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  Kiev (18)
  • Kiev, Odessa, Sevastople, Lugansk, Donetsk Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Sep 03 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I am in the Ukraine right now and visiting different cities. Let’s start with Kiev River palace. beautiful girls. Asking price is always $300.oo us. I have never paid more then $60.00 us anywhere in the world. They are over priced but if you wait long enough you can get a girl for 60.00 if it is late. Arena bar and area and Dnipro Hotel. girls always ask for 150.00 or more . Dnipro hotel girls are better but the arena more English speaking people hang out but the girls are not so pretty.

    Got a girl finally for $40.00 stayed the night with me. of course you have to buy them dinner etc. and she was constantly asking for money for this and that . I did not give her any except cab fare. Watch out for that cabs will go way low not more then 10.00 and less. I have to say very beautiful girls model types all over especially city central .Not working girls thought. Street action if you know a good cab driver. Different types of girls on the street. Asking price is 70.00 and then you take them to a steam house and that is another 10 t0 40 dollars for an hour. Went to a massage erotic massage. Paid 52 dollars for 2 girls. It was great full nude and I tipped them for sex even though they are not supposed to. I told them I would tip them and they did not ask how much.

    They gave be blow and sex for an hour. It was great. I could have tipped them 20 each but I went ahead and gave them 30 each, they were happy. Erotic massage usually just includes release by body and hand. On to Odessa. I was there in the middle of there holiday season so many beautiful girls from all over the country. Arcadia is the best but be careful. I met a guy that said he had several girls for sex for free. He brought a 18 y/o for me to eat and played with her nice little breasts. She wanted sex so we went to my hotel. He followed I told him to wait outside he did and the girl and I kissed passionately. Then we went to the room but before we got to the room she pretend to sprain her ankle and called her male friend. He came up to help her. Claimed he was also a medic. He checked her ankle then removed her shirt to examine her breasts she was moaning in pain.

    They wanted me to leave the room total. I refused. They wanted to go through my things when I was not looking. He ended up carrying her and I looked and she stood up and ran to the elevator. LOL met a beautiful girl and we partied all night and when it cam down to it she just wanted me to spend money on here and she left. Never a call. That has happened several times while I am here. They say how wonderful you are but all they want is for you to spend money. City central Odessa late night street action. had a young women tell me she had a beautiful girl for 100.  

    To bring to me, but I like to look first so nothing happened. the women in city central are old and heavy and always ask for 100.00 but I never asked the price because I was not interested but finally found a decent looking younger female and got her for 50.00 my last night in Odessa I was in arcadia and got very drunk late night and finally a 19 beautiful girl came to me and she was gorgeous for 60.00 but I declined I was too drunk and shortly after the police hassled but I played dumb and they gave up on me.  More when I get through with Sevastople Lugansk and Donestk

    (Review # 20649)
  • Yalta Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Aug 17 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I went to Yalta and after reading the reviews in here, I went straight to Yalta In Tourism Hotel. There aren't as many girls as it used to be, that is what I heard from people there. There were about 10 girls seating at the lobby. There were really gorgeous girls, all looks like models. They want a $100 though and they won't bargain. In the street late at night, you can find girls for $50 or even less if you bargain, but they are not as good looking, as a matter of fact they are pretty shitty and old. What I heard when I was there, if you want hot,young girls, Donetsk is the city to go in Ukraine. It is an industrial city, and the population is pretty poor. Business men are coming from all over Ukraine though and girls are available everywhere fro $50, 30 and $20. (Review # 15365)
  • Odessa Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jul 11 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Please read through all the text as there is a big but on the way). Odessa is the place where you can see some of the most beautiful women in the World. Most of them have fantastic figure and they are gorgeous. Here comes the big but! I learned it the hard way. I was in Odessa for a week and stayed in best Hotel there is. It doesn't matter if you are rich, handsome, tall, well dressed, etc. The ladies would not even look at you! I went to every club and street that exist. It's all controlled by Mafia and they are not use to foreigners and they would look at most foreigners as aliens unless you look like them.The men in control were short, fat, bold wearing black T-shirt and jeans. The only way to have top girls I mean the best looking girls, is to call an Agency to send you a girl and believe it or not is not cheap for a place that most things are cheap. So think twice before you go! $150 for an hour sex. With that kind of money you can get sex elsewhere with less hassle and besides Odessa can be dangerous. (Review # 15117)
  • Kiev Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 25 2005 Submitted by: amando

    Found this site... really super - a lot of direct contacts to the escorts, no agency fees, etc... (Review # 13453)
  • Odessa Street Action Dated Added: Mon Nov 14 2005 Submitted by: Komando

    I was in Odessa this past summer (2005) and found some good girls at the Seamans Club. This place was located directly across from the entrance to the Harbor. There were more than 20 girls, all under the age of 25 years old, to choose from. They actually stood right on the curb as you negociated with a Madame. The price I paid was only $40.00 U.S. for one hour of pleasure. I had to take the girl back to my Hotel room. Some guys I know had some trouble with getting girls in the front door and had to pay the extra room rate to get her in. I went ahead and brought my girl in through the elevator in the underground parking structure, and paid nothing to anyone to bring her in.

    She was tall, white and young. Started with a shower and went from there. Did everything I asked and more. I gave her $10.00 tip and she was thrilled with it. I had gone into the bar at the Hotel I was staying at the night before, and there were prostitutes sitting at the bar. Apparently the hotel has some girls working for them. I asked the ladies for prices and they replied it would be $150.00 for two hours. The girls looked great, dressed nice and spoke some English, and I almost went for it, until my friend stopped me. He said $150.00 was way too much money, and he is the one that told me about the Seamans Club.
    (Review # 13099)
  • Kiev Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Aug 24 2005 Submitted by: guency

    I spent unforgettable hours with Christina from the Ukraine agency "", an ex-photo model and present student of economics and advertising. This refined young lady is not only very beautiful, but very erudite and knows how to keep an interesting conversation. The "shag" with her was very special experience for me. I definitely will book her again. (Review # 12532)
  • Kiev Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 11 2005 Submitted by:

    That gal ( made me hard and ready to come just having appeared at the restaurant! That was really cool!. She adores to have her ass fucked... And then, I made her suck my cock for hours.  (Review # 10829)
  • Odessa Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Sep 19 2002 Submitted by: Biri

    Hi to all. I'm Italian and I was in Odessa for a week during my job. Looking on web I discovered a escort's web site with a good catalog of photos. I became curious and I called the number. Speaking with the lady on the phone I arranged a "meeting" of 12 hours with a wonderful brunette called Ilona.

    ~~For be shortly, she come the day after in my hotel very puctual and we had a great sexual experience at all with stops and shower together.~~She was very kind and nice but very professional about my requests of meet her again without the agency.

    ~~Price was $300 for the whole great night. Very expensive for the Ukrainian economy, but, I repeat, a very good experience at all.~~The web site is I have to go there again next month, and I'll look around: there are great possibilities to meet girls in all the city , but my very poor russian don't help me! (Review # 6165)

  • Kiev Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 28 2001 Submitted by:

    Found this website before I left for Kiev and it worked out just up seeing three girls from this agency while I was there. $60.00 an hour. BBBJ, Full service and Greek to boot! Tipped a little extra each time and was never dissappointed.~~

    (Review # 4526)

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