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  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 20 2008 Submitted by: Dave

    I live in budapest for 14yrs. In hungary the key word in the sex partner finding is fotogarancia (try google) many girl use pornstar and model photos in ads. I think the most reliable site is the hungarian girls are beautiful and worth to pay. (Review # 24933)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Sep 22 2008 Submitted by: King Willy

    Hallo bar a must for Lapdancing, the guy on the door was a complete gentleman and assured us that we would not be ripped off, 2 sister work there (totally filthy bitches) and will offer an out service for 30,000 huf each or you can even have both at the same time 30,00huf x 2, T


    he best option was the Peep show in Rakoczi district V11 which costs 6500 for BJ and 11,500 for Full service, there was a girl working there called Jen or Jeni 20-22 years and she was cute as hell and an absolute demon in the sack,(never been with someone so happy to please you)the only problem was that it closes at around 11.00pm.


    The other option was in the street, we were approached by a 21 year old hottie who agreed to Gangbang at our hotel 80,000 huf per person which does not include anal. all in all the advice from other travelers helped us enjoy or trip without getting ripped off,


    p.s Beware the taxi drivers who come to you sporting a smile, they followed us like dogs after a shag after one of the team hinted at a nightclub, needless to say he was told where to drive his car!!!! Any questions then please let me know. KW

    (Review # 24773)
  • Budapest Street Action Dated Added: Fri Jul 04 2008 Submitted by: chris

    Gypsies will ALL rob you. They are better Thieves than you are clever. Train Station girls as pretty as they may seem are gypsy hustlers. Not only Will you not get laid after paying, you are likely to run in to violence if you aske for your money back. DO NOT EVER get suckered into this.

    I was in I think it was Keleti or Nugatyi station in Budapest. There are some pretty 18 year olds prancing the station in pretty clothes asking men....Sex? well I wasn't into it for the 4 days of my trip. then I decide what the fuck I went up to one with a pink baseball cap. I'm sure she's there today, and said Sex she said 10 thousand ( probably 40 dollars or so but she was young and hot) I said ok where she said sex shop. 

    I went along with it as in Germany this happens though I have never done it. Anyway we go in I pay the sex shop guy like 1,000 forints and he says whatever happens up there is up to you guys.  Anyway we go upstairs and I pay her and then I want to get down and she points to her hand and says "MONEY" and I'm like I just paid you but she speaks no english. She says 3 thousand and points to her hand. I'm thinking whatthe fuck so I pay her....what does she do then ...point to her hand and say money in a menacing awful way.

    I'm a bit drunk and se says 2 thousand so like an idiot I give it to her and then the sex right? no she points to her hand and says MONEY! I had at this point paid her 150% of what we agreed to I tell her that's all I have and she starts to leave the vid booth. I'm no violent guy at all but i'm internally pissed. This girl is clearly robbing me. I put my foot against the door and reach down (not to get the money but to see if she would give it to me) and she screams something in gypsy or hungarian. I wouldn't hurt even a filth dirty street pig gypsy or any normal girl for that matter so in one second not only do I remove my foot from blocking the door but open it. She's still screaming. These people are pigs and their whole job is to steal from you.

    She tumbles out of her own accord and down the stairs. then her discgusting filthy gypsy pimp who has obviously been shawdowing her is at the bottom of the stairs motioning for me to come outside. I'm just a punter who wanted some sex. I have had like 7 beers and its broad daylight. Everyone in the sex shop is looking at me when I come down and I'm like she robbed me.

    I continue outside and this gypsy fucker who in a fair fight I could kill two of, turns to me and whips out a knife. fuck. his bitch robbed me I ask for my money back now I'm the one facing a blade. I had a small backpack on and whipped it out in fronth of me and this little gypsy criminal bitch charges me with the blade!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I turn to run being drunk and caught off guard. I am not experiencd in knife fighting. I run across the street and in spite of being a bit out of shape I somehow put a car between me and him who is crazily gesturing I'll kill you and I'm sure shouting it too though I don't speak fucking pig gypsy speak. Somehow I keep the car between us with him charging one way me the other. I'm so outta breath. He's pating his arms as if to say I'm strong ill kill you. he was deadly fucking serious. in what seemed like an eternity probably only 2 or 3 minutes though he kind of slowly backed up as I did too thinking thank god this is over.

    The moral of the story is at the very least you WILL get robbed and not get any sex with a Budapest train station prostitute and at the worst you can get killed. This guy would have stabed me big time. With his bitch screaming god knows what he thought.  I could have just kept this to myself but if I can keep one dime out of these pigs hands this entry will be worth it. be advised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    (Review # 24187)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Wed May 28 2008 Submitted by: Mr B

    Budapest is not the best or safest place to buy sex. Be careful as it's pretty much the most crime-ridden city in Europe, especially when it comes to bars, night-clubs, etc ripping off customers and then threatening them with huge bills.

    Normally any strip club will provide girls for sex if you're willing to pay the extra, which is normally not cheap. About 120 Euros for an hour. In Budapest, check and always bargain & agree prices up front (even for drinks) as the "Hungarian method" of making money in modern Europe seems to be to rip-off and threaten the punters. Safest thing is to ask to take the girl back to your hotel and pay the bribe at reception for the privilege.

    In the end I got an OK-ish shag from a 19yrs girl from a strip club near the Museum-place Accor hotel for 120 Euros for an hour plus the hotel-room bribe.

    If you want a better place for sex tourism in this part of Europe, I recommend Krakow, Poland which is much better, or anywhere in the Czech Republic is also better.
    (Review # 23941)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Sep 11 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Word of warning keep away from all strip clubs they will rip you off don’t be tempted I went to Club 69 as it was beside my apartment and my landlord recommended it. I was quite oiled 1 lady dancing in front of me I called her over and she asked for a drink I said fine and I got one for myself.

    Well I had 100 euro on me so I felt safe the waiter then hands me a bill for 250 euro. I was like no way mate you aint getting it so I was kept there for 3 hours. They demanded I bring my friends or get my credit card from apartment or they would ring the police. I said ring the police fine I don’t have anything to hide eventually I had been grilled by 5 managers but I was adamant. I told him that my friends were not here and I had no credit card so after the three hours.

    I was let go still could have been dangerous don’t go there is a Rio club advertised don’t go either dangerous as well I heard. If you want go to night clubs they are full of girls looking for a few bucks even some nice street girls still though prices are about 100 euros up not as good as rest of Eastern Europe

    (Review # 20711)
  • Budapest Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 17 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Friends beware of strip clubs in Budapest that will rob you. I just recently returned from a trip there. was walking back to hotel with another friend on the tour when we were approached by man in suit who was promoting a strip club near the Octagon (this is in heart of Pest side where I believe they define it as the 8 corners of the buildings there. those who visit or have visited will know what I mean) In any case, we were bored and thought it was harmless to check out. Cover was cheap and club was just steps away from the center of the Octagon. Upon entry we should have been suspicious b/c we were the only two people there. About 10 girls, most were so looking to dog shit with the breath to match. 3 girls came over to sit with us. We sat down and the pushy fuck head host/manager repeatedly asks, "what do want to get the girls” I reply, how much are drinks b/c I realize the nature of these businesses (and was apprised of shady practices from reading previous review on this valuable website). Asshole manager gives me look of contempt and says it depends what they order. I turn to my friend who is the more conservative of us two as he looks and studies the menu. He says we can get the girls a round of wine (we both assume 3 glasses 0f wine) Instead the manager comes back with 3 large bottles of wine. I am worried at this point and tell friend we should probably leave and look at check now. He does not understand why as he is good kid with US military but I am a dirty dog and have learned to be more cautious and cynical. bill comes and it is something crazy like 153,000 Forints which is something like $800 USD for 3 bottles of shit wine in about 20 minutes. My friend's eyes pop out of his head and he can't believe it. imagine if we stayed there longer! I tell the asshole manager that we did not order this and he argues we had. I reminded him that I wanted to know how much drinks cost prior. But as you can imagine he had some rehearsed argument to refute all my complaints. I knew we were in a jam immediately. I was just waiting for him to pull the knife or the gun. There were at least 4-5 large bouncers there. my friend was able to come up with a little more than half of the money. I tried paying in euros but he refused to accept. They hold my friend hostage, saying we'll keep your friend until you get the money. I am forced to run back to hotel to extract another few hundred dollars and convert into Forints and bail him out. Without getting into further details, I think you all get the picture. the Strip Clubs in Budapest are traps! They are looking for any angle to fuck you. I hate to imagine what would have happened if I could not have come up with the extra funds. I don't remember name of this club as I was too frazzled and pissed off that night, but from what I understand from other postings here, this is typical form of practice at many of these types of establishments. Business model here is very bad. No wonder most of the places are empty (we walked into and immediately out of similar clubs the night before). Hungarians could learn a lot from the Germans and Austrians who do it right. For example FKK Artemis in Berlin and Babylon in Austria are very professional, safe, and amazingly honest. No wonder both those places were filled with happy patrons. (Review # 15578)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 01 2006 Submitted by: Barclaycard

    Just researching my next destination and realized I hadn't shared my knowledge, with world sex guide, after a top two night weekend into Budapest with the work mates. Wasn't too worried about prices as I just wanted to make sure they all had a good time after hard year at work. No problems at airport just hired regulated taxi to hotel dropped bags and went straight to nearest bar for refresher after early start. Like the rest of the weekend I struggled to find a focus point to the city and did a lot of walking and taxi rides pausing to look into the odd very seedy peep show. After a few drinks decided to get our act together return to hotel, short break and get ready for big night. I’d picked up a flyer in airport and got straight on the phone to order two girls. Not cheap at about £150/hour each but both top drawer and excellent company arrived within 10 minutes. They didn't seem to be clock watching as after a relaxed hour they seemed happy to join us in the bar for a drink before heading on their way. Other than the sex the best favor they did was to brief me for the rest of the weekend on where to go for best restaurants and nightclubs. The restaurant was superb and onto first club recommended. It turned out the six names she'd given me were all on one island in the middle of river 20 mins taxi from central Pest. No entry charge and you could walk freely from one outdoor themed club to the next stopping to admire the sheer good looks of the vast majority of the locals. Great clubs, swimming pool, rowing lake (cannot see in working in binge drinking Britain) and back to the hotel stupid and happy but to tired to accept what appeared to be the best way to the girls by using the pictures in the local taxi cabs. Sunday, tried for Thai massage but hadn't booked and receptionist would only give me an appointment several hours later on but couldn't wait. Hit the night crowd but it was always going to be a let down after such good Saturday. Kept trying different places and fell in with one of the wrong taxi drivers. After advice from this site I wasn't bothering with any crap lap dancing bars but this bloke didn't get the message. Drove to god knows where and tried to drop me off at entrance covered by two gorillas. They hadn't had lessons in PR but felt we had safety in numbers refused to get out of taxi and insisted he drove on. Despite getting a good drop from me he wasn't having it and told me he'd find us a good night arriving at Eden's also lap dancing club but well lit and not particularly intimidating as experienced traveler. I still realized we'd be paying some hefty bill but what the hell I hadn’t come here for nothing. Normal thing, girls all over us straight into rounds for them and us, Done two rounds of total 10 drinks before they requested we paid first bill approx £700. Being on expenses the only thing that annoyed me was he wouldn't put it on my card and insisted on taking me to all night money change to extort the cash( free taxi though)Got a couple of pitying looks but if they thought this was expensive the haven't spent enough time in Stringfellows. It gave me a good opportunity to try to teach my polite but determined minder some business principles. Didn't panic, and I gave him a real ear bashing and promised him that the age of the internet is a powerful one and if they want to get Budapest on the map no point in playing mafia hoods to people with money. Once back at club calmed the boys down persuaded them I'd paid the bill and now we were staying all night drinking for free. I must say the girls were a bit surprised when we sat down again and minder bought us next round but we stayed until closing time, firms taxi home and escorted by a couple of girls back to hotel. I think for the remainder of the night we dropped them another £300 but on balance had many hours hard drinking and top laugh (Review # 14599)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 31 2006 Submitted by: L

    Hello, my fellow sex hunters. I traveled to Budapest at the end of January 2006. It was so bad for a "cheap" sex. A cab driver took us to a strip club called Eden and a bouncer-like guy explained 25000 forint ($125) for bringing the girl to your hotel.

    I left for another one called Aphrodite. 2000 for entrance and 1000 for beer. Two model like women offered me 10000 in a private room lap dancing and touching for a period of 2 songs. I took a 31 y/o Slovakian girl, with my clothes on, I touched and licked her boob and banged her ass though she wasn't that comfortable. She offered me 30000 for BJ and 40000 for fucking. I said I didn't want another trip to the atm.

    Another 2 average looking girls came and I was thinking let me finish my beer and call it a night. Fuck! One of them said it was all business. Relax in your hotel or buy them drinks for 4000. I was thinking like "Hey, lady. I spent like half hour in your private room." Guys, it was just my own experience in 2 strip clubs.
    (Review # 13888)
  • Budapest Strip Club Review Dated Added: Submitted by: Wojtek

    Hi! Unfortunately, I haven't read your sugesstions before I went to the city. :(  I was taken by taxi driver to Palace Royal, as it was told me that it is the best nightclub in Budapest. Okay, so I paid 5.000 Florints for entrance, and I was asked to pay additionally 10.000 Florints minimum for drinks/food.

    Only thing I saw was one girl dancing (topless), and a lot of girls sitting around. It was enough for me and I left (5.000 lost of course...). Taxi drivers are paid a lot to drive clients to the most expensive clubs in Budapest, and you get nothing for it.  :( 1 hour with the girl costs you (in Palace Roayle) 40.000 Florints! Regards
    (Review # 13290)
  • Budapest Strip Club Review Dated Added: Wed Oct 26 2005 Submitted by:

    Just back from Budapest - and my advice is:  Do not go there at all.  If you are looking for a good time go somewhere else. My group were ripped off in the Eden Strip Club. First we bought beers for ourselves. The waiter then said we had to buy a drink each for a girl at 1500 Florins (about 10 $US or £6 or 9 euros). We agreed to this, but when the bill was presented it was 15000 Florings for each drink. Basically, we were robbed. And anyway, they only go topless at best. (Review # 12950)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 23 2005 Submitted by: Kixx

    To all fellow travelers seeking some fun in the gorgeous city of Budapest:  I was there just last weekend with two of my best buddies. We had researched the internet for all the deals there and were smart enough to avoid the rip-off, cut-throat, knife point strip tease joints that are all over Pest! I advise everyone else to avoid them as well, unless your thing is getting mobbed by the Mafia!

    All day Friday, we were cruising the streets of Buda and Pest checking out the hotties... Night time, we were in the hot points and then the clubs. Hungarian girls are very afraid and speak no English... We decided to use the professionals and we were lucky. Got numbers from and and managed to find our way to a very neat brothel on Zsilinszky Utca No.21. The cab driver that took us there was a 70 year old man that was high on Crack, I am sure... I called the girl and she told him where to go...

    It was like 10 am. We got to the place, buzzed the code and were let into a very strange building. The girls were drop dead beautiful. The deal was... My buddy and I, two girls for 2 hours, in one room, with all the extras except 69, and condom-free licking!!! We paid 200 euros for all. The sex was amazing and I had a real girlfriend experience with Szilvi! We were pretty high and worked up, so it all looked like a porno shoot... 45 minutes into the deed, and with the girls exhausted (I swear mine came like 7 times), we get a knock on the door... My girl pops out and comes back telling me we have 10 minutes left... In my altered state of mind, I look at my watch and try to argue about the two hours we had agreed on... After a lot of bitching and moaning, we hurried up to get our loads off... The girls were very clean and enjoyed every moment. Now, we are in our early 30`s, very attractive, fit and healthy, so I guess it was a perk for them... There was very much mouth to mouth action that, I have come to know from my experience with prostitutes, is a rare perk.

    Here comes the fishy part! The days that followed, I tried to get together with my girl again and figured out the following: 1) The place you call, thinking it's a brothel, is actually a different location with operators, and not hookers. Depending on the number you have called, the operator pretends to be the girl in the picture you have seen. 2) the photos you see on the net, or in the Tutti Fruity magazine that has hundreds of photo ads with numbers, are not even close to the girls you are going to meet. 3) Prices start at 10,000 Florints and sky-rocket to 200 Euros for a call girl coming to your room. Having visited 5 brothels, I can say this to you, my sex-seeking friend... the best deal, if you can afford it, is to call a reputable agency and have a girl visit you. They are discreet, healthy, and Ubber attractive. The operator speaks great English and you will have a genuinely great sexperience. The number to call is: Vanessa agency 06 303 934 550
    (Review # 12733)
  • Budapest Other Dated Added: Sat Aug 27 2005 Submitted by: funkdj

    On the north side of Ferenc Korut there is a great Peep Show, and if you are lucky and Judith is working you will get the best of the best. She is one of the best and friendliest paid sex experiences I have had. And it is super cheap, around 20 euros for a BJ with her coming out of the booth to my side so I could really get my hands on her.

    All you do is go in, check out the various peeps, pick one and go to front and request a private show. Then you negotiate with the girl from there. You can get 2 girls at once. Be aware that the girls are good negotiators, so decide what you want before and tell her what you will pay. Be polite but don't budge or fall for the upsell unless you really want what she is upselling.

    It is in the 30 or 40 block of Fernec Korut, shortly before it turns into Jozef Korut, on the north side. about 3-6 blocks east of the Danube. The name of the place begins with a K, but I can't remember what it is called. There is also 2 peep shows on the south side. One was weak and the other didn't have any girls at all when I went.
    (Review # 12558)
  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Aug 16 2005 Submitted by: Moby Dick

    Hi eveybody. I just came from Hungary where I stayed some days while travelling. Budapest is indeed a sex capitol. You can see sex everywhere in shops, magazines. The Hungarians have porno magazines with Dvd's selling in every gas station. They love porn and their porno stars - maybe that's why sex is so fuckin' expensive here.

    I was with a friend and we visited some strip clubs, and we didn´t like it - places like Dolce Vita, Mambo, or even others like Nirvana - completely tourist oriented. They receive you as an Arabic bazaar dealer would receive you... everything is to cheat you. The girls, most of them are not even medium good looking.  Some are gorgeous, but no fun at all - completely over-professional, cold and wallet suckers.

    So we tried to find hookers in local bars. And we did, but expensive though. One hour in our hotel was like 25 000 florints, around 120 euros. It was one blonde and one brunnette. The fuck was not bad. Again, very professional - nothing compared to South America.

    For a conclusion, for the same prices, I fuck much more in Portugal and, for cheap prices, Brazil is the Paradise for being with women. 
    (Review # 12463)
  • Budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Apr 30 2005 Submitted by: basilbp1

    Hi Guys, I read Budafans review, overall very good , true and acurate. Small point, Hungarian is ACTUALLY pronouced as it is spelt (unlike English), its a phonetic language..however you need to know how Hungarian letters are pronouced!

    For example sz is english s, thats why sex is spelt szex in Hungarian!, and s is pronounced the same as sh in english. Enough of the language lesson.


    Budafan is right, the best way to find action in Budapest is through the internet. Generally sites are reliable , and you get what is offered..rather than me listing the sites , go to, For those with no or limited Hungarian press igen (ie yes, to enter), then look for the heading Szexpartner. Below it you will find about 25 sites offering escort , sex partner services. Click on the one of your choice and you are off.


    Among the best include. Szextunderek (sex fairies..but dont worry , thats not gay!), Rosszlanyok (bad or naughty girls!), Redzone, Pannonescort, Piroslampa (red light) Call girl center. Some of these site have english language sections, others indicate if the girl speaks english. Again I agree with Budafan, regarding taxis ..dont take a taxi from the street ..complete rip off especially the private ones. Call the taxi company, know where you are , or address, they wil be there in 10 mins or so. I recommend City Taxi , tel 00.36 1 2111111, or


    Within town fares will be in the region of 1000 to max 2000 forints , ie 4 to 8 euro. Suggest a 10% tip. Again agree with budafan, most of the clubs in Bp are expensive and rip off..maybe thats OK if you are on company expenses and not looking for action, just a bit of fun..but if all you are looking for is a f@@@ , then forget it.


    Actually there is one club that i know and quite like , again its not cheap, but its not a rip off place. Its called the Palace Club, on the Buda side. , not far from the tunnel going under the castle district or Var. Most taxi drivers will know it. I went the other night with a Chinese millionaire partner..just to help him out. Entrance , 5000 Huf each, ie , 20 Euro. Drinks start at about 20 Euro, and of course a mini bottle of champagne for the girl(s) joining your table. Actually that night he just wanted a problem , no need to buy drinks, could choose the girl, normally a good choice, agree the price , standard is $100 to E 100 per hour..I think he ended up with $300 for 2 hours.


    Of course , as I said earlier unless you are a millionaire or desperate , thats a silly rate to pay, but go to a good internet site and thats where you start. Prices through the internet have creeped up recently, but I can still get HUf 6000 for half an hour, ie E 24, 8000 per hour ie E32, and often now 10.000 HUF 1 , hr , ie E40.


    You can also pick them up on the street if you have a car in various places around Budapest..need to know where. (If you do this , have your money cash ready and make sure that your wallet mobile passport etc are all locked away in the glove box...99.9% of them are ok , but i once ended up E300 lighter as a result of my own ineptitiude!) Also out of town in certain places , especially in summer when the weather is good , and all are feeling randy!


    Just two days ago I had FS with Klara near Fot for Euro 20. And of course the other thing about Hungary and east Europe, you never need to settle for fat or ugly..the choice is enormous and perfect. Basically go to the internet, find the English speaking ones..and be prepared to pay upto 20.000 huf for a beauty , and have a good time.


    Now I live here, and I met one the other day..who was looking to stop the work..basically I will become a sugar daddy (since I have a partner i cannot devote full time to!) the deal is, if it works out..she stops working in the sex bar..actually she only goes 2 times a week , as she is a student and needs the money.., I help with the flat rent , and a couple of other things..say 200 E per month, and for that I get full access whenever I need it..perhaps some of you will say I'm missing the point now..which if I was not married I'd agree , but when you can get that on the side , no pressure..


    oh I forgot to say, shes 20 , LOVES sex, likes me ..and who am I ..sorry, a 48 year old with a good sense of humour! Cheers, for now ..happy to help with any enquiries. ..I can also tell a few things about Turkey too..but thats another story..!

    (Review # 11368)
  • budapest Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Mar 02 2005 Submitted by:

    Go to Zug Luv. Its awesome, hot chicks! (Review # 11084)
  • budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 23 2005 Submitted by: robin

    Hi. Was in Budapest recently with Melody from bit expensive but a true porn star experience. She told me where to look for her starring in films and it was true. Amazing woman. Amazing service. (Review # 10885)
  • budapest Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 22 2004 Submitted by: Jimmy

    Budapest Review – Dated 19th August 2004 by Jimmy.


    Not an ideal place for sex . I was in Budapest after a bad time in Prague. Most of the reviews I saw are true. Ideal place to find girls is near Intercontinental between 9 to 12 PM, I rate them only 5. You hear a lot about Budapest, but it is a catastrophe. You can choose the girl, and if you are staying in Intercontinental give her the room number and she will be there in 10 minutes. While negotiating, she will promise you 2 hours and charge you between HUF 20,000 to 30,000 (around $100 to $150) which you pay in the room before undressing. But then if you want to kiss her, she will demand more. All are add-on options and the moment you finish, she is out.


    I don’t recommend Budapest for sex. Great place is DUBAI where you have a choice of different nationalities and rates less than $100, and good sincere sex. They are genuine to their profession.

    (Review # 9936)
  • Budapest Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Aug 04 2004 Submitted by: Stuesday

    Ok folks, in late summer 2004.

    Sweet kittens and Angel Eyes seems to be run by the same owners. Girls work alternately each night. The cost is about 100 Euro for one hour of sex. They are ok but I have high standards.


    Budapest is now an expensive city and is like western Europe. If you are going to Eastern Europe you are better off going to the Ukraine, Moldovia, Romania, or Bulgaria. Still third world prices there but after about 5 years that will be up to industrialized nation price.

    Girls are incredibly hot the more Eastwards you go. The best night on South Beach, the Strand, or NYC will not top Eastern Europe. Girls in Prague and Budapest have nothing on the Romanian women. Angel Eyes and Sweet Kittens are ok and efficient. The key to success for Eastern women is aggressiveness. Leave your panties at home, down a shot, and go talk to them. Take them by the arm. If not, in their books, you are a pansy.

    (Review # 9776)
  • Budapest Street Action Dated Added: Sat Apr 24 2004 Submitted by: Street Walker

    I did want to give some advise about street action. First right there by the Intercon hotel is the best place to find girls. They are pretty striaght forward and honest as long as and heed these words you are taking them to your hotel room.

    Otherwise watch out for the first trick they use is to get you into a taxi one of there choice. Don't do this wait five minutes and call city taxi. If you still want to go through there are two ways they rob you. One the girl undress you in the bedroom. Then takes you into the shower you guys have fun while your having fun her pimp comes in and takes all of your stuff. The second way is as soon as you get to her apartment you get jumped. So bottom line is unless you are taking the girl to your hotel room just forget about. Good luck and good hunting.
    (Review # 8932)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 10 2004 Submitted by: dicknick

    Some hints about Budapest. I am an expat that has been living in Budapest for about 6 months now, and would like to give some advice based on my experience.

    1. never go to "clubs" (= guaranteed ripoff)

    2. never pick up girls on the street, there have been various scams reported: the most common is the two-girls in Vaci utca inviting you for a "drink" (it will turn out to be the most expensive in your life, and w/o action!) but I also heard of seemingly bona-fide prostitutes taking clients to their apartments just to meet with a beefy guy that kicks you out after taking all your money

    3. do not use an agency, unless you are desperate. I did it a couple of times at the beginning. I was extremely lucky the first time (a model-like girl that then became a regular with me, but not through the agency) and not so the second (I tried my luck again, but this time they sent me a real dog, I had to send her away after giving her 10-15 euro for the "taxi"). In any case, they will charge you much more than they should (200+ euro, the girl gets half is she is lucky).

    4. if you want action, your best bet is to look for an internet advertising service (I am not giving names, just do a search for escorts and Budapest with Google, and you will find some), there are at least 10 available, where girls are listed with pictures and phone numbers. Attention: not all the pictures are real - beware of the pictures that look too good or too professional (cut and paste from Penthouse/Playboy?), not all the girls speak english or german. If you call they will give you an address and usually you have to call them again when you are there.

    The current average fee is about 10000 ft/hr (that is approx. 40 euro/hr) for plain sex (+- 2000 ft is the range). An hour should be an hour, multiple cums (if you manage). Some girls try to make you cum right away and then say it's over (i.e. the girls working in the apartment at Bajcsy-Zsilinsky ut, 21. Terrible service, so if they give you that address, don't even waste your time going there - the pictures are not real either). For an extra 2-4000 ft apiece you can pick-and-choose other "extras" such as BBBJ (not always available), 69, anal, etc...

    That means that for full service you should pay around 14-18000 Ft/hr (about 70 euro). Some girls do outcall, after you have visited them a few times. (Review # 8560)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 08 2004 Submitted by: roving Fun

    Well, I have been in budapest about a 4 months now. First the streets girls I have heard they are around. In truth I have only seen one. But since it is winter that is proberly why just a little to cold for the girls.

    Second, forget those big escorts. The going rate has moved up to around 15000 huff. There are still the 10000 girls around but these girls almost always do no extra( as in cum in mouth on face, anal etc) or but no effort into it Its basically wham bam thank you for cumming. With one exception of Wanda on redzone great girl real friendly.

    Hmmm tuttie Fruity ( or what ever it is forget about it waste of money and time most of the girls in there don't speak english or don't work anymore.

    But remember most hotels will charge you extra if a girl comes to your room that is if they let her in at all.

    Ok last but not least strip clubs almost any strip clubs have at least two girls that will go back to the hotel with your or have hotel for use. Ok now heres the scam the avearge for a girl to go home is about 30000 almost always non negotionable. Because they have to pay it to the mangement. Because you have to take cab unless add another 4000 or 5000. If don't have a hotel well guess what she has one that she can take you too for 5000 an hour. So not worth it but if your up for trying the one I recommend is Hallo. Also Maralenes not sure if I spelt it right. (Review # 8543)

  • Budapest Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Aug 08 2003 Submitted by:

    This week I was in Budapest. I go there since many years and visited a lot of places in the night. During the last years I made the experience that you can´t have fun any more, just professional cold sex. Fortunately in the past I was never cheated really hard, but now it seems that even out of the city-center they just want to cash you in the clubs. As Formula 1 is coming soon and many may have the idea to see a club, I can only recommend to take care.

    With a friend we paid more than EURO 500,- for 1 drink for us and for 2 girls in CALIGULA Night Club - without any "action". Fortunately we left immediately after the first drink because the atmosphere was not good.

    The price list had prices for the drinks, but later we were informed that for the first drink for any person (visitor or girl) 15.000,- Forint (about 60 EURO)has to be paid. Furthermore 19.000,- for service !!! This practice is used at several places as we have been informed later by the hotel.

    Take care, do not visit CALIGULA, or even better NO SEX in Budapest. (Review # 7313)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 31 2003 Submitted by: Peter

    In June, I was in Budapest and I look From there I do thoose 2 girls. One was Linda and other was Wanda. Linda speak german, Wanda speak both.english and german. I have really great time whith 2 sexy angel. I pay 200 EU and the girls stay whith me in hotel about 2hour. We have great sex.
    Informacion: Go to the Marriott hotel, because all other hotel take many, if you want to go to the room, whith girls.
    (Review # 7252)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Mar 31 2003 Submitted by: World Traveler

    Have recently spent several months in Budapest. The sex industry is still going strong but BEWARE, the Mafia and their Government lackies are stronger and the entire scene is a rip off. Met one guy who was picked up by a young "lady" in front of the Inter-Con Hotel. Offered a massage and sex at her flat for 20,000 forent (approx US$80.00). Went with here and while they were showering, two thugs cam in and cleaned out the guy's wallet of cash and then threw him out of the place. A real scam with the girl involved. ~~

    ~~Even the taxi was involved in that he waited outside to take the guy back and the price he paid for the taxi would have been enough to take him to Vienna, Austria. ~~ Even the massage places are Mafia run. They all are controlled by a large bald thug. More intimidating than pleasure at these places. The strip clubs have raised their prices for drinks and the cover charge. My recommendation is to completely forget Hungary for any type of GFE sex for pleasure. If you get any, you will most undoubtedly get screwed twice. BEWARE!!! There are many better places.~~~~ (Review # 7019)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Feb 19 2003 Submitted by: Matt

    Hello Everybody, I have never written a review here, but there seems to be a lot of confusion and misrepresentation here about sexual opportunities in Budapest. So, I decided to share with you some experiences I gathered during my stays at this beautiful city.~~

    ~~There is a very vivid sex life in Budapest and everybody will find plenty of opportunities designed to his financial resources. Accordingly, it is wise to decide ex ante which financial league you belong to and visit places designed to that league. It is important understand that although in most cases there will be correlation between price and service quality you still can get excellent value for money. Here are the basic facts:~~

    ~~Most western inexperienced foreigners visit flashy bars like Dolce Vita, Aphrodite, Flashdance, etc. These bars are visited by almost exclusively foreigners and tend to be very expensive. At these bars you may find „perfect 10” girls but the service you receive from them in a nearby apartment is usually far below what you would expect for that price. And yes, there were occasions that these bars issued horrible bills (sometimes exceeding USD 4,000) and physically threatened visitors who were unwilling to pay. Accordingly, you should visit their bars only if money is no problem at all or if you are a very experienced visitor to these places. You should expect to spend around USD 500 for a couple of hours of entertainment.~~

    ~~As for hotel girls, usually, the hotel staff will be more than happy to organize you some ladies. If you wish to try this opportunity insist on seeing the girl’s photo first, otherwise you may end up a fat, old hooker. Again, as everywhere in the world, this service will not come cheap, since the hotel staff, the taxi driver, etc. will take their cut from the payment. Nevertheless, this seems a very safe way of having sex since nobody wants any trouble in the hotel. Again, this service is frequented mostly by foreigners. A couple of hours of this entertainment will cost you somewhere between USD 150-300.~~

    ~~Generally speaking, when looking for a safe, good value for money sexual experience in Budapest you should avoid places which are frequented by foreigners. The famous „Vaci utca”, „Dunakorzo” and the kind are straight rip-offs. Never pick a girl from the street at these areas unless you want to feel foolish later.~~

    ~~As always, the wisest thing to do is to do what the locals do. They visit one of the many „saloons” or „offices”, basically rented apartments with 2-5 girls each, and this is the segment where you will find the far the best value for your money. There are two sources of information about these saloons. The first is a monthly magazine called „Tutti Frutti Party”, (available at newsstands, gas-stations, etc.), in which you will find a lot of pictures and numbers of the girls offering their services. The problem here is that many of the girls won’t speak any foreign languages and you will probably spend a lot of time calling around to find someone who speaks English or German. A far better choice is to search on the Internet. ~~

    ~~The two most popular sex-guides for Budapest are and is also available in English and lists around 150 girls/places indicating their location, availability and also whether they speak any foreign languages. It also provides links to the homepages of the individual saloons. I found the single best English language source of this kind of information.~~

    ~~When you call the girl she will tell you the location of her saloon. Usually, she will instruct you to give another call when you arrived at the front gate of the block in which the apartment is situated. If you do not have a operating cell-phone on you then explain this fact and agree another solution. She will also list the prices. The basic fee should not exceed HUF 10,000 (cca. USD 50) for and hour (if it does, then hang up the line and try another one). The basic fee for an hour will usually include oral stimulation and two actions, all in condoms. There are usually „extras” (like kissing, anal actions, coming to the mouth, etc.) available for HUF-2,000-3,000 (USD 10-15) each. Do not forget to ask explicitely whether the pictures are „real” so that the girl you see on the picture will be the same you will meet at the saloon. You should also very exactly clarify the prices on the phone.~~

    ~~If you are unfamiliar with the city take a cab and go to the place. Although these are usually absolutely problem-free places do take the usual precautions. You should leave any large amount of cash, credit cards, jewellery, etc. at the safe of the hotel. In the apartment you usually, but not always, find the same girl you saw on the photo in the magazine or on the Internet. If the girl you chose is not there, or is „unavailable” and you do not like the replacement, leave at once. The girl and you then will agree on the service and the price. You usually have to pay in advance but don’t worry this is how it works. If you still have valuables in your pockets then take your clothes with you when going to take a shower. Then, fucktime. When leaving, usually the girl will be happy to call a cab for you. If you liked the girl ask her number, it may come handy when you visit Budapest again. ~~

    ~~The cheapest solutions are the street workers, you may find them at various places, some also listed in previous reviews. Sex may be very cheap there but quality will be quite low too.~~ (Review # 6870)

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