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  • Tel Aviv Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue May 23 2006 Submitted by: Monza78

    Hi everybody I had made a real good and precious experiences after staying 17 days in Tel Aviv city, I spent many of the nights just to see the sex life of the city, so the best strip club to go is definitely pussycat ask for this club Boursa is also good but not that much attractive girls like pussycat, go-go is also good located on allenby street, my favorite girl at pussycat is yielded her actual name is Dana hot busty gorgeous babe and a hard sucker private strip is 250 nis, enjoy , also try massage places on Allenby , follow the violet lamps on the houses near the Soncino , Allenby, Ben Yehuda street. There are also bars which you are welcomed by ladies rest you can guess or discover , by the way most of the clubs like Banana , Paradise, Tropicana etc. Were closed they are not on the same place which is written at older reviews , I do not have any escort service experience but it seems that most of them faking on the timing that they are telling so be careful. Streets you can find so many ladies around Sheraton city tower area - Boursa area , Hayarkon street near Hilton corner, have a good journey or stay at Tel Aviv . Good luck .. (Review # 14819)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Mon Dec 26 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Info current as of late December, 2005.

    Immigration Police:  Israel is no longer attractive in the women's trade

    There has been a significant decrease in Israeli participation in the international women's trade, the Ben Gurion Airport Immigration Administration revealed Sunday during a day of seminars on the topic.

    According to a representative of the Immigration Police, "Israel has stopped being an attractive destination for the trade of women" as prostitutes, due to the country's recent crackdown on pimps and bordellos.

    In 2004, Israel deported 2,984 women illegally residing in Israel from the Commonwealth of Independent States, of whom 900 - 31 percent - had been brought as prostitutes.

    In 2005, the number of women illegally in Israel from the CIS decreased to 558, of whom 22, or 20 percent, were victims of the women's trade.

    The decrease in the trade of women was the result of Israel's efforts to arrest pimps and close down bordellos. In the last two years, Israel has arrested 200 panderers of sex crimes.

    "This is Sisyphean labor, hard and never ending," the representative of the Immigration Police said. "The profit in the women's trade is large, so when bordellos here are repeatedly raided, causing pimps economic damages, it lowers their motivation to continue working in Israel."

    [He eloquently makes his case for a large and ever increasing budget for the rest of time as we know it.]

    The Immigration Police said it attributes most of Israel's success in curbing the women's trade to these crackdowns, as the women themselves are usually reluctant to testify against their pimps.

    "The girls are afraid to talk because this is a huge network with branches abroad, and they don't really have anywhere to run. So instead, we strike an economic blow to the pimps by putting their bordellos out of commission and keeping them from accessing their expected profits."

    The seminar Sunday was organized as a coordinated effort by the Justice Ministry, the Health Ministry and various women's groups focused on the recognition of victims of the women's trade.

    As part of the study, the Justice Ministry presented a series of new legal procedures on the subject, and the Health Ministry said it was increasing access to checkups, treatments and preventative drugs against sexually transmitted diseases.
    (Review # 13460)
  • Tel-Aviv Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 29 2005 Submitted by: MAX

    Hi. I am Israeli and live in Tel-Aviv. I know really good the situation, so please focus in on this report. Currently, in October 2005, the private apartments are out. The most attractive option is the escort girls. You will really get what you order in the website. All kinds of amazing girls.

    The above site contains real photos of girls that look like porno stars. The price is 300 Shekels, which is about 70US$. Don’t pay more just because you are a tourist. For even better quality, try the following agency (or just for a backup if the site is not available in the future):

    I personally didn't try this one so I can recommend only the first one. Remember, you will not go wrong. MAX
    (Review # 12968)
  • Other Dated Added: Sat Jul 16 2005 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Here is an interesting article on an Israeli film about prostitution. Shining a Light on Prostitution by Naomi Pfefferman, Arts & Entertainment Editor. I’m an extreme person,” activist-filmmaker Keren Yedaya said. So extreme that she shot her stark anti-prostitution drama, “Or,” without ever moving the camera, enhancing the claustrophobic milieu. The film revolves around Or (Dana Ivgy), a teenager whose struggle to survive echoes the Dardenne Brothers’ “Rosetta.” While Or’s hooker mother, Ruthie (Ronit Elkabetz), smokes on the couch like a haggard odalisque, the 18-year-old washes dishes in a fast-food restaurant, collects recyclables and unsuccessfully tries to keep Mom from turning tricks. But as bills pile up and Or is overwhelmed by her responsibilities, she considers following her mother onto the streets. Although more minimalistic than other recent movies involving prostitution, such as Amos Gitai’s “Promised Land,” “Or” has become perhaps the most honored Israeli film in history, winning five awards at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival, including best first feature. “Keren is very precise about where she puts the camera and about composition, so the action unfolds realistically and you’re in the moment all the time,” said Tzipi Trope, an NYU film professor and Israeli Oscar-winning director. “And she doesn’t let her characters evade who they are. She confronts them, revealing their inner worlds in an uncompromising way.” Yedaya, who has worked with prostitutes for more than a decade, did not have accolades in mind when she shot “Or.” “I wanted to show that prostitution is one of the worst forms of slavery that exists,” she said. “Israelis are much more willing to deal with rape victims, because everyone agrees that’s terrible. So I go to the place no one else is willing to go.” Yedaya, 32, spoke from her apartment in Jaffa, where she moved to learn about Arab culture. As the Muslim evening call to worship wailed in the background, the blunt director described spending the day cleaning the room an ex-prostitute shares with her 4-year-old daughter. Yedaya helped the woman escape the streets by paying all her expenses; she said she’s donating her “Or” proceeds toward building a shelter for such women, since none exists in Israel. Before “Or,” Yedaya spent years lecturing against prostitution with her short films on the subject, supporting herself by teaching cinema and cleaning houses. Yet she found the right tone for her debut feature only upon viewing 1999’s “Rosetta.” “At that moment, I understood I should create an atmosphere of someone fighting for her life, like an animal,” she said. Her decision to keep the camera static during long takes was vintage Yedaya: both political and aesthetic. “I’m trying to learn the language of cinema, because filmmakers today use that language like retards,” she said. She believes directors aim to please the Hollywood audience, which Yedaya compares to the gluttonous plant in “Little Shop of Horrors” — perpetually hungry for snazzier stories and special effects. “But I want to provoke viewers by saying I have no intention of satisfying their needs,” she said. The message parallels her attitude toward the johns in “Or,” who care only about their own desires. “The [rigid] frame also works well emotionally because Ruthie is always in the center of the picture, and Or is on the periphery, without space for herself, which reflects their relationship,” the director said. The frame often fragments parts of Ruthie’s body — capturing close-ups of her cellulite-dimpled behind, for example — “because that is what her life is like,” Yedaya said. “Someone cuts her everyday, just as some very cruel frames slash her body.” Yedaya’s Cannes acceptance speech proved cutting for many observers when she dedicated the movie “to all those living in slavery,” including the Palestinians. “People tell me, ‘Or’ is not a political film, so why did you talk about the Palestinians?’” she said. “But how can I be empathetic to the suffering of women and not the Palestinians? I love my country, but I feel like s—- living here. I’m in Jaffa but I can’t be happy knowing I took someone else’s house.” Thus it’s no accident that Or’s Arabic co-worker is a mensch and that a soldier character is obnoxiously aggressive. “The message is to help the ‘other,’ and to give a damn,” Yedaya said of her film. (Review # 12054)
  • Tel Aviv Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jun 22 2004 Submitted by: Do It

    An apartment in the northern part of Tel Aviv on Dizengoff Street, no. 135 on the first floor. When you ring, your met by a hostess. There is a choice of about 3 girls, all in their twenties, between 6-8's.
    The rate is 200 NIShekels for about 45 minutes. The girl you choose, takes you into one of the rooms, all of which have showers. After you have showered and had a cold drink, the one I was with asked what I like. She started with a very slow and gentle body massage, paying extra attention to my balls and ass. Then it was time for a nice, slow BJ, without a condom. From there we continued, basically doing whatever you might (with condom) want except for anal. The service was great. Everything done at a nice pace. If the time is not up and you want to go for seconds, they are happy to assist. Their hours are from about ten in the morning until 03:00 at night (morning).
    (Review # 9405)
  • tel aviv Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 29 2002 Submitted by: jaco

    It was my first time in Israel, but was very impressed yet shocked by the large majority of whores around. You walk around the streets and can not tell the difference between a respectable girl and a whore...they all look alike... you could not be deceived...its in their blood. ~~

    ~~I was at the supermarket buying a pack of cigarettes, while paying for them, the girl at the counter was surprisingly sweet and innocent looking (or I thought so), then while paying me back my change she right there and then asked me if I was enjoying my time in Israel since I obviously look foreign, I, with all pure intentions replied that it was great, then she gave me a wink while biting on her lower lip, I felt something fishy right then, I was right.. She then took the receipt, scribbled down her phone number and whispered to me 10 dollars an hour!! It was a lousy fuck, but boy was she kinky! Hey wouldn’t you wish for such an easy cheap lay! Go for it!~~ (Review # 6614)

  • Haifa Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Oct 24 2002 Submitted by: Wolf

    I was visiting Haifa to meet with a business man, when the humidity and hot climate, together with the scene of beautiful girls all over, excited me to the stage I was urging for a blow job.~~I was in downtown -called Hadar- so I open the newspaper and found one of the dozens of ads where brothels are offered.~~~~~~I arrive after some minutes to one located in Arlozorov street. 10 girls, all Russian, between 7-8 rated, 25-35 years old. I choose the one with the biggest lips and mouth. For 30 US (150 shekel) we went upstairs. I asked for a BJ without condom. She agreed but stated in bad English "no finish, no finish" (inside her mouth).~~~~~~She had a perfect body, and had a lot of experience in oral sex. I never saw my dick so big before. She sucked with strength, but didn't ache at all. Her lips where huge and with a lot of eye contact, she sucked and sucked.~~~~~~At a certain stage, she started to stroke me with her hand, but I stopped her saying "mouth only".~~She wanted to have sex with me, but I didn't have time. Then she start sucking, going up and down very fast until I came with a long load of cum.~~She was very nice and gave me one of the best condomless blowjobs I ever had.~~ (Review # 6333)
  • jerusalem Other Dated Added: Thu Jul 25 2002 Submitted by: C_B

    I've recently had a number of good experiences at Paradise #18 Haoman Street around the side from the billiards parlor. You first enter a small sitting room with a bar and a couple of creepy Russian Guys, try not to mind them. As you enter you’re met by a underwear clad eastern European woman who will either usher you into one of the many doors leading of bar room or ask you sit and wait for one of the girls to finish up and take you. ~~

    ~~This was not a particularly comfortable situation. Once in side the girl will give you the regular spiel about cost (200 nis)and what they will and will not do. They take your cash, ask you to undress and pop off to give your money to someone. They return shortly and the party begins. It really depends on the girl you get as to the time you'll have but they all seemed young and cute. I go back often as with most of the "clubs" in Israel the girls change all the time.~~
    (Review # 5816)
  • Tel Aviv Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 30 2001 Submitted by: salty

    Hey everyone… I was in Tel Aviv 3 month ago and mee (from an internet add) a 35 year old women with dark hair and smooth skin. She’s a Moroccan Jew and very sexy. Not a pro, but she gave me one of my best sex experiences ever, bj without a condom and a good fuck -- very recommended. Her e mail is – contact her to get a phone number. It costs around $100 for 2 hours. Have fun! (Review # 4246)
  • Jerusalem Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jul 27 2001 Submitted by: C_Breeze

    I found in one of the local newspapers (in Hebrew) an ad for a health spa located at #28 King George Street close to the center of town. Here work two girls, Liza and another who's name I've forgotten. 200 sheckles or about $50 dollars get you a half hour of massage, BJ w/condom, and fucking in any position you want. Liza is very sexy with a nice body and a great attitude. I've had lots of fun with her. Its very unhurried but not quite GFS. (Review # 4047)
  • Jerusalem Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jul 20 2001 Submitted by:

    #28 King George Street, through a small alley which opens up onto an inner courtyard -- look for the #1 painted on a small house to left. Two girls work here, both Eastern European: Liza and Morina. I've been with Liza twice (22-25 yrs) and have had good experiences both times. She's very sexy and enjoys just about everything. The standard price is 200 sheckles($50) which will buy you 30 min. of almost anything you want with a condom. The rooms are a bit shabby and the bathroom/shower is down the hall which is not very comfortable. 7 days a week 1pm to 2am. (Review # 4010)
  • Tel Aviv Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Apr 13 2001 Submitted by: vic

    Was handed a card in the street and visited a new-ish place at 10 Bograshov. It was good and I've returned a few times.~~~~It’s a bit different - the sign outside says Bar-Hotel-Striptease and unusually its only open from 6PM-5AM. You pay 30SH ($7.50) to get in (which includes a soft drink) and there is pretty lousy strip show going on.~~~~The 'waitresses' though are quite stunning and want to get to know you. I found Ena speaks English and she is lovely (shortish, dark hair, happy, smiling, very friendly and open). She began to be affectionate and when she saw I responded and became quite passionate. A asked about the arrangements and she said 200 SH ($50 per 30mins) and we went downstairs to her room.~~~~Room had a proper bed and shower. As soon as we got in the room there was more passionate kissing then she undressed me and led me into the shower. ~~~~The rest was really excellent Girl friend sex. What enthusiasm and I do think she enjoyed it. A few exaggerated moans but she did get very wet. And no holes barred.~~~~One thing is tell the guy at the entrance to the bedroom area how long your are staying as after 30 minutes he banged on the door even though I had paid for an hour.~~~~She said most of the men coming there are rather rough building workers and she loved to be able to talk. ~~~~In any other western country a woman of her class would cost much more.~~ (Review # 3385)
  • Tel Aviv Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Mar 31 2001 Submitted by: ziv zivan the one

    here are a list of clubs:~~~~1. Bugrashov 10 Tel-Aviv (30 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour)~~2. Ben Yehuda 38 Tel-Aviv (200 shekel half hour)~~3. Hamasger 62 Tel-Aviv (50 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour)~~4. Hamasger 64 Tel-Aviv (50 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour)~~5. Shontzino 4 Tel-Aviv (50 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour)~~6. Shontzino 20 Tel-Aviv (200 shekel half hour)~~ (Review # 3350)
  • Tel Aviv Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Nov 17 2000 Submitted by: Ziv Zivan

    Hahashmonaim st' 105 is a nice brothel 6-7 young Russian girls 6-8 170 shekel (around 40$) for half an hour I entered with Tania a blond girl full in the right places very beautiful breasts. Had a very nice time with her a real girlfriend sex kisses hugging etc. (Review # 2737)
  • Haifa Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jun 18 2000 Submitted by: sandy3075

    I recently visited Haifa on business trip. I planned in advance to use this week for some fun, which wasn't hard since I knew the scene from the time I lived there.

    Accommodations: I stayed at Holiday Inn Bayview. This most recent addition to 4 star Haifa hotels is quit and nice. Not many locals there as it is definitely expensive. At least all cars in the parking lot had been rental.

    Currency: New Israeli Shequel (NIS) is worth about 25 cent and can be easily exchanged in the hotel or in one of many bank branches. ATM's are abundant and will usually let you have some cash in exchange for whatever information they read off your VISA, MasterCard or Amex plastic.

    Transportation: While relatively expensive (~$500/week for a compact automatic), I would recommend to get rental car. You can go around day and night with taxi, within the city, but it is less convenient. Driving can be hazardous to your health though :) as Israeli driver is usually honking already when the lights change from red to yellow and will squeeze in in front of your car even if it gains him just a few yards.

    First night: I figured that jet leg was not an excuse (it is usually worst when flying eastward across Atlantic), so the first night I went together with my friend to one of a few strip shows. It was called SAXOFONE and is located in the downtown. This one is actually lower part of the city (Haifa spreads on a Carmel mountain), where most of the traditional part of the business goes on during the day. We showed us around 1:30 am at the same time when taxi dumped a few sailors from the US 6'th fleet whose ships obviously called the port this day.

    Paying NIS 50 for the entrance and passing through a couple of Russian guys with the magnetic scanner we went into the main hall. The only non-Russian I saw there was a waitress and visitors.

    I think that the beer was about $3-4, but I kept mine single for about an hour I was there, as getting even slightly drunk was not part of my plans (you can get into trouble with police for drunk driving and my personal performance, together with jet leg, suffer from alcohol).

    ~~There were 5-6 girls who where slowly going around trying to get invited on the lap of one of the visitors. While there, they are supposed to be tipped with anything from $5 (NIS 20) to $12 (NIS 50). One of them offered to sit on my lap, but commented that NIS 20 I handed over was "change, not the money". It seems that most of them would speak basic English, at least describing what one can get in the back room. I told her to get off and continued looking at the show and girls around. I did use this 20 shequels to get some information from this girl later. Show was not bad, but not close to the one I saw in French Maid (Calgary, Alberta Canada) recently. In between shows (usually single girls or couple) girls would go around and try to hook one of the ready visitors. Wearing G-string only they would grind on one's lap until client was ready to visit one of 2 back rooms, where he is offered a nude hand job. I think that what happens inside is pretty much up to the tips one hands over to the stripper (NIS 100 goes to the "management" before you enter).

    I tried to check with a couple of girls if they would do some extras like French, but all had been non-committal, even after I started to speak Russian with them (it helps to be a Russian born Israeli who currently leaves in the US to communicate at any of the 3 languages one may encounter in the "fun" business in Israel).

    So about an hour later I decided that I wanted some "sure" business and off we went. I split with my friend who went to see his girlfriend. Checking the appropriate ads in the local paper I bought exactly for this reason I called the nearest massage parlor or club and got their rates and directions. You don't have to read Hebrew to get through these ads. When featuring a few lines of text they are usually accompanied with one to three phone numbers and have a women's figure somewhere in the graphics.

    So after going around the target block a few times I finally found the place. This is probably not the place you would visit in NY, Moscow or elsewhere, but I was absolutely confident that it was safe to get out of the car and leave it even with half a dozen 16-18 year old boys sitting at the entrance of this "club". Prostitution is serious business in Israel and is dominated by Russian organized and not so organized crime with all necessary security infrastructure, so I was sure that nothing was going to happen to my rental car. Some may think that it was stupid, but if this place was in a business of making money from sex, stealing cars or robbery was unlikely event.

    Anyway, 5 minutes later I was through 5 girl selection with the nice 24 year old brunette, less NIS 200 for half an hour and eating her pussy. We went through a reverse BBBJ and enthusiastic screwing in 2 positions and I was done for the day. Some cuddling and it was time to find out how she got into this place. Obviously an illegal tourist she was only 4 days in Israel coming from Ukraine (former USSR, if you do not recall this country about the size of half Europe). She hasn't seen anything outside the "club" or parlor that they call "mahon" in Hebrew. 50 NIS for a tip ( I have a soft spot for the working girls) and out I go. I knew that I could get the same experience once or twice a night for the rest of the week, but I was looking for an all night out experience and on my way back inquired what would it cost me to get this girl (her performance was not bad) for the evening. Clerk at the entrance couldn't tell me the price and suggested calling next morning to talk to the boss.

    Feeling hungry after the exercise I drove a few miles to the Yaffo street where food stalls are working 24 hours a day and got a Shawarma (sliced beef roasted next to the gas heated grill in a pite bread - this food is very typical in all Mediterranean countries - it's Greece equivalent is called Gyro for example). Back to the hotel and a wake up call at 6 am to be in the office early.

    Next day: As I was coming back from visiting my relatives, I decided that I should give another try to one of the many girls serving sex industry. I pulled to the curb to read the magic ads section of the paper and found myself within a mile from another place I visited once about a year and half ago. I called in and was quoted the same NIS 200 for half and hour, NIS 300 for an hour and availability of anal action.

    Another industrial area and walking into this club called 'Fata Morgana' I had a larger choice then the previous night. I didn't spent a lot of time picking up girl as my reference to the previous phone call and a girl who would do anal immediately produces a nice girl about 5' 2" with small bust. I followed her into her room (you enter into the hall which is surrounded by a corridor leading to the girls rooms) and she started her short speech reading broken Hebrew words from a piece of paper at hand. As before I stopped it right at the beginning explaining in Russian that I know the rules and the rates and I would like her company for an hour and I would like some anal action. She left with 300 NIS to the "receptionist" at the door and another 100 to her for the anal action. Quick shower (I had to go through the same corridor and it was around the corner) and ...

    This was one of the best sex sessions I had in a few years. Not because of the extensive foreplay (covered BJ this time) and getting into her ass, but mostly because she seemed to really enjoy it. I know that it can be professionally faked, but somehow you will feel the difference. She came at least twice - once when I had it up her ass, which surprised me greatly, and another time when I used my tongue for about 10 minutes while resting from the first blowout. Second time was doggie style and coming with my finger massaging her anus we still had 15 minutes to talk and cuddle.

    Luda (that was her typically Slav name) was from Ukraine as well and a divorced mother to 2 children (I'd never believe by her tightness, but 2 scars at the lower abdomen made it look like 2 Caesarian). Had to live off prostitution to feed the family and came to Israel for 6 month. 14 hour day and everything that club was spending on her food or dress was deducted from the "earnings". 14 hour working day and she is supposed to make 2000 NIS a day 6 days a week at least. That would get her $1,500 a month she was hoping for plus tips from satisfied customers. That would make it about NIS 50,000 a month of which she was only seeing 6,000.

    She didn't actually asked for a tip and I didn't offer any as I decided on the spot that I will take her out for a few hours next day.

    Obviously getting a girl out was not unusual, but the fact that I wanted her for 4 hours surprised him. I didn't want to explain that I was looking for a GF experience and not a 4 hour screwing in the hotel. We settled for NIS 1000 ($250), which was probably expensive, but I hoped it would be worth it.

    My GFE experience:~~I got back around 9 pm and and barely had time to shave in preparation for "muff diving" as she was at the door. 1000 NIS in cash and she left to give them to the driver. I was a little worried about hotel security, but she was back in a couple of minutes. I told her my plans to go out for a dinner, but in 2 minutes we were French kissing and in 2 more almost tearing apart whatever dress we were both wearing to get naked and start screwing. About half an hour later nearly exhausted from the effort we took a shower and I drove to my favorite seafood restaurant in Haifa. "Dolphin" is considered among the best restaurants in town and is accordingly expensive, but I will die for the roasted pita (Israeli/Arab round bread) in with butter and garlic spread on it and a main course of fried calamari with a glass of wine.

    I took time driving back to the hotel and showed Luda some of Haifa places. I even stopped at one of the high grounds of the city to show her the bay and suburbs, but as soon as we hugged, she just pushed me back to the car saying that she is so turned on that we better get to the hotel fast.

    Another half an hour wild sex escapades and I blew my second load. We talked about different things and she called her family in Ukraine from my cell phone, with my permission of course. Some rest and with only an hour remaining I went to work on her pussy again. She came twice during this third session, but I couldn't finish, so it was hand and mouth work at the end with me coming into her mouth and she swallowed most of what I squirted there. There was no condom for BJ this night, unlike when she was in a club and although hers was not the best BBBJ I had in my life it was still very good.

    When we finally parted with me tipping her almost the same amount of money I paid for these 4 hours. I was left with her address and phone number in Ukraine and a promise to call in autumn when she will be back from Israel. I am definitely going to fly her into one of European capitols this autumn and hope to indulge in an uninterrupted week of pleasure of sex and sightseeing. I hope that this is going to be fun.

    Definitely my most pleasant experience. And I think it was from being able to communicate in girls' native language and treating them with respect and yielded great reward of GFE.

    I'll be going to Russia later this summer or autumn too and will post the practical test results on my extensive theoretical research of sex industry in Moscow. It seems to be growing and still inexpensive.

    Write me if you need technical details about Haifa or Israel in general.
    (Review # 1741)
  • All Areas Travel Report Dated Added: Sun May 02 1999 Submitted by: FunGuy

    Most of the working girls are Russian and the rest are local.
    I would recommend to buy a local daily newspaper and look through
    the adds, you can easily identify the desired section even if you
    don't know any Hebrew. There are many young girls that rent an apartment and start a business. All my encounters were very business like but
    better than nothing... rates are about the same if you call a girl in or
    go to her Flat, about 100 - 250 NIS (25-60 USD) for about a 1/2 hour
    They expect you to come fast. They give a 2 min BJ and a 100MPH fuck until
    you come or die...(you are doing the work and they tolerate it for a while). All describe themselves over the phone as very young and very
    good looking... it is seldom so... The aftertaste is NICE, not thrilling but nice..
    The street girls are found on most cities, they are about half price
    but don't deserve it...
    Take into account that the Israelis love sex and Flat or Call girls are
    very busy and have a tight schedule.

    Most give straight sex only and Condom only (MOST...) but there are ads
    for Bi Lesb Gay FemDom etc.

    Tel Aviv is the best City for action. Best girls, most variety.

    In Tel Aviv there are many Health Parlors - they are cheap, filled
    with Legal and semi Legal immigrants - OK
    (Review # 639)

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