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  • Athens Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 13 2008 Submitted by: ZestyMGreece

    There are many touring agencies working through Athens but the girls obviously do not speak Greek and sometimes are not really here! Bad receiptionists make it hard to enjoy properly. Independents can be found at,, and These are good with photos and prices starting at 180euros + more. Watch SEA becauze some ads are old. is closed - (Review # 25183)
  • Athens Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Sep 08 2008 Submitted by: Alex

    Hello, I just fond new site where we can find alot Escort city tours in Greece - and (Review # 24708)
  • Athens Travel Report Dated Added: Mon May 28 2007 Submitted by: Kurt

    I have just got back from Athens where I stayed for a week and tried the brothel areas of the city so I decided to update the latest info on the red light district. As previous reports have stated the best place to go for cheap sex is Fylis Street the price is still 20 euro for around 5 minutes sex with a girl.

    The street has several brothel houses identified by white lights outside each house with only 1 girl working in each place. Most of the brothels are from number 51 Fylis Street and upwards but a word of warning. Some of the girls working on Fylis Street are good as one Russian girl I ended up having sex with was very good in that she let me touch her succulent breasts and also gave a good blow job.

    Another girl on the street I think around 60 Fylis street was awful although she was a very attractive Greek girl she seemed disinterested and gave me the impression she wanted to be elsewhere which in the end was very off putting and totally ruined the experience. Despite this anyone looking for cheap sex should definitely check out Fylis street which I visited in the day and at night and neither time did I feel it was a rough area or felt in any danger.

    If you are looking for strip clubs then I suggest you check out Syngrou Avenue which is near the city centre loads of straight and gay clubs on the street and easy to spot as you walk down the street.

    (Review # 19244)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sat May 05 2007 Submitted by: Taking My Bid'ness Elsewhere, Player

    One of the most dependable providers in the Twin Cities has been Maria, a little sweetheart whose oral skills could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. She does $80 for half an hour, and advertises regularly on CL, with good reviews on TER and, as you know, that's how you do it, here, checking CL to see who is active that night and then checking with TER to make sure they're reputable, know their usual price, skills, etc.

    I've seen Marie plenty of times. Yes, fellows, I too have known the pleasures of her dingy apartment and blow up mattress. Well, no more. At least, no more for the time being, because some worthless piece of shit play-uh named "Derrik" or "Darren" has "borrowed" her cell phone to do his worthless unemployed piece of shit player bullshit.

    Thanks a lot, Derrick or Darren or whatever your fucking name is through that thick street accent. You just cost Marie $80 tonight, and I'm sure you're costing her plenty every night because. How is this girl supposed to make any money to take care of you and your drug habit, you fucking pimp?!

    How am I supposed to reach her so she can bbbj with cim? You piece of shit!!!! Get a real fucking job you worthless leech. I notified TER that Marie's phone number is no longer valid through a feedback function on their website, but their reports aren't as wide-open as the reports, here, so this forum is useful in that way.

    Dudes, if anybody knows Marie's new number, share it inside in the members forum. And did I mention that a certain worthless leech piece of shit player should get a life? I think I did.

    (Review # 18654)
  • Athens Street Action Dated Added: Wed Apr 11 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Fylis Street is easy to get to by the green metro heading north. The street is small and trashy, but the white lights outside the house are on from usually 10am - 12pm.

    Some places are clean and some are not so clean. Does not matter which ones you go into, because sometimes you will run into a beautiful Russian lady. Well worth the trip to this street to see how they do it here in Greece. Yes you might sit and wait for the lady to come out and you may be there with 10 other guys looking for the same thing you are. If you do not like the girl just leave with no problems and no questions asked. I had three girls in three different houses and they were all about 7's, with very nice bodies. Hope this helps you gentleman looking for a good lay here in Athens, Greece.
    (Review # 18225)
  • Athens Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Jan 20 2007 Submitted by: Benko

    I stayed in Athens for more than eight months. Prostitution is legal in Greece. To my knowledge, there are three ways to have paid sex in Athens. Street Action, Brothels (Legal), and Newspaper Ads.

    1. Street Action.
    You can find many, many girls around the streets. In Omonia Square, go to 3rd Septembriou Street. After a 100 meters after Joy's Restauarant behind the bus station, you will find many girls there. However, most of them are 30 - 40 something, 5/10, and trashy. If you continue 20 more meteres and on the left side of the street around the corner just next to the first aid clinic, there stands a few girls around 6/10, 25 - 35 years old, also trashy. If you just stop or look around, they will look at you. You can even see many men negotiating them about services and prices. However, be aware from these as most of them look druggy.

    2. Brothels.
    There are 2 main areas where brothels are situated. But many others are scattered elsewhere. The first main area is on Fylis Street just behind Victoria Square. Get out from the Electric Railway or Metro at Victoria Square and go to Fylis street 50 meters away. You will find many brothels recognized by white bulbs outside. They open from 10 A.M 'til late night (12 A.M.). The prices are 20 Euros. Some charge 25. Most of the girls there are Russian, Romanians, Ukranians, some Greeks and some Africans.

    If you like blacks, go to 67 Fylis. A very beautiful African is there. She is outstanding and very good in bed. She knows how to suck very well. Also from Fylis' some other sub streets, there are exits brothels. Anyway, there is nothing special except a five minute fuck. When you enter the brothel, the MAMA welcomes you. She explains the services and price, and then the girl comes out for a glance. Then you have to decide, either pay and enter one of the rooms or leave. Only one girl in every brothel. Some brothels are clean; some are not.

    Be sure to check 5 or 6 at least before you choose. Anyway, it is a matter or luck to find a good brothel. Because sometimes you see an outstanding girl but when you enter, she barely touches you, sucks your dick, fuck you straight. You do not feel anything unless you had not had a fuck since 1 year. And sometimes when you enter a brothel and the girl there will be very good inside the room, she will touch you, sleep over you, play with your dick, kiss your body, and play with your nipples. Then suck and fuck like animal.

    One white South African girl was also marvelous. Her name is Ingrid. Her face is 7 but her body is very nice with big tits. She works at 132 - 135 Fylis.

    3. Ads.
    Call ads from Athens News or Xrisi Efkeria (Greek ads). Nearly model girls. If you do not like the girl, do not be shy. Send her back, and ask for another. Costs around 100 euros.
    (Review # 17044)
  • Athens Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Sep 03 2006 Submitted by: WT

    I traveled to Athens in August of 2006 and decided to check out some of the recommended locations. Omonia square and surrounding streets do offer quite a number of girls, however I found ALL of them to be in the category "Junky". Most of them were unattractive and some must have been druggies. Also, I noticed that the great majority of men hanging out there to pick up a girl were of low class, probably illegal immigrant type. I don't mean to offend anybody by this last remark, but this was necessary to portray the picture properly. Then I picked up a local newspaper in English - Athens News and looked up escort ads. There were a few, but few answered. Though it was a newspaper in English, some of the respondents announced not to speak any English. One answered in English and offered a "beautiful German girl of 24 years old". When she arrived, she turned out to be pretty heavy and only a 5, though she did have a pleasant personality and tried to please. She even took out 2 condoms, but I decided to let her go after the first session. She definitely was not my type. Next day I called the number listed in the previous review and was surprised to find that it was still good. The man on the other end said he had a "model type Russian girl". In about 40 minutes a Greek girl came in. She had a very nice body and a 7 face. She spoke some English and her attitude was also very pleasant. Both girls cost 100 Euro. The killer was the girl I ordered through the same service on the last night. Once again, the man promised a Romanian beauty, but a different Greek girl arrived. She was extremely nice, 9 overall. Since I was staying by the airport this night, I was told that she would cost 150Euro to cover taxi expenses. I said fine! She spoke very limited English but was able to explain that her fee was 200. I said I did not have that much money and asked her to call the referral source. She did and then agreed to the promised 150. She was very enthusiastic, started out by licking me all over, including the balls, then proceeded to give me an oral without a condom which she did very expertly, with deep throat and stuff. Then she got on top and did it for a while; after she got tired, we changed position, she moaned and screamed "fuck me!" and I think she had an orgasm; she allowed to kiss her on the lips and herself was very active and kissed my neck and chest all over. I even thought of asking her to stay all night. I could say it was a nice GFE. I gave her extra 20 Euro. The bottom line is that number is still good - use it and avoid street action. On a different note I became a victim of a street scam of what I actually had read before, but it was performed so professionally that I didn’t realize until the end. A decent looking man approached me in the street and asked a question, then realizing that I was a foreigner, apologized and started a small conversation. He was very intelligent and educated to speak with, he spoke fluently 4 or 5 languages and I know it was not BS as I speak for myself. I was looking to have a bite to eat and we sort of decided to share a table. The conversation continued, he told me things about himself, including that he was on business here and stayed in a so and so hotel and that there was a strip club next door and that he wanted to check it out but they opened later. Anyway, the bill was paid and he sort of casually asked if I would like to go to that club for a drink. I agreed. He had a car nearby. The club was 5 minutes away. Nice place, beautiful dancers etc. We ordered drinks and in 2-3 minutes 2 girls came to sit at our table. They were very personable, started a conversation right away and also spoke 3 languages each. I am not going to make this long story even longer, but the bottom line is that when the bill came, it appeared that they (girls) were drinking $200 champagne (each small bottle). My bill was 1400 Euro. And the way they write the total amount makes you think initially that it is 140, then you give them a credit card and they charge 1400. I could have made noise there but thought that it could only reduce the bill a little and decided to go a different route. I paid it but signed the slip differently. Then immediately called the c/c company to report theft. They stopped the payment. (Review # 15484)
  • Athens Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 22 2005 Submitted by: saint al

    Okay people, here is a small report because the ones here are outdated. The brothel area is all along Fylis street. Don't bother to go. Here is a list with some interesting secret brothel houses:

    a) Karea 30, read previous reports. The cost is 60 euros.

    b) Kefalinias, 75 street. Usually German and Brazilian girls. The price is 50 euros, 70 for a 69, and 100 for anal or blowjob without condom. Usually the girls are pretty, but don't expect too much. It's just a 5 min. fuck. The same girls can be found at Ipokratous 144 street. They go from the one house to the other.

    c) Agiou Meletiou 37. Very clean. The girls are not so pretty, though... but they try to please you as much as possible. There is one Bulgarian and one from Lithuania for the moment. Prefer the Lithuanian girl.

    d) Vrilissou Street:  there are three brothels, One at No 37, nothing special... one at 57, decent house, decent girls, nothing really special, except if you are lucky. There is a third one in the same street... I can't remember the No. There is a nice brunette fron Cyprus and a blonde one with a nice body, but not a nice face.

    e) Ipponaktos 14, Neos Kosmos. You'll be lucky if you find Dorin, a very pretty German girl who does amazing anal for 100 euros. There are some other German girls in the same studio, and they also work at Aristotelous 6, near Sygrou street. Okay, I'll keep in touch.
    (Review # 12922)
  • Athens Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 17 2005 Submitted by:

    Hello guys... I am Greek and I do not live in Athens, but I travel there often for business. I always get girls by phone during my stay there, which lasts 3-4 days per month. It is true that it's quite hard to find a really good prostitute service in Athens. The most probable is that you will end up fucking a girl far from what you expected.

    Recently, I think I was lucky enough to discover a phone number among the hundreds advertised in local newspapers, that really respects its customers. I called from my hotel, and they told me that it costs 90 Euro for one hour. They heard carefully my preferences, and within the next hour I was visited by a gorgeous blonde that took her time with me. What I was surprised with was that she did a nice warming up, and she was not in a hurry. I gave her a 20$ tip as I really thought she was worth it.

    Next night, I used the same number and I asked for another girl, just to check the agency's quality. It was really surprising that I got a great young brunette that also took her time, was kind, and seemed also educated and talkative. Both girls were from Eastern Europe, and spoke English. I do not know if this is allowed here, but I will post the number just in case you really find yourself in need of a really good service:  6976376183. It is a mobile phone number. The blonde was named Lilly... I really forgot the brunette's name...
    (Review # 12884)
  • Athens Street Action Dated Added: Sun Jul 31 2005 Submitted by: Greek guide

    There are several places in Athens that you can meet women, ready to offer their services under an amount of money. First stop, Filis Street, situated near Victoria Square underground train station (see the map). It's one stop after Omonia Square. Probably the street with the most brothels (white bulb houses). The procedure is the following:  you go inside these houses. If the girl is available, she comes out to see you, otherwise you can wait 5 minutes to see her. While the girl is busy, the owner of the house describes the services offered and the price. Once you see the girl, you either go or you pay the owner, and you go straight to the available room to get undressed. In Filis Street you can find women from Greece, Eastern Europe (Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Moldavia) and rarely from Germany, Brazil or Asia. Prices for this year (2004) vary from 20-35 euros.

    Second stop, Metaxourgio, about 400m from Omonia Square and Metaxourgio Metro station (see the map). There, it is a block of 3-4 roads around Leonidou, Keramikou and Megalou Alexandrou Street that you can find lower quality services than Filis Street. The difference is mostly in the houses, because they look a bit older and a bit grimy. While the houses are not so good, the girls available sometimes may be better than Filis Street, while the prices are a bit better, ranging from 15-30 euros. There you can find old fat whores from Greece to lovely Ukrainian or Moldavian girls. In order to find one, you have to follow the same procedure as in Filis Street.

    Next stop, Athinas & Sofokleous Street and nearby roads (next to the fresh fish market). You can either stop on Monastiraki Metro / Train station or Omonoia Square Metro / Train station and have a five minutes walk. There you can find young beautiful black girls, usually from Jamaica or Africa. They are outside cheap hotels, usually 2-3 or more, and they can offer their services in the hotel room for just 30 euros. Rarely, old Greek women or some transsexuals work around there. The good thing is that all girls speak English and you can directly make a deal regarding their services without any kind of middle man involved. Moreover, you can take them to your hotel, costing around 150 euros per hour.

    There are several other brothels interspersed in the centre of Athens and in the suburbs offering better services with good looking girls, but prices vary from 40 to 100 euros. Here is a small list of them: Isavron & Harilaou Trikoupi, Centre of Athens 144 Ippokratous Street, Centre of Athens 147 Leoforos Mesogion, Abelokipi. Except from brothels, there are several pubs around Omonia Square (Sokratous Street and Vathis Square) that you can go and meet Eastern Europe girls. Prices there vary starting from 25 euros. If you have a car, then you can drive in Solonos Street in the centre of Athens. There you can find some hookers. Prices there vary whether you want sex in the car or in a hotel; prices start from 40 euros. Girls there are mainly from Greece, but usually they are junkies looking for money to get fixed.

    If you drive down to the south suburbs via Leoforos Syggrou, you can find a lot of some surprisingly beautiful and some very ugly old Greek transsexuals. Their prices vary again from 40 euros to 100, depending on your habits! If you live in a hotel, you can order a “call girl”. The procedure there is to buy a newspaper called “Hrisi Efkeria” (Golden Chance). It's a newspaper full of ads that has a section called “Gnorimies” (Matching). There are hundreds of phone numbers of girls. Also there are many that you can call and ask for a girl with specific characteristics (With big tits, long blond hair, etc.).

    Some more useful info:  Girls in brothels are supposed to be legally in the profession, so they have to be under weekly medical tests. Hookers in the road and call girls are illegal, and you don't know when they have done their last medical tests. Don't expect all owners of brothel houses to speak English. Before you decide to pay a girl, you have to agree to the kind of service offered (positions, length of intercourse, etc.). Some of the girls in the houses don't go with foreigners and sometimes you may see a sign outside. Don't be afraid to go there. This is mainly for economical immigrants (Albanians, Pakistanis and others). If you have the right amount of money and know some people, you can find escorts and call girls (sometimes well known fashion models or TV persons) that can offer you a great time.
    (Review # 12231)
  • Athens Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 28 2005 Submitted by:

    Hi guys... Here is a Greek point of view. Most of the reviews below are quite right. In my opinion, it's better to call an escort service, using "Espresso" or "Ethnos" newspapers. If you can't read Greek, just look at the last category of classified ads. You should wait for about an hour. If you don't like the girl, give a tip and ask for a new one. I think it's difficult to have a Greek girl, but keep on asking.

    Note: don't accept any charge over 90-100 euros. Avoid the brothels districts... maybe it's dangerous if you look like a tourist.  I also suggest Kareas 30 Studio and three studios on Vrilissoy Street, at numbers 36, 46 and 57. (Both Kareas Str. and Vrilissoy Str. are very close to the center of Athens.) The girls on duty are almost good enough to satisfy you with 50 euros.
    (Review # 12191)
  • Thesaloniki Travel Report Dated Added: Fri May 27 2005 Submitted by: james_ppr

    I am visiting Thesaloniki many times in a year. This time I discover something fantastic. A friend of mine, a co-worker, took me to a strip club. It was close to airport, and it was called "Tutti Fruti". AND it was a tutti fruti thing. I met there a very pretty girl, Gabriela 21 years old. She was not very tall and had black long hair, black eyes and a body to die for. After a couple of drinks, she ask me if I like a private lap dance. I said okay, and the party started. She started a soft touch on my dick and then harder and harder. 2 or 3 mitutes later she asked me if I like to cum with her hands. That was my first time. Total cost €30 for the lap dance & €30 for the rest!! After a couple of drinks, she asked me for a new lap dance. I said okay, started again and she asked me if I wanted a BBBJ for only €50. Who cares about money this time of an hour??? I said okay again, and I had a wonderful OWO/CIM with swallow!! Finally, the club close at 05:00 and with an other €300 we came to my hotel for the rest of the night or the morning!! Next time, I will ask her best friend, Adina for trio. She was willing to do that!! (Review # 11600)
  • Athens Escort Review Dated Added: Sun May 08 2005 Submitted by:

    Well, it seems that most people posting here were not lucky enough to discover the excellent escort service possibilities provided in Greece, so as a Greek I will try to clear things out.


    Here are the facts:

    1. Prostitution is legal in Greece, yet tightly regulated. One of the main restrictions is that a brothel can have only one girl at a time. As a result, brothels are a cheap option (around € 50 per fuck), but they are certainly not the best one.

    2. What one should do to enjoy the optimal service is to open a newspaper and look at the classified ads in the "personal" section. There you will find numerous phone numbers of girls promoting their wares. Ignore the accompying texts; all numbers belong to escort service offices and not to individual girls, so the text is irrelevant.

    3. Although the prostitution outside an authorised brothel is technically not legal, the authorities tend to display a relaxed attitude, especially as customers are concerned.

    4. The offices providing their services in this manner are usually very professional and reliable. They can send you one or more girls, according to your tastes. The vast majority of the girls are of Eastern European origin (Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, etc.), but other nationalities can be found as well (including Greek). If the girl that comes to you does not meet the standards you have required, you are entitled to pay a symbolic "transportation fee" (something like € 10, Ι think), and request another one or decline altogether.

    5. The girls can vary from average to top models. So do the prices, of course. The base rate is usually around € 80 per hour, with beautiful models getting around € 130 - € 160. Of course, you may hear of much higher rates, but the range is the basically the one mentioned above. 6. The girls will either come to your house, or to your hotel. Keep in mind that some high-class hotels will not allow prostitutes going unescorted to a room, so you may have to have to wait for them in the lobby to pick them up. Hope this helped!

    (Review # 11410)
  • Thessaloniki Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Mar 05 2005 Submitted by:

    I just read the latest update report, about the police crackdown. The local authorities overact. In Thessaloniki it is almost impossible to have an escort or a visit that is worth the money and the effort. I personally prefer to travel to Athens in order to enjoy an escort or better yet, get a girl in my hotel room.  (Review # 11094)
  • athens Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 23 2005 Submitted by:

    Was recently in Athens on a business trip. Visited the Kareas street brothel. It was new compared to the older ones. Apparently it was opened for the Olympics visitors. Service very mechanical...60 Euros, choice of mediocre East European girls. It is obvious that they are in a bad situation and not mixing business with pleasure. I would not prefer Athens as a place to look for good paid sex.  (Review # 10886)
  • athens Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 09 2005 Submitted by:

    There is one brothel in Athens that is cleaner than the rest, but that doesn´t mean a lot because the others are filthy and stink the minute you walk in. The one on Kareas street 30 mentioned in a previous review had 2 19-year old Eastern European girls working there. I got one and my condom broke inside her. I asked her if she does tests for std´s and she didn´t speak English or German. She looked and said yes....I think I would get the same answer if I asked her what time it is...then she I have to wait for three fucking months till I do a check for stds....don´t go here! (Review # 10818)
  • Athens Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Jan 04 2005 Submitted by: orpheas

    In my late thirties, I came to Athens to live after I found a new promising job and spent the last 10 years on a remote Greek island just fucking my wife and occasionaly some of my employees and hungry local married women (anyway, not something worth mentioning). Escorts in most country places in Greece simply do no exist and I think it's a waste of time trying to find any decent real action going on.

    So, when I came to Athens I spent some time alone in my new house before my family joined me a few months later. Given free time and space I decided to explore Athens love scenes mostly by trying the newspaper ads. If you dont speak Greek, try the Athens New ads or any other Greek newspaper will do since the escorts ads section is separate and under the common title 'Prosopika' or 'Gnorimies'.

    Just pick up any phone phone number under the ad text. The text doesnt really matter - they all promise things you wont get any way. Most of the phone operators speak survival English and are willing to deal with you the price and the kind of girl they will send you. Do not mind 'ordering' a specific kind of girl (nationality, complexity, body type).

    If you are not a regular customer they will definitely lie to you and send you anyone available at that moment. I once tried to have a girl with large boobs and insisted that I wouldn't pay if something different appeared but in the end a tiny breasted girl showed up having no idea of my original demand. Keep in mind that most call girls working in Greece come from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia and the rest Eastern European Countries so they are of a very specific body type - and that's what most of the times you will get - small tits, slim figures, tight asses, same faces and complexities. Prices for such girls vary from 50 to 100 Euros although I soon discovered that quite a lot of bargaining is possible. Ages also vary. I have fucked 20 year olds to 35 year olds or slightly older, singles, mothers, married, divorced, etc. The majority will tell you very little of their personal life and will make no conversation to break the ice before the fuck so waste no precious time and start enjoying the pleasures. The girls promise an hour with you but they usually do their best to have you finish quickly and then fly away like being chased to make it to the next date. So take your time and do not hurry. Leave fucking for later and first explore their bodies. Some of the girls fake greatly, look happy and will give you enthusiastic fucks. If you meet unattractive or bad mooded girls its better to offer them the taxi money and recall the agency for a new girl. Make a complaint to the operator and I am sure that the next one will be a better looking one.


    The best things come when you finally get to meet some girls who tend to develop a personal liking to you. It happens believe me! I now fuck a Moldavian - Irene - who spends more and more time with me, is very willing to please me, she says I'm an angel and keeps calling me to check about my work,my health and that kind of'personal' interest. Of course she's only interested in my money but she fakes so well that I sometimes wonder if she really likes me...! So, in time, one can enjoy the benefits of a regular customer with special and more private treatment not to mention that whenever I asked Irene to meet me a top 'quality' friend of hers, she never refused.

    (Review # 10801)
  • Athens Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Nov 07 2004 Submitted by: punterguy

    I have used Heaventaste agency 2 times. The 1st time was not a problem. But the 2nd time was a problem. I had a booking with Miss Alina at 11:00 am on 23rd August. The agency told me that she would call me at 10:00 am to tell me her room number. But she did not call me till 10:30. I called her agency and left a message. “ Miss.Alina did not call me till 10:30, I am going to the hotel where she is in. I will wait for her in the lobby. Please tell Miss Alina to come down to meet me.”

    I waited in the lobby from 10:55 to 12:30. She did not come. I sent a message to her agency that she had a meeting. The manager sent me his reply that he did not know her booking. And he sent a 2nd message later. He said that she had departed from Wien at 07:00 am and arrived at 09:30 am in a hotel in Paris ( it is impossible). Look at her flight schedule.

    Although I asked 2 reception clerks of the hotel if she had arrived in hotel, but they said that there was no single lady until 12:30 , every girl was with her husband or with family.


    Ok, our lost meeting is not a problem now. There are 2 other problems. The first is the manager did not call me to say sorry. The second is that he lied about the cause of our lost meeting and he said indirectly that the cause of lost meeting was since I did not have a mobile telephone. There are some problems in their organization. They forget that we are the customer :(

    (Review # 10401)
  • Athens Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Jun 28 2004 Submitted by: Ntua

    I have been in Greece for almost a year, so I have a couple of things to post: First of all I will list some interesting strip clubs, as well as some other places that really suck (not literary ;)

    One of the most popular places to go is Baby Gold at Syngrou avenue. Entrance 12,5 euros with drink, dance 10 euros. There are many pretty girls and they almost all do a good lap dance. The only problem with that club is that it is too crowded most days. Another big strip club is Sirocco, again at Syngrou avenue. It is more or less the same as Baby Gold, only the entrance is 10 euros. I recommend it!

    Anatoli (that means East, or Sunrise, Aphrodite and some more strip clubs are located nearby in Syngrou avenue, most of them are similar.10 euros entrance with drink and 10 euros lap dance, with the exception of the club Dolls, where the dance is 30 euros (and nothing really special happens during the dance, if you are wondering... I guess it lasts a couple of minutes longer but 30 euros is too much for that) CAUTION: lately I have noticed that in some clubs they have two kinds of lap dance: one for 10 euros and one for 30euro. The girls oftenly do not mention to you that they are going to take 30 euros unless you ask the price, so do so!

    One strip club that I do NOT recommend is called Lolita, and it is located near Baby Gold. It is a new club, but the waiters are really rude and they constantly try to rip you of, charging everything they can extra! here they also have that 30-euro-dance-rip-off system!

    Now here are some less know strip clubs, with not so many girls, sometimes some of them are not so beautiful as in the big clubs, but some of them are pretty good:

    First of all the club Millionaire, in Pagkrati area is a really small place, entrance 6 euro with drink, lap dance (good one!) 10 euros. Another choice is Playland in Zografou area (Mihalakopoulou str). entrance 10 euros, lap-dance (good one again!) 10 euros. This isn't so small as millionaire, and it has some really pretty girls. The waiters are not so polite here, but who cares ;) At the center of athens (patision str) is another small club called secret. Entrance 6 euro with drink, dance 10 euros. Nothing special here... That's all for now, I'll come back with a fresh report later!
    (Review # 9457)
  • Greece Other Dated Added: Mon Jun 21 2004 Submitted by: Helping The Hobbyist Community

    Information current as of late June, 2004. Greek police have "seized" the phone numbers of about 70,000 people when the numbers were discovered in the hard drive of a computer in the office of a prostitution ring. According to various sources, prostitution is allowed in Greece, though tightly regulated. Advertising sexual services is against the law but the law is ignored by even the most respectable newspapers. Unknown if this crackdown will continue. It appears to be in response to Greece being placed on a United States State Department list of countries not doing enough about prostitution. The only two "developed" countries on the list were Greece and Turkey. (Review # 9396)
  • Athens Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Apr 30 2004 Submitted by: Greek Guy

    Hi guys. I'm Greek and I think I can provide u with decent information about sex life in Athens.

    1. Do not go to Fylis street for sex. The area sucks and you will find your self waiting with Albanian and Romanians for a 5 min fuck. Visit Fylis only if you want to have a "traditional" point of view. 40 euros for 5-10 min and 10 guys waiting outside the door.
    2. The only good house is quite new, to Kareas St. close to Acropolis, opposite of the first cemetery. Just go to number 30 and ring the bell. The place is modern and there is always one girl on duty. You can't find Greek girls but the house always makes the right choice from east Europe.
    3. The best choice is escort service-you can find telephone numbers at Ethnos or Apogematini newspaper but you should check the hotel desk first. I think that it's difficult to invite a girl at Hilton but it's very easy to pick her from the entrance and go up to your room. Prices: about 80 euros for an hour or one fuck. Once you finished and it's over. Extra fee 20 euros is acceptable for a second fuck. Note: if you don't like the girl you can ask the office to send another. In any case you should wait for 40 mins. Most girls are from East Europe but you can insist on having a Greek.
    (Review # 8969)
  • Athens Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 26 2003 Submitted by: Nikos

    As I can see, most reviews about sex life in Athens are outdated or biased. This is the pure truth.

    The best place to have sex in Athens is in a brothel. There are two red light districts in Athens, both close to an underground station. First, Fylis str. and the roads all around, such as Fokaias str., Acharnon or Liossion Ave. Fylis str. is very close to Victoria metro station. Second, Iasonos str. and Kolonou str. which are situated close to Metaxourgio station. Best option is Fylis str. where you can find 15-20 whorehouses open 7 days per week from morning till midnight. The price for their service varies from 20 to 30 Euros. Usually it is 20 for russian girls, 25 for greeks and 30 for gorgeous europeans (from Eastern Germany or Czech Republic mostly). It is high likely that 4-5 out of 15 would be quite attractive.

    At Metaxourgio, the situation is worse. In Iasonos str. you can find almost only transvestites or ugly women. However, at Kolonou str. there are 4 high-class brothels with attractive girls and price varying from 20-25 euros. Price for transvestites is usually 15 euros and you can find ugly women for 10 euros only. Service includes blowjob and intercourse in missionary position or doggie-style (sometimes other positions are offered too). Fingering and licking is usually permitted. It lasts 5-10 minutes. If the whorehouse is crowded you may have to wait 10-20 minutes before the prostitute comes to your room. So prefer quiet brothels.

    Escorts by phone is by far the worst option. They cost 70-75 or even more euros and can come to your place. Privacy is the only thing that is worth it. By phone, there is no way to choose the girl you will be sent. You are high likely to come up with an unattractive girl, who always comes from the Eastern Block (Russia or Ukraine). The service is the same or worse than in a brothel. And the price is 3-4 times higher!. You can pay an extra 15 euros if you want to fuck them twice. Always a condom is used.

    Strip halls is a good place to go if you want some fun. There are many throughout the city. Lap dance costs 10-15 euros and so does a drink. In most occasions, dancers are no hookers. Best options are Tessera at Peiraios Ave. and Star at Tatoiou Ave. in Metamorphosi.

    Bars and hotels are out of the question. Prices are higher than in a brothel and service a lot worse.

    That is all for now. If anything changes in the meantime, I shall keep you in the know. (Review # 7614)

  • Athens Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Sep 05 2003 Submitted by: titan

    Let's agree that the paid sex scene in any given city is a dynamic process that is influenced by laws, attitudes, and personalities of the enforcement of regulations. NOW:Athens. Yes, it is not as it used to be, price and quality wise. I remember getting laid for the about 4$ in the 1990 at Fylis street, back then it was just the time the girls would get your dick hard by sucking it bare and only using a condom for intercourse.

    Now more than half of them will not let you touch them. Now the price is between 20 and 30 euro. Tip. You will not find any brothel that will have more than a girl at a time due to greek law. Main place is FYLIS street. You can reach it by the underground metro line by getting off the train at the LARISSIS station. Exit and walk straight uphill for about 250 meters or yards. You can also reach it by Victoria station, that way you have to go south just 70 meters, but htis requires a train chache in the center. Fylis is the main street. The first place where professionals go.

    There are other areas like south of Omonoia square but the girls there are past retirement age. There is a huge problem with foreigners not knowing the rules in the rooms and many of the houses (especially the better girls) don't want to go with foreigners (funny because many are foreign girls themselves). I am sure that they will start making exeptions for the Olympics in summer 2004. What do you do if you are a foreigner. Be very careful with anyone promising you that you will have a good time at a bar or a strip joint. You may get ripped off. The best thing is to ask for a girl to come to your hotel, after checking that it is ok with the reception.

    I am sure that you will know how to ask. The first girl that the office will send you (and I am sure that during the summer games the tariff will shoot at 100$ min) will be very average because they will be just establishing a business relationship with you. I guarantee you that the next tine you call the same office you will move up to a 8-9. Also keep in mind that the girl may be very late on her date but she will come. The great thing about fylis is trying to find the diamond (a 10 with a good attitude) in all of the houses. That can take up to 2 hours. I usually start with a stroll and a screw at fyllis, to finish the day with a good fuck with one of the girls from the office that I know for years. I found Cyprus to have a much better sex scence even though a bit more expensive. Good hunting. (Review # 7484)

  • Thessaloniki Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jan 13 2003 Submitted by: Paokara

    Hello. I Am From Thessaloniki and I just want to give some informations to all visiters of my beutifull town! Do not search to find any girls on the streets, because you will not find any. Everything is working with telephone. Buy a newspaper (ex.Agelioforos) and you will find many telephones of girls. There are a lot of girls on this telephone. They will come to your place and you will have a good time. Blowjob included (without condom if you want) and sex in different positions only with condom of course. You can come on the face of the girl or in her mouth if you want. all this thing cost 70 Euros. Not bad eh?......~~~~ (Review # 6688)
  • Athens Street Action Dated Added: Wed May 01 2002 Submitted by: Mangas

    If you want to find so very good looking Greek Girls and they are all between 18-28 years then Odos Fylis is the place for you. First of all of the previous reviews have half truths, there are some not so good looking girls but the beautiful ones out weigh the bad ones. There are majority Greek Girls working here and some Russian, Polish, Turk, Brazilian and some Romanian girls. for about 15 EURO you can have Blow Job and Intercourse always with a Profilactic, the girls are clean and you can see they have no sores or blisters. They will let you finger them and suck their tits too. Just don't be rough with them and they will treat you nice. The time is about 5-10 minutes and if you are Greek you will always get to pick any girl in any Bordelo room.~~

    ~~Watch the signs that say "Greek Only" or Oxi Xeni that means no NON Greeks allowed. The Girls always clean after being with a client too so they small fresh and not like they just had sex. You will be greeted by a CHA CHA who is the Yiaya or Old Woman who greets you once you go in, she will tell you what the girl does and then when she comes out you will see her model for a few seconds, some are wearing only a G string and some a Teddy or bikini, then who ever wants to go with the Girl will give the Cha Cha the money and wait in a bedroom, the bedrooms are with mirrors and usually a TV playing a Porno Movie, the Cha Cha will tell you to take your clothes off so you will be ready for the Girl. ~~

    ~~When the Girl comes in she will ask you your name and then sit down with you on the bed, she will take out a condom and get you hard first with her hand doing a hand job, then she will put on the condom usually with her mouth and then start to give you a blow job, when you are ready to have sex with her she will ask you what position you like, most like Piso Kolito style or Doggy Style and they will go wild and grab your Bolls and push hard against you, you can finger their ass and suck their tits what ever, some will let you fuck them in their ass with a condom too. ~~

    ~~If you can find Eleni she is off of Odos Fylis by the Billiards hall she is the best, she is Greek and has nice medium tits wit the best Ass in Athinai and will fuck you at least 10 min and will never rush you, she give both my brother and I a free one when we had to leave and give us her number to call her when we come back. She charges 18 Euro and is worth it.~~Don't go to the end of Odos Fylis by the Park this is where the Transvestis are and you can tell by their height and their looks, stay away.~~

    ~~As for the Dance clubs go, the best for the girl letting you do almost anything is the Princess Club which is off of Posidonas next to the old Airport, they open at 12Midnight and close at usually 5-6AM~~Most of the girls are Russian, Chech, Polish and some Bulgarian too. They will let you suck their tits and finger their pussy as well. they will dry fuck you and it gets crazy, they charge a sofa dance about 20 EURO and drinks are expensive too at 10 Euro you can blow 200 Euro there so be careful.~~

    ~~Another nice Nude Dance Club is Athens Queens in Glyfada on the corner of Posidonas next to the AB Supermarket on the top floor, you need to take the Pullman to the top floor, very dark inside and the Girls non of them Greek will jack you off and let you lick their pussy and finger them, and suck their tits. same prices as the other clubs.~~Don't go to Dolls which is in Bari on the way to the new airport all Russian girls because the Russian Mafia owns the club they will rip you off, the girl will tell to you to come with her for private show and Lesbian show, you go with her she leaves and you are in a booth and she is behind glass and plays with her self, this costs too much money for nothing!! There are some Hungarian Girls that work there and will do more, ask for Maria she is hot and will sofa dance all night with you and grind you and everything else.~~
    (Review # 5370)
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