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  • Munich Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 21 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello fellow mongers! I want to inform you about Munich in Germany. At first, I didn't want to give it a shot there after reading the past reviews. But I have to tell you, the girls are so hot there and after getting piss ass drunk at the HaufbrauHouse, I just had to find a piece of ass to satisfy my needs.

    Here's a tip, I looked for a Turkish taxi driver (trust me here, they know where the pussy is. I have years of experience on this plus the German taxi drivers may be to prude or God-fearing to be in the know). I found my Turkish taxi driver and he drove me to the Babylon. I was staying at the Platzl Hotel next to the Haufbrau House. From there, the ride was about 10 minutes for about 20 Euros. I got to the Babylon located on Taunusstrasse 31. I believe the entrance fee is 50 Euros which includes all the booze that you can drink. There were 4 really fuckable young girls there. I had two of them. Their service was actually quite good. So you can find good sex in Munich.

    Here were the prices: 55 Euro for a room rental for half an hour, then 155 Euro for the girl. Basically 210 Euros for half an hour of sex with the girl of your choice. The two seperate girls I had were great. But watch out guys, at first they wanted the star treatment, like champainge for like 100 Euros to sit and take with them first. Fuck that! I just want to fuck them; I don't want to piss my hard earned money on shit like that. Then they also try to sell you to a whirl pool room at a really high price. Why do I want to take a bath with them? I just want to fuck them. Both also tried to sell double-girl action with them. Fuck that too at those prices! If you have the money and really want them both, go for it but I am writing for the average guy here. Two girls for a half hour at that price is too expensive (and believe me, not enough time. You would need an hour session to do that).

    So if you want sex in Munich, I would advise the Babylon. Take your time. Drink their boose, and fuck the ones you want. Don't let them sell you anything you don't want. Some women really overpriced their pussy. Always remember that you are the customer and that you are there to get want you want at what you are comfortable with. Happy hunting and enjoy the beer in Munich.

    (Review # 17055)
  • Munich Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jun 01 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi there, I am german, let me tell you something basic about Munich. If you are looking for sex in Germany, Munich is one of the worst place. Munich has very strong law and order politics, thus you won't find any red light or drug addicted around the railway station, not even a sex shop. That is, why the few tolerated clubs can afford to have high prices and to provide bad service.

    If you are in Munich, it is probably more fun to enjoy what Munich is really famous for: The "Biergarten" and bavarian restaurants (the most famous are "Hofbräuhaus" and "Paulaner"), where you can have excellent beers and roast pork "Schweinebraten"; the city center itself is also very nice. If you are looking for sex, Frankfurt(west) is the best place in Germany, maybe even in Europe. There are a dozen of not disguised brothels around the railway station and dozen of fkk-clubs around Frankfurt. In these brothels you can get reliable fuck and suck-service for 30 Euros for sure, if you avoid the German women. 
    (Review # 9215)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Apr 03 2004 Submitted by:

    I recently visited Sudfass Oase in Munich following Sam Adams suggestion (see post from Oct 2003). First, I would like to thank Sam for him detailed report. This was my first time doing this sort of thing, and I would never have tried it without such good information. Thanks!

    I have to say it was everything I expected and more. The place was clean, the women ranged from beautiful to women you obviously wouldn't reject once you were both naked. I won't repeat too many details since Sam's account is perfect (down to the 5 euro cab ride. It was 4.90).

    I solved the mystery of the write band. Since you have no pockets, no money and no clothes on, they write down on the writeband the alchoholic drinks you order, and then you pay at the end. I myself was just drinking espresso. (As an aside, it is both enjoyable and surrelistic to be chatting at a bar with 2 gorgeous naked women while a third makes you espresso a few feet away.) I observed the wrist band protocol as a group of german guys that were camped out in the hot tub (alone) and kept ordering rounds of drinks. (Which I have to confess, I didn't quite understand, given the *ahem* scenery.)

    Oh yeah, I speak zero german and nobody really spoke much english at all. I can bumble along in spanish which a couple of the first spoke, and I used that as the lingua franka. There was no pressure at all, the women basically sat on their tuffets until you were interested and then they turned it on. All told, I was there for over four hours and at no point felt any pressure to do anything.

    In the end I wish I had brought more money. I started with around 300 euros and that left me either three rounds with skimpy tips or 2 rounds and some money left over. I opted regrettably for the two. In the end I wound up "socializing" with a woman from Kiev with the absolute perfect body I could imagine and a tall woman from the Dominican Republic that was only a notch below. I felt a tad guilty, intending to sample the local cuisine, but that was where the little head was leading me.

    Anyway, For me Munich was not the rip-off drought suggested by most of the posts below. Follow Sam's advice and you'll have a great time. (Review # 8776)

  • Munich Strip Club Review Dated Added: Mon Oct 20 2003 Submitted by: Plannert

    Hi Guys,
    I just came back from Munich for business travel. After long days work, we decided to checked out some nice place. We went to a club called 1001 night; the entrance is 60 Euro, the drinks are free except for Champagne. There are 10 girls at that night, most of them are 8-9. Every thing seems O.K., BUT, when it cames for the price to have a nice hour (Jacuzzi...) with a girl: 400 Euro!!! I don't know if it's a tourist price, anyway, several other clubs we checked, practice the same price. I am sorry to say, Germany is boring and expensive. So we quickily made our decision and go to Amsterdam, the next day.
    (Review # 7748)
  • München Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Oct 02 2002 Submitted by: Sam Adams

    The Sudfass Oase, Peter-Anders Str.4, 81245 München-Pasing, is a very well run FKK ("nudist", as an euphemism for sex work) sauna club. To get there, take the U-Bahn/S-Bahn to Pasing (from downtown Munich, that's about €2.50 and twenty minutes); from there, a taxicab to the door is another €5, or it's about a fifteen-minute walk. (GPS Coordinates: N48° 9.185', E11° 28.646', WGS-84.) If you're in a hurry, skip the rest of the review, pick up two or three hundred Euro, and just go there; you'll love it. :-)~~

    ~~There is no doubt that you're at the right building, since you're greeted by a mural of a gorgeous naked babe on her back. Ring at the door, and they'll buzz you inside.~~~~There's nearly always someone there who speaks English, but you'll have a better time if you can manage at least a little German. After paying your entry fee of €55, the nice lady at the door will give you a plastic wristband (for reasons unknown), a locker key, a pair of shower shoes, and two towels. You leave your clothes in the locker, optionally wrap the larger towel around your waist, and keep the second one for use after the shower, sauna, or hot tub. The locker key is on a wrist strap, since you won't have any pockets.~~

    ~~On your first visit, one of the girls will give you a tour of the place and explain the prices. In what I call the "meeting" area, there is a bar (non-alcoholic drinks are covered in the cost of admission), a hot tub (not too hot), and plenty of places to sit, lounge, and converse. Everything is decorated with a "Romantic Oasis" theme, with palm trees and valentine hearts being prominent. But you won't notice that because at any given time, between six and ten girls, all naked, are scattered around or strolling by, waiting for you to approach them or call them over to talk. (I found that "Bittay, shprecken see English?" was always a good opener. :-)~~~~There's no guessing about who has a nice body: They all do. Besides, the most I saw any girl wearing was boots, and she told me that was because she had trouble keeping her feet warm. All normal breast sizes are represented, from small to large, and none looks fake. The girls are mostly in their early- or mid-twenties, but I met one who was thirty. All of them are cute enough that you would want to talk to them even if they weren't naked.~~

    ~~When you find a girl you like, you can take her away to a private bedroom, a private hot tub, or some semi-private places. There is a good variety, including at least one bedroom with mirrors on the walls and ceiling, a room with an adjacent bathroom, and so on. There's even an actual sauna, but on several visits I didn't see anyone use it. (I think it's there to justify the name of a "Sauna club". :-)~~

    ~~The basic price system is €75 for half an hour of sex, or €125 for a full hour. Add another €75 for extras, like kissing, taking her to the hot tub, or a BJ without a condom. (A covered BJ is not an extra.) But watch out: One or two of the girls will be so enthusiastic that they give you kisses or other "extras" that you haven't asked for. If you don't stop them, plan to pay for the extras. I didn't run into any who tried to charge me extra for a little time spent "getting into the mood" (involving mutual touches and caresses, even some under my towel) in a semi-private area before going to a bedroom. ~~

    ~~If you want something special, like two women at once, ask for it and they'll be glad to tell you a price. As always, you're better off asking for what you want. ~~~~When you're done, you can use the shower while your girl showers in private. Then she'll go with you to the locker room so that you can pay her and give her a farewell hug. Then, if you want, it's back out to the meeting area for a few more free drinks among the naked girls while you rest up for the next go or the trip home. Any of the girls will be glad to fetch you a drink or a clean towel any time you ask.

    ~~~~What to watch out for: Many of the girls smoke in the meeting area, but I didn't find any that have "smokers' breath". They were all willing not to smoke around me, when I asked. (It's hard to blame them for smoking; it's not like they can do much else while they're waiting for your attention.)~~~~The place doesn't have air conditioning, so it may not be comfortable on very hot days. In fact, it's pretty warm the rest of the time, too, since everybody is naked. But the drinks are cold.~~~~Although you're welcome to talk with a girl for as long as you want before you take her to a bedroom, it's rude to keep talking to her if you're not going to go with her. (And likewise, once you know that you're not going to do her, you should go sit somewhere else, so that someone else has a chance to approach her.) ~~~~None of the girls wore much perfume, so you won't take away any hard-to-explain odor. ~~~~I don't know whether you can use credit cards, and I didn't see an ATM ("Geldautomat") there or nearby. Bring cash. In fact, bring more than you think you'll need.~~

    ~~The girls are all enthusiastic, and they enjoy what they do. I'll be back the next time I'm in München, and probably more than once.~~ (Review # 6228)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu May 30 2002 Submitted by: pete

    BIG D is right !!! The Leierkasten(ingolstaeter str.) is the "biggest" rip off in Munich. € 10 for a small Bier and the reas is a nightmare. I was down € 200 already and had not seen the tits of Tanya yet !!!!~~Recently they beat a customer to death because he was "drunk" !!!!!!!!~~Avoid this place at any cost !!!!!!! (Review # 5554)
  • Munich Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 04 2001 Submitted by: ARROW

    I've recently had the pleasure of sampling the delights of 3 ladies at the ANASTASIA Club at No. 40 Stahlgruberring Strasse in Munich.~~~~The club is very clean and well laid-out. The barman - "Andy" - and the barmaid - "Alice" (a babe herself) are very courteous and not pushy at all. No intimidation here.~~

    ~~~~The rooms are of varying sizes but all nicely done, clean, and comfortable. The only minor issue here is that once you are in the room the blaring dance music from the bar sometimes overrides the "soft music" in the rooms which detracts from the mood.~~~~Anastasia, contrary to the typo on their give-away lighters are actually open from 12:00 noon every day, though I have a feeling that their best girls only come out to play after 20:00. They had around eight or nine girls on the evening when I visited. One 6.5 four 7.5 and the rest are 8s and 9s on my critical 1 to 10 babe-o-meter.~~

    ~~~~I have sampled what I consider 3 of their most attractive girls. "Melinda" "Sadrine" and "Carmen." ~~Both Melinda and Sandrine, I discovered, have web pages at under “Models” Both sets of photographs do not do these babes justice. They are much better looking in the flesh.~~~~Melinda, is a young early 20s babe and scores an easy 9 for good looks. She is a brunette with a statuesque figure and has all the right bumps and curves in the right places. Her temperament is friendly and knows how to put her men at ease. She is part German and part Greek. The combination of steely Germanic hard body and warm Mediterranean passion is just right. On technique, the experience is quite professional. No Girlfriend experience here. For the DM300 for 30 mins. I believe that if I had seen her again things may have been different once a better rapport could have developed but a an experience that I would gladly go for again. If for nothing else, for Melinda’s great legs and sensual figure. She also gave a great massage afterwards. Highly recommended.~~

    ~~~~The following evening, I returned to sample the deceivingly lovely young blond who goes by the name of "Carmen". She had caught my eye the previous evening but was taken before I made my move. I arrived at the club at 20:00 and was told that Carmen will turn-up at 21:00 so I chatted briefly with Andy and Alice and then sipped on my drink while I talked to Sadrin, who, incidentally, looks like she could be Melinda’s fraternal twin. They are good close friends and I think they said that they lived together. Sandrine was very friendly and spoke English well. She knew I was waiting for Carmen so the conversation was unpretentious. When Carmen turned-up at 21:00 Sadrine informed her that I was waiting for her to turn-up. From that moment on I think Carmen became a bit full of herself.~~

    ~~~~Carmen is an Austro-German blond. She looks like she could be 19 or 20 years old with longish dark highlit blond hair and a small diamond stud on her nose. Her English is rather poor. Her BJ was barely that and her moves clinical. Definitely no girlfriend experience here. When the deed was done, she was out like a bolt!~~~~Great looks and a fantastic hard body – a 9 - but clinical. Passable.~~

    ~~~~I returned to the bar area feeling somewhat disappointed that the Carmen experience was not really what I had hoped it would be. ~~~~I then decided to rest a while and then have some fun with Sadrine. Now here is a woman who is all that! She is a BABE with a capital B. She is in her early twenties with gorgeous wavy flowing long hair and a figure to die for. Although I had opted for the DM200 (20 min.) session, I wish I had gone for a lot longer.~~~~Sandrine is a bit more woman than the others. She is all that and then some. Though DM 200 only buys a 20 min. session, she was worth every second. She smiled a lot and not for one second did I feel that I was being taken advantage of. A near girlfriend experience.~~

    ~~~~I was glad that I had saved the best for last.~~~~Generally, the people at Anastasia are friendly and courteous and the club is miles better ~~Babylon or Extasia – whom I had also tried. I would not bother with either in future.~~~~If you do go to Anastasia as a result of reading this report please tell them. Thanks.~~

    ~~~~Have fun.~~
    (Review # 4735)
  • Munich Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Nov 15 2001 Submitted by: BigD

    Leierkasten~~Ingolstadter 38~~Munich~~

    ~~~~This place is a terrible rip off. They run a bait and switch big time. Quoted 130 dm in bar, after two minutes in the room was asked for another 100DM for a "better time". This included light strip tease and a distracted HJ, and a fake BJ. Requests for more money continued but I figured twice lied to is enough for one night. In addition I think they target Americans for this scam because they know you cannot complain effectivly and in any case will not see you again anyway. Stay away from this place.~~
    (Review # 4610)
  • Germany Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Oct 02 2001 Submitted by: Onefortheteam

    Munich has many good options to go to. ~~The best of these options was a place called 1001 nights on landsberger str. 1001 is truly the best in Munich. There are 10-15 women waiting on the side who do not push for a dollar, they know you will come some time or another. They wait till you are ready to call upon them and better yet a majority of the women are 9s. But ,as for every good thing, this high class service costs. 100 DM to get in with free drinks, 400 for 30 min and 1000 for the jacuzzi. But well worth the money. Mainly well informed business men go to this club. ~~~~Next door there is a sleazy house and along the street side there are girls ready to serve. None of these neighboring spots look good.~~As for the Leierkasten and Herzas, these places suck.~~Club Roma has much potential. Girls seemed to be on average a 7.~~There is a location in the suburbs of Munich which also offers about 5-6 brothels all will big lights and all, but unfortunately the name does not come to memory especially since I ran out of the places once I stepped in.~~~~A street called Hansa Str also provides allot of women waiting in cars, although this area requires a lot of searching and luck to find someone that is not just trying to scam you. ~~Most of these tips I received from this site and thought I would take one for the team and make a thorough inspection. Best of luck.~~ (Review # 4393)
  • Munich Escort Review Dated Added: Fri Feb 09 2001 Submitted by: wcarnal

    Brothel: Club Roma- Good clean place with girls between 7-9. Had a really busty blonde that spoke English well- at least before she sucked my cock!

    The place is clean, all the girls bring multiple condoms into the room. While you can only cum once, you can go up her ass, cunt, or anywhere- they use the condoms for changing holes or playing with toys. Girls were friendly but you must talk to them first- they don't come to you at the entrance.

    $- costs 600DM (about $300) from other reviews this is very pricy but I haven't visited other places to know if rates have gone up.
    (Review # 3128)
  • Munich Other Dated Added: Wed Jan 24 2001 Submitted by: OhMyOhMy

    I've been living in Munich for 5 years. I often enjoy a good woman and have found that the best way, if you are new in town, is just to check on the internet. The internet sites here in Munich have changed into a very good option mostly because most or all have Photos of the women. It's not very good to finally decide you're going to order a woman up to your hotel and end up with a complete dog.

    The three sites i know are:,, Do not go to Landsbergerstrasse in the winter. I am not overfond of icicles hanging down from a woman's skirt and then spend most of my money just in the thawing process. Have a good time friends. Scorpio
    (Review # 3046)
  • Munich Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Nov 28 2000 Submitted by: John

    Living in Munich for some years, got some experience. The easiest way to contact girls is to look in "AZ" or "Bild", local newspapers. The column is "modelle,hostessen,kavaliere". You will find a variety of services, ranging from full body massage and sex clubs to privat models or escorts. in general a good way, but try to avoid the clubs.

    There is some "fake" street action along the Landsbergerstr. (west of friedenheimer bridge) and Hansastr. (close to Heimeranplatz). the hookers are sitting in cars or standing along the road and they will drive or go with you to a nearby brothel. Prices are around 100 DM (50$) for some minimal action (blow job, without "Anfassen"=touching). Normally those hookers are really tough bargainers, they will try to arouse you and then getting more money for more action. Normally you will be disappointed. Some "true" street action (car-sex) is north of Munich along the Ingolstaedterstr. (quite a way outside on the left hand side), normally cheap (50,-DM = 25$ for a blow job), fast and not too pretty (just for relief). The big brothels like the "Leierkasten", "pretty women" or "Club New York" or the Frankfurter Ring are not good. Prices are high and although you might find some nice girl, it's gonna be some drinks (don't buy champagne) and then for the "aufs Zimmer gehen" - action at least 100-150 DM (again bargaining !) or 300,-DM (=150$) for half an hour.

    I recommend prostitutes in houses. the disadvantage is that you not always know who will open the door, but the service is usually better and more friendly. Try Stuttgarterstr.7 Vitalia for example or Baierbrunnerstr.22. You can mention me (John) and that you don't wanna bargain ("ohne nachzocken") and then they will tell you the price for what you want. Some of the girls you can check out via internet, such at (sometimes server down) or Ratings are usually 6-9. Good luck !
    (Review # 2797)
  • Munich Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 15 2000 Submitted by: Anon

    I just had the best time of my life in Madam Cabaret. That's a strip club near the Hofbräuhaus. The girls were unbelievable!!! The programm was non-stop and believe me none of the other nightclubs in Munich I have visited could compare. The atmosphere is very family-like and the owner cooks great food for his guests. If you go to Munich don't miss this club. It's good fun, very clean and you will not forget the girls. (Review # 2380)
  • Munich Incall Dated Added: Sat Jan 16 1999 Submitted by: Ken Fuxalot

    Went to a brothel in a private house in the Munich suburb of Moosach several years ago. They were very upfront on the phone that a customer did not have to buy drinks and could take the girl directly to the room.
    Most German adult places rip you off on drinks, so this was appreciated.
    The madam/bartender spoke very good English. Prices averaged DM 100 (then $55 US) for full service from any girl with French and fucking in all positions with condom.

    The house looks like a regular residence in the suburbs with a red light on the lamppost at the edge of the driveway. You ring the side door and are greeted by a female who motions you upstairs to a living room containing a bar, sofas, and TV with porno movies. As I walked in, two locals were fondling a completely naked girl on a barstool. My kind of place! The girl's rooms are downstairs and there is no pressure to party.
    Beers were about DM 9 ($5 US) at the bar. Most girls were six to eight in looks (on a scale of 1 to 10). Two were 8+.

    My first time I had a very good looking 19 year old blonde named Lilly.
    She did half-and-half and sixty nine for the DM 100 price. I went back there three weeks later and partied three times with Elsie, Monique, and Brigitta, who was the madam and bartender. They all did French, multiple positions, and sixty-nine for DM 100 for each total party. I never asked about the time limit, but I assume it is 30-60 minutes. They certainly did not rush me. Almost all girls speak some English but may ask you to speak slowly since it is not their native language. Also, no girl asked me to buy her a drink except Brigitta. The place is open from 9 PM to 5AM and I ended up helping Brigitta close the place. Three orgasms in one night with three different women is plenty for me !

    I went back there four months later and partied with Suzi and another girl. Same prices, same service. Brigitta was there but not feeling well enough to party that night. She's a cute little spinner who looks like she could fit through a drainpipe !

    My next trip to Germany was three years later and I was dismayed to find out that the price of everything (hotels, food, sex) had risen as much as 33% over the three year period. That convenient mid-priced hotel for DM 100 was now DM 150. Also, the U.S. dollar exchange rate fell from 1.8 to 1.6 during this time.

    This brothel, which has no identifying name even on it's advertising, was still open but the blanket price for each girl had risen to DM 150 (now $94 US with the exchange). It had all new girls who were attractive but wouldn't do more than French, then the missionary position. You could still eat their pussy for the same price: one girl liked it, the other did not. One girl asked me for DM 50 more for multiple positions. I refused and took what I could get for DM 150 total.

    If you're in Munich for pleasure or business or both, check out this brothel as follows: Weiherweg 8, Munchen 50 (Moosach suburb north), telephone 089140-1508. Drive Dachauerstr. north. Left on Donauwoertherstr then right on Ohlauerstr. bear left then right on Weiherweg. Look for red light at driveway end on the right side.

    Taxi from Munich center cost me DM 40 (about $22 to $25 US) one-way. Cheaper alternative is to use the Munich subway north. Taxis were three blocks away from subway and cost DM 5 to the house. Your Eurail Pass is accepted on any subway. Will have to taxi home if late at night because trains do not run all night.

    The brothel has a cute advertising card saying ""Sag mir wo's Dich juckt...Ich kratz Dich!"" (Tell me where's it itching... I'll scratch it!"")
    with a women's crotch below.

    Good luck !
    (Review # 459)
  • Munich Incall Dated Added: Sat Jan 16 1999 Submitted by: Ken Fuxalot

    Liarkastern Brothel, Schwabing suburb, Munich, Germany.
    (Sorry, no address or phone).

    Had a lousy time at the Liarkastern which the Hotel Concierge recommended as being the cheapest brothel to party in. Called the place from the hotel and was quoted prices for any girl starting at DM 100 ($62.50 US at the time). Rode the subway using my Eurail Pass to Schwabing which is the cultural suburb where all the young people hang out, then taxied to the club. There was no admission but beers were DM 15 ($9+ US). Boo!

    Lot's of attractive women and the place has a long bar and lighting/music that reminds you of a dance club or disco. Girls were mostly 6-8 in looks with a couple of 9s. Chose a young, leggy brunette and paid the DM 100. Found out that DM100 is for straight sex only in the missionary position and nothing else is included. The girl was strictly mechanical and I felt as if I was in a mausoleum. I ended the date and asked to go back to the bar before any climax because I was so turned off.

    The only thing that the girls seemed to be into in this place was getting you to buy them expensive drinks like a piccolo of champagne.

    I told the cab driver about the above and he tried to steer me to striptease joints. I should have not wasted my time and gone directly back to the private brothel in Moosach. (See my other posting).

    Be aware that taxidrivers will try to steer you to more expensive clubs because they get a cut from clubowners. Most are very expensive, especially on drinks. I suggest you try the Moosach house or your hotel should have brochures in the advertising rack which feature ""Models und Hostessen"" which are girls who work independently.
    (Review # 458)

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