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  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Nov 17 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I was many times in Dubai it is a very safe city. Moscow Hotel can be a very good choice there are very beautiful and young russian girls in it's disco and hotel allows to take girl to your room.You can also go to rigga broadway hotel it has a disco that is 24 hours open and hotel allows to pick up girls to your room every time you want. (Other good Disco : Disco in Hayat Regency hotel , Disco in Sheraton Deira hotel ) (Review # 25208)
  • Dubai Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Sep 30 2008 Submitted by: Dubai Guru

    Hi,  I have been living in the city for the last two years. Here is pearls of expereince.

    Bur Dubai is the golden triangle with three pick up points all at walking distance from each other. These are Regal Hotel, York Club (Hotel), Staying Alive (Imperial Suite).

    Regal Hotel will charge you AED 100 - 125 (US$25-30) as cover charge. 80% chics are central asian (russians). They will ask you for AED 1000 for an hour (US $250). You can negotiate to AED 600. No one will go with you below 500. It is safe and organized so no fears.

    York Club will charge you AED 50 for cover charge, you can redeem it for a drink later. 70% Chics are Chinese, 20% Kenyans/Morocons (Black / coloured), 10% is a mix of turkish, eastern europe, central asian. The rate if 500 for an hour plus the cab fare. Imperial Suite will charge you AED 100 (redeemable for a drink). Mostly Chinese, few russians, recently 4 -5 indians as well. They will ask you 800 but you can expect the deal in 500. They also have a ballet dancing in the adjacent hall. You can enjoy russains dancing on egyptian tunes. No seperate charge for that.

    Overall everyone will give you a BJ (russians with condoms, chinese without it) and a straight fuck. Chinese can give you a massage as well if requested. Africans will agree on anal as well. Many africans come on the road after 3 am (Dubai Police ensures the closure of all such clubs by 3 am).

    Once on the street you can negotiate a better deal, however, they may not be the best lot. Legal Massage Parlour scene is also hot. Almost all of them are run my Chinese Mafia. A typical Massage will cost you 125 AED. Another 50 AED for a happy ending. In the daily Gulf News you can see the illegal advertisements by many messuers (there cover is a massage parlour). They are cheap, unhygenic sometimes, but you get whatever you want for 200 AED. You can select from a whole range as well. But bear in mind they are in illegal business so expect a police raid. However, you can call them to your hotel. They will charge you additional 100 AED plus cab fare. You can also ask for a two for a threesome. Dubai rates are going up every month just like Dubai property.  
    (Review # 24814)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jul 10 2008 Submitted by: The guy

    I have been to Dubai many times.This time from 5th July for a week. Best places to go Premier at Hyatt Regency, Red Square at Moscow. But recently Hyatt Regency dose not allow lady to your room. It was allowed before. What a damn Hotel. Anyway Iranians are soooo hot. Specialy Shayda at Premier (Review # 24230)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jul 06 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    The Metropolitan in Dubai is a ripoff. They will charge you 50AED just to get in the place. Then, the real ripoff begins. The club is mostly Russian and the women are very unfriendly and act stuck up. Their prices are ridiculous, too. 1500AED whether it was two hours or all night. That's what one girl said to me. Thankfully, a friend said not to pay for all night because they will try to bail after your first launch. I took my hard-on elsewhere and found a nice, sexy Chinese lady for less than half of 1500AED and that included all night with massage and multiple launches. One place to hit is the York. Its got tons of girls in the club. Africans, Chinese, some east Europeans. You name it and the York has it. (Review # 24203)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Apr 14 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Ever since the Cyclone shut down it is more difficult to pick good girls (as oppose to have to rely on whatever you have been sent).

    It is important that you are aware of your hotels policy regarding visitors. I have been told that according to UAE law, all visitors entering a guest room after 10pm need to bring their passport and register. If you are staying high-end, avoid the Emirates Towers, they really kick up a fuss. We still managed by telling the girls to dress down and talking to the security guard. We have been told the Fairmont is you best bet, but even the Grand Hyatt is not a problem during the day.

    Women are available on call, though soliciting is difficult because the government does not allow access to sites in which they advertise. We got a few good numbers from locals (always ask for the reference). Amongst the women available were: Chinese, Russian, Moroccan and Indians aka Pakistanis.

    The rates vary widely from approx 300DHS for an hour or two to up to 10,000 for the high end overnighters.

    If you are the confronting, choosing yourself type and you like Asians, go to the Astoria Hotel in Bur Dubai. Have fun; stay safe.

    (Review # 23104)
  • Dubai Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 22 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    I was in Dubai for the second time and wanted to really check if there is any good action here. I arrived late night and stayed at a hotel, that told me that they are strictly family hotel. Next day I was determined to find the right and budget hotel for me.

    I spend 2 hours in a cybercafe nearby to find right choice. I decided on Panaroma Bur Dubai. as its budget hotel as well as have a night bar (jockey).

    In the evening I just sat at the lobby to check whats happening, I could see single girls getting in and single males going in and sometimes couples coming out. It was clear what happening inside. I went in, I could see so many girls many of them looked east European, some African . I just took some beer and spent time finding a nice place to stand. I also made few rounds to check the girls and stood in a prominent place.

    Within seconds a nice homely but sexy looking girl with name Anna came to me and introduced her, I liked her but I pretended as if I have no interested in her. Seeing this she just came to her real question, "Would you like to take me to your room ?" , I showed surprise, and asked her how much ? she said AED600 for 1.5 hour, I told her no. I pretended as if I am just about to leave her and go out, I told her I can pay AED300 for 2 hour, she looked at her watch (it was 7pm) and immediately agreed. We were out to the lift, she told me to pay not more then AED50 to the hotel guy. But the hotel guy was very strict and did not settle at all below AED100 to take the girl to room. I paid it.

    In room the girl was great, she gave a GFE and we had nice sex. She put on a music channel and was dancing for quite some time, she later gave me a blow job and went off in 1.5 hrs. she also gave me her cell number.

    I went back to the club in an hour, now it was almost late night and closing time of 1pm was approaching. There were more girls and less boys on Tuesday evening. Girls were very uneasy if they will get a guy for the night. I was just their to enjoy and was planning to take girl room only if I got some good deal.

    I asked few girls and prices now were AED1000 to AED3000 for the night. I saw one beautiful east European girl and kept my eyes on her. She got offers from many guys but was not able to finalize. I was thinking I have little chance. so kept watching her. after some time I asked her she told AED1200, after a while I told here AED600 and she did not bother to say anything.

    I stopped watching her and started looking for second best. Nearly when it was 1 pm and bar was about to close she came and stood before me to check if I will give her better offer. I did not even looked at her. After some time she came and said lets go in hurry.

    We left and she was very excited and smoking in the room. She told that her boy fried was in the bar and was not allowing her to do her business. She was very uneasy and when he left she came out with me. She was worried that he will come back and was talking to her friends on phone.

    She was working like a fuck expert, she told me to get ready and she will come and give me a fuck on the bed. She did once very well. She went back to her chair and kept calling her friends, smoking and telling me how good her boy friend is. After some time she came back, gave me a fuck and went out saying that in the mooring going out is a problem.
    (Review # 22444)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 15 2007 Submitted by: Funkyass

    It was 16th October and just touched down and preceeded to the hotel. Immediately had a shower and checked out Rumours club at Ramada, they had a small crowd but all scattered and looking at each other. Some good looking Blacks but they were severely not making any effort to please the sexual hungry, the rates were 600-800 per night.

    The CIS were better but is was on the whole difficult to make conversation. So I left for Regal Plaza and when to the Disco is was packed with CIS and very little Blacks and Asians. I had Azerbaijan chick and she gave me the best bareback blow till cum in her mouth and that she sucked me and put condom on and mounted me with her ass man it was the best tight feeling with her moaning with real pleasure.

    The next day I call some number from the internet for girls who could come and service you in your room. So did and nice Chinese chick name Mary claim she is from Malaysia but originally China, anyways she gave an excellent OWC and than mounted her pussy man was it tight she was neat and sweet only 22 and spoke decent english.

    Well on the whole the scene seems to be pretty much the same and lively in Dubai, just wish I had more time to play around but work calls and need to earn the bucks to have fun later.
    (Review # 21890)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jun 24 2007 Submitted by: IMissNatalia

    This is my sixth review. Just spent 6 nights in Dubai. Yes the Pussy-Mahal Club Cyclone is closed. I got two versions of the story. A taxi driver told me it will reopen after refurbishment. A working girl told me it’s closed for good, as is Amnesia. The hottest joint I went to was Kubu International at Radison SAS.

    Very classy babes. Gets kind of crowded around midnight though. Another highly recommended place is Red Square club at Moscow Hotel. I haven't been there yet, but I intend to visit when I am in Dubai again in the next couple of weeks. I will dutifully submit a report. I tried Barbie again at Premier (see review # 16687 dated Dec 21, 2006). Her real name is Yanna. This time I only paid AED 1,000 and she stayed only a short while. I came in the gob and she left. She is amazing. Try her if you go the Premier. Highly recommended fuck.

    Pay a little more and you can keep her the whole night. Turned out another friend of mine had been fucking her so I wont go to her again. I also picked up Kamila at Kubu International. She charged AED 1500 and stayed the whole night, until breakfast in the morning. No bj or assfuck, but she was really sweet and nice. Have fun folks!

    (Review # 19754)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 14 2007 Submitted by: Imissnatalia

    This is my fifth review. Review # 12591 (Dubai Sept. 2, 2005), review # 16687 (Dubai Dec. 21 2006), review # 19563 (Dubai June 13, 2007) and review # 16972 (Bahrain Jan 12, 2007) are mine. Luck has a great deal to do with how your experience will go. Some girls will take an interest in you and give you a great fuck, some will act perfunctory and just try to get through the night, others will just try to satisfy you once and get out of your room. Make sure you and the girl understand each other's language, whether it is Russian, English, Chinese, Arabic or Persian or whatever.

    Secondly, be nice to the girls. Compliment her and she may try to please you a little. Remember that to her you are always just a john, a client, a source of money, and nothing else. So your objective is to get some hot sex out of her despite her indifference to your existence, and this you can do with a combination of foreplay, compliments, promises and of course by being a better lover than others. Feb. 2007 FEROZA, age 28. I called Annie when I got in but she was out of Dubai to renew her visa. So I decided I wanted a different flavor, and picked an exotic looking chubby girl. She said she was Iranian, her name was Feroza, divorced, fashion designer by education. Agreed to AED 1,000 for the whole night. But the passport copy she submitted at the hotel said was from Uzbekistan. Go figure. Anyway, she would not let me French kiss her.

    After I kissed her inner thighs, she refused to let my lips touch her lips. Fucking prude. She gave me a lousy bj with rubber. I tried to turn her on by fingering her and sucking her breasts. Sucking her breasts felt like I was sucking polythene bags, no jokes. Although her breasts appeared large, as soon I sucked, they would deflate under my suck and then inflate again. Her body felt looked like rich creamy ice cream. But there was little she wanted to do with it for me. She made stupid noises when I fucked her just to get me to cum quickly, and I made no effort to hold back cause I was so pissed off. I had treated her well, and she was just so fucking un-professional.

    An hour later, she said her boss was downstairs and she had to get a change of clothes cause she couldn’t wear her sexy clothes home in the morning. I knew she wasn’t coming back, and I told her I knew and I made no effort to stop her. She asked me to come down with her if I didn’t believer she would return, but by that time I didn’t give a shit. But it doesn’t end there. The bitch gave me genital warts called Molluscum Contagiosum. Harmless, benign warts, the doctor said. But I was out of commission for several months after that. Stick to Eastern European girls. They are the best.

    (Review # 19571)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jun 13 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Nov. 2006  Jojo, age 27. I went to premiere and picked up Jojo. She asked for aed 500, but I gave her aed 600 hoping for better service. This was my first Chinese experience. When she got back to my hotel, she took her clothes off, took my clothes off, gave me a bbbj, suck my nipples and got on top. We tried a couple of other positions, and she kept making sex noises (It’s always fake and it pisses me off).

    Soon I came, and since it was late, she put her clothes back on and left. It was simple sex, she was not interested in making out or small talk or anything else. I felt used. Dec. 2006  Annie, age 26. I got into Dubai way past midnight and it was too late to go to any clubs. I called Jojo (since I had no other choice) and she answered from her home. She met me and again there was no small talk, just talk of getting down to action. She spoke of a threesome with her friend Annie and I was game (later I discovered she had her periods, so it was mostly a twosome with Annie).

    The price was aed 1000 for both. We went to Annie’s place and she was smoking hot. I was flabbergasted that I would get to fuck her. I kissed her and she naughtily slipped me her tongue (I take it she was new in the business, both Jojo and Annie had day jobs as secretaries). We made out, I sucked her breasts and fingered her and she became extremely wet, I played with her body (no tongue on vagina though) and she became hornier and hornier. She gave me a bbbj. We fucked 3-4 hours, different positions, I kept whispering in her ears how gorgeous she was and how I would like to marry her one day. We made out while making love, she was into it (this was my first experience with a wg who was into it).

    After going at it in different positions repeatedly (doggy style, her on top, me on top, she was also so light that I picked her up, wrapped her legs around me and fucked her while standing). In between fucks, we chatted and she had a genuine interest in getting to know me, or at least she was good at pretending that she did. While I recuperated I asked what she wanted to do next and she replied “up to you, you paid money, no?” Man I appreciated her professionalism. Throughout our fucking, she came at least twice (trust me, I know). After I finished she insisted that I hug her and sleep with her till the morning, but I had a 7am flight to catch so I went back to my hotel room. But I will think about her forever.

    (Review # 19563)
  • Dubai Escort Review Dated Added: Sun May 06 2007 Submitted by: Bob

    I'm afraid I have some bad news for you guys that will change the entire pussy hunting action in Dubai. In light of the latest armed robbery that occurred at the Wafi mall in Dubai late April. The authority in Dubai decided to crack down on suspicious places which can be a meeting point for gangsters.

    First thing they did they closed down some pussy business places, the first on the list is The "Cyclone", yes the one and only. The rumors is that other places will follow. I don't know if this is temporary or not. But all I know is that the Cyclone is closed as of now. Sorry guys
    (Review # 18657)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Apr 24 2007 Submitted by: Gwinisia

    I have to disagree with most comments posted about the Chinese / Eastern Europe girls. I lived in Dubai for 5 years, just left for expense reasons! Most reports are based on the 'tourist' bars, Hyatt-Cyclones etc. Go to smaller bars in smaller hotels.

    The Sea View Hotel has an excellent Filipino band and some beautiful girls from China, Africa (not so good when you get the Africans home), Russia, even Philippines which is rare in Dubai. Full night at your hotel can be negotiated down to Dhs300.

    Never pay more than Dhs500. All the girls will try, they will start high, they are there for the money after all and they love tourists stupid! Just remember, you pay Dhs700, somebody will fuck them for 250 the next night and get just as good a service!

    Other good bars with good girls:
    Rattlesnakes Metropolitan Sheikh Zayed Rd
    Jockeys Bar Panorama - Bur Dubai
    York Hotel Upstairs wow-cheap girls!
    TGFI Astoria Hotel Bur Dubai.
    Upstairs in Astoria is Pancho Villas, used to be the number one place to go, now. Donít go!
    (Review # 18458)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Mar 08 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi. It was my second time in Dubai after one year. I noticed nothing has changed in night life. I had a good look at the posts here and compared different experiences of people with mine last time around. Hence I was feeling more confident in looking out the clubs this time round. I planned my stay at Hyatt Regency Deira.
    A friend suggested me to stay there and enjoy “The Premiere” the club in the hotel and avoid any hassles in wasting time of night in taxis going around searching places.

    I was there for 3 nights. The hotel charges you Aed 120 per night for female visitors, no matter how many you get for a night. They bill for “room supplement”. This shows in your bill at your check out time so be careful and remember to ask the reception to bill you separately for female visitors. However they don’t charge you for club entry if you’re a guest of the hotel.

    The first night I was there it was a good experience. The ladies there are of good standard quality. As I read here before, the rates are pretty high. Range is around Aed 1000-1500. 500-800 for short time which happens rare because most good ones you ask don’t go for short time.

    One thing as I read here about the clubs is true. The rates are very high, but they start to fall as the time progresses. But yes, they give you good time in bed. Of all my three nights I did not have any bad experience talking about the good rated clubs. Majority of girls in these clubs are Russians and Thais. But they’re of good quality Russians are great. I took Russians for all the nights. Hygiene for them is priority. The first thing they do after entering the room is go wash themselves. This builds in some confidence in you to fuck them more hard.

    You ask for blowjob and the first thing they do is put the condoms on. I didn’t mind as it was safe in every respect. But they blow you so hard that you forget you’re having a condom on. They work great.

    Beware: they ask you for more money tempting you to offer something more or make up stories. Since I read many posts here, I was prepared. You have to be strict and prepared for this, yet being respectful to them at the same time. They make faces if you refuse but don’t worry it’s their job. You don’t have to marry them do you?

    The third night I again went to Premiere as I had a flight to catch next day so I didn’t want to waste time traveling outside the hotel. As I know Cyclone would be the first choice for everybody and for me I chose it the second night the rates are same.

    Bitches sometimes ask more than they deserve. Better discard them they only wasting your hard earned money. Just give yourself some time there having a couple of drinks and walk around. You will see that nobody picks them up after all money is hard earned for everybody.

    I talked to a lady and the first thing she asked me was my place of stay. I immediately recalled a post here by a tourist that they rate themselves according to the place you stay. No matter how much you try, they won’t disclose the rate unless you say your hotel. When I tried, she said she won’t go anywhere but to selected hotels so I had to tell Hyatt. Immediately rates shot up to 1500. I gave a smile and preferred to stay there and spend time.

    As the time approached to 2-3am, she came over to me and offered me 1000 which according to my other searches, and my previous experience was good enough. The girl also was good to deserve that. I read here in the guide about rates becoming 400-600 also, but that was too difficult coz the rates seem to have got fixed in a span of a year but only for good quality girls.

    In bed she was co-operative and good fuck. She offered me anal for another 1000, then she said for 500 but I preferred not to give more. I fucked her 3 times in the night. You have to stick on to yourself coz they try everything possible to get some more money from your room.

    Last year I visited Cyclone and Club Amnesia at the Hard Rock Café. I read here about not choosing to go to the Amnesia but it is not so. My experience last time around was pretty nice and decent. This time around I didn’t have an opportunity to visit there again. It’s too far from Deira, so prefer to go to a place easily approachable unless you have enough time at night to pass on roads.

    I would suggest, The Premiere, Cyclone and Amnesia (Hard Rock). Rates: don’t think twice before giving 1000-1500 to very good ones. The rates are flat in there and the good ones deserve. If you won’t give another person will take away. It happened with me which I regret. A girl asked me 1800 I denied and after 5 mins another person took her away. She was awesome and deserved 2000 too. Don’t hesitate to give if your budget allows. Expect the lower rates only from not so good and bit older ones only.

    (Review # 17683)
  • Dubai Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 01 2007 Submitted by: Jill

    Alright guys heard of a place called Kubu lately from a friend of mine in Dubai – so I went their in late Jan 2007 it is in intercontinental -Deira - its like a pre-club sort of place. Trust me you see the most gorgeous woman out their - top of the range 3000 dhms - no Chinese or Filipino is allowed.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes out their girls like Aguilera /Kylie /Kournikova are out their ready for a f>>>k of course for money even though the price is hefty and steeply priced for girls its worth every penny .you see only the rich Expat and Arab crowd out their,it was fantastic and had a blast of a time with a Romanian chick who could easily been seen at a fashion show in Milan or New York. Lot of beauties share their phone number and meet up later for royal action. Its unlike the meet market of cyclone or premiere - good value -straight up gorgeous action .  

    (Review # 17259)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Dec 21 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to Premiere and Barbie approached me. I asked her what she will do and she said, “I will suck your cock like ice-cream, is that what you want?” I replied in the negative and said I want her to treat me like her boyfriend. She said she will treat me like her husband. At 5 foot 3 inches, thin, tight ass, blonde hair and a gorgeous face, I decided this was it. Her price was AED 1,000 for two shots and a maximum of 3 - 4 hours. I told her I want at least 3 shots and five hours. She said “I am not a machine you know”.

    She agreed to AED 1,500 for half the night. I had to pay here right there (went to the men’s room and put the money in her cigarette case). She said she is from Ukraine, a law student intending to become a notary one day. I let her use my cell phone to call home and she spoke to her mother/brother. The number she dialed was for Moldova, not Ukraine. So I figure she was lying about her home country, though I don’t know why. She jumped on the bed and said, “I am ready baby”. Of course I didn’t believe her. No WG is ready from the word go.

    So we made out. Great kisser. I went for the Y and gave her oral until she came... her stomach quivering. We rolled into a 69 and she gave me a very aggressive BBBJ. I made sure she was wet and ready before we made love. I gave a total of AED 2,000 as she said that at that price her sponsor would stop bothering her and she can be fucked like there is no tomorrow and stay till 7 am.
    True to her word, once I paid up, her boss stopped calling and she got completely into it. I know I may have paid too much, but I can afford it and after two lousy experiences before this, I wanted some good action. We did it three times that night, breaking in middle for foreplay. We kissed extensively while doing it and she was so good at it. She reciprocated my touch and moves and tried some of her own. Her on top, me on top, doggy style (the first time I actually liked doggy style). She got so sopping wet... Her body was fragrant and I made love to it all over. Her ass was tight like an apple and I loved it.

    When I think of things we did, it makes me want to cry. She left me with her home number in “Ukraine” and told me that she is a good girl there so to be careful if I come and call her there. The number is for Moldova but I didn’t ask her. She also told me her real name, but that I will leave for you to find out (it wasn’t Natalia). This was undoubtedly the best fuck of my life. She was well worth that and more. Looking forward to my next trip!!!
    (Review # 16687)
  • Dubai Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2006 Submitted by: CD

    Went to the Cyclone with several friends. Had been there before and went away within 15 minutes with an older CIS woman. Got her to the hotel and she was an expert. After a BBBJ and three positions she made it happen then left. Not a GFE but what I needed and at 700 a descent price.

    Next time wanted to find someone younger and more of a GFE. Found A****, a 22 year old from Romania. Tall and brown/redish hair, she was very nice and descent English. Worked out $250 for the night, we headed to the hotel.

    Spent 20 minutes with talking. She was interested in my job and we just talked. After this we hopped in the sack. Unusual for a WG, she liked to kiss and so do I so we had fun. After a while I headed for the Y and a bit of dining and had her squirming after a minute or two, and it was not faking. She then hopped on and we went at it for 30 minutes or so, finally reaching nirvana.

    She stayed a while longer. I could have gotten her to stay overnight but had to work early the next day and it would have been wasted.

    Very nice night and lady. Glad I have her phone number and now that I am back in Dubai will try to get a hold of her.
    (Review # 16289)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Oct 20 2006 Submitted by: El Jefe

    Just spent a brief lay over in Dubai on my way to a further east destination.  Even though I was only in town for a brief visit I had a really good experience.  I stayed at the Hyatt Regency which was about a 40 minute ride from the airport and almost not worth the trip for my short stay - until I got there.  This happened 2 days ago and during Ramadan so when I asked the front-desk clerk where a weary traveler could find a beer (during Ramadan) he said our "Premier Club" is open until 2:00 AM.  I went up to my room, dropped my bags, grabbed a fresh pack of smokes and headed to the club. 

    If you're staying at the hotel it’s free to enter but if not 50 dirams.  They will check your hotel key to make sure since some slackers must try using old keys.  When I walked in there were about 20 women hanging at the bar.  Now keep in mind that this is 11:00 PM and during Ramadan.  There were a hand full of western guys and that's it.  I ordered a beer and found a quiet corner to hide and watch.  While ordering my beer I felt like a brand new piece of meet in a vulture cage with chicks just staring. 

    Got to my corner and it wasn't 2 minutes before I was approached by a cute Chinese girl with a rose tattoo on her right arm.  Small talk commenced and even though she told me she was a "working" girl, she never once asked me to take her back to my room.  A couple beers later and I got interested in the cost and she said she'd stay until I left for $300 US.  I thought this was a bit steep and continued with a few more beers.  She at this point knew I was interested and was explaining that the price was so much because its Ramadan and business is too slow for her to live. 

    We continued with lots of small talk (her English was very good) and I finally took her out for an agreed price of $200 plus a small tip for taxi home.  The hotel dispatches two security guys to the elevators to collect copies of the girls passports before they can go upstairs and then charge the room 120 dirams.  Long story short - She was awesome except for the condom BJ (couldn't talk her into BBBJ) which I didn't let last too long since I wanted her pretty bad.  3 different ways for the first nut and then a 30 minute rest and 2 positions for the second nut.  Great time and I can't wait til my next R/R so I can let off some more "steam". 

    (Review # 16056)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 17 2006 Submitted by: Funky-A

    August2006- FunkyA Arrrived in on the late flight pass mid-night 2am, lucky for me I checked into the Ramada. As soon as I arrived by taxi at the hotel there was some action outside, as aparently the Disco Club was still going and there we some Girls hanging out waiting for friends. Mainly Russians, some turkish, blacks and middle eastern. The Russians were asking for 700 and above the turkish 1000 but this rates are too high and we should not spoil the market. I made my way to Imerial Suites Hotel they have a Club there too, lots of Chinese, Blacks, Russians and some middle eastern. The prices are better 300 to 800 depending what type of girl. But you must alsways ask them what you want tell them what you expect and things will go well. Tell them straight anal, bj-with or without, cumming in any prepfered manner just inform them before you decide or you will problems to be satisfied. This is my 3 trip and I always have fun and cannot wait to get back again for some action, its always the trill. If anyone knows where to find Moroccon women please put it in a report. I like to find some. (Review # 15362)
  • Dubai Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jul 05 2006 Submitted by: The Energizer Bunny

    Well. Were do I begin. I have just arrived back from Dubai this was my 1st visit, and must admit that the place exceeded all of my expectations. After reading reviews posted by was I thought I had an idea of what to expect. But nothing can prepare you for the real thing I stayed at the metropolitan hotel with 3 friendís very nice hotel nice location, great staff really helpful for all needs! (I had an emergency at 2am and the night porter I befriended brought me some condoms form his house!! Nice fela.) Anyways to get to the point Dubai has a great variety of pussy to suit any man its just a case of going round and finding it. Clubs that I visited. Cyclone - this is the main whore club in Dubai it has a lot of oriental and European women not so many black girls. Rattle snake - this club is smaller but gets very busy lots of oriental, black and European girls Rock bottom - this club confused me a lot of girls did not look like they were pro's? Was not sure whether to talk to them might get a slap? Nice place to get pissed and dance but not to pick up a woman. Be aware that these girls do this shit for a living they can spot tourists a mile off and will try and rip you off from the word go. My suggestion would be to approach the girls in a friendly manner ask them their name? Were there from? How long they have been in Dubai etc, this tends to relax the girls and they become a bit friendlier. If the girl donít like you they will be difficult but if your nice to them and make them laugh you are off to a good start. As soon as you ask about money they will ask you what hotel r you staying in? This is partly so they can judge how far they will have to travel home next morning but mainly to help them decide on a price, the more expensive he hotel the more expensive the rate.. They will always start at a high rate so do not accept 1st price best practice is to reduce their opening offer by a big amount. They will automatically say no but it will give you a platform to build up from! I have some key point for anyone who is going to Dubai. - take your own jhonneys the pros buy cheap n nasty ones which you cannot trust. - make sure you r specific about what you want oral, shower, massage, stay he whole night etc - - one girl I spoke to wild not kiss or suck! Think she must have misunderstood the job description. - do not pay them until they are in your room - make sure that they donít use the room phone while your in the shower, we had calls made to turkey from one of the girls and we didnít find out till we checked out... Bitch!! - Most hotels ask the girls for a copy of their passport when you bring them in, this is normal. - donít be a tight ass with the cash if you see something you like be prepared to pay for it! - Always send the girl in a separate taxi do not share one this can be dangerous if you get pulled over police abide by Sharia law(Islamic rule).. Other than that just be sensible and enjoy if you get to cyclone look for a woman called Sarah she is half Uzbekistani half Turkish (looks a bit oriental) 5 foot black hair and gorgeous... This girl could cripple a man with her pussy paid her 1100d I know very expensive but she was worth every penny stayed the whole night let me have 3 shots and sucked, bit , scratched and kissed like a demon hey no pain no gain. Also swore in Russian whilst we fucked this added a whole new level of enjoyment for me coz I couldnít understand a word she was saying, Strange I know? But I aint your average Joe. Tell her that her energizer bunny say hi! Happy travels give them one from me! (Review # 15088)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Mar 31 2006 Submitted by: Rimmer

    Greetings fellow fuckers: I have been a frequent visitor to Dubai since 2001 with only one thing in mind: find pussies. Honestly, I tell you gentlemen, situation is deteriorating so rapidly that it is not worth a penny spending on these trashes. In the past 2 years or so, everytime I go there it was much worse than the previous visit to dubai. One advise, don't bother with taking a whore for the night, because simply they take your money (1000 dirhams or more) and definitely will not stay with you until the morning. They'll leave your room 1-1/2hr later or as soon as you cum regardless how super nice you treat them. The last time I was there at the Premiere, talked with a Russian prostitute, she promised to stay until the morning, and do me all fantasies. When we got to my Hyatt room, she attacked my dick tring to finish me as fast as possible and she refused everything I offered (no pussy eating, no body licking, no massage with lotion, no!no!no!), she left 1 hr later. I was so stupid to give her 1000 dirahms supposedly for the night. I went back down to the Primiere hunting for another pussy (you see, you get no satisfaction whatsoever). Talked with a visious bitch from the UK, I was so turned off I decided I better save my money so I did and this will close a chapter of visiting dubai for the purpose of finding pussies. These prostitutes are abused by some people who bring them to dubai and in turn they take it on you and me for revenge. So, be careful guys out there no matter how horny you get, save your money and go somewhere else. I assure you, you will not be satisfied sexually anyway. (Review # 14355)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Mar 14 2006 Submitted by: Shaz

    Hi Guys, just back from Dubai. If any prick ever tells you Dubai is not Pussy heaven, Slap the fucker. Dubai is the place to be. Everything about the country is fantastic, but anyway here is a report on the night life. First night we (there was 3 of us) went to the York Club, Place is a pussy warehouse, from one part full of black girls, another Chinese and another full of white girls, we were spoilt for choice. So we decided to try black girls on the first night. We asked a few girls but none of them were interested in coming back to the hotel, cant understand why. Who we ended up with the 3 beautiful black girls about 18-21 years old. They charged us 600 or 700 Dirhams each and agreed for 3 hours, at their flat. We got there, and my god these black babes were so hot, they were so fit, so tight, tits and ass really pert. They had the most beautiful bodies of any girl I have had. That was the good part, after the first shot, they demanded more money for more sex and went back on their words. We Didn't want to cause a scene, so left. Nerver go back to their place, otherwise they are in control. Next night went to Four Point Sheraton, there was 3 people there at 11.30pm, we left and went to The Cyclone. Now this is more like it. Wow, there are girls from every country in the Cyclone. We looked around for 30 minutes, spoilt for choice. Mate took a russian bird and me and the other mate had Chinese. We went back to the hotel. My mate said the Russian charged 800 Dirham but was one of the best he ever had. Both the Chinese girls were good, nothing to write home about, though. One chinese cost 400 Dirham and the other 700 Dirham. The last night we had 2 Russian Girls, 2 of us shared one bird. That was the best fuck of my life. Finally she limped out of bed when we had finished, (as we had taken Viagra). We will be going back next year, but my advise is Go for Russian, they are the best. We wanted to try Indian but had no luck. Has anyone had any Indian Pussy? If so where in Dubai can you find Indian Pussy? (Review # 14234)
  • Dubai Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 25 2006 Submitted by: Shazza

    Just got back from Dubai.We stayed at the Arabian Courtyard Hotel in Burj Dubai. There were 3 of us, First night we tried the York Hotel Club. Place full of Black, Chinese, Russian Girls. We decided to go for black girls, as they seemed to be the best looking at the time we were there. Each girl cost 500 Dirhams each, they would not come back to Hotel so we went back to their Apartment.All 3 girls had really fit and pert bodies. We enjoyed ourselves then the girls decided that they wanted more money for more sex. We decided not to argue and left. This was Lesson number 1, ALWAYS agree what you expect from the girls wheather it is straight sex, oral, anal whatever you want you must specify first. The second night we went to Cyclone. My mate picked up a Russian Girl (700 Dirhams full night) and left for the hotel. Me and my other mate got fixed up with 2 Chineese girls (700 Dirhams each for the full night) Hotel was ok with this. They charged us 100 dirhams for each girl who came to our rooms. We had a great time as we had specified what we wanted first. Next night my mate who had the Russian girl phoned her and bought her back to the hotel, and made her call for another 2 Russian girls. Only 1 Turned up so we had to share her between 2 of us. That was the best fuck in my life, we made her cry. For the girl we shared we paid her 1500 dirhams. I tell you now, the Russians are the best we had. We wanted to try some Indian Girls but there aren't many available where we looked. (Review # 14080)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Feb 07 2006 Submitted by: Coalminer

    Second Visit to Stayin' Alive night club, Rolla Street, Dubai I decided I had to get back to stayin’ Alive asap. I didn’t want to miss the one chance I had in my schedule of concluding the unfinished business of boning one of the dusky lovelies.

    I encountered on my previous drunken soiree - but I was dog tired through lack of sleep and overwork. I took a taxi from Abu Dhabi and tried to sleep but the driver kept me awake. By the time I checked-in to the hotel and showered, it was already 22:30 time to go. I thought the buzz of the club would wake me up but frankly it was just as grim as the last time. I did spy two beautiful African girls at the bar though, with whom I exchanged friendly eye contact.

    I swigged some beer while casing the joint: too many blokes; majority of the girls were under average. I consoled myself with the fact that the band weren’t bad and I could somehow justify the expense of this trip by the 50dhs entrance which included 2 drinks (paradise when compared to the rip-off prices at Cyclone).

    I found a good spot and enjoyed the band. I couldn’t be bothered by most of the girls who were strutting-by, trying to gauge my interest. It was an evening of pairs. A cute Chinese girl with no English approached me through her older, uglier companion . I liked her but fatigue had reduced my enthusiasm and I let her go, nicely (One of my friend's father once told me that you 'should treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady, which I never forgot. Although found it odd advice being as I was only fourteen at the time).

    Later two Eritrean girls came by not beauties but kinda sexy also a bit too pushy and as I had not long arrived, I let them go too. Eventually, after a couple of other approaches, the two African beauties who were at the bar came over. The one who I hooked up with was tallish, wearing a mini dress with a large almond shaped slit at centre-front that revealed the cleavage of her perky bra-less boobs. She had a slender body with a gorgeous bubble butt. They were Tanzanian and, unlike most other girls in this kind of joint, were drinking. I had a good laugh and chat with ‘my’ one and before long she was rubbing the old J-T through my trousers. I reciprocated the gesture and felt squishy resistance as her g-string clad mound gave way under the gentle pressure of my finger.

    You have to be careful in these places as touching is a strict no-no with security. When she needed to visit the ladies, typically for a whore, she left her mobile with me, which risk-aside. Was quite a smart move as it would prevent other girls from collaring her ‘prey’ in absentia.

    I was happy enough and didn’t really want to look around for anyone else. She was unusual in other ways too she didn’t try to force me to go back with her after 5 minutes. It seemed that she just enjoyed being there with her ‘find’.

    Although there was a lot of sexual tension, she didn’t mention it. Eventually, as the club was drawing to a close, she suggested that we return to her flat. She would make me a meal and then we could smoke some ‘herbs’ and drink. Taking this for just sales patter I decided that I would nonetheless probably regret it if I didn’t go, and off we went to her apartment. She was an absolute sweetheart: we started by smoking the herb (in retrospect – a pretty bloody stupid thing to do given that I could have been imprisoned and deported if caught – but all the more enjoyable for that sense of danger) and then, as promised, she heated up a spicy African meal for me.

    Stoned, we ate together, we drank a little and then she undressed both of us. We had a long sensual tonguey snog. By this time it was about 3am. I realised that with the fatigue, alcohol and dope I was just completely zonked and we fell asleep in each others arms without so much as a hard-on. I woke eventually feeling somewhat fragile, she was asleep. I tried to wake her but she was only semi-conscious.

    In spite of my state, I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful her body was. I kissed her pussy, obviously avoiding penetration and she purred. She had handsome, well pedicured, smooth, black feet. I could not resist kissing and smelling them and then licking between her beautiful toes. She was embarrased about the size of her arse but to me it was perfect and after much hesitation she relaxed her cheeks to allow my face to push in between them. She was very clean and I really wanted to lick her anus but resisted this last pervy act. I had meetings the same day, I looked and felt like shit! The hardest I’ve ever had to attend. If no objections I will report on subsequent forays into the UAE ho underworld.
    (Review # 13936)
  • Dubai Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 22 2006 Submitted by: Tim

    We were in the York hotel in Bur Dubai with a nice disco (live music) and a lot of girls (Chinese, Black and a few Russians). I took one Chinese girl with silicon boobs and for 200 Dirhams, she took me to her apartment.

    She first thing she said was "You have a big cock! China, small. You, big!"

    After a great BJ, sex was fine, too. Don't pay more than 200 Dirhams for a Chinese girl (one shot), otherwise you ruin the price.
    (Review # 13798)
  • Dubai Street Action Dated Added: Wed Jan 04 2006 Submitted by: Zak

    Went to Dubai in April 05.WOW, had a blast of a time. 1st night I walked out of my hotel reception, saw to chineese girls walking along the strret. 1 spoke no english, but was a 9 in my book. asked her for dinner in the street (maybe strange tatic, I wasn't sure if she was woking!) swapped tel numbers, she assured me that would come the next day. sure enough her and her friend came at 3 pm the next day, me and my buddy were sharing a room, and the english speaker didn't like him, but then my firend and her went for a walk, leaving me and the quite one alone.

    She was a star, and money was never mentioned, or asked. I must have been crap tho, becasue she never saw me again! oh, went to the york lots, that was a great place, met a sweet girl who after the 1st night would not accept money from me and would let me fuck her BB (declined) cyclone was bad, they embarresed me by asking for id, they wanted a copy of ppt, they then faxed my hotel to confirm dob...I was angry and left quickly. never paid over 500 DHR, 
    (Review # 13594)
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