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  • Brussels Strip Club Review Dated Added: Sat Feb 16 2008 Submitted by: Hotkot

    A night in Brussels can be a very thrilling experience: you can either take some gorgeous escort women out (and after to your room), you can benefit from a large offering on prostitution, but what appeals most to me are the numerous clubs and champagne bars which are spread over the territory of Belgium's capital. The most visible of these clubs are probably the worst. So, every concierge in any downtown hotel would recommend you to visit the Rue du Cirque situated in the old harbor's district. Indeed, cabarets are ranging both sides of the streets, while street action can be purchased on merely every corner.

    The bars, like the streets, are looking crowdy, busy, uncosy, some are even filthy. For people with more selective taste, I recommend the more discreet quarters around the prestigious Avenue Louise. There are some really good venues (which does not mean indeed that they are necessarily more expensive than those downtown), especially on Rue Jourdan and Rue de Livourne.

    In the latter, one club has to be pointed out: the Cool Place which is probably one of the best Apero/Champagne Bars in town. Whereas the other five or six other venues present in that street are mainly trained by Albanian immigrants, the Cool Place is still run by an original Belgium, Serge. The difference can be felt: instead of loud techno beats, the club tends more towards soft jazz played on a normal volume scale. Girls are nice and hand-selected, the prices sensible. Dances are for real and - if necessary carried out by the patron himself who has a background in theater and acting. Garou is an evergreen and if you know the lyrics of "Belle", feel free to join the singing which is certainly going to happen at one moment during the night. This is also one of the only clubs being open on Sunday nights.
    (Review # 22422)
  • Brussels Escort Review Dated Added: Sat Sep 15 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    Hello! It's been a while no one has written anything about Brussels here. Therefore here is my 50 cents. Brussels has a quite nice red light district where you can find your pleasure most of the time. The Rue d'Aerschot next to the North Station is the most active street where you will find about 40-50 windows where one or more girls offer there services. The usual price is 40 euros for a blow job and fuck missionary style and 50 euros for a BJ, fuck and positions. This usually pays for a 15 minutes session.


    Half an hour is around 100 Euros and an hour can sometime be bargained for 150 euro. Condom is always compulsory and included in the price. 69 are not common but I would say 505 of the girls would accept it for a little extra. It is therefore important to ask before. Anal sex is very rare so ask first as well. None of the girls I had sex with there have sex toys and almost never wear stockings of lingerie. Therefore, if you like games, I recommend Amsterdam where you will find all you need to fulfill your fantasies. Most of the girls speak English and French.


    The girls are generally cute and most of them are from Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, there are no Asian girls. African girls can be found neighboring streets but they are often demanding more money than the others and their services are very limited. I do not recommend them. Overall experience in the red light district of Brussels is ok. It is not Amsterdam but it worth a visit if you want to get laid. The girls are generally nice and I recommend you give a little extra because they not only worth it, but also because it will make your experience much more enjoyable with the girl being more inclined to your desires. Although the neighborhood is not really attractive, it is relatively safe and you will see all kind of people there at night (Japanese tourists, anxious businessmen and local Moroccans as well as some Belgian like myself). Other streets in Brussels have some windows but are way less active than the rue d'Aerschot. The boulevard Emile Jacqumain's side streets have a couple of windows but most of them are related to the local brothel or strip clubs which are not really recommendable.


    The Avenue Louise also as its load of prostitution although it is very limited and as almost disappeared. Try it after 10pm and look for miniskirts standing on the street corners. Girls are often nice but choice is very limited. Also, the boulevard Albert II, which is the main financial district in Brussels, is haunted by trannies at night. If this is your flavor, that's the place to be. I however cannot tell you about any of their service since this is not my sexual inclination. On the legal side: Belgium tolerates prostitution as long as it is behind a window (hence the windowed red light district and the almost nonexistent street hooking). You will often see police cars in the rue d'Aerschot and there won't be any trouble with them since they are most of the time just wandering around to look at the girls and dissuade trouble makers. Legal age for prostitution is 18 and most girls you will find are around 20-30. Hope you will have a good time if you visit and remember, be nice to the girls and they will be nice to you is the motto in Brussels.

    (Review # 20734)
  • Brussels Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Mar 20 2007 Submitted by: Anon

    I was not aware if Brussels will also have red light area like Amsterdam. But while coming to Brussels on train, while reaching north station, I could see the girls standing in windows. It’s very strange that you can see all this from public transport.

    In Amsterdam the red light area is well marked and policed. I was first in Frankfurt and later went to Amsterdam and Brussels. I just want to put some comparative points here. All the three places are Sex Heaven for making it available with Style and Security. In Frankfurt FKK clubs you need to give EUR65 as entry fee and you are in heaven, So many girls, all fully nude moving around the club, eager to do anything with you, in small secure area away from streets and city rush.


    The complete environment is electric you can sit on a corners and choose yours. Unlike in Amsterdam/Brussels, you can see the girl nude for as long you want before selecting one. You can talk with the girls and then she will take you to a nice and large bedroom for the sex. No need for any negotiation as standard rate is EUR50 for 30mins, with no tips asked.


    I fucked 3 girls and paid 50 to each, and no one ever asked anything extra. Girls move around a lot, they also target client and try to attract them, you can also touch and kiss them. Surprisingly you need to pay the girl after the sex, and you can keep all your belongings in safe and not worry about it.


    I think the concept of FKK clubs is the best for customer experience. I cannot think of anything better. In Amsterdam, I found it good but some strange observations. The environment on the street was not good. You have girls wearing bras and panties standing in glass cabins, whereas customers were moving in on streets in cold. I had to walk several rounds (may be I waked few kms) to take good look at all girls available. Surprisingly many tourists were moving with their ladies to show them the red light areas as if it’s a new-age museum. I could also see tourist guides bring groups of old people to show RLD and most people were laughing around at the scene. I do not think this is good environment to enjoy best of sex.


    Secondly the rooms of the girls were very small, and you just have a curtain and a glass door between your bed and the streets, you may also hear some guys on streets while having sex. Also you need to negotiate or confirm things first before entering the door. Also I went on Monday when half the windows were closed. Rate is EUR50 or more.


    In Brussels behind north station, it seemed little better then Amsterdam all customers were guys looking for sex. All windows were occupied, windows were big and rooms also were quite big and some even had a small bar. Girls were as good as in Amsterdam but in little less numbers. Overall I found FKK club concept to be best.

    (Review # 17908)
  • Brussels Escort Review Dated Added: Thu Aug 18 2005 Submitted by: Socalmale

    I went to Europe this summer and want to provide some updated information on the action in Brussels. First the Rue d'Aerschot just outside the north train station. Basically all the information posted here is correct. I was in Brussels 30 years ago and the ladies in the windows were there then too. I fucked a cute, slender little blonde from Romania for 50 Euros. First she gave me a blow job and then I turned her around and fucked her doggy style. Well worth the money spent.

    Also this... Yes, there are lots of trannies out along the Boulevard Albert II, which is really just a couple of blocks away on the other side of the train station. I was on the Ave Louise many times and never saw any 'working girls' - so maybe they have moved elsewhere.

    Regarding the sex club, 'Le Bermude' at 86 Rue Mercelis... this is just 100 feet or so off Ave Louise. The only night I could make it there was a Monday (they were closed Sunday) and it was dead. I paid my 20 Euro entry fee to Coco who runs the place/works behind the bar and undressed in the locker room. When I went into the bar I was met by the only other 'customer' around, Jennifer, who was obviousy a working girl. During the hour I spent talking to Jennifer at the bar, I think one other couple was upstairs and got it on, but in private, and Jennifer wanted something like 150 Euros. Too rich for my blood, so I called it a night and went back to my hotel. You might want to try this place if you can make it on a Friday or Saturday. Maybe it would have more going on then.

    If you are headed to Brussels, best of luck and good hunting!
    (Review # 12484)
  • Brussels Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Aug 03 2004 Submitted by:

    I've been to Brussels many a times and have picked up girls from Rue d'Aerschot and Av. Louise. Most are very cheap, some extremely nice and some, well, just plain dogs. The problem with these girls is they charge for everything, 40 euro for a BJ, 20 euro for CIM etc. You have to be careful around North station - many older and fat women there are just looking to make a quick buck from an unsuspecting tourist. If you're lucky, you'll find a young, fit girl.


    On my last trip, I decided to plan ahead and looked through the net for an escort in Brussels and found Anaisia. We emailed each other for about 10 days and then we finally met. Had a nice 2 hours with her; conversation and plenty of sex. Various positions, bj, shower together - very good experience. She talks, smiles, seems to enjoy her job even stayed an additional 20 minutes at no charge. BUT it was not cheap. It cost me 600 Euro but next time I'm in Europe, I'll see her again..

    (Review # 9763)
  • Brussels Street Action Dated Added: Wed Jul 07 2004 Submitted by: Franck

    Hi ! I live in Brussels since a long time. Here are some tips:

    1) Rue d'Aerschot (behind North Station) is famous all around Belgium for being "the" brothel street. Girls sit behind windows, you walk along the street or drive your car in this street. Tens of windows. Blowjobs or handjobs around 40 euros, straight sex 40 to 50-60 euros. You may sometimes negociate less but than you will be pressed to "finish soon". Expect the girl to ask you a tip for the old woman sitting inside the brothel. The woman is a kind of companion to the girl, she may be in touch with the pimps or not, she is also there to help if a client becomes mad. These old women are usually nice and polite ! It's wise to give some 2 to 5 euros, it will make the girl and the woman in a good mood !

    If you pay more, maybe 100 euros, you may stay longer than the usual 10 to 15 minutes she allows you to touch and fuck her. 100 euros make it for about 30 minutes. Sometimes, girls will ask you 10 more euros for taking off their top and let you play with their tits. Specially the Africans will ask you that. 99% of the Africans in the window street have been trafficked in one or another way. Many East Europeans too. See with your conscience if you can be happy with that.

    Some Belgians and West Europeans prostitutes also have pimps, but not all of them. All of them use condoms, you would be crazy not to use one there. Many street and window girls are wounded "from inside" after having hundreds of guys rushing in them. Be gentle. Very near Rue D’Aerschot (behind rue de Brabant), you will find other windows in the Rue de la prairie, Rue des plantes, Rue Linné. Prostitutes are usually Africans there, or older, some look really nice. Be careful: there are robbers around in this street, it's not impossible to be attacked there, especially at night. Stats about the number of attacks there are underestimated because the guys attacked don't necessarily wish to go to police to say they were in "that street".

    2) During night time, also in the North Station Area, you will find very cute Latino Transsexuals on Boulevard Albert II. Expect to pay 40 to 50 euros for full sex, and 10-15 euros for a hotel room nearby On Rue Van Gaver and Rue des commerçants, in night time, some nice looking prostitutes. All of them from East Europe or Africa. Will ask you the same prices as the transsexuals mentioned here above. All of them trafficked. A short time with them is about 10 minutes.

    3) In front of Midi station, during day time, dirty pubs such as “Le Zottegem” (avenue Fonsny) have girls, some pretty, some ugly. Dirty business.

    4) Avenue Louise is the smart avenue of Brussels. On its upper part, after 10 pm, some street walkers. Some very nice looking. They will take you to hotels around.

    5) Magazines such as “Contact International”, or all some daily newspapers (e.g. La Dernière heure) publish a lot of ads for escort girls, some with pics. You may find escorts on Internet too of course. Some good BDSM Mistresses can be found, around 170-200 euros an hour.

    6) Some kinky clubs, saunas, have girls who prostitute too.

    7) For gays, Brussels is a paradise ! Check the gay pages of the Internet. If you are friendly, not alcoholic and not extremist, I might take you around those places if I'm free the day you are there. Contact me if you need more information.
    (Review # 9550)
  • Brussels Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Jun 14 2004 Submitted by: Anon

    I arrived in the Rue d'Aerschot (right behind the Northern train station) after 2:00 a.m. on a Friday morning, and spent more than half an hour walking back and forth, watching girls in bikinis, thongs and G-strings behind their windows.

    I knocked on many doors (of those girls which I found more attractive, of course), and asked for their rates. All of them said 40 Euro for suck and fuck, and 50 Euro for "change of position." The time was variable: some said 15-20 minutes, and some just 10 minutes. There were Latinas, Africans, Greeks, Italians, Russians, Romanians and one or two Belgians.

    But the one that really caught my eye was a stunning Bulgarian named Sylvia, who was only 19, and whose window (shared with a Romanian and ran by a fat old lady - the "Madame") was close to the corner with the Rue Dupont. She was almost 6 feet tall (even without heels), blonde (though not natural), nicely tanned, had green eyes, a nice natural pair of tits, exquisite legs and ass, and a beautiful smile. And her skin was so soft! She was so beautiful and loving that I decided to pay for half an hour (120 Euro).

    I've always liked to take my time, be polite and try to make the girls feel as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Therefore, we spent most of the time talking, hugging and fondling each other. After I had been caressing her hair for a while, she whispered: "if you continue doing this, I'm gonna fall asleep." She was sooo tender and sooo sexy... Sylvia was afraid that I could hurt her because I was big (actually I was surprised because I consider myself as "average"), so she asked me to be careful.

    After putting a condom on my tool, she started giving head. Then she climbed on top of me, and her ride began. I noticed her nipples went hard after I started thrusting from below her (she was really into it), so I began fondling her boobs. Then she said she really needed to change position, and I said of course! She lied down, and then I began fucking her very gently. At some point she whispered: "you must be very good." Oh, I was in heaven! What an angel!
    (Review # 9349)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Mon May 12 2003 Submitted by: Steffenson


    ~~I'm a Belgian guy who lives near the Belgian capital. When I look at the Belgian reports on this site... hmmm... It's not up-to-date. ~~The city of Antwerp has been cleaning the streets (and the windows). This makes that a lot of the girls moved to Brussels. There are several places where you can get the job done!~~

    ~~~~1) Av. Louise: East-European girls most of the time. So they say: because a lot of them are from Albany). They are good looking and prices start from 25 euro (+/- same as $) for BJ and 50 - 60 euro for full f***. They will take you to a hotel in the neighborhood where you will pay aprox. 20 euro for the room. ~~

    ~~~~2) Behind Gare du Nord. Girls are not so nice here but they are sitting behind windows. If you stay on the windows on Rue d'Aerschot, you will find very good looking girls. Choose one that flirts with you.~~Start with 50 euro... Once they start BJ, they will ask for more money... They always do!~~If you leave rue d'Aerschot and you go to some other streets (like Rue de Plantes,...) you will find African girls behind windows. If you're a good negotiator, you can have everything for approx 30+/-.~~

    ~~Please keep posting your adventures! That way we know where to go...:-)~~ (Review # 7234)

  • Street Action Dated Added: Sat May 03 2003 Submitted by: Jay

    I was in Brussels today and as I was kinda horny, I decided to have a look at the street behind the North Station, which is famous for its many windows.~~It was about 4 PM and there were many young girls to choose from. The place wasn't crowded at all.~~Some of the girls are very nice but didn't look particularly friendly.~~

    ~~~~I finally picked a young blue-eyed blonde, about 5' 6" with a nice body, about 22 years old. She told she was from Bulgaria and she was quite friendly. The price was 30 euros for a bj and 40 for a bj+fuck.~~I opted for the bj option and it was quite ok, she let me touch her body and her bj were decent, nothing remarkable but she fondled my balls so it was ok. I came in her mouth with the condom on.~~Brussels North Station is quite good, I recommend you to go there if you want to have some discreet fun: it's not like Amsterdam with all the tourists in the RLD.~~ (Review # 7182)

  • Brussels - train station-south Street Action Dated Added: Tue Dec 31 2002 Submitted by:

    Hi, as the RLD of Antwerp going down, it's more interesting to try the pubs outside the train station (south) of Brussels now. There are about 3 pubs for the girls. The pretty ones (young) are mostly from Eastern Europe. Normally 15 euro for the room and about 25 to 50 euro for the girls, depending what you ask for. The young chicks normally try to rip you off (some of them are drug addicts so be careful), while the local ones (mostly over 40) will be glad to give you everything you want. I've had a BBBJ from a local French speaking mama (Review # 6624)
  • Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Dec 09 2002 Submitted by: Timmy

    I recently visited the famous (Red Light District) on Rue d'Aerschot. The first two times was ok. My first experience was with a South American female named Alexandria. She was decent for 40 euro, she gave a very good blowjob and she allowed me to switch positions. The second time was with a Polish female who looked totally different when she undressed but her overall performance was worth it. I have learned from experience, that the best service come from females trying to lure you into their shops. One thing to rememember if they don't flirt or offer you a smile more than likely the services will be punctual and boring. Have fun and be careful, (Review # 6519)
  • Street Action Dated Added: Fri Sep 20 2002 Submitted by: hoerenpoeper

    Brussels is much better than Antwerp at the moment. I am talking about the girls presenting their services behind windows around the north station.~~A good service is given for 50 EUR. You can get it as low as 25 euro, but you won't be served that well. Many beautifull young women !!~~~~ (Review # 6177)
  • Brussels Street Action Dated Added: Thu Aug 01 2002 Submitted by: Panos

    Decided to go for the street action as most paper-escorts would not visit hotels after 2100 pm for security purposes and it was already 2030 when I got my hotel.~~

    ~~Had a walk down Av. Louise but found nothing of interest (mind you it was Wednesday night) so I decided to grab a cab and go for the Rue d'Aerschot option. Taxi costed me around 13 euros from Tiffany square and was a 5 to 10 minute drive. From what I gathered most of the action is on Rue d'Aershot (just off the train station) even though I didn't spend much time wondering around the side streets.~~

    ~~Girls sit by neon red light windows so I had a good look passing by before making up my mind. I went for a slim short hair brunnet with nice full tits that seemed somewhat friendly and negotiated 50 euros (in English) for a 'suck and fuck'. The 50 soon become 60 as the girl had no change for three twenties and promised a 'change position' treatment. I said no to the additional 3 euro request 'for the lady'. ~~

    ~~To my surprise there was no bed behind the curtain .. just a sofa by a little table, so I decided to make the best out of what was available given that I had already paid. ~~~~Took my clothes off and the sucking action began which was quite good and unrushed. Major hit came when I got asked for an additional 10 euro when I tried to get a hold of her tits. .. needless to say I could do without the tit-grabbing (considered the 10 euro as a 'taking the piss' rip-off) and proceeded to some classic doggy style action (with limited penetration as she kept her fingers around the base of the condom). I finished without changing positions as I didn't really consider the sofa very comfortable for the old miss style.~~

    ~~Ride back costed 8 euro to the same place where I got the other taxi so I guess I had been taken for a bit of a tour.~~~~Not a bad experience altogether (except for the rip off aspect of it)... perhaps it would have been different if I could speak the language.~~~~I will surely opt for the hotel visit on my next trip (prices range around 150 euros for 'complet' which includes a massage, b.j. and sex)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    (Review # 5861)
  • Brussels Street Action Dated Added: Sat Jun 16 2001 Submitted by: Anon

    Out about 1 k on Avenue Louise, some really attractive eastern Europeans. I negotiated for $1500 BEF which is about $35 US. I didn't want to take her back to my hotel, so she led me to a side street, into a little alcove off the street and proceeded to suck the hell out of me. Then flipped her around and banged her doggy standing up. She was into it. Just as I was coming some people came out of the house opposite, but what the f? You're in Belgium. (Review # 3770)
  • Brussels Travel Report Dated Added: Sun Feb 04 2001 Submitted by: Alcatraz

    Lisa – No 114, Rue d'Aerschot – 22 May 2000, 1530hrs. I saw this girl in March and she was so good, I went again on my next visit to Brussels. She only works afternoons, 1300 – 1800. Unusually for the girls along this street she has a warm smiling face – at least when you catch her eye and she likes the look of you – and short/medium length brown hair. She is 21, half Belgian, half Italian, about 1.6m, slim build, tight ass and generous (but not too big) tits. Soft olive skin. Very friendly and easy to talk to in French – she probably knows enough English for the necessary but we stuck to French. It’s sexier that way. She asked the usual charges for the area; 1500BF for suck or fuck, 2000BF for both, 3000BF for full nude suck and fuck with different positions. You can also typically have a ‘complet’ for 5000BF which just allows more time (they say 30 minutes) but not much extra performance. With Lisa, on this second visit I chose the 3000BF option and it was in effect a ‘complet’. We had some initial cuddling and small talk, she then proceeded with a BJ while I fingered the outside of her pussy. This went on for some while and she got really into it, became warm and moist and began panting and moaning, seemingly much more genuine than the usual fake grunt you sometimes get from Aerschot girls. We finished off doggy style, which she prefers to her being on top, while mish is never great in these places because the beds are really narrow couches and no room for spreading limbs and being comfortable. Afterwards she was quite flushed and complimented and thanked me – another rarity for this street.

    On a general note about Rue d'Aerschot, the other reports are right about the mixed quality of service. Occasionally you can find a young, pretty girl, who will give a good suck and fuck for as little as 1000BF, but more normally 2000-3000BF. Others will charge as much, and more, and be profoundly disappointing. If they are in a smiling mood you are likely to have a better time. The deadpan ones, however tempting to look at, will be very functional and uninterested.

    The report by Pjotr is a bit misleading regarding the other streets off Rue d'Aerschot. Yes they exist and are quieter, but for good reason – the majority of the women are real dogs; mostly overweight and old. Worth a look round these streets to warm you up for the patrol along Rue d'Aerschot but don’t expect any real gems.

    If you want a more personal and comfortable experience it is best to go to the girls working in private apartments. Several advertise in the Bulletin a weekly English language newspaper on sale in news stands and available free in some hotels.

    Ambre: mature Moroccan lady working from private apartment at 181 Avenue Louise, usually from 1400 to 2100. No telephone number, just turn up and hope. Ambre is the name on the bell, not her personal name, which I don’t know. She offers a full, vigorous service, including imaginative massage, for 4000BF. I’d say she is in her 40’s, medium height and build, with largish c/d breasts. Doesn’t set the pulse racing to look at but is nevertheless reasonably attractive, certainly capable of giving pleasure and ultimately more enjoyable than many of the younger girls.

    Institute Louise: 15 rue Defacqu just off Avenue Louise. Advertised from street as a Sauna. (1630 hrs, 22 May) Greeted by maid who introduced three girls; Alison (Egyptian), Nathalie (Spanish), Marsha (Belgian). All were 4-5s so made excuses and left. Price would have been 2500BF for massage and bj, rising to 4000BF for a ‘complet’.
    (Review # 3099)
  • Brussels Street Action Dated Added: Fri Feb 04 2000 Submitted by: Pjotr

    Your report only mentions Rue d'Aerschot. There you have the most obvious street action, but also more chance for a rip-off. Providers change often and are nowadays mostly imports (illegal?) from eastern Europe and Africa. The Belgian ladies are generally more experienced and mature but give a better service. Beds are lousy in Rue d'Aerschot. If you turn right when exiting the station building and enter a street perpendicular and going uphill (Rue des Plantes, Rue de la Prairie; Rue Linné) you find a calmer street catering mainly to habitual clients. Count 1000-2000 BEF for a decent blow+fuck. Being friendly and knowing the language makes the stay enjoyable. African providers offer less value for money and tend to ask for more until you left.

    You find providers along the south station (Gare du Midi) too, at cafés situated at the angle of Av. Fonsny and Rue d'Angleterre. Some streetwalkers are as decrepit as the houses in which the action takes place. Count 500 BEF for the room and 1000-1500 for the lady. Providers are not dressed up and look like 'normal' citizens (but these would not offer you a service). Some providers also operate around Place Stéphanie (Av. Louise), generally waiting in a car.
    (Review # 1474)
  • Brussels Street Action Dated Added: Mon Dec 13 1999 Submitted by: hodag

    The site doesn't have much about Brussels so I thought I would share. The street scene is adjacent to the north railway station "Gare du Nord". There are two stations, make sure you have the right one. Enter the station and look for the signs leading to the exit on "Rue de Aerschot", this is the main street for hookers. Upon exiting the station, you will see the windows directly in front of you, most of them will be to your left.

    I had two experiences on Rue de Aerschot, one good and one not so positive. Like Amsterdam, the girls sit in the windows but many are above street level which makes it hard to get a good look. I picked an Eastern European girl that turned out to have a moustache almost as thick as mine. And she was a lousy lay, one of those that puts a hand on your cock to hold the condom on, guarantees you can't it in all the way.

    Second time was much better. Her name is Caroline and she works at the end of the street. Go all the way to your left out of the station till the windows end, then back up about three. She is a brunette with shaggy hair, not fat but full thighs and big tits. Her prices are BF 1000 for a hand or blow job, 1500 for a fuck, 2000 for half & half, 3000 for a half hour. I paid her 1500 for the fuck. No pressure, pleasant conversation, let me play with her tits while she play with me and go me hard. Outstanding fuck, my only complaint was that the bed was a little small but the way she fucks it didn't take that long. She gave me a kiss goodbye and her cell phone number (sorry guys, she make me promise not to give it out). Exchange rate at this time is about BF 35 / $1 US
    (Review # 1170)
  • Brussels Incall Dated Added: Mon Apr 19 1999 Submitted by: lionel

    A. Laurence & Co.
    B. Lydia - Lolita
    C. rue Jules Lebrun, 2 - 1030 Schaerbeek (near public radio-TV head office)
    D. 02/705.67.36
    E. M-F 10-20, Sa. 12-18
    F. 4000 BEF
    G. 19/19/18 - 19/17/18
    Cool place, 5th floor apartment (beware of the lift : it often does not work). Lydia speaks French and Lolita Spanish as well.

    A. ELLEN & Co.
    B. Ellen - Sonia
    C. rue de Namur, 42 - 1000 Bruxelles (near Hotel Hilton)
    D. 02/201.87.14
    E. M - Sa. 9-1
    F. 4000 BEF minimum
    G. 19/19/18 - 18/17/18
    Head office in the address mentioned above. For water service (shower with hydraulic massage or Jacuzzi) the address is : rue Gaucheret (building near North Station, 13th floor).

    A. Harmony
    B. Vicky
    C. résidence Pacific - rue Willems (code 0513) - 1210 Saint-Josse-Ten-Noode (near place Madou)
    D. N.A.
    E. M - F 10-18
    F. 3500 BEF
    G. 18/18/19
    Very special sexual intercourse on a massage table.
    (Review # 254)

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