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  • Frankfurt Massage Parlor Dated Added: Tue Aug 26 2008 Submitted by: clio

    Ben to Frankfurt for few days, After reading all the reports from you guys, i went to the Palace. Its my first time in these clubs, went inside and they explain how things are done. 50 for 1/2 hour and anything extra you need to speak to the girl, the girls have to be paid in cash after you finish. They got an ATM but it takes American express and some german cards. Went inside, took a shower then to the lounge we all the girls, spent like 30 minute looking around, not many guys but there is more girls than guys. some were 6 & 7, and few were 8 & 9. nice place , next time i'm in Frankfurt, am going their. (Review # 24588)
  • Frankfurt Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed May 28 2008 Submitted by: Mr B

    The institutionalization of the sex industry in Frankfurt has made paid sex no different in customer-supplier terms than say, buying a BigMac in McDonalds. You go in; you pay; you're processed; you leave. Similar to Amsterdam, nothing like Thailand or South America or even Poland/Czech. So I would say only bother if you're on a business strip and stressed or desperate for sex, or all of the above.

    From Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof, cross over Mainzer Landstrasse and then all the brothels and Eros centres are down either Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage or one of the smaller roads than run parallel to it. Can't remember exactly but just head towards all the neon lights.

    Best way to get any decent sex from hookers in Germany (especially the German ones that are far worse than Eastern European) is to offer to pay the 50 Euros up front and then say you'll pay more money afterwards for extra time if the sex is good. They'll often try to trick you in Germany by saying the first 50 Euros is not actually for sex unless you then pay another 50 or so Euros.
    (Review # 23946)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jan 29 2008 Submitted by: TexRex

    The larger clubs near Frankfurt Palace/Oase/World seem to all be suffering from too many women and poor service. Which might be due to the large number of women hence the club does not have the ability to control the quality of service. Oase and World still offer the 65 Euro entry, World runs specials 3 for 2 pricing etc. Oase only offers the throw of the dice for a free fuck on Wednesdays. Palace has upped the entry to 75 Euros at a time when the dollar is weak and the staff is at it's lowest point. The huge influx of Bulgarian and Romanian women is obvious. Service from these women is often, rushed, cold and non GFE. I found all three clubs to be a waste of money and over priced. Don't visit during the major conventions in Frankfurt as this is the time many women look to take advantage of the one time tourist that visits.


    I opted to search Google and sign up for an fkk tour which I found a firm that has been in the business since 1995. While they charge a fee it can be paid by credit cards in US dollars, which makes a lot of sense since the exchange rates for dollar to Euros is so poor, so paying my hotel, transportation in dollars made more sense. Our guide obviously has been at this for over 20 years and knew the exact location of all the clubs and the best times to visit. As well as which girls to avoid and a select few super stars which were the highlight of my trip. It does pay to know which girls are the legends and which are the tourist traps.


    I made several friends at the same time since the tour group consisted of a guy from the UK, Japan and the US, all who spoke English. As a group we shared our info about each woman as well as the date from the guide. The guide did not steer us to where he wanted to take us but rather allowed us to make a group choice on the stops. The hotel that was included was clean, safe, included a bath room and shower plus breakfast on some of the days. I'm told repeat customers are offered half off the normal rate which would be a no brainier for me. Going north from Frankfurt the prices and service all change, the service goes up and the price structure from 50 euro for each 30 minutes changes to 50 Euros for the first 30 and then 25 Euros for each additional 30 minutes.


    Even the extras like FT which were 50 Euros in Frankfurt are only 25 Euros up north. Also the entry fees are mainly 50 Euros as apposed to the 65-75 Entry fees of Frankfurt. PHG, Living Room, Golden time and Vertigo are all basically the same clubs with the same prices. Living Room while the smallest of the 4 seemed to have the better atmosphere and service oriented women. PHG had some management problems not too long ago and one of the staff broke off to start Vertigo Spa. Having the huge knowledge base of the guide along helped since he was up to date on all the changes to clubs and owner issues. Sort of a small history lesson as well as recent changes of German clubs and the FKK scene, far more info and detail then I found on any of the internet forums to date.


    The smaller clubs such as Arabella offered the lowest cost but as informed by our guide the odds are usually not in your favor. Entry during Happy hours opening till 2pm are 20 Euros and 30 Euros for 30 minutes of service. Arabella had about 10 girls, half were acceptable and the other half not. One Brazilian named Denis should be avoided who had some problems with a guest, I've heard she works several of the lower cost clubs like Grimsberg, Bochum and Wattensheild and has a reputation of cheating customers. She is dark skinned has a stud piercing in her right nipple. Take care when dealing with this gal. Other then that I did not notice any major problems with women on the trip, partly due to having a guide along on the trip many of the bad seeds were pointed out from the get go.


    Food was served at almost all the higher priced clubs and basic snacks at the cheaper ones. Weather was on the chilly side although a light jacket helped with that. The exchange rate did cause entry fees and session fees to be more expensive so it's recommended to take more time when making your selection as to not pick a bad seed. The most common rip off tactic is the gal who pads the session pushing you over the 30 minute mark by only a few minutes and then ask for payment for the hour fee. The Brazilian gal was also known to do this. It’s one thing to offer poor service but another to charge double for bad service. Make sure you pack a watch and let the girl see that you are taking note of the time when you enter the room. This tip from the guide kept all of us from having any problems with the women.


    Bernds'in Lichtenberg is a small place located inside a house in a small village. The original FKK sauna club copied by all others it's still in operation as it was almost 25 years ago. It also had the highest entry fee of the northern clubs of 70 Euros. The benefit is most of the women here don't charge extra for extras such as FT and should you go a bit over 30 minutes most won't double bill you. I suspect they had about 15-20 women on the days we visited, the place never filled up during our visits which made it nice. Food was buffet style, pasta, meat, bread and salads. Beer, alcoholic beverages, coffee, soda and juices are all included in your entry. I found photos when I searched Google for fkk tour, both of the women, clubs and info.

    (Review # 22336)
  • Frankfurt Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Dec 16 2007 Submitted by: Pntfrnkfrt

    Well, since I got such great directions and advice from this site, I figured I'd better make with a post of my own. Went to Frankfurt on business, and decided to try out the various options. I'd already blocked out Friday night to spend at an FKK club, so on Thursday, I went wandering into the RLD near the Hauptbanhof. I first went to 55 Elbestrasse, since I've read about it here and other places. Most of the girls were 6-8, but there was a Laotian chick named Jing on the fifth floor who was just gorgeous (if you don't mind fake boobs, even well done ones). Standard price for F/S was 30 euros for 20 mins. Unfortunately, I think she detected that I was a first-timer. I asked her the price for anal, and we seemingly settled on a total price of 50 euros.


    We go into her room, and she refuses to kiss (my mistake; should have asked first), and won't give BBBJ. After a decent BJ, I move around to fuck her ass, and she says no, she doesn't do that, and that the 50 euros was to pay for an extra ten minutes with her. I was rather annoyed, but there wasn't much I could do, so I just fucked her pussy (which was, admittedly, very nice, since she was quite pretty) and left. Later that night, figuring I'd learned a lesson or two, I went out again, and visited 44 Elbestrasse (or maybe 32....can't remember exactly).


    On the second floor was a cute Venezuelan blonde who spoke Spanish (enabling us to communicate somewhat better than in German or English). Her boobs were small and a little saggy, and her face seemed a little older, but she was still at least a 6 (nice, firm butt, which I love), and with some discussion, we settled on 50 euros for kissing, S/F, and anal, all of which was excellent. Wanting to save my energy for Friday, I called it a night. On Friday, I went to FKK Palace at 6:00. I chose Palace because it's very close to the Industriehof u-bahn stop and thus didn't require me to shell out for a taxi or rent a car. The experience was, as many here have pointed out, amazing. The entry fee was 75 euros, cash only. There's an ATM onsite, but it only accepts German ATM cards (although I didn't try mine to verify that).


    A lady guided me around the premises and explained the rules, reminding me a little of Ilsa, She-Wolf of the Third Reich (ven you are done with a girl, you vill pay from zis locker, and zen you will shower here, in zis room). I got key that came with a wristband. The key went to a small locker in the main area in which cash to pay the girls could be stored. The key also opened a larger locker in the locker room, where clothes and shoes could be stored. Inside the large locker was also a small electronic safe (you set the combination when you close it) in case one doesn't trust the locker itself to protect one's watch, credit cards, passport, or phone (no phones were allowed in the club area) I disrobed and put on a towel, and wore the key on my wrist.


    Having learned my lesson from the day before, I also kept my watch, so that I could have a definite knowledge of how much time I had left with a given girl. The buffet was decent. Pasta, salads, cold cuts and drinks were included in the entry fee, but amusingly, candy bars were not; I had a craving for a Ritter Sport during the evening, and had to go to my locker to dig out a euro coin. Very classy looking establishment the pictures on their website do not lie. Lots of customers, either alone or out in a group; no one really ever got in anyone's way, though. Absolutely gorgeous girls there were twenty or so when I arrived, and double that when I left four hours later.


    Mostly eastern European with few Brazilians and Colombians, three Thai girls and one Japanese girl. Figures and faces in every combination, to suit every taste, from porn-star looks to ghetto-booty shakers to little innocent schoolgirl types. I wandered around to explore a little, and then sat down to observe and drink. I was approached by several girls, all of whom were very friendly (in many cases, very friendly), even when I politely declined their invitations. I was always upfront about not being interested; several girls nonetheless stayed to talk or to try harder to get me interested.


    I didn't stop them from stroking my cock or kissing me, but wary of unexpected charges, I always stopped them short of a BJ. I finally settled on a Romanian girl named Michelle (25, 5'9", blonde) and her friend, whose name may have been Sylvia (22, 5'8", brunette), who were both very attractive (albeit also boob-enhanced, but very, very nicely). 50 euros for each of them, for 30 minutes, and I wanted them at the same time. I made sure during our discussion that I wanted kissing, BBBJ, DATY, and a general GFE. This was done to the letter, and it was the best time I'd had yet in Germany.


    Both girls were very enthusiastic, very cheerful, and very skilled. I did find out, however, that it is prohibited to insert your bare finger into a girl's vagina or ass, due to concerns about disease. Odd, but in hindsight, very sensible I suppose I could have put a condom on my fingers, but honestly, it wasn't a big deal for me. As I was recovering, I ate some food and started eyeing a girl named Olympia, and figured I'd engage her services after relaxing a bit. I hung out in the movie room for a while, and fended off another few girls. Another girl walked in and started to chat with a Chinese guy.


    He didn't speak any English, though, and she started to get frustrated, so I leaned over and translated. He said he wasn't looking for a girl at the moment, and I conveyed this to her, at which point she came to sit with me. I actually looked at her, and was surprised to be pleased. She was blonde (I'd been wanting another brunette), 5'7", maybe 110 lbs (point is, slim and trim), with natural large-B-cups, and a pretty face. Her name was Stephania, she was from Milan, and she spoke excellent English, which was a major plus, in my opinion. I told her to give me a BJ in the movie room for a few minutes, and then go to a room.


    If I'd thought the last two girls had been enthusiastic (considering that I'm the equivalent of the next car in the drive-thru lane), this girl blew me away. She was a dedicated kisser, gave an absolutely amazing BBBJ, and was very vocal, both in words and (convincing) noises. When I popped in her, she checked the condom, told me to stay in her, and held me close and kissed me while I wound down. In short, best US$72 I've ever spent. My office says I might be sent to Frankfurt more often. Needless to say, I'm pretty frickin' happy about it.

    (Review # 22144)
  • Frankfurt Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 07 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hey Guys got a spot for you I discovered when I was over in Germany this past April. Place is in Frankfurt, right off of Oskar Von Muller Strasse, I don't know the name of it, but it's right by the building that was a vertical sign, "Eros Centre." If you were to walk down Von Muller Strasse going east, pass the euros centre portion of the building, which would be on your right, and continue to the part of the building where there is an archway that leads to the back of the building. To your left, is a door that brings you to heaven for the right price.

    You must go through that door, and then there is another one to your immediate left. In this next room there is a window with a fence barrier with a person behind it. 30 euros gets you in, with a ticket for a beer (a nice touch). You also get a key to a locker, which is supplied with 2 towels, one you wear, the second; I never used, but now think that it would be wise to take downstairs with you to beat off the women! After putting your towel on, find the staircase downstairs, but prepare yourself, you are going to be bombarded, unless you are just too randy and can't wait, you should take some time to "look around," and I don't mean that in the selective way, rather, this bar area is quite interesting.

    There is an area where it appears women are not allowed, it's a lounge room, where you can lay out, drink a beer, and do whatever else you may need too. Before I get into my two experiences here, I should finish the general items. It was another 75 euros to walk out with a grin (50 for the girl & 25 for the room). Once you and the girl you're chatting with decide it's time to go upstairs, she'll guide you back upstairs to the "Receptionist," who you will pay the 75 euros to, and then you will proceed upstairs to the room (it's a bit weird being there at the receptionist, with this girl, because you all know full well what's going to happen, I recommend going after 2 or 3 drinks). So you go up to your room take care of business, thank the lady, go to your locker, thank your receptionist, and grin on out the door. My experiences here were very good.

    Overall cost for 1 entrance 1 beer & 1 fuck is 105 euro (extra beers cost you 5E) roughly 70Q or 140 USD. If you stay there, which you can by all means, additional fun will only set you back another 75E. My first time there, I got down to the bar, sat down and immediately a hot Columbian blonde sat down right next to me. Long story short, I didn't look around, let alone finish my beer, I'm not too upset though, because it was a memorable experience (awesome lay) and I did go back 2 days later.

    This time I walked down to the bar, and was approached by a darker skinned Columbian (both spoke perfect English) who after a minute of talking, reached into my towel and started stroking my cock. Well it was the hardest thing to tell her that I just wanted to look around a bit, but I did. Grabbed my beer and found the lounge room, wanted to loose the erection, even in this particular predicament, it's a bit awkward. So my intent this evening was to fulfill a minor fantasy, cuming on the lucky girl's rack when it's 'O' Time. I spotted a blonde polish chick, who I really wanted to fuck, but she confused the hell outta me, or I confused the hell outta me, but she didn't help. She didn't speak English (which you can't always expect, so learn up a little on the language of the country you're going to), so I asked her in German if she wanted to go upstairs, and she said yeah, but quoted me 75E, I asked her if it was 50 for her and 25 for the room, and she just kinda looked at me, so I asked is this going to cost me 100E or 75E (for better or for worse, I only had 80E with me).

    Still couldn't get an answer from the girl, so I told her, doesn't matter now, thanks anyway, and walked away. A few minutes of lounging and a beer later, I went back to my dark skinned Columbian friend, who I chatted with for a bit, she reached up under my towel again and stroked my friend some, which by the way felt magnificent, I laid down my terms for the blowing of the load on her chest, and she agreed with hesitation. All went as planned, went back down to the bar afterwards and chatted a little bit until I saw some clients entering, at which time, I excused myself and thanked her, it was the right thing to do, because I didn't have the cash for round 2, and so you shouldn't try to keep someone from their work. Overall, both were an awesome experience, I highly recommend this place. Most of the women are from South American, Slovak, or Asian regions to the best of my knowledge, all were very good looking (6+). Best of luck, please be courteous, and document your experiences. Thanks

    (Review # 21709)
  • Frankfurt Swing Club Dated Added: Tue Aug 14 2007 Submitted by: BigSurprise

    Today I have visited the one of the most popular FKK club (FKK Palace) in Frankfurt. I have got lot of positive report about it via Internet. Unfortunately, my experience was absolutely different. Basically the Tuesday is not a top of day by ladies in the club. There are not too much guests so they have to catch the guys. Everybody has the same price 50 EUR/half one hrs include BJ and fuck.

    The extras are additional fee. I looked for the best price of anal sex. The best offer was 70 EUR. I believe its extra good price because there are not enough guests during this boring night. I asked the lady about payment. She said its no problem, after the sex we are going to arrange the payment. I told her that the 70 EUR is the maximum and fix price but I had a bad feeling. During the sex she said 100 EUR. My answer was definitely NO. The big surprise came when we finished the sex. The girl said that the total price is 150 EUR. My answer was OK no problem please call the police. I never seen similar situation worldwide (fortunately!).

    Two other ladies joined to us (one of them any 'manager') and they tried to push me to pay 150 EUR. In 15 minutes they see there is no other option like call police or accept 70 EUR. Finally, I paid 70 EUR and gave a common promise that I never visit this club in the future. I'm absolutely not happy and I'm not able to enjoy the last fee hrs. What is my suggestion/advice for the visitors in the future? My advice is (avoid any further surprise) paying your 'invoice' before sex in order to clearly communicate the 'contract'. If you don't keep my suggestion then you are not able to manage the expenses. Have a good luck!

    (Review # 20476)
  • F`rankfurt Swing Club Dated Added: Sat Jul 14 2007 Submitted by: R

    The Palace. Went there in May 2007. Absolutely exceptionally brilliant! Entry fee was 75 Euros (not $65 as other reviews stated) but nevertheless worth every cent. Need to bring cash. It's a beautiful place, spacious and classy with plenty of different places to sit and relax. Rooms are big, clean and all different. No pressure. Lots of beautiful girls who are all very friendly.

    Most speak at least enough English to communicate back and forth. They enjoy what they do and it all seems very natural -- not at all like "hookers" -- much more like a hot model girlfriend. Better girls than most guys will ever get! Went back for a second visit at the end of my Germany tour. Am definitely going back to Frankfurt (from Los Angeles) just to visit this place again.

    Also, it's pretty easy to get to via train from Frankfurt. Both times I had three girls. Great pool/Jacuzzi also. Food is quite good and out mostly around lunchtime and dinnertime-buffet style. Plan to go to The Palace early and stay as long as you can. Best time I ever had --don't miss it!!

    (Review # 20191)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 14 2007 Submitted by: Florida Fred

    The Palace - FKK Sauna Club - Now €70 to enter and as dour as Germans will always be. This is a modern, tightly run operation serving snacks, drinks and porn films over a large area with no clothes allowed!

    Went early afternoon while waiting for a flight. Some nice girls to look at, but seemed bored. Barely undressed and showered before a cute Romanian one came on to me and started kissing before I told her to stop, I wanted time to look around. She demanded 25 euros for kissing and made a stink. I waited to see and the bouncer came and insisted on payment. I paid and was not so happy about it.

    Had two girls in 2 hours. Not bad, but no warmth whatsoever. Typical Germans! You want to kill an hour or two, this is good, but be careful how you go. Touch or feel and you are expected to pay up.

    (Review # 19569)
  • Frankfurt Other Dated Added: Tue Jun 05 2007 Submitted by: The Passenger

    I had a long transit time in Frankfurt so after reading so many things about this FKK Club, The Palace, I decided to check it out. I was not disappointed. The place is awesome, clean and well organized and the ladies so many beauties it's hard to choose from!

    For infos, the price of the entry fee has gone up to 65 Euros, it seemed to have to do with a change in the German tax system but I would not complain about it. It's worth every cents of it. Had a standard 50 euros suck and fuck with a very tall Russian lady for a starter. Very amicable, she also ran me through the house pricing system which is already well described in the reviews below. Had a shower, a few drinks and cigarettes to cool down. Then went for a beautiful Romanian lady, suck, fuck, and cum in mouth for a finish, that's 50 + 50 euros. Shower, a few more drinks to decide if I should carry on.

    I was then approached by another Romanian which I would give a 10 without looking twice! I convinced myself that never 2 without 3! Went for the same kind of treatment as the previous one, I was in heaven! It was a Tuesday, I arrived around 17h and the crowd was pretty descent, enough patrons to not feel alone, and plenty of ladies to choose from. I left at 20h30, when we left the room some people were queuing for the rooms, a lot more men around and therefore, less to choose from.

    So as an advice, the earlier the better, unless you like it when it's still hot but that kind of turns me off a bit so here I am, back in my hotel room and I am going to sleep like a baby ! If you go through Frankfurt and you got a few bucks to spend, go for it, it's the nicest place I've ever been so far in Europe, and it feels good !

    (Review # 19429)
  • Frankfurt Other Dated Added: Tue Apr 03 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    In need of relief I spent the day looking around Frankfurt’s RLD. Having wasted weeks of calories going up and down the stairs in the various houses I came across a stunning blonde on the 3rd floor of the house 55 Elbestrasse.

    She certainly stood out from the rest, she was extremely friendly. Breasts weren’t too big but hey I was going to fuck her from behind anyway so who cared. She spoke good English and said she came from Greece (which to be honest beats the German bitches who are always trying to get money for fuck all ((literally).

    I decided she was worth the 50 euros she wanted for 30 minutes. She agreed to be fully naked and keep her black stockings on. I decided to try something new and asked her if she would insert her finger into my ass while she sucked me off. I was expecting either an outright No chance or a request for more money.

    She readily agreed and inserted a well lubricated condom covered finger into my ass. Fuck was that good -I had heard it was something to experience and I would certainly recommend it, especially when you have an excellent view of a beautiful blonde bobbing up and down on the bell end.

    Guys its heaven! She seemed to enjoy watching sliding her finger in and out of my anus just as much as I enjoyed receiving it. After about 5 or so minutes she lifted her stocking leg so I had a first class view of a shaven pussy. I only managed to spread her lips, have a glance down at her looking at me whilst she sank into my cock and at the same time thrust her finger into my ass. When I exploded so hard into her mouth that I thought the top of my cock was about to erupt. Got to honestly say that it was the best orgasm I have ever had and am likely to have again.

    She slowly took her finger out of my ass and removed the condom with the greatest of care with regard to me and of course to herself. Having done the biz I thought that was it but she proceeded to offer me a soft drink from her fridge. An ice cooled Coke was much appreciated.

    We continued to talk for about 10 minutes over nothing special and I asked if a second helping was available. She agreed and put another condom on the Old man. Unfortunately after a few mins of furious wanking both by her and me I realized enough was enough and decided to call it a day yet what a day! Would I go back? You bet. I’ve got her number and have agreed to be a regular whenever I’m in Frankfurt

    (Review # 18112)
  • Frankfurt Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jan 21 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello everyone. I am a long time reader but a first time writer. I just want to give back now. Thanks for all of the advice.

    On December 12th, 2006 I was in Frankfurt, Germany for about one week. I went there for the Christmas markets, good food, great beer, and for the sex at the Main Train Station Area. It has been 6 years since I was there the last time. Please let me start out that you can have some really beautiful girls for 25 to 30 Euros. This will include a suck and fuck for 20 minutes. If they like you, you can also eat their pussy. But, you have to look for these girls. They are usually from the Latin countries. I overheard that some offer anal. But I am not sure because I didn't try this. Be careful of the girls who speak German too well. They will quote you 30 to 50 Euros for a fuck and a suck. But once you agree and go into the room, they play another game with you. They will tell you that there is no way that they will have sex with you for that amount. They then try to figure out how high they can go with you. Since this method pisses me off, I don't go along with it. I just let one of these bitches jerk me off for my quoted 50 Euros and never went to that house again since they were all playing that game there.

    Again, you can find some really nice and beautiful women at the Main Train Station Area for 25 to 30 Euros for a fuck and suck for 20 minutes. I think that this is a good price too. A German doctor charges 40 Euros for a Doctor's visit. Why should these girls make more than a doctor? OK, I hope this helps you.
    (Review # 17053)
  • Frankfurt Other Dated Added: Tue Dec 12 2006 Submitted by: Frankfurt Fun

    A 5-day business trip to Frankfurt in late November 2006 was highlighted by my first visit to Oase FKK on the morning of my arrival and a visit to the red light district on the last night of my stay. I drove directly to Oase from the Frankfurt Airport and with a little help from the locals in Bad Hamburg, I found the place. I arrived just before 10 A.M. on a Tuesday when Oase was getting ready to open. A couple of the ladies who it appeared live on premises, entered past me at the reception area and into the club. Both were older and not very hot so I was a little worried. I paid the 65 Euro entry fee and the woman at reception gave me some quick pricing: "Suck and Fuck - 50 Euros; cum in the mouth - 50 more Euros. Anything else, you talk with the girl about."

    I got my key for the downstairs lockers and the main level safe deposit box as well as a couple of towels. After changing into my towel, I went upstairs to get some coffee in the bar area and took it to the pool area. There were a few girls in each area, sitting nude and drinking their coffee. One group of four girls included one girl that looked German. I quickly decided that she was my first choice (probably a 7 or 8). Then another girl who looked Thai came into the pool area and took a seat at a table across from me. She was wearing high heels and a sheer piece of fabric around her waist. She was very hot and now I was undecided on who would be my first choice. I went back to the lockeroom to get a Cialis cause I decided I was definitely going to go back-to-back.

    When I came up the Thai girl was in the bar where I went for another coffee. I sat next to her and she struck up a conversation in her broken, but decent English. At that moment, I decided I needed to bone her first. We finished our coffees during which I learned she was part Spanish and part Indian - absolutely gorgeous - a solid 8 with firm, natural C -cups, long, black hair, great legs, tight ass and stomach. I asked about the Kino room as I hadn't seen it during my first 1/2-hour of my visit. She stood up and grabbed my hand and led me around the bar to the movie room where a porno was on the 6-foot screen. There was no one in the room and she didn't waste any time sitting down next to me on a couch, removing my towel and sliding down to take my erect cock into her mouth. I was thinking about letting her take my load right there until some fat fuck walked into the room and sat on a couch across the island.

    I decided at that moment that we'd get some privacy. I told her that I wanted to go into a room with her. We did and picked up where we left off. It was a enthusiastic BJ like I hadn't had in awhile. I knew I wanted the BBJTC but I wanted to fuck her first. So she stopped sucking and licking me long enough to put a Frenchie on me. I had her on top of me so I could play and suck her gorgeous tits. Then we switched 'cause I wanted to fuck her from behind and watch her butt jiggle as I held her waist and thrusted.

    Knowing the 30 minute limit - which may have started in the Kino room - I gave myself a good 10 minutes of fucking before telling her I wanted to come in her month. She took off the condom and went to town on me again. Within a minute I was ready to shoot my load. I was throbbing as she licked my underside and I shot my load all over her beautiful face. She seemed so pleased that I was enjoying myself so much that she had a big smile on her face along with my present.

    She proceeded to clean me up in a very unhurried manner. She wiped herself as well, I put on my towel, she stayed naked and we went to the safe deposit area where I gave her 100 worthwhile Euros. I went back to the pool area to talk up the German girl, but soon surmised that she was now privately occupied. I then made the snap decision that I would not wait around for her so I went downstairs, showered, dressed and left the club knowing that I still had a full day of work ahead of me.

    I drove back to Frankfurt and got down to the required business duties of my travels there. After three more days of my conventional work assignment, it was now my last night in Frankfurt. I decided to check out the red light district and went into 55 Elbestrasse (sp). It's a 5-story sex house with about five rooms on each floor. I made my way up. As there weren't many open doors on the first floor, I proceeded up the stairs to the next floors. I talked up a Thai girl on the 4th floor that would have been OK (she was about a 6) but I thought I might be able to do better.

    On the top floor first door on the right, was a hot Hong Konger. She's 30 but looks about 20, and weighs 38 kilos (probably about 5' tall). Now this should have been a better experience than what it was because this bitch was an extreme bitch. 30 Euros is the rate for S&F, but she wanted more just to take off her lingerie. She had seen my 50 Euro bill when I had gotten change for her, and I thought giving her the extra 20 Euros would shut her up but I was a dumb ass for thinking that. Bitches like that only want more and she called my stingy despite receiving much more than she deserved.

    I wanted to fuck her hot little body, but she got a hold of Frenchie-covered dick with her ass in my face and wouldn't let go until she gave me a hand job to completion. I still managed to penetrate her for a few hard moments after the e-jack, but I was pissed at myself that I let this bitch control the situation.

    I'll know better next time... or maybe I'll stick to Oase or World or one of the other FKK clubs. Now that was an excellent experience.
    (Review # 16588)
  • Frankfurt Other Dated Added: Sun May 07 2006 Submitted by: Lailos

    This was my first time in Frankfurt, I went to the street facing the main train station: plenty of Euros centers: 5 storey buildings with a lot of girls. All the girls have the same price: 30 euros for 20 minutes. I tried an Asian beauty. Then I took a taxi and asked him to take me to an fkk club. We went to a place called "the palace". It is a real paradise, entrance is 65 Euros, all the girls inside are naked, the 30 minutes costs 50 euros suck & fuck. I tried one girl from Poland, she was very nice, and her name is Kim. Then two girls sat next to me in the cinema and began sucking me, afterwards they asked me to go to the room, and told me they wanted 100 euros. I informed them that I didn’t have 100 euros, they called the manager and finally they asked me to pay 25 euros for each girl. (Although we have been together for 15 minutes, only sucking, and I haven’t came yet) I had to pay 50 euros, but this was not fair. To end my night, I picked up a Russian beauty called Olga, 1,80m blonde, green eyes with a very nice Chinese tattoo on her back! She was a goddess, I had to lick her all over, one of the best fucks I have ever had!! (Review # 14653)
  • Frankfurt Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 30 2006 Submitted by: Aussie Traveller

    The Palace - FKK Sauna Club. Having read reviews here - we decided on the Palace when last in Frankfurt April'06. What a great place - my friend described it as having gone to hedo-heaven! About 15 mins from the city centre by taxi, and every driver knows where it is (they all get a tip for bringing you there. You are greeted by very efficient German door staff - and advised that for EUR65 you could enter the club & use the facilities. I asked for a run-down as a first timer and they were very friendly. You put your wallet in a small locker in the foyer, your clothes in a larger locker inside the shower area, you shower, don a towel and walk through into the club area. For the uninitiated it is shock to the system. You enter into a cross between a Kasbah and a Roman bathhouse. The patrons lounge around on sofas and the girls wander around clad in a belt and high heels. The girls, on average, were great - really only a few not to my liking, but hey everyone is different. The drinks (soft drinks - there is no alcohol) are free but the girls are not however we really thought they were reasonable value. For EUR50 you could take a girl to a private room (or a not-so-private porno-room) and engage in straight sex to completion (or 30 mins whichever comes first!) Extras are available, an extra 30 mins is an additional 50, head-job to completion is an extra 50, lesbian shows are 100 ea per girl the menu goes on and on. When you are finished the girl follows you to the small locker for payment you can then shower and return to lounging around looking for the next encounter. There are regular pole dancing exhibitions and even a belly-dance! I had the pleasure of a Ukrainian goddess, and 2 Romanian hotties but there were many other nationalities represented, including some South American and Middle-Eastern girls. All in all a great place to visit. Far more civilized than the strip-club area near the main station. And unlike the strip club area you felt totally safe! Great place to visit boys! (Review # 14588)
  • Frankfurt Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Apr 02 2006 Submitted by: Traveler

    I feel like I owe everyone an FKK Club update as it was the WorldSexGuide that brought me there in the first place. I visited the two best reviewed clubs in Frankfurt: Oase and FKK World. When I read the reviews, I was cautiously optimistic. I was not sure what to expect as I was visiting the clubs on a Thursday and a Friday. In summary, I was blown away by my experience. FKK World was full of beautiful women. As it was Thursday they were actually more women than men. About 35 women to 25 men. The selection was great, mostly 7 and up with a few 9-10s. It was the complete opposite of what I expected. I expected to be able to go out with about 5-10% of the women, instead it was more like 90%. There were only 2 ladies that could be considered overweight. Oase was the same in women on a Friday night, but the crowd of men was much larger. Probably a 35-to-50 ratio. The really gorgeous women were more busy, but you could still connect with them if you had the time an patience. The rooms were busier but you could always find one when needed. From the experience, I would probably avoid going to one of the big FKK parties as the head count can top 200 and the order must quickly break down as the place gets crowded. I liked it nice and slow. I just wished I had some Viagra. It is not that I usually need it but when you have sex for the 6th time in a night things get a little slow. It was a truly out-of-this-world experience. I thought I would be grossed out by other people having sex in front of me and I could never imagine myself having sex in front of others. I guess I was wrong. It did not take long for one of my sessions to get out of control in the cinema room (Kino) and we took it all way. Prices I am sure some of you are interested in the finances, but frankly I would go there if it was 3-times as expensive. You are told prices at the door and I found there to be little wiggle room for negotiations. All the girls ask the same amounts with a great degree of consistency. You could probably negotiate for a few Euros here and there, but why spoil the experience. The complete 30 minute package 50Euro. Full hour - Extra 30 Euro. Greek 150 Euro. CIM 150Euro. For the US clientele these prices are a joke, especially considering the how safe, convenient, and enjoyable the experience is. A couple pointers: The food is not great, especially at Oase. Have a good meal before you get there. Fatigue is a major factor, especially when you are on a quick business trip and only have a single night and want to stay there unit 4am. There are plenty places to relax or take a nap. The traffic was so slow that I could actually take a nap in one of the rooms and nobody bothered me. Definitely save some money for a professional massage. The massage guy is great and it really gets you recharged. Take your time. You can make a 30 minute session last much longer if you spent some time on the couch with a lady being all over you trying to get you into a room. This works great when traffic is slow and is a good indicator of what is to follow. The worker bees, a real turn-off for me, try to get through a session fast and you can usually detect them at the couch. Not all women will approach you. Some will simply chat with their girlfriends at the bar until you catch their attention. If you like a woman, go for it. When you get there, remember that many of the most attractive women might already be in rooms, especially on a busy night. Take your time, especially if you are only up for a couple pops. A good place to get an idea of who is around is to sit at a couch which is on a busy corridor or a path that everyone crosses going in-and-out of the rooms. For those interested in comparisons I liked FKK World better. A much larger place. Nice facilities and definitely worth the extra few kilometers of driving time. (Driving the autobahn you can be there in 35min, and definitely get the Hertz neverlost or print out a Mapquest map). The women were the same if not better than Oase. Enjoy, and thanks again to the previous reviewers. (Review # 14375)
  • Frankfurt Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Mar 29 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Hi, Just been to frankfurt last week (first time). It was a saturday night and I called up one of the escort services listed in my hotel booklet in sachsenhausen (where my hotel was). Most places quoted 200 euros for an hour of room service. I just quoted 125 at one of these places and the lady at the other end said 'hmmm why not 130?' and I said ok. She then asked me what kinda lady busty? blonde? I said blonde and average bust. The girl was 28 and arrived promptly in about 15 minutes. Pretty attractive and very good with English. Was wearing very good lingerie, I must say. At first she asked me what I wanted. I just gimme a good time. She kissed really well, blew me, and let me fuck her and come three times. Even offered different positions, doggy-style (which was awesome I must say) and was very eager to be on top. The last time she shagged me, it took a really long time and it was well above one hour and she got a little edgy. Finally when I came it was an hour and a half. Totally worth my money and no rip-offs like the kind I had in the US. This place is heaven guys. Dont miss the chance. Cant wait to go again (Review # 14342)
  • Frankfurt Street Action Dated Added: Tue Mar 07 2006 Submitted by: Kam

    The street action in Frankfurt is dying the cops are doing a good job at cleaning up the streets. Since the world cup is coming and well there are not many girls left occassionally. Some of the girls that work in the eros centers hit the streets cause they are desperate for money. Most of the girls I think went to Berlin for world cup and not many of the eros centers have that many girls. Even the areas far away that used to have girls dont have any girls shit is crazy. It is hard to find a girl till after the 15th of the month. I dont know but it has been like that for a month and a half now. I only see some Turkish chicks and a few Germans out there other than that a ghost town. Korea well I havent been there lately and Mexico I haven't been there either lately. I am currently looking for the new hottest place to go. Also I must say the Polish chicks are picking up in Frankfurt in case anyone is into them. (Review # 14161)
  • Frankfurt Travel Report Dated Added: Wed Nov 30 2005 Submitted by: kam

    Due to World Cup coming to Germany in 2006, things are crazy in Frankfurt. You get women from all over here for cheap prices... some Bulgarian, Bosnian, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Brasil and many other parts of the world - only like $25 bucks a pop. When I say, a pop, I mean for head and sex.

    The women are nice on a 1 to 10 scale - young, anywhere from 20 years of age on up. If you pay in euros, it is only maybe 20 or 30 euro, and be careful, lots of cheap street girls there also. Some will rip you off - professional hustlers.

    I also went to Belguim, to the city of Brussels... don't waste your time. For the redlight district there is not worth it - just one street worth of girls to look at. Frankfurt's has many 6-storey buildings and goes for blocks in each direction, at least 4 blocks wide and 4 blocks deep.
    (Review # 13202)
  • Frankfurt Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Jul 16 2005 Submitted by: Masterdan

    Sud Fass:  On a recent trip, went to Sud Fass. A three or four floor building with a basement where the bar is loacated. As you enter, the cashier (a lady) explains 15 Euro for the locker and a free drink, for which you get a token. Just across the hall in the locker, there are two towels which you put on and keep your stuff in the locker. The girls are in the bar in the basement. As I entered I saw a pretty Spanish girl, black-haired, wearing only a small frock cut away in front. She smiled and walked with me to the bar, served me a drink and took the token. Chatted with her. She explained 150 E for an hour and 75E for full hour. I asked for the full hour and two drinks. You go up the stairs to the cashier where you pay the money, and 10E for the two drinks. The girl took me up two floors to a large nice room. Very friendly, very chatty, well figured and stacked girl. Gave a great massage, and then capped me with a leisurely ride, every position which she encouraged. All in all, a great experience. No pushy stuff, no pressure. This was a Spanish girl. She told me there are others from Poland, Brazil, etc.  I hope all of them have the same attitude as her.  As I left I asked the cashier to call a taxi, which she did. (Review # 12046)
  • Frankfurt Main Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 12 2005 Submitted by: penn

    Woah! !!!  I went to the Eros centre near the main station Frankfurt Hauphtbahnhof and what a night I had !!!!!! I think Frankfurt is the safest place in the world to have sex cause I tried it in Paris too but got ripped off....... begin with, when you enter the Eros centre, take my word, you are absolutely safe and there are pretty high profile people coming its not a problem at all when you get in......the place is friendly too !!!!! I went to this lady named Ella from Poland (I guess the names are just a fake) on the third floor and the last room on the left. She was soooo damn cute !!!!! The entire theme of her room was that of a Barbie gurl and that sure made me desperate to get her.......She said 30 euros for a fuck/suck for 20 mins.....I agreed to it as that was damn cheap for a 22 year lady of her calibre.......I closed the door and then asked her the price for 1 hour for whatever I wanted to do with her........she said 100 euros but then after bargaining, she finally agreed for 80 Euros......and man !!!!! That innocent chick was worth even more than 500 Euros !!!!! I got the best BJ, fuck and 69 of my life and the way she treated me was fantastic !!!!! When I go back to Frankfurt in March, I will surely give her a visit again and again and again.....

    (Review # 10985)
  • Frankfurt Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Sep 18 2004 Submitted by:

    Hi boys, the regular Frankfurt prices are 25 EUROs for French and intercourse. Looks like they are taking too high prices from US men, wanted to warn you. (Review # 10162)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Fri Apr 16 2004 Submitted by: Bruno

    What can I say? Just returned from frankfurt, very impressed with the amount of girls on offer. Started the night with a visit to sudfass on oskar miller strasse, 30 euro entry fee, gets you a free drink, the girls were of fantastic quality, dutch, polish, ukraine, colombian. I opted for the 110 euro 40 minute massage/full sex, excellent service, very friendly, highly reccomended. Much better that the eros centres, girls offering oral/sex for 30 euros, will probably ask for more, I'm pretty certain the Bangkok beauty I had was a transexual!! beware..... (Review # 8872)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Sat Mar 27 2004 Submitted by: Johnnyred

    I just returned From Frankfurt and the Sex Mall is busy on a Friday Night. I went to Taunustrasse 27 and went up the stairs about 3 floors until I saw an attractive Thai about 28-30 years old. I went in to her room and she said Euro300! I said 300, no way, 50, and she said 200, and I started to head for the door. She said OK 100.

    Now having read the reports, Euro100 I thought was a little high, but I was horny and she was very hot! Needless to say, she gave me the best BB Blow Job I had in a long while! She Also let me lick her pussy. It was great, we were in a 69 and almost shop a load right then. She let me fuck her bare back! After a while she was on top and we are going at it pretty good and I could feel the pressure mounting.

    I told her that I was about to cum and I tried to lift her off, but she kept grinding away, so I said "what the fuck and shot my hot load right into her pussy! She just kept on going and so I kept on going. Finally, It was over. But this was the hottest sex I have had in a Long time! she told me that her Name was DA. Check it out. (Review # 8719)

  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Mar 26 2004 Submitted by:

    March 24 Atlantis FKK had notice on gate saying it was closed for "renovierung". No date for reopening announced. Strange because it was advertised in big way that day in bild-zeitung. (Review # 8707)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Thu Jan 08 2004 Submitted by: FKK Guide

    Please allow me to address your trip plans. I have over 10 years of German FKK Sauna Club experience. Fluent in German and have visited almost all the clubs.

    Atlantis and Oase are considered the SUPER clubs of the FKK scene and not to be missed. I've been to F35 several times and can't recommend it. Sudfass is also down the street and is also NOT recommended. Paradise in Hausen may be a better option although it's not my first choice for a club. At best are Hit and Miss clubs (YMMV) depending on who is working.

    Oase Burgholzhausen- 22KM from the main train station (Haupt Bahnhof) Frankfurt You'll have to take a taxi part of the leg. Should you stay late (the club is open till 5am) you'll have to take a taxi all the way back as some public transportation ceases to operate at late hours. By car (less then 30 minutes) about an hour by Sbahn and Taxi combo. (from club to airport the cab fare is 45-50 Euro)

    Atlantis- 48KM from the main train station. Taxi is also needed. This club closes at 4am, Both clubs open at 10am (about 45min by car) about an hour by train and taxi (if you make all the connections) (from club to airport the cab fare is 90-125Euro) Cab fares may vary as it all depends on traffic, route taken and the cab driver. Although cabs won't rip you off they all get 10 Euros for bringing each person to a Oase of Atlantis. This won't affect you as they don't raise prices for you for this.

    Entrance fees for Atlantis and Oase are 65 Euro, on some days this includes food. Some days the women are not nude and wear minimal cloths, lingerie etc and do some research regarding this.

    The girls at both clubs charge 50 Euros for 30 minutes, you may have read about so called (couch action) which means just that. When you sit next to a girl in the lounge or in the Sex Kino (only at Oase) fondling, DFK, oral and even DATY can take place. Once the action gets hot she'll most often ask if you want to take the action to a room. Some women will complete the entire session where you start. Remember in an FKK club you can have sex almost anywhere. The key here is some girls start the clock in the lounge and some once you get to the room. As anything some girls watch the clock and others are more liberal with time. So wear a watch and take note. Not speaking German you won't be able to argue your issues very well. Extras are BBBJTC which is usually 50 Euro extra, Anal can range from 50-150 depending on the girl so ask prior to starting.

    Having explained the system and pitfalls the majority of time you won't have any problems and you'll get the best service worldwide hands down from my experience. Driving is NOT easy, even with a map there is a good chance you'll get lost. Especially going to Oase which is reknown for being far from any autobahn offramp. Allow for extra time, buy a map. Even downtown locations are not that easy to find as the city is NOT based on the square block system but rather a spider web maze of one way streets. Street signs are not common and easy to see. Want directions? Some people won't be able to speak english well enough to help you. Gas? you think its expensive in Canada well it's almost double if not more in Germany.

    When you look at prices of rental cars and hotels remember some will add on up to 20% tax. The prices on expedia and travelocity sites most often do not include these hidden taxes. Please keep that in mind.

    When does a session start? Depends on the girl, at Oase and Atlantis it's a strict 30 minutes, you can forget this 45Min concept. That exists but at other clubs.

    Yes the girls want to make money and there is nothing wrong with that. The majority of women are usually totally nude with the exception of heels. A very small few wear belts, sarangs etc. The women want to make as much money as they can and shifts can range from 10am to 5pm for some to 10am to 5am for others. Some of the women live at the club. When you enter from the parking lot and look towards the club you can see some upper levels. From the BBQ grill out back you can also see the quarters. They pay a daily fee to live there. So the concept is to come work, sleep, work and make money. Some girls also drive to work or commute. How many guys do they do? Well that can range from zero to I'd say 1.5 an hour. Remember most of them go to the powder room to freshen up after each session. So after your 30 minutes there is some down time. You can figure out from there how many guys they actually do.

    One important factor is know that when you POP "cum" your session is complete and it's up to the girl if you'll stay in the room for the total time. Don't expect to POP twice for the 30 minute rate. There are other clubs that are better for MSOG. SOme women will give you your 30 minutes while others will clean you up and make for the door. So it is possible for some women to pack more men into an hour.

    Depending when you go Oase will usually have 12-20 women during the day, afternoon when the shift changes that number grows to 20-50 and as the evening goes on the number can go as high as 85. I've seen 100 but this is not common.

    Atlantis has the same situation but up to 150 women have been there at one time. Especially when they have a special event. My advise is NOT to go during these special events as rooms are hard to come by and the place is packed. No room for even couch action. Then the pressure leads women to rush as there are lines for rooms.

    More on couch time- In the old days couch time was the norm, with the advent of non-Germans and bigger clubs (located close to BIG cities) this has changed. While the Germans knew that this is part of the deal some non-Germans went straight to the room. Remember the concept is to get you off ASAP. However if you know who the BEST women are and how things work you do the women who give you the most bang for the buck. There are a good number of women who make your session a work of art and stretch your fun for the entire 30 minutes, some even give you 5-15 minutes couch time which includes some bbbj and DFK. Don't EXPECT anything unless you know who does what or how a girl actually works. If you're alone you'll have to work with trial and error. If you go with a group or someone experienced they can usually point out the good ones from the bad. This is a human job so things vary on person to person.

    There is one OTHER Super club about 30-45 minutes north of both Oase and Atlantis on the autobahn.

    FKK World- 70Km from the Main Train Station about 1-1/1/2 hours 45-60mins by car Run by the German Hells Angels the club is based in the mansion of the former CEO of the nearby furniture co. All steel and glass this huge property has it's own lake, indoor and outdoor pool and forest. Huge complex of multi levels. They've been open a little less then a year if I recall. They've had some growing pains and business is slow. Atlantis went thru the same process several years ago. Oase on the other hand has been around for over 8 years now. People have complained about the size a it's hard to find all the women when spread through out the club levels. Tip: the entry fee is 65 Euro however if 3 guys enter at the same time one enters for free thus you split the entry fee to 43 Euro each. If you're alone simply wait before you go into the club for some other guys and often you can set this up to save a few bucks.

    The other big problem with new clubs is the "which comes first, the egg or the chicken" theory. You need lots of hot women to get the customers and to get the women you need lots of customers. So which comes first? So far neither and it's been a slow start. When they first opened they had free entry for both the women and men so there were a few days of crowds but many of the men who came were not customers but rather lookie loos who came only to stare at the women. Once they started charging entry fees the customers dropped off and so did the women. Today the club is known for undocumented women, scam artists, poor food, bad music etc. Hopefully the management will learn something and things will change.

    World has been doing some work to promote the club. They've made a full color brochure which can be found at many of the major hotels. They'll also held some events to draw guys in, for example the latest "Blase Fest" or "Blow Fest" where 1-3 women compete to break a record for the more BJ's. Yes BBBJ and to completion. Should you partake as one of the guys who do this (done in full view of other guests) you'll get free entry into the club and a free blow job to boot. If you want to see the BIGGEST club then World is it, MOST women, NO but as far as land mass and facilities it stands alone. Hopefully not forever.

    If you really want the German FKK Sauna Club Experience then you need to make time to visit the Mother of all German FKK Sauna Clubs. Bernd's - located in Lichtenberg near Hennef (Bonn area) Open only Monday - Friday 2pm to 12 midnight 40 Euro entry and 80 Euro per session, here they can last 45 minutes, BBBJTC is often no extra, couch action does not start the clock. Hot food is served as well as hard drinks and bottled German beer (no extra charge)

    Babylon - located in Elsdorf 225 Km north of Frankfurt main trainstation about 2 hours Was at one time a major contender in the German FKK Sauna CLub Scene With sister club Wiago in Levekusen. This club has a 30 EUro Entry and 80 Euro first session and 65 Euro for any sessions there after. Women are young, attractive, full couch action and services. (bbbjtc is additional here 50Euro)

    Bernd's - 160Km north of Frankfurt main trainstation 90min by car The original German FKK Sauna Club and has been around for over 25 years. Started by Bernd in the small town of Lichtenberg in his basement. Now run by his son the club is a local favorite and is most always filled with regulars. This year the club took over Sudbad (downtown Cologne) which is more of a night time club (open till 5am). It's opens and gets rolling around 8pm. During weekdays during the day you can stop by Private Haus 13 which is directly across the street from Sudbad. This is more of a Brothel rather then an FKK as there is no entry fee, 60 Euro per 20 minute blocks. The women are dressed in bikini or lingerie. Pick one, shower and off to a room. Drinks are at not charge.

    Conclusion- If you really want to try the FKK Sauna Club Experience then make sure you AT LEAST visit the following clubs

    Planet Happy Garden

    There are plenty of other clubs but IMHO these places offer the best. Oase and Atlantis are the 2 Super Clubs. Bernd's and Babylon are the two FULL service clubs which provide more bells and whistles, the women most often give you far more top service.

    Planet Happy Garden - Located in Oedt outside of Duesseldorf 275km north of Frankfurt Main Trainstation 2 1/2 hours (also has a sister club Parksauna Wildenrath) where the women are NOT nude but rather wearing bikinni and lingerie. Here it's 50 Euro entry, the 50 Euro 30 minutes BBBJ, 25 Euro CBJ, both including fs with condom. Plus every additional 30 minutes you add to the first 30 minutes at the normal rate is only 25 Euros CBJ or BBBJ. Thus 1 hour is 75 Euro BBBJ. or 50 Eruo per hour CBJ and as usually always including fs with condom (gummi). Open Daily with about 15 to 50 women at any given time. Majority EE women with a few German, Thai, etc.

    At the airport or local truck stop pick up a copy of the publication HAPPY WEEKEND which includes color photos, names and addresses of many FKK clubs. (Review # 8148)

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