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  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Nov 20 2008 Submitted by: Gus

    Guys the best night ever We went to Denmark on business at the end to chillout we went to a club have some drinks see some girls but i just meet one tasty chocolate girl not easy to forget the most sexy bootie and perfect lips Jade she show me how to realize some fantasies and she is not afraid of been wild she took me to the private room in WonderBar after drinking some drinks and i felt her sexy body sliding on mine her gorgeause curves n her sexy bootie on my lap she worns all the money what a great fuck i sleep very good n i'll come back. to that sexy girl (Review # 25220)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jun 18 2006 Submitted by: Anon

    Just returned to Denmark after 3 months of fun in Buenos Aires. Was actually quite sad when I left home because I had just met the love of my life back home. But the tickets were reserved and I wasn't going to bail out on my friend who had been planning this trip for quite a while... It took about two weeks and then I stopped thinking about my girl back home. I mean, Buenos Aires is the place to go if you wanna see the most beautiful girls around. Period... Went to a club called Black and the service of the staff and the two girls I brought back to my apartment was incredible. The following night I went to an upscale Nightclub called Pacha. The intense ambience and the beautiful women there is worth a visit even though you have to put up quite a lot of cash during a night. Brought home a nice girl called Maria, this time for free :). A couple of days later I went to a club in Recoleta called Solid gold. Not as good as Black, but here I meet the most incredible girl you can imagine. I paid for one hour and had the sex experience of my young life (26 years). After we left the hotel she invited me home to her apartment where I spend close to 9 hours with her free of charge. When she told me her brother was coming by in half an hour and I saw the picture of him I was quite quick to get my behind out of the door. We exchanged phone numbers and I never paid for sex the remaining time of my travel. When I left for Denmark she was at the airport saying goodbye and I was actually kind of touched. Buenos Aires is the place to go and I can recommend the city to anyone no matter what. The food is excellent, the tango is beautiful and passionate and the girls......oh my god.... Off course it's also extremely cheap, but still very classy.. Enjoy and get youíre ... on the plane Best regards Frederik (Review # 14982)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 18 2005 Submitted by:

    Hi guys... I travelled from Finland a week ago, and I am now in Copenhagen, Denmark where I have to stay for two months. Yesterday I called a girl, Camilla, for an escort at my hotel room. You can see her at First I like to say, that I like Danish girls. They are more tained than Finish, and in general they dress themselves very well.

    Camilla came to my hotel room at 9 PM, and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had blond hair with a twist of red, and after some chat and some champagne, we went to bed. I just like plain, gentle sex, but Camilla gave me a sex-ride I will never forget! We made love for about 40 minutes - both oral and sex in many different positions (even on the floor, hehe). After 10-20 escort-experiences, Camilla is in my top 3! She is a little expensive, but she is worth the money! Have a great time with her! Yours, Ben
    (Review # 12695)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Aug 21 2005 Submitted by: klamore

    Hi guys! I'm writing this post just to warn all of you about scams and bad clubs, always rip-offs, in the Red Light district of Copenhagen. The only club that works isn't located there, but in Christianshavn, and it's name is Fanny Hill. / Prices are ok (around 150 euros, 1200 Dk for 1/2 hour of complete Jam session). Girls are a 7 out of 10 and sex is fine, although a bit mechanical. Have fun and enjoy. (Review # 12504)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Jul 20 2005 Submitted by: Reffe

    Copenhagen is the perfect city if you need an escort. The prices are reasonable (generally 250$) and the girls are very pretty. Just have a view at the net. I have spent many days and nights in this city, and have good experience with the escort girls. Last time, I called Christy Escort Copenhagen. Four hours with the most pretty girl, Christina. I can really recommend the service in this agency. Thanks a lot. I will be back. (Review # 12102)
  • Copenhagen Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jan 17 2005 Submitted by:

    I've tried several massage parlors in Copenhagen and have found a mixed bag. The best experiences have been at the Copenhagen Sauna club (expensive and a cab ride from the city center), Agrupen ( site often does not work, but keep trying) had high quality girls, 8-10 and a reasonable price ($200) and finally my favorite Pussy Galores. Located close to the city center, nice place, girls range from 8-10 (been there 3 times). Prices around ($200). Poor results were at Girls were clearly older than stated on the web page. This has been my biggest problem. Still the bodies were OK. (Review # 10859)
  • Copenhagen/all Denmark Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 25 2004 Submitted by:

    If you´re going to Denmark and need escort assistance, check out first. It is a web page that does not cover all Escort Services, but at least you can see what you get before dealing with money. The page is in Danish, but you´ll get the idea. (Review # 9688)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Fri Dec 19 2003 Submitted by: Biboo

    Copenhagen is a rather expensive but good place to find sex services. You can try extra bladet where are listed all adds of available ladies. Most of these ladies are working in clubs.

    CLUBS - Standard service is 1000 dkk for 30 min to 1800 dkk for one hours. No bargaining, this is Denmark ..... service depends on the lady. can be mechanical like condom, oral, positions and ejaculation. Kissing is not the norm. Most clubs have sites with pictures of the girls menues and schedules.

    STREET ACTION - only one place, istegade, behind the main train station. Not all of them are drug addicts but many look like. Action starts at 7 pm and finished arround midnight. The girls are on the pavement around the sexshops or the parallel streets. Follow the permanent cars balley with single male drivers to find all locations. Price is usually between 300 to 500 dkk for oral + intercourse.

    Action happens in cars or in clubs where rooms can be rent for 100 dkk. Everything can be found from a lovely fresh lost student who take you for the night to a big black mama. there is some kind of seasonal change with group of girls, sometimes from italy, romania, hungaria, russia, poland, .... even finlad or norway!. Some services are offered without condoms, but I would not recommend.

    ESCORT - last section of copenhagen this week available in every hotel. service is in general overpriced and girlfriend experience is not to be found there. (Review # 8048)

  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Apr 14 2003 Submitted by: Estaban

    I recently was on a business trip to Copenhagen. For a fun nighttime I was adviced to buy a paper called ekstrabladet. So I did. While I was there I ended up spending a whole lot of money... having fun. I tried 2 escort services EscortHollywood, EscortNewGirls. ~~ The girl from EscortHollywood never showed up :( what a bad experience. So I called the 2nd escort service EscortNewGirls . A nice blonde Babydoll call girl called Tina came. Actually I ended up taking a whole 3 hours with this girl :o)~~~~ (Review # 7083)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 25 2003 Submitted by: Hans

    Hello there a nice stay in Copenhagen and Iím back in Hamburg Germany again.~~I Was in Copenhagen one week ago. I have some friends there who told me where to look for escort girls. A Paper called Ekstrabladet. The first day I settled for the lower price.. Not a good idea, I bargained down to 1200 dk kr. Fair price however the girl was from Hungary and she was not looking like the girl from their website... shit that was not worth the money... next day came I tried another agency called Escort New Girls. Nana & Mette was good-looking, since I couldn't decide I took both of them :o)~~Real good stuff .. Since i'm a gentleman the details are mine to keep :)~~~~Wunderful Copenhagen see you soon~~ (Review # 7002)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Mon Jan 20 2003 Submitted by:

    Being a Dane I have read the reviews with interest to see what others say about the sex scene in Copenhagen.~~~~However I believe that many are not experience the real sex scene and therefore this comment.~~~~You can find a lot of very nice and attractive girls in Copenhagen in Massage Parlors, many of them very pretty and nice.~~~~If you treat them nicely with warmth and gentle touch you will find that it is not unusual that they will really enjoy the sex with you and they may even come.~~

    ~~Most of the best Parlors or "Massageklinikker" as they are called are at the outskirts of Copenhagen, but no more than 10 minutes by car. The ones around the central station are rip-offs and are not very clean or nice.~~~~Language should not be an issue since most speaks English quite well. One way of finding the places are the newspaper "Ekstrabladet" the largest tabloid newspaper in Denmark or their Home page look for massage & escort. It is all in Danish but I think you will manage, on the net there are links to several home pages with pictures of the girls.~~

    ~~Some that I can recommend with nice girls an clean nice facilities are:~~

    ~~The pictures are generally reflecting the real girl, but the age is often understated by some 5-7 years.~~~~You can see the prices on the HP but generally Ĺ hour will run aro. 800-1000 but will be good value for your money.~~~~Have fun in Copenhagen~~ (Review # 6734)

  • Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Jul 07 2002 Submitted by: Enzo

    ~~Recently visited Denmark and because I'm a blonde-lover, went looking for one. I visited a club called BK Services in Copenhagen. Been my first time in Copenhagen, didínt know what to expect. I waited in a room, offered a drink and after about 10 minutes, this absolutely amazing gorgeous blonde walked in by the name of Menasha must have been around 6'2 and what a body, a perfect 10. I booked her for two hours which cost me about 3000krone, but what a babe. ~~~~

    ~~She knew exactly how to treat a man. She first stripped for me, then gave me the best BJ and then asked me if I would mind a 69 position. There was no way I going to say no, and we went on like this for about two hours and I came about 4 times.She was worth every krone that I spent. The best girls and the best sex is Denmark.~~
    (Review # 5726)
  • Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Jun 13 2002 Submitted by: WH

    I have just returned from a very brief time in Copenhagen, and thought I would share some experiences with you.

    ~~I arrived in at around 4pm on a mid-week afternoon - checked into my hotel and then went for an 'educational' walk. I had heard about the Istedgade, so walked along this street for some time. Calling it Copenahgen's Red Light district is a mild exaggeration. There are numerous sex shops and video parlours, with a few brothels scattered along the street. None look very inviting from the outside. It was still only around 5pm, so most of the city hadn't really woken up yet.

    ~~I passed the evening with a few beers and some food, and at 11pm found myself in the 'VIP Club Waterloo' (Gammel Kongevej 7). Entry is 170 DKK (including coat). Inside is a fairly typical strip club, lots of girls (7s and 8s mainly) approaching you in twos and spending a lot of time trying to get you to buy champagne. I did not (made this mistake in a similar place in Basel). Drinks are very, very expensive (105 DKK for a medium sized beer!!). The girls are friendly and sexy - the pole dancing entertaining, but the real aim is to keep you there and buy alcohol. I nursed my drink and left after about an hour.

    ~~I returned to my hotel and looked through 'Copenhagen This Week'; a small magazine that can be found in most hotel lobbies. Towards the back are 20 or so advertisements for local escort agencies or brothels. I phoned several, asking details of who was available, and settled for Camilla (from Danish Divine). She was described as 23, blond hair, blue eyes with a firm, tanned figure, and B-cup breasts - 1600 DKK all inclusive.

    30 minutes later Camilla knocked on my door. She was probably closer to 30, and her hair was blond, but tied up and in beads/dreadlocks. After very little small talk we got undressed. This first thing I noticed were her tattoos - on her shoulder, the base of her spine, a huge one on her right thigh (which I was later told not to touch as it was new and still sore) and several other smaller ones. I'm OK with tattoos, but if you are not a fan this could put you off. She gave me a blow job, whilst I sat in a chair by the window (my room was on the 16th floor so there was little chance of people looking in!). It was OK but her disinterest was obvious. I even had to ask if there was a problem.

    We fucked in several positions, starting with me still in he chair and her sitting on me, her back towards me. I must admit this was quite good as her ass was a pleasure to stroke and the tattoo just above it quite sexy. After more positions on the bed I finished in the traditional missionary style !~~

    Camilla showered and left. I was not really impressed. She was not too far off her description, but just seemed a little bored with the whole affair. I am back in Copenhagen later in the summer and plan on booking in advance ~~
    (Review # 5595)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Mon May 13 2002 Submitted by: Marcus

    In Copenhagen there is a chain of high class gentlemens clubs. I came across a club called Wonderbar and met a beautiful half English and half Morrocan girl called Brooke. She had a perfect English accent and exotic looks, longs legs and perfect body. Including 75 dd natural tits! The bad thing about going to the club was the expensive champagne, but quality cost and it was definately worth it. If you have the money, go for it! (Review # 5446)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Feb 06 2002 Submitted by: Italian

    I just love black girls, and therefore I searched for such, when I reached Copenhagen from Italy. (Sorry for my English, but I am Italian)~~~~I surfed the internet quite a lot without getting any pictures of black girls in Copenhagen, but suddenly I found TIFFANY!! - ~~~~

    ~~I must say, that the pictures make me quite horny. She got a fucking nice body, and I wrote her an email immediately for an appointment. I got my answer to days later (luckily I stayed in Copenhagen for two weeks), and we made an appointment the next Friday.~~~~If you like black girls Tiffany is a must! She is pretty, easy to talk to, and she is just a naughty daughter of a bitch in the bed.~~~~I got her for 4 hours, and first we got out dining (Italian food of cause), and then I was so horny that we just had to take a cap back at the hotel right away.~~~~We were fucking for two hours and I got two orgasms, so it was quite overwhelming. We do the doggy style, the 69, the plain etc.!!~~~~Tiffany is a fantastic girl. I have to try her again.~~~~~~~~ (Review # 5005)

  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Sun Sep 17 2000 Submitted by: Traveler

    Having tried a few places in Copenhagen, these are two that I can highly recommend, they speak English 5~~Tel: 38 11 80 25~~Stine is great, young and sexy.~~I tried a few of the others but she was the Fabersgade 42~~Tel: 35 36 63 80~~Pia is cute and fantastic with a great friendly attitude. Great sex. She was much the best of about 3 babes here - but they were all good~~ (Review # 2395)
  • Massage Parlor Dated Added: Wed Aug 30 2000 Submitted by: CaptCreamPie

    July 17, 2000 - In Copenhagen on a short vacation. I saw an ad in the English-language version of This Week in Copenhagen for the Copenhagen Sauna Club. Took a taxi from the central train station (about 10.00 US) and arrived about 1:00 PM. This club is in a house in a residential neighborhood. Not impressive from the outside but very nice inside. The young lady at the desk explained that there was one fee for the house and one for the lady. I was asked to have a seat and offered a drink of my choice while the ladies on duty came in one at a time and introduced themselves. Due to the early hour of the day there were only a handful of ladies on duty but they were all 7s and 8s. Not a loser in the group. I chose Elena, a tall blonde who said that yes she was from Copenhagen. When she told me she was 32 I did not believe her. She did not look a day over 24-25. Anyway, she took me to a large private room where we undressed. She then took a shower with me and we hopped in the Jacuzzi. She sat astride me. Very nice. Back in the room, I went down on her and she had two hard orgasms. Then I put on a condom and we finished out the 'hour' (more like 90 minutes.) This was a great experience and I would definitely go back again. Cost: 550 Danish Krona for the house ($69.36) and 990 DK for the young lady ($124.85). Close to two hundred dollars, but no questions, no tips, a beautiful woman and some great sex. What better way to spend one's money and one's time? (Review # 2258)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Feb 08 2000 Submitted by: Smeghead

    B&K Services - they are unique in my experience, offering traditional escort services either at their place or at your hotel, or a chance to take/make photographs or videos of you in action with one or more of the girls. They have full video equipment at their premises.

    Prices for video services start from 1000 Danish Kronor for 30 minutes with one girl, including a strip, vibrator action and to finish, a hand job with a condom. For 3000 Kronor you get 30 minutes with one girl with a bit of everything - oral, straight sex and anal. They're based in Storekongensgade and advertise in the tourist magazine Copenhagen this Month, which is where I first saw them.

    The girls themselves are very classy - a petite English blonde called Barbie, a classic leggy blonde Dane called Nichole, and a voluptuous Swedish brunette, whose name escapes me. I chose Nichole - a perfect young body with a hint of puppy fat, and an amazingly tight pussy. The only fault was that she was so cool and unresponsive throughout. That apart, great value and the video of our fuck is still a prized possession.
    (Review # 1517)
  • Copenhagen Escort Review Dated Added: Wed Dec 01 1999 Submitted by: Traveler

    Copenhagen Sauna Club. I got a drop dead 10 blond Danish girl to massage me in a hot tub and then she gave me full service for about $150 American. Not bad since she was hot. The location is in a house but you won't be disappointed. (Review # 932)
  • Copenhagen Escort Dated Added: Wed Dec 30 1998 Submitted by: John

    I recently visited Copenhagen for a week this December of 1998. When I first arrived I stayed at a cheap hotel near the main train station(the Hovedbanegarden). The next morning I decided to move to another hotel, and as I walked away from the hotel and toward the intersection with a street known as the Istedgade I was approached by a streetwalker. I did not know it at the time, but this Istedgade street is Copenhagen's ""red light"" district. I refused the advances of the woman because I was loaded down with my luggage, and my primary concern was getting set up in another hotel at that particular moment. This was approximately 10:00 am, it was very cold, and I observed several other streetwalkers hanging out on corners as I walked back to the train station to catch a taxi. I never picked up a streetwalker while I was there, but I did wander up and down the Istedgade late at night several times. There are several porno shops just as you would find here in America, live strip shows with women standing outside the entrance hawking massage services, and drug dealers who would ask as I was walking by if I was ""looking for something"". It's a safe street to walk alone by yourself at night, and Copenhagen in general is like this. I used an escort service twice while I was in Copenhagen. I found it in a newspaper, published daily, called ""Ekstra Bladet"". It cost 8.5 kroner($1.35 at 6.3 Kr. to $1). It's mostly sold in the small convenience stores that are mostly operated by Turkish immigrants. The paper has sections for massage, and escort ads. Almost all of the ads are written in Danish, but I did spot one in English. I would say about 98% of the Danes in Copenhagen speak fluent English, so not knowing Danish is not really a problem. Some ads are regular professional women looking to make some money on the side because of Denmark's high value added tax-there's a 200% tax on car purchases! I called an ad that advertised a 21 year old thin blonde that was new to escorting. When I called the girl did not answer, her pimp did, he said she was available and that she could be at my hotel in 30 to 45 minutes. I later found out that this place is an escort agency called Escort Copenhagen, and was not the usual woman trying to earn some extra income on the side. I was quoted a price of 1400 Danish kroner on the phone and I tried to bargain down to 1200 Dkr, but the pimp insisted that he could not go lower than 1400Dkr because of his having to transport the girl to and from Copenhagen. I assumed they were operating outside of one of the numerous suburbs surrounding Copenhagen. I finally agreed to 1400 Dkr. which I thought was expensive, but I wanted to try out the famous Scandinavian women. When the woman arrived she was gorgeous. Blonde hair & blue eyes, slim, wearing a fur coat, knee high boots, and a black miniskirt with black stockings. She wanted to smoke a cigarette at first. While she smoked I got undressed and we made some small talk. After her cigarette, she undressed and wanted to give me a massage but she carried no lotion on her and asked if I had any. I didn't, and I really just wanted to skip it and get on with things. She was good at sex, and definitely knew what she was doing. She might have been new to escorting because she was pretty tight, but she said she had lived in Southern Europe and France for a while so I had my doubts. I had her again the night before I left Copenhagen and the sex was better than before-I think she liked me because she was really into it- not like she was the first time I had her. Overall it was a good experience she was about a 9 on a scale of 10, she had a tattoo which is a turn off to me and small breasts, but otherwise she was great. Almost all of the women in Denmark are beautiful, and if they want to sleep with you they will approach you. It's worth a visit sometimes. (Review # 290)

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