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  • Escort Review Dated Added: Tue Apr 22 2008 Submitted by: Street Hoe Pro

    I think it is important that anyone thinking of picking up a woman off the street read this first. Your health and safety need to be considered before taking this route.

    I used to travel with another guy who was mostly interested in finding hoes on the street. He said he had been with street walkers all the way from Argentina,Brazil, Colombia to D.R..He would usually go to a bar and after bargaining with different women,decide that they were charging too much(usually $75 to $100) and head out to the street. But his main reason for leaving the bars and going to look for a street hoe's was that it was easier to find women willing to give the FGE bareback. But over the past 10 years he has seen the number of street hoes willing to go with no condom gradually dropped from about 70% to about 5% because of concerns about catching Aids.

    I went with him several times to watch his professional skills at work. Here are a few of my observations.

    1-He was constantly having to dodge street thugs that hang around area's where there are a lot of street hoes. Their job is to rob people walking around and talking to street hoes because such victims seldom ever contact the police after they have been robbed or beaten.

    2-He also had to flee the area if he saw police patrolling on foot because they don't need any reason to stop and question anyone hanging around near street whores or drug ridden areas. He would usually come back 10 minutes later.

    3-The street hoes would often hang around in in dangerous neighbor-hood like a warehouse district.

    4-Virtually all of the street women were a lot less attractive than the women in hoe bar's and clubs (even though some has attractive,curvy bodies and a big ass).

    5-It didn't seem like he was saving very much money with street hoes. He would usually pay $30 to $40 for full service. But he also had to rent a seedy motel room for $10 to $20.So it would always cost $50 upward. Taking a street hoe to your own hotel is out of the question. These he's are often thieves,drug addicted or willing to bring thugs to your hotel after-wards to insist on getting more money for services rendered.

    6-The most horrific thing that he kept telling me about his experiences was worse than him being robbed by thugs or picked up by the police. It was this. He said that most of the street women who didn't insist on using condoms would only wipe off the outside of their pussy when they finished. Then they would head back to the street again. He said he has had felt semen in their hole or seen it running out while having sex.. Sometimes he got to touch their panties and felt the crotch was wet. He said that this is the price you have to pay if you want to go bareback.

    7-It makes me gag thinking about it and tremble inside at the thought that this is how you can catch aids more easily. Thats why I always feel that a bar bitch is the only way to go. I would not touch a street hoe with your dick after what I have seen and heard.

    8-Although prostitution is only legal in a few countries in the world almost all countries tolerate it (except for the USA,Canada & Arab-Muslim countries).They usually don't interfere if it is kept in certain areas and indoors in whore bars and clubs. It is never legal if the whore is selling herself on the street. What this means to you is that you wont get arrested picking up a woman in a hoe bar but can be if you pick her up on the street.

    9-Since most street hoes rely on lower price and having sex with a large number of customers to make a living; they are often less likely to go without a condom since aids is so widespread, unless they are already infected. So their customers are gambling with their life.

    10-My friend stopped traveling to look for street hoes about 1 year ago. Thats because very few street hoes are willing to go bare-back any more -except for the most unattractive,old or sickly looking ones. He keeps testing himself for aids every 6 months and so far is negative. If you ever decide to try a street whore ask yourself if you are willing to gamble cutting your life very short for 5 minutes of sex?
    (Review # 23289)
  • for all cities in the world Travel Report Dated Added: Mon Apr 21 2008 Submitted by: Street-Whore-Hole-Lover

    Read this-It may save your life whether or not you are an experienced traveler or a novice, I want to address a few important issues that may help the Hedonistic Traveler from ending up in jail or worse being injured or killed.

    The fist thing all travelers need to know about is The Age of Consent for sex with females in different countries. Some men are fascinated by the idea that the age of consent at which a male can have sex with a teen female legally, is lower in many poor "third world countries" than it is in the USA and Canada. But there is a big mis-conception here between reality and perception.

    It is often true that most "third world countries" do have lower age limits for females consenting to sex with an older male (meaning that males are not in danger of being charged with statutory rape).Statutory rape is defined as an older male having consensual sex with an under-aged girl.

    The problem is that it can Never be applied to you, the sex tourist. Why?.Because it is illegal in almost every country on earth for a man to pay a female under the age of 18 years old for sex (prostitution).You may have noticed that most well established bars,clubs and Hotels check the id of the girls trying to enter (eg Del-Rey in C.R. & bars in D.R).It may be legal in some countries for a male to have with girls as young as 14 years old but it is never legal for him to pay her to engage in prostitution.

    Now I am not saying that this rule is not broken in every country on earth,I am sure it is. But for your safety as a traveler I would recommend strongly that you obey the law just as you do in your own country. You may say to yourself that if you get caught with an under aged girl not much will come of it. wrong.

    You can remind yourself that most poor "third world countries" love to see tourist come to their country and welcome them with open arms. This is true. But it is also true that many corrupt police officials also love to catch law-breakers because it afford them an opportunity to extort huge bribes (like $5,000 to $20,000 USD) in order to secure a detained prisoners release. And what if you don't pay the bribes?The answer is rent a copy of the movie "Midnight express" to get a rough idea of what can happen to you in a foreign prison. Another thing to consider is that some police official's dont take bribes so no one may be able to save you from prison.

    Another thing that is not well understood about the age of consent is this. Some interested travelers have done their research and found out that many "third world countries" often have 2 different age of consent laws for sex with teenagers. Very few of these people seemed to have figured out why?(I realized this from comments posted on the Internet).The reason is actually quite simple.

    The age of consent for all females in a particular country is set at a specific age such as 17 or 18 years. A lower age of consent applies to a male who marries an under age female ( only with her parents consent) and to males under 18 years old who have sex with females who are 13 years to 17 years old. Depending on the country such men or boy's may avoid prosecution for statutory rape.

    If you need an incentive for avoiding sex with girls under the age of 18 years old you can do some research on the Internet as to the prison sentences given out for sex with under age girl's in different countries (it is often 3 to 10 year's).

    IF you are a pedophile who likes to have sex with girl's under 13 years old then you should be thinking of a prison sentence of 8 to 20 years in prison (especially in China and other Asian countries).You must realize that IF you are a pedophile you are not welcome in any country and your best solution is to seek medical help and medical injections to avoid not just prison,but the possibly of being murdered in prison by other inmates. The life you save may be your own.

    Another thing to consider for all skeptics reading this advisory, is that the USA has made it a felony for its citizens to travel abroad for the purpose of engaging in or purchasing prostitutes (with special scrutiny given to people traveling to Cambodia).

    What this law means is that no agency can interfere with you traveling abroad (the exception being travel to Cuba for which the US State Department can impose a fine of $65,000 or less).If you are arrested and serve time in prison in a foreign country for engaging in prostitution you may be subject to prosecution again when you return to the USA. It also means that the US govt. will not intervene if you are arrested or sent to prison. They may try to intervene and ask for better treatment if you are beaten or injured while in jail or prison in a foreign country (but they wont ask for your release since you have broken the law).So don't expect the US govt to ride to your rescue if you are arrested.

    Lastly,please bear in mind that although prostitution
    (Review # 23264)

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