best places are down the blocks. Ask someone for directions to "Casa Colorada" or as it is now called "San Souci". It's a big red building at the back end of the red light district. It's well lit and not dangerous if you stay on the main streets, but don't venture far off the beaten path. There is another club about a block away called Club Panama which is a rip-off, so stay away even though guys on the street will try to get you to go there.
    ~~Once you get into the "Casa Colorada" or Red House in English, you will find a pool table and a typical dive bar. But don't be fooled, this is the place for the best ass in Juarez. I recommend the following girls: Daisy, Letty and Melissa although there are several other lookers in the joint. Girls range from a 6 to a 9 on the looks scale but all are pretty friendly and in their early 20's. There is always a good selection except on Monday night when some of the girls take the night off. Still, you can take any one of them upstairs to a room for 50 bucks. When you get upstairs, tip the old woman 2 dollars for a condom and everything will be set. Daisy is a fun little fuck with a very nice body and very pretty face, you will not be disappointed. Melissa is a 19 year-old wild child who likes to fuck as hard and fast as possible. Her body is terrific and there are no stretch marks and she says she has no kids, from looking at her body I believe it. She is in outstanding physical shape and has the best body in the club. She's a 10! Frankly, a terrific value because an escort at her age, with her body and the hard sweaty sex you will have should cost you ten times what you are paying. My favorite girl in the place though has to be Letty. Letty has a very petite little body and is about 26. She has long legs and is kind of quiet. I took her upstairs for $50 and had the fuck of a lifetime. She let me kiss her and have a total girlfriend experience. We had tons of foreplay which is rare for a Mexican hooker, and she let me play with her whole body (although I know better than to eat her pussy, which is a no-no in these places). Then we fucked in a scissors position and she let me take my time and enjoy myself. I bent her over doggie-style for a little while again and finally turned her over for some missionary position fucking. Finally, I put her legs up over my shoulders so I could fuck her as deep as I could and she let me make out with her while I came. Afterward, she still let me make out with her, she was fantastic. I will definitely see her again and asked her for a cell number so that I can have her for a couple of hours in a hotel room.
    ~~Finally, a good place to go in Juarez if you have more money and want a terrific experience is called "Masajes Roma". It's a clean and safe place in a better neighborhood although a taxi will cost you 5-10 bucks to get there. It is easy to find however. The address is Ave. Lopez Mateos 1251 Sur, Local 10. Tel is 16-39-36 (local). To find it by driving, just go down Lopez Mateos Ave (one of the main streets) from the free bridge it's about 3 -4 miles down. It's behind a Church's Chicken on the right hand side. The girls there are very hot 7+ all of them and you can have 1 girl for $45/hour, $80/2hours, or 2 girls for $70/hour. Not a bad deal for a menage a trois with 2 lovelies. Always there are 4-5 girls to choose from, and all are nice looking, young and thin. This is probably the best massage parlor in Juarez, at least by reputation. Happy hunting, and enjoy the cheap Juarez pussy!
    (Review # 4199)
  • Ciudad Juarez Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 05 2001 Submitted by: american psycho

    Recently visited Fausto's in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. This is one of the oldest clubs in Juarez, and is located in the red-light district about two blocks west of the main drag (Avenida Juarez). Fausto's is ostensibly a strip club with a main stage in the middle of the establishment and a smaller stage near the entrance. However, the degree of stripping depends on the girl. While I was there, some only stripped to a bikini, while others would show tits and a flash of bush. There is no cover charge to enter Fausto's. I must say that Fausto's has the best-looking "putas" ("whores") of any establishment I've visited in Juarez. While there were some 5s (due to either obesity or an ugly face), most were 7's and up. I even came across a 9 (Marisela), who has a truly rocking body and very good face. For those of you who are not familiar with the Mexican beauty standard, be aware that girls tend to run on the heavy side over there, and finding one who is in shape is a challenge. The disadvantage of Fausto's is they do not have rooms on-site, so you must pay to take the girls out and to a hotel. I assume this what you have to do, but for as much as I tried to leave with Marisela, the owner of the establishment kept giving me excuses about how she was short on girls that night and couldn't spare anyone for more than an hour. I even told her that was fine, and she agreed, but somehow Marisela would scamper off at the key moment and we never got around to closing the deal.
    ~~The other extreme disadvantage of Fausto's is that the waiters are pushy, and if you are sitting with a girl they will bring drinks for her at $14 each (no shit!). The girls are paid 20 pesos (about $2.00) for each one of these drinks that are bought for them, so as you can imagine, the girls are also pushy, and will continually ask you to buy them a drink. If you don't want to be bothered with this, sit by yourself, but again, that makes it difficult to strike up a conversation and negotiate services outside the establishment. In short, I can't honestly say whether the girls actually do leave the establishment, or whether they tell you they do just to get you to keep buying them drinks. Fausto's gets a thumbs up for the attractiveness of the girls, but a thumbs down for the drink prices and general "scammed" feeling one gets being there. Sex seems more convenient at the Club Panama (two blocks away), where they have rooms in-house. If anyone wants to try Fausto's, I suggest arriving just before closing time (2 a.m.) and negotiating something. At least that will cut down on the number of $14 drinks you have to buy.
    (Review # 4105)
  • Juarez Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jun 23 2001 Submitted by: Tad Ghostal

    If you are going to be in Juarez, Mexico and are looking for some action there are several alternatives. The red light district is just on the other side of the bridge in Downtown El Paso, but I do not recommend going there. Sure you can get laid cheaply, but you get what you paid for there. It's not entirely safe and the bars are crawling with pickpockets and T.V.s, not to mention ugly women. If you're on a budget though, you can get a BJ and more for 15-20 bucks. Whatever tickles your pickle! If you're hell-bent on staying close to the border, go to Club Panama, it's a five dollar cab ride, and there are some decent girls there. Rooms upstairs for your convenience and you can discreetly get what you want without breaking the bank.

    Now for the good stuff!!!! The best place to begin a night in Juarez is at "Sirenas" massage parlor on the corner of Av. Panama and Av. Hermanos Esobar. Any cabdriver will know how to get there and it's not far. The place looks almost like an abandoned gas station, and sits across the street from a hotel and from a pharmacy on the other corner (in case you have trouble spotting it). First of all, the girls charge 45 dollars for an hour and you get a massage plus full service for that, sometimes even a half and half. Other services are negotiable and depend on the girl. In this case, it is best if you speak Spanish. The place is usually packed with women (between 4-15 of them depending on when you go) who range from a 5-9 on the hottness scale. There are 2 outstanding young girls who work there named Carina and Claudia. Both are petite brunettes with great bodies. Carina has an ass you can eat your breakfast off of and Claudia has incredible legs. You pick the girl you want though, and some of the others are good looking too. None of the girls there will rush you and for fifty bucks, you can't get a better lay anywhere, and believe me, I have tried!

    Once you have gotten that out of the way but would still like some fun, or if you're interested in dropping a little more cash for a STUNNING, 10+ hot girl, you can go to the strip clubs. Again, avoid the red light district, and avoid a place called "No Touch", the name says it all. Have a cab take you to one of three clubs, The Phantom, Amadeus, or The Joker. Phantom is cheapest, and Joker is the best. I have gotten incredible lap dances from girls who look like playmates and models in these joints. The best part is that 90% of these girls will come to your room for an hour and a half. You can negotiate about 150-200 for a girl from Phantom, or from Amadeus (note I saw a girl at Amadeus who could have been a Salma Hayek look-alike!!!). Girls from the Joker will cost you more, 200+ to 300 for an hour and a half and you might have to wait until the bar slows down a little around 1:00 AM for them to leave with you, but trust me, it's well worth it. I have seen women at the Joker who looked like they just stepped out of Playboy. For 200 bucks, it's a hell of an experience. You will not be disappointed. The best thing to do at the Joker is to get a room ahead of time, hotels in Juarez cost between 20-35 dollars for a decent place, and then hit the club. There is a five dollar cover but you get a free beer with that. Expect to pay 4 bucks for a beer there, and girls will aggressively ask you to buy them drinks (at ten bucks a pop) or for lap dances (your best bet at 2 songs for 15 bucks). Take your time finding the girl that you really want and buy her a drink and a couple of dances. She'll do anything that you want. Most of the guys there are Mexicans and these girls aren't going to get a lot of money out of them, but if they get a drink and a little money out of you, you can name a price for them to leave the bar for a short time. They'll give you a high amount, but they expect you to counter offer them. If you don't stick to your guns between 200 and 300 dollars, they will think that you are stupid and you'll probably blow it. Again, it's best if you speak Spanish, but these women know why you are there and are looking to make money and have no qualms about fucking you to get it, which is great for us. This routine works like a charm, and if you're willing to spend the bucks and be patient, can be very rewarding with the finest piece of pussy you might get in a very long time.
    (Review # 3840)
  • Juarez Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat May 26 2001 Submitted by: Tad Ghostal

    Recently checked out the sex scene in Juarez and while most of the information is accurate, you can find some young hot women in Juarez without spending much money. There are plenty of strip clubs that cater to American men right on the other side of the bridge (downtown El Paso). Anyway, you can hit these clubs but be careful, there are pick-pockets and transvestites galore. From the car I saw 2 gorgeous women who said they would give a BJ for 20 bucks, but when we got close, they were obviously men. Too bad! Also my cousin got money stolen from his shirt pocket while walking down the street, a bitch grabbed his cock and swiped it while he was distracted. Lesson learned, never keep money except in your front pocket.

    If you are going to look for sex in Juarez, try the "masajes" or massage parlors. Most are fairly clean and located in small business plazas. They tend to close early around 9PM so don't try too late. There is a terrific place (I forget the name) about a mile down the road from the bridge in Socorro (on the left hand side) where you can get full service for 40 bucks from an attractive girl. About six girls work there full time rate about 6-8.

    The best place in Juarez that I have been to is called "Masajes Venus". You can get full service there for $35 and they have a decent selection of girls rating 5-9. When I got there I noticed a VERY hot Mexican girl but she was leaving. I couldn't persuade her to stay. Instead I chose a blonde girl "Blondie" who was an American girl with a very nice body. She said she was 18 but was probably in her early 20s. She had small breasts but the most incredible abs and ass I have ever seen, a bargain at 35 bucks. She didn't rush me and we ended up in 3 positions before finishing up. She told me that she does anal and GFE for a little extra tip, so I can't wait to try her out on all that. She was really outstanding.

    This place is about a half mile up from the Chamizal on the right hand side behind a disco, near a famous restaurant called "Viva Mexico" the cabbies will take you for 10 bucks if you can't find it. I will definitely be back. It was safe, clean, cheap and had hot women. What more do you want?
    (Review # 3610)
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