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  • Sitges Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 26 2008 Submitted by: wazzup

    Kellys club in Sitges almost opposite the underground car park and near to the main roundabout in the town very small club no entrance fee but beer and a drink for the girl cost 35 euros and 100 euros for a half hour.Some very nice girls and some older ones i took a 20 year old rumanian girl for a test drive very pretty.The room was in a tatty apartment looked reasonably clean with a t.v wasn't really interested in watching that though she started off with a fairly standard b.j.She also allowed me to suck her tits and finger her pussy.She was pretty cold though and like most are not there for enjoying it but it's a bonus when they do.Then cowgirl position.I called it a day after that i didn't even use the whole half hour just not the right girl for me i must admit i got a better bj off a blonde that really knew how to take her time off one of the roads just outside vila nova il a geltru and that only cost me 20 hey ho. (Review # 25008)
  • Barcelona Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Oct 17 2008 Submitted by: Flyer

    I was in Barcelona for 1 day. I had to check out the girls at 328 Rossello. It was a short walk from the subway station. I got there at 4pm. Being on a budget, I tried the red button. I made my way up the stairs to the waiting madam. Once there I was taken into a room to meet the girls on duty. One at a time they came into the room.

    I picked a young, trim one. Jessica. Age about 20 if that. The rates were 30 for 15 min, 40 for 20 min, 50 for 30 min. or 90 for the hour. Across the hall we went, to a clean well furnished apartment. She was well worth the money and there was no rush. The BJ with condom was fine, and sex was just as well. No problems with telling her what I wanted. We cleaned up in a small bath afterward, and I got a kiss good bye. A good experience, in a safe place.  
    (Review # 24891)
  • Barcelona Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Oct 06 2008 Submitted by: Dick Dastardly

    What's up my fellow mongers, plumbers, and pervs. First off, spend the extra hotel money to stay in Barcelona city centre. You can stay cheaper, but those cab rides add up QUICK!

    I was heading to Rosella 328 & another spot I saw here, but my non-english speaking cabby understood that I was looking for cheap pussy, and took me to a place maybe 5min from the beach called Club Riviera.

    First off, I saw very few non locals, which to a perv is very good. I don't want the tourist pussy, I want the everyman pussy! No cover. The place had at least 50, maybe closer to 100 whores. Reminded me of the termas in Rio aka the motherland. 3 bars that were connected, I chose the back bar, last seat. Drinks between 10 & 15 euros. There were a LOT of Romaninas, a few Colombians and Brazilians, and some Black girls.

    You had to work to get to me, but I was approached within 10min by Romanian Cathy.I was really trying to wait & see what else there was to offer, but she was aggressive, though not pushy, and had all the right answers. 80 euros for 30 min, 160 for 1hr. Guys...when you're in a whore house, why would you want to spend an hour with any one girl when there are 49 others? Bust a nut & move on!

    Sex was great. Later tried a 'pushy' tall Turkish girl that was a little bossy. I got her in the room and showed her who the real boss was. She complained about my big dick all the while and when I was finished was more than happy to talk shit & leave. Actually called me a bitch! She thought it was girly cute, but I politely let her know that where I'm from, calling a guy a bitch can get you socked in the mouth. Didn't want to catch a case in a Spanish compound with armed guards though. Cathy, who was short & kind of thick told me I had a big dick but didn't complain, just took it & let me know when it hurt. Oh yeah, most ladies there speak some English as well as Spanish & whatever other language. It was a cool experience, but pussy is getting expensive world wide nowadays.  
    (Review # 24846)
  • Mallora Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Aug 08 2008 Submitted by: Anon

    We chechked the street girls on this beaufiful isle. there are mainly afro-grils on the big sreet east of the centre but also some european. My friend had a good time with an small bulgarian girl. I had a really bad experience with with a small blond russian girl with bad teeth. She did nothing as promised and i was just allowed to fuck her hand, and she was pretending I was having real sex.. what a bummer!! So guys, go for the bulgarian.. :) (Review # 24445)
  • Malaga Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jul 07 2008 Submitted by: BiggJC

    On the Costa del Sol there is only one place you should go. Estark 92. It's about halfway between Fuengirola and Benalmadena, just ask any taxi driver to take you to 92. Believe me, they all know where it is!

    The place is unbelievable. No cover charge, just walk right in and try not to let your eyes pop out of your head. It's a well sized bar with anywhere from 30 to 50 girls in it. Grab a drink and relax, don't be taken in by the first girl who approaches. Have a walk around and take your time. The bar opens at 5 pm and closes at 4 in the morning. Getting there mid-shift is probably your best approach, as the late night drunks haven't arrived yet and the girls have warmed up to the work. The majority of the girls are from Romania with a few South Americans and Spanish as well, no Africans or Asians.

    Most of the girls are 6's, 7's and 8's with a couple 5's and a few 9's and 10's thrown in for good measure. All shapes and sizes, none that are what I would consider fat, but there are a few who could use a little more exercise. Some are outstanding, and if you like a nice big ass like me there are some real beauties.

    Especially the Brazilians and, believe it or not, some of the Romanians have great asses. With no other fat on their bodies. The rates are all standardized; 70 Euro for a half hour all inclusive, 150 for a full hour. On the way up to the room you'll stop by the laundry supply to grab some clean sheets for 1 Euro. Believe me, if you pick the right girl it's worth every penny. A half hour is plenty and in the 4 times I went there none of the girls was clock watching. I spent about 45 minutes on one girl and she was in no hurry. BBBJ, CIM, Anal, the works!

    All the rooms are upstairs, and there's two elevators if you have trouble with stairs or are too drunk to walk up them. The girls rent out the rooms and stay at the brothel. Just so you know, they pay 70 Euro a night to stay and work there, so they need at least one customer per night just to break even. Make sure you ask the girl what you want before agreeing to go upstairs. I'd estimate only 25 to 30 % do anal, and they don't want the other girls to know, so be discreet when asking. I'm an ass man as I told you, and there's no request for extra cash for some back door action. And more than a few of them have party favors to give you a little extra kick or if you need sobering up. You can expect to pay extra for that, but don't be surprised if it's on the house!

    From my experience the Romanian girls are the best, but make sure you pick one who's eager to please. The Brazilian girls seem a little more jaded and just want to do their job and get paid, but there still better than what you'd get almost anywhere in the world. Not entirely sure on the laws in Spain regarding this type of employment, but I don't think there's anything to worry about. Apparently the place has been in operation for years and they've never had a problem. So remember my fellow sex mongers, when in southern Spain there's only one place to go, 92. It's a good, clean safe environment where everyone is there to have a good time! PS There are a few African streetwalkers plying their trade along the beach. Not safe! Not safe at all. 
    (Review # 24212)
  • Barcelona Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Mar 15 2008 Submitted by: Cronos

    I've been in Barcelona twice recently and thanks to your suggestions I have found girls to play easly. I went to the brothel in carrer Rossello, 328 (very close to the Sagrada Familia so it's easy to find) where you can find the 3 colored bells.

    The first time (February 2008) I went to the red brothel, first floor. An old and funny man opened me and told me to wait in a room. After few seconds some girls (6 or 7)arrived, one at a time, and told me their name.

    Two were quite old, the other 4 not bad. I choose a blonde Spanish girl who brought me in another room with toilet were we washed each other there we had 30min of very nice sex with FK, BBJ, 69, daty. Very good experience for 50 euros (her ass was available with as extra).

    The second time (march 2008) I went to the same address in the brothel "Sunset", blue ring, 4th floor. The madam opened the door (a quite old woman) and asked me 60 euros for 30min. She brought me in a room dark and decadent, not clean (I've seen a Kleenex of the previous customer below the bed). 6 woman arrived one at a time to introduce herself, one was old (> 50yo in my opinion) the others from 20 to 40 yo. I choose a black, thin 22yo girls from Venezuela with shaved pussy: Katy. She don't washed herself and asked me if I want to wash me in a very old bath near to the bed.

    She made a very quick BJ covered, no FK. She forbid me to touch her and to participate, she was very unfriendly and not professional. She was angry and very cold from the beginning to the end. An inflatable doll would be much better. At the end the maman was totally not interested to my protest. I will never came back to the Sunset.
    (Review # 22602)
  • Barcelona Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 15 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I couldn't resist visiting Barcelona after reading all the positive reports here on WSG. I was there for six--what turned out to be expensive!--days (Aug 30-Sep 4, 2007) but it was well worth it. The girls in the clubs are clean and beautiful, and they really want to please you--especially the ones from South America.

    Note: The vast majority are from Eastern Europe and South America. If your taste is for Asians or Africans, Barcelona will not be the place for you. Also, try to learn some Spanish before you go as very few girls speak any English. First, a few words about New Aribou (located at the corner of Aribou and Diagonal). All the reports about it here are correct. It is definitely a must for anyone who just wants no-nonsense sex with stunningly gorgeous girls (some have fake boobs but most are natural). There is a 20 Euro cover charge at the door which entitles you to entry and a drink (Any drink, alcoholic or otherwise, so you should make it worth your while).

    Once you order it, you will be swarmed by a bevy of beauties (most of whom are from S. America) who cannot wait to do everything under the sun with you (100 Euros per half hour plus 5 Euros for clean sheets). My advice: take your time! Don't take the first one you see (tempting as she will be!) and wait until several others offer themselves to you before you decide which one you want most. Remember, the best ones are often with other customers when you arrive so it pays to wait.if you can! (ha-ha!) Not mentioned anywhere in the Barcelona reports, however, is what I believe to be the Best sex club in Barcelona.

    I stumbled upon it just after coming out of New Aribou and it is just a few steps up from there (same side of the street). It's called Pub 240 and I highly recommend it--especially if you're willing to shell out the cash (200 Euros for 1 hour and 33 Euros for the room). They don't do half hours but, believe me, the time and the money you spend on these babes will be well worth it. You will go home a happy man! Just be nice and you'll be amazed at how nice they will be to you. The cover charge is 15 Euros which, like Aribou, entitles you to entry and any drink. This is more my kind of place as it has a much more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere than New Aribou.

    The majority of women are from Eastern Europe but they are in their early 20s and absolutely gorgeous! They look more like classy call girls than the hooker-looking cockteasers in New Aribou. Another club that is also not mentioned by anyone here but that I also recommend is Club 624 (located on Aribou and Valencia). Again, I stumbled upon it by accident. It is very much like New Aribou though slightly more relaxed, and there is a very sexy girl who does a striptease behind the bar every half hour. (Interestingly enough, that's all she does!) I guess they're trying to differentiate themselves.

    As for 328 Rossello, this is your classic "cheap" brothel. Press any of the colored buttons (red, blue or green), go up, meet the girls, and don't be afraid to pass if you don't like any of them. Just move on to the next apartment (red, green, or blue) until you find one you like. If I didn't like any of them I would just tell the madam "maniana" ("tomorrow") and she would politely escort me back out. Note that you get what you pay for here. The girls aren't bad looking (most are from South America), but they're not great either. The "red" apartment has the cheapest rates (50 Euros per half hour), the "blue" apartment the most expensive (60 Euros per half hour).

    And the best news of all. You don't have to buy a f***ing overpriced drink to get some ass!!! Lastly, I would stay away from the Kiss Me Club mentioned in earlier reports. I just took one peak inside and I could tell this place was a dive. I would also avoid the street walkers on San Ramon (though they are a must-see). There is definitely the odd, tempting cutie there (30 Euros or less for "fucky-fucky/sucky-sucky") but I didn't want to take any chances. Yes, this is the cheapest sex you'll find in Barcelona but you've got to ask yourself if it is really worth the health risk. (See earlier reports.) Oh, and don't forget to visit "Pollo Rico" restaurant (near San Ramon). The food there is absolutely superb! Do not leave Barcelona without at least going there once and having their chicken and fries.

    (Review # 20732)
  • Madrid, Barca, Ibiza Street Action Dated Added: Tue Jul 17 2007 Submitted by: Dippy

    So I went to these three areas in 2005. Ibiza, dry, it was offseason and mostly stuck up Spanish broads snorting coke. Worse than West L.A. by a mile. Barcelona had all the beauty and way more of the scene. To tell you the truth the bar/club scene was wild enough to satisfy me. There are street hookers along Las Ramblas but it's a bit touristy and kinda dirty. Prices seemed to be 20-60 euro (plus another 5-10 to get a place), in line with Madrid. Madrid had a lot of street action.

    Holy shit, behind La Gran Via (biggest tourist area) there is a whole community of crackheads and whores. I wouldn’t fuck with the drugs there, lots of crap floating around (Barca had decent hash). Anyway which way, they are out at all hours of the day but the action won’t pick up until at least 11 or so.

    There are some hot African bitches, also some ones with rough hands and God knows what else! Be careful in picking and once you get down to it! This one chick from Sierra Leone was awesome. Let me just grab her head and fuck her face and put her legs WAY back to take it deep before flipping over for the finish. 30 euro, plus 5 or 6 to get the room for a half hour.

    Had a Costa Rican, ugh, it was early but I had to leave town. She had the biggest tits I've ever seen, really it was kinda gross. Pretty unsatisfying, like I said, be picky. You can't go wrong here, some hotels will let you back with them but no reputable ones; just get a room with the girl, she'll want to take you, obviously! I felt pretty safe to tell you the truth but there's enough crackheads around to only carry the cash you want to spend if you're smart. Mostly Africans and South Americans, but a little of whatever (Southeast Asian, eastern euro, Spanish etc).

    (Review # 20222)
  • Barcelona Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jul 03 2007 Submitted by: Keef

    Thanks to the great reviews on this site. I was in Barcelona for a short break June 21 - 23rd 2007. Visited Rossello 328 about 7pm. Pressed the red button and was 'buzzed' in. Went up the stairs to the door with the red sign outside. I was shown to a small waiting area and after a few minutes a gorgeous girl walked in. She apologized that they were really busy and she was the only girl available. I had no hesitation in going with her. She was Ecuadorian and spoke real good English. I can't remember all the prices but I paid 50 Euros for half an hour. Fantastic value.

    The next day I returned at about 11am and pressed the blue button. Went up about 5 flights of stairs. Was met by the madam who didn't speak a word of English. We got by and she disappeared for about 10 minutes before about 10 different girls came into the room one at a time, told me their name and gave me a kiss. I chose Olga (Eastern European). What a stunner. She had a fantastic sixe 8 figure with gorgeous breasts.

    The shower was in the room and I was so horny just watching her slowly wash and to well herself dry. Again I went with half an hour which was 60 Euros. Well worth every last bit of it. She was a really sweet charming girl. Took her time and let me control what we did.

    Everything was nice and slow till I took her in doggy. The site of her gorgeous little arse looking up at me had me ramming hard inside her. She made all the right sounds and even now I think most of them were genuine. Rossellon is one great value for money place. Would recommend to anyone.

    (Review # 19977)
  • Madrid Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 24 2007 Submitted by: HankySpanky

    Just went to Pygmalion for first time last night. It really lived up to the good reputation. But it was more expensive than in any reviews I saw on web. The girls asked 500-600 euros at first. It just before closing time, so we knew that we power to get a better price. I talked a very beautiful Brazilian girl with model looks down to 350 euros.

    That is high for Madrid, where VIP escorts are 300 euros, but I could talk to her first, and knew she would be good, so it was OK. It turned out that she was amazing! When Pygmalion closed, my friend left with a girl. They didn't agree on a price yet, but now it was so that she either got some money from him, or nada. So he got her for 200 euros. Not bad. The selection just before closing was great. 8s to 10s, and very nice dressed, and upscale place.

    Drinks are expensive, but it is worth it to have such a nice place with no pressure from the girls or management. If you have money and good negotiating skills, this is your place in Madrid.

    (Review # 19755)
  • Madrid Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Apr 04 2007 Submitted by: Desidude

    I have recently been to Madrid and stayed in the Auditorium hotel near airport. There is a club nearby called some Discoteca -- it is a strip joint. I went on one evening -- entrance fee is 14Euro. Lots of girls very relaxed atmosphere. Girls are all over you, I had a Brazilian touching me all over and squeezing my dick, you can touch then everywhere -- they try hard to tempt you for sex. I bought her a drink (pricey at 14 Euro) but she was lovely.

    I didn't fuck her at the end -- fucked another girl instead, Hungarian, lovely girl -- looked more attractive in the darkness of the club -- but she was lovely 70 Euro for 1/2 hour. Very clean and it was a great fuck overall a really cool and comfortable experience. Highly recommended.

    (Review # 18130)
  • Algeciras/Sotogrande Other Dated Added: Tue Mar 13 2007 Submitted by: Kallebah

    Believe me fellow hobbyists I have been thinking about this for quite a while now if I really want to publish the place I am going to mention now...why? Well, I have been around a bit - Thailand, Germany, Sweden (which by the way is the worst country on earth for buying sex), yeah and all these places where you might have been to or are heading to :) - but this place I must say is one of the better ones I've been to, simply because the choice of girls is incredible (we are talking 20-40 girls or maybe more at any day in the week from South America, Eastern Europe, some African etc etc.

    I have never seen any Asian girls I think and the location itself, which is a hotel for girls only is good too! If you happen to be in the area just tell the taxi driver "Los Lagos" and no more questions will be asked so this is the only Spanish you will need from my place which is about 15 min drive I usually get charged 15-20 euros.

    Once there you will enter without entry fee, open the door and o_o probably will be speechless for at least a couple of seconds girls everywhere, kindly showing what they got, some of them approach you before you even can reach the bar. Some TV screens, a nice fountain, often mixed music going on, so you just go to the bar after sending away some of the girls that can't wait to show you their room (please be nice! it is a hard business for them just say "I am just here for a drink" - yeeeah right).

    A beer (never asked for the choice of beer they have, so it always is Heineken) Will cost you €7 water, coke whatever €5 or €6. The girls will sometimes not just talk to you, but even rub your dick, put their hand in your pants and do some funny things at the bar occasionally some of them are great fun, others just do it for the money and only for the money and are not very keen to please you a 1000% so I really really recommend that you take your time (be picky!! You pay, you want quality!!) And talk to the girl you find attractive (or girls I've had several as well, not a big deal just ask)

    What more you need to know?  The "hotel" is opened 5pm to 5am for their male guests. If you find a nice girl you will have her mobile number within short and can meet her elsewhere. Don't ask me what the costs are frankly, I saw a girl at my and other places several times over a period of weeks and we just split the taxi costs, that was it! However, I really doubt this happens often. She just liked and trusted me, so be nice guys and you might get lucky!

    Ok I am not giving more info about her let me keep some sweet secrets. Usual cost in the hotel is €70 for 30 min/€140 for 60 min etc etc. I’ve heard there was a special room with Jacuzzi as well, never asked for the prizes though. The normal rooms are more than ok, 2 beds always clean, good bathrooms with everything you need, no issues with the rooms at all.

    On the outside of the rooms you can just sit and relax at the fountain too but I never was sitting there for too long. Condoms are always provided by the girls, oh by the way don't be shy - say what you want before you go up with her or it can be a bit disappointing actually the only time I left disappointed was with a Romanian girl (dang, I knew I should not have chosen her, never saw a good review with Romanian girls here on WSG!).

    After 10 minutes of not kissing her on the mouth, not being allowed to touch her pussy, imagining that I fucked something different than an ice block I told her "gently" to fuck off and bring the change to the bar as I was just getting more horny and that was in fact the night I asked 2 Brazilian girls to talk to my pal who was with me so we would go up to their room the 4 of us. I didn’t take too long to convince him and yeah that was much better! So eventually 30 minutes of pure pleasure some girls do coke in there not that they really look "trashy" but you can see it. Usually the ones that not really give a 1000% to please you what I've heard.

    I’ve never seen a girl under 6/10 in look and age varies from 18 years and 364 days to around 30 yrs I reckon and there can be a bunch of 10s - 8s and 9s are always around you! Don't try to bargain at the bar as you will not be successful, to be honest I never tried at the bar and it is worth it if you pick the right girl they pay €70 per day for the room and work 12 hours.

    However, I had some special threats with the girl I mentioned earlier and another girl a 20 yr old Brazilian girl with the best looking breasts I have ever seen in my life and the best is they are natural! She was a fantastic lay paid €70 and we had around 90 minutes of fantastic sex.

    She did not approach me so I had to lay my eyes on her for a while and her friend she was talking to saw it quicker than herself and bang she must have liked me and also she must have been very new into business, that's why it was so cheap for me that night and she was horny as hell - could not really talk to her as she only knew Spanish and Portuguese but I did understand that she said something like "talking is not necessary when you know what you want from each other!" and that was in Portuguese.
    Very good bj w/o condom and intercourse with condom. Didn't try her ass as her shaved pussy was tight enough already! I'm not that much into it anyway.

    The day after I thought "dang, why is my Spanish so poor!" I never saw her again there oh by the way, the girls "move around" every 3 weeks between a brothel in Madrid, Los Lagos and another place near Malaga (cities name is Fuengirola)

    Personally I find 70 euros for 30 min is quite a bunch of money but for the choice you get and if you have patience and pick the girl of your dreams it is good invested money anyway. All in all a very very good place I do recommend it! So fellows go to Southern Spain, get yourself a job in Gibraltar and give them girls some customers so hopefully we can get better prices one day and don't behave like fucking monkeys!

    (Review # 17769)
  • Jerez Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Dec 11 2006 Submitted by: J

    I've been in Spain for several years and the best and highly recommended place to go is Club Valle 96, a.k.a. Don Tico. It's a huge white building behind a large wall, but you can see the red and green neon lights. This is one of the classiest brothels you'll ever set foot in. The bar area is like a huge sports bar, two big screen TVs, a DJ's booth (plays a lot of Spanish/Latin music. But if there's a lot of Americans there they will play some rock or hip hop), and three bars.

    There's about 30 to 50 women, most of them on a scale of 8/10 from South and Central Americas, the Carribean, Africa, some Middle Eastern and European. You could spend an entire evening there with the drinks costing about 10 euros.

    The women can be nogotiable but the average cost is about 60 euros. The place is like a hotel so you don't have to leave to go somewhere else. The rooms are huge, usually with two big beds in them and a bathroom where they wash your cock and ass crack.

    Safe sex is mandatory without negotiation!!! The place opens at 5:00 P.M. and closes at 5:00 A.M. weekdays, 6:00 A.M. weekends. Any taxi will take you especially if you're heading to the airport.

    By the way, the Garden Club in Chipiona is a dead scene. Was good back a couple of years but seem to be the place for rejects.
    (Review # 16584)
  • Madrid Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 16 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Around 26 km. out of Madrid, on the A6 highway you’ll find Flower’s Park. It's on the left when heading out of town. It’s a great place. Wide variety of girls from all over the world, charging 70 € per half hour, plus an extra 5 € for clean sheets etc. Drinks are 12 € each but then these are Spanish measures (strong) so you don’t need too many. You are not obliged to be with a girl, so it's worth a visit even if all you want is a drink and an ogle. (Review # 16343)
  • Barcelona Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 16 2006 Submitted by: Mr. Finland

    Hi, I was visiting in Barcelona for 4 days in November, 2006. First evening, we try to find some action place and reading lots of WSG pages. I give a very great thanks to that guy who made travel report about "tips" on a club called NEW ARIBAU. It's located on Aribau Street no.226 and it's about 2 km from Universitat Metro Station. It's very easy to find it. Entrance cost 20e including first drink, like vodka and coke. When you go in, you find heaven. About 20 girls 7-9 looking, few Brazilian girls, perfect 10 :)1/2 hour cost 100e + 4e, including "the best what man can get". Wonderful frensh kisses, BJ with OR without condom (in some cases it's your choice), excellent fuckin' different positions. Oh God, this place is heaven. It's possible that you have go back here every night if you tried it once, but then this cost lot of money. I have been visiting many European cities, Thailand and other places. CLUB NEW ARIBAU is a very, very good quality/cost relationship and I got there the best sex ever. Remember, in the club don't just order any drinks. Every drinks costs 20e: water, vodka, coca-cola and gin. Just go inside, get first a drink, choose girl and enjoy! (Review # 16339)
  • barcelona Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Nov 09 2006 Submitted by: Irishlad

    Was in Barcelona last week and I called into this bar after reading the reports on here .It was about 3 in the afternoon and I found the place easy I enter in this very dark bar and right away I see these lady's coming out from this back room and standing at the bar.

    I ordered myself a beer and before I can get a sip this young female comes up onto my shoulder asking my name and where I was from. Then she with my limited Spanish answer her but she didn't understand me so she calls over one of her friends and she explains what happened and the price 90 Euro for 1/2 hour.

    At the back room or 152 Euros at an apartment for 1 hour or ther was the very interesting 32 Euro lady drink which would get very interesting if I bought 3 lady's drinks resulting in a bj at the bar. Well this was all very well but there was no one in the bar.

    It was just gone 3 and I was not ready for any thing so I said I just wanted to drink my beer and go they where, cool with that! And I got a nice squeeze of my ball just to make sure I didn't want to stay and fuck fuck. Will go back and play next time.

    (Review # 16290)
  • Barcelona Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 15 2006 Submitted by: Brendo

    While in Barcelona this past weekend, I decided to give Rossello 328 a try. The building is located just a few minutes walk from the Vergaduer Metro stop. The neighborhood appears to be very safe. I went on a Sunday evening around 7 PM. You will find not just a red button, but a blue and green one as well. I pushed the red button, but got no answer. Perhaps they were closed or the girls busy. So I pushed the blue button and was promptly buzzed in. I made my way up to the third or fouth floor and knocked on the door with the blue sign. Once inside I was shown one girl and told I could spend 30 minutes for 60. I didn't find her attractive at all, so I left. Across the hall I saw the green door, so I knocked. Inside I was brought to a very nice room, with good mood lighting and a sauna type bath. I was shown 7 girls and told 70 euros for 30 minutes or 100 for an hour. The girls were nice looking and I selected a girl from Balarussia. She kissed, and gave OWO, and sex with a condom. Overall, a very good experience. Another place you could try is 16 Muntaner PL2. This is less than two blocks from the Universitat metro station. Watch out for the girls and transvestites on the West end of Los Ramblos, towards the statue of Christopher Columbus. They prowl Los Ramblos late at night and hang out in packs in the old city south of Los Ramblos during the day. I did go back to the room with a nice looking girl, but was disappointed. Initially she said 40 euros for anything I wanted, but when we got to the room, I had to pay 10 extra for the room, then she told me that 40 was for 15 minutes only. She then took off her pants and panties, and said it would be 20 extra if I wanted her to remove her top. I simply fucked her quickly and left. (Review # 15976)
  • Malaga Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Sep 17 2006 Submitted by: Titi

    This is my first posting on “worldsexguide” but it has been many years that I am using this website while traveling around the world. Last week I went to Malaga (Spain) at around 20 minutes by cab from the airport to a place called “Selecta” (all cab drivers know) – It is in a very calm area in a beautiful building with only one floor. The entrance will cost you Euro40 which include 2 drinks for you and one for a girl. Inside, beautiful decoration, very cozy, large bar but not really crowded (I went on a week day). Around 25 girls from Latinas to East European and North African. I would rate them from 6 to 8. I went with a very hot Russian girl in a beautiful room extremely well decorated which definitely spiced the situation. She was speaking Spanish and little bit of English. She was extremely sweated. I had a superb Jacuzzi bath with a glass of champagne into my bed room. (All rooms have is own round Jacuzzi). I had sex into a king size bed with a huge mirror on the seal! She was really doing a great job. I have been charged Euro170. I would rate this club 10/10 for the comfort, 6/10 for the girls selection (quantity wise) and 9/10 for my personal good time. (Review # 15572)
  • Sotogrande Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Aug 21 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I have been searching the net thin and thick for something around Sotogrande. Nothing turned up except some asian massage type of thing around 10 km from there or you had to go to Estepona/Puerto Banus/marbella or Mallaga. A few weeks back I was spending a couple of weeks in Sotogrande and ofcouse, on the last night I suddenly found something Called "Nautic Club". Its on the A7 highway on the turn off to Puerto Sotogrande. You cant miss it. If you are in the Puerto Sotogrande take the old highway to the new A7 highway and just as you either drive up or down, its right there. Nice "hearts" on the roof and called Nautic Club. The place was nice. It was a football night, so the place was pretty empty and there was about 5 girls on the floor. I was told there were more ( I all around 10-15 girls) but the others was watching football upstairs as well. First a pretty girl contacted me, but she spoke no English and event though se tried her worst as "hump-hump" I was not interested. A bit later a Romanian girl called Ella came over. She was real nice and spoke a decent English. She was about an 8. The other girls I saw was between 6 and 9, but since there was only 2 on call that day that spoke any English I focused on Ella. The options went from 20, 40 and 60 min and prices was Euro 63, 93 and 123 (??? the 3 euro was for clean sheets *LOL*) Anyway, I went for an hour with Ella and we actually had great fun. She was nice and pleasing. She did her job well and told me ofcouse that I was the best and all that ;-) anyway, we had fun and that is what matters to me. Dont really go for any wham-bam-thank you mame type of stuff. Anyway, have fun if your in the Sotogrande Area (Review # 15383)
  • Madrid Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Jul 05 2006 Submitted by: Mundial

    There is a place in Madrid on Calle Atocha, 45 2nd floor (or 3rd floor?). They have ads in El Pais for 80 euros per half hour. They claim to have 50 girls, but I went twice and each time was shown about 10 girls. Only saw 1-2 I liked each time, and the second time I decided to go with a girl named Deborah, from Brazil. Warning! She did not follow simple requests very well (like leaving her shoes on) and basically tried to run the session. I was an idiot for not stopping the session and asking for my money back, but I wasn’t sure they would have done that, so I just tried to have the best experience possible. Anyway, I thought it was going to be a good experience at first, but she was very bitchy and difficult, so, as always, be careful! I spoke to the manager later, and of course, all they could offer was an apology and a possible discount if I went back...overall, I was hopeful for a good time in the center of Madrid, but left disappointed...she was a Brazilian girl, but I definitely didn’t get the Brazilian gfe treatment! (Review # 15083)
  • Palma Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 27 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I just came back from a trip to Palma/Majorca and want to give you guys an update of the scene there. If you are not patient enough to pick up one of these horny girls in a disco then go to the harbor where are some sex clubs close to the Titto's disco. At night you should walk up the street "Galle de Aigo Dolca" which connects the "Avenida Gabriel Roca" and the "Plaza Francesc Rossello". I counted 4 sex clubs which opened their doors from around 10:30pm. They have the same owner and there is almost no price difference. You can enter the clubs for free but you have to order at least a soft drink (6 Euro). The girls are mainly African but you can also find some East-Europeans. Regular Prices for a one-shot: 60 Euro for 20 minutes; 80 Euro for 30 minutes. Try to negotiate. The African girls are cheaper than the Europeans and if you are lucky you get a two-shot offer from a black lady for 50 Euro (30 min). The service differs from girl to girl. Some offer anal. I never asked if they do also without a condom. But try it out. Good luck! (Review # 14836)
  • Barcelona Escort Review Dated Added: Sat May 27 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    I took one at 5 pm, then back to the hotel to nap and dine, then at least one more around 12 pm, some times three. I am the type of guy who likes different styles: college girls, tiny teens, tight big tit MILF's, around their 30-40s, cocktail chicks (looking classy, innocent and like they’ve been to a posh party wearing fancy dresses) and of course the classic double D porn star. You can get all of this at a paradise called Club Riveria outside central Barcelona. They open at 5 pm and close at 5 am. About 50-90 girls work every night and you can get all different kind of styles. No rip off bullshit. The price is between 55-70 EUR. Never more, and if you are clever like my travel mates, you take their number and ask them to wake you up with a blow job, and then you don't have to pay the club's commission, and its half price. If you want to enjoy the same experience there is a nice, clean and cheap (40 EUR per night) hotel 10 min away. I have tested ladies in most parts of the world and this is the best place in Europe. Good luck! (Review # 14835)
  • Malaga Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 22 2006 Submitted by: Dutchdeb

    I was in Malaga about a week ago and went to SCANDALO, in the Poligono de Guadalhorcearea (every cabdriver knows Scandalo). Lots of beautiful girls there mostly from Brazil, Hungary, Romania and a few Russian. I felt like a kid in a candy store. The price of all the girls is € 150 for an hour which is quite expensive. However, I took a girl from Romania she was 21 you and very friendly. I was already talking with her for a half an hour and told her that I should not go with her to a room because she was too expensive. Later on after she said that I could have her ass for that money, I changed my mind and we both went to one of the rooms. The rooms are in the same building and quite comfortable with a sink and a shower. As soon as we entered the room she started kissing me and after 10 min we took a shower and she washed my prick. After the shower she gave me an excellent bbbj and I eat her pussy. She sat on my face, we did 69 etc. The girl was really great in bed, very wet and I did heve her ass. Although expensive, it was worth every penny!! There also another club in the same neighborhood but I do not remember the name. Its nearby thoug and tou cab see it when you are standing in the door of Scandalo. Prices here are about €120, - but the girls are less good looking although I saw some beauties. Have fun, Malaga is good for sex. (Review # 14811)
  • Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat May 20 2006 Submitted by: Christopher Columbus

    The Spanish Brothels are called "Clubs". The telltale sign of being in the right place is neon sign and a series of international flags. Generally open 7 days a week, 5pm-3am. Some places have a cover charge that entitles you to a complimentary drink. Ask about prices for drinks, the prices for customers and the girls vary. Ask about the prices for type of sexual experience. Generally, all rates are based on time. Rates vary by location and the girl (40-70 Euros for 20/30 minutes). Basically, the owner charges the girls a flat "accommodation" fee (daily rent). The girls generally try to get as much money as they can. A good club is generally one that is pretty lively. Nationalities range from Mexico all the way to Argentina, France, the Caribbean, sub Saharan countries, Moroccan, Romania and the Balkan countries, and rarely a Spanish native. My advice is: Don't frequent only one club. Don't be quick on the draw; check out the talent first unless she's a 10. Talk to the girls, for toe-curling sex it's worth it. Use cash when possible, some place will scam on your credit card (know how the Europeans use a comma and period differently than the US). I knew a gal that would charge 400E for a 40E session. She once charged an abusive client thousands (he was drunk and rude). Always use a condom; sometimes it's optional if they really like you. Initial prices generally indicate the quality/cleanliness of the room. Repeat sessions in the same night may come at a lower rate. Don't be exclusive, sample as many different women as you can, especially if you frequent the same place more than once a week. Be aware of culture, the Latina’s generally appreciate compliments, blacks appreciate someone that can dance, and the Balkan states appreciate someone with manners. You can have fun without the sex. The 'enticements' may involve a lot body contact/grinding, strip show (if there's a pole). If a woman spends a lot of time trying to entice you and you enjoyed the tease, buy her a drink. They're pricey because the house and the girl split the proceeds. The girls may have an interest in seeing you away from the club. This relationship is similar to having an escort, anything away from the club is between consenting adults. The time away from the club will involve a fee to the club (the accommodation/rent fee). If you meet a girl at a club, the owners consider it an extension of business in the club when you meet elsewhere. Be cautious, the girl(s) may be starved for affection or just greedy. The clubs are customer oriented. The owner's expect the girls to keep the customers happy. The girls try to please a client to earn the repeat business (steady income). The best advice I received was 'screw them all', if they're feeling horny or like your performance they may give a discount, and 'it's nothing but a dream'. By the way this information comes from trying to map and sample every club in the southern region. The small towns may have a club at the outskirts of the town. The major cities will have many clubs. (Review # 14766)
  • Barcelona Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Mar 12 2006 Submitted by: Chelsea

    I have enjoyed the benefits of many of the WSG reviews for a number of years as professionally I spend a lot of time in a lot of European cities.I now feel happy to contribute and would be happy as a Londoner to give local tips. Anyway, last week, I spent an interesting couple days in Barcelona. Went with a friend to the Baccarat club. Entrance fee was 25 Euros but with a free drink (large vodka & coke etc which is bought separately is arond 15 Euros). Probably 25 - 30 attractive girls, most 6+, some 8+. You are encouraged to buy a girl a drink but this is when it obviously starts to cost. Price for a drink around 100 Euros. The girl gets half back from the club, although this is only a third if yo go VIP and drink champagne. During this time, depending on the girl, you will be quickly hassled into going into a private room (if being hassled means your cock being carressed troubles you). My friend unfortunately had a Hungarian girl on the make who wanted 200 Euros, basically just for a BJ although he turned this down. Fortunately, my playmate was far more sensible. Maria, certainly an 8+ was a 22 year old from Moscow. Very blonde, very slim and agile - had been classically trained as a dancer for 10 years (and could certainly agily demonstrate it!) She quoted 250 euros to go to the private room for half an hour. I told her this was too much as my mate had ben quoted 200. She said that the club knew she charged 250 but said she was would give me 50 back in the room. As I fancied her for 250 I agreed but shes was as good as her word and gave me back the 50 as soon as we were alone. I still did not know quite what I was getting but when she took off her dress with nothing underneath, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. anyway to cit a long story short, she quickly stripped me and took me in her mouth after putting on a condom. She then straddled me for a while before asking that I took her from behind. We played this game for a while before I turned her over and licked her sweet pussy for a while. I then took her from the dege of the seat before grabbing her hair and giving her a hard pounding on top whilst she displayed her suppleness and far far wide she could stretch her legs apart. Whilst seriously french kissing. I came deep inside her. We both looked as if we had been a few rounds in the ring. I mentioned that I may come back alone the next night. As my friend had gone back to UK I went back to Baccarat, much to my benefit. Maria had been waiting for me and as soon as we met, she offered to pay for us to leave the club (I think she would have been fined for not turning up at the club. Normally it costs approx 600 euros to take a girl out but she paid 450 Euros. We went to the casino for a while. Again, she paid her way and was happy for our company. We ended back at my hotel for another fantastic session, this time without cost. Maria is a great girl who has worked with her sister in various European cities but may only be in Barca for a few months. If you meet her, please send her Chelsea's regards. (Review # 14216)
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