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  • Ensenada Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 26 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Was just in Ensenada on the 20th of Oct. Anthony's was dead and had alot of beat girls. Found a new club called Paris 2 blocks up from Anthonys on the right side. Only place with lots of people and many fine girls. Price was $30 for the room and $ 100. for the girl up the stairs in the same club. Many 8 and 9s seems all the young girls are here now. No problems with the cops. Watch out for the Lady boys on the way in. (Review # 24998)
  • Ensenada Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Aug 23 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Recent drug/gang type violence (that is almost never involving gringos) has killed the income of a lot of the Ensenanda pros. The number of tourists on the streets at night is 1/3 or so what it was last year. My regular girl says that she's is going 2 weeks at a time with not one customer! This almost surely means that you can get some real deals, especially with girls on the street. I keep seeing girls who are not dressed up like whores, near Anthony's apparently waiting for a ride. When I walk by 2 hours later though, they are still standing there! Hotel Inn (I think that's the name now, it used to be Hotel Caribe) is monger friendly, especially if you tip the night desk guy (shift change is at 7 or 8 pm) and they have secure parking in back. Just don't be too obvious or obnoxious. The rooms are $35/night and are fairly basic and cheesy, but the staff is super friendly! Current price I've paid at Anthony's for 45 minutes is $80 including the bar fine. Don't pay more, as $80 is already crazy expensive for this part of Mexico. (Review # 24558)
  • Ensenada Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 23 2007 Submitted by: Rome

    Here is a January '07 update for Ensenada. This time of the year, many girls return to their homes in other parts of Mexico or headed to warmer resort destinations for better money. Anthony's is the old strong hold and you'll find the usual group of chubby Latina's and then a few beauties. Depending on the day and the hour you can get an "early bird" special for $60 - $100 depending on her looks.

    For you economy hitters, wait until late evening and walk by the breeze way at the 49er Motel next door to Anthony's. You can avoid the $18 bar fine and get a freelance worker. Short time rooms are at the 49er for $12 0r $16 (I can't recall). Club Paris is a strip joint with a good group of hotties who usually come up from other parts of Mexico to work the deal. I have hit a few "movie stars" out of there.

    For $100+ and a tip to the guy who handles the deal, you can get it done in a little private room near the front door. Be smart, don't pay stupid money for it. When you do that you drive the market price higher!

    (Review # 17084)
  • Ensenada Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Nov 11 2005 Submitted by: HST

    You don't have anything recent on Ensenada, so I thought I might add a note. My friend, CM and I spent about four days there in August, and had a fabulous time. I am a 50-ish American, and CM is a 40 year old dancer from Mexicali (I won't tell you which club), and she still looks fabulous, and very shapely. We have been dating for almost a year now. CM drove my truck to Ensenada, and we checked into a very nice motel near the cultural center, which used to be a casino in the 1930s. We stayed for three nights, went shopping in the Zona Turistica during the day, and out to the several strip clubs at night, before returning to our room.

    The weather was incredible! I paid, of course, for the room and meals, etc., because I am "muy caballero," but CM is my friend, not hired talent. Anthony's was OK, but CM and I only saw one really attractive dancer there... a very slender young woman with very tiny breasts, who started off wearing white lace pants which contrasted beautifully with her very dark complexion. She was very athletic, and moved up and down the pole with graceful abandon. Except for that one dancer, though, I was not terribly impressed with Anthony's. Also, I could feel CM getting jealous.

    Later, CM and I went to Paris, which is just down the street. It was a much more lively place, and the dancers seemed much prettier, in general. The privados are upstairs, and I watched with interest as two men who seemed to be friends took two dancers upstairs. One man and his girl came back down fifteen minutes later, and seemed to be on amiable terms. The second man appeared on the staircase after perhaps twenty minutes, and spent some time chatting with the employee who sold boletas, for the usual price -- twenty dollars for one song. Then he came down the stairs. His girl, who was very pretty, didn't appear on the stairs for yet another ten minutes, and she looked very unhappy and disheveled. Something NOT FUN had happened to her.

    Hey, American Jerks in Mexico! Just stop it! It is far more fun to make someone happy! I felt miserable, and wanted to leave, and get into bed with CM where I could hold her affectionately, tell her she was wonderful, and that the world was a good place after all. It's NICE when CM smiles at me, and wants me to hold her.

    CM and I left Paris after an hour, and walked across the median divider to another club not worth remembering. The only dancer I remember from that place was someone who could easily have been a transexual - her body was so completely boyish, or "raro," as CM said. On the median divider outside was a lanky dude in a mini-skirt and halter top, high heels, and way too much make-up.

    I had a great time in Ensenada, but only because CM was there. The only dancer I thought about later was the lace-pants girl in Anthony's.
    (Review # 13076)
  • Ensenada Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 05 2005 Submitted by: Mongo

    Went down to Ensenada chasing the last of the Yellowtail fishing. Fishing was bad, but found a new Strip Club. It is called Incitatus. It is on the end of the same street that Anthony's is on. The main street. It is by far the nicest club I have been in awhile down here. While Anthony's is still the best for pay and get laid; Incitatus offers unique VIP rooms upstairs, and allows you to take the women out of the club. I suggest the VIP area, though. Big screen with cable, leather couches and private bathrooms. No cover either, and not in the middle of that shady area dowm by the Paris Club. Anyway, FISH ON... I am out. JB (Review # 13019)
  • Ensenada Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 27 2005 Submitted by: Burro

    Men's Club Checked out Paris de Noche, Jacarandas, El Pescador, Anthony's Disco, and Men's Club on Friday and Saturday night. Ladies drinks are now $10. The only place that had good looking women was the Men's Club. If you show up at 2:30 pm and there aren't a lot of gringos, then you can get a girl for the night for $200. If you go there earlier, then the price is $200 for a quicky in a room on the premises. When I left Ensenada at 8:30 am on Sunday morning, there were 9 hookers standing in front of El Pescador. Not sure what is going on at that time of the day, but 2 were pretty good looking. (Review # 11848)
  • Ensenada Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 09 2004 Submitted by: nesco

    Went to Ensenada, many men in town fishing and raising the price to crazy levels. Last year, all night was a lot at $300 now it's $500 all night!


    Anthony's is really the only place in town with talent. When I say talent, I mean a lot of 5's and 6's and maybe one or two 8's. Short time prices were $130 dollars for 30 mins including cover charge and a room at the 49er next door. Now these prices were only for the 8's in the place. So the 5 and 6's maybe cheaper.

    Go to Thailand my friends. Mexico is too much! But it's legal and close to California, so it's a trade off. All the girls have children, so look at the belly first, because when you are in the room alone, its a little scary looking at the belly.

    (Review # 9815)
  • ensenada Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Apr 02 2002 Submitted by: bajabob

    Went fishing down in Ensenada last weekend had a good time. We decided to go out to the local strip club which turned out to be pretty lame. The girls were not very pretty and the dancing was not very enthusiastic. After about an hour we decided to just go across the street to a local bar, Anthony's, for a drink and call it a nite Wow..we walk into this place full of women at least 3:1 most of whom were very fine looking. Good music cheap drinks.

    Well we did not realize what was going on at first. Women kept cruising buy, would sit at a nearby table then get up and a new set would replace them. Turns out this place is the local hangout for working girls. Prices 50-100 bucks plus 14 bucks to get out the door hotel 14 bucks. The scene is very low key you have to make the first move; but the women...all the women are there to party with you! Figure on 150 bucks for drinks girls hotel etc. (Review # 5237)

  • Ensenada Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 23 2001 Submitted by: bajabird

    Every town in baja, Mexico that has a church a "mens club" too! The best places are in Baja South, like Mulege,Loreto, or La Paz! My last visit to Loreto was in July 2000 and we went to the "Penthouse" north of town right on the beach! midweek the girls are ugly! On the weekends it gets much better, with 5 to 8 nice girls from mainland mexico. cost are usually from $20-$60 for a good fuck,$75 to take her home for the night! Ensenada is a tourist trap just like Las Vegas they tease you for a lot of money! (Review # 3045)
  • Ensenada Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Nov 27 2000 Submitted by: Horse

    Went there with three buddies for some deep-sea fishing and "side trips". Stayed in the Presidential room of the best resort in town, big mistake - no guests allowed. Anyway, did the usual thing at Anthony's. Good selection, girl for an hour with a room for $50 to $100 depending on demand and quality. Always a wide selection, some good some bad. I'd rec staying at one of the places in town, it's cheaper and more convenient. (Review # 2791)
  • Ensenada B.C. Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Apr 06 1999 Submitted by: Dude

    Hola Fellow weekend Warriors,

    I must say I was totally blown away when I found this site. I guess this is what I was looking for anyway. There is a lot of information on the Ensenada action posted here. Iíve been going to Ensenada for about 12 years and I consider myself a true veteran when it comes to hitting up the night- life Babes.
    Ensenada does not have a Zono Roja like T.J. You can find working girls hanging around any of the tourist areas any time of the day, but mostly at night starting about 9:00pm. There is several strip clubs that you can pull girls from. The problem is most of the girls are pigs and about 50% of them are full of what we call HE-SHEíS. (Chicks with dicks) You have to be careful, especially when you hammering the alcohol like most gringos do. So let me kick-down a little Ensenada 101 to speed up the learning curve for you Rookies.

    The Clubs:

    Most of these places change names like the seasons and it doesnít really mater what it is this week. Most of them are all the same. Dark dungeon-like setting with aggressive fat buffalo-like Dancers on a small dance floor.
    You can Fuck these Ladyís for about $40.00. Word of the wise! Most of these Ladyís are addicts and they will pick your pocket if you donít stay on top of it. One of these places is called the Lido Club. Donít waste your time.

    There only two places worth going to if you want to pull a nice babe for a great time in Ensenada.

    PARIS is just off the main drag one block. They have an OK strip show and a moderate amount of good-looking chicks. Some local people say that this is the place to go because there is less traffic. Although I have gone there many times and it looks good I have never fucked a chick from there.

    ANTHONYís DISCO: My favorite place in the world. It took me many years to get the story on how things work here, probably because we party hard in Baja. Itís a typical Night- club with a live band, dance floor and lots of fine babes of all ages and sizes. They donít allow He-sheís and only let the better- looking chicks in town work here. When you walk in this place after 9:00pm. There will be 3 chicks for every guy.
    Ask for Romone or Alex, they will not do you wrong. I have found that if you let these guys find a chick for you, it will be a night youíll never forget. I like to hang out, party and dance until 1:00 or so and take my little sweetheart home for the whole night. When you find one you like make sure she likes you.( its easy to tell.) Many of the girls donít speak English, but itís kind of fun trying to communicate with them. In most cases they will not proposition you for a long time because they canít weave with you until you buy them four drinks. If your in a big hurry and donít to hang out, there is a the buy-out option. (The price of 4 drinks) At that time the waiter will give her a plastic card that will get her out the door. Drinks are about $4.00 for them and $2.00 for you. There are hotels that charge $10.00 per hour. I prefer to take them back to wherever I am staying for the whole night. This will cost you $100.00 to $150.00. But all night is all night. The girlís prices range anywhere from $45 to $80 for a 1hr. Session for a basic good time. (Nothing to kinky) Most of the upper-end hotels in town will not let your sweetheart up in your room. However, if itís late (after 1:00am) $10 at the desk will usually get her in depending on who is working that night. I visit Anthonyís about 3 times a year. I know many of the girls and here is my recommendation.

    My favorite Hotties:

    Sandra: 5í 5Ē dark hair usually found at the left end of the bar. Iíve been seeing Sandra for about seven years. Her and I just seem to hit it off. If I see her there I almost feel guilty if I donít do her. Sheís married and has three kids now but Sandra is still looking good.
    Seven years ago she was the hottest babe in the place. She puts on a good show and youíll think your getting her off. However, after doing her for over ten times, I have found her act seems to last about one hour, then starts to repeat itself over an over again. Sheís still a great time, I keep going back.

    Lou- Lou: This one is the bomb! 5í 2Ē, 95 lbs. curly hair, and a pure pro. . She is so good you wonít last long. She has an awesome sense of humor and just a hell of a good time. You will get her off because she will make sure of it. She will hug you and say she loves you and youíll have to shake your-self not to believe it.

    Tanya: 5í 4Ē 21 years old about 120 lbs. She likes to ware her hair in a bun in the back. She looks a lot better with it down. I spent a weekend with her last year. She is really cute but soft spoken until you gets her in the sack. Iíll be going there again.

    Carmon: 5í 2Ē 22 year old Blondie and HOT!! She gets right to it. Gives the best BJ and has a real good time doing it.
    I only saw her one time last year when my favorites were not working.

    Treat the ladies at Anthonyís like ladies and youíll come back to Ensenada. These girls are fun to party, dance & just hang out with. Thatís the great thing about this place. All the pressure is gone. You will have spent over $100 bucks, but youíll do that at Papas & Beer and the pussy isnít for sure.
    (Review # 305)

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