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  • Hamburg Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Sep 06 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hamburg has loads of choice. hard to pick one to report on. There is one that was mentioned here before, but with the wrong address - Siam Erotik Massagen on Stader Straße 100. It's open Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 22:00 and Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00. It is a small whiteish house set slightly off the street (near where the S-Bahn train crosses above the street). There are a couple of signs out front advertising Thai Massages. Getting there is easy. The main road from the Harburg train station passes right out front (with easy street parking), or you can take the 141 or 241 bus from the Harburg train station and get off at the Berkefeldweg stop.

    Then it's a short walk (in the same direction as the 141 or 241 bus from the station was traveling) and you're there. When you walk in the gate and up to the door, you are almost always immediately buzzed in - the ladies can see you enter the compound from the lounge window. You are greeted by whoever is working. usually at least 3 or 4 ladies. Mostly Thai, but sometimes there is a European girl or two there as well. Some speak English but most speak only German and Thai.

    The women range from very cute to rather old worn out mammasan types. Usually there is at least one that is nice looking and worth spending at least an hour with. The first thing you're asked is have you been there before and they tell you 65 Euro for 1 hour massage. You pick one of the ladies and you are shown to a room. You're asked if you would like something to drink and then you are asked to take a shower. They provide towels, soap etc. The lady leaves the room while you clean up. She's usually not gone long. The massage varies. Some of the ladies give fabulous massages and others. Not so good. Some do rather sad real massages, but spend more time doing slippery oily body2body, some do real oil massages and don't do B2B at all. It kind of depends on the lady, how much she likes you, and so on. The massages always start on your back.

    Then legs with loads of accidental touching and brushing certain sensitive bits. You turn over and the massage continues. Usually after all this attention you have a nice erection, and the massage continues there. Some girls will offer full service at this point (this will bump the price up from 65 to 100 Euro. and usually includes covered oral, sex in various positions etc.). some will only do the handjob thing (with lots of oil. which is amazing with the right skilled woman) I have been several times, and keep going back. It is so relaxing to start with. then you turn over and the fun starts. One of my favorite ladies there loves to suck your nipples, and does this thing with her fingernails that sends shivers all through your body. She times it to just as you're about to cum. and them she does the fingernail thing. really intensifies the whole experience. Summary. Siam Erotik Massagen on Stader Straße 100 in Hamburg (Harburg). A Thai massage for one hour with HJ is 65 Euro. A Thai massage for one hour with FS is 100 Euro (not all ladies here offer this).

    (Review # 20673)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Tue Jul 17 2007 Submitted by: Dippy

    I will make this a general review on my experience in Hamburg. As some others suggested, the Reeperbahn is a Reeperoff. There were better looking women than I expected. Two of them approached me, young, one was German and the other was French/German (she spoke excellent French and English). Anyway, long story short, there was tons of back and forth as they assured me I'd have to pay 60 Euro to mess around with both and fuck one of them and I could decide there.

    We get there and there is all this back and forth, at one point they offered "anal" for 220 but I held onto my cash to see what they were doing. This one bitch is putting on latex gloves and lubing her finger. Clearly a rope. After a lot of bullshit, I wind up paying 90 euro for blow job from one and a titfuck from the other. Hot girls but not exceptional, bad value and weak service.

    They did a decent job and were pleasant but Jesus Christ, the place is a tourist trap! I went to a bunch of bars, some of the girls are cool in Germany. This one dude I know tends bar, check out the Thomas Read pub!!! Proper pint of Guinness for you UK/NI chaps and American football for us pigs. Anyway, he knew some broads, they were a lot better than the whores on the Reeperbahn, charged us nothing but some drinks and pot that we had with them.

    Finally, there are privathuis in the area. They had pretty good service, similar to Berlin if you've been there. Expect to pay pretty good money; it's not a poor city. 100ish gets you full service for the most part. There are ads for clubs and stuff, it's all very much out in the open.

    (Review # 20219)
  • Frankfurt Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 20 2006 Submitted by: Amazed

    I had an overnight stay in Frankfurt and decided to make a visit to the Palace FKK after reading the reviews in World Sex Guide. Wow! I have travelled the world and nowhere have I seen such a place of beautiful women, no pressure and just pure delight.

    After paying the entrance fee of 65 Euroes (all cash, no credit cards), I went in, change and watched the various spectrum of women. All were great. I chose a Polish woman who had started to give a BBBJ in the open area. We then went to a room and tried every position and finally gave in to the excitement.

    Afterwards went to the locker and paid the 50 Euroes (first place I have been where you did not have to pay up front). I went back to the main area, had a bite to eat and then watched the entertainment for about another 30 minutes, and selected a tall Brazilian. Also gorgeous and went to the room again. Excellent again and had a good time. Paid another 50 Euroes and then went back to watching again.

    TV room was filling up and many people having sex in the open. Some with one woman and others with 2. Had a wonderful time and have never seen such a place in many countries on all continents. I highly recommend this to everyone and really good service for your money.  
    (Review # 16675)
  • Hamburg Street Action Dated Added: Tue Nov 21 2006 Submitted by: Mike

    Recently, I was in Hamburg in June 2006. Had to check out the Reeperbahn! Only advice is to be careful. One side of the street are the sex clubs. I was convinced to go into one "live show". The bouncer guaranteed me it was free (I had heard horror stories about London and Paris getting caught in these clubs with a 1500 euro bill). But I went in and sat and sure enough this stripper sits down beside me. She was older but had huge tits. She talked me into buying her a 20 euro glass of champagne. And then she suggested we go to a back room.

    Once back there, she tried to convince me to buy a 180 euro bottle of champange and I could massage her. I just said no and left. No problems. Remember, just say no!

    On the other side of the Reeperbahn were the street girls. Again convinced me to go with them - 2 girls for 60 euros. Once got to the room they tried to upsell me. All the way up to 1000 euros. Again, I just said no. One started ranting in German. I could tell she was pissed off. The other one was nice about it though.

    The moral is be careful! However, unlike London and Paris, one seems to be able to make an escape with a few euros left in your pocket.
    (Review # 16385)
  • Hamburg Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue Dec 13 2005 Submitted by: Tommy Lee

    Whenever you are looking for some real good action, you have to visit a place in Große Freiheit called "Susi's Show Bar." You will find anything you might possibly be looking for. Lesbian show... you got it. A blowjob, a fuck, just some playing around, good entertainment... it's all there. Prices are moderate (EUR 15 - for the first drink and entry fee). Girls are from 4-5, up to 9-10. They like being touched and you can finger them right there in the showroom. You can also go "backstage" (if you don't like being watched) and have some fun there.

    To be able to get there, you have to spend some money, though. Around EUR 150, that is. If you stay in the main room, you just have to get your lady a drink (around EUR 25) to have some fun. I am there on a regular basis and have never been disappointed. All the other places are just a waste of time and money. I have gotten very good blowjobs (no condom), have fingered pussies and asses until I just could not go on. Great place, and real fun to go. Even if you just want to have a beer and watch a good show, or see what the other guests are doing...
    (Review # 13295)
  • Hamburg Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jul 30 2005 Submitted by: Little B

    REEPERBAHN IS A RIPOFF!!!! Do not take any of the sexy girls soliciting on the streets to a hotel. The girls promise you full sex for 60€, room included, but when you're in the room with your pants down, the SHIT REALLY HITS THE FAN!! They begin to promise you everything you want for 3 to 600€. If you pay them, they will leave you for a few minutes. When they come back, they give you a small blowjob, then they leave you again, and come back with another girl. She asks for another 3 to 600€ for a whole night of every thing you want. If you give them the money, they will leave you again and come back later. When the girls are finally naked and you're ready to start, you've already been there for 2 f***ing hours and the night is almost over. I was so stupid to spend 850€ for 1 hour of NORMAL sex with 2 girls! WHAT A RIP OFF..... STAY AWAY FROM REEPERBHAN STREET GRILS!!!!!! (Review # 12224)
  • Hamburg Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Nov 15 2004 Submitted by: mathias

    Visited Reeperbahn in July 2004. Warning! The girls promise you full sex for 60 Euros, but in their room the negotiation starts all over again. It will set you back by a hundred more.  (Review # 10461)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Wed Mar 26 2003 Submitted by: shorty

    St Georg , the area near the main station (Hbf), has been the target of police action recently and lots of unlicensed girls now keep away. This action was put into effect to control the number of girls from former communist Eastern Europe , who started to appear and the very nasty pimps who control them. You can still find girls here, but not as before. The part time girls can still be found - but you may have to wait a bit longer.~~

    ~~~~Current charges are from €30 + , hotel room costing €10-€11 extra. This is for basic half-half with an average looking lady. - The price increases -depending on age and looks and decreases depending on drug habit. I would strongly advise against any girl with an unhealthy complexion and undernourished figure - and glazed eyes are also a warning sign.~~The biggest pimp in St Georg at the moment is crack.~~ (Review # 7003)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Feb 09 2003 Submitted by: punter1966

    Stay away from the Reeperbahn, unless you just want to look around and not spend any money. ~~REPEAT~~Stay away from the Reeperbahn, unless you just want to look around and not spend any money. ~~

    ~~They have some great sexshops there, but if you want the real thing, it's very disappointing. I've paid good money on the Herbertstrasse six times and been disappointed every time. It is the worse tourist trap I've come across anywhere. They have some very nice looking girls there, but almost without exception, they are barracudas, and just want to rip you off. They promise you everything at the window for 50 Euros, then it all changes once you're inside. I paid 200 Euros for an hour with one girl, and didn't even get oral. If this report keeps one punter from giving her any money, I'll feel better. Even when the girls there figured out I was a regular, they still didn't treat me any better. You have a slightly better chance with a girl who isn't German, but you're better off just avoiding the area altogether.~~

    ~~ ~~If you have the money, the places to go are:~~Funny Club, Lokstedter Steindamm 86, 040-563137 Mon-Fri 13:00-04:00 and Sat 20:00-04:00~~Relax (formerly the Lido), Pulverteich 27-29, near the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) 040-280-3790 Mon-Fri 13:00-04:00 and Sat-Sun 20:00-04:00~~

    ~~I'm annoyed with myself for not finding them sooner. They both have the same owner (and no, I'm no way connected with the owners), and you're looking at 220, 250, or 280 Euros for an hour upstairs in a nice room, with oral and regular part of the deal. There's a pool and jacuzzi too, for 20 marks extra. The girls are mostly east-European and very attractive. Entrance is 15 Euros, and drinks are reasonable. You have time to get to know the girls, and it's 26 Euros to buy them a cocktail.~~

    ~~ ~~~~If you're into SM, then try the following clubs (both on Erichstrasse between Herbertstrasse and the harbour):~~SM Touch (105 Euros for 30 minutes, 205 Euros for an hour, ~~Club de Sade (112 Euros for 30 minutes, 205 Euros for an hour, 19:00-03:00 Tues-Sun ~~They have both dominant and submissive women available. SM Touch is better value.~~~~ ~~ (Review # 6831)

  • Street Action Dated Added: Wed Dec 11 2002 Submitted by: TeeCee

    ~~~~Since living in Hamburg and knowing the night life for years I'd like to recommend the following:~~

    ~~Use the biggest red light district in town/country/continent around the main street "Reeperbahn" only to let you get some appetite. Go to the "Dollhouse", take a look at the supermodel-like girls and afterwards do what somebody else said before, buy the "Hamburger Morgenpost" and check the advertisements of the girls, give them a call and decide then how to go on (they mainly charge you with € 50 per 30 min.). If you like clubs and are willing to spend a night with a beautiful girl, take a taxi and drive to "Funny Club" or "Lido". You can have 1 hour for € 220. In the club "Sabrina" which is much smaller you pay not more than € 150. The girls are not that beautiful as in the other mentioned clubs and furthermore sometimes only 5 available (instead of up to 25 in the others).~~

    ~~One very important hint on massages: Hamburg-Harburg (South of the river Elbe), Buxtehuder Str. 100, traditional Thai massage. 1 hour, max. € 100, LORD! massage and more, blow job without condom, kisses and the silky body of an attractive Thai girl. You cum quicker than you want. If she likes you, you can lick her pussy (no hairs at all) as long as you wish without extra cost.~~

    ~~Take care with Thai near Reeperbahn, some 30% have been men before.~~

    ~~If you understand German go to where people who know what they're talking about inform the rest of the world which girls are worth a visit and which not. There is no better source to find out.~~~~ ~~ (Review # 6536)

  • Hamburg Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Aug 05 2002 Submitted by: Martikeh-Kodjayee

    Recently, since moving to Europe I often visit Hamburg to enjoy one of the best brothel / Clubs I've ever been to. This place is called "FKK 125".~~I have been around the block, been ripped off, saw the best, saw the worst, and I am telling you that undoubtedly this place FKK125 is by far the best place ever.~~Its located North East of the centrum about 15km. Its actually on "Saseler Chausee 125". ~~

    ~~I've been to this place 3 times already within last year and every time, its been a great experience.~~Most of the girls are ethnic Eastern Europeans and have nice bodies and look nice. All are between 18 - 25-~~

    ~~Once you enter, you pay a €50 ($52) cover charge to enter to use their Club facilities. All drinks and food is free. You can use their facilities from 12:30pm - 1:00 am. The place is basically a Fitness/Health Club atmosphere with Pool, Sauna, relaxation couches, etc.... they even have an outdoor patio open in the summer where all the girls lay out and tan with their bare pussies and all....~~

    ~~Once in, you change in the secure locker room and grab a towel and you will see that there are usually about 6 - 8 girls hanging around. They are extremely friendly. The atmosphere is relaxing and has no pressures. You can freely meet and arrange to use one of any number of comfortable rooms to have sex. I usually like to get settled in at first by using the sauna and then after 15 minutes start choosing my first victim. Last time, I had my eye on this sweet cute brunette 20 yr. old girl from Croatia with the nicest body and face.... where I propositioned her with basically a wink of the eye and my smile. The girls are down to earth but of course I always offer respect to them as otherwise they often feel hurt.~~

    ~~All girls prices are €50 for every 30 minutes. Sometimes you can just make a deal for extra time. But there is no rip-off here and they all do exactly as you ask. This Croatian girl slipped on a condom and sucked my cock for 10 minutes non-stop and I almost came but I stopped and we started doing 69. She was very eatable, even though 100's of cocks probably violated her before... so I didn’t care. She was so sweet.~~After that, she got on top of me and started at first just putting the tip of my dick in her, teasing me, but after 2 min., she went all the way in her tight hole and soon after I just let it pour into her.... ~~

    ~~Afterwards, I didn’t even tip her. But sometimes I do depending on my mood. ~~

    ~~After 1 ½ hours of rest and relaxation at the spa, I head over to another girl laying on the couch nude and shortly thereafter we were screwing also for another €50. ~~~~This place is heaven. Its like those old Roman times where you just do as you please and with confidence.~~~~The cliental ranges from Old men to young guys...~~
    (Review # 5887)
  • Hamburg Street Action Dated Added: Mon Aug 05 2002 Submitted by: CityBoy

    The Art of Touch" is without doubt one of the most unique, fulfilling, sensual and sexual experiences that I have ever had. Not 'Hamburg' sexual in terms of Laufhaus but spiritually sexual, this is a Tantric massage, the like of which is unique.~~

    ~~There are two services to chose between EUR135 for 1.5 hours of EUR175 for 2 hours. I chose the full two hours but it was nearer to 3 between arriving and leaving. You start with a choice of room and girls (between the two working there) then a shower and are then asked to put on a kimono. Sitting cross legged and facing each other she starts by massaging your fingers and hands, not exactly what you would call erotic, but when relaxed, in a beautiful room, with Eastern music and candles it is arousing. She then proceeds to massage your feet and legs, with soft touches and hard pushes, holds energy points and uses all her Tantric training to relax and arouse you.~~

    ~~After about 30/45 minutes you are asked to stand up and she spirals around you then undresses and also undresses you. Lying naked on your front she continues with the massage now also using fur, silk scarves, feathers and oils. The sensation drifted between pure relaxation and outright sexual arousal. Using warm flannels she then rubbed my balls and placed the tip of her finger in my arse.~~

    ~~The same then happens whilst lying on your back and the naked bodies are often rubbing together in various positions. At about 1.5 hours she sat between my legs and started to tease my cock, soft touches and firm grips, never masturbating you in the traditional manner, never reaching the sort of hand speed you normally get when being 'wanked' it is all about touch. She held my cock and kept bringing me near to climax then stopping, sensing my arousal and heightening the future pleasure. I was lay back, relaxed, with my eyes closed throughout the proceedings and she took me to the border of pain of pleasure several times, but never once did I want her to stop. She was fully in control and because of the intimacy of the previous 2 hours I has total faith and trust in her. ~~

    ~~She continued to just stroke, hold and massage my cock until climax and wow what a climax, I must have had at least 20/25 contractions and it lasted for about 1.5 minutes during which time she continued to touch and hold me in a way that just prolonged it all even further. I have never had an orgasm with such intensity and such a rush to my head also so much come over me. She gently rubbed my chest, stomach, legs etc with tissues and warm flannels to 'clean me up' whilst I just lay there trying to recover from it all!~~

    ~~You can shower again if you want but I wanted to smell and feel the oils for the rest of the day. You need to allow plenty of time (an afternoon is perfect) and you need to be open minded and participate in the right way - try it you wont be disappointed! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (Review # 5884)
  • Hamburg Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Feb 16 2002 Submitted by:

    Just spent two weeks in Hamburg, and have some comments. The most important thing to remember if you are visiting the Reperbahn area - do not under any circumstances go into the "live show" or "table dance" clubs. They are exclusively rip-off joints that prey on the tourists. ~~~~~~

    ~~~~~~~~I went into one club - with some prior knowledge about how they worked - just to watch the scam in action. A sucker enters the club and is immediately served a cheap quality beer that is priced at 6 Euros. As soon as the beer arrives, a girl sits down next to the target, and begins up selling him to buy her a drink. If the sucker agrees, the bartender (who was hovering in the background) appears with a 750ml bottle of champagne, and the guy is charged 200 Euros on the spot. The champagne is cheap crap not worth more than 10 Euro at the local grocery. If the sucker is still hanging around after the price shock, the girl immediately begins up selling again, trying to talk the target into going to a back room or curtained off table for "some fun".

    ~~If he follows her back, the bartender appears again with another beer, and another opened bottle of champagne - that's another 6 Euro for the beer and another 200 Euro for the champagne. So far the sucker has spent over 400 Euro and is sitting there with two crappy beers, and two bottles of undrinkable champagne that the club girl is somehow gagging down at an amazing rate... usually mixed with orange juice to kill the taste. The poor guy who has gone this far either wakes up and makes a fast getaway, or figures he's into this for 400 Euro now and is going to see it through. If he stays, the money continues to hemorrhage out of his pocket as fast as the girl can convince him to spend. Eventually the guy will get a lackluster blowjob or hand job... rarely more. Either way, not worth the 600 or more Euros he's spent by then.~~

    ~~~~I have to say that the scam is smooth. The guy falling for it falls fast and hard. I am very glad I knew the process before I entered one of these places.~~~~If you do venture to the dump that is known as Hamburg (the place is in seriously bad shape these days) there are some places in the Reperbahn that make up for the scams. ~~~~The peep show places are a good place for a quickie. You go into a room with a bunch of cabinets. 3 Euro will get you into an intro room where one of the girls comes out and does a 2 minute semi-nude or completely nude dance and explains the way the place works. Basically if you like the girl you go out, tell the DJ guy, and then enter a second set of cabinets - for 6 Euro this time. The girl you requested shows up and you get a private show. Prices range from about 15 Euro for a basic no-touch dance up to 80 or 100 Euro for a blowjob (or very quick full service if you manage to negotiate it).

    ~~~~~~If you are into looking for the full service scene, go to a Laffhaus. This is a basically brothel. It is several floors of small hotel-like rooms (a bedroom, with adjoining bathroom with toilet, sink and shower). If the room is available a girl will be sitting on a stool in front of the door. You stop and do your negotiation thing. Generally you are looking at 40 to 50 Euro for a quick full service... girl is nude, and you get to do most whatever you want - roaming hands are generally encouraged if you are smart and wash your hands in the girl's bathroom before the session begins. If you want longer, 1 hour is 120 to 140 Euro depending on the girl and time of day. You can arrange a full night for about 500 Euro. If you want two or more girls, ask, and you will generally find some accommodating ladies... price is quite a bit higher though. ~~

    ~~~~If you choose the Laffhaus scene be smart about the girl you pick. The drop dead gorgeous blonde with the silicon tits is probably going to rip you off for as much as possible. Watch the time you go in. If you go in early - basically anytime before 11pm there are very few girls, but those that are there are looking to pay their room fees to the building owner and are more open to negotiations. There are all types of girls in there... young, old, fat, thin, Asian, black, white, European, South American and so on. Pretty much anything you want if you are patient and willing to "shop."~~

    ~~~~I went in around 7pm, and spent a whole night (until 7am the next morning) with a very nice black girl, and got pretty much anything I wanted for 500 Euro. She was enthusiastic and accommodating. Lots of fun. A very memorable and exhausting night. She made it personal challenge to think up new and inventive positions and to try to exact as many orgasms as possible. I was days recovering from that. ~~

    ~~~~All in, Hamburg has some interesting sex to offer if you are smart and don't jump at the first thing you see. Take your time and look around. Watch your back, because there are a lot of scam artists (and homeless people) preying on tourists - and all the wide-eyed American tourists falling for the scams by the hour keep the scams alive and well. Blend in as best you can. Think carefully before you agree to anything. Wear a condom. Thank the girl and leave a tip if she made you smile.~~
    (Review # 5051)
  • Hamburg Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 20 2001 Submitted by: der_Spanner

    Just returned from visiting the Reeperbahn and had a great time in the EROS centre just across from the S-Bahn station. I had visited Frankfurt earlier in the week and although I experienced a fantastic time there, it in no way compared to Hamburg.

    ~~~~After walking the entire length of the Reeperbahn and being accosted by the street workers (which I found a little uncomfortable) I happened on the EROS centre. I walked up to the top and worked my way down, checking out the many beautiful women on the way. There were women of all nationalities: African, South American, Thai, Eastern European, German, etc. and the choice was very difficult. This was much better than Amsterdam, IMHO.

    ~~~~Anyway, on the third floor, I came across Janine and the attraction was immediate and I knew she was the one for me that night. My German is OK and thankfully she spoke enough English to help me over the more difficult negotiations. Bottomline, the price was 50DM to get in the door and on the bed (just like Frankfurt). Once I was laying there with a condom on and her stroking my ever-hardening cock, she quoted me the prices: 100DM for 20 minutes, 200DM for 30 minutes, and 400DM for 1 hour to include anything but anal. I decided on thirty minutes and after taking my money she proceeded to give me the hottest cbj I've ever had. She had me close within 5 minutes and I had to have her take a breather so I could relax.

    She then told me that I could step up to the plate as many times as I wanted in the 30 minutes so I told her to go back and finish me off so we could move to the sex. Speaking of was truly amazing. Did I mention that Janine is only 18? She looked so hot with her blond hair/blue eyes staring at me with her pierced clit sitting on my cock. She wanted to ride me cowgirl so I let her...and needless to say, I finished up in the allotted time. A true test to her remarkable skills...and she's only 18. I still can't believe that, even now. Well, after a performance like that I had to return the next night before I hopped the train south. What an experience....a woman with her looks and skills would command higher escort ($400-800) prices here in the States.

    ~~~~Hell, I'm planning on another trip back to see her and hopefully sample some of the other hot talent there. According to others, it appears that I may have overpaid slightly versus other providers, but I can tell you that it was still cheaper than what I've paid here in the U.S. and it was truly worth it to me. ~~
    (Review # 4475)
  • Hamburg Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jul 19 2001 Submitted by: fister77

    I travel quite a lot to Germany and it's always so much fun to check out the red light district. I am not into the fucking due to being afraid of the diseases even with condom, but I like playing finger fucking with their pussies and assholes. One fetish of mine is fist fucking. Well, that can get you into tough communication if you don't speak German and or they don't speak English. When you go into one of the rooms of the girls in the brothels buildings, just try and figure out if she looks maybe too smart. I mean if she's very strong in attitude (a hustler). Anyway, I finally got this girl to say yes to fist fucking. And believe me she understood what I wanted because I explained for a long time in both German and English. We went into the room where she wanted up front the 100DM after which she said to wait for her while she left the room to go and leave the money somewhere else. She came back told me to take my pants down, you know, to masturbate, and once I was sitting on my butt on the bed with my pants down, she told me that it will cost me an extra 100DM for fisting her. Since I gave her 100 already and had my pants down, I gave her the money after which the bitch left the room again to I guess to leave the money in another room just so that I cannot take it back. Well it's not over, she came back and after starting to play with her pussy, not even sticking one finger in her, she said that I have to pay another 100DM. Of course I started arguing with her, that it's not right and that I would like my money back to which she said that cannot do that and I can just leave. Well, that was too much so I started getting dressed and telling her that I will go to police to complain. You know, you can do that because prostitution is legal in Germany and this was basically pay for service which was not honored. After hearing this she went crazy, starting to push me and to not let me get dressed. Eventually I got dressed while she went to get the brothels bodyguard. Now, I do not speak German too good and she decided not to speak English anymore.
    ~~The bodyguard realized that I was in the right but did not want to get her mad at him. I must say that when the bodyguard came she pushed me so hard that I fell down over some fucking plants. Now, I am a fairly big guy 200 pounds 5'10" and some muscles and not a nerd. But I didn't want to create some shit you know. After 15 minutes, a girl came over to us and she said that she will go with me in the room and let me finish. How the fuck can you get your dick up after all of this, but remember, I had already 200DM that I couldn't get back so it was time to prove my manhood under extreme conditions. Went in, took my pants down, she undressed, nice body, better than the other one, but of course no fisting, fucking or even finger fucking. So I touched her pussy and tits and of course I came after only 5 minutes just to get over it. It was the most confused orgasm I ever had. How the fuck do you go from about to lose that much money to pretend enjoying jacking off. Well, I hope you liked this reading, especially since IT'S VERY TRUE. Thinking back, I should have figure the chick for being a hustler.
    (Review # 4009)
  • Hamburg Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sun Jun 24 2001 Submitted by: hunter

    "Art of Touch" is the name of the definitely best massage parlor in Hamburg. It ~~specializes in Tantra massage. Call 040-444508 to get an appointment and the ~~address. A session lasts 2 hours and costs only 240 DM (~110 $). You are asked ~~to take a shower before and after the massage. The 90 minute massage is ~~performed on a futon mattress on the floor. It is extremely relaxing yet ~~arousing. It includes many very tender and caressing techniques. Warm massage ~~oil is used as well as a feather, a silk cloth, the warm female body etc. You ~~will explode by an irresistible hand relief in the end. It is unbelievable but ~~believe me: You will never ever forget this experience and come back again and ~~again. "Art of Touch" does not have a homepage, but please look  ~~for a similar yet less arousing massage parlor in Cologne. (Review # 3847)
  • Hamburg Strip Club Review Dated Added: Thu May 03 2001 Submitted by: Geoffrey

    There are lots of reputable clubs with good shows (e.g. Colibri) but they are mainly open in the evening/night only. Some of the women in the peep shows are outstanding (better than any in Amsterdam) and there's no glass barrier. Generally the atmosphere is more mercenary than Amsterdam. Watch out for the cheating clubs - these are usually small clubs with a bouncer on a door and a corridor into the club. They do one of the old tricks - the moment you sit down a woman comes up, sits and talks asks if you will order a beer. If you order a "beer" it will be a 200DM special! Not the 10DM normal beer. And it's legal because you agreed to the order of a "beer". (Review # 3465)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Thu Sep 21 2000 Submitted by: Tyler

    To get you guys some decent information on Hamburg: The best place to go to in Hamburg is a club called "Life" fka "Relax". Expect to pay DM 400, -- for the hour. French kissing very rare (only had it once in about 4 visits) Quality of girls is 8-9.~~Street action or whorehouses I would consider as rip offs. You pay at least the same to get the service of a club and I personally prefer the relaxed atmosphere in the "Life". btw drinks are reasonable. Inviting a girl will cost you half a fortune. So best is just sit alone, scroll the babes (They’ll leave you alone until you take the action)~~Have fun~~ (Review # 2415)
  • Hamburg Travel Report Dated Added: Sat Sep 16 2000 Submitted by: Psy

    Having profited from the world sex guide myself while trying to see different things (and girls) in this world, let me pay back some of it at least by giving you and insight into the pleasures my hometown, Hamburg, has to offer. Generally there are 4 areas where you can find girls just by going there.
    ~~· Reperbahn
    · St. Georg
    · Fischmarkt
    · Suederstraße

    Street action: Fischmarkt and Suederstraße are the places where you can just cruise around in your car and if you see a girl that you like, just stop besides her: She will open the door, however she will not jump in. Ask what she offers and at what price, discuss the whereabouts and any preferences you may have.

    I personally do not go to the Suederstraße since the girls usually try to rip you off if you go to their room with them. If you are just looking for a BJ or a quick fuck in the car it is OK. Expect to be paying around US $ 25-50.

    Fischmarkt is an area close to the Reperbahn, right at the river Elbe. Here may be the place to go if you are looking for something strange: How about an 70 year old with no teeth blowing you? You may find this here, however the action slowed down here quite a bit lately. Prices are pretty much as above, sometimes you may be able to get a good BJ for as little as US$ 15 which may be a good deal on your way home...

    St. Georg: St. Georg is a part of town right north of Hamburg’s main train station. The action takes place along a road called Steindamm and the two roads to the west. You may be shocked if you go there at first, since the drug-scene of Hamburg happens to be in the same area. However, if you behave somewhat normal (do not carry around 10 Cameras and take a picture of everything) you will be fine. The girls here are usually less professional and younger, somewhere between 18 and 20. Some of them are on drugs, therefore quite horrible looking. Picking them up will not get you into trouble, but you should take personal safety precautions: NEVER DO IT WIHOUT A CONDOM. You shouldn’t anywhere else either and usually the girl will insist, however the registered hookers (yes, it is a legal profession and you get licensed) go to very frequent medical examinations. The girls in St. Georg mostly don’t. Anyway, you may find some real treasures here, since this is also the place where some Girls go to earn an extra buck. They may be doing it only once a week, or whenever they feel like it. Expect to be paying US$ 25-50 for a BJ and a fuck and an extra US$10 for the hotel. It is definitely an interesting place to visit and once you accepted the obvious misery of that part of town, you may find very beautiful things as well.

    Reeperbahn / St. Pauli: Probably one of the most famous red light districts in the world. It is definitely a stunning place, however, it is also packed with tourists and those places tend to turn into a place where you get ripped off. Avoid the following: The hookers in the „Davidstraße", turning off of Reperbahn (south), right next to the police station. The girls there will most probably offer you a full service priced at US $50, but as soon as you are upstairs they will ask for an extra 100 or more. Having seen the two big guys in the room right by the stairway, you probably do not feel like arguing and you go away with a somewhat bad feeling.

    But, walking up the Davidstraße, the second street on the right is the Herbertstraße. The place with the most professional girls in town. These ladies, and there is something for every taste there may be, are true professionals. Especially if you are into services like SM, Handcuffs and other stuff, these girls know how to do it. You can get the simple stuff there as well and the girl will definitely do a good job, however there is a downside to it: It is fairly expensive. It will be at least US$ 100.

    There are some other places to avoid: The table dance bars with no cover charge. Good looking girls, but very very very expensive drinks and bad sex. If you just want to look at the show, fine, but do under no circumstances buy a drink for a girl. It may be difficult to resist, but it will leave a solid hole in your credit card account! If you are looking for good sex, also avoid a place called Baby Dolls. Those of you, who may be from Topeka Kansas, probably know a bar with the same name. Well, it is also the same concept: You can look, but you can not touch. The Eros Centre (on Reperbahn itself) can be a decent place, but you are taking chances that the girl will ask for additional money as soon as you are out of your clothes. You will probably be fine on a weeknight, especially if it is already quite late, but on weekends they are after the tourists. The Pasha is fairly good. It is their policy, that you get what you agreed on at the door. This means, if the girls does not do what she promised, of if she wants more money, you can complain to the management and you will get you money back.

    I always enjoyed the Thai Laufhaus. You can find it taking a turn to the north of the Reperbahn into a road called Große Freiheit (great freedom is the translation). As you walk down that road, you will find out that there are several clubs staffed with girls from SE Asia. About fifty metres down the road, there will be two entries to the back behind these houses. In the one further away from the Reperbahn, there is the entrance to the Thai Laufhaus . Usually there will be about 6 to 12 girls there, each waiting in her room. You can get a full service for about US $35. Extras cost extra, however, you get what you pay for.

    There are hundreds of places on the Reperbahn and it would take a long time to name them all (and describe them, which I couldn’t since I haven’t seen them all), but I would suggest: Take a walk around that place, maybe go to a live peep show (just looking, you can fuck the girls as well, but usually it is not worth it), go for a quick service in one of the places mentioned above, but mostly go for the atmosphere. It is a thrilling place. If you want great sex, go to:

    A newspaper stand. Buy a paper called „Morgenpost". Somewhere towards the end of it, you will find between 2 and three pages with adds. They always contain a phone number: Call, listen to the answering machine and it will tell you the address. You can get great services for relatively little money if you visit one of those girls at her home. Lets say you are looking for an hour of unlimited sex, it will probably be around US $75 - 100 for a BJ, a fuck, anal, and a lot of those girls will actually do French kissing.

    I hope, this will help you a bit and make your stay enjoyable in this very beautiful city.
    P.S. : If you want a high class whore, go to a bar called Sabrina (Street is called Waterloostraße) It will be somewhere around US $ 300 but it is worth it.
    (Review # 2383)
  • Reeperbahn Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Dec 15 1999 Submitted by: Urnie

    I went to the Eros Laufhaus in the Reeperbahn. The girls are in the little rooms and sitting on a chair outside. They tell you it is 100 DM for suck and fucking for 30 minutes. (About £35/$50). When you go in the room, they take the 100dm from you and get you to undress. She then puts a condom on and facing away from you, she pretends to blow you. Probably just putting your dick between her chin and hand as you can't see. She then tells you that if you want to fuck then it is 500DM !. They will rip you off for at least 300 dm and for that you will get a 5 - 10 minute session, where she will ride you for a minute or two maximum and jerk you off.

    Absolute rip-off and should be jailed for theft.

    The girl I got conned by was Nina and she is a tall blonde with short hair and on the ground floor at the end of the corridor.

    Looks like even if you agree the price outside, they will rip you off inside anyway. If I had more time in Hamburg, I would inform the police and make life difficult for her.
    (Review # 1191)
  • Hamburg Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 26 1999 Submitted by: Mick*The*Kick

    Just a hint for now: the name of the red light big bang in Hamburg is:
    ""Reeperbahn"" not this ""Raprovon"" shit someone else mentioned.
    I'll come back with some more expertise information about Hamburg later ;-)
    (Review # 318)

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