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  • Bucharest Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun May 28 2006 Submitted by: World Devourer

    Caresse Massage is located around the Piata Unirii area. You will need to call their number and they will send you a taxi for free. I stayed at the Hanul Manuc hotel and was within walking distance, so one of the ladies walked me over to the establishment. Inside I selected two girls for 120 Euros, or about 2.2 million old lei. This was for an hour of the full body massage. The two girls I selected turned out to be best friends and what I enjoyed most was their friendly personality. I enjoyed the session so much that I asked for an extra half hour two days in a row with the same two girls. The massage was of course awesome, and they made sure I got off as a nice finish. I highly recommend this place if you're looking for safe, stress release, and therapeutic pleasure. The staff is friendly and discreet. (Review # 14840)
  • Bucarest Street Action Dated Added: Wed Apr 12 2006 Submitted by: The Lawyer

    I spent a couple of days in bucarest in march before having a job meeting in bacau (another city). I was giggling around without a goal when i was approached by a very young girl - around 17 - cute and big boobs but not very clean in jeans and shirt. After some chat in orrible english she mimic a blow job and asking for around 50us$. She bring me to a park, I don't know where. and we spent half an hour there kissing as two young lovers. When my willy was hard, she bring me to a maintenance stairs going underground. Remember: Romanian prostitute usually do not have condoms, so bring yourself. I had a great bj and fuck in the nude ground. I was so excited from this young lady that i convince her to let me buy a nice female suit. With the excuse "to not make the clothes dirty" i bring her to my hotel to have a shower. Looking herself in the mirror in a (expensive auch!) female suit let her happy and so the dinner in the (expensive auch!) restaurant. She spent two night and one day with me for no money, and god! She fucked my brain off. I never had so much sex since when I was a young italian student in london. Before you think I am lying, I am 32 years and she said tourist are usually older so she was quite interested in marrying me and come with me in brussels. I am telling you all to: Remember you to bring always a condom with you in Romania Many girls wanna marry a West European, so don't focus on prostitute only. Being kind to them is not only a nice thing, it is also rewarding. On my experience, girls from Bucarest and Brasov are more open. I had two other girls in Bacau (she was trying to marry me as well) but they refuse to blowjob or massage your willy because "it is not used". In bacau they also have tales about italian male because "they do it strange" (hehehe they means we adore bj) Enjoy romania guys, it is a warm country (Review # 14446)
  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 06 2006 Submitted by: Toro

    Well, I hope this can help you all. Ok, I have been I Bucharest for several days and I can tell you it is not a mayor city for sex like other Ex-Soviet country. First of all everybody is traying to play tricks on you and women are not as much good looking as the money they are asking. After a loong reaserch you have three main options: 1) Massage erotic parlor: About 60 Euros for erotic massage, not real sex with a medium-low quality girls, only last part of massage on your dick till you cum. It is fun if you have never try it and at least no tricks. What you pay is what you get. 2) Hotel bell boy: he will settle you an escort for about 100 Euros 1,5H with an escort. The only problem is that you will never know what quality girl will appear at your room door. If you get lucky this is the safest way but is a little like playing Casino! 3) Strip Clubs and similars: One of the best it is call Cindy Club but it can get really expensive if you do not wacht out. Minimum comsumtion to get a girl out of there is about 150 Euros + the rate of the girl. Here comes the bad part. Normaly girls will tell you 200 Euros all night but if you pay them up front after first fuck and just after she shower and dress in your hotel room they will dissapear saying they have a big problem while a shouting man is speaking in their cell phones bla, bla, bla. If you try to stop them or tell them to give you back at least 100 Euros they will start shouting and calling police, reception or what so ever. So be smart! if you take out this kind of girls from this clubs: Option one is to settle only for one fuck 100 Euros max 150 Euros, Option two if you settle for all night better negotiate with the girl at the club that you pay 100 Euros at the begining and the the rest when she leaves. You really look stupid when she leaves your room with 100 Euros more than she deserve! I will keep reading WSG for some other sincere reports like this one that help us all save some money and have better sex! (Review # 14154)
  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jan 01 2006 Submitted by:

    I was this December in Bucharest for a business trip, and for relaxing I tried to find a nice girl there. The best what you can do is to find your kick on the net. Because prostitution is not allowed in Romania. But you will find tons of dating pages and most of the girls offer directly what they really do instead of searching for a new husband. You should check out or On I found a nice girl that spent with me 3 days free of charge. I paid for her drinks and invited her to a nice restaurant - but I got the perfect sex all night long for free. :-) (Review # 13541)
  • Bucuresti Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 31 2005 Submitted by: Frankieboy

    Hi guys... the prices you mention here are too high. I go often to Bucuresti... I know the situation very good. All the "intermediar" on the street take your money. The girls they promote are too expensive. You can be happy when they even stay with you in your apartment for the time agreed. Some Escort agencies take from "foreigners" double the price as from Romanian guys. A lady is 200 Euro per night, meaning 12 hours, or 250 Euro for a complete day. One hour price is 1 Million - 1.5 Million Lei, meaning 30 to 45 Euro. From time to time, I take a lady from, or I call a telephone number from the newspaper, Libertatea. I never had a bad experience in this way. Frankieboy (Review # 12990)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Aug 25 2004 Submitted by: Bardamu

    I've read many of these reports for a long time even if I've never really tried it out. And I still haven't because I generally don't believe in paying for sex, that's barely something I've done being drunk enough to lose my mind. Anyway, there are plenty of escort services etc in Bucharest as well as young student girls putting their ads in the local free newspaper. I tried to call some of them just for inquiry and a few of them speak English and the prices they told were as high as 80 euros per hour. But to come to my point here: there is no need of prostitution because it's more than easy to meet and pick up most Romanian women without paying, however a couple of drinks or a dinner might be required and those things are already dirt cheap and of good quality.

    I spent about two weeks in Romania, most of the time in Bucharest but also in the coastal resort of Mamaia (a beach resort comparable to those in Greece and Spain). First of all there are hardly any tourists in Romania, probably due to the country's undeserved bad reputation (don't forget that Ceaucescu has been gone for almost 15 years now). The women are Latin, speaking a language very close to Italian and French, with a touch of the surrounding Balkan culture and population, such as Slavic, Hungarian and even Turkish influences. Walking the streets of the Romanian metropolis of Bucharest is like walking in any South American city but in a very different environment.


    During two weeks I had sexual intercourse with six different women, (and could with a little luck have scored the double) completely regular girls between 6-9. In addition I must tell you that I don't look particularly extraordinary and I'm not rich at all, so theoretically, any of you with better preconditions could score twice or even three or four times as much as me.

    I picked up girls everywhere, in coffee shops, in travel agencies, on the tram, in the beach bar, in the discos, yes even in the streets. You have to be bold and approach them and they will surely appreciate it. The best thing is that most of them speak very good English, so the language is not a problem here (they study English in school for ten years plus an additional language such as French, German or Italian).

    The funniest and most extraordinary experience occured while having a cigarette in my hotel window. Across the street in the opposite building stood a girl talking in her mobile phone. I waved to her and she waved back and through signs we decided to meet down the street in 5 minutes. So we did, I got her phone number, called her the same night and so it went. We had some of the most fantastic sex I've ever had, she gave me a blow job which actually made me come after half an hour and then she let me fuck her in any way I wanted until her boyfriend called and she had to leave early n the morning... So guys, before trying all these rip-off escort services without any personal contact whatsoever, try the traditional way, just the way you used to do it before you got rich... The good old way is still the best, isn't it?

    (Review # 9969)
  • Bucharest Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Jun 04 2004 Submitted by: Anton

    Hi, I have a good tip if you are in Bucharest and want sex, but don’t have the money to pay for escorts you find on the internet. I asked taxi driver if he knew somewhere and he brought me to beauty salon in Viitorului Street 120a, by Stefan Cel Mare. This place locals use, not foreigners. The two girls were pretty, but not tops, but for 20 dollars one hour you should not argue. I had good massage, oral with condom, then sex. Very good! (Review # 9241)
  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 22 2004 Submitted by: Tonand

    Good service in the hotel at EUR 100
    After my bad experiences (see below), I decided to go for the “hotel option” the next time. I chose the pimp carefully, invited him into Pizza-Hut for a cup of coffee, so that we could talk “business”. He suggested that I paid him EUR 100, then he would send a girl to my room at the hotel, but I negotiated hard to meet the girl first and to pay her in the hotel room, in order not to be ripped off again. Then explained my taste in girls for him, and he called two girls on his mobile phone, and about 15 minutes later they arrived also. None were really up to my specifications, but one of them was quite OK, so I took her to my hotel for 1 ½ hours of service, at the agreed price of EUR 100. She did go to some length giving me good service, so the only downside was the somewhat high price, considering the local price level. All in all, Bucharest/Romania offers very little action at rip-off prices, so next time I will go elsewhere.
    (Review # 9149)
  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 22 2004 Submitted by: Tonand

    Pimps to hooker ratio of 5:1
    Walking on the streets in the evening, even as early as 20:00, you will be approached by several pimps, offering you “lady company”. These guys are very pushy, doesn’t take no for an answer, and it is quite difficult to get to actually see the girl/girls. Insisting it is possible however, and being showed one or maximum two girls, you will be quoted prices of EUR 70 in a nearby room, or EUR 100 at your hotel. This is very expensive, considering that a full-time secretary in Romania makes around EUR 50/month.

    Anyway, I chose the “nearby room” option and was then escorted to a very unappealing and sleazy room. The girl was actually nice, and seemed intent on giving good service, but the pimp interrupted us constantly and on two occasions, even did send another girl into the room, to pick something up. Difficult to enjoy the time with the girl under these circumstances.

    After a total of 6 interruptions, the pimp pulled of his main trick, which was to say that the Police were making a racia on these premises, and that we had to leave *now*. Needless to say that there wasn’t any Police to be seen. So for EUR 70, you get pushed around without getting the service, which made EUR 100 for a girl in the hotel look more promising. A local later told me that it is all mafia controlled by Gypsies, I couldn’t verify this, but it appeared very well organised.
    (Review # 9148)
  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Sat May 22 2004 Submitted by: Tonand

    Little to none street action – a big disappointment.
    Walking long stretches around Bucharest city, I got to see much of the Romanian capital, but little to none street action. I met a total of one (1) free standing hooker, which appeared to be on heavy drugs. Also checked out the lobby of hotel Intercontinental, recommended by others here, but apart from the doorman and the male receptionist, it was all dead.
    (Review # 9146)
  • Poina Brasov Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Dec 27 2003 Submitted by: Beat the mugger

    Beware of the Ciucas hotel. They have a mugger who attacks lone tourists as they pass around the desolate side of the hotel in order to gain entrance to the path linking hotel with the main road. This mugger was drinking in the hotel, and the hotel refused to call the police. There may indeed be complicity with the hotel, but this is just conjecture. Stay away from the Ciucas. (Review # 8074)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 07 2003 Submitted by: Ben

    I went last week in Bucharest with some business and I have rented an appartment there. As I have finished my work earlier I looked for some company. A Romanian partner of mine recomended me those FRESH 2 girls, It was GREAT. They just began to work as escorts, so they are very fresh and young, barely over 18 yrs old!!!

    I paid 300 Euro for both of them and I think that was my best investment I did in Romania so far :) Because it was so good and the girls looked so sexy and beautyfull, I promissed them that I will tell everyone of how good they are. If you ever visit Bucharest and you really want a GREAT time there make sure you'll meet them. Their name is Ioana and Elena. You'll thank me for this ! (Review # 7497)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Feb 27 2003 Submitted by: ossy

    I heared a lot and read here about the Herstrau Disco Club and I can say it is worth going there. I went with a college buddy there very early. It just opened (9:00). It is also a restaurant so we had a nice Dinner. By the time we finished eating the Restaurant got filled with beautyful young ladies. The rest is exactly as it is mentioned here earlier. (Review # 6911)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jan 10 2003 Submitted by: lakis

    Hallo my name is Lazarus from Greece, I have been in Bucharest for 1 day I stay in the INTERCONTINETAL hotel in the lobby bar I find a lady very good looking but there about 4 ladies there the price was 200euros for all night bj without and all kind of positions her name was KORIN as she tall me the sixty as I think is one of the best for hour keint off people I look for the next time me visit in the city thank (Review # 6682)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 02 2002 Submitted by: dan

    Hy guys
    ~~I read your adds, maybe the fortune wasn’t with you, if the girl disapered or escape. I have business in Bucharest since '95 and what I have learned is:

    ~~~~If an escort its expensive for sure she provides high quality. If is cheap I get a shot.~~My advise is to choose and colaborate with a fancy ,expensive agency.~~I pay more but I get a educated pussy, safe blow job. Oh last time I enjoyed an exposed 69 and an ANAL FUCK. She is great !I push my dick in her ass hole, amaizing!She was cryng from pleasure.We had orgasm in same time,but I FINISHED ON HER TITS.~~~~

    ~~ If I will tell you who she is, I am afraid she will not be free for me ,she will be fully book:)))~~but please on 2-7 every month dont book here .She is ANYELLE FROM PRIVILEGE~~WWW.PRIVILEGE.HOST.SK~~ (Review # 6229)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 02 2002 Submitted by:

    I've been to bucharest in 21-26.8.02. I Used an escort service named Juliette. Ask for Laura. She is one of the working girls, ~~and she'll introduce you to some of her friends. Their look is around 6-7 in a 1-10 ~~scale. I paid 100$ for 1 hour, but after that for each time I paid 80$ and even 60$. ~~So, what is the big thing? Well, they'll do just about anything for you:~~With and without condoms, golden showers, anal sex, fingering (both holes), rectum ~~licking, cum on their faces, lesbian show - you name it, they'll do it!~~ (Review # 6068)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jul 29 2002 Submitted by: CliveS

    The reports on Heraklau park disco are not exaggerated. I was there in June 2002 and there were at least 100 girls, and all at least an 8! Remarkable. Trouble they are very pushy and you have to be quite determined to make your own choice. Send them away saying you want to look around and they get even more determined. The girls will end up costing you about $150 by the time you finish (they quote $100 but then you get hassled by their "taxi", the police and the hotel security). Its all good natured fun except when they say they say they will stay the night and then leave after 90 minutes or so. But its still great value for a real beauty. (Review # 5836)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 27 2001 Submitted by:


    ~~I went to Bucharest recently for business and I fancied to meet an escort. I had a look on the web and I found the escort agency Olivia. We made a deal for a 24 hours booking for 2 girls, one per day.~~

    ~~When the first girl arrived with Olivia (the agency's boss) everything was OK. We arranged the payment and the girl stayed in my room. It was around 8PM so we went out to have something to eat and then we got back into the room. At the first time I was not in the same room than the girl, she escaped ! And never show up again. I thought Olivia Escort provided trustful persons, I was wrong.~~

    ~~I tried to contact the agency to figure out what happened because I was surprised, then never answered the phone ! We agreed to meet the following day for the second escort but they did not show up. I wanted to tell them I was very disappointed so I called them from a public phone. This time they answered and as soon I said my name they hanged up. I really believe that it was agreed between the agency and the escort that she would disappear as soon as possible.~~

    ~~So if you want to avoid being fucked by this agency, don't trust them at any point.~~
    (Review # 4517)
  • Bucharest Escort Review Dated Added: Wed May 23 2001 Submitted by: Keynes on tour

    Just got back and felt a lot better out there for the previous reviews on this site. Two things. Instead of going to the Interconti bar, try having a beer in the bar next to the Pussy Cat club. I was soon being chatted up and eventually ofered a girl for $110 all night. Play hard to get and you could get it cheaper.

    Second. The Club Vienna is now under a new name 'Mont Blanc'. It is the normal pole dancing club with girls ready to sit with you. The more you pay the less they wear and for a bottle of Champagne you get a good lap dance. all the prices are on the menu and it is a safe, comfortable non rip-off joint, good for a couple of hours fun. Mine cost me just $30.
    (Review # 3590)
  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 05 2001 Submitted by: JJ

    Thanks to the information posted by other travelers, I knew exactly what to do and where to go. I arrived on a Thursday pretty late, and since I did not feel up to going to the Herestrau Club, I went to the Inter-Conti to check out the action there. There were about 10 girls in the lobby eyeing me up as I walked in. Most were between 25 and 35, and they looked like bored professionals. Also, most were not particularly pretty. I finally saw one that was about a 7 or maybe an 8, and I managed to catch her eye. To make a long story short, she wanted $200 for "unlimited" time. After a lot of haggling, almost too long for my taste, she finally agreed on $150 for 2 hours. I went to my hotel (Marriott) and she said she would follow in about 30 minutes. She finally showed up 90 minutes later, I was just about to go to bed. After we showered and got into bed, she halfheartedly played with my dick and made no attempts to blow me, so I just slipped on a rubber and screwed her. It was all pretty mechanical and I didn't feel that I got my money's worth. Altogether, I was not impressed with the scene at the Inter-Conti, with the girl, or with the action. BUT: there is better to come, in my next report - this was only day one! (Review # 3246)
  • Bucharest Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jan 24 2001 Submitted by: obvious_times

    Update: Club Herastrau near the Chinese embassy is not so hot as opposed to 3 years ago. The girls are 5-7’s on my scale. Cab ride can be pricey. You’re better off calling a cab when you want to leave since the cabs waiting there are quite expensive. However, there you will find 10-30 girls (or more). They will approach you if you show any eye contact. The prices: $100-150 for 1-2hrs. $ 200++ for the night. The girl I picked was very young and from the countryside. She was fun but not so enthusiastic. I would not agree with an earlier posting that there are some student girls in this club. It is very obvious that all the girls here were prostitutes and were actively looking for clients. Not only that but they all have pimps and some problems with the police (that they have to bribe). On the ride back to the city your cab may be stopped by the police who want bribes in exchange for passage. (A police car is always waiting on the road back to the city during weekend evenings).

    The better option is the restaurant/bar in your hotel. I was staying at Hotel Ambasador and when I went for dinner there was some show at the restaurant. Next to me was a table with 4-5 girls. They made eye contact and one of the approached me. She sat at my table and offered to come to my room. Found out that it will cost $150 for 1-2 hrs. These girls were very good looking 8-10’s and much more ‘educated’. This second experience on my trip was much better but not the best either. I was looking for girls that were not so ‘professional’. During my stay at the Ambasador, the bell/door men always asked me if I wanted company, but I refused… I prefer to see the merchandise in advance. Also noticed a few escort agency ads in the English business papers available at the hotels. I called to find out the prices and got pretty much the same thing: 150/hr 250/night.
    (Review # 3049)
  • Bucharest Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Dec 16 2001 Submitted by:

    I was walking around in the city centre when I was offered a girl by a chap standing at a house corner near the Continental hotel. He promised an English speaking and nice girl for USD 80 with the option to leave it if I did not like her. Having shown interest he called the girl by mobile. She was waiting in the Continental Hotel (not the same as Intercontinental). After 2 minutes she showed up and in fact she was really a nice and English speaking tiny girl aged 27.

    ~~~~I had to give the chap USD 20 for his efforts and afterwards off to the hotel where we enjoyed a really good time - and no hurry at all. 1 hour or 2 hours or even more - not important at all. The girls name was Monica. She did probably not have the nicest face yet a superb body and a really nice and honest character and she certainly did more than just the basics. After our time the promised USD80, USD20 for the reception of the hotel (which keeps the ID) and USD10 for the police outside the hotel. Overall a nice experience. By the way, the chap who organized the whole thing mentioned that a lot of women are waiting at the Continental hotel.~~ (Review # 2432)

  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jul 06 2000 Submitted by: j

    A friend recommended me Bucharest Romania and taught me some useful words. I have arrived to Bucharest and was staying in the inter continental hotel in the morning I heard somebody knocking on my door i opened it and it was the maid she was nice 30 years old woman she entered my room and started fixing my bed I showed her 20 dollars bill and told her futre-fuck in Romanian she took off her clothes and I started fucking her after that I told her suge pula it means in Romanian suck my dick that's the words my friend was teaching me she understand grabbed my dick and gave me a great blow job. That how it happened every day of my stay the maid came to my room and gave me good time i gave every time 20 dollars and a parfume that I bought. I recommend all of you Bucharest Romania enjoy it. (Review # 1873)
  • Bucharest Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Jun 16 2000 Submitted by: GG

    June 2000: The only place to go while in Bucharest is the Herestrau club which is in the same stretch as the Chinese Embassy. After paying your 30,000 lei ($1.50) entrance, walk in and find a table but wipe the drool from your mouth as you will be confronted with over 100 girls, who are dancing or chatting to their friends. Be aware though that not all these girls are prostitutes and you should not treat them as such. A large majority are students or girls looking to meet a sugar daddy for a few days. Most girls are aged between 18 and 25, but if you are looking for older professional girls go to the intercontinental.

    After your initial shock try to chat or make eye contact with the girl you like but don't think this will guarantee you immediate success as the girl will have to be attracted to you. The older and fatter you are the more you will have to pay.

    I myself have been there over 5 times in the last year and the most i have paid a girl is $100 for the whole night. I have also picked up a girl and not paid a cent. On my last visit I picked up a girl called Mirella who at 19 was definitely a 10, I never mentioned money and neither did she we danced and had a couple of drinks (avoid buying drinks they are not pure and very expensive). Then we went back to my Hotel, and went at it like rabbits she did everything, kissing, anal and bj's. In the morning we went for breakfast and as I know she has to pay the ~~club a fee I gave her $50 bucks and agreed to meet her in the afternoon.

    Some tips.. when taking a taxi insist the meter is on otherwise you will be ripped off.....never agree to enter a club or brothel with a taxi driver, apart from the taxi driver taking a cut of everything you order. It is also dangerous, i have been to some dark and dangerous places & only my aggression and balls have got me out safe......Obtain info from bell boys or barmen...Some Hotels like the Hilton will stop you if you arrive with a guest in the early hours and you will have to sign them in....Avoid Saturdays just because the whole of Bucharest is out there...Do not trust anyone however friendly they seem, everyone is after you dollar and will find ways and schemes to rip you off.

    Have fun. GG~~
    (Review # 1705)
  • Bucharest Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Mar 13 1999 Submitted by: Phillippe

    Some basic info on Bucharest - current January '99.

    Prostitution is very open. Travelling on business I am repeatedly asked if I want ""company""
    by hotel bellboys, cab drivers etc. There are also usually ladies in the Hotel Bar (the Inter-continental).
    Romania is very poor, and I am certain that there are some very shady characters around. You should take
    sensible precautions.

    I do not speak Romanian, but have often found it helpful to retain a taxi driver if
    I am doing a lot of trips in and out of the hotel. Taxi drivers need to bribe the hotel door staff half
    the fare in commission, and it can work out much cheaper to hire a taxi to wait for you than to
    catch 3 or 4 during the day. This also gives you a chance to work out whether to trust the guy to help you find
    company (see discos).

    I use an agency - 092 220 300 - who speak English and are extremely helpful. The ladies that I have met through this
    agency are particularly warm and attentive. Prices are about $150 for 2 hours.
    It is almost certainly possible to haggle, but that's not my style and I'm naive enough to believe that I
    get a better service if I pay top dollar.
    Beware that the price quoted over the phone may be less, but that
    a tip will need to be paid by the girl to hotel security. Try and get
    a fully inclusive price over the phone.

    Another option is to ask a cab driver to take you to a club / disco to meet girls.
    The best is out near the Chinese embassy. The choice of stunning girls is immense, but as nothing gets
    going until midnight, it can be a late night. It also adds $20 to the cost as you
    need to pay a cab each way.

    The worst bet in town by far is the lap-dancing ""Club Vienna"".
    The worst kind of rip off joint with unfathomable prices and
    intimidating staff. Fun if you like each beer to cost a random
    price between $10 and $20.
    (Review # 255)

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