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  • Amman Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Apr 27 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Well guys, sorry to say most of the other reviews RE Amman are very out of date. I tried to use the reviews with no success. I have been in Amman for 2 months. I am happy to say that I was, nonetheless, able to score on the first night a seriously looked (full service). The Rama Disco is Closed. Most of the hotel bars don't open until after 9pm. There are still many massage parlors around the city, but I was not able to find the ones listed on WSG. They are quite expensive, and a BJ is the best you can hope for 99% of the time. If you have a car there are quite a few street walkers, both eastern European and middle eastern (mostly Iraqi). This can run anywhere from 20JD to 150 JD.

    As an obvious foreigner (non-Arabic speaker) they will try to charge you more. Offer half of what they ask, and be willing to walk away if they won't budge. Usually when they see you are leaving they will offer to give you a "discount." One of the main areas for the streetwalkers is around the main post office. In my opinion your best bet is talking to one of the taxi drivers who wait outside of hotels. Not any cab driver, just the ones who wait outside the big hotels. Ask where you can go for a massage, they will usually ask you," what kind of massage, a regular one or to fuck." (don't accept any offer from any taxi driver to take you to a "nightclub," these are almost always places like the Lido mentioned above.

    All of the info on WSG about these types of places are 100% correct, big rip-off no payoff!) They will then take you to a flat or something similar where you dispense with the facade of a massage. These places are usually more expensive, I paid 140JD ($200US).This includes everything, oral(with or without condom), sex, anal. If you hear anyone mention Arabic(in reference to services), or sex Arabic, this is anal. The girl was great. Young, fit, beautiful, and really got into it. She said she was from Jordan. The real payoff is afterwards. You get the taxi drivers number, and he will usually offer to arrange some girls for you.

    This is much cheaper, and more convenient (usually around 50JD per girl for several hours, and not much more for the whole night) the driver prefers this also, because this way gets to keep most of the money instead of owner/pimp at the flat. The only catch is that he will need at least several hours notice to track down the girls and bring them to you. This is why you usually have to go with the flat on your first time, that and to establish your bona fides (that you are not a cop, and actually have money to spend). Good luck, and please try to post, as well as read, so we can all have up to date info. Oh, and the women are absolutely gorgeous!! Enjoy
    (Review # 23364)
  • Amman Other Dated Added: Thu Feb 15 2007 Submitted by: Reviewer

    I heard that King Abdullah’s gardens at Wadi sacra have suspect’s nightlife there; so I was excited to see, I went there three times several coffee shops there and guess what the same service for all the coffee shops there with the same kind of ripping you off. Low quality service, dirty tables, low quality girls and they are not allowed to sit with you at the table.

    You pay 5 jds for coffee and water and some seeds with peanut (Cost you from shops in downtowning around 1 jd!) The girl that serve you insist you to order Nargilla to smoke another 5 jds, the girl ask you for another 5 jds tip, so expect to pay more than 20$ for order. Expect no sex. Don’t put anything like your mobile or wallet on the table, you must have a change of currency 5 jds don’t give her big currency like 20 jds she will keep the rest as a tip. Be careful from the girls don’t make trouble with them. And if you insist to go there better not to go alone. Wrong place!

    (Review # 17434)
  • Aqaba Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Jan 24 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Okay, here is a review I made for some places I have been in Jordan. First, one of these posts suggested Monalisa Massage parlour on Mecca St. so I went there and decided to go for massage (20JD). The place was freezing cold and the massage rooms had only one heater which did the all shit so you can imagine my shriveled dick once I took my pants off.

    The Tunisian chick that was going to give me the massage suggested Turkish Bath 'coz it would be warmer (extra 25JD, I know I'm getting ripped off). She was very poor-looking but did a nice job scrubbing me down. When we were done she asked me if I needed anything else (indicating my dick). I said yes (extra 20JD, I'm so irritated right now but still too horny!). No blowjob as suggested in the other post. She had her tits out and I was playing with her vag from outside her trackpants cos she didn't wanna take them off. Biggest waste of time and sperm in my life. 

    If you are not worried about tipping a poor-looking Asian chick, 15JD after paying 10 for the massage, you will be able to get a hand job (or maybe also blowjob if you persist) at the Aquamarina 2 Hotel. Just go in right to the end and follow the sign.  
    (Review # 13816)
  • Amman Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 26 2005 Submitted by:

    Hello Chaps... I`m Brazilian and live in Brazil since forever. I have just arrived from a congress & business appointment in Amman, Jordan between 07 and 20th of September, 2005. The city is definitely not appropriated for escort leisure or any other kind of sex fun. This is because of the mix of many cultural patterns that almost all Middle-East countries have:  very straight people, city laws that reduce a lot of nightlife activity, and poor English spoken by their people. I remained there for ten days, staying in the Grand Hyatt.

    First three days, seeking with no results:  there are NO single men's bars, strip bars or even brothels. The crew from the Hyatt (which belongs to a Arab-Muslim group, I knew there) couldn't help me, either. It was a kind of disappointing thing, once I had thought that Amman could be more like Beirut (more liberal) than, for example, Kuwait City or somewhere similar. The only kind of bar where you may face some chatting action are the "pubs" where there are a lot of young waitresses, mainly from Syria - but they cannot even SIT with you at your table. So, you remain seated and she remains standing up. If you are lucky, you can get her telephone number, but they don`t speak English, so....

    In the fourth day, a driver took me to a place where I could see one of the best women I have ever seen in life: a place called LIDO. It was in downtown, and the entry price was JD100 (about USD 130!!!), but it was open-bar, with some reliable scotches and gins on a drink-as-much-as-you-want basis. There were about 40 women, 18~24 YO dancing on a stage, wearing mini-shorts, for a maximum of 15 men - all of them around medium tables. But again, the local rules are there: girls cannot sit with you, and you can`t touch them either. I tried to talk to some of them in order to arrange an after-show meeting, but they told me that after the show they are obliged to go to the rooms and are kept there under lock and key until late afternoon! So, I just gave up, and remained in my hotel drinking some (very expensive) beers for the other three days... NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SEX AT ALL! - "The Trader"
    (Review # 12755)
  • Amman Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 02 2005 Submitted by: UncleMax

    Most hotels will have a bar with music in the evenings. At some point, a woman will come in, chat with the bar staff and maybe even dance a little to the music. This can be interpreted as a neon sign saying "open for business". Usually she'll work at the hotel in some, um, capacity. You may be encouraged to dance with her by the waiters. Everyone gets their little bit of honey. I had many good experiences - especially with the Iraqi girls there - and never had hassles or rip-offs. Respect the culture, treat the girls with respect, and frankly the full-on GFE is yours. Middle-Eastern women rock! (Review # 12589)
  • Amman Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Sep 01 2005 Submitted by:

    Just by one of the big Embassies, there is a roundabout at one end of the block. A small shopping centre has a massage parlour where they have two Ukrainian girls working who do not mess around and give you a very good hand job. The guy at the desk will try and charge you JD40 but give him 30 and expect to give the girl another 30 - pricey, but clean and enjoyable. (Review # 12588)
  • Amman Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jun 21 2005 Submitted by:

    Just read the reviews of Jordan. Amman is the best kept secret in the world. There's not much in the way of prostitution. There are some expensive massage parlors staffed by snotty Russians and you see the occasional pair of Arab working girls in one of the hotel bars. Haven't tried either yet. But there are thousands of Filipina housemaids working here. If you're here for an extended stay check out the Rama Disco at the Rama Hotel on a Thursday or Friday night. Dozens of them waiting there on weekends to meet a man. Most of them prefer to hook up with a non-Arab. You may not score on the first date, but I have laid 7 of them so far (and haven't been trying really hard, either)and haven't yet had to wait beyond the second date. Age and looks don't matter a whole lot to these girls. If you're offered a job here, take it! (Review # 11812)
  • Amman Other Dated Added: Sat Jun 18 2005 Submitted by:

    Ok! I have been now in Jordan for a while. This place has the best looking women with the best asses in the world and believe me I have seem my share of big nice firm round asses (JL type asses). As far as whores the place is full of them. Although I recommend you go fo the local girls who are sweet, friendly, and usually flat broke. I dated a married woman ,Rania Ola, one women who I met in Mecca Mall. It is very easy to meet women in Amman. Just dress nice, have a smile do not be like the Jordanian men who are known for being harsh, stupid and suffer from lack of courtesy. I fucked Rania for days. Then we broke because she is afraid of her husband finding out, which is OK with me because I did not want to get involved with her. I met another girl, Daleen, who is a virgin but likes in the ass.That was OK for me to try something new. Although I am an ass man but Anal was not my thing. I just like it doggy style. I met a pimp who provided me with a lot of Iraqi and Moroccan women. One negative thing, you have to know your way around here for it to work. Happy hunting and best of luck. Go to Mecca mall if you would like to see the best asses in the world!!!! (Review # 11778)
  • amman Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Sep 24 2003 Submitted by: mohammed

    i just came back from Amman, Jordan, and i had the best time of my life there. Girls in amman like to hang out with men and they would not ask you for money if you treated them nicely , so be a gentelman as and treat them as a girlfriend ... you can find girls in Lacaza night club and in a disco in uw dina area, i dont remember the name and there are many other disco in Amman. If you don't like disco girls there are girls in coffee shops where you can find them. (Review # 7599)
  • Amman Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 29 2002 Submitted by: SR

    ~~~~There is a massage center in Sawfieh, if you tip the girl she can give you a hand job.~~~~ (Review # 6609)
  • Amman Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 10 2002 Submitted by: Anon

    Went to Amman recently and did not expect any fun as I had not seen anything on WSG but I was happily surprised. I was staying at the Intercon but went up the street to check out the Hyatt and noticed a group of girls sitting at a table, this was at about 1 in the afternoon, I quickly decided they where working girls and after a few minutes of eyeballing each other, they walked down stairs and I followed then, talked to the one that interested me most and got her phone number and then gave her my room number and told her to come by in 30 mins. Well she was a bit late but did arrive, about $100 for a session; she was only a 6-7 but knew how to fuck.~~

    ~~All in all a good experience, you just need to keep your eyes open and you should be able to find some action.~~ (Review # 6525)

  • Amman Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jun 05 2001 Submitted by: Shouky

    I have been to Amman many times last year, but was not expecting to find action over~~there. My last trip (March 2000) was a bit different. I was indicated a place (in a zone~~called Um-Uzayna) where you can find "night-clubs" with waitresses dressed in a~~sexy way (no nudity), and you can have a drink and listen to an oriental singer.
    ~~You will need some effort to convince a waitress to meet you during daytime (they are~~mostly Lebanese, and some are extremely HOT, they speak English, French and Arabic),~~outside her job hours.   Getting her to bed is another story. These girls work~~for money and most of them are not prostitutes.
    (Review # 3684)

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