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  • Kuwait City Street Action Dated Added: Fri Dec 29 2006 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Excited to contribute my first-ever Kuwait info. Personally, though, I would not be willing to bet my life in a Moslem country.

    December 28, 2006

    Jleeb hotbed of vice despite big crack-down by authorities

    KUWAIT CITY: The district of Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh has been posing a big problem for the security authorities, reports Al-Anba daily.

    In spite of intensive periodical security campaigns to uproot illegal activities and prostitution, the area is becoming a haven for residence law violators, pimps and the like.

    It has been reported police recently raided several apartments in the area and arrested several residence law violators for committing immoral and illegal acts.

    During one of the raids police also raided an apartment and destroyed a 'liquor factory' and several bottles of booze ready for sale. However, soon after the raid a reporter from the daily managed to buy a bottle of local alcohol which was being sold in broad daylight for a throwaway price.

    According to eyewitness reports securitymen raided one of the apartments in the area and destroyed 10 barrels of raw material in addition to some bottles of alcohol ready for sale.
    (Review # 16823)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Oct 07 2005 Submitted by: Andy

    I have found escorts all over Kuwait. The area around the Sheraton Hotel is a good place to pick up Asian. Also Fintas, behind the Marina Towers. If you are looking for Arab girls, there are rumors about exchanging phone numbers with blue tooth or quick smiles at stop lights, but truth be told, this is an amazing feat that I have only seen accomplished one time. Your best bet is to get in tight with a local. I have found one that provided me with an Arab pimp. When I want a girl, I can just call the pimp, and along comes a honey. (Review # 12813)
  • Kuwait City Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jul 21 2004 Submitted by:

    July 2004

    Prostitution is rife but kept very discreet, mainly Philippino girls whose visas have expired.

    The one I had was 35, great body and very very good, oral and anal, 3 hours or so for 30 Kuwaiti dinars (about $100). To contact one, you need to ask someone living locally that knows you, the Kuwaiti police sometimes use foreign looking men undercover. Alternatively you can drive around and get picked up by a Kuwaiti woman at a set of traffic lights!!

    (Review # 9670)
  • Kuwait Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jan 15 2004 Submitted by: brad

    In Kuwait there aren't many hookers around. Its against the law and if there were any its very hard to find. However, during the Iraqi invasion in 1990, many Iraqi women came to Kuwait to work as prostitutes and entertain their soldiers. However since Kuwaiti men are richer and had more money usually these women ended up going with Kuwaiti wealthy men, this made so many problems and usually got the Kuwaiti men into trouble. Iraqi men went into many wars and soldiers being away at war left their wives at home, this cause lots of problem and the prostitution grew there.

    Currently it is on increase since they are serving a large US army. (Review # 8177)

  • Kuwait City Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 14 2003 Submitted by: Kos3arthakya gawad

    Kuwaiti girls are ugly but they all complain that the Kuwaiti men are dickless and can't get it up. They would come to your appartment for hours of wild hard sex. They give blow jobs, anal and let you finger them all over.

    Also they are so popular in London hotels. They come to London to have their pussy serviced regularly. (Review # 7721)

  • Kuwait Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 15 2003 Submitted by: Sniper

    I was a sniper in the Iraqi army in 1990 and was dispated to kuwait after being drafted into the army months before we took kuwait back. I was assigned to monitor the old kuwait gate area from the sheraton hotel roof. a place where a lot of asians meet up as i was told before the war.

    One day, on a shift change I see a silver Honda accord with a flat tyre. as I approached walking there was this kuwaiti girl wearing the local black dress that looked somewhat confused. Our eyes crossed and I sort of wanted to help but she looked somewhat affraid as I had my Dragunov sniper on the back of my shoulder.

    Anyhow, I asked her if she was ok or she needed any help. she was afraid but then she was like wondering if i can actually fix the tyre. I told her no problem and would be better for her safety if she would stay in her car while I repair it. To be honest it was better so that I would be able to lower my long rifle and not worry about it falling in the wrong hands. As i started changing he tyre our eyes crossed again from so she smiled and opened the window to thank me. I sort of felt this sinnful attitude in her eyes, so I also smiled back.

    After I repaired her tyre, She offered me some money and I told her that I can't take that as I was only trying to help a lady. Then we talked a little and she asked me if I am usually posted in this area so I told her that my post is on top of the sheraton, which is now a command post for the beach operations at least most of the floors. this was in september 1990.

    two days later I see the same car on the main street flashing the headlights and beeping so I asked if I could go down and there she was again we chatted again and both complained about the war. she turned out to be just married months before the war to some other Kuwaiti guy who was into drugs and had a mistress in an area called Hawalli. Things were not so good between the couple. her name was Munya. She started to pass by after my shift change every day and she was kind enough to even get me some sandwiches everynow and then. The Army food was really crap. Then my officer started to get annoyed. but that wasn't too bad.

    One day she invited me to some appartment that she said was her friend's and boy it got crazy. We fucked so hard I don't think I will ever forget it. I mean She was HOT!!!!! It went on for some three weeks where I could steal some time from my post every two or three days to please her. There was this unease of the war situation so I always tried to avoid talking about the politics with her and that sort of worked out.

    I was then reassigned back to Iraq and exchanged addresses with her but we never met again. when I used to live in the U.K. before the war, there were many kuwaiti chicks hanging out in the london summers looking for Iraqis, or Palastinians to give them a really good fuck while their kuwaiti husbands are busy spending all their filthy cash on English Escorts.

    We always picked them up when we were college students from edgware rd. and the upper level resraunts of whitlees mall in Queensway, London. I am not sure of Whitelees's spelling. We also used to pick up Omani, U.A.E., Saudi, and Bahraini girls. But to be honest the slutiest were the kuwaiti chicks. Boy they're looking for it! (Review # 7547)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 21 2003 Submitted by: NayachilIragyeen

    To add to the previous review, I can tell you that Iraqi gay men are the best. I'm not into that type of stuff but in 1990 when Iraqis were in Kuwait, many gay soldiers would ask for a big @#$% up their tight asses. However, their women are much better since you can find them all the time and they go pretty cheap. Some even do it for free. (Review # 6880)
  • Kuwait Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 14 2002 Submitted by: Iraqi

    yeah man Kuwait is really great for sex..I went there before the 1991 and had a great night with 3 Kuwaiti bitches. Kuwaiti women are known for thier asses and butts. I fuked them so hard that my dick went messy for about 40 I.D ( Iraqi dinars) each

    ~~During the war I visited Kuwait...Man this time it was soo cheap.. because the Iraqi soldiers took control so I didn't have to pay a big amount of money..~~

    ~~In 2000 I met a few Kuwaitis in Europe in a hotel.. Luckily thier men went out at night.. so what I did was to go and ask them for sex straight away.. I knew the job before.. so they came to my room and I had a great sex session with a mom and her sister. (Review # 6284)


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