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  • Tallinn Street Action Dated Added: Thu Jan 05 2006 Submitted by: Biscuit

    Hy I just come back 4 the last of the years from Tallinn. I've only to say great.
    TIPS! the strip club are ONLY strip with private show. NOTHING MORE! and you will pay 100EEK for enter 25EEK every show of a girls because the girls will came to you to ask to put money inside her tanga;400EEK for a private show with a girl that you can select but WITHOUT ACTION!(no touch if you wanna only touch breast or body 500EEK MORE!)

    IF you WANT REAL ACTION in Tallinn 2 choises:
    1) go to a disco for example holliwood or others start to dance and if you are brilliant ask offer a drink and start to speak English...
    2)jump to a taxi and without problem ask for a sauna club! it is a little expensive but you will enjoy for sure. best are MORGAN CLUB, HOTEL MAX.

    The prices for european people are always the same: 50EEK for enter; 1500EEK for go to fuck 1hour with a girl that you select; 500EEK because the taxi driver will wait you outside the "sauna" because they are 15minute far from the center and you can't came into without the presentation of your taxi driver. That is all True no joke. enjoy your holiday in Tallinn.
    (Review # 13609)
  • Tallin Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Oct 29 2005 Submitted by: John

    I visited Börsi on Lai Street 7 and was greeted by a Russian girl who said "Schtoo" (What). Not the most romantic greeting I experienced. In general, very low beauty rate on the girls. Well, I thought, let's go to Kuldne Lövu instead, on Lai Street 8.  But to my surprise, the standard was even lower. I was desperate about what to do. Thank God I found a notice in one of the magazines. A place named "Mikado" on Tildri Street (I don´t know the number, but it is in the Kristine area). It is open 24 hours, girls are beautiful, and speak English. Got in contact with a girl named Natasha. After some chitchat, we decided to take a sauna together. The cost for sex for 1 hour was 100 EUR + 5 EUR for the sauna. The telephone number to Mikado is +37255961161. John (Review # 12963)
  • Tallin Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Oct 09 2005 Submitted by: moonraker

    Well boys... In my whole life, I have not been fucking as much as I did last week. At an address in the centre of Tallinn (dropped the note), I was alone with 3 beautiful girls and an older lady, between 23:00 and 04:00. I was supposed to be with one girl, but probably the two other girls had no company as they participated the whole night. I payed once 500 eek, and then I also got a bottle of Russian champagne.

    I fucked one girl while one of the others was sitting aside the bed. At first, she was only looking at the TV (in a small apartment with one big room and a kitchen). Later, she participated with sucking and fucking. I put two fingers in her pussy from behind while the other sucked. I came too fast. But the girls did not make any hurry to get me going from the place. Instead, another girl came into the room. She asked me to pay 100 eek for another bottle of champagne. We shared it - the three girls and I.

    I once again got horny and two of the girls were already undressed. We began kissing, and they sucked me. We fucked in various positions and I came without a condom in one of the girls asses. The whole thing was repeated, and the last time I came was on the first girl's stomach while the two others was looking curiously. Wow, that was a night! As a summary, I spent about 3000 eek (250 dollars), got 4 bottles of chamagne to share with the girls, fucked, sucked, fingers in ass, anal, came on their bodies for three times. Oh that was a night!
    (Review # 12825)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 02 2005 Submitted by: Estonian girl

    I am girl who lives in Estonia. I came across this site and I just feel sorry about our girls. But don't think that everyone here is for sale. It's just disgusting what you are discussing here. (Review # 12246)
  • Tallin Street Action Dated Added: Sun Aug 01 2004 Submitted by: HelpingTheHobbyistCommunity

    Information current as of early August, 2004. Many of the sex tourists in Tallinn are Finnish, and there many soon be an even larger influx of Finns because Finland is considering banning the purchase of sex. Tallinn is already seen as an oasis of cheap drinks and girls by the Finns. For example, a girl in Estonia costs 1,200 Estonian kroons ($93) for an hour compared to 100 euros ($121) for 30 minutes in a Helsinki massage parlor. The taxi drivers often carry flyers for brothels. The Estonians are worried that their tourist campaign "Welcome to Estonia" will be taken to mean "Come and have sex with the Estonian prostitutes since Finland just banned it." (Review # 9754)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 02 2004 Submitted by: Peter

    I want to answer the last report on Tallin. Who thinks that swedish women are attractive? I would like to see that kind of idiot!! Secondly I think that if you want sex outside your marriage you should always pay, everything else is immoral!! Are you living Angelo in Sweden? I have to live here, and I would like to see somebody coming here for women. Such an idiot doesn´t exist (Review # 8492)
  • Tallin Street Action Dated Added: Mon Oct 28 2002 Submitted by: Angelo

    I just visited Tallin and though i am studying in Sweden in the moment i have only one thing to say: Estonian girls are 10 times more beautiful than the Swedish.~~Because of the fact that i am the type of guy who is not attracted by hookers i had to use other ways if i wanted to get laid,so i thought i should just try flirting. It was pointless as the Estonian girls were the ones who flirted me right from the first moment i arrived in Tallin.~~They only thing you have to do to get an extremelly pretty girl is to look different from the local men and then the girls will approach you.

    I stayed in Tallin 3 days and i fucked 2 girls.The first one i met her in club Hollywood which is situated in the old town (and believe me is the heaven itself) and she were so horny for me and my friend that she let us fuck her both one from the ass and the other from the pussy.The great thing was that we didnt even try to make her drunk.~~The second one was a perfect 10 and i met her in the pub called''with no name''. After a few drinks she was really willing to follow me in my hotel room where i have to admit that we performed almost everything you can see in a hardcore porno movie. I fucked her both from the ass and the pussy, she took me one of the finest blowjobs of my life and i even come in her mouth shallowing everything.

    ~~The best thing was that it cost me almost nothing to fuck 2 really great looking girls.~~So fuck whorehouses, saunas and striptease clubs, just flirt normal girls(who look like godesses)and believe you will enjoy it 3 times more......~~By the way i am planning to visit Tallin again in a very short time period. (Review # 6359)

  • Tallinn Strip Club Review Dated Added: Tue May 29 2001 Submitted by: Manjara

    I tried a few strip bars in Tallinn but all were poor value except Borsi. The first night I was there I bought drinks for a gorgeous girl called Elena, and had 3 private dances with her. She was really nice and good fun to be with. The private dance included touching and stroking, although no kissing was allowed by me (she kissed me though). We had a long slow dance while she was completely naked and I think I would have been able to masturbate, but that would have spoiled the mood. This was a very sexy and sensuous experience and although I was completely horny afterwards and in need of relief.

    The second time I ws with an equally gorgeous girl called Alena but she was much less amiable and although she let me touch her it was not nearly so good (and she bought more expensive drinks), in fact in the second private dance I got bored and didn't even bother to pay attention. There was a beautiful blonde there that night who looked more fun, but she was unavailable. All in all Borsi is a very reasonable place, with absolutely beautiful girls, but beware who you pick, some are more service minded than others. (Lai street)
    (Review # 3633)
  • Tallin Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Nov 29 2000 Submitted by: Big Ron

    I went to Estonia this summer and can truly say that the best places to go are the Hollywood disco and the Nimeeta and Nimega bars where there are long legged, slim, sexy, attractive Estonian and (not so many) Russian beauties.

    Forget Melveks, Viru disco and those horrible whore houses or strip joints guarded by Russian Mafia types and girls with all the enthusiasm of a plank of wood.

    The best strategy is just to meets normal women and tell them you are a businessman looking for a long-term serious relationship. Sure you won't have 100 percent success with all but you will be amazed at how friendly and eager to meet you many of them are, even the married ones. If you know a bit of Russian it helps but most of the girls speak some English and are eager to meet westerners. Offer to pay for dinner and if she seems reluctant offer to pay for a night together. Pick the one you like and you will find that Tallin is a great place for Western men who like to party, not to mention the cheap beer!!!!
    (Review # 2800)
  • Tallinn Strip Club Review Dated Added: Fri Sep 29 2000 Submitted by: Swede1

    Lasso Club
    ~~1 Estonian Kroon (EEK) = US$ 0.058
    Checked MELVEKS sauna club across from the VIRU hotel but it was completely empty (and smelled bad) so I went to check out one of the regular strip clubs not far from there called Lasso Club. Address is: Mere pst 6a, a few minutes walk from VIRU hotel.

    ~~Got there around 9 p.m. and the place was empty. Cover charge was 100 EEK ($5.80). Sets of leather couches surrounds the stage with no girl dancing as I entered. Another 2 guys came in shortly after so it was just us and 6 working girls there.

    After a while they started doing their routines on stage. Average quality dancing. In the middle of each number the girls will come down and bend over you a bit with naked breasts, hold out her panties and expects a "tip". All girls did this and since they expect you to give them 25 EEK ($1.42) in tip each time, this can be costly ! Don't know how they do that when the place is full.

    Shortly after I came in, one of the girls approached me and asked if she could join me. After some small talk she asked if I wanted:
    ~~a) Privat show
    ~~b) buy her a drink.

    Private show is 300 EEK ($17.54), 15 minutes alone with the girl in a smaller room, her drink is 100 EEK ($5.80) and serves no purpose other than putting more money in the pockets of the proprietors :-) A half full glass of weak tasting beer is 65 EEK ($3.80) .

    So after a few dances I ordered a private show and the girl went and changed and we went to a smaller room, all mirrored with tiny stage and a leather chair. The show is ordinary strip, with no touching. Though she said "You can touch me if you pay". I didn't. She goes all nude but doesn't reveal much of her "charms". At the end she expects another "tip" placed in her panties.

    As I left the place I was approached by a very drunk Russian guy offering me (from what I understood after a while) a girl and a Sauna (=fucking) at a sauna place right next door to Lasso. I declined. Maybe next time :) Swede1~~
    (Review # 2471)
  • Tallin Escort Review Dated Added: Mon Jul 31 2000 Submitted by: ``mapu``

    I went to Tallinn, Estonia in July 2000. There are a couple of strip clubs in Tallinn's old town. Two of them on Lai Street. "Borsi" is the better and cheaper one. The girls will approach you and ask you to go "private" with her. You can choose between one or two blocks (15 min. each). With one block she'll strip for you but not much else. With two blocks she'll get more intimate. You can touch her and she might even French kiss you. Finally she encourages you to jack off.

    The other night a taxi driver took me to Hotel Max. At first the girls didn't seem too hot. But then two good looking ones arrived (8 out of 10). I was about to go for one of them when a stunning blonde (10/10) came into the room. We had a few drinks and then retreated to a room. A full hour for EEK1000 (US$60). A great deal for that awesome sex!
    (Review # 2057)
  • Tallin Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Jul 02 2000 Submitted by: Ray

    I've just returned from a great week in Tallin with some friends. I had sex with 4 hookers and 1 local girlfriend. I was not really impressed with the hookers as all very of Russian origin and not very enthusiastic. None of them would kiss or allow oral sex to be performed on them, which I enjoy as licking a woman's anus is one of favourite pastimes.

    June 23 Friday
    Day 1;arrive in Tallinn, check into the wam maria hotel, the cost for this is about $20.

    Meet up with friends and go to a bar called "Avenue b" for dinner, great garlic bread. Tallin is very quite tonight as there is some public holiday today. A lot of the clubs are closed. Very few local girls around so I head back to the hotel around 1 am.

    I ask the security man can he get me a girl. I go to my room and 10 minutes later there is a knock on the door and he is standing there with a tall blonde girl aged around 30. I give him the asking price of 500 ekk (about $20)or so. She gives me a very average "suck and fuck". I offer her extra money and plead hard for the 69 position, but not a hope.

    Day 2:We head to Parnu for the night as there is some local Rock Festival my friend wishes to attend. We are in our early thirties. I'm 10 minutes in the door and I meet a drunk 18 year old student. She is a gorgeous blonde with a fat ass just the way I like them. Anyway I'm kissing the face off her after 5 minutes and I take her to a wooded area where we proceed to engage in some heavy oral sex, mainly me licking her ass. All is fine until her friend comes along and practically beats her up for being with a foreign guy almost twice her age. Now after this experience I have to shoot a load, so I get the taxi driver to take me to some brothel outside parnu where I do another average and fairly un exciting hooker.

    DAY 3:Head back to Tallin and that night go to Melleks Bar and I was looking forward to it because of the previous report. I order the "sauna with the girl" and it costs me 550 ekk. Ten minutes later the Mafia thug running the place brings in 2 girls and they are not exactly beautiful. I decide on a small friendly red head.

    I had a really good fuck with this girl, even if I couldn't lick her ass.

    Day 4: It's now Monday night and I decide to go back Melleks for more and I end up with a terrible little Russian Hooker aged about 20 who has a really bad attitude fucked her but didn't enjoy it due to her bad attitude. I later went to "Cafe Amigo in the Viru hotel" and this is an excellent disco. This place has an excellent mixture of local attractive girls in there 20s who want to meet a foreign guy for a longterm relationship and mainly middle aged hookers.

    I met a Girl called Moonica and I told her I was a business man who had just moved to Tallin. I told her I also wanted a longterm relationship. She was very pleased with this and I ended up screwing her that night and for the rest of the holiday. I didn't pay this girl obviously I paid for Dinners etc, But she also bought drinks and cigarettes etc. Now this girl looks like Claudia Schiffer and I'm very average. The sex I had with this girl was incredible. If you are Tallin this is the best tactic for sex and forget the hookers.
    (Review # 1845)
  • Tallinn Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Jun 13 2000 Submitted by: Swedu

    Estonia and Tallinn is a land full of beautiful and sexy, young girls with long legs. If you want to have a holiday and really relax. Tallinn is for you, everything is cheap in there but you have to be careful that you don't get carried away. When you are shopping in the city you have a chance to admire these beautiful creatures from the bar and take a beer while watching. If you want to feel how these girls make love to you I can recommend few places.

    These places are often for women around 20-30 years, they might often be students or housewives who want to earn few extra dollars while they enjoy themselves. Few of them are looking for western husband, while waiting for the right one they earn some money for traveling by fucking. As one of the housewives said to me, I might as well get fucked outside and earn some money at the same time than wait for my husband to come home drunk and beat the shit out of me before he fucks me. I enjoy sex more when I am working and most of the customers have bigger cock and they are better in using it than my husband is.

    In the city there is a hotel named VIRU and just opposite of it, across the parking lot, is a bar called MELVEKS. You take few stairs down and get in the bar. They have a sign on the bar desk that says that they have Privat - SAUNA for about 200 EEK/hour (15$). If you want to have sex with a girl, you just ask the personal by saying :" I would like to have a Sauna and a girl ". The price for the girl and Sauna lies approximately round 600 - 800 EEK (50-65$).

    For that price you can fuck her for 1 hour as many time you wish (normally), few of the girls are a bit greedy and they try to cash some extra if you want to fuck them twice but normally you have the right to enjoy them the whole hour without extra money. I am a regular traveler in Tallinn and when I am there I try to visit these girls when I get a chance, even if my girlfriend is with me, she wants to shop and at the mean time I want to fuck. Just to get laid with these girls who have firm body and they are willing to suck and fuck you for cheap money, why not !!

    Besides MELVEKS lies another place called TULVES (SAUNA). It's a nice place too and often the same girls are working in both of the places. It's a little bit cheaper but the atmosphere is not as nice.

    If you want to fuck a lolita girl who is old enough, legal age is 18 in Tallinn, but looks like a neighbourghs daughter, this is the place for you. These girls do only straight sex with condoms, probably because of their inexperience, I haven't met a girl who would take it in the A-hole but probably you might find someone for the right amount of money.

    Tallinn has a lot of other places too, bordellos, they are more expensive and the best way to get to this places are by asking the TAXI drivers. Just be careful, TAXI drivers get paid from these places and you end up paying the bill. Use only the big Taxi companies, then you will be safe.
    (Review # 1695)
  • Tallin Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Apr 04 1999 Submitted by: pornohalur

    Going to Tallinn for sex I tried to heed your advise. I went to several stripjoints in the old towns but after some ok private dances there was no fucky fucky. So finally I went into a taxi and asked the driver to take me to some fucky fucky. This driver stammered so that made him trustworthy. He said the trip would cost me 200 Ekr both ways and the fuck would cost me 1000 Ekr (total 1200 Ekr about 75 USD). He drove me out of the city about 10 mins to a big brothel where some bulky Russian Mafia boys greeted me with smileless faces. I was the only customer. This brothel is called CLUB 16 and it's open all day around all year. There were about 15 girls on duty - most of them very fuckable and I had a big problem choosin. Finally I picked one. Shower, bj and fuck with a condom. There was only one cum allowed, but afterwards we sat and chatted for awhile. She is 22 and has been a whore for 2 years. (Review # 576)
  • Tallin Travel Report Dated Added: Tue Mar 30 1999 Submitted by: Uropa

    The following strip clubs are in Tallinn (Estonia)

    Stripclubs are legal in Estonia, in fact Estonia is quite Scandinavian about the whole nudity thing.

    Lasso Bar
    Rataskaevu 3/5, tel. (+372) 644 30 70. Open 14:00 - 02:00.
    Non-stop striptease.

    Tatari 1, tel. (+372) 641 82 49. Open 12:00 - 06:00.
    Billiards and striptease.

    Mirtake Baar
    Väike-Karja 1, tel. (+372) 644 30 06. Open 14:00 - 03:00.
    Non-stop striptease.

    Valge Lõvi
    Lai 8, tel. (+372-2) 44 33 02. Open 15:00 - 06:00.
    Nightclub, striptease, private show, sauna.

    If you want more action ask a taxi driver, there are several private houses around where girls are available in abundance. Average price £50 pounds sterling for an hour of entertainment. Enjoy

    Note: All girls encountered were of Russian origin
    (Review # 575)

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