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  Cairo (17)
  • Hurghada Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jul 26 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Well, having just moved to the Hurghada area I have been doing my homework on where to empty my sac in the area. I have to say, it has been the most difficult task I have ever undertaken. Almost impossible in fact. Having asked around discretely, I was reliably assured that most girls working in bars are open to persuasion.


    Having tried a few of the locals bars on the Corniche (Cowboys, Al Quieda, etc) I wasn't striking gold, even though there were a few 6 - 7's working there. Eventually got chatting to a really nice Egyptian bloke who offered to take us to a place he knew...turned out to be the worst place imaginable. Actually located in a half-finished building on a construction site, with three well-used girls that I wouldn't have touched with a sterilised bargepole.


    Needless to say, we made out excuses and left after a beer (warm at that!) Next, our pal offered to take us to a Chinese massage parlour, which sounded promising. Located on Sheraton rd just up a sidestreet near Burger King. Not bad (anything was welcome at 2am frankly)choice of 3 girls, about 150LE entrance fee and another 100LE for a massage and handjob. Not brilliant but better than nothing (just!) The saga ends here for now.


    Keep hearing about all the Russian pros in town on holiday, but struggling to find them, as the clubs don't seem too busy and I don't fancy hanging around till 3am on the offchance. Maybe I am getting lazy... If anyone has any pointers as to where I am going wrong, I would love to hear from them. I cannot believe in a holiday town the size of Hurghada, that there isn't some sort of established "scene". HELP...  

    (Review # 24336)
  • Luxor Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 09 2002 Submitted by:

    On the off-chance I asked this calesh driver (horse and carriage) who I'd got to know, about women. He said there wasn't a street scene but he knew a couple of women with their own place but would charge at least 150-200 Egyptian pounds which is 20-30 British pounds and I wasn't interested at this price. Just thought I'd let u all know. (Review # 5020)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Nov 17 2001 Submitted by:

    Hi , I am Radi from Jordan , I spent a wonderful month on Egypt , it was very good , I heard about

    ~~El Agouza street , I went there and asked for a flat to rent , I got a good flat and the women who gave me the keys of the flat asked if I want some pussies~~I said yes, she told me that she will send me 5 girls to choose from , after 30 minutes I found 5 girls knocking on the door , I found them all beautiful , but I chose the most two beautiful of them, we argued about the price but I knew that Egyptian girls are very very cheap, they want 50$ for them both for an hour but I told them that 25$ is enough for both of them the whole night, finally after 20 minutes of talking they said ok , then they started to strip , they were beautiful one of them (mona) she is little build ,flat chest and no butt

    ~~but she had a very perfect face , the other (hoda) ~~had big boobs and large fantastic butt , first I make them play with each other while they bath , I got hard , I started with mona , she gave me the best BJ I 'vet ever had during this I was pussy fingering hoda and rubbing her delicious butt , the Bj was amazing , I made them play with each other until I was hard again , then I gave hoda a great anal fuck , you cannot imagine how horny she was, finally I came , I rested for a while , during this I make mona lick my ass hole , she was great ,

    I was hard again but I make them finger fuck each other (it is amazing seeing these two girls fucking each other), I fucked mona this time we tried many positions and hoda helped us in supporting Mona’s thigh , Mona was a little build , she was very very tight , tighter than hoda's ass hole , it was a great fuck , and it lasted 30 minutes to finish with her , after that we were all tired , we rested, smoked , tell sex jokes and finally we slept. at morning the dressed and I gave them additional 10 $

    ~~they thanked me a lot , I was very hard so I asked them to stay a little , they said it is ok , I had fun with them for another two hours , I gave head amazing French kiss while Mona sucking me hard , then I told Mona to have the 69 position , she gave me a good sucking (but not perfect like Mona) and after about 30 minutes playing with her butt and fingering her ass hole and pussy she ejaculated ,

    ~~~~I rested for a while, and they took a shower and put on their clothes I took their cell. no.~~~~they are very good and deserves every dollar of it ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (Review # 4620)
  • Cairo Street Action Dated Added: Mon Apr 16 2001 Submitted by: EXPAT in Cairo

    ~~Yes. There are street prostitutes in Cairo. There are two problems. First is to notice them. They don't stand out so much as your standard street whores in other countries. Egypt is a conservative (therefore hypocritical) country and while whores are in high demand it would be considered appropriate to many to harass, rape, jail them.~~~~So you have to watch carefully and circle many times to make sure the girl is a prostitute and not a girl just waiting for a ride. The later at night it is the more likely that she could be a prostitute but she could just be late. Some of them are too obvious by their nervousness. But if you see her standing in one spot waiting and then go around the block and she's waiting on a different corner that is a good tip.~~~~Next you have the problem of competition. Strong social pressures reduce the supply of prostitutes. I have seen long lines of cars trailing behind a couple of girls, while the men call from their cars or jump out to make their solicitation on foot. I find it too undignified for my taste.~~~~A tip. While people normally look for prostitutes at night it is hard in Egypt, both due to lack of them and to the fact that those that exist disappear almost immediately. ~~~~One day I was talking to an 18 year old girl on the sidewalk and immediately an Egyptian man in his car pulled over and was getting in line.~~ (Review # 3391)

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