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  • Vienna Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Mar 08 2008 Submitted by: Mark

    I meet Tiffany in Vienna. She is a very beautiful and awesome girl. She has a perfect look and a perfect body especially I like her little nice breasts. She could be easily a model. I passed with her very wonderful moments. During the day she is a perfect companion with a good sense of humor. She is interesting in a lot of things and she had always something to say.

    She dressed perfectly sexy, casual or formal as you want. She is a real lady and people don't considered her as an escort girl. Sexually she is a wonderful escort, I will never forget the moments with Tiffany. She likes gaming and making sex. Sure, I will encounter Tiffany again very soon because she has a lot of class and distinction and also because she is great at sex.
    (Review # 22511)
  • Istanbul, Turkey Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jan 12 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    Dear Sex lover, Good day. I just return from Istanbul, turkey. I would like to say that this city is full of thugs and cheaters. I have been traveling so many countries but I did not found any city full of cheaters like Istanbul. All the Taxi drivers are cheaters they always choose the road which is far and too much traffic. Five minutes distance they travel in 15 minutes just to make some extra money. And also some driver they make some changes in their meter so it runs very fast.

    On the road in the markets specially near Taksim every 10 to 15 minutes you can find some one is following and try to speak, and offering their service to bring you in any club, bar or for the girls. I just followed one of the fucker who told me that he knows some place where good girls are available, for which I followed him and he bring me to a bar only sitting two ugly girls, I did not asked them or choose any of them to sit with me but they come and sit with me their own, and immediately the waiter bring 2 ladies drink, which is half glass of soft drink, she takes 2 glass, and after half an hour they charged me 300 lira, around US $295/- I don't even touched the girl.

    But I was not in the position to fight with then because they came 5 persons along with the bill. I understood that if I am not paying that amount then they are going to beat me, so I just paid the amount and left the place. So this is my advice to every sex lover please don’t go Turkey for sex. And don’t take taxi, try to go with underground metro train or take bus which is cheaper. The above story is just of the cheating that I have faced during my visit of one week in Turkey, There was altogether 15 times I was cheated by those fuckers. So try to stay away from turkey, Istanbul unless you have some business or some urgent work to do their. Bangkok is the best. Regards Fanta

    (Review # 22259)
  • Barcelona Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Jan 24 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Another huge thumbs-up for the Kiss Me Club on Calle Majorca in Barcelona! Visited with Aida and had a fabulous, hot girlfriend experience! Drinks are 30 Euro. Buy on for the lady and she'll get very friendly in the club or pay another 154 Euro and visit with her for an hour in an apartment about 50 meters from the club.

    There were about 8 girls ranging from 5 to 8 in the club and only a couple of guys. The club is very small (like a corner bar in rural parts of the USA). The whole atmosphere is very friendly and I was very, very happy with the experience. BBJ & CIM may be OK, depending on the girl (and you.)

    It's only open on weeknights (not Saturday or Sunday.) On a couple of previous visits, I went to the brothel with the red button at Rossello 328. These were also very satisfying! It was cheaper there too (about 100 Euro for 1 hour). Note: It's only open until from 10AM to 9PM and closed on Sunday.
    (Review # 17102)
  • Tartarstam Republic, Russia Travel Report Dated Added: Wed May 03 2006 Submitted by: Rog

    I arrived in the capital of Tartarstan horny and expecting to see hookers in the hotels like I'd seen a few years earlier in Moscow. No such luck. Finally I got a cabbie to show me the ropes. Get this! I contacted him right in front of the Tartarstan Hotel. He took me way out of town where we picked up a beautiful 19 year old blonde hooker with c-cups. Then he took me back to the same hotel! The girl and I went into the hotel (it was about 2:30 am) and the front desk clerk made me pay an outrageous price for a room (2500 rubles). Then I took the girl up to the room and we fucked like rabbits. She was in no hurry, and is typical of Russian women; she had a hard ass to die for. All in all, with payment to cabbie and the girl the evening cost 6000 rubles - about $200 USD. But now I knew what to do. I noticed that each floor of the Tartarstan hotel had a key lady. I quickly realized that the key lady was the key to getting laid in the future. The next day I went back to the hotel during the day, found a key lady, and with the help of a dictionary, and her limited English, I let her know that I was looking for a girl that evening. We made an "appointment" for me to come back at 2:00 in the morning. I came back, and sure enough there were four girls waiting for me. Not as hot or as young as the blonde, but good enough. The cost: The girl 1300 rubles. The room was free (with a 500 ruble tip to the key lady). Total cost was about $80. Gentlemen, in Russia the key lady is key. One final note: If you go to clubs the girls will throw themselves at you but not put out. My final night I told a girl that I was leaving in the morning (true) and that I was coming back in 2 months (lie). Knowing that she could not string me along, and that I was coming back, she went home with me and fucked me hard. So keep this story in mind. (Review # 14616)
  • Coventry Street Action Dated Added: Wed Mar 15 2006 Submitted by: Eli

    I`ve been in Coventry just before Christmas last year 2005. I was looking for whores around Coventry and Birmingham. Finally I found place in Coventry, Hillfields. Came after 7.oo and saw there some girls, but lots of bad looking men around whole area, thought junkies. Nevermind, I was very excited, `coze I never had one here but I took first I saw. Was about 30, think drug addicted, she was giving me blowjob in my car, somewhere between garages, dark place. Took her about 15 minutes to make me cum but she was in rush, so not very good experience for 20 quid. I was driving whole area several times, to see what girls are there. Then about 9:oo it looked they leaving this place. I decided to took another whore and fuck her. So I stopped and asked her how much for full service. Told me 30 quid. She jumped in car and ask me to drive somewhere to her flat. I didnt want to go, I was afraid of robbing me, so I just stopped there and she wanted to go for condoms,but with my money in hand. I was asking her to give me money back and then I will give her when she come back. Meanwhile came blue car and stopped behind me and two officers asking me what is going on. They didn't do me anything, I was really scared, she has gone with my 30 and I was driving back home without sex but with quit big level of adrenalin in my blood. (Review # 14243)

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