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  • Abu Dhabi Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Aug 26 2006 Submitted by: Shishonastick

    Well the last report is pretty accurate. Al Ain Palace (Ally Pally) is very poor choice so best avoided if you want anything young and fresh. Watch out for the one armed Turkish lady. Some guys don't see it until she is back at their room! Best avoid I think especially if you don't want to be seen by business colleagues. You can see everyone in there and there is no back door! Don't pay more than 300 for Chinese anywhere. They ask for 500 and some dumb guys are paying but you make it harder for everyone else. 300 nothing more. Like the last report, I don't find anywhere where there is Filipina for sale. There is a club, but girls not for sale. Le Galouises is best for nice girls. Pricey but worth it. Lots of Russians and Ukranians. Some very nice, but they drink and smoke and it is an expensive evening. Don't leave money or drinks out in your room with these or Africans. It will be gone and often the service is shit too if they drink too much. Abu Dhabi is very very hot now. Some girls are back home so the choice isn't as good. Also makes you very hot an sticky. Keep clean guys as a few of you are noticeable in the clubs! What do the girls think! Also, watching some of my friends taking chances with no condom. Don't be so stupid. Have you seen how many guys these girls screw? They are doing 3 a day sometimes with sailors and oil workers who shag anywhere all over the World. I regular do Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Casablanca and Rio. I know this scene well, don't take the chance even if the girl offers. You are not special to are money that's all. As one of the reports says. don't kid yourself. If you are 40 or 50, then do you really think you are attractive to a 23 year old! (Review # 15424)

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