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  • Moncton Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 30 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I passed through Moncton about six weeks ago and called Bobbi's Touch. I was a bit uncertain about her from the phone call - her voice was kind of gravely and I wondered about her age - but took the chance. Very good decision, it turned out. In person, her voice was blues singer sexy rather than gravely and although she's probably in her early 40s (based on some things she said), she doesn't look liked it, either her face or her body.

    Fabulous body, small tight ass, slim waist and incredible full breasts, though I didn't see them till later. That's because the long, slow, sensual back massage she gave me began with her wearing a bra and panties, and the bra only came off when she began rubbing her breasts along my back, ass and legs. But I saw, and touched, and sucked, them later once I'd flipped over. Really, I can't say enough how good a time I had. Really nice lady, great oral, tight pussy, and those breasts I squeezed and sucked --- I came between them, too.

    Terrific sex and she was really good company, as well. Good enough that I arranged to pass through Moncton again about three weeks later and called her in advance to make sure I'd be able to see her. I gather she now has, or will shortly have, someone else working with her - she says the other woman will provide the same girlfriend-like experience, and maybe she will... who knows. But I'm looking for excuses to get to Moncton these days, and you will too, if you try her.
    (Review # 16828)
  • Other Dated Added: Sun Dec 24 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    The Canadian developments, while slow, are very encouraging.

    Prostitution won't be decriminalized -- yet

    Saturday, December 09, 2006

    OTTAWA -- A parliamentary committee will stop short next week of calling for wholesale decriminalization of prostitution after an exhaustive study of the country's prostitution laws.

    The special Justice subcommittee of MPs will, however, make a range of recommendations on how to revise the country's prostitution laws and how to make the streets safer and healthier for sex-trade workers.

    "That was the mandate of the committee," Liberal MP Jim Maloney, subcommittee chairman, said Friday in an interview. "To see how we could make it safer for communities, safer for the sex-trade participants."

    The report, the first parliamentary study of Canada's solicitation laws in more than two decades, will be released Tuesday.

    Maloney acknowledged there were divisions within the all-party committee over if and how to revamp the laws.

    "There was consensus on certain issues," Maloney said. "There wasn't consensus on other issues."

    NDP MP Libby Davies, a subcommittee member, acknowledged her view that prostitution should be decriminalized did not prevail.

    "It's not a majority opinion," Davies said in an interview. "It's very hard to find consensus."

    That being said, there was a "strong consensus the status quo isn't working," she said.

    Maloney brushed off any suggestion the report will call for an overhaul of prostitution laws, saying; "The report calls for even further study."

    The study was launched by the former Liberal government in 2004 as public concern mounted over a spate of killings and disappearances of prostitutes in Vancouver and Edmonton.

    MPs familiar with the report said it will present a wide range of views on Canada's anti-prostitution laws.

    As it stands now, prostitution is not illegal in Canada. Many of the activities associated with prostitution are, however, violations under the Criminal Code.

    For example, it is illegal to solicit in public places, to keep a bawdy house, and to live off the avails of prostitution, a law aimed at penalizing pimps.

    Davies said she would support decriminalizing all laws relating to prostitution where it relates to activities between "consenting adults."

    Opponents of decriminalization argue, among other things, that it would amount to an open invitation to organized crime to get more involved.

    [These opponents appear blissfully ignorant and unaware of pretty standard textbook economic principals which say it is CRIMINALIZATION which creates markets for organized crime, while LEGALIZATION destroys those markets]
    (Review # 16730)
  • Moncton, New Brunswick Street Action Dated Added: Sun Dec 24 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    To the poster who noted the lack of stings... sorry the golden era has ended, but better that everybody has this info.

    Six arrested in Moncton prostitution sting Tuesday, December 19, 2006

    Moncton police say their crackdown on the city's sex trade is netting results after six people were arrested in a weekend sting.

    Five men, ranging in age from 31 to 70, and a 34-year-old female sex worker were all arrested in the St. George Street area.

    Police say the woman pleaded guilty to prostitution-related charges last July and was put on probation and told to stay away from the area.

    Police say their ongoing investigations are helping to cut the level of prostitution in the area.

    A community group fighting the sex trade in the mostly residential area is happy with the police action.

    [Horny, Angry]

    Residents Against Street Solicitation spokesfatty Lisa Marie Deveau (fat chick's name) has also noticed a decrease in activity, and says it helps that everyone is working together. "I think that it's definitely a concentrated effort in all the areas — policing as well as people taking responsibility for what happens outside their properties," she said.

    Police say officers continue to monitor the area, but Cpl. Mike Gaudet says potential johns won't know when they'll show up. "We may not be there every night but you just won't know … so stay on guard." [He added, "I might be dressed as a policeman, with my big, bad billy club...or maybe a sexy nurse in a little white dress. You just won't know, you bad bad boys, until you see me, and my naughty, sexy toys!"]

    The men arrested in the latest sting will be in court next February and March. [Which will suck, because soon enough prostitution will be legal in Canada, and all this effort will just go to waste, but hopefully the convictions can be expunged]
    (Review # 16723)
  • Other Dated Added: Sun Dec 24 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Sex workers to sue over anti-prostitution laws Updated Sun. Dec. 17 2006

    OTTAWA -- A leading advocacy group for decriminalizing prostitution in Canada is planning to take the federal government to court over laws that it says endanger the lives of sex workers across the country.

    Valerie Scott, executive director of Sex Professionals of Canada, says the legal action will go ahead in January.

    "The communicating and bawdy house laws are arbitrary," Scott said in an interview from Toronto.

    "They do more harm than good, and we'll be filing in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. We're hoping to get a judgement from them within two years. Then we'll go to the Supreme Court of Canada with it."

    The common bawdy house laws can evict women from their homes, since landlords receive a notice of their alleged activities, said Wendy Babcock, spokeswoman for the Sex Professionals of Canada.

    Scott, who expects to be one of the plaintiffs in the court case, says the group will challenge the country's solicitation laws on constitutional grounds.

    The sex trade in Canada falls into a legal grey area because, while prostitution itself is not illegal, activities related to it are. Individuals who communicate for the purpose of prostitution or who sell sexual services can be charged under the Criminal Code.

    "It's really unfortunate that our profession is one of the few professions that doesn't have any legal protection to it," Babcock said. "Making it illegal is just forcing women into dangerous situations."

    News of violence against sex trade workers has garnered headlines in recent weeks. The slayings of five women in Ipswitch, England, triggered warnings for prostitutes there to stay off the streets.

    In Canada, a seven-months-pregnant mother of three was stabbed to death in Gatineau, Que., after an alleged "bad date." And jurors have just been selected for the trial of Robert Picton, the alleged serial killer of at least 26 sex workers from Vancouver's notorious Downtown Eastside.

    A 2006 Statistics Canada report said women in the sex trade are extremely vulnerable to violence which "often goes unnoticed."

    "According to police reports submitted to Statistics Canada, between 1991 and 2004, 171 female prostitutes were killed and 45 per cent of these homicides remain unsolved," the report said.

    Statistics on the homicide rate of sex workers are "almost certainly lower than the real figures," according to a report issued this month by a Commons subcommittee. Three-quarters of the homicides reported to the panel took place in Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg and Ottawa-Gatineau.

    But after hearing testimony from over 300 witnesses, MPs from the various parties on the subcommittee coudln't agree on legislative changes to the prostitution laws.

    Many advocates of sex workers' rights, such as Samantha Smyth of the Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women, say it's time to have a national debate.

    Violence is a daily threat in the lives of sex workers, said Smyth, noting that Sunday was the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. In Canada, marches and candlelight vigils were scheduled in Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa.

    There are no official figures on how many people are engaged in prostitution in this country. It's estimated that only five to 20 per cent of those involved in prostitution work on the streets. A majority work in such venues as hotels, strip clubs or private homes.

    Jenn Clamen, mobilization co-ordinator of Stella, a Montreal-based support and information group by and for sex workers, slammed the Commons panel for failing to recommend decriminalizing prostitution. Instead, the report urged increased education and programs to prevent people from entering the trade.

    "The lack of legal protection and non-recognition of the work of sex workers is leading to violence and marginalization," Clamen said.

    Stella publishes a "bad date" bulletin in a city estimated to have about 5,000 to 10,000 sex workers.

    Jody Paterson, executive director of the Prostitutes Empowerment Education and Resource Society in Victoria, said a solution to the problem of violence is urgently needed.

    "How come the only time people talk about prostitution is when a few sex workers have been murdered? I just don't get this," said Paterson.

    John Lowman, criminology professor at Simon Fraser University and a leading expert on prostitution, agrees.

    Lowman predicts the upcoming court case will be successful because current federal legislation violates the rights of sex workers to "life, liberty and safety."

    "It's high time these laws were struck down," says Lowman. "They make no sense."
    (Review # 16719)
  • Halifax Street Action Dated Added: Wed Feb 22 2006 Submitted by:

    I haven't been out that often lately, and when I have, the action has been on and off. I'm not sure if the girls have moved to new areas without informing me, or else there was a recent sweep. Most of my old regulars are not around anymore, so I've been very cautious. After a long hiatus, I've been out about 4 times in the last month. The results were as follows. Started cruising at about 10:30PM. Nothing out there. Was all over the area encompassing Agricola, Creighton, Robie, and Bilby, and Isleville. Circled several times with no luck. Returned at about 12:30AM with similar results. There is always a tough-looking agressive brunette in a blue jacket walking around, but she doesn't do it for me. A few nights later, I suffered through the same problem at 10PM. Returned again at 1AM and spotted a cute-from-a-distance long curly-haired brunette walking Agricola near Gus' Pub. Great body. Semi-cute up close. She didn't seem interested in intercourse. In the car, $40 got me a BBBJ, which was fine and very well-practiced until she coughed up the mess on my lap. Not a happy ending. She apologized and seemed sincere. A few weeks later I spotted a couple of black meth-whores on Maynard Street at about 9PM. I was tempted by one, who seemed like she might be cute until she smiled her toothless smile and my cock shrunk like a popped balloon. Without talking to her, I'm fairly sure that I could have gotten whatever I wanted for $20. I was short for time, so I didn't cruise for long and headed home. A few night's later I was out at around 11PM and quickly spotted my brunette again. After thinking about it, I gave her a second chance and she made it worth my while. Another $40 got me a superb BBBJ. She also offered up a set of beautiful titties for my feeling pleasure. I was tempted to ask if I could do a TF, but I was enjoying the BJ too much. I asked for anal, but she declined (she said it was due to my size - I'm very thick - but it could have been an excuse). either way, this time she held everything together and offered a phone#, just writing this, I'm tempted to follow up. That's about all I can offer in experiences lately. It's been very slow. (Review # 14054)
  • Moncton, New Brunswick Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 23 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Drop-in centre targets Moncton sex workers

    Early December, 2005

    A former prostitute hopes a new drop-in centre for sex-trade workers in Moncton will persuade more women to leave the streets.

    The new centre is run by a support group for prostitutes called PEERS.

    Five years ago, Michelle Geldart was selling sex on the streets of Moncton. On Tuesday, she cut the ribbon at the official opening of the drop-in centre.

    She says prostitutes need help from people who understand them, and she's trying to provide it. Since she got involved in PEERS a year ago, Geldart has been in touch with 32 sex-trade workers. Twenty-two of them make use of the support group.

    Geldart says PEERS is working. "Six have left the trade. One would be a success, so PEERS is making a difference."

    Codiac RCMP Supt. Todd Shean is in favour of the drop-in centre and says police are taking the prostitution problem seriously.

    "We recently held investigations with regards to street solicitation, and on the johns as well. This past week there's been a forfeiture of a residence on Gordon and Weldon that's recognized as a common bawdy house, so it's on the radar scope for the local police service."

    Geldart says there's still a lot of work to be done to get sex- trade workers off the streets. But she hopes the new drop-in centre will make that job easier.
    (Review # 13419)
  • All of Canada Swing Club Dated Added: Wed Dec 21 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Late December, 2005
    Group sex between consenting adults is neither prostitution nor a threat to society, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled on Wednesday, dismissing arguments that the sometimes raucous activities of so-called "swingers" clubs were dangerous.

    In a ruling that radically changes the way Canadian courts determine what poses a threat to the population, the court threw out the conviction of a Montreal man who ran a club where members could have group sex in a private room behind locked doors.

    "Consensual conduct behind code-locked doors can hardly be supposed to jeopardize a society as vigorous and tolerant as Canadian society," said the opinion of the seven-to-two majority, written by Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin.

    The decision does not affect existing laws against prostitution because no money changed hands between the adults having sex.

    The court was reviewing an appeal by Jean-Paul Labaye, who ran the L'Orage (Thunderstorm) club. He had been convicted of running a "bawdy house" -- defined as a place where prostitution or acts of public indecency could take place.

    Lawyers for Labaye, and James Kouri, the owner of another swingers' club in Montreal, had argued that consensual sex between groups of adults behind closed doors was neither indecent or a risk to society.

    The Supreme Court judges agreed.

    "Criminal indecency or obscenity must rest on actual harm or a significant risk of harm to individuals or society. The Crown failed to establish this essential element of the offence. The Crown's case must therefore fail," wrote McLachlin. In indecency cases, Canadian courts have traditionally probed whether the acts in question "breached the rules of conduct necessary for the proper functioning of society." The Supreme Court ruled that from now on, judges should pay more attention to whether society would be harmed.

    The judges said that just because most Canadians might disapprove of swingers' clubs, this did not necessarily mean the establishments were socially dangerous.

    "Attitudes in themselves are not crimes, however deviant they may be or disgusting they may appear," the judges said, noting that no one had been pressured to have sex or had paid for sex in either of the cases.

    "The autonomy and liberty of members of the public was not affected by unwanted confrontation with the sexual activity in question. Only those already disposed to this sort of sexual activity were allowed to participate and watch," they said.

    [Hats off to Canada]
    (Review # 13370)
  • Halifax Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 23 2005 Submitted by: Tool Pusher

    One to avoid:  Phone # 497-2312. Frequently moves apartments as she wears out her welcome. Describes herself (all or some of) as "fine, tight, 19, hot, busty, petite, Amy." This woman is a whacked-out crack-addict, with a strong sense of entitlement. The "massage" lasts 5 seconds, and she expects you to DO the JOB as she yacks on about the man delivering her prescription."  Her cat gave me fleas! (Review # 13158)
  • Moncton N.B Other Dated Added: Mon Nov 14 2005 Submitted by:

    If you wanna get lucky in Moncton, just go to the Beausejour Hotel and find someone there. The dancing in the evening on the top floor lounge will almost always produce results. And, it's just the cost of a few drinks! (Review # 13101)
  • St. John's, Newfoundland Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 15 2005 Submitted by: Terry

    I was in St. John's on businesss for a few days and was impressed with the presence of a few strip clubs there. I took the time and money to explore all, and have the following observations & conclusions:

    The best club is the BUBBLES on George Street. The staff and the dancers are very friendly, professional and provide excellent services. This club provides contact dances at $20 each, or $15 for non-contact. My favorites were Martine (I think this is how it's spelled), Bianca, and Claudia. Sonia, the owner, is apparently a former dancer, and therefore, no wonder her club is fantastic. And BTW, she's very attractive herself! In fact, all her non-dancing staff are very attractive too.

    Picadilly, on Duckworth Street, is an absolute NO-NO. The place is filthy, the girls are not attractive at all.... and the bartender (owner?) is very rude!!!!!!!!!!! Stay away from this place.

    Sirens, 124 Water Street, is so-so... there was only a couple of clean & good-looking girls while I was there. This club does however offer $95 for 1/2 hour contact dance, or $190 for a full hour. The staff at this place is nice.

    Cotton Club, George's Street, is a nice place but does NOT offer contact dances... therefore a thumbs down for me also.

    These are my very own opinions based on what I've experienced with other Toronto, Montreal and various USA clubs which I've visited. Again, Bravo to BUBBLES! - my choice for St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.  Check out their website at Believe me, I do NOT have any affiliation with the club, but am just very impressed with the good time & quality services they offered to me during my visit.
    (Review # 12879)
  • Halifax Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 15 2005 Submitted by: Jack Tar

    One to avoid!! In Halifax, there is a woman who advertises herself variously as "Young, 19, 23, hot, busty, tight, Newfie, green-eyed." She keeps changing the wording. She works out of 5422 Victoria Road, Apt #1, in the South End, near the grain silos. This woman is a whacked-out crack-addict, and her damn CAT gave me fleas!  The "massage" lasts all of 5 seconds, and then she starts whining "Don't touch my hair, don't touch my tits, don't touch my pussy, etc." Total waste of money. Avoid this woman like the plague! (Review # 12678)
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Street Action Dated Added: Sun Aug 07 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Police arrest 11 in vice stings, early August, 2005. Saskatoon police recently made a number of arrests as part of an ongoing effort to deal with sex-trade activity in the city. Seven sex-trade workers and four consumers, also known as johns, were arrested between July 12 and 29 on charges of communicating for the purposes of prostitution, according to vice unit acting Sgt. Sean Taylor. Four vehicles were seized and six individuals were charged with repeatedly driving through an area frequented by prostitutes. "It's the regular operations of the unit, going out and setting up sting operations and targeting the various groups, whether it be the sex-trade workers or the sex-trade consumers," Taylor said. The vice unit, along with other sections within the Saskatoon Police Service, conducted a number of sting and surveillance operations to monitor the street level sex trade. The area commonly known as "the stroll" roughly refers to 20th Street from Idylwyld Drive to Avenue W; 21st Street from Avenue I to Avenue W; and 19th Street from Avenue P to Avenue W. Taylor said charges generally entail a court date. "Usually it's a fine, and most often in the case with respect to the consumers themselves, they have the option of attending john school. They have to cover the fees of john school as part of dealing with it, and they have to successfully complete (it), and that could cost them up to $500." [...] (Review # 12347)
  • New Brunswick Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon May 23 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    There is some pioneering info in another post about the strip clubs in Moncton, New Brunswick. Here are a few other clubs not previously mentioned.
    * In Fredericton, North Star on 100 Clark Street
    * In Grand Falls, Broadway Club Adult Showbar, 245 Broadway Blvd.
    * In Inkerman, Club Tennessee, street address unknown.

    This is a very underreported area, so if you have New Brunswick info please contribute.
    (Review # 11556)
  • St. John, Newfoundland Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon May 23 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    There are reportedly four strip clubs in Newfoundland, all in St. John. They are as follows.
    * Billy's Show Bar, on Water Street
    * Cotton Club, 36 George's Street
    * Picadilly, on Duckworth Street
    * Sirens, 124 Water Street

    No further info, including more complete addresses, available for this cherry popping first post for all of Newfoundland. If you have more info, please contribute.
    (Review # 11554)
  • Saskatchewan--Regina, Saskatoon Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat May 21 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Here's some strip club into that turned up while I was trying to find something on Saskatchewan. There is one in Saskatoon--Showgirls, 710 Idylwyld Dr. N. and one in Regina, Dancers 2000, 230 A Hodsman Rd. If anybody is sitting on top of all the Saskatchewan 411, please share. (Review # 11538)
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Street Action Dated Added: Sat May 21 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Here is some Saskatoon info from a column written by some's quite old info, but considering there has NEVER been a Saskatoon post, I'm seizing the opportunity to bust this cherry. * * *

    Saskatoon's Street Prostitution * * * November 6, 1998 By: Jacob Zunti * * *
    A lot of media attention has been devoted to Saskatoon's prostitution problem in the last two months. Much of it has concerned the merits of two outreach van services that ply the city's mean streets providing needles, warm coffee, and Aids tests to workers in the trade. Much of the criticism has come from Francis Petite, a former Saskatoon citizen of the year renowned for her participation in progressive causes.

    In raising her criticisms, Petite observed that "no-one really cares about the prostitutes." The criticism is a harsh one, but it seems to have the ring of truth. Saskatoon Community Health, and the members of Communities for Children, the main supporters of the van services, appear to be more interested in building fiefdoms and resumes than helping the women and men who end up on the street. In response to vocal criticism of the outreach vans, these organizations conducted and then released the results of a survey of Pleasant Hill area residents living near the strip.

    The expectation was that the media and public would treat the results of the study as "unbiased research." Not surprisingly, the survey found little opposition to and much support for, the outreach vans. . These people are constantly reminding us of the number of young girls and women working the streets... and doing their utmost to bring scorn to the johns and boyfriends of the women, whom they derisively refer to as pimps.

    There may be pimps in Saskatoon, but I have yet to meet one... Saskatoon isn't New York or LA. What I have met are men who are supported by the women in their lives, since the men have been completely marginalized from society as a result of their own interactions with Saskatchewan's Criminal Justice system. In "tackling the prostitution problem" these organizations have also propagated the myth that street prostitution in the city is all about wealthy white businessmen in flashy new cars preying on poor young aboriginal girls. While the majority of women working the street are of aboriginal ancestry is unfortunately and undoubtedly true, anyone can drive down the stroll any time to see the falsity of the myth.

    While the occasional new vehicle may be seen, most of the vehicles that cruise 21st Street West give rise to the inference that their owners are quite down on their luck... headlights and tail-lights missing, beat up old pick-ups, and what not.
    a) why are so many people working the streets - is Social Services spending too much time working with the police and provincial (in)justice system to vilify johns and too little time in child protection work?
    b) does it make sense to maintain existing welfare laws or should they be changed to allow people who are at risk of becoming involved in the sex trade to receive welfare before attaining the age of 16? Due to child labour laws, people under 16 can't be legally employed in legitimate businesses; and
    c) why is there no "safe house" for children to go to before they become involved with the sex trade. I have had within my circle of friends and acquaintances, several persons who ended up in the trade.

    One left home due to sexual abuse and a courageous but probably incorrect decision to protect her mother's feelings and her father's liberty interest and reputation. What she found was that being unable to work legally, and unable to claim welfare, there was little alternative when she left, other than to work illegally... by selling her body on the street. The other friend ended up selling herself because she couldn't make the income she needed to feed her two small children on the income she made as a waitress.

    Solving Saskatoon's prostitution problem isn't about enacting harsher laws, seizing vehicles, printing names in the local paper, or passing out condoms and needles. Its about legalization and economic justice. Don't the people of Saskatchewan care... or are they just asleep at the switch?
    (Review # 11537)
  • Moncton Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Oct 15 2004 Submitted by:

    I've travelled around the US and Europe but you cannot beat the quality and price in Moncton, New Brunswick. Don't try the outcall escort services as the descriptions are usually way off. As a general practice, the girls seem to age by 5 to 10 years during the cab ride to the hotel and put on 20 - 50 pounds. Your best bet is on the street or in one of the two massage parlors but I will give the run down on the entire Moncton scene.

    First there are 4 strip joints as follows: -

    - Platinum Dolls: $20 per backroom dance. The girls leave everything on but a g-string and you can touch any place except under the g string. This place is a rip off..

    - Angie's: $12 per backroom dance with the same rules as above. Some girls, including a young dutch stripper, will allow you to finger them. There are rumours of BJ's being given by some in the private booths. Best value for a strip club.

    - Ms. BeHaven: Same rules as Angie's although some girls loosen up on the 2nd or third dance.

    - Grand Prix: Mostly girls from Montreal, they change weekly and vary in looks. They have strippers on stage and small backrooms with locking doors for private dances. All of the girls will put out. They quote rates as follows:


    Handjob = $40,


    and full sex is $80. Almost all the girls will do it for less. I've had a couple of BJ's there. You are limited to 3 songs played by the DJ. Generally for the first song you finger them, and for the last two they give a quick BJ (covered). I've had a nice Dominican girl there as well as a local lady.


    Finesse Massage is the next best place, located on Weldon Street. Its $70 for 30 minutes and $115 for an hour. The girls really vary in looks but there is generally one nice one. Generally 3 to 6 girls work at any one time and you get the line up when you go in. The hour rate doesn't get you anything more, just a longer period. The rates include a massage, and your choice of BJ, full sex or 1/2 and 1/2. Some girls are more picky than others, and want extras for oral breast action and most don't allow fingering unless you pay. You can usually get for half what they quote you for for an extra. I've been about here 30 times. They have a deal that the 10th visit is free if you have a VIP number. You don't have to leave your name, its anonymous. All in all, not a bad place but the quality of the girls is somewhat lacking at times. You have to be prepared to walk if there is nothing in the line up you like.


    By far the best place is the Gentleman's Massage Club on St. George. I have had line ups of 3 - 9 girls depending on the time of the year and the rates are $80 for 1/2 hour and $120 for the hour and worth every penny. I tend to go for the hour rate here as the girls are penalized if you leave before the hout is up. Again it covers everything but the girls only have 1 condom with them and additional ones may be added for buying time in 30 minute blocks for $50. Some girls want extras, but generallly not unless for oral on her, or anal.


    My last experience was as follows: there were three girls in the line up. A short black girl, quite cute about 20, a 35 year old girl and a 20 year old white girl with long dark hair. I chose an hour with the young white girl and proceeded to a room. I showered and when she returned the clock started. She got undresed and I asked her to lay next to me (more like on me) and we caressed for a while. I sucked on her breats for about 10 - 15 minuts while I fingered her pussy. I then asked for some head and she proceed to roll on a condom and provided great oral, speeding up or slowing down as I requested. At one point I had her spin aound so I could finger her while she blew me. I then asked her to get on top which she did and rode me cowgirl until I got off. She then cleaned me up and we laid together for the rest of the time, carressing one another. The last few visits to this establishment have been exceptional. With a new selection of girls from 19 to early twenties. There was one girl in her late 20's that was exceptional and just in from Hong Kong last year. She didn't speak English but the service was incredible, right down to putting on my socks and tying my shoes.


    Street action can be tricky but there have been no stings for nearly a year. Girls are generally found strolling St. George between the Church and Von Harvey boulevard. Even in the afternoon, or at lunch, there may be one or two out. There are some real dolls and some nice girls in the 19 to 25 year range. Many do not dress like hookers. Make one or two passes up the street and they will signal you with a wave. I have had good and bad experiences.

    The bad experience was when I didn't get a good look in the dark and she turned out to be late 40's and not great looking. I talked her down to $60 for an hour at the hotel which included unlimited BBBJ's for the full hour which I took advantage of. The best was a 20 year old blonde who was very tight. I negotiated her to $90 for a full two hours at the hotel. Included BBBJ's, any position sex(covered). Best to have your own condoms as they may not have enough. It was steady going for the 2 hours. She offered to let me perform oral on her but I declined although she seemed vary clean and this was early in the afternoon. I had one finger in her bum at times but she declined anal. Some of these girls left the massage clubs when they changed the split from 60/40 to 40/60 for girl/house.


    Prices in the street are very negotiable and most will give a BBBJ for $20 although they start at $40. I prefer not to have action in the car but at my hotel as I am in town there on business. Even the massage clubs at $120 are a great deal. In the US its usually $150 US just to get them to your room and then extra for everything.


    I hope this is useful.

    (Review # 10293)
  • Regina, Saskatchewan Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jun 04 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    It's about time for the cherry to be busted on the town that rhymes with "vagina" in this first ever Regina report, hell, the first ever Saskatchewan report. There is reportedly action on King Street, but some older guy in a white four door car and/or a red minivan tried to abduct some kids in the area of the 1200 and 1300 blocks of King Street. Police are on the look out, residents upset, and rightly so. There is reportedly at least one escort business in the town, but I'll let the lumberjack I heard that from submit his own report. Street information current as of May 19, 2004. (Review # 9230)
  • Moncton, New Brunswick Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Sep 01 2003 Submitted by:

    Well, I was in Moncton on the last week of August of 2003 for business. Moncton is a small town and I was hoping to fuck out there for a local lady but nobody's goes to bars. I took a look at the Yellow Pages and found out about 6 escorts services. Ain't bad for a city of that size.

    After calling each of them(only two were still in business),  I got an Agency, names 'Finesse Massage', which was close to my hotel. Britney was sent to my room. I've been told she was a real nice brunette, at 5'3, 120 pounds and for 110$ for a full hour. When I opened the door, Britney was red hair(not brunette) with a bit more than 120 pounds but cute. After reviewing the details with her, no kissing were allowed, good for only one ejaculation and blow job, with the condom. Different story from speaking over the phone and when the girl is in the room. When you come from Montreal, you excepted a lot more than that......anyway, down to business,


    She started with a massage, the type of massage you get from your wife after 15 years of marriage. No sensuality, done quick. After, she started to blow. I requested to be suck slowly but the girl, wanted to do it real quickly, never listen to me. Blow job was Ok but seen a lot better. We got down to fucking and I came but again, she just lay down doing nothing. After I came, she came back to business again saying all the rules that I came once and that's it. If I wanted more, extra $ were necessary. Which I rejected. In Montreal, I can get, one full hour of great fucking, sucking and kissing with a nice babe for 100$. Wanna fuck in Moncton, NB? I suggest to pay the pay movies and do the job yourself...

    (Review # 7453)
  • Niagara Falls Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 01 2003 Submitted by: Slick Rick

    I traveled to the falls several times and seen Elizabeth, Honey, Melissa, Tina, and Michelle all from Diamonds escorts. Every session I had was a complete fulfilling experience, with Michelle being the best. As always your mileage will very and not all of the ladies are gfe. People from the states are really getting a bargain because of the money exchange rate. ~~

    ~~Diamonds rates are $110.00 US dollars which equals approx $160.00 Candian dollars. So we are getting twice the enjoyment at the falls then home in the states because they charge less and you do not have to worry about LE because outcall is legal, incall is not in all of Canada. Anyway I did get cbj and cfs from all the ladies, all where great.~~ (Review # 6793)

  • Halifax Street Action Dated Added: Thu Sep 27 2001 Submitted by:

    In Halifax the best areas of town for street action is the Agricola St area and the little one way street behind it, plus Creighton street (also one way). Hollis St. has some but there's lot of onlookers in that area. The girls are mid-range (4-8's, once and a while a 10). I've only been ripped off once. The quality is quite variable. There's some gems out there. I met a 19yo once that took me to her apt and for $40.00 we split a joint and then had about 1/2hr of foreplay, she sucked my balls and chewed my nipples then rode me hard and moaned the whole time. This was an exception though, I later tried to find her again but never could. I've tried for a few anals out there and had mixed luck, plus I use a car so it doesn't work well anyway. I've had a 2 hour session of oral, Greek, straight plus fingering for $40.00 but that was a one-time thing. She was horny and little drunk so we helped each other out.
    ~~Usually a BBBJ is $30-$40.00 (never settle for more then $40.00 – I once got 2 for $50.00). My general rule is that for a $40.00 BJ she should have her pants around her ankles and her shirt up and I should get a few minutes of finger fucking and oral titty action. I'm usually picky and avoid the hard tickets out there. If you don't mind the hard looking numbers I've heard of $10.00 BJ's. Half and Half is $50-$60 (I like the BJ's so I rarely get it). The best time of day is 8:00pm to 5:00am. I usually find there's either no girls out there or about 3-4. Not sure why that is. Never more then 5-6 out on the best night, but I see lots of different girls every time? Strange. Most will give you a phone number if you ask for later appointments.
    ~~Girls to avoid: Natasha, a young short haired blonde. She was a great number for a while, used to go for anything. Now she's into the drugs and the last time collapsed sobbing onto my cock. There’s also a plump young brunette with jogging pants. She looks ok (6-7) and is pleasant, but for the BJ she won't do bareback and only allows brief touching, then she clamps onto your shaft like a hoover and drains the cum out of you in about 2 seconds. No satisfaction. Then there’s a little short girl with shoulder length, curly hair. She makes a lot of promises and if you like dirty talk with little action she's the one. She'll blow you, but usually wants you to stop and get her a coffee or condoms or a lotto ticket. She's a pain. I know these are just general descriptions, but hopefully they will help.
    ~~Recommends: I recommend most so long as they look clean. One I particularly like is Mary/Marie (not sure). She's not the prettiest and probably ~35 but she likes to "play army". That is, you lay down and she blows the hell out of you! Wow! I can't imagine a better BJ, she sinks it into the back of her throat and it basically stays there while she sucks and pumps. Wow Wow Wow! I don't last more then a couple of minutes with her but they are heaven. She doesn't mind foreplay either. Hope it helps!
    ~~P.S. To avoid cops, there's a simple procedure. 1) Treat her like a hitchhiker, offer a ride ~~2) Wait until she gets in the car. 3) She should grab your crotch (you reciprocate). 4) If they do not, slowly grab her (say nothing). If you succeed with step 3 or 4, chat away and be direct. If 3/4 fail, treat her like a hitchhiker and tell her you are going to (pick a place) and ask where to drop her off.
    (Review # 4372)
  • Halifax Street Action Dated Added: Fri Mar 09 2001 Submitted by: Tool Pusher

    Halifax street action is almost non-existent, and any women you see will be either addicts, or policewomen. There have been couple of murders of streetwalkers, and the police are under pressure from the media. However, all is not lost. As befits a seaport, pay-per-pussy abounds. There are two known massage parlors, "Gentlemen’s Massage Club" at 70, Windmill Road, Dartmouth, behind the Holiday Inn, and "Park Avenue" at 69, Queen Street, Dartmouth. Both have been in business for several years, and never make it into the news.~~Other sex workers advertise in the "Classified" section of the "Daily News" and the "Mail-Star".~~ (Review # 3266)
  • Halifax Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Nov 27 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    Called "Gentlemen's Massage" found on yellowpage from a downtown hotel. The lady was described as in 20's. 150CAD total. She showed up and must be in 30's. She looked restless and bored. I paid her and she called her agency to confirm. I was told she would give a nude massage first but she even forgot to bring baby oil. I let her used hotel's body lotion instead. She rubbed my back on the bed (she still wore bra so it was not nude at all). After a while she got up and called her agency again ! She claimed the one hour started from the moment she walked out the agency and would end at the moment she got back. So I only got 30 min in the hotel. I didn't know that !

    I didn't find her attractive so I just asked her to give a BJ. After I jerked off, she didn't even removed the condom for me. After she left, I found she forgot her keys on the table. I was nice enough to call the agency and she got back to pick them up later. She seemed to forgot everything ! Very bad experience. Don't try "Gentlemen's Massage" in Halifax.
    (Review # 2790)
  • Halifax Dartmouth Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Sep 04 2000 Submitted by: Escort fan

    On Windmill Road, near the old bridge. ~~~~When you call the receptionist quotes the rates; e.g., $80/half hour, totally nude, reversible body massage, full service with release.~~~~You are met by a hostess who introduces you to the girls, usually 2 to 4, of varying attractiveness and shape. When you make your choice you are escorted into a bedroom and offered a shower while your date puts on an xxx rated video. When you lie down she massages you and takes off her clothes and has you roll over and then starts to masturbate you (she rolls on a condom). She wanted me to be gentle on her breasts, but otherwise was accommodating of my caresses. The first time for me was over very quickly; my excitement was high, especially with the pretty date, and with me fondling her. She was friendly and commented how excited I was since I came so fast. Then she gently removed the condom and cleaned me up. ~~~~Especially since I had just come from a strip club and was pretty worked up. ~~~~All in all, a pleasurable experience.~~ (Review # 2291)
  • Regina, Saskachewan Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Feb 13 2000 Submitted by: takao-form-japan

    I used to visit independent incall escort service in Regina. This escort service locates on motel called "Imperial 400" along with Albert St. south and it is near Tim Hortons.
    Telephone # is listed on directory. Her name is Carla. She is very beautiful blonde girl in late 30's but looks like in her late 20's. She will laid from bj $150, full service $200~. If you go for full service, she will start from awesome bj, then give you oil massage, then multiple positions of fuckfest. But she doesn't do anal & another kinky stuff. Anyway she was very kind to Asian male johns, if you are Asian guy and look for date, go for her.
    (Review # 1578)

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