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  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Tue Oct 14 2008 Submitted by: Mr.Danger

    I was a little drunk on the weekend and found myself walking down 15th Avenue S.W near center street. It was almost 3am when a girl walked up to me and we made a deal of $80 for everything but no anal. I brought her back to my place which wasnt too far. I put on a movie in the living room while she showered, after her shower she came out and we went at it. I must of done everything imaginable to that girl giving her a hard fucking. During the deed she even asked me to take pictures on her cell phone to send to her friends which I did. After that I had her on her knees and talked her into trying anal, she didnt like it too much but it was what I needed to finish up. It turned out to be a wild PSE for sure, especially the grunting while pushing myself deep into her ass. I will be looking for her again. Her name is Mandy and said shes 27. Id give her a 6/10 for looks but the stuff she let me do and the things she said made it a 9/10 for fun. (Review # 24877)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Aug 25 2008 Submitted by: Mr.Danger

    Was coming home from work and pulled into the parking lot on 50th st between 17th ave and 20th ave s.e when I stopped for just a second and the next thing I know there's a girl jumping into my car. She looked about 20. I thought what the hell and pulled away.


    We started talking and right away she asked if she could show me a trick, and began putting her legs behind her head. I found a quiet place but at 2:00pm thats hard to do. I wanted something fast and agreed on a BJ for $40 but $45 without a condom. I put my chair back and she started. She was slobbering all over my cock and choking herself before I finally blew insider her mouth. I then dropped her off outside a pizza place on 17th ave where she spotted a police officer and waved. She even knew his first name. Gave me a little scare. 

    (Review # 24573)
  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Sun Sep 16 2007 Submitted by: Bluenose

    Quite possible the shittiest experience I've ever had paying for sex. So, there we were, two 20something Nova Scotians out painting the town red on a Saturday night. We didn't pick up anything at the bars on 17th Ave and on our way back to my buddy's place we decide to take a cruise down 3rd Ave near the French Maid We spot a pretty blond (about 5'7 140lbs nice tits and big arse) on the corner and she walks over to the car, we ask how much and she says we'll talk about it later but she can't go alone with 2 guys so she's gets one of her friends (bleached blond 5'4 115lbs small tits thin) to come over and off we go back to my buddy's. Before they'd even tell us the prices we had to put $100 in each of their hands.

    Here's the prices they quoted: $100- hand job w/condom $200- bj w/condom $300-naked bj/condom $500-full sex My friend and I almost shat ourselves upon hearing these fuckin’ outrageous prices but, he just got back from the oil patch and had money to spend. We end up each paying $200 for the BJ w/condom then driving the 2 chicks back to where we picked them up. If you don't mind blowing $500 I guess Calgary can be alright, there were about 5-6 girls on 3rd Ave and they were all 6-9's.

    The girls were real pro's and very pushy (why only a BJ, spend another $100, etc). My advise would be to save your $ and book a cheap flight to Montreal where u can fuck hotter escorts for 90$ who won't be such pushy cunts. This was by far the worst/most uncomfortable experience I've ever had and I've done this in Halifax, Montreal, Amsterdam and Barcelona. Good luck guys

    (Review # 20739)
  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jan 13 2007 Submitted by: Robbie

    I recently picked up a street trick in Calgary. The location was the area a few blocks North of 17th Ave. I believe I picked her up on 15th Ave at around 11 A.M. with a rental (it's not easy to find hookers at that time but not impossible...) Anyway - after picking her up she asked me if I wanted to feel her tits which was a good start. I found out she was a coke addict when she started lighting up in the car. After looking her over I realized she was good looking (around a 7) and she didn't look any older than mid-teens.

    She asked what I wanted and I told her that I wanted a BJ. She said CA$70 or something and I immediately told her that that was kind of steep. I proposed to give her 40 bucks with a facial included. She acceded. Not knowing the city I had no idea where to go and I didn't feel like draggin a street hooker into the Hyatt. She didn't know either. So I ended up driving to some industrial area a mile or so south of downtown. There I found a fence encircling a car pound or something and I definitely heard someone talking to each other. In fact, I could look into the lot from where I was standing which made me kind of uncomfortable.

    150 feet away up a hill there was a busy road and the cars could essentially look down and spot us. At this point I was somewhat apprehensive about being busted but I really wanted to shoot my load so I just told her to get on her knees and she started sucking away. She was fully dressed :-( She wasn't really into it but considering the setting I can't blame her... After 3 mins or so, I already wanted to spray her. Furthermore I heard some voices behind me and I figured someone from the lot has spotted me and we're on their way to check it out. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and grabbed the back of her neck and drew her towards my dick and shot her right in the face. She was surprsied and shocked to say the least and she seemed kind of grumpy henceforth...

    As for the voices - when I looked behind me I saw two guys coming our way (a 100 feet away). She'd already run back to the car and I scurried after her (pants still undone) hoping they weren't gonna chase us. We got into the car and drove straight back to where I had picked her up. 40 $ for a BJ and facial - not so bad. Especially considering the steep prices that are common in Calgary nowadays (escorts are 200/hr C$ I've been told).

    On the way back to the hotel I realized she had pocketed my sun lotion and my sunglasses (knock-offs but still)... Anyway, that was my experience in Calgary and honestly next time I think I'll get an escort instead!
    (Review # 16980)
  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Tue Sep 20 2005 Submitted by:

    Warning:  Most of the ladies will show you a good time, but there are quite a few that will take the money and run. Picked up a cutie on 17thSE and payed her $40 US for a bj.  She pulled a knife and jumped out of the truck with the cash. There are better hoes downtown, but they charge more and they are still only a 3-5. Had some good luck on 15th Ave.  Good hunting. (Review # 12708)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 19 2005 Submitted by: Sunny

    Massage parlour: Carrie's VIP. Saw Vanessa at Carrie's VIP South. She does FS for $200.00. However, be warned that she tries to do handjob instead of regular sex. Some girls in sex industry will try and do handjob instead of lay grabbing cock in hand underneath. She is around 26 years old. Nice figure and looks. Not terribly busty, though. Would not recommend seeing her if you are looking for FS. Other rates are standard. (Review # 12082)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 19 2005 Submitted by: Sunny

    Independent escort review for Karen. Have seen Karen who is found usually thru Calgary Sun or the internet. Not known to use streets. She charges $140 for the hour, for FS. She's a very busy blonde who is 40. Nice figure and looks. She comes to your place. Usually available in evenings due to other work. No positions she won't do. Will not allow oral sex on her. Lay was quite good, would call again. Reasonable rates. She does ask a lot of questions about how clean the building is, etc., for some unknown reason.   (Review # 12081)
  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Sun Aug 01 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Information current as of late July, 2004. There was an all out crackdown in Calgary that began June 15 and resulted in 179 investigations into the activities of sex trade workers and their clients. 112 prostitution and drug related charges were laid. Thirty were against sex trade workers and their clients in Forest Lawn. Citywide operations are planned for August, 2004. Be warned. (Review # 9737)
  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Thu Jul 08 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    The Calgary info is getting a little old, and not much in the way of info about street action. Here's something, for what it's worth, current as of early July, 2004. There are reports that an East Village apartment building at 807 6 St. SE is rife with prostitution. But watch's rife with other crime, too. In fact, the report surfaced when a homeless man tried to choke someone who got into a dispute with him. Security and more police presence has, however, been promised at the building. (Review # 9554)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jun 11 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello: Was in Calgary this week, and on the stroll in east Calgary. Be careful. Do not go with hooker to their place. Boy friend arrives(as husband) and will try to rob you. I was lucky and got out. (Review # 9303)
  • Other Dated Added: Fri Jan 02 2004 Submitted by:

    Had a massage with Tess from Calgary Outcalls. Certainly one of the better service providers in town. She seemed to really get into her work and had some very interesting techniques... (Review # 8110)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Dec 15 2003 Submitted by: Joey C

    Just to give some good news about Tenth Ave Massage... It's a wonderful place with a great girl called Chloe who works from tuesday to friday and sometimes saturdays. She's a brown-skinned Caribbean girl.......look 7-8 , very friendly and TOTALLY un-inhibited !!

    I have been there several times and can't wait to get back again. I'm a 24-yr old average looking asian male and this goddess really gave me a great time . Check her out and report back! Good luck ! (Review # 8026)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Nov 07 2003 Submitted by:

    There was a huge raid on Wednesday, November 5th, 2003, that effectively shut down most of the massage parlours in town. A lot of the parlours had become places to get underaged asian girls, and police did a multi-city crack down on it all. (Review # 7844)
  • Calgary Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jan 08 2002 Submitted by:

    Marlborough Massage is now under new management and the place looks a whole lot better. Got a lapdance and BJ from a gorgeous Russian girl named Natalie (Easily an 8+). She was incredible, and really got into it. (Review # 4884)
  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Mon Nov 19 2001 Submitted by:

    Picked up a black girl down town on 3rd Ave. Her looks were 7 and she was very friendly. We went back to my hotel where we settled on $80 for full service. Her body was very nice and she fucked me on top.

    As she fucked me she reached around behind and played with my balls why I played with her very beautiful firm tits. We finished off missionary style when I blew my load inside of her. All in all a great experience.
    (Review # 4642)
  • Calgary Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jul 17 2001 Submitted by:

    Went to Marlborough Massage and was kind of disappointed as the masseuse was VERY money hungry. Just wanted to fuck and it cost me $40 to get in; then she basically said it was $200 more for sex and then it was just marginal at best. Kept telling me about how much money she made over the year and it was definitely a "TURN OFF!" Looked for Sam who was highly recommended but no dice. (Review # 3991)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 10 2001 Submitted by:

    Had a session with a hooker working on Centre Street, near the tower. She stands at the Centre 12 building. Longhaired blonde girl, about 5ft 4inches tall. Somewhat pretty girl, looks like a drug addict and has bags under her eyes. She smokes like a factory. Anyways don't even both with her, may look attractive, but turns out she is a rip off artist. Poses as a police officer and have stolen money from many people. What does a guy do? Goto the police? Gee. (Review # 3378)
  • Calgary Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Nov 19 2000 Submitted by: Old Soldier

    Have visited Magic Tan several times over the past few years and have always got the best service. It moved location last year and the new place is much nicer and up-scale. You can find the location in the classified ads in the Calgary Herald. While some of the women there have come and gone over the years, the constant is Lynn. She is a very friendly and pleasant Asian lady who treats you right if you treat her right. Besides an excellent massage, she will see to your more personal needs and treat you as a friend and not just a customer. (Review # 2752)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 25 2000 Submitted by: Moosehunter

    When in Alberta, call Melody at the Dunes Club. Best attitude and service I have ever had, anywhere in the world. Tell her "Moosehunter" said hello! and hit it a lick for me! Can't wait to return. This lady enjoys her work. Actually it isn't an occupation, it is a preoccupation! (Review # 2610)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 04 2000 Submitted by: bowhunter

    If you are fortunate enough to get to Calgary, Alberta, Call the Dunes Escorts and ask for Melody...treat her like a lady, and she will treat you like a king. I live 3,000 miles away and can't wait for a return...This lady will take you places where no man has ever been her the moose hunter said hello! (Review # 2503)
  • Calgary Street Action Dated Added: Mon Aug 21 2000 Submitted by:

    The best place to find some action is on Centre between 17th and 13th Ave, there are some hot chicks there - some that will do full service for next to nothing - if you wind up on 10th east of Macleod - look for some great deals there - these chicks need cash and badly - some are plain ugly some are mediocre but you can do what ever you want to them - I once had a BBBJ from one while I verbally humiliated her for doing what she was - I was grabbing her hair squeezing, doing what ever I wanted to do wherever- finger up anal pussy - this slut never minded one bit - at the end she gulped every drop down - I verbally humiliated her some more - she left crying but still gave me her number. ~~~~Money has the POWER... this chick it was like my hours wage for her service - she spent about 15 minutes with me.~~ (Review # 2213)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 22 2000 Submitted by: DR LOVE

    I wanted to let people know about a certain wonderful woman in Calgary, and the perils of the street scene right now.~~~~First off, I hereby vow never to talk to the street girls in this city again. Those that are left from the intense crackdown of recent years are liars and thieves. Let me explain.~~~~I am always propositioned by some of the hookers on 3rd Ave SW near the French Maid strip club after I leave. Sometimes recently I have been sweet talked into doing what needs to be done. One occasion, in February, involved a 20-something brunette who agreed to my condition of various positions. Note - most hookers will only accept missionary for "safety" reasons. Anyway, I took her home, paid her $200 of a blow and sex and got to it. The blowjob was fine, and then she told me about her bad back. So we did missionary a bit and then I insisted on doggie. She did that a bit, then told me her back was sore and that she only promised me two positions and no more, so now it was game over. I hadn't even popped yet, so needless to say I was a bit upset. I drove her back without talking to her.~~~~Second instance was in late June and a good looking blonde in a cheetah-skin top told me that for $400 she would let me do her in any position I wanted, that I could pleasure her, and that she would even blow me in my car while driving to the hotel, room rate included. This was too much to refuse, even for my skeptical nature. Well, sure enough she blew me while driving (which isn't as easy as it seems) and then the crap starting churning. She insisted we pull over to a dark parking area and give her the rest of the money and we would have sex there in the car before going to the hotel. Reluctantly, I agreed. Dummy. So she kept sucking me, and I said let's do it but she said no, let's go to the hotel. So I started driving to the hotel and she said the room rate was $45. I pointed out that she said room included, and she said no. So I said let's go to my place - it's ten minutes away - and she said no, too dangerous. Then she started to get bitchy, pulled out her Mace, and told me to pull over and let her out. ~~~~$400 down the drain. I am still pissed off by that.~~~~So, anyway, on July 15 I called up an escort named Jamie Lee/Tiffany at, (just so you can see who I am talking about), a woman I had enjoyed once before. She came over in a snakeskin top/bottom for a 45-minute session for $230. All-inclusive. She changed from snakeskin into a black undies/bra ensemble and led me to the bedroom. We started by playing, feeling and sucking her tits, and then she climbed on top and rubbed her tits in my face and down my chest and rubbed my dick with them. Yes! Then she sucked me a bit then started diddling herself in missionary and then doggie, letting me play with her ass. Then she invited me to rub her snatch without inserting. So I did that for 5-6 minutes until she came. Yes!! Then she climbed aboard in cowgirl style, and then told me to do her doggie style. We did that for about 3-4 minutes until I couldn't hold back.~~~~It was all good. She has such a pleasant personality and enthusiasm for your well-being that I cannot recommend her enough. No more street trash - in Calgary, use the escorts because you know what you're getting, and will actually get it.~~ (Review # 1982)
  • Calgary Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jun 24 2000 Submitted by: Taj

    I once met a girl called BRandi, very short @5,2 and busty. She is one hell of a bitchy lady. Before I paid her she was nice. After she got the money she wasn't the same again. Folks be on the watchout for a brunette by that name. She is a rip off. Taj (Review # 1786)
  • Calgary Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Feb 07 2000 Submitted by: Rod

    I figured it's time I gave my input to you guys. Plus, it's give these girls some extra work. I've been to a bunch of places over the last little bit, and here are my reviews:

    Carissa at Mystic Massage: Fairly good looking blonde, nice tits, nice ass. She won't do FS, but will do everything else for you. She actually gets into it when you start playing with her tits. Seen her 4 times.~~
    HJ $60 (20+40), Topless HJ $80 (20+60), Nude HJ $120 (20+100), reverse $140 (20+120), BJ $100~~
    ~~Casey at 14th St Health Studio: She's a cute early 20's brunette with small but firm tits. She really moans and gets into it, but will not go FS. She's my favorite because of how she acts, awesome technique, and her moans make me cum so fast. Highly recommended for everything short of FS!! Seen her 6 times, and will go for more!~~
    HJ $60 (20+40), Topless HJ $80 (20+60), Nude HJ $120 (20+100), reverse $140 (20+120)~~
    Chelsea at 14th St: She's a busty cute blonde with real tits. Very very cute, good massages, excellent HJ's. Another person I'd highly recommend for you guys. Same prices at Casey.

    Carrie at Carrie's VIP: She's an older, mid 30's blonde, but with nice (fake) tits. If you are a regular, you can get a FS for $100. $25/half hour for a massage. I went for a nude HJ for $100, and she let me eat her out as she gave me a HJ. Lotsa fun, you get lower rates with more visits.

    Casey at Platinum Club: Casey is the most gorgeous blonde I've ever seen in a massage parlour. I only went in for a HJ, and she had an alright technique. She did let me feel her out as she did it, which was a bonus. I'd rate her a 9 in looks, but 6.5 in service. I think she does FS, but never asked. She works most evenings when I went there. I'd recommend her for you guys who get off on gorgeous blondes, because she IS GORGEOUS.

    Sam at Marlborough Massage: I dropped in one day to see who was working there, and out came this gorgeous busty blonde named Sam. I never tried her out because she was with another client, but she is a total babe!! I'd give her a 9 on looks. She was really nice at the desk, and then skipped over to one of the rooms. I'm going to pay her a visit one of these days... Enjoy!~~
    (Review # 1507)
  • Calgary Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Feb 06 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    On my last trip to Calgary visited a massage studio called The Platinum Club on 17 ave SW. Had a girl named Alex very friendly and great massage. She took her time and had great hands .Had a topless HJ but am sure you could get a lot more which I will do next time. Used to see a girl named Candie before who had her own place in SE Calgary if anyone knows where she went to please post. (Review # 1496)
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